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Murcia News - November 2018

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  • "Three generations of Murcians" By José Antonio Carbonell and Consuelo Blanco (30/11/2018)

  • Lydia Valentín: "All the work is already focused on Tokyo 2020" (30/11/2018)
    The triple Olympic medalist and double weightlifting world champion, student of the Faculty of Sports of the Catholic University of Murcia, gave a masterclass at the UCAM Sports Center
  • CSR is not philanthropy, it is a factor of business competitiveness (30/11/2018)

  • An application for mobile and tablets to create and share adventures wins the XXVI Business Projects Competition (30/11/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved the resolution of the event, which has a total of 60,000 euros
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Fulbright scholarships with a reception (30/11/2018)
    Next year two graduates from the UMU will be trained in this program of excellence in the US
  • The CEMOP will carry out an investigation on the municipal leadership in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Murcia (30/11/2018)
    The announcement of the project was made in the presentation ceremony to the university community of the opinion barometer 'Regional Identity of the Murcians'
  • The municipal council of El Progreso delivers defibrillators to schools and the social center (30/11/2018)

  • Traffic extends until January 19 the deadline to inform and not sanction vehicles that access Alfonso X without authorization (30/11/2018)
    Although it was originally scheduled to end tomorrow, Councilwoman Lola Sanchez has signed a decree to extend the period until after the holidays
  • The Governing Board approves the agreement to recover the bus owl connecting the districts with the city on weekends nights (30/11/2018)
    Line 26 is modified to serve Aljucer, responding to the demands of the residents of this hamlet .
  • Tomorrow begins the anticipated sale of locations to see the Kings Parade (30/11/2018)
    The number of locations for sale in advance will be about 13,000, which will go on sale in stages and can be purchased on the web eventosgil.com
  • Social Rights allocates 130,500 euros to nine entities to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities (30/11/2018)
    The entities to which the grant has been granted are: Aspaym, Aspapros, Epit-Enit, Auxilia Murcia, Apramp, Oblatas, Cepaim, Assido and Hemophilia Association
  • Infrastructure recovers some archaeological remains that belonged to the old convent of Santo Domingo (30/11/2018)

  • Tomorrow the Christmas festivities begin in Vistabella, La Paz and La Fama (30/11/2018)
    The first act will be the III Christmas Fishing Contest, which will begin at 9 o'clock and on Monday the Bethlehem of the Mayor's Office of Vistabella will be inaugurated
  • Christmas arrives tomorrow in Murcia with the lighting of the Great Tree (30/11/2018)

  • 'La Placica de los Patos' returns tomorrow with new activities and proposals (30/11/2018)
    From 12 noon until 10.30 pm, the program includes a creative market, food truck, children's games and music
  • Cs expects the CARM to approve as soon as possible the recovery of the night service and the improvements of the line 26 (30/11/2018)
    Mario Gómez: "Now it's up to the regional government to act and guarantee that the service will be running at Christmas"
  • Traffic extends until January 11 the deadline to inform and not sanction vehicles that access Alfonso X without authorization (30/11/2018)
    Although it was originally scheduled to end tomorrow, Councilwoman Lola Sanchez has signed a decree to extend the period until after the holidays
  • Serrano: "When I am mayor, I will fight to recover what the residents of Murcia deserve" (30/11/2018)
    The Socialist candidate for the Mayor of Murcia has affirmed that the municipality starts with a part with 57 million deficits for next year, which means "a contempt of the PP to the citizenship"
  • Great exposure of clicks of PLAYMOBIL in the Real Casino of Murcia (30/11/2018)
    The Real Casino of Murcia welcomes a novel sample of the popular dolls during Christmas
  • XXIV Jornadas Murcianas sobre Hipertensión Arterial (30/11/2018)
    "The Region has very high rates of stroke mortality despite being a Mediterranean community"
  • Imperial troops with Darth Vader invade Nueva Condomina to help Alexandra (30/11/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces the discrimination suffered by the municipality of Murcia by the pact of the resignation of the PP and Citizens (30/11/2018)
    Joaquín López and José Antonio Serrano point out that these budgets are especially damaging for the municipality of Murcia, and again claim the law of local financing
  • The Temporary Foster Care Program realizes a day of coexistence in the surroundings of Majal Blanco (30/11/2018)
    It will take place on Sunday, starting at 10:00 am and aims to promote coexistence among host families, through workshops and games, in a natural environment
  • UCAM 'University and Business Leadership' Meetings (30/11/2018)
    "Technology turns the sports fan into a content director"
  • "Chronicle of a death announced" (30/11/2018)
    The feelings towards Real Murcia are close to the surface
  • "A paprika mackerel" (30/11/2018)
    Opinion article by José Carbonell Buzzian
  • Citizens take forward the proposals presented today in the November plenary (29/11/2018)

  • The City Council will celebrate the Andalusian foundation of the city at the proposal of Cambiemos Murcia (29/11/2018)

  • The PSOE has improved the bus in the northern zone and the ordinance for bicycles and scooters has been approved (29/11/2018)

  • Coello: "We have clearly positioned ourselves with the current leaders of Real Murcia, Murcia and Murcia" (29/11/2018)
    "We participated in the meeting organized by the new Board of Directors to increase and atomize the new process of capital increase of the club" reported Felipe Coello
  • The Murcia congress office presents its novelties in the ibtm world of barcelona (29/11/2018)
    Murcia promotes its offer among international clients with more than 20 professional meetings
  • José Ignacio Prendes, vice president of the Lower House, closing congress on constitutional law that celebrates the UMU (29/11/2018)
    The Italian ambassador to Spain attends the sessions this Friday at the Cloister de la Merced The closing will be at 8:00 p.m.
  • The University of Murcia addresses the situation and the rights of children in a few days (29/11/2018)

  • We believe the Christmas joy together with the sisters of the Convent of Santa Elisabeta! (29/11/2018)

  • Hostemur denounces that Murcia's leisure police has only been created to "criminalize" hoteliers because of the noise (29/11/2018)
    Proposes that their proposal for this type of patrols was to help neighborhood coexistence, especially due to the excesses of customers on the streets
  • Four students from the University of Murcia, awarded at the Archimedes contest of the Ministry of Science (29/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the events of the Day of the Entrepreneur (29/11/2018)

  • PP and Citizens approve an initiative to promote the inclusion of Mount Miravete in the Regional Park of Carrascoy and El Valle (29/11/2018)
    The request to the Autonomous Community intends to implement a greater environmental protection and to manage in a homogeneous way all the pre-coastal mountain ranges of the Municipality of Murcia
  • The City Council creates a working group to regulate the use of electric scooters and bicycles in the municipality (29/11/2018)

  • Gesa Mediación, an impulse for the centenary of the Murcia Tennis Club 1919 (29/11/2018)
    The insurance broker will participate, as official sponsor, in the calendar of activities programmed by the sports entity to celebrate its 100 years of history
  • The Plenary approves the award of the Gold Medal to the Folkloric Group Virgen de la Vega and the Arrixaca Transplant Unit (29/11/2018)
    The singer Mari Trini will become the Favorite Daughter of Murcia and the Parrandboleros will receive the Silver Medal
  • Feremur asks the Murcia City Council to recognize November 17 as the student's day (29/11/2018)

  • Navarro: 'Our commitment to promoting the bicycle is unquestionable' (28/11/2018)
    The Councilor for Urban Planning, Environment, Water and Garden explains that 'the bicycle rental company defends its legitimate interests and the City Council does the same with the interest general, prioritizing public service '
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal group dedicated to the commission of robberies in homes in southern Murcia (28/11/2018)
    The three members of the criminal group have been arrested and allegedly responsible for the crimes of robbery with violence, robbery with force, injuries, threats and damages
  • Schools: Saturdays, more basketball (28/11/2018)
    Training and competitions for the non-federated during the first day of the weekend
  • The defense of the heritage and landscape of the Huerta de Murcia, protagonist tomorrow of a conference-colloquium in Orihuela (28/11/2018)

  • Christmas is magic, music and fun in "La Placica de los Patos" by Vistabella (28/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia awards eight business ideas for students, faculty and administrative staff (28/11/2018)
    The UMUemprende Talent Awards received 129 innovative proposals
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the day of San Eloy with its traditional procession (28/11/2018)

  • Antonio Saura, president of the sports association, has presented the calendar of activities to commemorate the 100-year history of the entity, including the publication of a book and the screening of a documentary (28/11/2018)
    Murcia Tennis Club 1919 will host an ATP Challenger tournament as the central act of its centenary
  • The challenges of the family business, protagonists of a meeting at the University of Murcia (28/11/2018)

  • Cs will ask in the Plenary an athletics track for the districts of the eastern area of ​​the municipality (28/11/2018)
    Mario Gomez will defend this initiative to respond to the demands of citizens of this area and promote sports on equal terms
  • The City Council renews the basketball court of the Infante's sports center (28/11/2018)

  • The UMU hosts the meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (28/11/2018)

  • Murcia now proposes the creation of a Local Council of Culture (28/11/2018)
    "as an organ of participation, dialogue and advice"
  • The San Vicente de Paul College visits the UCAM Murcia CB (28/11/2018)

  • The PSOE attributes to the "indolence and apathy" of the PP the failure of the bicycle rental service Enrique Ayuso regrets that "we are going to lose this system, which so many cities have implemented and in good operation, because th (28/11/2018)

  • Nearly 300 agents of the Local Police make up the Christmas Security Plan 2018 (28/11/2018)
    This year, the days on which the device will be activated and the service schedule to be provided on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve in Santa Catalina Square will be extended and Plaza de las Flores
  • The Leisure Police will begin to control the noise levels and closing hours of the bars this Christmas (28/11/2018)

  • The Municipal Board of Nonduermas will install a Solidarity Heart in the Hermitage of Burgos (28/11/2018)

  • Cs will propose in the Plenary the installation of adapted containers in the municipality (28/11/2018)
    Pilar Muñoz will propose this initiative in line with others that the orange formation has defended during the mandate to continue advancing towards universal accessibility and the elimination of architectural barriers
  • Change Murcia raises to the Plenary a proposal to repeal the crime of insults to the Crown (28/11/2018)
    The municipal training proposes to open an investigation into the actions of the king emeritus and promote a citizen referendum to choose between monarchy and republic
  • 80 million tourists choose destination influenced by cinema (27/11/2018)
    The cultural event UCAM Refresh Week celebrates its second day at the Regional Film Archive Francisco Rabal with two presentations on film by doctors Manuel González-Sicilia (UCAM) and Eugeni Osácar (University of Barcelona)
  • Emilio Martínez will play on loan at the Igualatorio Cantabria Estela (27/11/2018)
    The university base will be in the LEB Silver club until the end of the season
  • The University of Murcia awards the prizes of the I Ideas Competition for the creation of a company 'Umuemprende Talent' (27/11/2018)
    The event will be tomorrow at 12.30 h.
  • UMU professor José Munuera speaks at the Chamber of Commerce of the conference 'The future of Murcia in the era of knowledge' (27/11/2018)
    It will be tomorrow, Wednesday 28, at 6:00 pm at the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia
  • Pacheco inaugurates Expres-Arte, a sample of painting that connects the students of Professional Qualification with art (27/11/2018)
    Realized with very simple pictorial techniques, creating their works through spots and textures, the exhibition will remain in the Municipal Center 585 m2 until December 4
  • Iniciativas de Contigo We Are Democracy for the November 2018 Plenary (27/11/2018)
    From the Party With You We Are Democracy, two initiatives will be taken for the next plenary of the next day 29
  • The University of Murcia inaugurates on Wednesday a congress dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution (27/11/2018)
    The IV International Congress Perspectives of Contemporary Constitutionalism will also focus on the 70th anniversary of the Italian Constitution
  • Urban planning orders the stoppage of the tubing works of the La Arboleja canal (27/11/2018)
    After verifying that the operation lacked a license
  • Education will invest more than 94,000 euros in the acquisition of furniture in the study rooms of Ronda Sur and Alquerías (27/11/2018)

  • Friday VERMUR Fair begins with the performance of Laura UVE, winner of CreaMurcia in Author Song (27/11/2018)
    Admission is free until full capacity and will be held until Sunday at LOFT 113
  • Martita de Graná, in Algezares (27/11/2018)

  • The Plaza de San Andrés opens automatic doors and safer (27/11/2018)
    Within the plan of modernization and improvement of the places of supplies of the municipality
  • Huermur demands the Ministry of Environment to finish with the ducts of ditches in the garden of Murcia (27/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia recognizes the students awarded with a national end-of-career award (27/11/2018)

  • Commerce extends the term for businesses in the area of ​​burial to access municipal subsidies (27/11/2018)
    The objective is to make it as easy as possible for the 30 owners of establishments that need to correct their requests to do so with more time
  • The University of Murcia analyzes the role of videogames in the teaching of History (27/11/2018)

  • Cs will defend in the Plenary the creation of a plan to reduce flood risks and take advantage of rainwater (27/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia asks the City Council to stop the pipeline of La Arboleja ditch (27/11/2018)
    The training highlights the need for a specific municipal regulation on the conservation of irrigation channels
  • The Aecc invites the people of Murcia to participate in the solidarity march for melanoma research this Sunday (27/11/2018)
    The race will start at 9.00 from the Plaza de la Cruz Roja and its objective is to raise funds for the project 'Towards the medicine of accuracy in melanoma: identification of new prognosis markers and development of new drugs' of the UMU
  • The University of Murcia organizes a conference on immigration and reception of refugees (27/11/2018)

  • The Circus Theater hosts the play Angelina or the honor of a Brigadier, for the benefit of the Little Sisters of the Poor (27/11/2018)
    It will take place on December 4 at 9:00 p.m. and will feature 16 actors and actresses from Murcia
  • Now Murcia denounces the pipeline of the last open section of the irrigation ditch of La Arboleja before the passivity of Ballesta (27/11/2018)

  • "We managed to play better and face each other in the match against Unicaja Málaga" (27/11/2018)
    Alex Urtasun has valued the break through the FIBA ​​windows and the improvement of the UCAM Murcia CB
  • Rosa from Spain will be the Godmother of the Christmas Tree and will act this Saturday in the great ignition (27/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia calls for the rejection of the plenary session before the "shameful" decision of the TS on the tax on mortgages (27/11/2018)
    The training also raises the need to create a public bank to end the "blackmail" of private entities and favor the SMEs
  • The UCAM launches a project to train in the fight against climate change (27/11/2018)

  • The UCAM reaffirms the cultural and artistic heritage of the Region of Murcia with a European project (26/11/2018)

  • The Mayor expresses his deep sorrow for the loss of Pedro Soler, "an irreplaceable friend, writer and chronicler" (26/11/2018)

  • The researcher María Blasco joins the cloister of the University of Murcia as an honorary doctor (26/11/2018)

  • The Plenary Commission approves the awarding of distinctions to Mari Trini, Los Parrandboleros, the transplant unit and the Virgen de la Vega group (26/11/2018)
    The singer will become the Favorite Daughter of Murcia, while the Folkloric Group Virgen de la Vega and the Arrixaca Transplant Unit will be honored with the Gold Medal and Los Parrandboleros will receive the Silver Medal
  • 76 establishments in the surroundings of the underground works access the subsidies of the City Council (26/11/2018)
    They may exceed a hundred if the deficiencies correct the owners of another 30 premises, with whom they have contacted directly from the Trade service
  • Murcia now requires the approval of a special plan for the protection and safeguarding of the traditional irrigation network of the huerta of Murcia (26/11/2018)
    - The action demanded by Ahora Murcia would affect the 500 kilometers of acequias and azarbes of the municipality
  • Cate runs out of windows and Tumba is doubt (26/11/2018)
    Delia, Soko and Kloof will dispute the established commitments with their selections
  • Cs will demand the implementation of a plan to fight against illegal landfills and the indiscriminate abandonment of waste in Murcia (26/11/2018)
    Carlos Peñafiel: "This is a serious problem that has to be tackled because it damages the environment and poses serious risks for health "
  • The PSOE regrets that for the PP the biggest concern is to put the biggest wheel and not fight against unemployment (26/11/2018)
    Councilman Sebastian Peñaranda has criticized the government team for shielding in that "employment is an improper competition" not to give the subsidies are included in the Budget with 114,000 euros
  • The rehabilitation of several walls will help to conserve the ditches in the traditional irrigation of Murcia (26/11/2018)
    The regional government has allocated 91,299 euros to remodel the masonry in the ditches of Barreras and Aljufía
  • 80 establishments in the surroundings of the burial works have access to subsidies from the City Council (26/11/2018)
    They can reach 110 if the deficiencies in 30 other registered requests are corrected, with which they have contacted directly from the Commerce service
  • The consensus guarantees the equitable distribution of aid among the 76 Centers for the Elderly of the municipality (26/11/2018)

  • The ditches of Barreras and Aljufía continue to bring water to the Huerta de Murcia ten centuries later (26/11/2018)
    The construction of new walls helps to conserve these traditional irrigated infrastructures, from which 20,400 irrigators are supplied.
  • Murcia now proposes that Murcia design and develop its "metrominuto", a map that seeks to promote mobility on foot and a "walkable" municipality (25/11/2018)
    - The initiative has received various awards and mentions and is being promoted within the framework of the Red Ciudades that they Walk, to which the City council of Murcia must be in process of adhesion
  • Cs will request the adoption of measures to achieve animal welfare and budget allocation for the application of the CES method in the municipality (25/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia will ask that the City Council commemorate with cultural events the Andalusian foundation of Murcia (25/11/2018)

  • I sports nursing day (25/11/2018)
    Much more than treating top-level athletes
  • Presentation of the book "Black Sounds" by Meira Goldberg (25/11/2018)

  • The PSOE claims aid for those affected by rain damage in Murcia who do not have funds to rehabilitate their homes and businesses (25/11/2018)
    Councilor Maite Espinosa will present a motion to the Plenary on Thursday urging the City Council to assess the damage and to be able to resort to the Contingency Fund for people with more limited resources
  • Defeat adjusted in an unequal fight (24/11/2018)
    The UCAM Murcia CB fought until the end in a match in which the difference in the free throw (2/5 by 32/34 of the Andalusians), was crucial
  • "From the companies we must contribute to the improvement of the economic, social and cultural development" (24/11/2018)
    José Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM, intervened yesterday Friday at the World Congress of Catholic business leaders organized by UNIAPAC and held this week in Lisbon
  • Serrano is committed to combating gender violence every day by strengthening and expanding municipal resources (24/11/2018)

  • Cambiemos Murcia proposes to support the traditional All Saints market with cultural and artistic activities (24/11/2018)

  • The neighbors participate in the arrangement of the future classroom of study of El Raal (24/11/2018)

  • 'UCAM Refresh Week', a cultural week to highlight the heritage of the Region (24/11/2018)

  • El Moneo will light up in violet on the occasion of the International Day Against Gender Violence (24/11/2018)
    The City Council works 365 days a year to combat violence against women and also provide comprehensive care for the children who suffer it, through different axes
  • Hundreds of neighbors cut the road to El Palmar to demand that the Ministry of Public Works reinstitute Line 61 (23/11/2018)
    The general director of Transportation committed to implement a service with the routes and schedules proposed by the Platform
  • Let's change Murcia calls for citizens to mobilize against male violence (23/11/2018)

  • Sánchez points out "the nonsense of the PSOE: first they ask for a legal report and before having it they draw their conclusions" (23/11/2018)

  • UMU Dentistry students attend oral health sessions with people with Down syndrome (23/11/2018)

  • Lady Guitar with Enclave Woman (23/11/2018)
    On November 30 and December 1, five musicians from Murcia, María Mulero, Carmen Miñarro (Bonica), and Eli Poveda, Esther Molina and Patricia Riquelme (She Robin) will offer two concerts within the Festival Enclave Woman
  • The University of Murcia promotes a campaign of collection of plastics among the university community (23/11/2018)
    With all the material collected will produce a large Christmas tree that allows reflection on the generation of waste
  • The demolition of the house in El Carmen is done manually, 'brick by brick', for security reasons (23/11/2018)
    Antonio Navarro understands the inconvenience it can cause to neighbors and ensures that work will be intensified as much as possible , 'provided that there is no risk to people'
  • Change Murcia claims the CARM to control compliance with the law of transparency in the City (23/11/2018)

  • The degree in Veterinary Medicine of the University of Murcia renews the international accreditation of the EAEVE (23/11/2018)
    It is the highest international recognition of its quality and excellence policy, which comes shortly after having obtained the institutional accreditation of the ANECA
  • Now Murcia demands a campaign from the municipal council this to inform the neighborhood of the measures to control the plague of pigeons (23/11/2018)

  • The City Council awards Violeta Points volunteers for their commitment against violence against women (23/11/2018)

  • Now Murcia adheres to the demonstration on Sunday against sexist violence (23/11/2018)
    Since the municipal formation and from its group of Women, which belongs to the Feminist Assembly of the Region, citizens are encouraged to participate in the march
  • The UMU presents a book that analyzes the history of the Spanish army of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century (23/11/2018)

  • Cs claims to Ballesta to lift the suspension of occupation of the public road in Alfonso X and reach an agreement with the hoteliers (23/11/2018)

  • Murcia will welcome Christmas on Saturday 1 with the inauguration of the Great Circular Tree (23/11/2018)

  • The new traffic control system will connect with the 'smart brain of the municipality (23/11/2018)

  • The PSOE accuses the PP of "paying a Ferrari for firefighters but it has had to be left with a six hundred" (23/11/2018)

  • Sangonera La Verde will have a new paving of cobblestones in San José Street (23/11/2018)
    The Governing Board has also given the green light to the works of Angel Street, Patiño, where the road and sidewalk will be at the same level and will distinguish for the different color of the pavement
  • The Federation of Centers for the Elderly receives a grant to develop cultural and leisure activities (23/11/2018)
    The amount amounts to 24,555 euros and seven projects will be developed.
  • The University of Murcia expresses its rejection of gender violence through a large painting mural (23/11/2018)
    The activity is framed in the events organized to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • National Award for a Medical Student of the UCAM for his Final Project in Allergology (23/11/2018)

  • Infrastructure will renew a road in the Western Industrial Park to improve safety (23/11/2018)
    The Governing Board has given the green light to the new paving of the road in Juan de la Cierva Street, for an amount of 50,222 euros and a deadline for execution two months
  • The UCAM launches a project to train in the fight against climate change (23/11/2018)

  • Perez: 'The recovery of San Esteban is a project consolidated in time that does not need partisan sofas' The Popular Councilor regrets that' we have to explain to Susana Hernández that Phase Zero is a shared project between the City Counc (22/11/2018)

  • The Sardinera Association of Murcia collaborates with the purchase of 25,000 shares in the capital increase of Real Murcia (22/11/2018)

  • Juan Pedro Romera: "The body is the great ally of the communicator and the voice the vehicle to get the message across" (22/11/2018)
    His star course, 'Once Upon a Time', manages to make each person immersion in his biography to turn it into a wonderful story in the style of Joseph Campbell's 'Journey of the Hero'
  • The Central Administrative Court of Contractual Appeals has not paralyzed the process, Citizens continues to confuse (22/11/2018)
    The mayor recalled that "approximately 90% of the claims filed with the Central Court of Contractual Appeals are resolved by giving the reason to the City Council"
  • The new Alfonso X El Sabio, showcase of the Murcian trade (22/11/2018)
    The Outlet Fair starts with 75 shops offering discounts of up to 70%
  • Ceratodon amazonum, a new species of moss that stands out for the absence of males (22/11/2018)

  • Professor Isabel María Saura takes office as a numerary academic (22/11/2018)

  • The UMU professor Germán M. Teruel offers a lecture on the reasons for reforming the Spanish Constitution (22/11/2018)

  • The PSOE recalls that the Government of Sanchez "unblocks" the archaeological recovery of San Esteban tripling the aid given by Rajoy (22/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia asks for public transport to be secured to the students of CEIP Nicolás Raya (22/11/2018)
    40 schoolchildren of this center assigned to the Delgado Dorrego dining room have run out of transport
  • "Circo Mágico" arrives in Murcia to make the whole family dream (22/11/2018)

  • Cs will study legal measures if the parks and gardens service is affected by the political indolence of José Ballesta (22/11/2018)

  • The medieval archeology research group of the University of Murcia is already working in the San Esteban field (22/11/2018)
    The web sanesteban.um.es will gather the news and advances of the works
  • The Road Safety Caravan will teach 1,000 schoolchildren to identify risk situations in the public and at home (22/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia exposes '4 skins', a sample of four artists who approach different methods of sculptural production (22/11/2018)

  • Cátedra de Entrepreneurship in the Agrifood Field UCAM-Santander (22/11/2018)
    The protective effect of pepper and broccoli against cancer
  • Murcia's new Employment Shuttle starts working (22/11/2018)

  • The first edition of the Football Tournament organized by the Federation of African Associations will take place on Saturday (22/11/2018)

  • The UMU delivers the Aured 2018 Awards to the best audiovisual works of its students (22/11/2018)
    The ceremony will take place this Friday at the Auditorium of the La Merced Campus, at 7:00 p.m.
  • 75 students of the IES Alfonso X El Sabio star in Mamma Mia's charity musical (22/11/2018)
    A total of 1,600 spectators will enjoy, next Tuesday, this musical at the Teatro Circo, in two sessions, one in English that will take place in the morning for institutes and another one at 9:00 p.m. for the general public
  • Commerce renews the lighting of five squares of supply with the installation of 320 points of light (22/11/2018)
    It is one more step in the Modernization Plan that the Department undertakes, whose next action will take place next Monday in the square of supplies of La Alberca, where 75 LED luminaires will be placed
  • Archaeologists take San Esteban and start open excavations (22/11/2018)

  • VOX Murcia criticizes the decision of the Ministry to cut the water of the Tajo-Segura transfer (21/11/2018)
    "With this measure the Socialist Executive intends to continue with its plan to end the Transfer"
  • A talk at the University of Murcia analyzes the business strategies of fashion companies made in Spain (21/11/2018)

  • Ruiz: It's surprising that the PSOE asks for an accessibility plan that he knows since May ' (21/11/2018)

  • The Plan for the Pedanías of the regional government will invest 59,000 euros to renovate the playground of Los Martínez del Puerto (21/11/2018)

  • Informajoven carries out activities on Thursdays to extend the information and the leisure offer to the youngest ones (21/11/2018)
  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference for users of R, a powerful software for managing Big Data (21/11/2018)

  • From the University of Murcia to Silicon Valley to train and compete in the final of the Explorer X awards for entrepreneurs (21/11/2018)
    Adrián Rodríguez, a graduate in Fine Arts, won with his business idea the Banco Santander program at the UMU and this Friday returns from California to participate in the final of the contest in Madrid
  • 25n Manifesto: for the elimination of violence against women (21/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia raises its voice against violence towards women with the reading of a manifesto on the occasion of 25N (21/11/2018)
    'Put a 0 to gender violence' has been the winning tweet of the 'I Contest of Tuits against Violence' de Género ', of which the prizes have been awarded in the act
  • Murcia now demands that municipal housing policies give priority to vulnerable women and victims of sexist violence (21/11/2018)
    - Miguel Angel Alzamora points out that "according to Amnesty International and EU reports, evictions and difficulties in accessing housing worthy especially affect single women with minors "
  • Urbanism promotes the opening of a road that will improve access to San Pío X (21/11/2018)
    The two lanes of Condesa Street will have a direction to exit to the Carretera de El Palmar, and another road will open to the neighborhood
  • The Association Saavedra Fajardo-Aula Senior of the UMU celebrates its X anniversary (21/11/2018)

  • Professors from the University of Murcia give a workshop aimed at promoting social responsibility actions among SMEs (21/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia projects the documentary 'Fragile Balance' to address inequality between countries (21/11/2018)

  • The PSOE asks the mayor when he intends to fulfill his commitment by approving the Accessibility Plan so many times announced by the PP (21/11/2018)
    Councilor Begoña García Retegui complains that the Consistory violates the Law by not implementing the package of measures that favor the integration of people with disabilities
  • Murcia welcomes the transnational meeting aimed at changing waste management and finding new ways of feeding (21/11/2018)

  • The City Council allocates 1.5 million euros to support a hundred third sector associations (21/11/2018)

  • The City of Murcia intensifies the cleaning of the supply markets for the Christmas holidays (21/11/2018)
    These works, which will be carried out in coordination with the Market Inspection Service, will be carried out in the Murcia squares and districts
  • The Outlet Fair is installed tomorrow in Alfonso X with 75 stores that offer discounts of up to 70% (21/11/2018)
    This is the first event that is installed on the promenade after its remodeling, where it will remain until next Sunday
  • The best companies in the nuptial sector in Murcia will be in L'Amour de Le Plumeti (21/11/2018)
    The first edition of this event promises to be an unforgettable experience where to discover the most current trends in the sector
  • El Moneo will light yellow to commemorate World Spina Bifida Day (21/11/2018)

  • 'Cocina con Sentido', a cookbook made by blind people that breaks down barriers (21/11/2018)
    The ONCE's Assembly Hall hosts this afternoon, at 6:00 p.m., the presentation of the recipe book coordinated by María Dolores García.
  • "Insecurity in the bus station" (20/11/2018)
    José Antonio Carbonell, Security Advisor
  • Perez: 'The PSOE should not be afraid that the City Council will enable more and better communication channels with Murcia' The spokesperson of the Municipal People's Group encourages the PSOE to 'also change its hermetic and distant (20/11/2018)

  • The Contraparada Visitor Center continues its rehabilitation work with the aim of opening its doors in the spring (20/11/2018)

  • Mireia Belmonte starts the academic year at the UCAM (20/11/2018)
    The Olympic champion plans her next academic months of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the Campus of Los Jerónimos
  • The University of Murcia begins the acts of 25N with the reading of the 'Manifesto for the elimination of violence against women' (20/11/2018)

  • Juan Varea Porras wins the Anonymous Solidarity Award 2018 granted by the University of Murcia and the Volunteer Platform (20/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia continues with the conferences to commemorate San Eloy, patron of silversmiths (20/11/2018)
    The events take place in the Faculty of Letters until next November 29, when the traditional procession will take place
  • Let's change Murcia asks the Aljucer board to collaborate with the PAH to advise families at risk of eviction (20/11/2018)

  • The Municipal Executive of the PSOE warns the PP that will be vigilant with breaches of the Institutional Advertising Law (20/11/2018)

  • The best figures of the world padel meet this week in Murcia (20/11/2018)

  • Come to support the UCAM Murcia CB to Malaga! (20/11/2018)
    The university club launches a pack of entry + trip for 20 euros
  • Two professors from the UMU receive recognition for their work in the tasting panel of the Cheese Regulatory Council (20/11/2018)

  • Murcia now demands that Coello guarantee the safety of the users and athletes of the Palacio de los Deportes, (20/11/2018)
    "before the shameful state of the auxiliary runway"
  • "The night in which I could have seen Dizzy Gillespie playing", by Antonio Tocornal, winner of the XXII edition of the Vargas Llosa novel award (20/11/2018)
    The play is set in the artistic life of the Paris of the late 80s
  • The University of Murcia hosts the screening of the documentary '' A truth very uncomfortable: now or never ' (20/11/2018)

  • "We need your help to change the world" (20/11/2018)
    Carca of 200 schoolchildren have participated today in the Children's Plenary of Murcia City Council on the occasion of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child
  • Parks and Gardens replaces some thirty trees in Ronda Sur to shade and beautify the area (20/11/2018)

  • The Municipal Executive of the PSOE elects an electoral committee that combines knowledge and youth (19/11/2018)
    To achieve a project that matches the well-being of its neighbors
  • The University of Murcia presents a new tool to manage teaching innovation groups (19/11/2018)

  • Now Murcia celebrates that the PP finally open sanctioning files to illegal pipelines in the municipality (19/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia regrets the delay and absence of participation in the Municipal Plan for Children and Adolescents (19/11/2018)

  • The UMU inaugurates the course 'We Are All Campus' aimed at training for the employment of young people with intellectual disabilities (19/11/2018)

  • José Luis Mendoza receives the Golden Antenna from the National Association of RTV Professionals (19/11/2018)
    The president of the UCAM was unanimously chosen by the jury of the awards presented by the Federation of Associations of Radio and Television Professionals of Spain
  • University of Murcia and Banco Santander sign an agreement that will boost entrepreneurship, research and internationalization (19/11/2018)
    Those who have benefited from programs cofinanced by the entity receive their credentials
  • The first Childhood and Adolescence Plan establishes more than 200 actions of support and protection for Murcian children (19/11/2018)
    José Ballesta and Conchita Ruiz present this road map with the set of actions aimed at guaranteeing equality, full inclusion and social integration of the child collective, coinciding with the Week of the Rights of the Child
  • The sport joins the activities for the Elimination of Violence against Women (19/11/2018)
    Next Saturday, from 6.30 pm, the Red Cross Plaza will host various proposals with the motto 'Move against violence towards women', including a solidary march that will tour the city from 10.30 pm
  • The Mayor brings together the assessment device against the risk of storms (18/11/2018)

  • Perez: "What is now a megalomaniac project for the PSOE, yesterday was an electoral promise" (18/11/2018)
    "They put into question their last spokespersons in El Ayuntamiento, Gras and Hernández, which included the pedestrianization of Alfonso X as a promise and defended it with vehemence in the Plenary "
  • The new apparatus of gerontogimnasia installed in Monteagudo offer a healthy alternative leisure to neighbors (18/11/2018)
    The City of Murcia has installed four new games in the Garden of the Cross, improving this space and meeting a neighborhood request
  • Malú shone with his expected "Oxygen Tour" in Murcia with more strength than ever (17/11/2018)
    'Oxygen Tour' featured an impressive staging
  • Detachment of a part of the cornice of the Conservatory of Murcia (17/11/2018)
    VOX Murcia denounces the neglect in the maintenance of the building
  • Serrano pleads for a "decentralized, sustainable and cohesive" municipality and without "third-class citizens" (17/11/2018)
    The socialist candidate for the Mayor of Murcia participates in the Day of Huerta and Decentralization organized by the PSOE in Zeneta, in which the Board of Directors intervenes de Hacendados, Huerta Viva, mayors, councilors and the councilor of Get
  • alSur opens this morning with world dances and social economy in the heart of the Carmen neighborhood (17/11/2018)
    An inclusive sports campus, concerts and talks are some of the activities
  • The UCAM and D'Genes today close the International Congress of Rare Diseases (17/11/2018)
    The lipodystrophies and the intervention in Rett children are some of the topics that have been discussed during the morning at the Campus of Los Jerónimos, which will close this afternoon the Congress
  • The IES Carmen de Murcia inaugurates its week "From Literature to Cinema" within the framework of the Erasmus + programs (17/11/2018)

  • "CSR is key in the competitiveness and internationalization of companies" (17/11/2018)

  • Lola Sánchez: "Now Murcia is always late" (16/11/2018)
    "The City Council has already met with the residents of Calle San Nicolás to reorder the traffic in this area and resolve this situation as soon as possible"
  • Cs requires the regional government to explain the delay in the awarding of the WARM UP festival (16/11/2018)

  • Serrano is committed in La Contraparada to recover the Huerta, together with its hydraulic network and the mills "as part of our heritage" (16/11/2018)
    The Socialist candidate for the Mayor of Murcia, together with the PSOE president, Cristina Narbona, reports the day of tomorrow in Zeneta in which technicians and groups will debate on Huerta and Decentralization
  • Now Murcia asks that alternatives be studied to the rearrangement of traffic that has "triggered the circulation of vehicles in the narrow Calle San Nicolás" (16/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia will request ANECA the approval of the study plans of four new master's degrees (16/11/2018)
    The Governing Council also approves requesting the Gold Medal of the Region for the Faculty of Medicine
  • ... (16/11/2018)

  • Medical students of the UMU arrive at the final of the International Medical Knowledge Contest held in Mexico (16/11/2018)

  • Presentation of the report Strategic Analysis for the Development of SMEs in Spain, led by UMU professor Gregorio Sánchez (16/11/2018)

  • Delve into the 'Erotic Arab Poetry' with the UMU professor Pilar Garrido (16/11/2018)

  • Nearly 100,000 Murcians suffer from a rare disease (16/11/2018)
    XI International Congress of Rare Diseases
  • The PSOE remarks that the PP "at nothing" helps to promote grassroots sports and calls for the regulation of fees in the use of facilities (16/11/2018)
    Councilman Juan Vicente Larrosa criticizes that the City Council decides to charge about 4,000 euros per season female soccer teams with most girls in their squads for using municipal fields to train
  • Taxi drivers will have municipal help to adapt their vehicles for people with disabilities (16/11/2018)
    Murcia, with 42 adapted taxi licenses, has one of the largest fleets in Spain
  • Social Rights collaborates with four associations to build an integrating Murcia with people with disabilities (16/11/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved grants to CEOM, Fundown, Full Inclusion and AFIM for an amount of 72,000 euros to promote actions that promote the well-being of all Murcia
  • The City Council acquires two plots adjacent to the cemetery of Sangonera La Verde to enable its extension (16/11/2018)
    The measure, much demanded by the inhabitants of the district and by the Bishopric, was necessary to be able to continue to bury the deceased in this town and surroundings
  • The Mayor Street of Churra will have a new sidewalk to improve the safety and comfort of pedestrians (16/11/2018)

  • A popular cycling march will tour Murcia on Sunday (16/11/2018)

  • Suspended the representation of'Bicycles are for summer' scheduled for December 22 at the TCM (16/11/2018)
    The show had to be canceled for reasons beyond the Circus Theater Murcia
  • Rafael Gómez: "The patio of the City of La Paz Education Center in El Palmar has been in perfect condition after the rains" (15/11/2018)

  • Rebeca Pérez: "The work of Avileses has not yet been completed" (15/11/2018)
    "The PSOE of Murcia should apply the same recipe for the Ministry of the Environment to tender the northern perimetric collector of Murcia"
  • The UCAM participates in the CARM program to bring the CSR closer to society (15/11/2018)
    The Autonomous Community has presented this morning the activities it will carry out to develop this project in which the International Chair in CSR of the Catholic University will be immersed
  • With more strength than ever, Malú continues with its expected "Oxygen Tour", tomorrow in Murcia (15/11/2018)
    'Oxygen Tour' has an impressive staging, the latest technology in audiovisual and sound
  • Presented in the UMU a working group to try to make the Region advance in innovation (15/11/2018)
    It will bring together researchers, businessmen and representatives of the Administration It is led by José Luis Munuera, Professor of Marketing and Market Research
  • Thirty-two associations participate on Sunday at the Children's Festival (15/11/2018)
    It will be held from 10.30 am, and there will be workshops, climbing wall, animation, children's performances, etc.
  • Researchers from the UMU closer to a therapeutic target against mucormycosis (15/11/2018)

  • We will continue building the future with Serycoin (15/11/2018)
    The Murcian company renews its agreement with the Business Club of the UCAM
  • The courtyard of the CEIP Ciudad de La Paz in El Palmar is flooded by the inaction of the local government (15/11/2018)

  • Palliative Care, the most humane way to die (15/11/2018)
    In the congress, which closed this morning at the UCAM, the project of the 'Ambulancia del deseo' Foundation was presented
  • The Ramón Gaya Board of Trustees is renewed with four members, among which the director of Reina Sofia, Martí Fluxá (15/11/2018)
    José Ballesta: "These are authorities in national art circuits that, from today, will work to disseminate and preserve the work of the universal Murcian Ramón Gaya ".
  • The PSOE regrets that Avileses continues to be flooded and incommunicado after a work of the City Council that does not solve the problem (15/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia produces a documentary on the 775th anniversary of the border of the kingdoms of Valencia and Murcia (15/11/2018)

  • Statement by Mauricio García de la Vega (15/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia hopes that the "new stage" in the Patronato Ramón Gaya will mean more investment for the museum (15/11/2018)

  • 'The lady of the boards', a story of overcoming and emotions that gives the keys to dialogue and debate with minors (15/11/2018)

  • More than 8,000 athletes benefit from municipal sports aid (15/11/2018)

  • The Youth Exchange Party will allow to know the experience of 128 young people who have traveled in Europe (15/11/2018)

  • The AECC of Zarandona presents its solidarity calendar (15/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia receives two diplomas for the promotion of healthy living among the university community (15/11/2018)

  • The City of Murcia makes it possible for all children to enter Terra Natura for free on the occasion of Children's Day (15/11/2018)

  • The ficus of La Glorieta have been pruned to improve their aesthetics and guarantee the security of the neighbors (15/11/2018)

  • VOILÀ, Design furniture, enriches its offer with author's photographs (14/11/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia asks the board of Los Dolores to assume its responsibility in the school councils (14/11/2018)

  • The Mayor of Murcia visits the exhibition "La Vida Misma", which aims to make the different types of poverty visible today (14/11/2018)

  • The alSur festival grows and unites the social economy with interculturality (14/11/2018)
    More than 30 groups will participate in this edition with stands, music, workshops and talks
  • Elderly people become professors for a day of the Nursing and Nutrition students of the UMU in Lorca and evaluate their work (14/11/2018)

  • alCs starts the commitment of the PP for the implementation of a crash plan for the repair of the municipal fleet (14/11/2018)
    Mario Gómez finds no justification for maintaining a hundred vehicles without repair
  • Now Murcia denounces the use of "fake news" by the PP (14/11/2018)
    To get approval of the Law of Business Acceleration
  • Adela Cortina teaches at the University of Murcia the conference 'Poverty and society: the aporophobia' (14/11/2018)

  • Juan María Pedrero will perform tomorrow in the IV International Organ Cycle (14/11/2018)
    Replaces the American organist Stephen Tharp, who has had to cancel his tour in Spain
  • The Explorer program 'Young people with ideas', promoted by Banco Santander and supported by the UMU, offers 25 places for entrepreneurs (14/11/2018)

  • The UMU professor Pedro Lozano edits a book with the latest advances on sustainable chemistry (14/11/2018)

  • The Street Commission ratifies the name of Alejandro Valverde Avenue (14/11/2018)
    Likewise, 47 names of streets, squares, lanes and roads have been approved, mostly proposed by the corresponding municipal boards
  • "There is a lot to do when it can not be cured" (14/11/2018)
    International Palliative Care Congress
  • The University of Murcia presents its project to achieve synergies with companies and public administrations (14/11/2018)
    To disseminate the initiative, a paper entitled 'Does Murcia have a future in the knowledge era?'
  • The cultural industries and the technological sector triumph in the III Business Projects Fair (14/11/2018)
    One hundred Murcia entrepreneurs present their business ideas in the Plaza de la Universidad
  • Animation film and theater to celebrate Children's Rights Week (14/11/2018)
    The Film Library will host the screening of 'A Silent Voice' tomorrow, while on Friday children will be able to attend the performance of 'Arturo and Clementina' at the auditorium of La Alberca
  • They launch an initiative to raise money for Real Murcia through the Christmas Lottery (14/11/2018)

  • The City of Murcia will open the deadline for the presentation of instances of opposition places in December (14/11/2018)

  • A surprise called Todorovic (14/11/2018)
    Nazareth Ballester, player of the cadet who has just undergone surgery of the crusader, receives the visit in the hospital of the Serbian player
  • A hundred seniors from La Albatalía walk against Gender Violence (14/11/2018)

  • Works on the new lecture room advance in the Health Sciences Campus of the University of Murcia (14/11/2018)
    The building will have seven floors and a capacity for more than two thousand people
  • The University of Murcia starts a vaccination campaign against influenza for its staff (14/11/2018)

  • The Primafrio Experience in Ludwisburg (13/11/2018)
    12 Partners of the Murcian company enjoy the UCAM Murcia CB in Germany
  • First defeat in the Basketball Champions League (13/11/2018)
    The UCAM Murcia CB falls by one point (81-80) against the MHP Riesen in a tight end
  • New date for Malú concert in Murcia: November 16 (13/11/2018)

  • Solemn Act of Opening of the academic year 2018/19 (13/11/2018)
    The UCAM opens the course with the commission of the Pope for the worldwide dissemination of the sciences of marriage and the family
  • The UMU celebrates the VII Hispano-Brazilian Congress of Research in Information, Documentation and Society (13/11/2018)
    Professors from more than thirty universities meet at the Faculty of Communication and Documentation from this Wednesday
  • Eighty-four students of the UMU receive their diplomas for participating in the Rural and Sociosanitarias Scholarships program (13/11/2018)

  • Increase of 11.9% in the number of attentions provided by the Gender Violence Assistance Team (13/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia denounces the visit to Murcia of the far right organizations HazteOír and VOX (13/11/2018)
    The municipal training supports the demands of the LGTBIQ + Platform against "positions contrary to human rights"
  • MasterChem arrives, the contest of the UMU that will fight the chemotherapy (13/11/2018)
    The registration period begins in the project that will be open until December 6, 2018 and in which all the educational centers of the Region of Murcia will be able to participate
  • International experts will reflect at the UCAM on palliative care (13/11/2018)
    The event, organized by the Catholic University of Murcia, the Pontifical Theological Institute John Paul II and the Pontifical Academy for Life, will discuss the application of this technique
  • Murcia now calls for measures to the city council in the face of poor air quality and very high particulate levels pm10 (13/11/2018)
    The San Basilio measuring station in Murcia has marked levels of up to 110 micrograms today, when the maximum daily allowed is 50
  • The contracting table studies the proposals received for the Terrazas del Río and the adaptation of the left margin (13/11/2018)
    The conditioning of the remains of the Molino de la Pólvora restarts the contracting process after adapting the project based on the results of the Archaeological surveys conducted
  • The UMU and the CARM sign a protocol to improve the integration of the elderly with disabilities (13/11/2018)

  • The Post Office opens its doors as a new tourist and gastronomic focus in Murcia (13/11/2018)

  • La Cubana returns to Murcia more than ten years later with the absurd comedy 'Adiós Arturo' (13/11/2018)

  • The campaign 'On the SIN road (also by bicycle)' arrives in Murcia (13/11/2018)
    This campaign, which has already been carried out in León, A Coruña, Bilbao, Valladolid and Zaragoza, aims to raise awareness among the population about the incompatibility between alcohol and driving in any displacement on wheels
  • HUERMUR again requests the BIC protection environment of Paseo del Malecón (13/11/2018)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB faces the MHP Riesen, the team they defeated to take third place in the last Basketball Champions League (13/11/2018)
    A rival recorded in bronze
  • Wonderful literature with Grassa Toro in Puertas de Castilla (13/11/2018)
    'Everything that happens.
  • CSIF Education demands "respect" for the Conservatory of Music of Murcia (13/11/2018)

  • In October, the number of jobs offered in Murcia fell by 27% compared to 2017 (13/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia inaugurates the exhibition of the XVIII Prize for Painting, at the Almudí Palace (13/11/2018)

  • New Condomina makes you fly (12/11/2018)
    The Fly Evolution experience comes to Nueva Condomina so that the most adventurous can experience one of the most desired sensations.
  • Twelve teachers from the University of Murcia take possession of their chairs and teaching positions. (12/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia is dyed orange to make visible the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (12/11/2018)
    The La Merced Paraninfo will light up this Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.
  • Cs demands that the trees in the semi-rotunda of the Reina Sofía bridge be pruned to improve road safety in the area and prevent accidents (12/11/2018)

  • The PSOE claims the City Council a report from its technicians on the roads of the municipality and that all the landmarks are adapted to the Law (12/11/2018)

  • The 'Paseo con Sombrero' brings together more than two hundred people from different communities in the capital of Murcia (12/11/2018)

  • Synergy between the City Council and the Academy of Medicine to promote healthy living among Murcians (12/11/2018)
    This agreement is the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that will materialize in days and scientific studies in which the Consistory will seek the specialized support of this institution It has more than 200 years of history.
  • The 'Right to a full healthy life', the key to the Children's Week that starts tomorrow (12/11/2018)

  • UCAM and MARNYS create a chair to research in health and nutrition (12/11/2018)
    It will allow to develop teaching and research collaborations in areas such as sports nutrition, food supplements, health products, cosmetics and hygiene and medicines
  • "Wanted: efficient administration" (12/11/2018)
    Contigo Somos Democracia: "The mission of our local Administration is to manage our municipalities efficiently and efficiently, but this is not the case."
  • Five medals with UCAM seal for Spain in the Karate World Championship (11/11/2018)
    With Tokyo 2020 on the horizon, the Spanish karatekas prove to be at the highest level worldwide
  • A match of only three quarters (11/11/2018)
    The UCAM Murcia CB falls in the Palau against Barça Lassa (105-73) after some bad last 10 minutes
  • Rincón de Seca will have new paving and cobblestone in its main street (11/11/2018)
    This remodeling will be carried out in the street Nuestra Señora del Rosario, from San Joaquín square to Calle Fernández Caballero, for an amount of more than 95,000 euros and a three-month deadline
  • The UCAM, the private university in Spain that has grown most in research (10/11/2018)
    According to the latest data (2013-2016) evaluated by the IUNE ranking (developed by a group of researchers belonging to the universities that make up the '4U Alliance') that analyzes the research activity in the Spanish university
  • CCOO region of Murcia, condemns the raid against illegal immigration that has taken place in Barrio del Carmen (10/11/2018)

  • 9,000 young people attend the event #Murciasemueve (10/11/2018)

  • Response to the announcement of the Board of Directors of Real Murcia by the lawyers of Mauricio García de la Vega (09/11/2018)

  • The UCAM will train entrepreneurs in the environment and in sports (09/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia activates the UMU service in figures, which groups the most relevant data of the institution (09/11/2018)

  • The Faculty of Education of the UMU organizes a laboratory of artistic expression (09/11/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia accuses Cs and PP of presenting the initiative on textbooks in an educational center "they have abandoned" (09/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia asks for explanations to Conesa for the raid against illegal immigrants in El Carmen (09/11/2018)
    Municipal training condemns this type of actions because of its racist nature and calls for respect for human rights
  • "We must play a very good match in defense if we want to win" (09/11/2018)
    Javi Juárez has given the keys to return to conquer the Palau Blaugrana on Sunday
  • "The regulation of the Valley of the Fallen is perplexing and unintelligible" (09/11/2018)
    Álvaro Redondo Hermida, Supreme Court Prosecutor, has given at the UCAM the inaugural lecture of the Degree in Law courses and the Masters in Access to Law and in Administrative Management
  • Emuasa approves 5.3 million euros for actions to improve the water network in districts thanks to the proposal of the PSOE (09/11/2018)
    This amount will make it possible to deal with works that were left out of the plan that saw the light at the previous meeting of the council of administration of the company owned by the City Council
  • The University of Murcia inaugurates the exhibition of the XVIII Prize for Painting at the Almudí Palace (09/11/2018)
    During the ceremony, the award and diplomas will be presented to the winner and the second prize
  • The students of the School of Hospitality carry their "Murcian Mojete" and "Air of crumbs with cosicas" to "Murcia Gastronómica" (09/11/2018)

  • The City Council is studying a new lowering of the water price for 2019 (09/11/2018)

  • Socialist Youth of the Municipality of Murcia denounces the abandonment of Murcia's heritage with its network campaign "El patrimonio es cuida" (09/11/2018)

  • Now Murcia denounces the partisan use of the PP of municipal spaces and associations (09/11/2018)

  • Social Rights collaborates with FAMDIF to organize four camps and weekend coexistence in Almeria, La Manga and Totana (09/11/2018)
    This project of leisure activities and free time will involve 85 children with physical disabilities and 170 families will benefit from enjoying respite family
  • Astrapace will have a new space provided by the City Council to develop its project to reconcile work and family life (09/11/2018)
    The property, located in Zarandona, is near the day center of the association, where it serves children with disabilities and their families
  • The elimination of three container sites on the surface will improve the image of the San Esteban environment (09/11/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved the project for the installation of three sets of underground containers in Acisclo Díaz, Portillo de San Antonio and Callejón Burruezo
  • The Education Forum brings together Espido Freire, Jesús C. Guillén, David Cal and Salvador Marín in Murcia (09/11/2018)

  • 'Paseo con Sombrero' returns to the streets of the Murcia capital (09/11/2018)

  • 3,000 municipal employees will receive the salary increase in their payroll in November (09/11/2018)
    City of Murcia applies a wage increase of 1.5% for the first six months of the year and 1.75% in the last six months
  • EQUO Murcia demands a change of location of the concerts in the Artillery Barracks (08/11/2018)

  • The "Magical Circus" arrives in Murcia with a show to enjoy as a family (08/11/2018)

  • Towards a more specialized professional training (08/11/2018)
    Health, sports and communication are some of the areas offered by the Higher Institute of FP of San Antonio
  • Lydia Valentín enlarges her legend (08/11/2018)
    The athlete UCAM gets the gold in the Olympic total (249 kgs) after adding the gold in snatch (113 kgs) and the bronze in two times (136 kgs)
  • The University of Murcia, Bankia and Fundación CajaMurcia grant grants to study abroad (08/11/2018)
    A total of 16 university students complete their training in Great Britain, the United States and Argentina thanks to these contributions for international mobility
  • The University of Murcia joins the tribute of the merchants of Santa Eulalia to the writer García Montalvo (08/11/2018)
    In an original cultural action, all associated establishments will exhibit a distinctive identifier glossing the work of the author
  • José Ballesta receives the final project for the use of the Old Prison (08/11/2018)
    This step gives an important boost to the rehabilitation of this property that has been closed for 37 years.
  • The neighbors of Carmen may propose uses for the Artillery Barracks (08/11/2018)

  • The UMU and the City Council of Molina de Segura renew the agreement to develop the program `Health 5-10: healthy children, happy adults' This initiative has had the participation of a thousand students since its inception in 2013 (08/11/2018)

  • The new Asteamur Early Care Center opens its doors to serve 51 children with autism in Murcia (08/11/2018)

  • The program 'Crea Web - Crea Empresa' launches 11 professional websites (08/11/2018)

  • Koss Closet, urban and versatile women's fashion, opens its doors this Friday (08/11/2018)

  • The PSOE proposes that a bicycle ordinance be drawn up that has been waiting for eight years and that also includes electric scooters (08/11/2018)
    Councilman Enrique Ayuso will raise his petition to the Plenary this month and intends that the Bicycle Observatory act to draft a increasingly necessary document due to the proliferation of sustainable and alternative means of transport
  • García de la Vega: "When I am president, there will be an initial investment of one million euros" (07/11/2018)
    The Mexican businessman has announced a press conference for next Friday in which he will provide proof of his solvency
  • Martínez-Oliva: 'While we work, the only concern of the spokesperson of the PSOE is to hang medals' (07/11/2018)
    The councilor of Finance, Contracting and Urban Mobility ensures that the service of line 44 will be reinforced during peak hours
  • PP: The burial mobility plan was contracted and executed in the spring, since the AVE would be running on August 31 if it had not paralyzed the PSOE-Podemos (07/11/2018)
    The plan included 10 actions, and its cost amounted to 169,000 euros
  • The University of Murcia obtains 6 of the 10 best rated projects in the Essay Essay call of the Seneca Foundation (07/11/2018)

  • Murcia City Council explains its City Model in the Local Development and Employment Forum (07/11/2018)
    The Murcia Smart City Strategic Plan has also been exposed, included in the 2020 City Strategy, where the MiMurcia project is located. technological advances at the service of people
  • Now Murcia requires Ballesta to specify the measures of the mobility plan of the municipality for the underground works (07/11/2018)
    The municipal training regretted that the meeting did not address the Mediterranean Corridor or the transit of dangerous goods
  • Change Murcia calls for the opening of a level crossing in the underground zone next to the current pass of Santiago el Mayor (07/11/2018)

  • Cs urges the Government Delegate to better inform Murcia about the burial works (07/11/2018)

  • MercaMurcia improves its activity in the meat sector thanks to the increase in beef exports (07/11/2018)
    The leading agri-food logistic distribution center in the Spanish southeast registers a 5% increase in the volume of slaughter of cattle.
  • La Huerta and Segura River protagonists of a mural in the neighborhood of San Antolín (07/11/2018)

  • The PSOE criticizes the "unfortunate" treatment of high school students who see a crowded bus passing by which leaves them on land for more than half an hour (07/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia complaint that the booths of the Week of Science and Technology on the Malecón have not yet been removed (07/11/2018)
    It has been 10 days since the end of the event and the posts continue to occupy part of the garden, which for the municipal training is "a lack of respect" towards a protected historical good and the users of it
  • A hundred swimmers participate in the Adapted Swimming National Open in the Region of Murcia (07/11/2018)
    This competition will take place on Saturday, at the Mar Menor municipal swimming pool in Murcia, at 5:00 p.m.
  • Traperos de Emaús presents in the Santa Eulalia neighborhood the largest second-hand bookstore in the Region (07/11/2018)

  • Murcia attracts 5,000 people as national capital of rhythmic gymnastics from tomorrow to Sunday (07/11/2018)

  • Murcia is promoted among the British as a tourist destination (07/11/2018)
    The city participates in the International Tourism Fair of London
  • The UMU collaborates with the Cepaim Foundation in the organization of the I International Congress of Performing Arts and Diversity (07/11/2018)

  • The faculties of Biology and Veterinary get the Institutional Accreditation of the ANECA (07/11/2018)
    It is about the recognition of the quality of the internal processes of the centers
  • The University of Murcia hosts the closing of the ICT Law-SICARM 2018 congress (07/11/2018)

  • The Chair of Social Economy of the UMU celebrates on Thursday a day dedicated to employment centers and insertion companies (07/11/2018)
    The activity will take place from 4 to 8:30 pm at the Faculty of Economics and Business
  • A conference analyzed at the University of Murcia business experiences with big data (07/11/2018)
    The talk given by Ana Valera Rubio, People analytics manager in Verisure Securitas Direct, will be at 12 h.
  • Pablo Tosco, Oxfam Intermón photographer, offers a guided tour of his exhibition on women in war at the UMU (07/11/2018)

  • In 10 days, train as a family with CorreBirras (07/11/2018)
    The CorreBirras Athletics Club organizes the EntrenaBirras 2018, to be held next Sunday November 17 in the ring of the University Campus of Espinardo
  • "Urban Mode" exhibition at CHYS (06/11/2018)
    The Cáceres artist Manuel Vacas exhibits again at CHYS with the "URBAN MODE" proposal, a collection of 17 pieces in which he explores the urban world that surrounds us
  • The defeat is not an option (06/11/2018)
    The UCAM Murcia CB continues unbeaten in the Basketball Champions League after beating Anwil W³oc³awek in a choral show (68-87)
  • The Post Office Market will open its doors on November 13 (06/11/2018)
    Once the works are finished, these last days are closing the last details for an opening that will include animation and live music
  • The project to adapt the left bank of the river receives offers from 16 companies (06/11/2018)
    The Contracting Committee has resolved to request a correction to three of them, before carrying out the opening of the economic proposals
  • "The living donor must have social coverage, solidarity must be protected" (06/11/2018)

  • The Faculty of Nursing of the UMU inaugurates the Clinical Simulation Laboratory, which improves the practical training of the students (06/11/2018)

  • 'Dinamo' is born, a publication to inform young people in the municipality (06/11/2018)

  • The palace of Santa Quiteria dresses with a new exhibition about Murcia's autumn (06/11/2018)

  • Murcia now demands a solution for the new parking spaces for people with disabilities on Mar Menor Street (06/11/2018)
    "that are inaccessible"
  • La Seo de Orihuela, protagonist of a symposium organized by the University of Murcia and the Museum of Sacred Art of Orihuela (06/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the inauguration of the ICT Law-SICARM 2018 congress (06/11/2018)

  • Aspanpal commemorates its 40th anniversary with a charity gala with the accessible musical "This is not the true story of Snow White" (06/11/2018)
    It will be held on the 23rd at the Bernal Theater and its proceeds will go towards the maintenance of leisure and free time programs for children with hearing and language problems
  • Crue Universidades Españolas praises the intention of the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities to redefine the cost policy for university fees (06/11/2018)
    He also welcomes the increase in aid for industrial doctorates announced
  • The UCAM Murcia CB and Jesuitinas Berrospe join forces (06/11/2018)
    Both quarries reach an agreement to boost women's basketball
  • The students of the creative photography workshop of the UMU exhibit their works in Convalecencia (06/11/2018)

  • More than 1,500 palm trees, poplars and fruit trees will be the lung of'Murcia Río' (06/11/2018)

  • Open the X edition of the "Aguas de Murcia Solidaria" contest (06/11/2018)
    12,000 euros for water improvement projects
  • The University of Murcia and Terra Prosper finalize the creation of the Gender and Labor Chair (05/11/2018)

  • Now Murcia: "The priorities of the PP in the municipality have left aside a large part of the existing problems and a majority of its people and its territory" (05/11/2018)

  • Change Murcia: "This municipal government will leave without leaving a trace of a different future" (05/11/2018)

  • Cs takes stock of the mandate highlighting his commitment to work and dialogue for the common good (05/11/2018)

  • PSOE: "A stagnant municipality with a mayor for the four streets of the center and nothing else" (05/11/2018)

  • A round table on the art of communication brings together professionals from the sector at the UMU (05/11/2018)

  • Rebeca Pérez details in her speech 'the realities and projects already enjoyed by Murcians' The spokesperson recalled that in this last year the councilors have carried out an intense work, being present in more than 7,000 events and making m (05/11/2018)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a sample of photographs of women fighting against the horror of war (05/11/2018)

  • The UCAM restarts its Debate Club with the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia (05/11/2018)

  • Alberto Martín is back (05/11/2018)
    The base of the UCAM Murcia CB returns to a call after breaking, last year, the Achilles tendon
  • Ballesta defends "a common City Project and that will exceed us in time to win the future" (05/11/2018)

  • Navarro: "The Acequia del Carmen will be inspected again to verify that it has all the security measures" (04/11/2018)
    "This Monday the technicians will return to carry out an inspection and check that there is no risk for the neighbors" Navarro explained
  • Parks and Gardens carries out the pruning of mulberry trees in a traditional way to guarantee the security of the neighbors (04/11/2018)
    "In Murcia we have about 150,000 trees and palm trees that manage more than 200 people who work daily in the maintenance of the parks and gardens of the municipality, staff that will be increased in a few months "
  • The PSOE asks the PP to address the health risk posed by the acequia that was left open months ago in the heart of Barrio del Carmen (04/11/2018)

  • Now Murcia demands transparency and ecological criteria in the realization of pruning and replenishment of the urban highway (04/11/2018)
    - Now Murcia denounces the extreme pruning that is being carried out with the mulberry trees of the city and districts "that deprive us of the autumnal colors and Thousands of mulberry trees are left fleeced and skeletal throughout the urban geo
  • The tram beats passenger record in October when it exceeds 609,000 users and adds more than 32.5 million since its launch (04/11/2018)

  • The City Council signs an agreement with UCOMUR to improve the qualification and professional training (04/11/2018)
    This agreement supposes a subsidy of 35,000 euros.
  • The Murcia Club de Tenis 1919, Spanish Team Champion for the first time in its history (03/11/2018)
    The Murcian club has won the title by beating the Barcino Tennis Club 4-3 on a historic day for regional sport
  • 28 correspondents will act as mediators between the City Council and educational centers to inform young people (03/11/2018)
    The network extends through public secondary schools, public centers for professional training and artistic education and the Official School of Languages ​​
  • The City Council and AMUPHEB will promote the autonomy of 80 people with physical disabilities (03/11/2018)
    The agreement will involve an annual implementation of the project 'Home Services and Support to Families with children affected by Spina Bifida', which aims to provide care and psychosocial support at home for dependent people
  • An approved scientific report determines that the area of ​​the Riverwalk is free of contaminants (02/11/2018)

  • The execution of the River Walk of the River is being carried out with the supervision of the CHS, the Ministry of Public Works and the CARM (02/11/2018)
    "The works have an environmental supervision by an environmentalist on site, and there is a Program of Environmental Monitoring specifically for this work, and sediment analysis has also been carried out "
  • The University of Murcia hosts the artistic installation 'Conexiones' (02/11/2018)

  • The largest study hall in the municipality will open its doors in Ronda Sur with 242 posts (02/11/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved the specifications for contracting the furniture of these dependencies and those of Alquerías
  • An educational project of the University of Murcia, pre-selected to enter the world list of the most relevant OECD (02/11/2018)

  • Redes carries out this afternoon the 'Autumn Recipes' workshop at Espacio Joven 585 m2 (02/11/2018)
    Tomorrow the second of the guided tours scheduled for this quarter will continue, "Historias y leyendas de Murcia", in which young people will discover the secrets that hides the city
  • More than 4,000 athletes will participate in the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship (02/11/2018)
    The Gymnastics Federation of the Region of Murcia has designated the city of Murcia as the venue for this joint base championship, which will take place from November 8 to 11 of 2018
  • The City Council will have six new positions of Local Police agent for mobility (02/11/2018)
    This call may be presented career officials, with the category of Local Police agent, who have a minimum of four years in any of the municipalities of the Region of Murcia
  • The PSOE regrets that Murcia offers an image of "poverty and backwardness" with "thousands and thousands of square meters of abandoned lots" (02/11/2018)

  • Heritage has cleaned 160 sites with an area of ​​700,000 m2 in two and a half years (02/11/2018)
    For its part, Urbanismo opens nearly one thousand annual records to urge the owners of plots to keep them free of debris and dirt
  • "To win we have to minimize the losses and control the rebound" (02/11/2018)
    Javi Juárez has given the keys so that the UCAM Murcia CB returns to the path of victory in the Endesa League
  • "Science is not democratic: we can not vote if there is climate change" (02/11/2018)
    UMU collaborates in a study published in Nature Communications on the increase of fires caused by global warming
  • The University of Murcia creates the UMUemprende office to promote the entrepreneurial character of its students (02/11/2018)

  • Huermur denounces the City Council in Seprona for the works of "Murcia Río" (02/11/2018)


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