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Murcia News - December 2010

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  • Platform Affected by Mortgage of El Palmar denounces the attitude of an officer (30/12/2010)
    on the record that shares the region with the City of Murcia, located in the plaza of the Apostles
  • UPyD be on its agenda the Internet broadcast through the town meetings (30/12/2010)

  • Full absolute children's workshops organized by the Museum of the City (30/12/2010)

  • Visit El Pozo Murcia Caja Segovia track in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey (30/12/2010)

  • Pedro Lopez encourages citizens to continue calling your mobile phone number (30/12/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia has personally attended all calls to the number 661402001
  • Four thousand kilos of toys for underprivileged children (30/12/2010)

  • Kike Boned be Wise in the Parade of the City of Murcia (30/12/2010)

  • The main streets of downtown will be cut tomorrow afternoon traffic by holding the San Silvestre race (30/12/2010)

  • Start Cup competition Coca-Cola in Murcia (30/12/2010)

  • Kike Boned, Gregorio González Patricio Valverde and embody the Magi (29/12/2010)

  • The new Coca Cola Cup comes to Murcia on 3 January (29/12/2010)

  • The City prohibits a New Year's Eve party in the old Mundaka for lack of license (29/12/2010)

  • The Department of Party and shared Hortiberia lucky grapes on Friday (29/12/2010)

  • Ten associations receive support to develop their projects with patients (29/12/2010)

  • Parent School Sangonera prisoners of the Green (29/12/2010)

  • The PP puts the City of Murcia on the verge of bankruptcy (29/12/2010)
    Socialist spokesman Alfonso Navarro, complains that, because of economic mismanagement and waste, the City end of the year asking for a loan of EUR 45 million Operating expenses
  • Social Welfare maintains the actions of support, assistance and advocacy to groups that are served from the Department (29/12/2010)

  • The debut Murcia tram in the first quarter of 2011 (29/12/2010)
    Marketplace Veronicas have a new Municipal Office of Consumer Information
  • Mayor CONCOA firsthand the needs and concerns of the residents of Los Rosales, El Palmar (29/12/2010)

  • New projects to improve the city (28/12/2010)

  • Fuconsa Jaén El Pozo Murcia FS-FS (28/12/2010)
    Second Round-Copa del Rey
  • The municipal fleet next year will include electric and hybrid vehicles (28/12/2010)

  • The Confraternity of the Sangre de Murcia held in 2011 a Jubilee Year in the sixth centenary (28/12/2010)

  • The Cider Navarra received the diploma for the best cover at the third edition of "Tapas in Murcia" (28/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Party believes that Urban should sell the pharaonic building the new management infrastructure to run in 2011 (28/12/2010)

  • AJVA reinstall your Aljucer Bethlehem, where youth center, historic buildings set in Murcia (27/12/2010)

  • Barroso: "If we try to Jaén Honor as a team as they deserve, I do not have any problem in bringing us victory" (27/12/2010)

  • Murcia will be the first city in Spain to stop issuing achieved 40% of CO2 into the atmosphere (27/12/2010)
    The next year will double the Orchards of Leisure The town will have a new ordinance Green Spaces and Woodland Protection
  • The Fire will have a toe room coordination and emergency management that incorporates the latest technologies (27/12/2010)
    The vehicle fleet is renewed to ensure coverage for all incidents that may occur in the city
  • Two thousand people clothed House next to the Mayor of Los Angeles Child (26/12/2010)

  • Success of solidarity calendar sales made by the City and Blue in Action (26/12/2010)

  • 60 groups receive grants for projects of Social Welfare and Social Services (26/12/2010)
    For a total of more than 223,000 euros
  • Three injured in fire in a dwelling in Beniaján (25/12/2010)
    Three injured in fire in a house in the C / Las Balsas, 27, Beniajan, Murcia
  • Sports supports the work of six clubs by providing more than 177,000 euros in subsidies (25/12/2010)

  • Approved paving of roadways and sidewalks in twelve districts (25/12/2010)
    The work will be at The Ñora, Canadas de San Pedro, Llano de Brujas, El Raal, Puebla de Soto, Corvera, Stables, Beniaján, San Ginés, La Alberca, Sangonera Aljucer and the Seca
  • The Minister of Social Policy on Christmas Eve shares with the highest residence Javier Azagra of El Palmar (24/12/2010)
    The center currently houses 114 people in its 130 places available
  • Iturralde and Rafa Guerrero, two luxury guest (24/12/2010)

  • Thirteen buildings are dressed in Gaya boxes to honor the centenary of his birth (23/12/2010)

  • Santa Claus distributed toys at the University of Murcia (23/12/2010)

  • Four weekly markets will move from area to improve safety and accessibility (23/12/2010)

  • A Murcia Mall hosts a medieval market during the holidays (23/12/2010)
    May visit from December 25 to January 2, 11 am to 11 pm
  • Pedro Lopez puts his mobile phone number available to all citizens and calls for participation in public life (23/12/2010)
    The socialist candidate Murcia City Hall to personally attend the calls to the number 661402001
  • The Board of Trustees approves the budget of 2011 for 211.1 million euros (23/12/2010)

  • Saving energy and action in public wards and parishes (23/12/2010)

  • The Shepherd of the Diocese presided over the Christmas Mass UCAM (22/12/2010)
  • Students of the UCAM Christmas congratulate the Bishop of Cartagena (22/12/2010)

  • Puertas de Castilla calls twelve scholarships for training and mentoring for new photographic talent (22/12/2010)

  • Press release platform Affected by Mortgage of El Palmar (22/12/2010)

  • The show of degrees of the Faculty of Arts will be named its first dean (22/12/2010)

  • About 500 youth will participate in courses at the Department of Employment in 2011 (22/12/2010)
    Boost works in the Local Police Headquarters in La Alberca and Youth Access Centre Juan de Borbón are other projects
  • Record of participation in activities of the Department of Sports (22/12/2010)

  • The staff of El Pozo Murcia FS is working with the calendar ASPANPAL 2011 (22/12/2010)

  • Ramón Gaya Museum is hosting this week's Christmas Concert Choir Discantus (22/12/2010)
    At 20 hours, with free access
  • Councilman Rafael Gomez giant mailbox opens the Magi (22/12/2010)

  • Murcia wins 25 miles of bicycle paths that connect with Beniel Contraparada speck near the River Segura (22/12/2010)

  • Gaspar Zarrías the bike path crosses the River Segura Mota, funded by the State Fund 2010 (22/12/2010)
    The city of Murcia has three new bike lanes built with an investment of four million E Plan
  • The director of the Language Service will represent the Spanish universities in the Certification System of Spanish as a foreign language (22/12/2010)

  • Students of the University of Murcia get a silver medal in programming contest (22/12/2010)

  • The UCAM debate on the legal consequences of piracy (21/12/2010)

  • Medical students raise money for a partnership against AIDS (21/12/2010)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS - Trim Navarra (21/12/2010)
    XXII Cup Spain-Segovia 2011
  • The Mayor congratulated the Black Stars after winning Algezares of Spain (21/12/2010)

  • New educational spaces (21/12/2010)

  • The Chamber Mayor City Council awards prizes for best business ideas (21/12/2010)

  • The IES Floridablanca Floricoro congratulates Christmas to run the Department of Education (21/12/2010)

  • Two new youth center will double the offer of the municipality (21/12/2010)

  • The municipality will live next year a revolution in street cleaning and waste collection (21/12/2010)

  • Social Welfare organized a 'School Christmas' for Murcia to reconcile work and family life (21/12/2010)

  • Christmas 2010 at the Universidad Catolica San Antonio (21/12/2010)
    More than 2000 students from the UCAM blessed Christmas in Murcia
  • Presentation of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation "Verbum Domini" in the CETEP of Murcia (21/12/2010)
  • The budget of the University of Murcia for 2011 fell by seven per cent (21/12/2010)

  • Jump-speed train and the motorway Reguerón (20/12/2010)

  • The Artillery Barracks welcomes Camon, a new space for culture (20/12/2010)

  • Murcia Mayor and Council provide for Christmas (20/12/2010)

  • Cobacho rectory reset the computer to enhance the management of the Mare Nostrum Campus (20/12/2010)

  • Chorus Meeting in Santo Domingo (20/12/2010)

  • Free entry to all those children up to 15 years to deposit a toy store in New Condomina official (20/12/2010)

  • Santa Claus visits the plenary (20/12/2010)

  • Kike: "Getting ElPozo of the pools is somewhat risky" (20/12/2010)
    Interview with the captain of El Pozo Murcia FS
  • Socialist Youth of the Municipality of Murcia launches the Area-E portal to advise young people in employment (20/12/2010)

  • The House approved the project to move its headquarters CAM Street financial González Adalid (20/12/2010)
    And Oren to recover the old Post Office building
  • Film Tintin, workshops for children and adults and tours are part of the municipal museums offer for Christmas (20/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Group voted against a new attack against the historical heritage of Murcia (20/12/2010)

  • Melilla El Pozo Murcia FS-FS (20/12/2010)
    Second-round Copa del Rey Javier Imbroda Ortiz Pavilion
  • The University of Murcia celebrates Fair Exchange Time Bank (20/12/2010)

  • The School of Social Work collects food and toys for the disadvantaged (20/12/2010)

  • UGT CESPA calls for commitment and political forces that any services awarded to the company could be contracted by other companies (20/12/2010)
    In the specification of the provisional award was not contain any 'point' with the explicit prohibition of outsourcing non-essential service itself awarded through subsidiary companies
  • ... (20/12/2010)

  • The population census is increased by more than 4,400 people (20/12/2010)

  • The House approved the start of record to grant the title of Son of Murcia, Juan Torres Fontes (20/12/2010)

  • Distinguish the Mayor House for the restoration of the Holy Child Sangonera la Verde, who stars on Sunday the Second Meeting of crews (20/12/2010)

  • Professor Juan Benito Appointed secretary of the Spanish Association for Peace Research (20/12/2010)

  • The Mayor delivered the opening speech Chamber Christmas Bacons Bridge (19/12/2010)

  • Sports information panels installed seven proposed routes for citizens to walk or run (19/12/2010)

  • Planning approved the plan for the CAM special moves financial headquarters to the street González Adalid (19/12/2010)

  • The closing UCAM the First International Conference Athletics (18/12/2010)
    The symposium focused on athletics from the areas of performance, teaching and management
  • An avenue leads from Murcia now called Doctor Pedro Guillen (18/12/2010)

  • The public may view the draft Urban planning and management through Web Management (18/12/2010)
    The service may be used as of December 22 have been scanned 87,890 files with a size of 1,372 GB Storage and scanned paper surface of 12,283 meters square
  • Santa Claus has come to Murcia (18/12/2010)

  • María San Gil, "ETA has to be defeated, should be winners and losers" (17/12/2010)
    The former president of the Basque PP, Maria San Gil, the UCAM
  • Bascuñana delivery diplomas Christmas Card Contest organized by the Occupational Espinardo (17/12/2010)
    The day ends with a tasting of a giant paella
  • Open to traffic Beniaján new avenue that will cover the stretch between La Fica and the hamlet five minutes (17/12/2010)

  • A sign of the painter Luis Fernandez will announce the sixth anniversary of the Confraternity of the Blood (17/12/2010)

  • Castillo opened this afternoon Christmas Fair Zarandona (17/12/2010)

  • They publish a literary magazine with the participation of experts in the work of Castillo-Puche (17/12/2010)

  • End of school workshop that deals with the Youth Access Centre (17/12/2010)

  • The Mayor awards prizes to children who have drawn their best ideas on street cleaning (17/12/2010)

  • Students are trained as ecolíderes Murcia with young people from Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Portugal and Finland (17/12/2010)

  • More than 250 officers ensure the safety and traffic during Christmas Parties (17/12/2010)

  • A Day at the University of Murcia studied fiscal measures to stimulate the economy (17/12/2010)

  • Pedro López: "The citizens deserve a city council that treats everyone equally" (17/12/2010)
    The candidate has made this morning an initial assessment of his meetings with neighbors and associations
  • Previous Benicarló Aeroport Castelló-El Pozo Murcia FS (17/12/2010)

  • Six million to build two new elementary and primary schools in El Raal and El Palmar (17/12/2010)
    The regional government has approved an investment of 6,057,071 euros for the construction of two new elementary and primary schools in the districts of El Raal Murcia and El Palmar
  • Agreement for the provision of healthcare in the prison in Murcia (17/12/2010)

  • Children's theater and a musical tribute to Miguel Hernández Cortés Oche at the Teatro Bernal (17/12/2010)

  • When will cash your payroll Murcia watchmen? (17/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia invites teachers hired to evaluate his research (17/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the deception and lack of commitment of the PP regarding the work of the sports complex Beniaján (17/12/2010)

  • The Semas serves eight people from the cold (17/12/2010)

  • House opens the Bethlehem municipality, which this year includes current details with the religious Mysteries (16/12/2010)

  • The Mayor held a traditional meeting with members of the Office of Conferences (16/12/2010)

  • Mayor Wins Rafael Vargas Llosa's novel (16/12/2010)

  • The Mayor's House opened a library that will become a cultural reference, education and entertainment in the Greater Santiago (16/12/2010)

  • The writer Rafael Mayor of Barcelona, won the prize XV Vargas Llosa's novel (16/12/2010)
    Francisco Florit, president of the jury: "The winning catch to his future readers"
  • Planning Group adopted the draft Orenes to recover the old Post Office building (16/12/2010)

  • The police arrested two young men linked to right-wing groups, as authors of a stabbing (16/12/2010)

  • Experts discuss the UCAM on high performance in athletics (16/12/2010)
    First International Conference UCAM Athletics
  • Bernabé Tierno offers a conference in the Segura River Library on 'Happiness and essential wisdom of vital optimism in times of crisis' (16/12/2010)

  • Eight Murcia activities will discover and enjoy cycling (16/12/2010)

  • Eulalia Gomez Martinez was awarded the Solidarity Anonymous (16/12/2010)

  • Vinicius: "We do not worry too much lead. The important thing is to be in round 2" (16/12/2010)

  • The municipal center of La Paz receives from its traditional Thursday Bethlehem (16/12/2010)

  • More than 58,000 pupils in the municipality are involved in the program "Know Your City ' (16/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Group will require the rehabilitation and improvement Salabosque the road between La Alberca and Aljucer (16/12/2010)
    PSOE Councillor Tomás García Sebastián further request in full, on a motion to immediately remove the weeds is the road of this pathway
  • The University of Murcia welcomes Christmas with a painting of the Birth Falgas Salzillo (16/12/2010)

  • The Rector informed the Senate on the economic situation of the University (16/12/2010)

  • The Young Entrepreneurs Chair presented the award for best project of creating a company (16/12/2010)

  • Diplomas for the 300 students who have completed training courses in the Resource Center Stables (16/12/2010)

  • The event is decked Creajoven (16/12/2010)

  • Deadline to enter the contest for naming the mascot of the tram (16/12/2010)

  • The Mayor celebrates its annual meeting with associations and residents of Barrio del Carmen (15/12/2010)
    Miguel Angel House has attended the XI Festival of Carols and Traditional Music
  • The City Museum is hosting an exhibition of Aurelio on the tenth anniversary of his death (15/12/2010)

  • The Governing Board awarded provisionally Cespa the street cleaning and waste collection (15/12/2010)

  • The Town Council allocates EUR 72,500 to seven projects for cooperation of NGOs in the municipality (15/12/2010)

  • The director of the School of Protocol, Salvador Hernández, elected member of the Ethics Committee of the OICP (15/12/2010)
    Salvador Hernandez of Spain's only international protocol
  • María San Gil, a former president of the Partido Popular in the Basque Country, will give a lecture, 'rule of law and counterterrorism' (15/12/2010)

  • Present a report on the status of entrepreneurs in the Region of Murcia (15/12/2010)

  • Boy: "I have to try by all means deal with these encounters that come with high solvency and make the best possible" (15/12/2010)

  • Juan José Quirós exhibition at the Museum Salzillo (15/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Group in the heart require that the price of one euro bus is for all tours of the town (15/12/2010)

  • Martínez Cache encourages employers to introduce environmental criteria in their activity (15/12/2010)

  • The doctoral student Raul Antonio Fernandez wins the contest to promote the University of the Sea (15/12/2010)

  • The beer tasting seminar teaches students how to drink responsibly (15/12/2010)

  • 38 students from the University of Murcia complete their studies in Latin America with scholarships ILA (15/12/2010)

  • House delivered the trophies to the winners of the championships Pachis, dominoes and bowls of nursing homes (14/12/2010)

  • Presentation of the opera "Una cosa rara ' (14/12/2010)

  • The windows of the Rowing Club, the work of Muñoz Barberán, look again starting Thursday in the library of St. James the Great (14/12/2010)

  • Moya-Angeler indicates that the National Government increasing threat to the City because of its deficit and debt (14/12/2010)

  • The police station of El Carmen and is open to the public (14/12/2010)
    The new station has an Office of Citizen Complaints and Service with an office of issue and renewal of ID
  • A professor at the University of Murcia organized a conference on the indebtedness of municipalities (14/12/2010)

  • El Pozo Murcia plot to reach the lead before Christmas (14/12/2010)

  • More than 4,500 runners will compete in the San Silvestre on the streets of Murcia (14/12/2010)

  • The Mayor proposes to appoint House Son of the City of Murcia the historian Juan Torres Fontes (14/12/2010)

  • IU criticizes Murcia School Board adheres to a union campaign (14/12/2010)

  • Raúl Fernández Rincón Antonio wins the contest to promote the International University of Mar 2011 (14/12/2010)

  • Navarro: "Right now, the PP can not balance the municipal budget for 2011 or bricks" (14/12/2010)

  • FSC Murcia Spain chooses to organize a conference on 'The wood and forest certification in construction: ECOCONSTRUCTION' (14/12/2010)

  • The Mayor claims that in 2011 the municipalities will have to repay borrowings made by the Government of the Nation (14/12/2010)
    "when in 2008 denied the crisis"
  • The Department of Environment invites Murcia to make responsible consumption (14/12/2010)

  • Murcia University organizes a conference on teacher evaluation (14/12/2010)

  • IU criticizes the "delay and opacity" of the municipal budgets 2011 (13/12/2010)

  • Pedro Lopez highlights the role of cooperatives as an engine of the economy of the municipality (13/12/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia held this morning a meeting with UCOMUR Policy
  • Moya-Angeles: "In this year 13,000 units were built cadastral" (13/12/2010)

  • Urban trenching prohibited in public until 10 January (13/12/2010)

  • The Board of Directors approves MercaMurcia improving the facilities of the slaughterhouse and the market in fruit and vegetables (13/12/2010)

  • More than 200 pieces make up the Christmas program (13/12/2010)

  • The Mayor signed cooperation agreements with the 72 women's centers to ensure its operation (13/12/2010)

  • Therapeutic Recipe: walk (13/12/2010)
    Palacios Chamber and sign an agreement for primary care patients prescribed exercise as a key factor to acquire a healthy lifestyle
  • About 3,500 people visit the new Job Portal City Hall in two months (13/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Party claims that this year's property tax revenue has soared by 12% compared to 2009 (13/12/2010)
    at the expense of the pockets of Murcia
  • The FS team ElPozo dispute Alevín Aljucer League Division 1 ª Regional to finish top of Group (13/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia spent a week at the healthy habits (13/12/2010)

  • Pedro Manuel Vicente Social Council replaces Daniel Bueno (13/12/2010)

  • The meeting Melilla El Pozo Murcia FS, will be held on 21 December (13/12/2010)
    second round of the Copa del Rey
  • Practitioners of the College of Political Science and Sociology may further his education at the University of Murcia (13/12/2010)

  • The European Union chooses to Murcia to lead two projects related to environment and sustainable mobility (12/12/2010)

  • Open the deadline to register for Christmas organized routes Tourism (12/12/2010)

  • Opens the Plaza Mayor of Bethlehem Municipalities and the Federation of Peñas huerta (12/12/2010)

  • Nonduermas's neighbors move to urban block Pedro Lopez gets the hamlet and the need to improve the Road Raceway (12/12/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia participated on Thursday in a new conversation with neighbors and associations
  • House gives the output to two hundred riders who have gathered in the Bicihuerta 0.4 (12/12/2010)

  • House says Pupaclown "makes today a dream for all children Murcia" (11/12/2010)

  • House defines the sociologist Amando de Miguel as "a voice that tells it like it is" (10/12/2010)

  • Pedro López notes the abandonment of the southern region of Murcia during a meeting with the associations of this part of the city (10/12/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia has held this afternoon a meeting with the groups of the South
  • Several specialists will discuss in the UCAM on athletic performance (10/12/2010)
    The Catholic University of Murcia from 16 to 18 December, the First International Conference Athletics
  • IU denounced the "hypocrisy" of prostitution ordinances that seek to "immorality, but not sexual exploitation" (10/12/2010)

  • The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Fatima named Honorary Member Vistabella Councilman Rafael Gomez (10/12/2010)

  • Ramón Gaya Museum offers a guided tour to learn "The first Ramón Gaya. 1910-1931" (10/12/2010)

  • ... (10/12/2010)

  • The City Council and Blue in Action made a calendar to raise money for child victims of cholera in Haiti (10/12/2010)

  • The Spanish Ballet of Murcia presents his new show at the Teatro Bernal of El Palmar (10/12/2010)

  • Cristóbal Toral Borges honors at the Palais Almudí (10/12/2010)

  • Neighboring communities may request Murcia Water tank cleaning to prevent legionella (10/12/2010)

  • A commercial center of Murcia proposes to create a nativity smaller (10/12/2010)

  • St. Pius X celebrates Cultural Week from 13 to 17 December (10/12/2010)

  • Pharmacists Chamber distinguish the appointment of Collegiate Honor (10/12/2010)

  • Physics Professor Rafael García Molina is awarded by way of disseminating science (10/12/2010)

  • "The PP has already wasted half a million euros in studies of mobility and then not perform any of its recommendations" (10/12/2010)
    PSOE Councilman José Manuel Abellán claim that both House and councilors of Transportation, are mocking the Murcia and the consultants who prepared the study on mobility in the city
  • IU criticizes the "incompetence" of Castillo to solve the problems of the taxi industry (10/12/2010)

  • The opera and the images of the city returned to star in the Christmas Light show (10/12/2010)

  • Students of the Erasmus program participated in the actions of the Feast of the pattern of Tourism (10/12/2010)

  • The process of registration at the Faculty of Medicine is the most effective in Spain, according to a study (10/12/2010)

  • A professor at the University of Murcia participates in World Congress of Constitutional Law with a presentation on the separation of powers (10/12/2010)

  • IU Culture blames the state of "abandonment" of the site of St. Stephen (09/12/2010)

  • Two golds and a bronze at the Cup of Spain Totana for Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia (09/12/2010)
    Olga and Paul are devastating and Marcos joins the medal with an outstanding performance
  • El Pozo Murcia FS-Caja Segovia FS (09/12/2010)
    Friday, 10 December at 21:00 GMT and Wave-Regional
  • The inhabitants of the Torres Debuts Cabezo expanded and renovated library after the completion of improvement works (09/12/2010)

  • Game weekend solidarity, ecological and educational Murcia (09/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia won three of the four awards of the Congress of Dental Materials (09/12/2010)

  • More than 3,400 students will participate in workshops to prevent drug use (09/12/2010)

  • Pedro Lopez encourages citizens to keep alive "the spirit of the site of St. Stephen (09/12/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia recalled on the first anniversary of the cessation of work on the car that citizens must be heard much more time to make decisions in public administration
  • A staged reading of Amin Maalouf on Friday inaugurated the new auditorium at the University of Murcia (09/12/2010)

  • Suspended concert Julio de la Rosa scheduled for tonight in Los Molinos del Rio (09/12/2010)

  • The PSOE proposes an amendment to the regional budgets to end discrimination against citizens of the villages of Murcia in the price of the bus (09/12/2010)
    Teresa Rosique considers that the Ministry, through the Public Transport Authority, should ensure equal treatment to all citizens of the municipality of Murcia
  • The Mayor Chamber proposes to grant the Gold Medal of the City Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia (09/12/2010)

  • ... (09/12/2010)

  • Monteagudo magazine published a monograph on Miguel Hernandez in his centennial (09/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia earmarked 212,000 euros for the expansion works of the sewage treatment Campus Espinardo (09/12/2010)

  • A new website provides the procedures for citizens by electronic means (09/12/2010)

  • The School of Social Work created an advisory body to promote the participation of students (09/12/2010)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS Melilla will face in the second round of the Copa del Rey (09/12/2010)

  • The University Hospital of Integral Vision, in The Journal of ocular diseases (09/12/2010)

  • Espinardo offers three concerts in its Music Series V (09/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia and the Sustainable Development Foundation will collaborate in promotion (09/12/2010)

  • The Christmas is coming to a mall in Murcia (09/12/2010)
    With a spectacular show for the children
  • An account Murcia mall this holiday season with a skating rink (09/12/2010)
    includes monitors that are responsible for controlling and meet the skaters will not fall
  • The University of Murcia awarded a fire detection system at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (09/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia assists in the preparation of a guide to the expression of the baby (09/12/2010)

  • The Municipal Board This distinguishes the work of local police and Cespa (09/12/2010)

  • Veterinary Students morning the conference opened on the bull (09/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on water from a sociological perspective (09/12/2010)

  • The School of Social Work celebrates the International Day of Human Rights (09/12/2010)

  • Mike Williams could miss the game against the 49ers (07/12/2010)

  • The flat rate transport the opportunity to pay less to all users (07/12/2010)

  • The Mobile Office Sale UNIBON morning moved to New Condomina (07/12/2010)
    On Thursday, the public service authorized by the Public Transport Authority will move to the Plaza Circular, and Friday and Saturday will be in the Garden of Floridablanca
  • Planning the new Avenue last Beniaján to open to traffic before Christmas (07/12/2010)

  • 'The Muses' de Guadalupe y 'Philharmonic' in Callosa de Segura, awarded in the XX Certamen de Bandas de Música (07/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Party claims that more than 65,000 residents of districts have been affected with the new rates of public transport (07/12/2010)
    The socialists believe that "the announced tariff unification has become a new discrimination"
  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality Ordinance making improvements to the Protection of the Atmosphere (07/12/2010)

  • More information for young people (06/12/2010)

  • The City Council invites you to visit the prehistoric fauna of the region paleontological (05/12/2010)

  • Elementary Students will name the mascot of the tram (05/12/2010)

  • The neighbors moved to Pedro López Espinardo the urgent need to create a day center for the elderly of the parish (05/12/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia participated on Thursday in a new conversation with neighbors and associations
  • United Nations describes as 'Best' Local Strategy for Climate Change Murcia (04/12/2010)

  • Employment organizing a new course ham cutters (04/12/2010)

  • The UCAM receives the award for Best Health Ideas of the Year (04/12/2010)
    Work Kineanthropometry Compendium of the Catholic University of Murcia has received this recognition at the hands of Medical Journal
  • Camera visit the "Murcia Lan Party" that has started this afternoon at the Prince of Asturias flag (03/12/2010)

  • The UCAM will hold its Christmas Concert at the Church of Las Anas (03/12/2010)
    On Tuesday 14 December at 20: 30 hours
  • Condolences on the loss of José María Aroca (03/12/2010)

  • The new space technologies are gaining role in the negotiations with the government (03/12/2010)

  • Archive the case opened by the removal of the remains of St. Stephen (03/12/2010)
    The car says that the facts did not in the nature of crime against property damage historical or against it
  • The Mayor stressed the importance of Christmas Crafts Festival for the promotion of small business (03/12/2010)

  • All sites University of Murcia receive certification systems internal quality assurance (03/12/2010)

  • The UCAM receives recognition for quality in their titles (03/12/2010)
    The rector of the Catholic University, Josefina Garcia, was commissioned to collect the award during a ceremony in Santiago de Compostela
  • Sisterhood of presidents and coaches Reale El Pozo Murcia and Cartagena, prior to the derby (03/12/2010)

  • Analyze the latest accounting, legal and fiscal year-end (03/12/2010)

  • Start the traditional trade show and Christmas Crafts Murcia (03/12/2010)
    The General Secretary of the Ministry of Universities and Research Company, Antonio Sánchez-Solís, inaugurated the fair, which lasts until 5 January with the participation of 93 artisans
  • Children of all ages create a nativity scene in a shopping center Mucia (03/12/2010)
    The figures are made of a material called 'Ficher Tip ", consisting of potato starch and food dye, ideal for small because it is toxic and not a risk choking
  • Pelegrín visit VIII Sano Art Show to be found in works by members of Assido (03/12/2010)

  • Bascuñana shares open day disabled center Churra (03/12/2010)
    The facilities offer basic and specialized services for mentally dependent 8 to 74 residents and users of the day center
  • Sports seven circuits designed to enjoy Murcia city while walking or running (03/12/2010)

  • Joaquín Moya-Angeler be the harbinger of Christmas (03/12/2010)

  • The success of Europe 2.0 program requires a second edition (03/12/2010)

  • The PSOE regrets the death of José María Aroca, first mayor of democracy in Murcia (03/12/2010)
    Pedro Lopez said that his death is a great loss and emphasizes its role in the early years of the Transition
  • Pedro López committed by sidewalks connecting the districts of the municipality nearest (03/12/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia believes that "it is unreasonable for the residents of the hamlets risk their lives every day to go shopping or visit a relative "
  • The International Festival of Youth Orchestras entered the Spanish Association of Classical Music Festivals (03/12/2010)

  • Professor Ginés died Giménez Guzmán (03/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia put the flags at half mast for the death of José María Aroca (03/12/2010)

  • Aguas de Murcia environmental improvement works in the municipality by replacing its fleet with a more efficient (03/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia participates in the Local Digital Content Symposium (03/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia created a Chair of Naval History (03/12/2010)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara decreed a day of official mourning for the death of Mayor José María Aroca Ruiz-Funes (03/12/2010)

  • They demand protection measures for the garden of Murcia in an event organized by the Green Office (03/12/2010)

  • Results of union elections at the University of Murcia (03/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Group mourns the death of José María Aroca (03/12/2010)
    The councilors of the PSOE in the city of Murcia show their regret at the irreparable loss which was first democratic mayor of the city
  • The singer Miguel Poveda Wanting to bring their songs of the cycle Other Music Auditorium Víctor Villegas Murcia Regional (03/12/2010)
    Tickets for the concert tomorrow, Saturday, December 4, 1930 and 40 €
  • Health is launching two campaigns on food products demanded at Christmas (03/12/2010)

  • The Mayor opened a new place in Santa Eulalia in recognition of the Confraternity of the Risen (02/12/2010)

  • Seven institutions discussed the draft ordinance to regulate the production and management of construction waste and demolition (02/12/2010)

  • The Mayor Chamber has signed agreements with 26 institutions that will allow its 23,500 students participate in extracurricular activities (02/12/2010)

  • To be presented at the University of Murcia University Network Readers (02/12/2010)

  • Thousands of citizens for over two months waiting to see fulfilled the promise of opening the road PP Fica-Beniaján (02/12/2010)
    The socialist mayor municipal PP Marcos Ros required to meet the full agreement of last September, indicating that, in a month, would open the infrastructure, and rail access to the residents of the Camino de Villanueva
  • The street serves semes five people from the cold (02/12/2010)

  • The value Murcia with 8.5 Citizen Information Office (02/12/2010)
    The ICO produces a satisfaction survey of services provided to citizens
  • Luis Miguel Pastor, appointed visiting professor at a university in Peru for a biology research (02/12/2010)

  • Numerous activities for large and small for the derby is the great festival of football (02/12/2010)

  • The municipal center La Nave, Youth Space, presents the play tomorrow Yetem (02/12/2010)
    is a montage of 'The theater season'
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia studies the ethics of advertising (02/12/2010)

  • The council organizes schools of patients in the centers of the municipality to promote change in eating habits (02/12/2010)

  • UI Murcia meets with citizens and associations to develop its election (02/12/2010)

  • 70 will bring together professionals of this discipline in Spain (02/12/2010)
    Some days analyzed at the University of Murcia the world of dance
  • A woman is dead, hit by train in Murcia (02/12/2010)
    One woman died when hit by the train tracks has invaded the passage of the same, the level crossing Santiago El Mayor
  • The Local Youth Council will continue to make HIV testing throughout the week (01/12/2010)

  • The government team insisted that the project of La Paz will be a reality (01/12/2010)

  • El Palacio Almudí shows recorded history through works of great masters (01/12/2010)

  • Martínez-cache: "The municipal engineers have cleared everything related to the recruitment of Tram" (01/12/2010)

  • Students may get UCAM bike to a segregated lane next January (01/12/2010)

  • The centennial magnolia Díez de Revenga Plaza Christmas dresses (01/12/2010)

  • The Socialist Party continues to claim that "there was a favorable treatment to the JV Ortiz and Acciona" (01/12/2010)
    "with the additions he made to favor the initial amount of compensation for the implementation of section 0 of tram
  • Álvaro: "This Sunday we have another opportunity to demonstrate our value. We must keep fighting" (01/12/2010)

  • Training sessions and a video competition to raise awareness among youth against domestic violence (01/12/2010)

  • The Governing Board approved the Public Offer of Employment, 2010 (01/12/2010)

  • The City Council renews its support to FSG (01/12/2010)

  • The City Council and FAMDIF sign an agreement to give employment to three persons with disabilities (01/12/2010)

  • Home Assistance service complement your meals for the elderly (01/12/2010)
    A new investment of 660,000 euros can provide this additional attention in the next two years
  • The Governing Board approved the rehabilitation plan for the firm in Juan Carlos I (01/12/2010)
    technical reports conclude that the subsidence was caused by water inflow.
  • "House sowing doubts about the project in the neighborhood of La Paz" (01/12/2010)
    PSOE Councillor Ros Marcos accused the mayor of Murcia to generate more shadows than light to a project that does not explain anything and that does not offer legal guarantees and urban development to go ahead
  • Herguedas criticizes the "little action" Chamber to rehabilitate La Paz (01/12/2010)

  • Prof. Maria Paz Villegas, elected president of the Society of Ophthalmology Murcia (01/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia awarded the works of diversion of power lines on the campus of Health Sciences (01/12/2010)

  • Young Lawyers Association organized a conference on peace and international action (01/12/2010)

  • The University of Murcia re-edit a book on the press campaign which got its foundation in 1915 (01/12/2010)

  • UPyD of Murcia offers the burial of the remains of St. Stephen and postpone any museum project (01/12/2010)
    The present economic situation requires to undertake other investments, and to ensure the protection of the site proposed for burial UPyD

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