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Murcia News - February 2015

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  • Chamber welcomes the initiative of Finance to facilitate access to financing from the Fund Management municipalities in financial difficulty (28/02/2015)

  • Alberto Sevilla gives prominence to the sardine in his poster of Burial (28/02/2015)

  • The City Museum will host various events in commemoration of Women's Day (28/02/2015)
    D activities, including workshops and a concert will be held next week
  • February 28, World Day for Rare Diseases (27/02/2015)
    "Research is critical to advance the care of patients with rare diseases"
  • New date April 4 on premises (27/02/2015)
    [concert scheduled for today was postponed BUSTAMANTE in Murcia]: Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas
  • The Mayor opened the first floor of the region for the processing of electronic waste (27/02/2015)
    which consolidates Cañada Hermosa as a reference center for recycling
  • The University of Murcia has its shares for knowledge transfer and job creation (27/02/2015)

  • Thermal cameras in drones to aid accident victims (27/02/2015)

  • 62% of the residents and businesses of Carmen are positive that the tram reaches the neighborhood (27/02/2015)
    emphasize that the extension of Line 1 would mean better access and increased customers in the shops in the area
  • St. Pius X held tomorrow a children's carnival (27/02/2015)
    Dozens of children may participate in all activities, to be held from 11 to 14 hours
  • "Nightcrawler" risky face of journalism, VO (27/02/2015)
    is considered one of the ten best films of 2014 by the American Film Institute
  • The Cultural Service of the University of Murcia wins the Laurel Award FEAPS training (27/02/2015)

  • Serna says that "UPyD be present in all institutions from May" (27/02/2015)

  • Medio Ambiente lends 25 bicycles to participants of IBAFF (27/02/2015)
    also will count with a closed on the street Rector Loustau Parking
  • The Network of Cities for Cycling carried Madrid meeting Bicity.org (27/02/2015)
    is an initiative that provides opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs around bike
  • La Virgen de la Fuensanta is already in the Cathedral (26/02/2015)

  • 'Murcia in digital Transform!' (26/02/2015)
    "All members of the company must believe in the digital transformation"
  • The Local Finance Committee of the FEMP reiterates the need for flexible spending ceiling to stimulate economic activity (26/02/2015)
    Miguel Angel House, Chairman of the Committee and Mayor of Murcia, ensures that municipalities will propose a new law on local finances
  • The Plenary urges the CHS to collaborate in the project to restore the river Segura, by building islands and informative signage (26/02/2015)
    The City and ANSE been working on environmental and landscape improvement of the environment
  • The Plan will end up solving the problems caused in Espinardo, El Puntal, Churra and Cabeza de Torres when heavy rains occur (26/02/2015)
    [green the Special Plan of Hydraulic Infrastructures in the north that will streamline the works and urban revitalization Light]
  • About 200 people participate in a mock accident with drones in the UCAM (26/02/2015)
    In it students have participated Degree in Nursing and Master of Nursing Emergency and Special Care, along with firefighters and Health Services
  • The Full Interior asks pardon of Murcia Civil Guard in prison for insulting a superior (26/02/2015)

  • Approved institutional manifesto of International Women's Day: March 8 (26/02/2015)

  • El Teatro Romea pay tribute to singer Tom Jones tomorrow Friday (26/02/2015)
    Andy Wood and his band star in a show in which honor the 'Tiger of Wales
  • Urban Quality concludes the rehabilitation and improvement of Paseo San Ignacio de Loyola and environment (26/02/2015)
    The ride is now unobstructed ensuring universal accessibility
  • The New Forum Murcia recognize the sporting career of David Cal (26/02/2015)
    The Athlete of the UCAM, maximum Spanish Olympic medalist of all time, will be at the gala held tomorrow Friday 27 Agalia Hotel
  • The University of Murcia rewards the best school gardens in the Region (26/02/2015)

  • Studying the psychoeducational model shared in seminars at the University of Murcia property (26/02/2015)

  • The University of Murcia help the recovery and conservation of traditional Spanish culture (26/02/2015)

  • The Sabbath begins practical training course responsible ownership of dogs in La Alberca and Artillery Barracks (26/02/2015)
    Over a hundred people attended the lecture that took place last February 20
  • The doctor and professor at the UCAM Encarna Guillén, Murcia Woman of the Year (25/02/2015)
    Noteworthy among others, their research to combat rare diseases and their link to the D'Genes association
  • The UCAM chartered buses for the demonstration in Madrid in defense of life (25/02/2015)
    'Por life, women and maternidad'
  • A large sample to determine the volunteer work of a hundred associations (25/02/2015)
    The UCAM organizes the shows that will be present in the Paseo de Alfonso X El Sabio until Sunday March 1
  • Camera highlights the work of volunteers in a caring society as Murcia (25/02/2015)
    The Mayor attends the opening of the XIV Sample Voluntary remain in the Paseo Alfonso X until Sunday
  • Nursing Students UCAM participate tomorrow in a mock accident with drones (25/02/2015)
    take place at 12pm in the old parking Campus Los Jerónimos
  • The musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" arrives at the Romea Theatre (25/02/2015)
    The representation, in which more than 40 people, will take place on February 28 and March 1, at 22 and 20 hours
  • The 28 candidates for Queen of the Elders share a breakfast with Mayor before traveling to Archena to enjoy a day of living (25/02/2015)
    The 7th dinner in which elect the Queen and her four bridesmaids will be held
  • Murcia IU-Greens rejected in Parliament tomorrow education cuts (25/02/2015)

  • A children's workshop, storytelling latest exhibition project activities Smartcitizens in Murcia (25/02/2015)
    The exhibition was inaugurated on February 16 and has been shown at various points in the city of Murcia.
  • The Orihuela rector claims the study of humanities at the opening of the congress of young art historians (25/02/2015)

  • The Court of Auditors files open proceedings for municipal contracts (25/02/2015)
    Recruitment Councilman socialist demands public apology to the group because there has been no irregularity
  • The Governing Board expresses its solidarity with the Mayor of Caracas and demands their immediate release (25/02/2015)

  • Murcia without evictions (25/02/2015)
    The PSOE candidate today announced a set of measures to halt evictions of primary residence at the municipal level
  • The City Power congress tourism (25/02/2015)

  • Court Street in Murcia for the Pilgrimage of Fuensanta (25/02/2015)
    The development of the event will be from 14.00 to about 20.30
  • The Town Hall over the keys of a local municipal Caritas (25/02/2015)
    is a local of 60 m2 located in the neighborhood of Vistabella
  • Begins the second season of Scientific Film at the University of Murcia (25/02/2015)

  • University will form in digital environments with senior executives of Shazam, Hero, UCAM, Digital Gate or Spain Business School (25/02/2015)

  • The environmental volunteer starts this weekend recovery of ancient oaks and oak plantations (25/02/2015)
    The activity will take place on Saturday, February 28th.
  • A total of 36 Guineans professionals specialize their training in the UCAM (24/02/2015)
    Every month, for half year, six workers ORTEL (Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea) will conduct an academic stay at the Campus of Los Jerónimos
  • About a hundred associations come together in the sample Volunteering organized by the UCAM (24/02/2015)
    XIV International Conference of Charity and Volunteering
  • Tourism and Sport, a binomial with a future in the Region of Murcia (24/02/2015)
    Seminar degree in tourism
  • Agreed second time free dismissed and the cause for the demolition of the nursery of Peace (24/02/2015)

  • Camera supports the creation of the Network for Transparency and Citizen Participation (24/02/2015)
    The agreement, approved this morning by the Board of Governors of the Femp, aims to promote continuous improvement in the relationship between local governments and citizens
  • Project "Learning to help" (24/02/2015)
    This is an initiative undertaken by the students of the private center La Milagrosa, Espinardo
  • The Social Council of the UMU brings a forum for researchers and pharmaceutical companies (24/02/2015)
    The Chairman of the Social Council, Javier Ruano, brought together companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector with representatives of the University Institution to discuss relations University Us
  • ANSE located more than 2,200 trees in the project to restore the river corridor Murcia-Contraparada (24/02/2015)
    The Councillor for Environment met this morning with officials of the Association to take stock of the project
  • The five municipal auditoriums offer 85 activities between February and June (24/02/2015)
    The Tourist Office Belluga sell advance tickets at very affordable prices
  • IU-Green proposes a plan of action on facades for the enhancement of urban spaces (24/02/2015)

  • The National Police dismantled a prostitution ring whose activity was developed at a local massage City (24/02/2015)
    Home exercised the young prostitutes, some of them minors
  • The auditorium of the Mills River will host the `Appetizers Circulares' project (24/02/2015)
    The intention is to bring independent radio and music to Murcia
  • The PSOE required in plenary session to be granted immediate license to build a ramp in a building of Santiago El Mayor (24/02/2015)

  • Plastics Romero Cartagena vs El Pozo Murcia FS - "A Cup for the fifth President" (24/02/2015)
    Prince of Asturias Pavilion San Pedro del Pinatar
  • UPyD Murcia proposes the creation of artificial islands that serve as a refuge for wildlife Segura (24/02/2015)

  • After the renewal period of the third quarter for users who play sports in municipal facilities (24/02/2015)

  • School attend the military parade of 58th anniversary of the launch of the first parachutist Flag Ortiz de Zárate III (24/02/2015)

  • The National Congress of Young Art Historians honor of Professor Christopher Belda (24/02/2015)

  • Students from ten countries in the Masters MBA Sports Management (23/02/2015)
    The program includes training in October added sports facilities in Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi
  • The Infanta Cristina Bacons Bridge School won first prize in the organic school garden in the region (23/02/2015)
    The College of Saint Pius X of Murcia and the Rambla de Puerto Lumbreras Nogalte institute have been awarded the second prize and second prize respectively
  • The Civil Guard detained a dozen people for fraud of electricity (23/02/2015)
    In several districts of Murcia
  • The Mayor opened in Rincon de Seca a new medical clinic that will serve over 2,000 people (23/02/2015)

  • Begins the cycle of child and family cinema project Smartcitizens (23/02/2015)
    The screenings will take place on 24 and 25 C in the living Pavilion 1 Artillery Barracks
  • Urban Quality change more than 500 luminaries in different avenues, streets and gardens of the city (23/02/2015)
    The new type LED lamps are installed in avenue Lieutenant Flomesta, Ronda de Garay, Garden Silk, Barrio of Fame, Street Cartagena, and on the shaft Plaza de Castilla-Round North-Primo de Rivera-Round Lift-Mayday
  • The PSOE require prices mediation center of Juan Carlos I will debase to equate them with public kindergartens (23/02/2015)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez recalls that this nursery was built with public money but still managed by a private company with prices exceeding some private nursery schools
  • Antonio Martínez Mengual morning stars `Diálogos' cycle (23/02/2015)
    This initiative Ramón Gaya Museum intends to convey, express and generate communication between different artistic expressions
  • Martinez-Cache: "The new ordinance against noise of Murcia will be an example for other municipalities in the region" (23/02/2015)
    The Councillor for the Environment has inaugurated this morning I Acoustic Day, organized in collaboration with the UCAM, for know the rules against the emission of noise and vibrations
  • The municipalities work together to promote sustainable construction and quality in their territories (23/02/2015)
    Miguel Angel House has this morning signed an agreement with the Autonomous Community and various organizations for the development of the white paper construction
  • The IES Cascales V Week celebrates its Health Education promoting healthy breakfast (23/02/2015)
    The Department of Health is conducting a study with the eating habits of students at the school
  • Margarita Salas brain drain regrets the lack of investment in science (23/02/2015)

  • UPyD Murcia defends ensure the priority of the UMU for clinical practice in public hospitals (23/02/2015)

  • The Romea Theatre will host the cycle operettas Spring (23/02/2015)
    It consists of seven works which represent 6 to April 10
  • Javaí New celebrates Carnival Sunday piñata (23/02/2015)

  • The Mayor opened in Corvera 33 municipal football endowed with artificial turf (22/02/2015)
    About 250 children participated throughout the morning in an inaugural tournament.
  • The Gourmet Club Murcia last night gave her IX Award Mursiya Mezze (21/02/2015)

  • International Chair 'New emprendimiento'- UCAM (20/02/2015)
    "The most important challenge facing the Region of Murcia is to give more size to the company"
  • The Graduate Institute Cascales awareness to students about the importance of healthy lifestyles (20/02/2015)
    The general director of Educational Quality closing the fifth edition of Health Week at the center, one of the 424 participating in the 'Plan Health Education in School 'Community
  • Serna (UPyD) states that "the notice submitted by the PP to the Old Jail is cancamusa" (20/02/2015)

  • The mayors of Murcia and Ternopil undertake to work together to enrich the cultural and economic life of both cities (20/02/2015)
    80% of the 4,000 Ukrainians registered in Murcia come from this town
  • Another fantasmada PP Chamber of ninety-three days before the municipal elections (20/02/2015)
    The Socialist councilor regrets that local government try to tease Murcia
  • Agreement with the Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia for teaching practices (20/02/2015)

  • Meeting of President of the Board for establishing the Health Care Forum (20/02/2015)

  • IU-Greens endorse and participate in Murcia's change expected to be the starting point paratransformar the municipality (20/02/2015)

  • Open days and scientific activities at the XXVIII edition of the Week of Biology (20/02/2015)

  • First acoustic journey to unveil the new ordinance protecting the environment against the emission of noise and vibration (20/02/2015)
    be next Monday, February 23, in the Hall of Moneo
  • Begins the process of transformation of the Old Jail in a reference center of art and culture for the city and its surroundings (20/02/2015)

  • Creating a Plan Coordination will improve the frequency and quality of public transport (20/02/2015)

  • Experts Terra Natura Murcia reintroduce a female and her calf in the group of eland (20/02/2015)

  • Diego Mirete Murcia pays tribute to women in a new sculpture for the neighborhood Infante Juan Manuel (20/02/2015)
    The Councillor for Culture, Rafael Gomez, opens the piece, the author emphasizes that pays homage to female beauty
  • Citizens have until March 2 to choose the location of 20 benches service bicycle hire Murcia (20/02/2015)
    According to forecasts, MUyBICI will be launched in spring with 60 stations, 1,200 bikes and 600 stations anchor
  • Margarita Salas opened on Monday lecture series "Reunion with honorary doctorates from the University of Murcia" (20/02/2015)

  • The Ambassador of Ecuador participates in a panel discussion on the centennial of the University of Murcia (20/02/2015)

  • Workers cleaning Watchtowers mall on strike (19/02/2015)
    "because they have stopped charging for working Sundays and holidays"
  • The UCAM Symphony will perform the St. Matthew Passion benefit Caritas (19/02/2015)
    Interpret the work, by the Coral Discantus, and under the direction of Borja Quintas, in Murcia and Cartagena
  • The UCAM welcomes a new hundred international university (19/02/2015)
    Students from Italy, Portugal, France, Holland, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Korea, Taiwan, China and the United States
  • The representatives of the students at UM and Social Council meet to design your macroconsulta (19/02/2015)

  • Researchers at the University of Murcia encourage innovation in SMEs in Europe (19/02/2015)

  • The neighborhoods of Fame, Peace and Vistabella celebrate the tenth anniversary of its carnival (19/02/2015)
    Rafael Fernández will be the first harbinger of the festive days of the district
  • ... (19/02/2015)

  • Murcia system "Chinese Friendly City" adds to adapt their tourism to the Chinese market (19/02/2015)
    It will allow attract Chinese tourists facilitating contact between cities
  • The SEMAS has attended this week overnight to eight homeless by cold (19/02/2015)

  • More than 2,000 people already use the Murcia Bono (19/02/2015)
    Success in the first week since the launch of the new card that allows using the tram and buses Murcia Murcia Transport and Latbus
  • The Socialist Group regrets that the local PP keep giving no importance to the issue of equality (19/02/2015)

  • More than 5,000 people will participate in the XV edition of the Solidarity March Jesus and Mary (19/02/2015)
    The Jesus and Mary College, Murcia, organized this event to be held on February 21 and will use the profits to build a school Nigeria
  • Rare diseases will star next Sunday in the encounter between the Catholic University of Murcia Football Club and Real Betis B (19/02/2015)

  • "Path to school", César award in 2013, on Monday VO (19/02/2015)
    A film to defend the values ​​of education
  • The Artillery Barracks on Saturday hosts a workshop on Smart City concept applied to the city of Murcia (19/02/2015)
    The day also includes a review session after a walk through the neighborhood of El Carmen and collect proposals to put them together
  • IU-Greens Question think Iniesta out where the resources to assume the responsibilities of public transport (19/02/2015)

  • A motorcyclist has died in a traffic accident occurred this morning in the Arboleja (19/02/2015)

  • Environment installs two canine recreation areas in La Alberca and Holy Angel (19/02/2015)
    Both spaces have games agility and mixed drinking fountain
  • Vistalegre celebrates its Carnival Saturday and invites neighbors broth with balls (19/02/2015)

  • Closed the XLVII Meeting of the Spanish Olympic Academy in UCAM (18/02/2015)

  • Days of general secretaries of college analyze the transparency law (18/02/2015)

  • The nature view from the target Salgado looks to Murcia (18/02/2015)

  • Fede to Burela: "A good opportunity to redeem and achieve victory" (18/02/2015)
    "We live people sometimes are good and sometimes bad reviews I take them as motivation."
  • The Mutrans website receives over 71,000 hits a month to calculate public transportation routes and know the traffic (18/02/2015)
    2,000 Murcia already downloaded the mobile application
  • Lopez announces that present a regeneration plan for La Paz from the public sphere (18/02/2015)

  • Sports invested 200,000 euros in the maintenance of sports facilities in Sangonera la Verde and Casillas (18/02/2015)
    The aim is to provide quality spaces for physical activity to bring all Murcia
  • The Postal concert on February 19 in Murcia (18/02/2015)
    The Romea Theatre will host next Thursday at 21 pm concert David Otero `The Pescao'
  • UPyD asks improve security in South Round by changing the location of the traffic light Ronda Sur (18/02/2015)

  • On Friday begins training on responsible ownership of dogs in the town of Murcia (18/02/2015)
    The lecture will take place on February 20 at 19 pm in the Auditorium of the Moneo.
  • Environment organized a tour to see the almond bloom in La Murta (18/02/2015)
    The itinerary, ten kilometers in length, will take place on Sunday
  • The Murcia I prison adds to the diffusion of World Rare Disease Day (17/02/2015)

  • Olympic and share experiences in university UCAM (17/02/2015)

  • An entrepreneur has a directory of restaurants with menus for diabetics and celiac (17/02/2015)

  • UPyD considered "unsustainable" situation the mayor House and calls back his resignation (17/02/2015)

  • Two Marketing graders are done with the first prize CIM-Chair of Entrepreneurs of the UMU (17/02/2015)
    ". Postharvest Postharvest System Diagnostic Systems" is the winning project that focuses on the creation of a company working in counseling horticultural
  • A book gets the role of FICA as a "showcase" of the industry of the Murcia vegetable preserves (17/02/2015)
    Published by the City Council, with the file and archive of Miguel Lopez-Guzman, reflects the "longing for a contest"
  • The Socialist Group considers the possible serious complaint House for the demolition of the nursery of La Paz and reiterates that must resign (17/02/2015)
    Councilwoman Rosa Mar notes that the prosecutor's request to be charged with the demolition of the child's school Peace does nothing but add fuel to an untenable situation since the outbreak of the Umbra case
  • A total of 36 films from twelve countries competing for IBAFF awards for best feature film debut short (17/02/2015)
    Portuguese director Pedro Costa will give a workshop on methods of creating and film production as alternatives to commercial cinema
  • The City of Murcia implanted platform eGovernment (17/02/2015)
    The applications of eGovernment are financed two investment projects of the Office of Government
  • Martínez Conesa begins information days on the Supplier Portal (17/02/2015)
    The head of Finance has visited the premises of UCOMUR to bring the benefits and advantages of the new service of the City of Murcia
  • Professors of the University of Murcia coordinate a work disability and public finance (17/02/2015)

  • Alex: "We will fight until the last game to be as high as possible" (17/02/2015)

  • Garre: "Investing in Health is a consequence of the Government's will and effort of citizens" (17/02/2015)
    The chief executive Opens New Health Center Santiago El Mayor, which represents an investment of more than 3.7 million
  • The new health center South Murcia guarantees next, affordable and quality health care (17/02/2015)

  • IU-Green considers that the complaint of the mayor by the demolition of the nursery La Paz "is the only possible conclusion" (17/02/2015)

  • The Smart Card of the University of Murcia serve to ride buses Latbus (17/02/2015)

  • For UPyD "is worrisome" that the Consistory claims against the statement as BIC Garden Floridablanca (17/02/2015)

  • Abraham Project The association collects about 2,500 kg of clothing and footwear at the University of Murcia (17/02/2015)

  • The Artillery Barracks begins this evening film series: Impossible Cities (17/02/2015)
    Smartcitizens The program complements the exhibition project of the Department of Environment
  • Serna (UPyD) "The electoral programs must be responsible, not a letter to Santa Claus" (16/02/2015)

  • The Olympic flag and waving in the UCAM (16/02/2015)
    XLVII Begin Session of the Spanish Olympic Academy in San Antonio Catholic University, which will focus on the use of sport as an educational tool
  • Murcia hosts the exhibition "EFE 75 years in pictures." (16/02/2015)
    Mayor this morning attended the opening of the exhibition, which can be seen until March 22 at the Las Claras Cajamurcia Cultural Center
  • Work begins on the sports complex Young Futura in Espinardo (16/02/2015)
    sports court will have eight paddle courts, locker rooms, food court and playground
  • Lourdes Hospital brought to the Cathedral of Murcia (16/02/2015)

  • The Museum of the City becomes a new stage VIII Cycle of Young Soloists Murcia (16/02/2015)
    The municipal auditoriums also host performances of this new edition, to be held from February 19 to March 26
  • Start the campaign # UnAlcaldeComoTÚ (16/02/2015)
    Carme Chacón participate on Sunday February 22 at the presentation of the candidacy of Pedro López with Rafael González Tovar
  • ... (16/02/2015)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia devises a procedure for obtaining desired offspring sex on pig (16/02/2015)

  • Detainee two robbers petrol stations after a closing operation performed in the Industrial West (16/02/2015)
    The National Police ended the journey of these two assailants after committing robberies ten stations over a period of eight days
  • The Orihuela rector calls for collaboration to establish the Code of Ethics of the University of Murcia (16/02/2015)

  • Environment Murcia brings the exhibition project Smarticizens (16/02/2015)
    Curated by Transversal Landscape, projects meet the main Spanish smart cities.
  • The Mayor, new Knight of Honor of the Brotherhood of the Immaculate of Barriomar (15/02/2015)

  • Pedro López calls for urgent action to the La Fama (15/02/2015)
    Socialist spokesman and candidate for Mayor of Murcia has made a visit to the neighborhood of the city where it has been found abandoned social housing suffering and degradation of the polygon
  • Environment improves the garden next to the church of Los Martínez del Puerto (15/02/2015)

  • Promotion delivery of social housing rent in Murcia neighborhood of La Paz (15/02/2015)
    The general director of Architecture, Housing and Land emphasizes the social projection of the housing policies of the Ministry
  • Camera visit the "Bicibox" implanted in Barcelona (14/02/2015)
    And by the Mayor of Sant Joan Despi and other members of the board of the RCxB
  • The XLVII Session of the Spanish Olympic Academy in UCAM (14/02/2015)
    The Monastery of Jeronimos host from Monday to Wednesday of next experts in the field of Olympism week
  • Aljucer garden leisure releases (14/02/2015)
    The space has 50 plots, drip irrigation, shed tools, etc.
  • The Socialist Group insists that the rehabilitation of La Paz is the great lie of House and PP (14/02/2015)
    Councilwoman Rosa Mar claimed a solution for the residents of this neighborhood to the increasingly apparent confirmation that the huge project is now for today unrealizable
  • "We can not fight a criminal organization if we do not cut their supply of income" (13/02/2015)
    First International Congress of Criminology
  • AFACMUR held a children's party at the Plaza Santo Domingo (13/02/2015)
    will take place tomorrow in the Plaza Santo Domingo
  • Iniesta: "I remember Mr. Tornel that the introduction of the tram project is not finished" (13/02/2015)
    The council encourages the mayor of Izquierda Unida that "I asked fellow Zaragoza why there have been so poor work the cost per kilometer of tram triple that of Murcia "
  • The RCxB reaches an agreement with Alsa for transporting bicycles on buses (13/02/2015)
    Murcia Mayor and president of the Red, Miguel Angel House, has chaired the board in which has also analyzed the development of a barometer perception and cycling in Spain
  • ... (13/02/2015)

  • IU-Green echoes a report that values ​​of "inadequate" municipal investment in the tram becomes (13/02/2015)

  • Castro: "The delays in payments to suppliers are more chaos and anarchy example prevailing in La Glorieta" (13/02/2015)
    The socialist mayor laments the lack of control that is installed on the local PP has long been a headless government and uncoordinated team, the slope of party infighting and judicial affairs that citizenship
  • After the direct line to the candidate for mayor, UPyD Murcia enables an alert service via WhatsApp (13/02/2015)

  • Sangonera la Verde celebrates Carnival next weekend (13/02/2015)
    About 500 people will participate in various events planned to mark the feast of Carnival
  • Cut to the main streets in Beniaján and Cabeza de Torres (13/02/2015)
    On the occasion of Carnival, the local police will establish a special device this weekend
  • Awarded the paving of roads and pavements in nine districts (13/02/2015)
    Lead time is approximately one month and the amount is more than 180,000 euros
  • Professors of the University of Murcia participate in the new edition of the "Encyclopedia of Toxicology" (13/02/2015)

  • The CIM-M hosts a course on Email Marketing to continue with the online training (13/02/2015)
    The meeting will take place on February 19, from 16:30 to 20:30 pm in the Municipal Center Initiatives
  • I International Congress of Criminology (12/02/2015)
    "The internationalization of crime was the main challenge of the century"
  • The SEMAS has attended this week overnight two homeless by cold (12/02/2015)

  • IU-Greens held that "finally" the Municipal Council meets Equality (12/02/2015)

  • "Luck does not exist, luck working" (12/02/2015)
    Juan Francisco Martinez, co-organizer of the event TEDxMurcia, participated this morning at the initiative of the ITM 'Breakfast with'
  • Cosme Muñoz, José Manuel Carlini and Pascual Martínez Sánchez, winners of the photo contest IX Mills River (12/02/2015)
    Rafael Gomez gave the awards last night of the ninth edition for the year 2014
  • 3500 ways to dream peace (12/02/2015)
    Alumni primary schools have 11 jobs to IV painting and essay contest to commemorate the School Day of Non-violence and Peace
  • The Faculty of Informatics, University of Murcia held tomorrow a day of vocational guidance (12/02/2015)

  • Different streets of the Barrio del Carmen and Cabeza de Torres will remain closed to traffic tomorrow to mark the Carnival (12/02/2015)

  • López: "We want a Murcia without corruption and inequalities, where employment and the fight against poverty are priority" (12/02/2015)

  • The third edition of GastroTEA collect funds for children with autism spectrum disorder (12/02/2015)
    The Basque chef Eneko Atxa participate in the joint conference organized by Haute Cuisine Asteamur to be held next March 2
  • They present a multidisciplinary book on innovation in environmental management (12/02/2015)

  • A thesis of the University of Murcia reveals that pine needles are effective in removing heavy metals (12/02/2015)

  • The Murcia Lidó Rico artist will show his exhibition at the Almudí (12/02/2015)
    The new tour will take place on Friday 13, at 19.30, and it taught sculptor exposure 'Histoire des hommes volants'
  • Rehabilitation of 379 houses, streets and squares improve living conditions in the neighborhood of Los Rosales (12/02/2015)
    The City Council approved the draft works
  • The Board of Mercamurcia OKs bills 2014 (12/02/2015)
    Operating results have amounted to 42,308.83 euros, a net profit of 10,265.92 euros
  • Murcia adds and encourages citizens to join the initiative "30 Days Cycling" (12/02/2015)
    The Department of Environment will award the participants to develop the original video, best picture and best network monitoring
  • The Mayor integrates the "lobby" created in the Congress of Deputies in favor of the bicycle (11/02/2015)
    Madrid assists in the establishment of the Inter-Parliamentary Group, bringing together representatives of political parties and the National Bureau Bike
  • UCAM Students will intern in the prestigious law firm Garrigues (11/02/2015)
    Both institutions today signed a cooperation agreement in the field of degrees and masters
  • IU-Green proposes a plan to restore the garden of Murcia (11/02/2015)

  • Teachers, veterinary surgeons, in a course of care bullfights (11/02/2015)

  • The new roundabout on the road to El Palmar with Santa Catalina Avenue will be ready next June (11/02/2015)
    The Board of Governors approved the Basic and execution project to be funded by Vera Meseguer
  • "Bipolar disorder Van Gogh was unrelated to the genius of his work" (11/02/2015)
    Francisco Toledo, psychiatrist Head of the University Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca, UCAM explained in diagnosing a disease that affects 3% of the population
  • The exhibition "Vignettes of Life" comes to the University of Murcia as part of its centenary (11/02/2015)

  • The National Police dismantled an outlet supplying drugs to minors from a euro (11/02/2015)
    In the area of ​​La Paz de Murcia
  • Open enrollment period for night football championship organized by Networking (11/02/2015)
    The tournament will be held from February 20 to March 21 from 22.00 to 24.00 hours in the sports Joseph Barnes
  • Gómez Murcia welcomes college students Glyn Tech London (11/02/2015)

  • Figures of Frida Kahlo, La Malinche and Carmen Conde star in the 'Women añadido' cycle value YTD (11/02/2015)
    The conference this afternoon held at 19 am at the Cultural Center Las Claras.
  • Covers all places workshop organic and natural cuisine of the Department of Environment (11/02/2015)
    The activity will take place on Saturday, will run throughout the day and is aimed at all audiences
  • López require the local PP allocate money to a contingency fund urgent emergency plan against poverty (11/02/2015)

  • Serna (UPyD) "The remains of the Arabic site with San Esteban in the background is a metaphor" of the PP governments (11/02/2015)

  • Professor Francisco Javier Díez de Revenga opens tomorrow the course at the Royal Academy Alfonso X the Wise (11/02/2015)

  • Espinardo already Carnival Poster 2015 (11/02/2015)
    Fuensanta Lopez became the winner of IX Poster Contest, whose work will become announcer Party
  • A conference at the University of Murcia discuss the impact of the environment and new technologies on health (11/02/2015)

  • An exhibition brings together 15 prizes in painting from the University of Murcia since its creation (10/02/2015)

  • The University of Murcia participates in lending platform eBook (10/02/2015)

  • The municipal libraries celebrate Valentine's Day and Carnival (10/02/2015)
    You can find a selection of books and films chosen for these dates
  • Ique: "There are already thinking about the match against FC Barcelona" (10/02/2015)

  • "Passion entire band" brings together five musical groups in the Romea to benefit Project Man (10/02/2015)
    they Interpret allegorical pieces Easter Thursday 13, at 20.30
  • The Sixth International Festival of Magic Solidarity Murcia will support the redevelopment of Center Day CEOM Association (10/02/2015)
    The event will take place from 12 to 14 March 2015 at the Teatro Circo Murcia
  • School of Carmen receive contest prizes Carnival (10/02/2015)
    The work was exhibited in the Civic Center area
  • The Socialist Group launches the alarm before the unstoppable abandonment of the cultural heritage of the districts (10/02/2015)
    The councilor Andrea Garries again regret ninguneo local PP to history and natural resources of Murcia
  • The workshops reading the Centers for Women commemorate its founder (10/02/2015)
    Mariano Sánchez Gil drove this activity in 2002. Today it is performed in 15 centers and women's associations
  • The University of Murcia publishes a book on Contemporary History of the Region (10/02/2015)

  • Environment performs several actions to improve parks and gardens in the neighborhoods of La Fama, Vistabella and La Paz (10/02/2015)
    Martinez-Cache has made a visit by the district accompanied by members of the municipal council and neighbors
  • Researchers are UCAM scientific evidence that put the Shroud of Oviedo and the Shroud on the same stage (09/02/2015)

  • Exhibitions, theater and conferences, in the Days of Arts and Humanities Institute José Planes (09/02/2015)
    The CEO of Educational Planning and Human Resources inaugurates cultural activities in the center, which will be held until Wednesday 11 and including two trips Madrid and Sevilla
  • Neighborhoods and districts of Murcia take to the street carnival parades (09/02/2015)
    Vistabella The parade celebrates its tenth anniversary and brings together 11 troupes.
  • Volunteers from the University of Murcia collaborate on a program to teach Spanish to foreign women (09/02/2015)

  • Castro described as "unfair and unjust" the "tasazo of catastrazo" imposed by the PP on the residents of Murcia (09/02/2015)

  • IU-Green asked whether members of the government team have business cards available (09/02/2015)

  • 8000 runners gave color to the HOLI RUN Murcia Carnival Edition (09/02/2015)
    Thousands of kilos of powder color invaded the streets of Murcia
  • Starts repainting road markings wide avenues (09/02/2015)

  • The school plays New Schools of El Palmar are already executed by 60 percent (09/02/2015)
    The Minister of Education and the mayor of Murcia visit the construction of this center will be ready for 2015-2016 Course
  • Environment installed two new bicycle parking in the Square and San Patricio (09/02/2015)

  • Juan Carlos Valdivieso and María José Martínez inaugurated palmares of Sucina (08/02/2015)
    The Athlete Skechers Go Run - Mobel Sport - CA Nogalte R Popular Sucina Carrera takes, with a time of 37:49 for 46:03 for partner in the women's club
  • The UCAM Murcia succumbs to a serious Movistar Students (90-79) (08/02/2015)
    College, despite the defeat, maintain the positive average basket with the Madrid team
  • Enhancements Segura River College Javalí New (08/02/2015)
    The City Council made repairs to exterior and interior of the center and the Autonomous Community is working to adapt a space for cafeteria
  • The Community praised the "excellent work" of the champions of Spain rhythmic gymnastics (08/02/2015)
    The general director of Youth and Sports receives the juvenile team Club JM Bacons Bridge Cronos, who won the title in November
  • Pelegrín part in the Third Meeting of Groups 4/40 (07/02/2015)

  • Pedro Lopez claimed improvements to social housing in the neighborhood of Los Almendros in La Alberca (07/02/2015)
    Socialist spokesman and candidate for Mayor of Murcia has seen how the houses, despite having been recently refurbished, have trouble cornices, humidity and complications in air conditioning
  • Culture supports 95,000 euros for heritage work done by the Museum of the Cathedral of Murcia (07/02/2015)
    The Minister of Culture visits the facilities and reaffirms the commitment of the Community in this museum, which last year rose by more than 300 the average number of visitors per month
  • The blind Paralympic Descarrega studying psychology at the UCAM (07/02/2015)
    The blind athlete, student of Psychology, combines her career and studies thanks to sports tutoring model of the Catholic University of Murcia
  • The Psychological First Aid Unit of Civil Protection serves 710 people in less than a year (07/02/2015)
    their intervention has been required in 170 times
  • Can Murcia denounces the grievance to the teacher-researcher resulting from the accreditation community as Professor of Chamber (06/02/2015)

  • The SEMAS has attended this week overnight to five homeless by cold (06/02/2015)

  • IU-Greens criticizes the precariousness of the proposed redevelopment of the station environment (06/02/2015)

  • Barnabas stresses that the Single Bono de Murcia "makes more agile, efficient and economical use of public transport" (06/02/2015)
    The Ministry of Development and the city of Murcia presented the new unified title, which will be available to the public tomorrow
  • IU-Greens supports the march on Sunday in defense of public transport (06/02/2015)

  • The public may choose the location of 20 benches service bicycle hire Murcia (06/02/2015)
    Martinez-Cacho says that, according to forecasts, in the Spring Festival will be placed all seasons and MUyBICI up
  • Adopted extending the school Virgen de Guadalupe in Murcia with 12 classrooms and dining (06/02/2015)

  • The University of Murcia get scholarships to 41 students can make Italian masters at this institution (06/02/2015)

  • ... (06/02/2015)

  • IU-Greens denounced the "cruelty" of the City by sacrificing animals with leishmaniasis (06/02/2015)

  • The OMB choose a simple, recognizable and striking symbol to identify the bicycle loan system MUyBICI (06/02/2015)
    The "M" and "B" and the silhouette of a bike and heart Coat of Murcia letters have been the elements chosen to create the logo
  • Murcia commemorates the 40th anniversary of the blessing of the Seed Silk cultural activities and traditional pilgrimage (06/02/2015)
    The orchard rock silk La Alberca is responsible for keeping this tradition alive.
  • More than 1,400 people are part of groups 4/40 (06/02/2015)
    In the III Meeting to be held on Saturday, a walk will take place (with two levels of difficulty) by a route designed at around Valle La Alberca / Holy Angel
  • Murcia not need patches, but a unique bond with one price for all its inhabitants, wherever they live (06/02/2015)

  • On Sunday will be closed to traffic several streets of Cabeza de Torres to mark the'Holi Run' (06/02/2015)
    After 11 hours
  • The Murcia Bono morning comes running (06/02/2015)
    It will allow use with a single card Transport buses Murcia and Latbus and tram affordable
  • Serna (UPyD) "The solutions to public transport pass through devolution and the only ticket" (06/02/2015)

  • "Mr. Turner," the life of the painter of light, on Monday VO (06/02/2015)

  • The National Police arrested two people for sixteen robberies and crime of receiving in El Palmar (06/02/2015)
    The receptador had created a marketing stolen items;
  • The bells of the cathedral, protagonists of the month (06/02/2015)

  • A professor at the University of Murcia collaborates in the large international study of film viewers fantasy (06/02/2015)

  • "Coming here was one of my goals and is a great opportunity" (05/02/2015)
    Gerald Lee intends to help the UCAM Murcia CB to achieve the objective of 14 wins
  • First Practice with Valencia and Levante (05/02/2015)
    Students of Master in Physical Fitness and Sports Rehabilitation in Football Sports Management Institute LFP-UCAM performed internships with the two teams Valencia Liga
  • Police and Fire groomed facades and remove fallen in several parts of town by air trees (05/02/2015)
    Part of the roof of the sports facility costume JCI has broken off by the wind, without consequences
  • Cascales wonders if the PSOE wants the sports facilities are closed (05/02/2015)

  • A full Murcia show bullish mood, music and acrobatics (05/02/2015)
    The Goat Airlines inaugural flight goes on February 19 TCM
  • Nearly 300 athletes appointment was given on Saturday at the II Open Masters Swimming Murcia (05/02/2015)
    be held at the municipal pool Mar Menor
  • The city of Murcia improve signaling their hotels (05/02/2015)
    The City Council has signed an agreement with the association representing these establishments in the municipality (Ashomur), which also provides easy entry and exit areas for travelers
  • IU-Green asked for the private use of the sports facilities of Ranero (05/02/2015)

  • Beniaján, Fleet and Monteagudo have new playgrounds (05/02/2015)
    Environment created in 2015 a total of 26 new areas for younger Township
  • The PP belittles the Legal Council and continues to pay the additional costs of dealerships sports centers (05/02/2015)

  • Starts tomorrow Murcia II Concurso de Cante Flamenco (05/02/2015)

  • Tomorrow begins the new Junior Language Club Beniaján (05/02/2015)

  • The Association of Pensioners of the University of Murcia signs a cooperation agreement with healthcare company (05/02/2015)

  • Monday is the deadline to participate in the seventh edition of the nations of Energy awards 2015 (05/02/2015)
    The Councillor for Environment Murcia encourages entrepreneurs to submit their nominations.
  • Red Baron + Hitten + The Skala Richter (04/02/2015)
    February 13 - Garage Beat Club
  • The UCAM signs an agreement with Facyre in 'Madrid Fusion' (04/02/2015)
    Almost twenty university moved to the most important culinary event on the national scene
  • The Ecoaula approaches each month to the hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca (04/02/2015)
    A team of environmental education classroom visits the hospital to deliver the program of the Department who runs Adela Martinez-Cache
  • The City Council will assign a plot to the Autonomous Region for the construction of a health center in Algezares (04/02/2015)
    occupies more than 5,000 square meters and is situated in the La Rosaleda
  • Portrait of Professor incorporate the Sunday Manzanares gallery deans of the Faculty of Labor (04/02/2015)

  • Serna (UPyD) "You need one Murcia of all and not the ruling party" (04/02/2015)

  • More than 800 star in the Carnival of Cabeza de Torres (04/02/2015)
    In addition to the 40 extras, this year highlights the novel Holi Run and concerts of Andy and Lucas and Henry Mendez
  • Mercamurcia meets tomorrow to florists professional (04/02/2015)
    The team member Valls de la Rosa School Formació, Sergio González, offer ideas for Valentine's Day
  • Roundabouts of the North Coast with Avenida Juan Carlos I and access to the A-7 from the UCAM will be safer, paying special attention to cyclists (04/02/2015)
    The Department of Traffic and Transportation will also create a new roundabout between the Avenida El Palmar and Avenida de Santa Catalina, at no cost to the City
  • López implement a wallet card that allow you to pay a maximum of 0.60 cents per trip around the town (04/02/2015)
    The transfers are free and this card wallet will allow more regular users pay a minimum of 20 cents per trip
  • Appointed Professor at the University of Murcia José Carrión associate editor of the journal Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology (04/02/2015)

  • Read classic texts to highlight our Greco-Roman heritage (04/02/2015)
    "? I know my heritage, and you" in Europe and America celebrates the legacy of these cultures
  • The magazine of the University of Murcia "Monteagudo" devotes its latest issue to the First World War and Literature in Spain (04/02/2015)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia adds value to the role of midwives as pioneers of social change for women (04/02/2015)

  • The CIM-M today begins the cycle of non-technological innovation (04/02/2015)
    The aim of the conference, held from 4 to 25 February, is to make small businesses are viable and incorporate innovation in its non-technological sense their business models
  • The UCAM, first university in the region to adhere to the strategy of Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment (03/02/2015)
    This seal reinforces the commitment of the UCAM with young people, promoting initiatives that promote their access to the labor market
  • Art with forwards at the University of Murcia (03/02/2015)
    María José Prisons coordinates a mail art exhibition in the Artillery Barracks
  • Conclude the installation work networks collecting rainwater on the street Salvador Dalí El Palmar (03/02/2015)

  • ... (03/02/2015)

  • "My teammates help me grow and get better every day" (03/02/2015)
    Sadiel Rojas says he is fully adapted to the Endesa League
  • The Recicleta project adds value and available eight associations a total of 24 bikes (03/02/2015)
    Coordinator neighborhoods of El Palmar, CEPAIM Foundation, Association Meeting Point, Abraham Project Welcomes Murcia, Foundation Board Jesus Forsaken, CATS and Caritas receive Bikes that the Office of the bike repaired
  • Urbana latest Quality jobs in Santiago Street Steps (03/02/2015)
    The work consisted in the reorganization of space ensuring road safety, improving accessibility and winning three new parking spaces
  • The flamenco singer Argentina shows its commitment to art in the show `Sinergia' (03/02/2015)
    Presents at the Teatre Romea live a selection of his work` A Journey Through the Cante'
  • A question UPyD, the European Commission confirms that Spain has not requested funds to co-finance the construction of the AVE in Murcia (03/02/2015)

  • The Local Police alerted by letter to parents of teens who use drugs in the street (03/02/2015)
    In recent years has significantly increased the number of reported drug use and possession, passed from 823 in 2011 to 1,403 2014
  • `Wedding sangre', the play he consecrated García Lorca, reaches the Romea Theatre (03/02/2015)
    Life, love, honor and death are the real stars of this drama
  • The Slave of Christ King of Guadalupe prepare for Javierada (03/02/2015)

  • Environment begins this weekend itineraries and volunteer program (03/02/2015)
    The guided tour will take place Sunday in the Way of Arejos in Majal Blanco
  • The local development agents serving more than 800 users and help create 59 new companies in 2014 (03/02/2015)
    The new entrepreneurs have generated a total of 58 new jobs in the municipality of Murcia.
  • Serna says UPyD's position regarding the extension of the tram project "is an amendment to the whole" (02/02/2015)

  • ... (02/02/2015)

  • Presentation of the finalists of the awards Aured University of Murcia (02/02/2015)

  • The Mayor presented the award'Mejor Pastel de Carne 2014' extolling the virtues of this gastronomic jewel (02/02/2015)
    The award corresponds teacher Joaquín Roses, Roses owner of the pastry shop located in the Plaza de Camachos
  • López: "The tram to El Carmen is not a priority and the line to the UCAM, (02/02/2015)
    o becomes profitable or closed"
  • Variety and quality programming February Ramón Gaya Museum (02/02/2015)
    Guided tours, exhibitions, reading, debates and concerts are part of the offer for these days
  • Denounce the pollution particles and nitrogen dioxide capital Murcia (02/02/2015)
    Ecologists in Action claims that in addition there have been episodes of contamination by benzene and toluene in the measuring station Murcia- Sewer
  • Andy Sotiriou offers a tour of his exhibition `After tormenta' (02/02/2015)
    Photographer will chat with attendees about the process of creating the work
  • The cycle `Diálogos' the Museo Ramón Gaya in Murcia painter Antonio Martínez Mengual (02/02/2015)
    The intent is to convey cycle, express and generate communication between different artistic expressions of the Region of Murcia
  • The feasibility study for the extension of Line 1 tram received 47 allegations of different content (02/02/2015)

  • Environment launches the theoretical and practical training for responsible ownership of dogs in the town (02/02/2015)
    The course will begin with a talk on February 20 and every weekend actions will be in one of the canine areas of the municipality of Murcia
  • Local Police, Firefighters Parks and Gardens continue to work to avoid the effects of wind storm (01/02/2015)

  • La Peña La Contraparada distinguishes the Mayor with Gold Badge for "his impulse to traditions" (01/02/2015)
    The event also celebrated the farewell of the largest and child 2015 Queens and presentation and imposition of bands chosen this year
  • The new Pavilion Valladolises consolidates the leading position of Murcia town dedicated to sport base (01/02/2015)

  • Murcia supports cycling in Fitur (01/02/2015)

  • The Socialist Group regrets that the City forget the Huerta in his bid for FITUR (01/02/2015)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries criticizes Camera and Cascales sold to Murcia as a city exclusively verbena and forget the great cultural heritage
  • Degree in Gastronomy UCAM visit 'Madrid Fusion' (01/02/2015)
    Almost twenty university will move to the most important culinary event on the national scene

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