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Murcia News - December 2018

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  • Change Murcia requires the PP to take courageous measures against atmospheric pollution (31/12/2018)
    The training also denounces breaches of the protocol for air pollution in recent days
  • Disabled the protocol for contamination after recovering the adequate levels of air quality (31/12/2018)
    The protocol, which has been put into practice for the first time, after it was published a month ago, has prioritized from the first moment the information to the population and the recommendation of preventive measures
  • Sustainable and feminist Christmas in Bacons Bridge Children and young people of the district have decorated the gardens with recycled materials (30/12/2018)

  • The Plaza Circular launches the program of activities to be developed in 2019 in the parks and gardens of Murcia (30/12/2018)
    Hundreds of people participate this weekend in different training and leisure activities around the new event 'Parks, music ... action' , among them, Work out, yoga for pregnant women, KPop workshops, salsa and canine training
  • A great pyromusical show on the river will welcome 2019 (30/12/2018)
    On January 1, 2 and 3, in two passes a day at 7:30 p.m. and another at 8:30 p.m., Murcia and visitors will be able to enjoy this spectacular show of outdoor fire
  • Ten entities join the celebration of Family Day at Christmas (30/12/2018)
    The youngest can enjoy children's workshops such as storytelling, face painting and balloon games
  • CCOO Teaching denounces the negligence of the authorities for their inaction in the face of the continuous arson around the CEIP Antonio Delgado Dorrego (29/12/2018)

  • The UCAM reaffirms its commitment to clinical simulation with ultrasound training glasses (29/12/2018)
    The Murcian institution has signed a collaboration agreement with the Medical Simulator company that will allow adding new material to the simulators of this company with which the University
  • Children and adults can enjoy the best New Year's Eve in the heart of Murcia (29/12/2018)

  • Citizens demand that the government team apply the approved surveillance measures to stop the vandalism in the school Dorrego Delgado (28/12/2018)
    The training reminds the PP that in October a motion went ahead to install a fence and video surveillance, and asks to run after these rebounds the fires in the installation of Sangonera la Verde
  • Activated the level of atmospheric pollution by PM10 particles (28/12/2018)
    Murcia was the pioneer municipality in the approval of an action protocol to objectify the measures that must be put in place
  • The University of Murcia is the second university with the most students with disabilities in its classrooms (28/12/2018)

  • The Big Tree of the Plaza Circular welcomes the best electronic music of the Animal Sound tonight (28/12/2018)
    For the third consecutive year, Murcia will be able to enjoy this festival starting at 8.15 pm with Dj Rivotto framed in the program of Christmas parties of the Town Hall of Murcia
  • Public transport, the expansion of the South and the historical heritage, great goals of José Ballesta for 2019 (28/12/2018)

  • Murcia, three days on red alert for pollution, black dot on the map of the European environmental agency (28/12/2018)

  • The Regional Assembly investigates the poor state of the castles of Murcia after the request of Huermur (28/12/2018)
    The Commission of Petitions and Defense of the Citizen of the Regional Assembly of Murcia has initiated an investigation into the poor state of conservation of the eleven medieval castles of Murcia and its Huerta after Huermur's request
  • Serrano is betting on reconverting senior centers into spaces adapted to the current needs of meeting between users and recreation (28/12/2018)

  • Prize to the Sports Gesta 2018 (28/12/2018)
    The UCAM Murcia was honored by the APDRM and the Autonomous Community
  • Commerce grants aid amounting to 130,000 euros to stimulate local establishments (28/12/2018)

  • A new lighting will improve the security and vision of visitors to the deposit of San Esteban (28/12/2018)
    The project, approved by the Governing Board, also provides for the installation of 8 projectors to light the cemetery and the inn, where at this moment the research work of archaeologists is focused
  • The 2019 begins in La Glorieta (28/12/2018)
    It will be the first New Year's Eve of the 21st century in which Murcia will be able to eat the grapes from La Glorieta, after the recovery of the historic Town Hall clock
  • Murcia will only consume green energy in public lighting and municipal buildings (28/12/2018)

  • The municipal contribution of 300,000 euros transforms 45 temporary contracts into permanent ones and creates 17 new jobs in companies (28/12/2018)

  • More than 40 families in situations of social vulnerability, benefit from the activities of the Columbares association (28/12/2018)

  • The Parrandboleros fill Belluga of Murcia Christmas Carols (27/12/2018)

  • Murcia now demands real measures to fight against pollution and that Ballesta's team has the courage to restrict traffic in the center (27/12/2018)

  • Education takes advantage of school vacations to carry out a shock cleaning in all the schools (27/12/2018)
    Councilman Rafael Gómez has approached this morning to two centers where these tasks are being developed, the Ceip Santiago el Mayor and San Pablo
  • Quique Setién, Betis coach, visits the University of Murcia (27/12/2018)

  • The UMU Veterinary Hospital manages to give a dog with Chiari syndrome a second chance (27/12/2018)
    Dora, an 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, successfully passes innovative intracranial surgery that improves her quality of life and slows the progression of this congenital disease
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the state of abandonment of the artesian well of Zarandona (27/12/2018)

  • The PSOE warns that pollution levels will not go down while the PP does not offer alternatives to transport (27/12/2018)
    Larrosa criticizes that, given the limited possibilities offered by public transport with respect to frequencies and prices, the lack of parking spaces and the parking fees, few options are left to citizens
  • Councilor for Sports, Felipe Coello, distinguished with the Raimundo Saporta Award of the Spanish Association of Basketball Coaches (27/12/2018)
    'For his ability to extend his knowledge and professionalism of such a brilliant basketball career to other sectors of the public and private sector'.
  • The City Council and Cáritas join to provide humanitarian aid to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines (27/12/2018)

  • The archaeological intervention carried out by the City Council in the Aljufía ditch brings to light a vault of medieval Islamic times (27/12/2018)

  • The UCAM graduates a group of MBA students in Uganda (27/12/2018)

  • The youngest will also have their end-of-year appointment in the capital (27/12/2018)
    On Monday, the 31st, in the morning, the San Silvestre Infantil Murcia 2018 will take place, whose inscriptions will be made from 9:00 a.m.
  • The City Council and 14 social and business associations come together on a common front to create employment (26/12/2018)
    Most of the agreements, whose total subsidy exceeds 284,000 euros, are directed in a unique way to the labor insertion of people who are unemployed and present special difficulties in accessing the labor market
  • FADE Foundation brings the elderly of the San Basilio residence to the cribs of Murcia (26/12/2018)

  • The XII edition of Microsonidos doubles the nights of concerts in which 80 bands of pop and rock will perform nationally and internationally (26/12/2018)
    Consolidated as a reference festival of alternative music, this year will be held from January 19 to April 13 and incorporates two new rooms
  • Now Murcia asks the City Council to inform and arrange the OMIC so that residents affected by indiscriminate power cuts in La Paz can be compensated (26/12/2018)

  • Activated the warning protocol for air pollution at its lightest level (26/12/2018)
    Of the three possible levels of intervention, it is the mildest, and implies recommendations to the population and the issuance of informative messages in the traffic panels
  • The City Council turns the 17 closed bicycle parking lots into canvases for new works of art (26/12/2018)
    In a joint collaboration of the Bicycle and Graffiti offices, dependent on the Town Planning, Environment, Water and Garden, and Infrastructures departments , Public Works and Services
  • The University of Murcia and the TSJ sign an agreement to collaborate in research and knowledge transfer in CSR (26/12/2018)

  • Collection of solidarity toys at El Corte Inglés in Murcia! (26/12/2018)
    Members of the first team of the UCAM Murcia CB will be on Friday the 28th, starting at 5.30 pm, on the First Floor of the Gran Vía Escultor Salzillo center
  • The Events website has received more than 350,000 visits this year (25/12/2018)
    In addition, as of October, the City of Murcia has already managed more events on this page than in the whole year 2017 and the positioning of the same
  • The City Council deploys the special security device for Christmas Eve and Christmas (24/12/2018)
    "They make it possible for all Murcians to enjoy peace, safety and freedom during these holidays," said José Ballesta, who thanked the volunteers for their work. of Civil Protection and agents of the Local Police
  • Infrastructure invests more than 400,000 euros in repairs and maintenance in districts (24/12/2018)

  • The gardens of districts are filled with colors at Christmas with more than 9,000 flowers (24/12/2018)

  • López Miras opens the Museum of the Archconfraternity of the Blood (24/12/2018)

  • ... (23/12/2018)

  • The Museum of La Sangre opens its doors in the heart of the Carmen neighborhood (23/12/2018)
    Works by masters such as Nicolás de Bussy, Roque López, González Moreno and Campillo are exhibited, today, in a space that stands out for its architectural beauty
  • The Quality Tables of the City Council will allow to improve the efficiency and quality of municipal public services (23/12/2018)

  • Tram of Murcia modifies its schedules and frequencies on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (23/12/2018)
    In both days the last tram from Nueva Condomina to Universities will depart at 20:30 hours
  • Infrastructure is carrying out works to prevent a landslide in Torreagüera (23/12/2018)
    A wall of 5 meters high and 10 meters long, of reinforced concrete, is being executed to consolidate the structure and guarantee the security of the neighbors
  • Thousands of people welcome Santa Claus in a crowded Belluga square (22/12/2018)

  • Iberdrola has already carried out two actions to solve the problems of power cuts in La Paz (22/12/2018)
    Iberdorla has made two interventions to distribute the electric charge, which will solve the power outages that affect more than 1,500 homes
  • The UCAM welcomes Christmas with its traditional concert (22/12/2018)

  • The Great Christmas Tree hosts 250 workshops and more than 60 performances this holiday season (22/12/2018)
    All audiovisual shows will take place until January 6, at 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
  • The City Council announces its largest Public Employment Offer (21/12/2018)

  • The City Council exceptionally extends the hours of the registration points on Christmas Eve by the call for competitions (21/12/2018)
    All procedures and inquiries can be made using electronic means, both to request information and to present instances
  • THE SECRETS will present their new work in MURCIA (21/12/2018)

  • A new lowering of the water tariff in Murcia will benefit 150,000 families (21/12/2018)

  • Serrano: "We regret the contempt for our amendments to the Budgets that would have greatly improved the lives of our neighbors" (21/12/2018)

  • Murcia has the healthiest Santa Claus in Spain, thanks to Proexport (21/12/2018)
    During the parade of Santa Claus, on Monday December 24, Proexport will distribute thousands of vegetables among the attendees, to promote healthy eating
  • Huermur requests to Culture and the City council urgent repairs of the geotextile of San Esteban (21/12/2018)

  • ... (21/12/2018)

  • Open the registration period for students to the 4th edition of FilmNow, contest in which the University of Murcia collaborates (21/12/2018)

  • Some 5,000 Murcian rider will leave 2018 in San Silvestre (21/12/2018)
    José Ballesta has presented this race that will be held on December 31st at 5:00 p.m.
  • Children and young people of Bacons Bridge cover all the gardens of the parish with sustainable Christmas decorations (21/12/2018)
    The violet color this year predominates in the ornaments in vindication of a more egalitarian and violence-free society
  • The UCAM reinforces its commitment to esports (21/12/2018)

  • Cooperation allocates 30,000 euros to the Philippines and Indonesia for humanitarian aid (21/12/2018)

  • Infrastructure will install columns of less height to improve the illumination of the Paseo de Cristo Resucitado de Sucina The current system was deficient as a consequence of the large trees that prevent the passage of light (21/12/2018)

  • Approved a single rate of 29 euros for taxi journeys to or from the airport (21/12/2018)
    The Government Board has also confirmed the taxi service prices in 2019, which remain the same as this year, and the concession of subsidies amounting to 165,000 euros for taxis adapted for people with reduced mobility
  • Murcia will have an advisory body to collaborate in the protection, defense and conservation of the Cultural Heritage (21/12/2018)

  • The Public Employment Offer 2018 will have more than 400 vacancies and internal promotion (21/12/2018)

  • The University of Murcia will request the Autonomous Community that the EBAU of September be advanced to July (21/12/2018)

  • The identity of Murcia through the brush of Falgas (21/12/2018)

  • A researcher from UCAM awarded with the HiPEAC Techonolgy Transfer Adward (21/12/2018)

  • López Miras: "The Welfare State in the Region of Murcia is working better than ever" The regional president of the training participates in the Christmas dinner of the PP of Murcia before more than 400 members and supporters, a meeting that (20/12/2018)

  • Murcia Inspira and Cervezas Alhambra inaugurate "Miradas" (20/12/2018)
    The experience will go through the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city through photography
  • The PSOE favors the practice of sport in Espinardo and advocates protecting the Huerta (20/12/2018)

  • Javier Fernández: "I want to close my sports career with a flourish" (20/12/2018)
    The Olympic ice skating medalist plans his next academic challenges at the UCAM
  • Cs shows his satisfaction for the recovery of the service of Búho bus and the extension of line 26 with a stop in Aljucer (20/12/2018)
    Mario Gómez: "The young people of Murcia will be able to use again tomorrow, Friday, an essential service that should never have been disappeared "
  • Mario Sierra receives the Best National Veteran Male Judoka Award (20/12/2018)

  • Move forward all the motions proposed by Change Murcia to the December plenary (20/12/2018)
    More staff for the municipal archive, fight against xenophobia and make a campaign of inspections to detect low quality alcohol have been the proposals of the municipal training
  • The University of Murcia commemorates the centenary of the appointment of José Lostau as rector (20/12/2018)

  • Santa Claus will arrive on Saturday in a snowball to Belluga, where he will be received by thousands of children (20/12/2018)
    The show will begin at 6 pm and, at the end, will be directed in a parade to the house installed in Besabé
  • The budgets of the University of Murcia increase by 4.14 percent compared to 2018 (20/12/2018)
    The Governing Council also approves the start-up of a Chinese course and two other intensive Portuguese and Italian courses
  • The UMU twin registry performs the first study of sleep quality in the adult Spanish population (20/12/2018)

  • The new buhobús of Murcia is launched from tomorrow to serve 49,000 users (20/12/2018)
    The service is implemented thanks to the extension of the schedules of six lines and will have six expeditions on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of holidays, besides Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve
  • The Bethlehem of the Cajamurcia Foundation, located on Almudena Street, may be visited as of tomorrow (20/12/2018)
    It is open to the public at 12 in the morning and will remain open until January 6
  • The first Quality Board of the City of Murcia will take place on Friday, December 28 (20/12/2018)

  • Ballesta and Valverde sign the agreement by which tomorrow the Bus Owl will connect 38 districts with the center of Murcia (20/12/2018)

  • Goodbye to the European 2018 with victory (19/12/2018)
    The UCAM Murcia CB gets its eighth victory in the Basketball Champions League against BK Ventspils (61-67)
  • The UCAM, the city of Málaga and the COE sign a protocol of intentions to build and implant in the city of Malaga "The University of Sports" (19/12/2018)

  • The UCAM, the city of Málaga and the COE sign a protocol of intentions to build and implant in the city of Malaga 'The University of Sports' (19/12/2018)
    It would be located in 38.651 m2 of municipal facilities between the Avenida Imperio Argentina and the La Thermal (Litoral Oeste), would provide 11 degrees and promote local base sport
  • Alfonso X will reduce the number of tables on the terraces by 50% The draft on which the City Council works foresees that the walk will go from 193 to a hundred. (19/12/2018)

  • The UCAM, pioneer in offering a sustainable mobility system through the VOI electric scooters (19/12/2018)

  • Students of the University of Murcia will be able to collaborate as volunteers in the Talents-High Capabilities Association (19/12/2018)

  • The University Choir of Murcia acts next to the Christmas tree in the Plaza Circular (19/12/2018)

  • The students of the Alma Mater Foundation sing to Christmas (19/12/2018)
    Tomorrow will take place the 13th edition of the Christmas Carol Competition of the UCAM
  • Teachers from the University of Murcia take possession of their chairs and teaching positions (19/12/2018)

  • The University of Murcia assembles two Christmas trees with plastic bottles to raise awareness of the environmental impact (19/12/2018)

  • 97 establishments of the surroundings of the burial works may receive subsidies from the City Council (19/12/2018)
    The Department of Commerce, which has made public the provisional list of premises admitted to the call, will grant aid that may reach the maximum amount of 2,000 euros
  • Murcia now reveals that Emuasa has a debt pending collection of 6.5 million euros "and denounces its" opacity regarding these defaults " (19/12/2018)
    - The municipal training will go to the Prosecutor's Office if Aguas de Murcia continues without providing detailed information on that debt
  • The University of Murcia signs an agreement with OMEP to promote entrepreneurship, especially among women (19/12/2018)

  • The contract for the smart city project 'MiMurcia' will be resolved in January (19/12/2018)

  • Infrastructure will improve access to the University of Murcia avoiding retentions (19/12/2018)
    The Department of Infrastructure asks the Plenary of the City of Murcia support for the Ministry of Development to provide the necessary cooperation and authorization to improve traffic at this point
  • The PSOE takes a motion to the Plenary so that the Hacienda Board complies with the agreement and maintains the traditional irrigation network of La Huerta (19/12/2018)

  • The Meeting of Crews and Peñas Huertanas will fill the streets of Murcia with carols and aguilanos on Sunday (19/12/2018)

  • Choirs, workshops and shows, protagonists in the Great Christmas Tree (19/12/2018)
    All audiovisual shows will take place, until January 6, at 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
  • They attack the headquarters of Vox Murcia (19/12/2018)
    "The second seat of Vox Murcia is attacked cowardly by the extreme left, communist and anarchist"
  • Algezares also runs at the end of the year (19/12/2018)

  • The Royal Mailbox in the Plaza del Charco de Santo Ángel (18/12/2018)
    Cabalgata de Reyes de Santo Ángel
  • Do you want to dine with the first team of the UCAM Murcia CB and the technical staff? (18/12/2018)
    Asador Casa Duque organizes an evening of brotherhood for December 26 at 9.30 pm
  • The adjustment of the Del Rio margins go one step further for its award (18/12/2018)
    The installation of underground containers in the vicinity of San Esteban overcomes a new procedure in the Contracting Committee
  • Notices from citizens through the TuMurcia application have increased by 39% (18/12/2018)

  • Twelve looks for cleaner air in the Murcia of the 21st century (18/12/2018)
    More than 15,000 children from 137 centers of the municipality have participated this year in the drawing contest 'Murcia Ciudad Sostenible.
  • The promises of national football meet in Murcia from December 27 to 29 in the Regional Selections Championship (18/12/2018)

  • They begin to plant the 1,800 trees of 25 different species that will fill the Vía Verde with life (18/12/2018)

  • The Romea Theater hosts two shows of the cycle 'Christmas with the Cajamurcia Foundation' (18/12/2018)
    'La Dama y el Vagabundo, the musical' will take place from December 22 to 30 and the Pérez Mouse, on January 2, 3 and 4
  • More than 100 people will participate in the living nativity of Lobosillo (18/12/2018)

  • Social Rights reinforces the device for attention to the homeless due to the low temperatures (18/12/2018)

  • Change Murcia proposes that the Municipal Archive be provided with more personnel and an adequate space (18/12/2018)
    The training asks that the construction of a building be not ruled out for its specific use given the difficulty of adapting and upgrading existing facilities
  • Murcia embraces diversity on International Migrants Day (17/12/2018)
    Ballesta: "Murcia are children of miscegenation and our main difference is that we are not different from anyone".
  • The PSOE demands an audit for the Puertas de Castilla Center after hearing the complaint of the IBAFF Film Festival programmer (17/12/2018)

  • What hides behind the reddish sunsets of the Mar Menor? (17/12/2018)

  • UCAM graduates 150 students at Shandong Sports University in China (17/12/2018)

  • The PSOE asks the PP to assume its responsibility and take care of rehabilitating La Paz in coherence with the study presented (17/12/2018)

  • Murcia now proposes that the municipality adhere to the network of local entities for transparency and citizen participation (17/12/2018)

  • The City Council and Cepaim sign an agreement to facilitate the coexistence between neighbors and the care of municipal housing (17/12/2018)
    This agreement allows actions aimed at tenants of municipally owned housing with the aim of deploying social and educational actions
  • A campaign alerts Murcians about the scams that increase at Christmas (17/12/2018)

  • The Rotunda of Beniaján, symbol of Murcia's tribute to the General Air Academy (17/12/2018)

  • Cs will demand the elimination of the salary gap in municipal contracts (17/12/2018)
    Councilman Carlos Peñafiel will defend this initiative in the Plenary to advance towards real equality between women and men, promote female hiring and work, personal and family conciliation
  • Family businesses improve results with the creation of employment and investments in record numbers (17/12/2018)
    The 18th barometer prepared by the Chair of Family Business Mare Nostrum UMU-UPCT and AMEFMUR shows positive balance in all variables analyzed
  • Change Murcia proposes a campaign to detect adulterated and low-quality alcohol in bars during Christmas (17/12/2018)
    The municipal training recalls that the sale of low-quality alcohol by liquor of recognized brands is widespread, which is a scam for the client
  • Murcia, ready to take its wild side 2018 (17/12/2018)
    The newspaper La Verdad with the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia and the collaboration of the Sports Council of the Hon.
  • "The Other Musical: First the last ones" (17/12/2018)
    The Salesian Don Bosco school of Cabezo de Torres, performs the best musical of Spain with the intervention of Fundown, Astrade and the Social Center of Elderly of the district
  • The artistic coexistence 'The Move' of Santa Eulalia is consolidated after the success of its Christmas edition (16/12/2018)
    "This initiative has become a benchmark in the municipality and in the Region, where artists already participate with young novice talents that coexist in this artistic day "has highlighted José Ballesta
  • Change Murcia proposes a campaign in bars and shops to deny beliefs about immigration (16/12/2018)
    The training considers that the management of diversity is not among the priorities of the Popular Party
  • The city council agrees with Huermur "in the absence of compliance with the transparency and good governance ordinance" (15/12/2018)

  • Thousands of Murcians visit the first edition of the international Mixtura market in the neighborhood of El Carmen (15/12/2018)

  • The Great Tree today welcomes the Day of Solidarity with the Christmas Rock (15/12/2018)
    Tomorrow will perform in concert Diego Martin at 20:15 in the Plaza Circular, there will also be workshops in the morning and at 12:00 a Magic show
  • About 2,500 people attend the charity dinners of the UCAM (15/12/2018)
    Part of the collection of tickets will go to the volunteer initiatives developed by the University
  • 9 School Choirs put the soundtrack to the Great Christmas Tree (15/12/2018)
    The performances will take place until January 3 in the Plaza Circular at 6:30 p.m.
  • The façade of the City Hall will become a magic light show (14/12/2018)
    On Sunday, a videomapping will be screened that will end with the performance of Al Dual at 7:00 p.m.
  • The rectoral team receives the new board of directors of the Student Council of the University of Murcia (14/12/2018)

  • A UMU study published in PlosOne will facilitate the restoration of Posidonia oceanica (14/12/2018)

  • The UMU professor Juan Antonio Clemente gives a lecture on the Spanish Constitution (14/12/2018)

  • 'The move' triples the number of participants with more than 150 registered artists (14/12/2018)

  • UMU professor Alberto Ros obtains funding from the European Research Council for a project (14/12/2018)
    His proposal has been selected from more than 2,000 applications in the ERC Consolidator Grant 2018 call
  • Serrano informs the Chamber of Commerce of its commitment to work to reactivate and strengthen the municipal economy (14/12/2018)
    The socialist candidate is committed to trade to find the balance between downtown and neighborhoods of the city and districts, and an industry linked to knowledge , new technologies and sustainability
  • The Romea and Circo theaters receive 2019 with figures and first class shows (14/12/2018)

  • Juan Varea receives the Anonymous Solidarity Award granted by the University of Murcia and the Volunteer Platform (14/12/2018)

  • The infant zone of the Jardín Infanta Cristina de Aljucer garden will have shade before spring (14/12/2018)
    The plan to install shade systems allows children to play protected from solar radiation and high temperatures during the hottest months
  • Social Rights reserves 230,000 euros to promote 69 projects to improve people's lives (14/12/2018)
    The City Council increases funds allocated to this aid by 15%
  • Youth allocates more than 110,000 euros to 27 institutes to carry out extracurricular activities (14/12/2018)

  • Urbanism will subsidize up to 75% of the cost of the rehabilitation of buildings of historical or architectural interest (14/12/2018)
    The call for aid, in addition to increasing that percentage, which previously stood at 50%, includes for the first time not only the settlement of the facades, but also the structural rehabilitation of buildings cataloged BIC.
  • The terraces are returning this weekend to Paseo Alfonso X (14/12/2018)
    The Governing Board has granted provisional authorization to five hotel establishments to install 60 tables
  • Now Murcia asks the city council to take measures for the protection of the bees in the municipality (14/12/2018)
    "The disappearance is a global phenomenon that causes very serious problems in the ecosystems and that requires the action of the different administrations"
  • The City Council reinforces the cleaning and security service at Christmas (14/12/2018)

  • The City Council decorates the Glorieta de España with more than 8,000 Christmas flowers (14/12/2018)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB and the CB Águilas bet on baseball (13/12/2018)
    The two Murcian teams sign an agreement to boost their quarries
  • Education and the digital world center the commemorative act of the 50th Anniversary of Monteagudo-Nelva (13/12/2018)

  • The UCAM, the Spanish university that grows the most in research (13/12/2018)

  • The University of Murcia supports the manifesto of the Colombine Platform - Women Feminist Journalists of the Region of Murcia (13/12/2018)

  • Popular Party and Citizens demand from the Ministry of the Interior the opening of a National Police Station in El Palmar (13/12/2018)

  • Rotaract Murcia carries out'Una Navidad Solidaria' helping children and sick people (13/12/2018)

  • The Public Employment Offer 2018 of the City of Murcia already provides for the replacement of possible casualties of police officers (13/12/2018)
    "It is expected that the convocation of these new police positions will occur as long as retirees are known effectively. of the members of the Local Police in 2019 "
  • Nine out of ten students at the University of Murcia have an interest in improving their language level (13/12/2018)
    Registration in all courses of the Language Service has already begun and will be open until January 15
  • "Ángel de Navidad 2018" to Rafael Fernández Alvarez, head of the festivities section of the municipality of Murcia (13/12/2018)

  • Cs requests the local government to report on the procedures that it is carrying out for the rehabilitation of the Alfatego Mill and its surroundings (13/12/2018)

  • Aguas de Murcia shows its technology to a Delegation of Panama (13/12/2018)

  • The UMU begins a project to raise awareness about invasive species (13/12/2018)

  • Students of the School of Hospitality "Murcia Emplea" collaborate with Astrapace in the VII Gastronomic Days (13/12/2018)
    They will participate tomorrow in the tasks of preparation and plating of the food, as well as in the room service
  • The CreaMurcia Competition distinguishes the best of 2018 at its Awards Gala to be held tomorrow (13/12/2018)

  • The PSOE blames the "inaction" of the PP the "serious security problem" that exists in the municipality and requires the expansion of local police posts (13/12/2018)

  • D'Genes participated in the solidarity market held at the University Social Center of the University of Murcia, on the Espinardo campus (13/12/2018)

  • The documentary will be screened next December 18 at the Mandarache Cinema (Cartagena) (13/12/2018)
    More than twenty testimonies in 'Azagra.
  • Consumo inspects this Christmas more than 700 establishments to guarantee the sanitary quality of the foods for sale (13/12/2018)
    The campaign extends to the eight squares of municipal supplies, large surfaces and weekly or handmade markets typical of these dates
  • Cocido Solidario to help Azul en Acción (13/12/2018)
    Around 2,500 people will be able to enjoy the II Cocido Solidario, which will take place on Sunday at Santo Domingo Square from 1:00 p.m.
  • Murcia reaches the outstanding as a destination according to tourists (13/12/2018)

  • The UMU professor Jerónimo Molina receives the Díez del Corral 2017 Prize for his doctoral thesis (13/12/2018)

  • Murcia enters the international elite of Smart Cities and exposes its smart city project in Tokyo (13/12/2018)

  • The Real and Very Illustrious Town Council of the Brotherhoods of the city of Murcia presents the Nazarene distinctions for the year 2019 (12/12/2018)

  • The thirds triumph in the 40 minutes of Le Mans (12/12/2018)
    The UCAM Murcia gets its seventh victory in Basketball Champions League with a choral work (71-80)
  • Murcia now requires the PP to confirm if it has a project for La Paz alternative to López Rejas (12/12/2018)

  • Navarro: 'To change the participation is reduced to talking to who thinks like them' (12/12/2018)

  • The University of Murcia collects 150 blood donations in its 'December Solidarity' campaign (12/12/2018)

  • The University of Murcia will co-publish the Journal of Accounting, dedicated to the disclosure of research (12/12/2018)

  • The UMU professor Rosario Guarino receives the Book Murciano Prize of the year 2017 (12/12/2018)

  • Urbanism stresses that it will be vigilant to protect the rights of the residents of La Paz (12/12/2018)

  • Thirteen professors from the University of Murcia take possession of their chairs and teaching positions (12/12/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia accuses Ballesta of opening the door of the City Hall to López Rejas to promote his project in La Paz (12/12/2018)

  • Migration: an opportunity to grow as a society (12/12/2018)
    IV International Congress on migration and refugees
  • The socialists of Sangonera la Verde demand that the PP debug responsibilities after disseminating messages offensive to the integrity of women from your Twitter account (12/12/2018)

  • ... (12/12/2018)

  • Comercio launches "El Rascón de Reyes" to boost traditional commerce at Christmas (12/12/2018)
    The promotion, which will last until January 7, consists of 18 direct prizes in the form of scratch and 2 extra that will be raffled through Facebook.
  • The Bacons Bridge Municipal Board, chaired by the PSOE, distributes 2,000 ecological bags among the merchants of the hamlet (12/12/2018)

  • 700 youngsters can enjoy the snow thanks to the program "Murcia Bajo Cero" (12/12/2018)
    Young people between 14 and 36 years old will be able to practice snow sports in the ski resorts of Sierra Nevada and Formigal
  • Nichi Seijo premium footwear arrives at La Noria Outlet Shopping (12/12/2018)
    The firm opens its doors in the shopping center village of Murcia
  • José Manuel de la Huerga Rodríguez wins the XXIII Vargas Llosa Novel Prize for his work 'Los ballenatos' (12/12/2018)
    The jury values ​​"his brilliant exercise of style" in the magical representation of the real world through the eyes of some children
  • The Network of Cities for the Bicycle closes the year in Murcia with a meeting of its Board of Directors (12/12/2018)

  • EQUALIA publishes a new investigation in a farm in Murcia where it shows a terrible case of cruelty by MALTREATMENT ANIMAL and by leaving the Public Administration in due control (12/12/2018)
    In this video images are collected as hard and shocking as those of a DOG FEEDING FROM ANOTHER WHO KILLED OR A CAN AGONIZING AT 48 ° C TEMPERATURE
  • The UMU MasterChem contest extends its registration until December 22 (11/12/2018)

  • The Plaza Circular hosts Christmas workshops and concerts until January 6 (11/12/2018)

  • The Municipal Board of Los Garres neither sells nor buys bracelets (11/12/2018)
    Its president, Jorge Serna, explains that it is an initiative promoted by the neighbors of the parish to raise funds that allow to fix the clock of the Parish
  • The University of Murcia and Primafrio sign a collaboration protocol in research (11/12/2018)
    The agreement will also allow the development of training courses in different aspects related to logistics and transport
  • The University of Murcia addresses the techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a talk (11/12/2018)

  • The PSOE recommends the PP to stop international travel and address urgently and effectively the real problems of personnel or transport (11/12/2018)
    Juan Vicente Larrosa considers "very paradoxical that we attend, nothing less than in China, to an event on smart cities when Most of our municipal centers in neighborhoods and districts do not have Wi-Fi "
  • The cleaning and waste collection service donates almost 1000 kilos of products to the Food Bank of Segura (11/12/2018)

  • Researchers at the University of Murcia manage to optimize the cow milking taking into account the animal welfare (11/12/2018)
    They have also verified that the quality of the milk obtained by this intensification is not altered
  • The University of Murcia hosts the II Conference on the Rights of Children in the Hemicycle of Letters (11/12/2018)
    The conference, organized by the Platform of Organizations of Children in the Region of Murcia, has brought together specialists and representatives of different political parties
  • Murcia has more than 100 companies and distinguished services with the brand Commitment of Tourist Quality (11/12/2018)
    This morning, a plaque of the Tourism Quality Commitment has been placed at the Pan Moreno establishment, located on Jara Carrillo Street
  • On Thursday, the Christmas Market arrives at La Glorieta (11/12/2018)

  • Opposition groups in Los Garres denounce the irregular sale of wristbands by the president of the municipal council (11/12/2018)
    "We could be talking about black money and illegalities, they are practices allegedly constitutive of tax and administrative infractions"
  • The Platform for Line 61 congratulates the neighbors for getting the restitution of the bus service (11/12/2018)
    As of December 21, with a new name, a line will be launched with the routes and schedules proposed in assembly
  • Sadiel Rojas and Kevin Tumba, discards for the Basketball Champions League match against Le Mans (11/12/2018)
    Charly Unanue, UCAM Murcia Jiffy player, joins for the first time a call for the first team
  • Huermur celebrates emergency works in the historic Alfatego Mill (11/12/2018)
    Huermur celebrates the preventive works that are being carried out in the historic Alfatego Mill on the acequia ditch in the huerta of Murcia, to avoid its definitive ruin
  • The UCAM graduates the future managers of health services (11/12/2018)

  • A UMU graduate wins the Digital Communication Research Prize of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (11/12/2018)

  • 100 experts from 80 universities around the world will debate at UCAM on migration and refugees (11/12/2018)

  • The City Council will protect the rights of neighbors and monitor compliance with all obligations arising from the special plan of La Paz (10/12/2018)
    The Department of Urban Planning, Environment, Water and Garden has requested the necessary clarifications and corrections without which the approval
  • The City Council urges Iberdrola to solve the problems of power cuts in La Paz (10/12/2018)
    Iberdrola will carry out a new distribution of loads this week, which will minimize the problems of the neighbors and avoid the power cuts in La Paz
  • Murcia joins the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10/12/2018)

  • The UMU and the Robles Chillida Foundation give diplomas to the beneficiaries of R & D & i actions in Health Sciences (10/12/2018)

  • Sadiel Rojas becomes the second player with more matches of the UCAM Murcia CB in Liga Endesa (10/12/2018)
    With 146, the North American beats José Ángel Antelo and stays behind Xavi Sánchez
  • The process to adapt the use of public roads for the circulation of bicycles, cycles and personal mobility vehicles begins (10/12/2018)

  • The rector of the UMU will represent the CRUE in the conference 'The future of work' of the Economic and Social Council of Spain (10/12/2018)

  • Change Murcia alert of the lack of personnel in the municipal Housing Service (10/12/2018)

  • Now Murcia criticizes that the actions announced by the Ballesta government in municipal housing "are laughable" (10/12/2018)

  • Change Murcia proposes a Department of Mobility to "avoid duplicating efforts" (10/12/2018)
    The municipal training reports that a meeting on the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance has been convened without first sending the document to the opposition
  • Martínez-Cachá: "Improving the lives of neighbors is improving infrastructure and the Government of López Miras is totally committed to the districts" The Deputy Secretary of Organization of the PPRM affirms that "the PP increases the (10/12/2018)

  • Murcia Inspira and Cervezas Alhambra inaugurate 'Miradas', the experience that will travel through the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city through photography (10/12/2018)
    Every three months a local photographer will present his particular vision of the most iconic neighborhoods in the city, portraying his life and its neighbors
  • The University of Murcia presents UMU Business Talent, a program to develop business talent (10/12/2018)
    It is one of the outstanding projects of the Chair Strong Group of Business Excellence
  • The PSOE hopes that the bicycle ordinance protects both the pedestrian and the cyclist and does not put all the focus on the sanctions Enrique Ayuso warns that "we insist on an ordinance of the bicycle, which has been waiting since 2010, to also (10/12/2018)

  • Navarro: 'Only Citizens escape the process of transforming Murcia towards sustainable mobility' The Councilor for Urbanism, Environment, Water and Garden warns that 'you can not question it because it goes without saying, only you have to (09/12/2018)

  • We can regret that Ballesta is "more past than future" (09/12/2018)

  • Traditional Non-Perishable Food Collection (09/12/2018)
    The Pimentonera Zone and the UCAM Murcia CB give you two tickets for the game against Montakit Fuenlabrada for 5 kg
  • Cs requires Ballesta clarity and determination for the installation of an authentic network of bike lanes in the municipality of Murcia (09/12/2018)

  • The municipal center of Gea and Truyols will have better access (09/12/2018)
    The pavement will also be renewed in Los Angeles street of Los Martínez del Puerto
  • A second part of high flights (08/12/2018)
    The UCAM Murcia CB takes the match against Delteco GBC after a 32-52 in the second half (67-81)
  • The Municipal Graffiti Office makes a mural in the CEIP Virgen de la Vega on the occasion of the Constitution Day (08/12/2018)
    The mural, in which they have worked 8 hours and have used 60 spray cans, has been made by two local artists
  • "Yes to Spain, Yes to Murcia and Yes to the Popular Party", proclaims categorically the candidate for the Mayor of Murcia (08/12/2018)
    Ballesta has invited to walk together towards a city project that fit all Murcia, without any distinction
  • The Campus of the UCAM will have a hyperbaric chamber (08/12/2018)
    Researchers from the teaching institution and the director of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chair of the University, prepare possible lines of work on hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • A hundred luminaires will improve the lighting in 8 streets and lanes of Casillas (08/12/2018)
    The Government Board awarded the project of reinforcement and improvement of lighting in the district
  • The International Observatory of the Family is born (07/12/2018)
    The new institution that will be based in the Catholic University of Murcia, seeks a multidisciplinary reflection on the reality of the current family
  • Gómez: "The City Council allocates nearly one million euros to deal with the maintenance of schools" The Councilor for Education, Relations with Universities and Heritage, Rafael Gómez, says that "only problems of coordination occur in (07/12/2018)

  • Students of the University of Murcia present the video clip 'White Flags' this Monday at the Regional Film Archive (07/12/2018)
    This is a work prepared within the framework of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The University of Murcia organizes the 1st Conference on Action-Research with Roma communities (07/12/2018)
    The conferences are held this Monday at 6:00 p.m.
  • The international food and craft market Mixtura disembarks in the Carmen neighborhood (07/12/2018)

  • Employment starts a program for the integration of inmates (07/12/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved the signing of an agreement with the Collective Association Parentheses, which will benefit half a hundred people
  • More than 50 immigrant women will participate in the project 'Listening and reception center' (07/12/2018)

  • Social Rights joins the initiative'Ayándonos a ayudar 2018' from the Banco de Alimentos del Segura (07/12/2018)

  • The City Council and Cepaim promote a plan to facilitate coexistence between neighbors, maintenance and care of housing (07/12/2018)
    These actions are aimed at tenants of municipally owned housing and the goal is to deploy social and educational actions
  • The project led by the University of Murcia Life AMDRYC4 develops pioneering measures in rainfed agriculture (07/12/2018)
    For adaptation to climate change
  • The works that will complete the rehabilitation of all housing blocks in Los Rosales have been awarded (07/12/2018)

  • Cs accuses the PP of evading its responsibility in the maintenance and repair of the schools of the municipality (07/12/2018)

  • El Belén Municipal, a replica of the baroque Nacimiento de Salzillo, will open its doors starting tomorrow at the Episcopal Palace (07/12/2018)

  • A thesis from the University of Murcia demonstrates the benefits of saffron infusions to improve the quality of life of patients with multiple sclerosis (07/12/2018)

  • The UCAM presents the World Observatory of the Family in the Vatican (07/12/2018)
    This project has been created by the Catholic University together with the Pontifical Theological Institute John Paul II of Marriage and Family Sciences
  • Common Health Front and three associations for drug prevention (06/12/2018)

  • Tomorrow they start the free workshops and performances of the Great Christmas Tree (05/12/2018)

  • 'The foods that take care of us' in the new talk of the UMU (05/12/2018)

  • The researcher of the University of Murcia Pablo Artal wins the National Research Prize (05/12/2018)

  • Klépierre brings Don Dino's toys to Nueva Condomina (05/12/2018)

  • Change Murcia denounces the stoppage of work for the reform of the Regulation of Citizen Participation (05/12/2018)

  • Pablo Artal, candidate for the Juan de la Cierva National Research Award in the area of ​​Technology Transfer (05/12/2018)

  • UMU researcher José Ángel Baños obtains the 1st Pablo García Baena Poetics Research Prize from the University of Córdoba (05/12/2018)

  • The City Council collaborates with the Juan Ciudad Foundation and COVIDE to carry out two humanitarian aid programs in India (05/12/2018)
    The Councilor for Social Rights and Development Cooperation has signed agreements to contribute to the survival of the families affected by the floods in the state of Kerala and prevent epidemics
  • The PSOE claims "cleanliness of shock" in the neighborhood of Carmen and "a worthy solution" for beggars who sleep on the street (05/12/2018)

  • The first Solidarity Day of the Christmas Tree will gather 30 social entities and will have the Christmas Rock as a finishing touch (05/12/2018)

  • Archaeologists explore new areas of San Esteban and find hidden rooms in Precinct 1 (05/12/2018)

  • Leroy Merlin receives a million visits in his first year in the city (05/12/2018)
    The human team of the store consists of 102 employees, 83% of them with an indefinite contract
  • Astrade visit to the UCAM Murcia CB (05/12/2018)

  • The Community is putting out to tender the road works that connect the Murcia districts of Los Dolores and Los Garres (05/12/2018)
    The action will last four months and will have a budget of 358,000 euros
  • The Christmas Market returns to La Glorieta on December 13 (05/12/2018)

  • Murcia will have four cultural and artistic points this weekend (05/12/2018)

  • Lessors opens its first office in Murcia of real estate and investment (05/12/2018)
    Lessors offers the exclusive products of Inveriplus Investment, such as IPC + and TRANQUIRENT
  • "The municipalism is done in the neighborhoods and districts" (05/12/2018)
    Change Murcia considers that a space of unity of the left can not be conformed without including the municipal formations in the negotiations
  • The Malecón hosts an integration event in tribute to the migrant on Saturday (05/12/2018)
    Coinciding with the commemoration of the International Migrant's Day, more than 2,000 people are expected to attend
  • The University of Murcia celebrates its union elections aimed at renewing the composition of its boards of officials and works councils (04/12/2018)
    Participation has been greater in the administration and services staff than in the teacher and researcher
  • The rondalla of the Social Center for the Elderly "Murcia I" opens the Christmas season in the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities (04/12/2018)

  • The contest returns # PlayerCostaCálida! (04/12/2018)
    You choose the best player of the UCAM Murcia CB in the games of Liga Endesa and Basketball Champions League
  • Roads install a new zebra crossing at the East access to the Espinardo Campus (04/12/2018)

  • The works of the second phase of Alfonso X will begin in January (04/12/2018)

  • Now Murcia criticizes Los Garres is out of the mobility plan for the work of the AVE (04/12/2018)

  • Youthful Future Youth Conferences (04/12/2018)
    The neighbors of Joven Futura show their most supportive side on Sunday, December 16.
  • Rudez, Cate and Booker are examined in COC (04/12/2018)
    The three players of the UCAM Murcia CB reviewed the view in the facilities of Centrofama Ophthalmological Clinics
  • Cañada Hermosa, environmental education center for the students of the municipality (04/12/2018)

  • An amphora containing knowledge will be the image of the poster of the 36th edition of the Universidad Internacional del Mar (04/12/2018)

  • Gesa Mediación collaborates in the dissemination of the figure and the legacy of the Count of Floridablanca 1919 (04/12/2018)

  • An exhibition at the Palacio Almudí and the Sala Verónicas will delve into the figure and legacy of the Count of Floridablanca (04/12/2018)

  • 500 athletes will participate in the Masters Murcia Basketball Tournament (04/12/2018)
    The MAMBA18 will take place from December 7 to 9 in the Prince of Asturias pavilion
  • More than 500 cultural and leisure events will fill the neighborhoods and districts of Murcia with a Christmas spirit (04/12/2018)

  • This is how the FIBA ​​Windows have been for the players of the UCAM Murcia (04/12/2018)
    Ovie Soko, Marcos Delía, Charllo Kloof and Kevin Tumba played matches with their national teams
  • Healthy itineraries (03/12/2018)
    Healthy itineraries are routes located in our city that have been conditioned and permanently signposted and are intended for moderate physical activity
  • The Spring Garden in homage to Campillo was owned by all Murcians (03/12/2018)
    Guillen asks Tornel to 'support the City Council in front of who caused the damage to the city of Murcia instead of entangled and confused' and regrets that Murcia Change be 'the only ones who have not heard'
  • "The municipal services are working to extend the maintenance contract for gardens" (03/12/2018)
    José Guillén urges the Citizens' spokesperson to 'stop confusing' and advises him 'to enjoy our neighborhoods and districts, instead of inventing conflicts'
  • Twenty companies concur to get the new Parks and Gardens contract (03/12/2018)

  • People with disabilities take the floor to fight prejudice and conquer universal accessibility (03/12/2018)

  • The Choir of the University of Murcia performs at the Teatro Real in the act of disseminating the Erasmus + program (03/12/2018)

  • "La Placica de los Patos" inaugurates Christmas shopping (03/12/2018)
    With more than 50 positions in its creative market at the rhythm of rock & roll
  • Change Murcia to Ballesta: You can never endorse the rise of fascism (03/12/2018)

  • The University of Murcia collects food, toys, glasses and clothes to donate to non-profit organizations (03/12/2018)
    The 'December solidarity' initiative will be held from December 3 to 20 and will have as its setting the University Social Center
  • The UCAM claims the visibility of the talent of people with disabilities (03/12/2018)
    International Day of People with Disabilities
  • The magic of Christmas floods the neighborhood of Carmen with the White Fair of Carmelite Commerce (03/12/2018)
    The Artillery Barracks welcomes a space to enjoy as a family with ice rink, sleigh descent, carousel, Christmas train and the House of Santa Claus .
  • Fifty young people participate in the workshops of Urban Art in La Seda (03/12/2018)
    The young people, who belong to project 13-17 of the Department of Social Rights and Development Cooperation, decorated columns and made a mural tribute to the rights of the childhood
  • The traffic mobility, works and transport plan foresees improving accessibility during burial (03/12/2018)

  • Christmas lights the streets of Murcia on Wednesday (03/12/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia denounces the "lack of transparency" of the Town Hall on the property of the Spring Garden in homage to Antonio Campillo (03/12/2018)

  • The periodic table of the Faculty of Chemistry of the UMU is one tenth of the National Lottery (03/12/2018)

  • CRUE launches the campaign #masQservices for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (03/12/2018)
    The objective of the campaign is to publicize the work and importance of the work carried out in Support Services for People with Disabilities of Spanish universities
  • Cs demands Ballesta to act with foresight and guarantee the jobs assigned to the maintenance contract for parks and gardens (03/12/2018)

  • 50 students from the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Murcia know the MiMurcia project (03/12/2018)

  • Murcia earns about 80 new free parking spaces next to the FREMM (03/12/2018)

  • The International University of the Sea presents the creative design award that will put its 36th edition image (03/12/2018)

  • Japanese puppet Bunraky and shadows in Murcia (02/12/2018)
    Show without words of bunraky Japanese puppet and shadows
  • Murcia City Council distinguishes the group of volunteers from Santiago and Zaraiche for 25 years at the service of the children in the neighborhood (02/12/2018)
    This morning a commemorative event was held on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated next Wednesday, for report on the work carried out by the Department of Social Rights and Development Cooperation
  • 30,000 people attend the spectacular lighting of the Great Christmas Tree (02/12/2018)

  • Murcia City Council inaugurates the first solidarity car park next to Amupheb tomorrow (02/12/2018)
    This parking lot will have the presence of young people who will spread the work of the Association and also offers a new parking area with about a hundred seats
  • More than 50 artists participate in the UCAM Refresh Week (02/12/2018)

  • The City Council allocates a grant of 6,000 euros to the Platform for the Promotion of Volunteering (01/12/2018)
    The aid is intended for the development of activities to promote volunteering, information, training and social awareness on the part of this entity
  • Aguas de Murcia renews more than 2,000 meters of networks in the Nuestro Padre Jesús Cemetery (01/12/2018)
    The works, which have a budget of 66,000 euros, will begin next Monday

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