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Murcia News - April 2012

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  • Tornel denounces the "false debate" on the tram (30/04/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for the removal of the branch of the trolley to the UCAM about the low number of passengers (30/04/2012)

  • Volunteers in Action Blue performed about 2,300 operations and ophthalmology in Togo (30/04/2012)
    Twenty donors have participated in this initiative
  • The University organizes three exhibitions of Vincent Armiñana in a retrospective on the artist (30/04/2012)

  • PSOE: "The May 1 is celebrated in the parish of Zarandona removing the street name" (29/04/2012)
    Socialist spokesman in the Municipality of Zarandona, Eugenio Martinez, denounced the cacicada approved by the PP alone in the Municipal deciding to rename a stretch as the Augustines Street
  • A motorcyclist died after accident in the municipality of Murcia (29/04/2012)

  • The New Javalí Municipal Board passes a motion of the PSOE to implement a moratorium on the payment of fords (28/04/2012)

  • The City Council renewed its commitment to the bands and musical groups of the municipality (28/04/2012)

  • Smart Cities Network adds efforts to design municipalities provide better services at lower cost (27/04/2012)

  • The closing UCAM Congress 'Modern Constitutionalism and Human Rights Protection' (27/04/2012)
    The event had the participation of Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García Legaz
  • Public response to the most ambitious program in the history of SOS 4.8 has been extraordinary (27/04/2012)
    opens and the first Summer Festival
  • Murcia through the literature of the nineteenth century (27/04/2012)
    The University of Murcia presents "The Kingdom of Murcia in the retina of the traveler," first fruit of the agreement between Editum and MA in Translation and Interpretation
  • More than 30,000 people will gather in Murcia on the occasion of SOS 4.8 (27/04/2012)

  • A researcher from the University of Murcia creates a type of optical microscope to obtain three-dimensional images Phase (27/04/2012)

  • Continue environmental activities in city gardens and the White Majal (27/04/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for the rise of 8% does not apply to the lines connecting Murcia with the districts (27/04/2012)

  • A monument at the entrance to Espinardo honors the historical tradition of the paprika industry (27/04/2012)

  • Moya-Angeler talks about citizen participation in a law Congress held at the UCAM (27/04/2012)

  • Sign in prison for assaulting a woman inside of your car to steal her purse (27/04/2012)
    The victim was wounded in the scuffle he had with the aggressor, holding a screwdriver
  • Murcia, capital of Spanish and Latin American University (27/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia announces the contest to award the maintenance of the aquarium (27/04/2012)

  • Murcia City Council reviews the Generational Coexistence program that is developed in collaboration with the University of Murcia since 1995 (26/04/2012)

  • Former Director of Panrico Group, and current CEO of Aladdin Capital, Caesar Bardají (26/04/2012)
    "Reaching the target is not the same to get it"
  • The UCAM commemorates the centenary of the Constitution of Cadiz (26/04/2012)
    Congress' Modern Constitutionalism and Human Rights Protection: The relation of Cadiz
  • Adopted Murcia UPyD initiative to correct deficiencies of gray areas in the municipality of Murcia (26/04/2012)

  • The Smart Cities cited in Murcia (26/04/2012)

  • 'The Dream of a Summer Night' comes to La Nave (26/04/2012)

  • The UCAM hosts the XI Meeting of Heads of Spanish Universities Protocol (26/04/2012)
    The symposium will take place from 25 to 28 April in the Catholic
  • The painter Pedro Cano relates his personal experience with painting at the University of Murcia (26/04/2012)

  • The initiative of the PSOE against cuts in school transport encourages a unanimous agreement in the House (26/04/2012)

  • The House requires the adoption of the Autonomous Region plans to improve air quality (26/04/2012)

  • The six students are awarded Murcian National Olympiad in Physics (26/04/2012)

  • IU-Green claimed in an act of decentralization of Bacons Bridge (26/04/2012)

  • Rafael Gomez participates in the presentation of the book commemorating 50 years of artistic career FCG (26/04/2012)

  • The Full commitment to ensure school transport in the municipality (26/04/2012)

  • Promotion of infrastructure improvements Sangonera la Seca (26/04/2012)

  • The team Youngsters League Champion is proclaimed to four days to complete the championship (26/04/2012)

  • The City Council invites submitted to the National Energy Awards EnerAgen (26/04/2012)

  • Students in Preschool and Primary UCAM teach teach values (25/04/2012)
    The UCAM was held today the First Day of students in Grades Preschool and Primary Education
  • House says the crisis has caused municipal revenues recede over a decade (25/04/2012)
    The Mayor, who has participated in a working lunch with over 30 employers Circle of Economics, has warned that the City began in 2008 to adjust its budget income
  • Workshops and performances at the Hispano-Paraguayan fair held in Merced (25/04/2012)
    Participating Centers for Women and associations
  • The University of Murcia patent teaches a day (25/04/2012)

  • Awarded the new library service (25/04/2012)
    will be in operation during the month of May and will remain to all employees
  • Day International Noise Awareness 2012 (25/04/2012)
    Silent noise in the UCAM
  • The University of Murcia analyzes the legal status of rehabilitation and urban renewal (25/04/2012)

  • The urban section of the tram takes another step with the approval of the feasibility study (25/04/2012)
    The Governing Board gives its approval to the organization of a competition to evaluate all the details of the new line will link with the Station Plaza Circular del Carmen
  • The chartered psychologists will enter the laboratory tests at the University of Murcia (25/04/2012)

  • Medical students from overcrowded warn if new powers (25/04/2012)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary will propose extending festival activities Murcia Three Cultures in the districts (25/04/2012)
    The mayor asked Andrea Garries the local government to establish a clear strategy for dissemination of this cultural event as an instrument of attraction and generating economic activity
  • IU-Green asked the City Council to resolve "in a timely manner" administrative procedures (25/04/2012)

  • Last days to register with the Fire Murcia benefit race to benefit the Fundación Vicente Ferrer (25/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia, home of the Student Assembly of Computing in Spain (25/04/2012)

  • The Moneo hosts a lecture series on noise (24/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia strengthens collaboration with FCG (24/04/2012)

  • Two Directors-General of the Ministry of Education of Paraguay have made speeches on culture and education (24/04/2012)
    Senior officials of the Ministry of Education visit the UCAM Paraguay
  • González Tovar says the PSOE will not support cuts in funding and quality of the University of Murcia (24/04/2012)

  • The Merced campus hosts the conference to promote the use of electronic services in the community college (24/04/2012)

  • The Third International Exhibition of Beer this year Murcia offers the possibility of this drink in a home (24/04/2012)

  • The Third Conference on consumption morning address health benefits through food (24/04/2012)

  • Full UPyD Murcia takes the implantation of specific banks for the elderly and disabled (24/04/2012)

  • Nearly a thousand students compete today in the second stage of the competition Driver Education and Accident Prevention (24/04/2012)

  • The Faculty of Education hosted the local phase of the Mathematical Olympiad (24/04/2012)

  • The PSOE confirms the suspicions of irregularities in the sale of municipal land for the construction of Intersa JC1 (24/04/2012)
    ​​ After holding the plenary commission, the mayor Susana Hernandez reaffirmed his doubts about this matter and requests the council Procurement fulfill its commitment to investigate all the way and establish responsibilities
  • The tram service is fully restored in the shuttle to the UCAM (23/04/2012)

  • The Mayor joins the reading marathon XV Nebrija College dedicated to the sport (23/04/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls the PP to consider whether, in times of crisis is profitable and a tram priority to solve the urgent connection with the neighborhood La Redonda del Carmen (23/04/2012)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, believes that the City should consider whether now ripe for such a large investment deal because there are other cheaper ways to join the North-South
  • Campus Mare Nostrum The course addresses in marine technology and the importance of the sky and the light in the Mediterranean (23/04/2012)

  • Maria Dolores Sanchez offers a reception for participants in the study visit Quality Teacher Education (23/04/2012)

  • Cyril pass a routine examination in CardioSalus, clinical reference stand in Murcia (23/04/2012)

  • More than 350 residents of Sangonera La Seca still unsewered sites in North Cave Mill and the village of (23/04/2012)
    The socialist mayor Jose Zapata also denounces the lack of sidewalks on most streets and roads in the area, and the status of paving them, in some cases nonexistent
  • UPyD Murcia bet for a tram station with El Carmen Gran Vía with limited traffic (23/04/2012)
    Murcia UPyD spokesman, Ruben Serna, says that "we support this route if accompanied by a limitation of emergency traffic, public transport, access to parking and residents'
  • Mario Antonio Champion and Bronze in the Open of Spain Veterans (23/04/2012)
    Murcia Excellent results in a difficult tournament.
  • The Child team mathematically proclaimed Champions League (23/04/2012)

  • Two students from IES Miguel Espinosa published a book (23/04/2012)

  • The best pool players in the country have gathered in Murcia this weekend (22/04/2012)

  • The lace brings together more than 500 people at the center of the city of Murcia (22/04/2012)

  • The City continues to work with New Horizon Association Murcia in the integration of people with intellectual disabilities (22/04/2012)

  • More than 3,500 residents affected by high levels of toxic and carcinogenic in Javalí New (22/04/2012)

  • Murcia, who hosted the meeting of the Smart Cities (21/04/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia commitment to telework as no cost-saving initiative that enables social and reconciling work and family (21/04/2012)

  • The City Council started an ambitious project working with children 0 to 17 years (21/04/2012)

  • The UCAM held a conference on concrete technology (20/04/2012)
    The director of Degrees in Architecture and Building Engineering, Juan Roldan, has lectured on 'The concrete of the poor'
  • XV National Congress of Physiotherapy Electrotherapy `UCAM: new perspectives for research and clinical application ' (20/04/2012)
    Prestigious UCAM experts address the clinical applications of electrotherapy
  • The University of Murcia organizes a concert of young poets (20/04/2012)

  • The UCAM welcomes the Holy Relics of St. John of Avila (20/04/2012)
    The Saint's relics will venerated today Friday, April 20, until 17:00 pm in the Temple of the Monastery of San Jerónimo
  • RNE House celebrates its 75th anniversary (20/04/2012)

  • Francisco Rabal again Murcia (20/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates Fun Run VI (20/04/2012)
    Sunday April 22 is the deadline for registration for the test
  • The National Police arrested a sought for attempted murder and drug trafficking who is charged with several recent crimes committed in Murcia (20/04/2012)

  • The Ship Festival celebrates the Solidarity for Africa I Nomadar, woman to woman (20/04/2012)

  • High school sophomores participating in the Olympiad of Economics and Business (20/04/2012)

  • Maria Dolores Sanchez welcomes participants in the Comenius project led by the IES Cascales (20/04/2012)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia offers his first puppet show for children aged 1 to 3 years (20/04/2012)

  • It is published a new edition of the journal Global Nursing at the University of Murcia (20/04/2012)

  • Fair exchange, conferences and exhibitions to celebrate Intercultural Week I-Paraguayan Spanish (20/04/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls on the PP to clarify what type of control exercised by the Council on the social center of Juan Carlos I (20/04/2012)

  • IU-Green City of Murcia accused of jeopardizing the library workers (20/04/2012)

  • Maria Dolores Sanchez participates in conferences organized by the School Board of the Region of Murcia on media and education (20/04/2012)

  • New Knights of the Virgin of Fuensanta (19/04/2012)
    26 new Murcia have decided to join the Brotherhood led by their devotion to the patron saint of Murcia, the Virgin of Fuensanta
  • House opens Café V Week promoted by "Salzillo Tea and Coffee" (19/04/2012)

  • Pedro Cano raises the curtain of the "Painters at the scene" of Teatro Circo Murcia (19/04/2012)

  • The victims of terrorism explain their bid to build a peaceful society associations and older women in the municipality (19/04/2012)

  • The Romea Murcia brings social and cultural differences of human beings "The guy's grave next" (19/04/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia Mayor requires an official explanation for the removal of the banner of Water for All (19/04/2012)
    For Councilman Sotomayor would be "inconsistent and contradictory" his retirement because of the attitude of the Popular Party in recent years
  • The UCAM, Banco Santander, EFA and Vodafone, have an NFC project for Time Attendance and Access to Campus Jeronimos (19/04/2012)
    Gemalto and Huawei companies have collaborated in the development of this innovative pilot project, based on technology Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • The University of Murcia Opens Third Regional Congress of Junior Researchers (19/04/2012)

  • Enrique Ujaldón: "Tourism in the Region of Murcia has present and future" (19/04/2012)
    Conference on 'Tourism policy in the Region of Murcia'
  • Flamenco at the University of Murcia (19/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the Tenth Day of University Development Cooperation (19/04/2012)

  • Green light for the award of the ice maker Fish Market in Mercamurcia (19/04/2012)

  • Murcia Tram starts routing between UCAM and Terra Natura-Rectors for two days (19/04/2012)

  • A UI-Green not surprised that the COAMU withdraw complaints against the PERI of La Paz (19/04/2012)

  • Ciuco Gutierrez brings to the Mills Area río_Caballerizas emotional landscapes (19/04/2012)

  • Start the week dedicated to science, sea and sky at the International University of the Sea (19/04/2012)
    It is one of the courses of the Mediterranean Know How 2012
  • The power of advertising in children and adolescents (19/04/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for the cessation of the procedures for awarding the contract of the youth center The Nave (19/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the Sixth Conference for Vocational Guidance and Employment (19/04/2012)

  • More than 168,000 euros to undertake paving works in various districts (19/04/2012)

  • The City boasts a library exist in Casillas (18/04/2012)
    Brochures distributed to neighbors include services not provided in the village and facilities are not open
  • Tortosa, "Murcia City Council acts as provided by the SEF in relation to the courses to take in the future Corvera airport" (18/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the season finale of blood donation (18/04/2012)

  • A week of activities marking the World Dance Day (18/04/2012)

  • The City Council supports the request to Yecla favorite son Juan Miguel Benedito (18/04/2012)
    The former Mayor of Yecla for eight years died in 2011
  • The University of Murcia debate on the sustainability of the National Health System (18/04/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia supports the demands and grievances of the Neighborhood Association and ask for a local Carmelite to develop their work (18/04/2012)

  • The Socialist Group is concerned by the offer of employment and training Corvera Airport (18/04/2012)
    Councilman John Patrick Castro asks whether the city of Murcia to suspend the training courses planned for future workers, as has the Consistory of Fuente Alamo
  • Thomas Mann stars in the close of the lecture series "Return of the living far away" (18/04/2012)

  • Social Welfare renews its commitment to needy children of the Holy Spirit Espinardo (18/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates the Olympiad of Economics and Business (18/04/2012)

  • "The consumer wants to taste traditional products" (17/04/2012)
    Director General of Conserve Italia has lectured in the UCAM on 'Innovation in mature markets feeding'
  • The University of Murcia, Lorca raise funds for a solidarity conference (17/04/2012)

  • Resumes the school after the holidays in April and the municipal libraries remain closed from Christmas (17/04/2012)
    The socialist mayor Susana Hernandez does not understand how the lack of foresight of the PP has been kept closed libraries for four months by the Local government promised to solve the problem by way of emergency
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the bicentennial of the Constitution of Cadiz with a series of conferences (17/04/2012)

  • The painters come to Teatro Circo Murcia (17/04/2012)

  • Miguelín: "We've shown we want to be in the first place. Now we have to keep working" (17/04/2012)

  • A window on the world's conflicts in the Faculty of Law (17/04/2012)
    Doctors Without Borders looks at its history in an exhibition at the University of Murcia
  • Hall and "la Caixa" push a plan to combat child poverty (17/04/2012)

  • Miles of solidarity towards Niger (17/04/2012)

  • The CRUE expressed their discomfort with the demands of Cedar (17/04/2012)

  • The City is awarded the Naos Strategy Plan for the Promotion of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (17/04/2012)

  • PRDE asks House to "take example and resign" (17/04/2012)

  • The Rector and the Minister of Health closed the national congress of medical students (16/04/2012)

  • The street cleaning service includes more than 25,000 kilos of waste on the Burial of the Sardine (16/04/2012)

  • Awarded by lot 19 new orchards leisure (16/04/2012)

  • New Exhibition of Regional Handicraft Guild Several at the Museum of the University of Murcia (16/04/2012)
    The Chamber Nicolás Almansa University Museum, located in the Murcia Artillery Barracks will host the exhibition of the Guild of Handicraft Regional Multiple in its third edition.
  • El Bando de la Huerta and the Burial of the Sardine have welcomed more than 1.3 million people (16/04/2012)

  • The School Board of Murcia celebrates a conference on media and education (16/04/2012)
    There will be presentations in eleven cities
  • Congress starts universities in the Mediterranean (16/04/2012)

  • The City of Murcia, example of economic management in the European forum Euromoney (15/04/2012)
    Isabel Martinez Conesa participates in the European Conference on Local Government Finance Regional and describe the measures taken in the city
  • The Gold Medal of the Region, an honor for the Club Murcia Bullfighting (14/04/2012)

  • Alicia Barquero participates in Madrid in the commission of development cooperation FEMP (14/04/2012)

  • La Reina de la Huerta 2012 and her bridesmaids visit the premises of the Civil Guard of Murcia (13/04/2012)
    There have been several exhibitions of human and technical resources available to the Civil Guard
  • The Mayor slashing the 9 meters (13/04/2012)

  • Mayor Carlos Valcarcel delivery to the distinction of "Honorary Cabezudo" Burial of the Sardine 2012 (13/04/2012)

  • ... (13/04/2012)

  • The place tomorrow tram stops cutting between 18 to 23 hours to facilitate access of football fans in New Condomina (13/04/2012)

  • The City Council has ordered removal of sculptures Farhi Liberty Avenue (13/04/2012)

  • IU-Green presented a motion to ensure road safety in the avenue of El Palmar (13/04/2012)

  • 7RM relays the Burial of the Sardine live (13/04/2012)
    Tomorrow Saturday, at 21:45 hours, we watch the parade and the burning of the Sardine
  • The Gate Cultural Center is organizing the workshop Castilla organic urban gardens 3rd edition (13/04/2012)

  • Running the effective municipal ensure safety and proper development of the Burial of the Sardine (13/04/2012)

  • The Fourth Day Meatloaf again become the most massive act after the Bando de la Huerta (12/04/2012)

  • The Mayor said that "municipalities are the key to sustainability" (12/04/2012)

  • Tourism brings together entrepreneurs, restaurant and to 'sell' Murcia as a dining destination (12/04/2012)

  • Approved three motions of IU-Green to improve urban safety in the Arboleja (12/04/2012)

  • Adri, Saul and Franklin visit the youth (12/04/2012)
    National Meeting of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
  • The Community and the Association meets at 83 Sardinera lower in the V Meeting of Sardines (12/04/2012)
    Seven centers under the Community accounted for the Burial of the Sardine in costumes of each group sardine
  • This is the captain of El Pozo Murcia FS, Kike Boned, the 'classic' First Division: Inter-ElPozo (12/04/2012)

  • The river Segura Urban welcomed Sunday the SUP 2012 (12/04/2012)

  • A photo exhibition on images summarizes the history of bullfighting in Murcia (11/04/2012)
    The sample is already in the funds of Bullfighting Museum
  • Hundreds of thousands of flowers are distributed today in the traditional parade of "Murcia Spring" (11/04/2012)

  • The Mayor presents the experience of Murcia in an international meeting on sustainable mobility (11/04/2012)

  • The Mayor encouraged to "use, play and pamper" the Sardine and enjoy these days of a "singular event" (11/04/2012)

  • Cleaning Operators Murcia City Council collected over 110 tons of trash in the Bando de la Huerta (11/04/2012)
    Over 300 employees have rendered service to this day to leave the city in perfect
  • Day Meatloaf Belluga meet in Murcia and thousands of tourists (10/04/2012)

  • Dani Salgado: "All the costumes are very encouraged by the game against Inter" (10/04/2012)

  • The Minister Manuel Campos points out that the Spring Festival "keep alive the cultural identity, tradition and values ​​of Murcia" (09/04/2012)
    The head of the Ministry of Presidency welcomes the Queens of the Garden 2012 and encourages citizens to join the celebration of the holidays
  • 7RM celebrates the Bando de la Huerta with special programming (09/04/2012)
    One year broadcast the parade live at 18 pm
  • House says Murcia and is willing to spend a few days "full of color, magic and joy" because of the sardine (09/04/2012)

  • Nuria Fuentes, "The High Court and the Court of Auditors described as impeccable handling of the conventions of the Northern Zone" (09/04/2012)

  • A score of professionals ensure Health Emergency Management Assistance Day Bando de la Huerta (09/04/2012)
    Management director, Francisco Celdran, calls for "prudence and responsibility" of citizens to enjoy this festive day without excess
  • The Minister Manuel Campos points out that the Spring Festival "keep alive the cultural identity, tradition and values ​​of Murcia" (09/04/2012)
    The head of the Ministry of Presidency welcomes the Queens of the Garden 2012 and encourages citizens to join the celebration of the holidays
  • "In the city of Murcia is always brought from the law, the legality and the public interest" (09/04/2012)
    Chamber reiterates that the participation of the Mayor and Council in dealing with administrative files corresponds exactly to that provided by law , and always with favorable technical and legal reports
  • On sale for the Wake Children's Theatre Circus Sardina Murcia (09/04/2012)

  • PRDE: "Mr. House Go, go!" (09/04/2012)
    As reported by Juan Jose Molina, spokesman for PRDE, "the judge has decided attributed to Michelangelo House Botia in the web of alleged corruption in the north, as their signature appears on nearly all of the documents investigated "
  • Several hostesses distributed 15,000 biodegradable bags in the gardens of Murcia during the Bando de la Huerta (09/04/2012)

  • House presides over the opening of the barracks accompanied by the Queens of the Huerta 2012 (08/04/2012)
    The event was held in the Garden of Fame at the tavern of San Isidro Pena-La Panocha
  • The Mayor accompanies Maria del Carmen Martinez and Paul Barnabas in his coronation as Queen of the Garden (08/04/2012)

  • Health launches campaign "If you drink, drink with-strings" for young people to moderate alcohol consumption during the Bando (07/04/2012)

  • Previous Fisiomedia Manacor-El Pozo Murcia FS (05/04/2012)
    Friday April 6 - 21:00 pm-Palma Arena
  • The PSOE Cascales ask why charge 50 shorts, 50 poles, 50 shirts, 35 tracksuits for seven janitors (04/04/2012)
    The mayor Andrea Garries request explanations from the mayor of Sports because we still do not understand the criteria that follows when hiring costumes staff of council by which the Murcia have paid almost $ 10,000
  • The University of Murcia assists in the first symposium of experts in the ecclesiastical courts (04/04/2012)

  • IU-Green asks what to do before the camera cuts in municipal investments Rajoy (04/04/2012)

  • About a thousand troops ensure the safety and smooth running of the acts of the Spring Festival 2012 (04/04/2012)

  • Tourism brochures published for the first time on the Bando de la Huerta and the Burial of the Sardine (04/04/2012)

  • The musical play space Estrella de Levante offers six concerts to enjoy during four of the nine days of Spring Festival 2012 (04/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia Caritas delivered food collected in the solidarity campaign (04/04/2012)

  • The morning Coloraos Murcia live in 7RM (03/04/2012)
    Live broadcast from 18 hours
  • "Teaching Songs of the most bitter night of Tuna" (03/04/2012)
    Tuna Participation of Education of Murcia in the Procession of Silence of the Brotherhood of Christ the Refuge STMO Holy Thursday
  • The program on your mobile (03/04/2012)

  • IU-Green notes the increase "runaway" of unemployment in the first 100 days in office PP (03/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia launches competition for the purchase of computer resources by 759,000 euros (03/04/2012)

  • The Socialist Group regrets that the tourist office Belluga there is no information leaflet on the Bando de la Huerta (02/04/2012)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea describes as surprising that this party lacks a tourism promotion enough, especially now that has been declared a Festival International Tourist Interest and barely a few days left for the meeting
  • IU-Green asked about the contractual relationship of Pepin and Paulo Roberto exfutbolistas with the City (02/04/2012)

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and have transformed the story (02/04/2012)

  • Culture restores the Christ of the Isabelas Salzillo (02/04/2012)
    The work has been rehabilitated by the Center for Restoration of the Region of Murcia, and his speech confirms Francisco Salzillo as the author of the same
  • The Office of Tourism Belluga dresses up (02/04/2012)

  • Marcos Canovas could get on the podium getting the bronze medal (02/04/2012)

  • Available beds in the Spring School of Integrated Children's Centre Juan Carlos I (02/04/2012)

  • UPyD proposed Murcia Murcia Cathedral museumization to ensure equity and sustainability of the museum (02/04/2012)

  • The Romea Theatre hosts from 9 to 12 April its traditional cycle of Operetta (02/04/2012)

  • Tourism touted as the city of Murcia and fashion design with the celebration of the Gateway Open (02/04/2012)

  • The Orphanage 'The Annunciation' opens Sucina (02/04/2012)
    It hosts pregnant women and women with young babies
  • The National Police offer safety tips for the upcoming festivities (02/04/2012)

  • The University of Murcia closes buildings at Easter and Spring Festival to save (02/04/2012)

  • Advance sale of tickets for the Burial of the Sardine in the neighborhood of El Carmen (01/04/2012)


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