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Murcia News - February 2013

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  • III International Conference 'Human' political violence and criminality ' (28/02/2013)
    "Our responsibility as a victim is to remind barbarism"
  • "Social networks are a great marketing tool for SMEs" (28/02/2013)
    Entremares The hotel manager located in La Manga del Mar Menor, Alberto English, gave a conference aimed at tourism students on the use of networks SMEs social
  • The Mayor knows the experience of the territories recognized biosphere reserve in Spain (28/02/2013)
    Chamber has met with representatives of these spaces, which are located in Murcia to participate in a conference organized by the nomination "The Owl Country"
  • The City Council will urge the Ministry of Environment to include stormwater interceptor North Zone as a work priority (28/02/2013)

  • Díaz Bautista will have a street in Murcia (28/02/2013)
    The House has unanimously approved pay this tribute to Professor
  • Updated Heritage Hall estate inventory (28/02/2013)
    ​​ The motion was voted for by all political groups
  • The House approves the Murcia street and districts count on 17 new streets, squares and lanes (28/02/2013)

  • The UCAM celebrates the XII International Charity and Volunteering (28/02/2013)
    The UCAM explores the contribution of the Orthodox churches in peacebuilding
  • The House approved a motion in support of women and gender equality (28/02/2013)
    On the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day
  • Supporting entrepreneurs (28/02/2013)
    The Plenary approved the incorporation of Municipal Initiatives Center for Business Incubator Network in the Region of Murcia and the Network of Local Development Entities Redel
  • Seminar of the School of Osteopathy (28/02/2013)

  • The National Police dismantled an organized group dedicated to commit thefts at malls (28/02/2013)
    Four arrested with numerous criminal record for crimes committed in various parts of Spain
  • Space Río_Caballerizas Mills hosts photo exhibition: "A trip to North India" by Joseph Velasco (28/02/2013)
    ​​ The exhibition will open on Friday, March 1, at 20 am
  • A professor at the University of Murcia, elected to an advisory committee of the Evaluation Committee of Research Activity (28/02/2013)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the XVIII Olympiad Regional morning of Chemistry (28/02/2013)

  • The Civil Guard dismantled a marijuana underground greenhouse in Sangonera la Seca-Murcia (28/02/2013)
    The greenhouse was in a cell under a housing habilatado
  • Guillamón: "We support the underground but right now there is no budget to do" (27/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens believe that charging Megia is a logical consequence of urban development "a la carte" (27/02/2013)

  • Pujante considered a "need" the burial to end the fragmentation of Murcia (27/02/2013)

  • "Another project under suspicion?" (27/02/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Juan Patricio Castro, Municipal Government requires the PP to explain the basis on which reports are allowed on a plot of lift equipment is a new private business
  • IU-Greens organized a conference tomorrow PAH Aljucer (27/02/2013)

  • National Competition of jokes "Ciudad de Murcia" 2013 (27/02/2013)

  • The author comes to film next week Murcia's hand IBAFF (27/02/2013)

  • Chamber highlights the work done by volunteers who most need help (27/02/2013)
    The Mayor attends the opening of the XII International Exhibition of Voluntary remain on Paseo Alfonso X until Sunday.
  • Teatro Circo Murcia published the final list of admitted to Children's Theatre Workshop (27/02/2013)
    On Saturday, March 2, will begin the first course for children aged 6 to 9 years old
  • Herguedas accuses the PP of "perverting follow General Plan uses" (27/02/2013)

  • The PSOE required to run the works committed in the North to avoid flooding every time it rains (27/02/2013)

  • A total of 335 students from 76 schools of the city will benefit from the support that the city offers to the dining room (27/02/2013)

  • Update the municipal register of applicants for housing (27/02/2013)
    scores will be posted each enrollee and the lists are updated every two months
  • New fitness machines for sports halls of the Palace of Sports Prince of Asturias (27/02/2013)
    More than two thousand users play sports at these facilities
  • Visit the director of the Egyptian Institute of Islamic Studies (27/02/2013)

  • That's three political leaders of the PP defendants in the case Umbra (27/02/2013)

  • Competition of ideas for new uses of the smart card of the University of Murcia (27/02/2013)

  • Day communication and rare diseases at the University of Murcia (27/02/2013)

  • Literary translation and exotic languages ​​in the Humanities Classroom (27/02/2013)

  • The UCAM opened the XII edition of the International Conference of Charity and Volunteering (26/02/2013)
    The delegate of the Government of the CARM, Joaquin Bascuñana, gave the inaugural lecture
  • IU-Greens said that the reinstatement of Peñalver is "a humiliation for citizenship" (26/02/2013)

  • Installation begins with panels covering the lower emblematic images disused historic center (26/02/2013)
    The Department of Urban Quality has begun cleaning the lamps located in the processional route
  • About 50 children aged between 6 and 13 will take part in workshops that taught Murcia Circus Theatre every Saturday until May (26/02/2013)
    The registration period is over now, and the first workshop will be held on Saturday, February March
  • Evicted a squatter settlement located on Avenida Juan de Borbón (26/02/2013)
    During this morning was the cleansing of the plot
  • The Socialist Party believes that the reinstatement of Peñalver is another consequence of anarchy and lawlessness in the City (26/02/2013)
    The Socialist Municipal Group criticizes that all this time the municipal government has not conducted an internal investigation and has reprimanded the officials defendants in operations and Barraca Umbra
  • "Dynamism judicial" in the city of Murcia (26/02/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Mar Rosa demands once again Mayor House political responsibility, this time, after allegations of two former mayors of their government, and Pilar Megía Francisco Porto, by the demolition of the kindergarten of La Paz
  • 95.5 kilometers from the city center become "area 30" to increase road safety (26/02/2013)

  • The PSOE proposed in Parliament that the City work with those financial institutions to give more credit to SMEs and cheaper to create jobs and families (26/02/2013)
    The socialist mayor Juan Patricio Castro defend this initiative because "we are convinced that we must innovate in economic policy and direct our efforts to the main problem that people have at this time, unemployment "
  • Students of IES Miguel de Cervantes know the work of the Foundation in South Africa FADE (26/02/2013)
    The initiative is part of the developing Educating the Department of Cooperation
  • For the case of Murcia UPyD Theater Circus "has a political responsibility beyond the administrative" (26/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens presented a motion to fill the need for school places in San Basilio and The Ranero (26/02/2013)
    Furthermore, the formation of left claiming parking adequacy Malecon
  • The Cup, a successful stand in Murcia FS (26/02/2013)

  • Health imparts a new training course for volunteer monitors group 4/40 (26/02/2013)
    The theoretical and practical classes will be held during the months of February and March, from 17 to 19 hours, at the Museum of Science and Water
  • XII International Conference of Charity and Volunteering (25/02/2013)
    The UCAM celebrates the XII edition of the Conference of Charity and Volunteering
  • Open Days Faculty of Biology, University of Murcia (25/02/2013)

  • The Indian village will Sanevaripalli in October with a school through collaboration Murcia Fire (25/02/2013)
    contributed more than 4,000 euros for construction obtained in the charity race last year
  • Teatro Circo morning Murcia presents "Last Battle in Pardo", third reading dramatized (25/02/2013)
    After addressing legal and health issues, now it's the turn of historical memory
  • A meeting focused on civic participation campaign opens 'HacerMurciaCON' (25/02/2013)
    The Socialist Municipal Group held a meeting this afternoon with associations and groups in the municipality of Murcia in the formulas to be discussed and proposals for deepening local democracy
  • The Department of Environment playground remodel the Plaza Ortega Cano (25/02/2013)
    Has the rubber flooring, repaired the fence perimeter and pruned the tipuanas
  • "Neither House nor Valcárcel are doing nothing for the burial in Murcia" (25/02/2013)

  • Conferences, exhibitions, seminars and training to celebrate International Women's Day (25/02/2013)
    The program, with awareness activities has been developed in collaboration with Centers for Women and women's associations
  • The Socialist Party asked in Parliament that are not charged for using spaces associations municipal (24/02/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor Andrea Garries asked to be exempted from paying the new prices this year established public from the use of facilities cultural, auditoriums and theaters
  • The City continues to focus on youth participation and the promotion of associations (24/02/2013)
    Renew the agreement with the Youth Council, which manages the municipal youth centers 585m2 and El Palmar
  • The Socialist Group in plenary will require the construction of sidewalks and bike lanes on the stretch of South Round between James the Greater and Progress (23/02/2013)
    Councilman Jose Zapata insists implement these works to avoid accidents by road well traveled by pedestrians and cyclists
  • "What you do not see the Murcia" (23/02/2013)
    is the motto of the XIII Solidarity March for Jesus Maria which was held this morning by several city streets
  • The Constitution Square in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit is completely renewed (23/02/2013)
    It is part of the Urban Initiative and the residents have participated in the design
  • La Plaza de las Flores banks will fully restored in a couple of weeks (23/02/2013)
    will again relocate outside terraces
  • UPyD Murcia considered an "unfairness" that rush soterramientos Development "in some cities and not in others" (22/02/2013)

  • Fire Murcia and can verify if the voltage in the catenary trolley in case of fire or accident (22/02/2013)
    The Service Firefighting and Rescue is conducting a training program in order to intervene in the tram route in situations Emergency
  • The UCAM closing the First Conference of Sport Psychology (22/02/2013)
    At the conference experts have been involved in multiple sports performance
  • "Margaret", an epic teenager in Paradise Cinema on Monday (22/02/2013)

  • The Music School Auditorium Guadalupe this weekend welcomes the start of Cycle VI Young Soloists (22/02/2013)
    The concerts take place every Saturday, until 11 May, at 20 am
  • José Sanchis Sinisterra: "It was clear that Carmela had to palmar" (22/02/2013)
    Playwright and director this morning held a discussion with students about the work that premiered last night at Teatro Circo Murcia
  • The Socialist Party rejects a toast to the sun with the PP for the International Day of Working Women (22/02/2013)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa explained that the PSOE will not support the motion proposed by Party joint political groups over 8 March because "the policy of cuts imposed by the PP is curtailing their rights"
  • A new website allows citizens warning of incidents in public lighting (22/02/2013)
    also has created a smartphone application that directly sends the photograph and location of the fault to the appropriate service for repair
  • The installation of 11 new reliefs Campillo Park become one of the most important sculptural spaces in Spain (22/02/2013)

  • The Socialist Party believes that the loss of urban travelers lines confirms the failure of the public transport policy (22/02/2013)
    The Socialist Municipal spokesperson, Pedro Lopez, Iniesta requires strictly to enforce the commitments made by the new company in the contract with the City before the announcement of a strike by workers
  • Rosa: "Officials can no longer be the scapegoat for the mismanagement of House and its councilors' (22/02/2013)
    The socialist mayor calls shameful Councilman Heritage, Cosme Ruiz, hide behind public employees for not assume their mistakes as political head of this council
  • Law students organized a lecture on the occasion of the celebrations of the Faculty (22/02/2013)

  • "Days of market economy and innovation in food 2013" (21/02/2013)
    "When you innovate in a big company or leave you or yours Believe"
  • UPyD Murcia plenary will review the proposal "thorough" inventory municipal (21/02/2013)

  • The mayors of the region supporting the FEMP in its proposal to amend the text of the local reform in terms of the powers of education (21/02/2013)

  • Withdrawn diseased conifers in Avenida Juan de Borbón and planted 52 palm trees (21/02/2013)
    The work has been to not hamper the night tram
  • The Murcia Transport depot will be operational next July (21/02/2013)
    occupy a total area of ​​6,000 square meters and will have a gas plant, a laundry room, a workshop and offices
  • UPyD Murcia extreme vigilance is required to avoid power lines without a license in the municipality (21/02/2013)

  • The firefighters of the City of Murcia also participate in evictions (21/02/2013)

  • 200 secondary school students participate in Olympiad Regional Geology (21/02/2013)

  • A total of 94 shows will be seen today in municipal auditoriums (21/02/2013)
    Once again, the focus on companies Murcia remains a constant, representing 90% of the shows presented A total of 13,707 people attended one of the 103 shows scheduled in 2012
  • Pupaclown spring presents a program in the school campaign reforzanda (21/02/2013)
    The next Saturday, March 2, starts the program with a performance of "The Three Little Pigs"
  • The PSOE will require as a full comprehensive analysis and monitoring of agreements signed and their considerations (21/02/2013)

  • Teachers and students of the school Our Lady of Peace participating in the Comenius project (21/02/2013)
    Han held a meeting with the Councillor for Education and teachers from Wales, Ireland and France
  • IU-Greens believe the Teatro Circo embargo should not be just a matter of negligence (21/02/2013)

  • The South Korean ambassador studying with the University of Murcia student exchange programs (21/02/2013)

  • Meeting at the University of Murcia with the authors of the graphic novel "Heloise and Napoleon" (21/02/2013)
    Ruizge Francisco and Cristina Florido, now involved in an activity Comicum
  • Opened José Tamayo tribute to the work of Pepe Lucas (20/02/2013)
    The exhibition can be seen until 22 March
  • Latbus still pending judgments on municipal management to the award of a new concession urban (20/02/2013)
    The company notes that the press reports referred to the precautionary measures while still awaiting the relevant opinion sentences
  • IU-Greens accused the City Council of the decline in the number of passengers using the bus (20/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens will demand accountability for Teatro Circo loss (20/02/2013)

  • Martínez Conesa remember supporting coexistence remain free (20/02/2013)
    The PSOE has been informed at all times and its manifestations are false and timeless, says the councilor of Finance
  • The students of the Art School participate in a photo contest to promote gender equality (20/02/2013)
    The selected images will be exhibited at the Municipal Center of El Carmen and illustrate the Murcia site in Equality
  • Lopez: The Circus Theater but is the result of mismanagement and lack of Mayor House, overwhelmed by its complaint in the case Umbra (20/02/2013)
    Socialist spokesman considered serious neglect of local government on municipal property, this time, not notarize this property despite warnings prosecutor himself
  • The Romea Theatre hosts this weekend's first National Chirigotas Competition "Ciudad de Murcia" (20/02/2013)
    The activity will start at 12 noon with the visit of different jokes to different places in the city The poster wins Part Graphical European Advertising Festival and Humor
  • Cosme Ruiz: "The Circus Theatre is owned by the municipality for all purposes" (20/02/2013)
    Heritage Councilman clarifies that the building was met at April 2011 and the seizure occurred in October 2012.
  • UPyD Murcia calls for a comprehensive study to determine the ownership of the assets of the Consistory (20/02/2013)
    ​​ Property Registration Teatro Circo
  • The Civil Protection Plan Territorial pick how to deal with various emergencies in the town (20/02/2013)
    The document will include how to respond to climate risks, agglomeration of people or activities and transport of dangerous goods
  • The University of Murcia hosts the launch of a book of political communication and new technologies (20/02/2013)

  • Students from Liverpool held a meeting with Sanchez and Cascales (19/02/2013)
    Young people Secondary High School studied Castilian Litherland
  • UPyD Murcia reaffirms the importance of a unanimous response from all political groups in the fight against sexual exploitation (19/02/2013)

  • "PSOE and IU lie by claiming that they have discovered in Mercamurcia defaults" (19/02/2013)
    The managing director was fired and hired an audit, with knowledge of the entire Board of Directors, including Garries and Herguedas
  • The Socialist Party stands as a pillar of the prostitution ordinance preventing people is exercised by necessity or poverty (19/02/2013)
    Pedro López believes that another of the basic principles of the future standard is to avoid prostitution is exercised in public
  • Murcia celebrates 20 years of solidarity with the Saharawi people (19/02/2013)
    The Mayor has met this morning with the Minister of Cooperation of SADR
  • "The Owl Country" is supported by AEMET (19/02/2013)
    It is stated by the President of AEMET, Daniel Cano, the Mayor of Murcia
  • The Mayor thanked the Lieutenant Colonel Abbot Felix the work done in the last mission in Afghanistan BRIPAC (19/02/2013)
    This morning held a meeting at City Hall
  • The rate of entrepreneurial activity in the Murcia region increased 56% in 2011 (19/02/2013)

  • The Mayor offers teachers and students receive CEIP Maestro Laborda and sites in France, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Belgium, participating in a Comenius project on environment (19/02/2013)
    Chamber recalled that received the award Murcia City Sustainable in 2009
  • Teatro Circo Murcia organizes some Saturday workshops for children aged 6 to 13 years old (19/02/2013)
    The registration period will be open from 19 to 25 February
  • The work of Pepe Lucas for staging of José Tamayo and can be seen in Teatro Circo Murcia (19/02/2013)
    Divine words, Valle-Inclan, and vested interests, Benavente, abstract painter's contribution to the performing arts
  • Prisoners in third grade Social Integration Centre Guillermo Miranda bikes will have their exits facility (19/02/2013)
    receive courses on road safety, bicycle repair and cycling tips and duties
  • A new nonsense of the Department of Finance requires residents of the municipality to pay new fees and certificates (19/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens proposed a work plan to address the problems of the neighborhood of El Carmen (19/02/2013)

  • Sample bobbin lace at the Civic Center of El Carmen (19/02/2013)
    Exposing these artisans work will be open until February 27
  • "Imagination, action and passion are the key to creating any project" (18/02/2013)
    Founder and CEO of Next Limit Technologies, Victor Gonzalez, has offered this morning UCAM a conference entitled 'From the Hollywood garage.
  • Adopted the new names of 17 roads in the municipality (18/02/2013)
    The requests have occurred through the Presidents of the Neighborhood and individuals
  • The Socialist Party and United Left-Greens call for an immediate review of the management and transparency Mercamurcia (18/02/2013)
    Andrea Garries and Esther Herguedas reported that during 2012, the former head of administration, which remains on the payroll in this public company, has covered defaults four meat companies worth more than 700,000 euros
  • The Association of Friends of the Botanical Garden planted on the Malecon indigenous tree owl (18/02/2013)
    The association wants to show their support for the bid to be the Sierras de Murcia Biosphere Reserve
  • The renewal of bonds 100 bus and the European parking card will be held in the building of Ibn cArabi from next Wednesday (18/02/2013)
    Hours of Service, Traffic Management and Transportation will be 9 to 14 hours
  • Debate Club 'Murcia Open' program a lecture by economist Juan Torres López (18/02/2013)
    The Municipal Executive Committee a talk program economist, Juan Torres López, for tomorrow, Tuesday 19 February at 19.30 in the Auditorium Building Moneo
  • The Council awards the best entrepreneurial ideas (18/02/2013)
    New entrepreneurs have received this morning the awards from the Mayor
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia demand more effective drugs against Chagas disease (18/02/2013)

  • ... (18/02/2013)

  • To Expand Street sidewalks Clementes the Carmen district (18/02/2013)
    Martinez Vidal visited the neighborhood accompanied the new president Miguel Angel Saura District to see first hand the state of the streets and squares
  • Emergency services address only two women found unconscious at his home in Sangonera la Seca (17/02/2013)

  • Doubles of "Valid" in Murcia (17/02/2013)

  • The Socialist Group welcomes the PP to its senses and finally bet for a public bike hire in the street (16/02/2013)
    The Socialist councilor, Susana Hernandez expects the PP to its senses once and for all and also put up a network of bike lanes in the city center that allows cyclists travel safely
  • Educational support to 220 children and adolescents with the aim of opening new opportunities (16/02/2013)
    The project is carried out in the districts of Monteagudo, El Raal, Cobatillas, The Esparragal, Llano de Brujas and Santa Cruz
  • Serna declares that the use of 'teleportation' is criticized urban policy "beyond its legal or not" (15/02/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia says the local government reform government "is not an effective solution to the problems" (15/02/2013)

  • President of the UCAM accompanies the Attorney General, Eduardo Torres-Dulce in New Murcia Forum (15/02/2013)
    The Attorney General is the last speaker at the first lecture New Murcia Forum
  • The Episcopal Palace welcomes filing Jose Luis Mendoza as Pregonero Year (15/02/2013)
    At the ceremony attended by the Bishop of the Diocese, Bishop Lorca Planes, and the mayor of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Cámara, among others
  • The Commission on Quality Transport studies the different proposals of neighborhood associations and consumers for restructuring urban transport (15/02/2013)

  • Lopez: "House can not stay any longer in office" (15/02/2013)
    Socialist spokesman described as very serious revelations of Jesus Samper entrepreneur and former Town Planning, Fernando Berberena, which show the plot of urban corruption alleged investigated in the case Umbra
  • Begin meetings to design the ordinance regulating prostitution in the city (15/02/2013)
    Councilwoman Nuria Fuentes began a series of meetings to see first hand the suggestions of all stakeholders
  • The Socialist Party calls for an urgent meeting Chamber of all political groups in favor of burying Valcárcel following statements by the Regional Assembly (15/02/2013)

  • The Semas serves six people from the cold in the last week (15/02/2013)

  • An exhibition in Santo Domingo will release Network of Biosphere Reserves in Spain (15/02/2013)
    This afternoon and tomorrow will be two workshops on recycling and Owl Country
  • Two judgments of the High Court and support the full and strict legality of the so called 'teleportation' of soil (15/02/2013)

  • The Carmen Municipal Center is hosting an exhibition on the art of bobbin lace (15/02/2013)
    The exhibition can be seen from 18 to 27 February
  • For a city 100% accessible (14/02/2013)
    The Mayor and President of FAMDIF renew their commitment to continue working to build a barrier-free Murcia
  • Exits works Palma street, alley and lane Burruezo Cuatro Caminos (14/02/2013)
    The Department of Urban Quality begins tomorrow the Homeless street paving
  • The Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Murcia creates a regional network of volunteer (14/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens reiterated that House must resign to avoid damaging the image of Murcia (14/02/2013)

  • The Owl Country crosses different markets to publicize the benefits of the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierras and Murcia Golf (14/02/2013)

  • Bright colors and simple composition and clean keys Esteban Linares poster for Murcia Three Cultures Festival XIV (14/02/2013)
    Chamber protagonist announces that the country will be France.
  • The Socialist Party calls for an urgent review of the operation of Bernal Theatre "because the director is managed as his farmhouse" (14/02/2013)

  • The Japanese film "Death of a Samurai" next Monday in Paradise Cinema (14/02/2013)

  • A new judgment of the High Court endorses the legality of adaptation to Plan Urban Land Law (14/02/2013)

  • The restoration of the basement of the Lion of the Malecon, the last step for installation against Almudí (14/02/2013)
    The Original commemorative plaque will remain in the City Museum and replaced by a replica
  • Lorena Sanchez Lopez won the first round of the visual arts prize Available (14/02/2013)
    winner's work is called Margins and will be exhibited in the space Río_Caballerizas Mills
  • IU-Greens asked the mayor to clarify the composition of the Board of Directors following the resignation of Emuasa UPyD (14/02/2013)

  • The University of Murcia build a sports complex on the campus of Espinardo (14/02/2013)

  • The municipal libraries celebrate Valentine (14/02/2013)

  • Valcárcel reiterates its commitment to the underground AVE passing through Murcia (13/02/2013)
    Community President noted that in the region of Murcia "want the AVE in 2014 without further delay"
  • The National Police arrested the perpetrator of the robbery of the bank branch of Obispo Frutos (13/02/2013)
    The arrested are also accused committed a robbery four days later in a local supermarket Progress
  • 'Days of market economy and innovation in food 2013' (13/02/2013)
    "In the circumstances in which we live: To innovate is to survive"
  • The City takes its draft FEMP Educating developing cooperation (13/02/2013)
    Alicia Barquero stressed that over 12,000 students have participated in this initiative that promotes the municipality and NGOs work
  • Adri: "We prefer to take each game, there will be time to think about the Cup of Spain" (13/02/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the confusion experienced by urban bus users by breaches of contract (13/02/2013)

  • Herguedas says nobody can claim lack of information to justify the favorable vote at Convention New Condomina (13/02/2013)

  • Acute Wonders Painters and John Roth presented his work at the Centro Municipal de Santiago and Zaraiche (13/02/2013)
    The exhibition will witness until 28 February, and guided tours
  • Beniaján neighbors enjoy his audience again after the Spring Festival (13/02/2013)

  • Traditional tribute to the Nazarenes Murcia (13/02/2013)
    As every Ash Wednesday, the City Council of Brotherhoods of Murcia Superior makes a memorial offering to the Nazarene's in the Glorieta
  • The trolley fits your schedule to the needs of users (13/02/2013)
    The weekend schedule will be extended until midnight.
  • Juan Martinez Lax presented at the Palace Almudí their human figures in "fine sand" (13/02/2013)
    The exhibition space will feature the artist's works from 14 February to 31 March
  • More than 40,000 children participate in school sports program municipal (13/02/2013)
    Championships in schools, school regional championship and drawing competition are activities
  • What we know and do not know Spanish emigration?, Subject of a conference at the University of Murcia (13/02/2013)

  • The family arguments and being a passenger in a car driven under the influence of alcohol, more frequent antisocial behavior in adolescents (13/02/2013)

  • Sources regrets that the PSOE order now planning agreements were approved with the votes of the Socialists (12/02/2013)

  • ... (12/02/2013)

  • The Mayor gives back the support of the City to entrepreneurs (12/02/2013)
    House meets with Andres Romero, recently elected president of AJE
  • Garries: "Socialists are not going to tolerate the lie to the residents of Bacons Bridge" (12/02/2013)

  • Paulinho: "To our fans in the Palace we can not let any point" (12/02/2013)

  • Murcia Mayor congratulated the Association of Patients with Parkinson by its tenth anniversary (12/02/2013)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara received EPIT members this morning in the City
  • Lopez: "We can not continue admitting that accused politicians in office and collecting public money" (12/02/2013)

  • Sole Giménez Murcia presents his tribute to French music (12/02/2013)
    The concert will take place on February 17 at the Teatro Romea Murcia
  • Murcia Firefighters are trained to intervene in the compressed natural gas buses (12/02/2013)
    Received a course at the station was high and in the garage of Transportation Murcia to know the elements of these new vehicles
  • Press JSMM on Buhobús service (11/02/2013)

  • The Mayor highlighted the important economic boost to receive Murcia with Telefónica plan to connect households with fiber optic (11/02/2013)

  • Telefónica connects Murcia with fiber to the home (11/02/2013)
    The company plans to invest 30 million euros in the installation and implementation of this technology throughout the project
  • The Semas serves eleven people from the cold in the last week (11/02/2013)

  • The Socialist Group is surprised with a letter to the president of the Municipal Council of La Paz gives her neighbors a public square (11/02/2013)
    The mayor Rosa Mar denounces this situation it describes as "dull and uneven" and the Councilman Patriminio that, Cosme Ruiz, who knows nothing answers
  • The members of the Women's Center of El Carmen become goldsmiths (11/02/2013)
    participate in a course to learn how to craft their own brass accessories in various colors
  • The University of Murcia designed the new website of the Academy of Sciences of the Region (11/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens calls for a broad debate on the Plan for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing (11/02/2013)

  • 140 places for children aged 6 to 17 years at summer camps (11/02/2013)
    The objective is to encourage participation, tolerance and teamwork
  • The City Council renewed its commitment to theater companies Murcia. (11/02/2013)
    The councilman of Culture and MURCIAaESCENA members agree to establish a circuit between municipal auditoriums and theater Bernal
  • ... (11/02/2013)

  • The owl flies weekly markets (11/02/2013)
    Start in Santa Maria de Gracia a campaign that will announce the proposed Biosphere Reserve of the Sierras and Murcia Golf
  • Professor José María Gómez Espin published a study on the rise of water for irrigation in the Segura Basin (11/02/2013)

  • The rocks huertanas begin the countdown to the start of the Spring Festival (10/02/2013)
    Mayor attends the presentation of the 65 candidates for Queen of the largest and child Huerta 2013.
  • Miguelín, Alex and Jose Ruiz, vying with Spain two friendlies against Norway (10/02/2013)

  • The City Council renewed its commitment to theater companies Murcia (10/02/2013)
    The councilman of Culture and MURCIAaESCENA members agree to establish a circuit between municipal auditoriums and theater Bernal
  • Silvia Viñao exposes her feeling Circo Teatro Flamenco in Murcia from 11 to 20 February (10/02/2013)
    The exhibition is part of the XX Flamenco Summit, which will feature the great figures of the moment
  • The Beniaján Chirigota became the big winner of the contest Cartagena chirigotas 2013 (10/02/2013)

  • More than a thousand users rose last night to buhobús Latbus (09/02/2013)
    The company expects to double the figure for the entire early today, Saturday of Carnival
  • Murcia City Council continues to promote physical exercise, with the program 4/40 (09/02/2013)
    The project aims to walk four days a week for forty minutes
  • Cascales recalls that the Visitor Center San Cayetano will be open during the first quarter of this year (08/02/2013)

  • The terraces of the squares of Santa Catalina and the flowers have to be delimited by fixed (08/02/2013)
    The Department of Urban Quality wants to guarantee the passage of pedestrians and emergency vehicles
  • The buzzer Murcia traffic lights can be activated by a remote or mobile phone (08/02/2013)
    The Plaza de San Agustin premieres this device that Murcia has become a pioneer in the implementation of smart Smartblue
  • Councilman Iniesta agrees with consumer associations to review the operation of the Quality Council Transportation (08/02/2013)
    Next week will hold a workshop on the redevelopment of urban lines
  • Silvia Viñao exposes her flamenco flamenco at the 20th summit of Murcia (08/02/2013)

  • "Bye", winner of the Audience Award for Best European Film, on Monday February 11 in Cinema Paradise (08/02/2013)

  • EPIT named to honor a member of Maruja Pelegrín (08/02/2013)
    The commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the association will be held on Saturday, February 9
  • The National Police seized in Murcia over a thousand items of textile and counterfeit perfume (08/02/2013)
    We have arrested two persons for crimes against industrial property
  • PSOE: "The PP Municipal heritage and despises the investments made with public money" (08/02/2013)

  • A researcher at the University of Murcia in a congress gets the prize for the best paper in Clinical Nutrition (08/02/2013)

  • The journalist Carlos Love says at the University of Murcia has been "a daring" write a book (08/02/2013)

  • Serna describes as "grotesque spectacle" the new ad service restoration of 'owl-bus' (07/02/2013)

  • "We are pleased that you have considered restoring Latbus Owl Bus service, that they suppressed, with the same lines at the same price and without public subsidies" (07/02/2013)
    It shows, as previously announced, the night shuttle is sustainable and does not require financial assistance
  • Latbus restored from tomorrow buhobús service ceased to be paid in January for the withdrawal of council (07/02/2013)
    The proposal by the Local Council of Murcia Youth and appreciate its positive aspects for the implementation of the new service supramunicipal
  • The University of Murcia Bike provides access to Merced campus at night (07/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens urged the mayor to cease Councilman Transportation for its "inability" (07/02/2013)

  • A replica of the famous Malecon Lion will preside its place since the eighteenth century (07/02/2013)
    The original piece will remain in the City Museum, next to the memorial stone.
  • Murcia International City promotes the "Exportafácil" to expand markets for products Murcia (07/02/2013)
    The Department of Institutional Relations will sign an agreement with ATA and ACOCEX to immigrants who return to their countries serve as a vehicle to promote companies Murcia
  • The child Blas Sarabia wins a bicycle to visit the exhibition 'The energy that moves us' the Science Museum (07/02/2013)
    More than 9,000 people have known because this shows the world energy situation and the alternatives
  • The municipality colored dresses for its carnival (07/02/2013)
    From 8 to 12 February will be held the largest parades in the neighborhoods and districts of Murcia
  • The Socialist Group PP claims that the Chamber has jeopardized the livelihood of 6,000 families (07/02/2013)

  • The Italian pianist Andrea Turini gives a concert in the auditorium, where they perform music of Bach (07/02/2013)

  • Jose Luis Montero presents the Mills River in his photographs of the landscape and the territory (07/02/2013)
    ​​ The exhibition can be seen until next April
  • Networking commitment to training and leisure with free activities for 14 weekends (07/02/2013)
    Conversation in English and German, public speaking, social skills and career counseling are some of the proposals
  • 25 workshops for about 600 students learn more about the European Union (07/02/2013)
    The project 'Europe in Schools 2.0' is held for the fourth consecutive year
  • A doctoral student at the University of Murcia wins an award from the College of Pharmacists (07/02/2013)

  • ASSIDOcelebra the tenth anniversary of its Occupational Center Casillas (06/02/2013)
    Some 125 people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities have received support in these facilities
  • The Governing Board approved a package of projects of social services for children and adolescents (06/02/2013)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates the tenth anniversary of Communication Studies (06/02/2013)

  • Students from the school Our Lady of Fuensanta Beniaján know the Country Owl (06/02/2013)
    The Department of Environment joined the Environmental Education program and educational briefings on the initiative
  • Kike: "Think of something else other than winning, is not part of our ideology" (06/02/2013)
    happy and proud to be chosen third 'Best Player'
  • The Office of Tourism Belluga expands due to increased number of visitors (06/02/2013)
    In 2012 there has been a 51.72% increase in the number of tourists, from the previous year
  • The Socialist Group launches a new campaign in defense of public transport (06/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens will again seek the settlement of the park and ride from the Malecon (06/02/2013)

  • Terra Natura Murcia celebrates Carnival with a children's show and a chocolate (06/02/2013)

  • He starts working the joint committee that will propose a new school map (06/02/2013)

  • Students of Veterinary Medicine, University of Murcia organized a conference on the visual system of the bull (06/02/2013)

  • The University of Murcia wins two awards for her performances in defense of the environment (06/02/2013)

  • The professor at the University of Murcia Antonio Garcia Lopez opens an exhibition in the hall Arquitécnica Ruzafa Valencia (06/02/2013)

  • A course addresses the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries (06/02/2013)

  • Latbus Iniesta claim deeds, not words when it comes to fulfilling their agreements and ensure social bonds (06/02/2013)
    Thanks to the intervention of Vice President of the Autonomous Community concessionaire can raise cash and pay their employees
  • Kike, named third 'Best Player' (05/02/2013)
    In seventh place, Miguelín
  • The Youth Council has already delivered all documentation to the Community to start the Owl Bus service (05/02/2013)
    The youth organization hopes to restore service in the coming weeks after receiving authorization from the Department of Transport
  • The Mayor welcomes the new board of Moors and Christians (05/02/2013)
    Alfonso Gálvez with Mayor commented that activities are planned for this year, including talks and lectures on Muslim Murcia
  • IU-Greens against the privatization of buhobús (05/02/2013)

  • The playgrounds of the gardens are illuminated with white light (05/02/2013)
    To improve visibility, consume less energy and pollute less
  • The Magic, leisure and solidarity filled the Circus Theatre Grand Illusions (05/02/2013)

  • Rafa: "We fit fewer goals, that means we are doing things better" (05/02/2013)

  • Professor Antonio López Cabanes, elected president of the Subcommittee on Quality CRUE (05/02/2013)

  • Three weeks after the absurdity continues around buhobús (05/02/2013)
    The Socialist Group reorders cessation councilor for Transport, Javier Iniesta, for his inability to manage public transport in the city
  • The Municipal Board of Corvera, when running the PSOE, not worried about the football field (05/02/2013)
    Users use of the pool changing rooms, which are located next
  • The Club Murcia close to perfection in the League Cup Judo and his teams placed in the top of the ranking (05/02/2013)

  • Murcia Clean Cast encourages parcel delivery companies to use bicycles for transportation in the urban (05/02/2013)
    Redyser launches this initiative with a tricycle, a motorcycle and two electric cars
  • The school San Francisco de Asis Mission collaborates with Children (04/02/2013)

  • Talks for parents to learn early stimulation and health prevention with their babies (04/02/2013)
    Fifty people participated in this initiative of the Department of Equality Policies to be held at the Cultural Center of Corvera, Women's Center of Vistabella Center for Women and La Ñora
  • Iniesta criticizes "ignorance or deliberate lie the Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Pedro Lopez" (04/02/2013)
    The councilman explained that "if the City has not received state funding for public transportation is because of the debts of the concessionaire"
  • Present the book posthumous tribute to Professor Francisco Gutiérrez Díez (04/02/2013)

  • IU-Greens boots commitment to allocate Churra PP board games social spending (04/02/2013)

  • "New PP teasing" (04/02/2013)
    The socialist mayor Susana Hernandez reports that the local government will spend 40,000 euros from Europe to install GPS in almost no bike lanes that exist in the municipality
  • Valladolises celebrates feast of La Candelaria (03/02/2013)

  • Valladolises, a work of art (03/02/2013)
    The district promotes an initiative for neighbors cooperate in remodeling of the environment
  • Man injured after being hit by a car in Crta Cobatillas, Murcia (03/02/2013)

  • Socialists require correction of deficiencies football field left Corvera years (03/02/2013)

  • Successful public Murcia stand at FITUR (02/02/2013)

  • The Museum of Science and Water presents a series of workshops, lectures and tours on volcanoes and earthquakes (02/02/2013)
    The registration period is now open and the first conference will take place on February 7
  • Manolo Escobar presents his Anthology of the song at the Teatro Romea Murcia (01/02/2013)
    It will be on February 8, at 21 am
  • The Semas serves eight people from the cold this week (01/02/2013)

  • Murcia tram gives a monthly charge to users UNIBON student with the highest number of monthly validations (01/02/2013)
    During 2012 boarded the tram over 3.5 million people
  • Parliament, the Cathedral of Tapeo, the only establishment in town that does the Q for Quality in 2012 (01/02/2013)

  • The Socialist Group manages to limit the speed and controls put in Ronda Sur and other urban sections with traffic flow (01/02/2013)

  • The Garden of Malecón becomes a showcase of international peacekeeping missions of the Armed Forces (01/02/2013)

  • Murcia bet Fitur for gastronomic tourism (01/02/2013)
    General Assembly Participates in Taste Spain Murcia Promote your offer on national radio stations
  • A research team at the University of Murcia has published a study in the journal PLoS Pathogens (01/02/2013)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia calls for greater use of software sales (01/02/2013)

  • The red palm weevil kills hundreds of palm trees on the campus of the University of Espinardo Murcia (01/02/2013)


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