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Murcia News - September 2008

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  • The 'Onset' begins with dialogue that sets the artist Santiago Ydáñez with the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts (30/09/2008)
    With the exhibition 'Taxidermy Spirit', the artist begins this initiative will also participate Angel Haro Eugenio Ampudia, Monique Bastiaans and Nico Munuera
  • The City received 52 proposals from graffiti to decorate electrical transformers (30/09/2008)

  • CBMURCIA.COM renews its image and includes news (30/09/2008)

  • The flag Murcia can swear on 25 October with the new paratroopers (30/09/2008)
    The solemn event will take place in the old artillery barracks and the applicant must submit an application to the Statistical Service
  • The nursery opened Espinardo campus (30/09/2008)
    rose near sports facilities
  • The University Rugby Club begins its new season (30/09/2008)
    The team was born in 1980 and currently has more than 300 people in the sport
  • Back Networks, with more than 50 activities each weekend (30/09/2008)
    Six new courses and workshops enrich the offer for the first quarter of the course
  • Tourism offers hiking trails, introduction to climbing and a visit to the Aquarium of the University (30/09/2008)
    The Murcia will enjoy this weekend of outdoor activities
  • Reinforcement of the Civil Guard in the city of Murcia with the addition of 10 new agents in the post Torreagüera (29/09/2008)
    The Government delegate, Rafael González Tovar, highlights an increase in staff from 82% in the capital of the region in past four years
  • Culture and public libraries offer book fair in its list of publications (29/09/2008)
    editions of City Hall, on sale in the exhibitors of Alfonso X the Wise
  • CB Murcia visit to the Virgen de la Fuensanta (29/09/2008)
    The ceremony was officiated by the priest Don Cesareo Garcia del Cerro, who recalled the importance of team unity to achieve the goals every season
  • The Spanish Confederation of Local Study Centres meeting held in Murcia (29/09/2008)
    The CECEL, framed by the National Research Council, is one of the largest publishers of books from Spain and covers all the humanities and anthropology
  • The University of Murcia undertakes campaign to promote the use of corporate email from their students (29/09/2008)
    This initiative will enable significant savings in stationery and brochures
  • The University of Murcia convenes a place to participate in research on information management in the ICU (29/09/2008)

  • Community and Murcia City Council create a permanent institutional framework for cooperation in public transport (29/09/2008)
    The goal is to only have an authority on transport which cohere City Council and Community
  • The rector of the University of Murcia bet on openness in research to combat the crisis (29/09/2008)

  • AJVA laments that "the Mayor just remove sculptures from the warehouses and does not undertake to restore the monuments of the city in danger" (29/09/2008)
    Youth Village Association says Aljucer still no response from the mayor to receive and to submit the draft recovery and restoration of the Oliver Mill
  • The First Exhibition of Painting of 'Our Elders Solidarity' is composed by 86 pictures (28/09/2008)
    Bascuñana Councilor opened the exhibition together with some of the authors of the papers
  • Silver Medal for a student in the International Olympiad Murcia Iberoamericana de Biology (28/09/2008)

  • 'La Gran Via', a baroque carousel as a parable of the twentieth century (28/09/2008)
    On Sunday 12 October at 22:00 hours, the Gran Vía de Murcia will be the venue for the final adventures of Henry acoustic and renowned composer Max Llorenç Barber in concert closing the Alter-Arte Festival
  • More than 100 educational publications are presented in XXIII Book Fair (27/09/2008)
    The goal is to encourage the participation of teachers in the Region to the publishing of their research
  • Antonio Cánovas trains for the first time with all ACB (26/09/2008)
    The Director of the bases, Mariano Nieto, has been exulting
  • Opportunities for All (26/09/2008)
    A project of the Department of Youth to the inclusion of youth with disabilities has been selected by the EU to develop from December
  • Valcárcel said the government will "honor its commitment to public universities, despite downturns or crisis" (26/09/2008)
    At the opening ceremony of the academic year 2008-2009 at the University of Murcia
  • Suspend the program 'Di green' which was to be held tomorrow (26/09/2008)
    By risk of storms
  • Murcia Mayor welcomes the agreement reached between Latbus and USO (26/09/2008)
    After the meeting held this morning in the city of Murcia, which was also attended by the Director General of Transport and the head of the Public Transport
  • An eco-garden, a tree nursery and organic gardening in schools in the municipality (26/09/2008)
    Education subsidizes the activities of Murcia centers that encourage respect and conservation of the environment
  • A modern garden and adapted to the needs of the residents of Los Ramos (26/09/2008)
    will have fully conditioned playground and fitness equipment maintenance
  • The City Council held tomorrow the World Tourism Day with a visit to Valle de Ricote (26/09/2008)
    Participants will tour Cieza, White, Villanueva del Segura Ojós and ends at the Spa Archena
  • CB Murcia coach believes that "now time that the flag is full" (25/09/2008)
    Manolo, now that we are approaching the end of the preseason.
  • The Regional Archives houses drawings Alberti, Sorolla and Fortuny, among others, the shows 'Grant Garcia Viñolas' (25/09/2008)
    The collection is mainly composed of drawings by Spanish artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, as well as the second half
  • The City will provide humanitarian aid to Cuba and Haiti after hurricanes Ike and Gustav (25/09/2008)
    The agreement was reached this morning in Parliament, including three municipal groups
  • Begin a new season of 'Di green' (25/09/2008)
    On Saturday the Murcia can enjoy various activities in the gardens of Murcia, Boatmen, Churra, La Alberca, Javalí New Torreagüera
  • The Full Council Development requires access to the districts affected by the highway Santomera-Zeneta (25/09/2008)
    The motion passed unanimously requested more access to not isolating the villages of El Raal, Stables and Zeneta
  • The University of Murcia offers a live morning experiments "Night of the researchers' (25/09/2008)

  • The last bullfight will Pepin Liria involvement and support of the City of Murcia (25/09/2008)
    The proceeds will go to charity
  • The Rector and union representation at the University of Murcia are the negotiating table (25/09/2008)
    The Rector of the University of Murcia and union representatives have formed the negotiating table under the Statutes of this educational institution.
  • The Municipal Corporation agreed to request the National Government for urgent reform of local finance (25/09/2008)
    PP, PSOE and IU-LV show their support for the FEMP in the negotiation process being carried out in defense of local
  • Floral Art Mercamurcia (25/09/2008)
    The training course will start next Monday, September 29
  • A student at the University of Murcia won a scholarship of practice "Universia-Fernando Alonso" (25/09/2008)

  • The deadline for official master studies at the University of Murcia just tomorrow (25/09/2008)

  • Palacios: "The inspection of health services is the best tool to achieve quality care" (24/09/2008)
    The Third National Congress of the Federation of Associations of Health Services Inspectorate has over 300 registered
  • IU + Greens in Parliament proposing the creation of a study on accessibility blackheads Murcia (24/09/2008)

  • Improved safety of children's playgrounds (24/09/2008)
    The Department of Urban Quality continue installing rubber flooring in parks for children
  • More than 500 former choral societies will be honored next Saturday (24/09/2008)
    In addition, the Choral Society is conducting its campaign of raising voices 'Prove' for small sections, children's, young head
  • Work begins on a flag of primary public school in the Ranero (24/09/2008)
    Juan Ramón Medina today inaugurated the Children's building and laid the foundation stone of the new pavilion to be completed by next year
  • Lozano Teruel analyze the last half century of the University of Murcia at the opening of the course (24/09/2008)
    The event will be held at 11.30 am on Friday, day 26 in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Campus de Espinardo
  • Start the installation of artificial turf on football fields and farmsteads Beniaján (24/09/2008)
    The Sports Palace and the Prince of Asturias sports will feature new material.
  • The magistrate Fernando Ledesma gives a speech at the Academy of Law and Jurisprudence (24/09/2008)
    The ceremony will be held tomorrow, 25, at 13 hours in the lounge of degrees of the Faculty of Law, on the campus of Mercy
  • Short Story Contest award € 18,000 to Erasmus students (24/09/2008)
    The first prize of 9,000 euros, went to Laura Maria Cano Gómez, student of Master in Mediation at the University of Murcia, for his work "The Sebastian ratico "
  • The renewal of street lighting now comes to La Alberca, head of Torres and El Raal (24/09/2008)
    The works will be completed in early 2009
  • A new injection to enhance the activity of the shops in the neighborhood of El Carmen (24/09/2008)
    The purpose of the contribution is to give a holiday to neighbors and visitors during Christmas
  • The Senior Gala moved to Wednesday, October 1 (24/09/2008)
    rainfall forecasts have been forced to change the party, and held outdoors
  • President inaugurates the new headquarters and showroom García Jiménez Foundation with the shows 'Identity Box', Jesus Segura (23/09/2008)
    The Foundation offers support to young artists and the dissemination of new technologies for building
  • Two lectures will discuss the democratic transition of Chile (23/09/2008)

  • The Spanish cyclists competing in the Cycling World Championships are named in his kit Murcia (23/09/2008)
    The tests were broadcast on BBC2 and TELEDEPORTE
  • Murcia Spain will host the championship Radio Control Helicopter (23/09/2008)

  • The government team requires Interior fulfill its security commitments (23/09/2008)
    A motion to the full demands the immediate construction of barracks and police Sangonera Barrio del Carmen, promised three years ago
  • More life for our seniors (23/09/2008)
    Full debate a motion to encourage support for the Centres and the implementation of the Law Unit
  • Youth violence Murcia (23/09/2008)
    24 volunteers including 8 Murcia, will work for 11 months in international projects to build equity
  • The Mayor will explain the proper use of water management in Murcia on one of the largest agricultural fairs in Spain (23/09/2008)
    Miguel Angel House will participate in opening Agrocosta, which includes a wide range of papers on the organization of markets
  • House reaffirms the confidence that "the Spanish defeat ETA and managed to live in peace" (22/09/2008)
    Is the "outrage, pain and rage" over the killing of the Army brigade in Santoña
  • The invitations for the final song Creajoven author can be collected from tomorrow (22/09/2008)
    The gala will serve as guest artist Pedro Guerra
  • Mayor praises the work of the panelists Cabezudos Giants and paraded yesterday Abarán (22/09/2008)
    Miguel Angel House was named Gigantero of Honor for his support of culture and festivals
  • Chamber recalls that all the mayors of PP in July announced a wage freeze for municipal political office (22/09/2008)
    Is surprised that the PSOE is now proposing such a measure, which creates doubts as to whether they had increased the salaries should govern
  • Increase marketing slaughter markets, fruit and vegetables (22/09/2008)
    The Board of Directors of Mercamurcia has given the green light this morning to review the proposed rates for 2009
  • Miguel Angel House hopes to recoup the path of the former Cañada Real as it passes through Los Ramos (22/09/2008)
    The Mayor has a meeting with the headman to inquire about projects and concerns of the residents of the hamlet
  • The Mayor called for a speedy resolution to the conflict of public transport (22/09/2008)
    Remember that the City has jurisdiction over less than 20% of transportation in the region
  • The City requires the Central Government for urgent reform of local finance (22/09/2008)
    The Municipal Group PP submitted to the plenary of the Corporation is also a motion requesting the establishment of a Local Council Financial Policy
  • The Council of Good Men and the Tribunal de las Aguas de Valencia started the process for Intangible Heritage of Humanity (22/09/2008)
    will be in September 2009 when the committee to decide whether the two institutions received the distinction
  • The students concluded the week of cycling mobility (22/09/2008)
    The Plaza of the Apostles has received this morning a children's traffic park and a display of fire Murcia
  • Alejandro Valverde, prepared for the World Varese (22/09/2008)
    Interview with the rider from Murcia of Caisse D'Epargne
  • Held on "Parking Day" in Murcia (21/09/2008)
    Park-ing Day is legal and peaceful recovery of a space for the car to turn for a few hours in a public garden micro
  • CB Murcia bends to KK Zagreb in their presentation (21/09/2008)
    The match against the Croats took place in a very tight line.
  • Murcia Mayor condemns the double attack by ETA in the Basque Country (21/09/2008)
    House reaffirms the commitment of the city of Murcia with the defense of peace, while also wishes a speedy recovery of those injured
  • Statements by Alejandro Valverde, third in the time trial Navacerrada (20/09/2008)

  • Alejandro Valverde is scored the final standings of the UCI ProTour circuit (20/09/2008)

  • IU + LV Murcia a motion to the district level public transport (20/09/2008)

  • The Mayor requires Development to ensure the accessibility of the districts affected by the highway Santomera-Zeneta (20/09/2008)
    Chamber presented a motion in Parliament to urge the Ministry to fulfill its commitments to the neighbors
  • CB Murcia faces the KK Zagreb in their presentation (20/09/2008)
    The match against KK Zagreb, for the Memorial Miguel Angel Beloqui, will take place Saturday in the Sports Palace (19:00 hours) and it will be input Free
  • The Science Park will have new facilities at the Campus of Espinardo (19/09/2008)

  • Agreement with the City of Murcia for the education of children with special educational needs (19/09/2008)

  • The Mayor meets with headman and employers to require Alquerías Promoting communication and El Raal with highway Santomera (19/09/2008)
    The Popular Party will submit to Parliament a motion to request a correction of the project
  • CB Murcia poses for ACB Guide (19/09/2008)
    Malaga Photographer Mariano Pozo was again responsible for portraying the table Murcia
  • Education increases aid to encourage participation and the formation of the municipality AMPAS (19/09/2008)
    The subsidy for 2009 amounts to 42,848 euros and is aimed at nursery and primary partnerships
  • Herguedas claims to have evidence of the construction of villas in a "highly protected" (19/09/2008)

  • The Municipal Group PP accused to the Government to allow the traffic chaos caused by the manifestations of urban bus workers (19/09/2008)
    The Group requires González Tovar, while ensuring the right to strike, also defends the right of others to work and move Murcia
  • The XIV Symposium on Rural Geography study the cattle in Spain and the modernization of irrigation (19/09/2008)

  • A visit to Murcia and a congress (19/09/2008)
    makers of fifteen national business infrastructure of the municipality known for events
  • The second edition of River Sounds will feature performances from Cooper, Clovis and Lidia Damunt (19/09/2008)
    Entry is free and the concerts are held in the cozy auditorium of the Space Molinos del Rio Stables
  • The University of Murcia participates in the Mercosur Latin American Policy Forum Sports (19/09/2008)

  • 80 am volunteers will clean up three areas of the Valley (19/09/2008)
    The City Council joins the campaign "Clean Up the World '
  • La Gran Vía de Murcia will be closed to traffic on Sunday on the occasion of the IAAF World Race Walking Challenge (19/09/2008)
    The cut will begin at 6 am and end at 14.30 hours
  • More than 4,000 people on Monday will enjoy the Golden Week of the elders (19/09/2008)
    tickets for all activities, which are free, have been distributed in the 76 Centres for the Elderly of the municipality
  • Regional Book Fair doubles the number of booths and have the assistance of "leading figures of Spanish literature" (18/09/2008)
    will be held from September 26 to October 5 in the Paseo de Murcia Alfonso X
  • More than 20 streets of Llano de Brujas be renewed to improve the quality of life for residents (18/09/2008)
    The Department of José Arce invests 240,000 euros in this project
  • El Centro Municipal Puertas de Castilla original program 29 workshops that will involve more than 600 people (18/09/2008)
    The courses emphasize the management of programs for Mac, latex molds, circus and Asian Games
  • Morning Music festival begins XVII Root (18/09/2008)
    During this weekend act Kepa Junquera, Xarnege and Evil Eye and The Market will be held Zacatín
  • Almost a million people have asit to any act of the Fair (18/09/2008)
    The funfair and gardens of the Malecon, the most visited venues
  • A Call Center to expand the hours of telephone (18/09/2008)
    collection offices Murcia City Council received about 600 calls a day
  • Dozens of people ride in a balloon by the conclusion of the Mobility Week (17/09/2008)
    La Plaza Belluga has been the scene of various activities to promote energy efficiency
  • The most splendid pilgrimage (17/09/2008)
    This year we have broken attendance records with more involvement of young people than ever
  • Castillo: 'After two weeks of parties, the Socialists now remembers the strike of public transport' (17/09/2008)

  • The Centre for Tourism Qualification taught 15 workshops to persons not related to the sector (17/09/2008)
    The Open Doors CST teach culinary art techniques, the development of cutting-edge cuisine and art of tasting wine and beer
  • The University of Murcia and the Association of Audiovisual Producers apply measures of R & D in the sector (17/09/2008)
    The project involves the collaboration technology for development and research of new technologies for the management and production of audiovisual content
  • The Mayor of Murcia has the sign of the 9 th Meeting of Giants and Big-heads 'Villa de Abarán' (17/09/2008)
    Miguel Angel House has been named Gigantero of Honor for his support of culture and festivals
  • Sports encourages the practice of female football (17/09/2008)
    The Session aims to facilitate the incorporation of youth in the municipality to the various teams of Club UCAM
  • More than 312,000 euros for a comprehensive social assistance program to the Gypsy (17/09/2008)
    The goal is to raise the educational level and socio-cultural and prevent the marginalization
  • The City continues to support cultural events that keep alive the traditions of the municipality (17/09/2008)
    The Board of Governors has approved a grant to the musical group 'The Muses' of Guadalupe
  • The garden of Los Naranjos de Santo Angel will be fully renovated in early 2009 (17/09/2008)
    The project includes the refurbishment of the playground, planting trees and repairing damaged items, among other actions
  • New lighting in Cabezo de Torres, Los Ramos, Los Martínez del Puerto, strut and Esparragal (17/09/2008)
    The plan's objective is to improve the quality and level of illumination, while respecting the environment
  • 100 people sought medical care during the pilgrimage day and night concert (16/09/2008)
    Of all served only 15 were taken hospitals in the region, while the rest received medical care on-site
  • Cruz is a mixture of rock with soul and folk programming "Other Music" (15/09/2008)
    for this quarter has launched the 'Stop dancing' which will focus on the latest electronic music
  • Programming "Other Music" in the Auditorio "Victor Villegas" (15/09/2008)
    Al Green, Ani Difranco, Enrique Morente, Najwajean, Joan As Police Woman, Josele Santiago, Lydia Lunch among the artists of the cycle Other Music of Murcia Auditorio Victor Villegas
  • An exhibition reveals the secrets of the tram (15/09/2008)
    also recalls the historical steps of this transport in Murcia
  • Murcia defy crisis to its commitment to new investment in the Centro Comercial El Palmar (15/09/2008)
    Urban Development has authorized this facility, which will create thousands of jobs
  • Job offers 12 programs of job placement to job seekers (15/09/2008)
    The council noted a significant increase in requests over the past months
  • Sustainable Development established a special monitoring system in connection with the Pilgrimage of the Fuensanta (15/09/2008)
    40 technicians from fire, environmental officials and citizen information sensitize and ensure conservation of the Valley Regional Park and Carrascoy
  • The Pilgrimage mobilizes all forces of Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection (15/09/2008)
    this morning have begun work to control access to the Sanctuary of Fuensanta
  • Statements by Alejandro Valverde after the 14th stage of Tour of Spain (14/09/2008)
    Fuentes Oviedo-Winter
  • Public Works financed with 1.2 million accesses conditioning C-3223 on its way through Cobatillas (14/09/2008)
    The objective of the action is to ensure maximum safety for road users and improving access to Cobatillas, El Esparragal , Monteagudo, head of Torres and the A-7, from Santomera
  • Interview La Casa Azul (Lemon Pop Festival. Murcia 2008) (13/09/2008)

  • Interview They (Lemon Pop Festival. Murcia 2008) (13/09/2008)

  • IU + LV presented arguments to the Special Plan to Reform Interior (PERI) of La Paz to contain "many irregularities" (13/09/2008)

  • CB Murcia convinces above all a Pamesa (13/09/2008)
    All of Manolo Hussein clearly dominated the last three quarters of the match and managed to grab a 62-70 winner proclaimed that IV Memorial Miguel Iborra
  • The Press Association Sports Murcia disqualifications regrets expressed by Javier Clemente on two journalists (12/09/2008)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Aljucer and Llano de Brujas (12/09/2008)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • About a hundred video clips are displayed in the Mills River Area-stables for 18 days (12/09/2008)
    contest winners Lemon Pop II have been Koldo Serra and Domingo González Redondo
  • Suspended acts parallel to the International Folklore Festival at the death of a member of the group in Kenya (12/09/2008)
    The 20 year-old suffered an accident overnight
  • The City regrets the inconvenience of the strike and not expected to affect the day of the pilgrimage (12/09/2008)
    municipal coffers provide EUR 9.5 grant for cheaper public transport users
  • On Monday begins the special cleaning device for the Pilgrimage (12/09/2008)
    For the first time deliver 5,000 carriers to pick up the candle wax
  • CB Murcia players star in a spot in the Plaza Cardenal Belluga (12/09/2008)
    The well-known producer Dieci6: 9 has been in charge of recording the ad, in which Manolo Hussein emulate a spontaneous street basket
  • 10,000 Murcia orchard can enjoy giant cake on Sunday (12/09/2008)
    This initiative is a step to promote the traditional trade
  • Fátima Barnuevo preaches tomorrow Quarter Progress Party (12/09/2008)
    The event was held at 22 am in the garden Antonio Fernández
  • Head of Torres starts its festivities tomorrow (12/09/2008)
    Councillor for Health and Social Services will be responsible for morning herald the celebrations of the parish
  • Statements by Alejandro Valverde after stage 11 of the Tour of Spain, Burgos - Suances (11/09/2008)

  • Today begins the second and final weekend of the Lemon Pop Festival (11/09/2008)
    Three days (11, 12 and 13 September) in which the pop will take the city of Murcia
  • The world of the Bulls by the painters Murcia (11/09/2008)
    The exhibition "Painting and bulls", which opens tomorrow, runs over a hundred years of painting in Murcia
  • Youth makes contact with the institutes to develop their programs this year (11/09/2008)
    The center directors met this morning with the Councillor Dolores Sanchez
  • Herguedas (IU) said that the PP "going backwards" in the management of mobility in Murcia (11/09/2008)

  • Investment of € 200,000 to improve the town of El Raal (11/09/2008)
    The Department of José Arce renew the pavement in the church square, construct new sidewalks on Main Street and the Tower Trail and a section of tubing Raal ditch New
  • ... (10/09/2008)

  • The Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia expand its space to become a benchmark nationally (10/09/2008)
    "The Murcia and contemporary art lovers will have at its disposal an important exhibition program and the level of the best museums in Spain" said Cruz
  • The rector of the University of Murcia inaugurates Economic History Congress (10/09/2008)
    The Congress is organized by the Spanish Economic History Association and the Area of Economic History and Institutions at the University of Murcia
  • Begin work on the new headquarters of The Esparragal (10/09/2008)
    The contractor has one year to complete the works, with a total investment of 678,669 euros
  • Social Welfare provides 36.00 euros in aid for activities in nursing homes (10/09/2008)
    The council promotes physical and mental health of users with specific courses
  • In progress the renovation of sidewalks, driveways, lighting and paving in the district of Murcia (10/09/2008)
    This week has been awarded the actions of thirteen districts
  • The City Council will launch a program for the young immigrant in the center Yesqueros (10/09/2008)
    The Youth Council will request a grant to the Ministry of Labour and Immigration to carry out this plan of integration
  • Sports promotes volleyball (10/09/2008)
    Supports the conclusion of the Championship Final in Spain Beach Volleyball 2008
  • An exhibition honors Paul Serrano on the centenary of his birth (10/09/2008)
    The exhibition includes 28 sculptures and 15 lithographs
  • IU + Greens in the city of Murcia denouncing the deteriorating state of the garden of the chapel in Guadeloupe (10/09/2008)

  • The Climate Project Foundation invites the Mayor at the Meeting of Leaders on Climate Change (09/09/2008)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara receives the invitation of the Foundation promoted in Spain by the Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore
  • The rock orchard Mortar gave a sincere and heartfelt tribute to the singer and guitarist Antonio Martínez Pellicer (09/09/2008)
    The president of Mortar, Jose Merche Sánchez, appointed him an honorary member of the Rock and gave him a plaque for his humanity and Murcia , and thanks to the musical legacy of the Trio Live Las Vegas
  • Twelve festive equipment enclosures cleaned by rainfall last night (09/09/2008)
    will focus on the sidewalks and containers
  • Murcia is comparable to other European cities held for the first time, the Mobility Week (09/09/2008)
    Among other activities, will open the Bicycle Friendly Way Murcia-Sewer
  • About 48,500 infant and primary pupils starts tomorrow the new school (09/09/2008)
    The classrooms are in perfect condition, after the renovation work carried out during the holiday period
  • Poetry flooded tonight Garden City Museum (09/09/2008)
    Tomorrow begins the eighth seminar on folklore and ethnography, scheduled within the XLI International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean
  • Three hundred teachers participate in the Economic History Congress (09/09/2008)

  • The City celebrates the World Tourism Day with a visit to Valle de Ricote (09/09/2008)
    The deadline to register for the Fall Tour begins today
  • ... (08/09/2008)

  • The Minister of Public Works notes that "the CIT will integrate Mediterranean Murcia on Axis International Combined Transport" (08/09/2008)
    will become the largest business park dedicated to the transport and logistics in the region, which aims to promote these sectors, and which the regional government has invested nearly three million euros
  • The main figures in Murcia Beach Volleyball fight for the title of Champions of Spain (08/09/2008)
    The competition will be held from 11 to 14 September at the Polideportivo José Barnes
  • Ten artists capture their vision of peace sea and painting on the street (08/09/2008)
    All paintings will be exhibited from tonight at the City Museum
  • Reproduction specialist gives a lecture at the Faculty of Medicine (08/09/2008)

  • 136 controls the local police has made within the Security Plan Summer 2008 (08/09/2008)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara receives a delegation of the Cuban Institute of Sport (08/09/2008)
    Murcia assists in the creation of various sports facilities in schools that lack them Cuba
  • Balance of the first weekend of the Lemon Pop (08/09/2008)
    More than five thousand people have attended the sessions
  • Professor Ismael Crespo awarded an honorary doctorate by a university in Argentina (08/09/2008)

  • Freed in the wild two owls and owl being treated at the Recovery of the Valley (06/09/2008)
    The birds were suffering from various injuries that threaten their survival and to be fully recovered in the premises of the Ministry
  • Pregon Feria de Murcia 2008 (05/09/2008)

  • The entrance to the awards ceremony of the first edition of 'The Birdcage' costs 10 euros (05/09/2008)
    The organizer and it has been reported to City Hall
  • The redevelopment of the garden center over Churra include bowling and bowling and games gerontogimnasia (05/09/2008)
    The works will end on December
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Guadalupe, Gea and Truyols and Llano de Brujas (05/09/2008)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • A Cuban delegation visiting the sports facilities of Murcia (05/09/2008)
    Members of the Cuban Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation met this morning with Miguel Cascales
  • 29 effective Fire and Civil Protection shall serve the party tomorrow in Spain-Bosnia (05/09/2008)
    The service will begin at 20:30 am and will conclude once evicted the Park
  • 'The clarity of light' shows the advantages of using renewable energy (05/09/2008)
    The exhibition will be open at the Museum of Science and Water until 4 November
  • 45 agents control access to New Condomina stadium for the match tomorrow (05/09/2008)
    Local Police has organized a special meeting on the occasion of Spain, Bosnia
  • In perfect condition to start the new school (05/09/2008)
    The Department of Education has made all the projects under construction this summer school
  • The Fuensanta 'greet' this afternoon at Our Lady of The Dangers in connection with the recovery of the bell (04/09/2008)
    This is an exceptional throne stop to celebrate historic piece resumes as he did from 1684
  • 'Async' establishes a dialogue between the art of present and past (04/09/2008)
    This project is designed to promote the Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Ministry of Science selects a research project of the University of Murcia on improving learning systems (04/09/2008)

  • Murcia this weekend hosting the VIII Congress of Football Supporters Clubs (04/09/2008)
    More than 800 club members discuss football, violence and the media
  • Improved Buhobús to reach more users (04/09/2008)
    Last Buhobús from Murcia to the districts will depart at 5.30 am, half an hour later than in the news
  • The safety of the September Fair gets under way today with the descent of the Virgin of Fuensanta (04/09/2008)
    The troops will carry out traffic control work along the entire route, which will start at 15 : 30 hours from the Sanctuary
  • Asphalting over 85,000 square meters of road in less than 15 days (04/09/2008)
    The Department of Infrastructure has completed this week, the Operation Black, employing more than 7,000 tons of agglomerate
  • Enlarge the service line 57 to the Ñora-Murcia Beniscornia Corner (03/09/2008)
    The proposed increase represents an increase of two miles and seven minutes from time by issue
  • ... (03/09/2008)

  • The City Council gave the Community 12,700 meters of land to build a training center (03/09/2008)
    will be located in Santiago and Zaraíche
  • Murcia concludes its noise map with the second phase of the project (03/09/2008)
    The municipality is already adapted to European rules
  • The City Council gave a lot to O'Belén Foundation to build a care center for children and adolescents (03/09/2008)
    The Consistory CEPAIM to working with socio-professional integration of immigrants
  • Improved illumination of shops Vistalegre (03/09/2008)
    The City Council awarded a grant of 12,000 euros
  • The West Industrial Park will be safer for drivers (03/09/2008)
    The Governing Board approved various works to improve road safety in the area
  • IU + LV complains that there is no room for bikes in Ronda Sur (03/09/2008)

  • New streets and sidewalks in El Palmar and St. Pius X (03/09/2008)
    The amount of both actions exceeds 80,000 euros
  • In March the special service contract cleaning in municipal kindergartens (03/09/2008)
    The specification provides an implementation period of four years of service
  • The Garden of Physicians of Guadalupe will be fully renovated earlier this year (03/09/2008)
    The project involves the installation of new furniture, the distribution of playgrounds and the creation of a stay to events
  • More than 13 million euros to provide more and better services to Murcia (03/09/2008)
    The Governing Board gave the green light to 12 construction projects in districts
  • More than 70,500 students at 183 centers may participate in the 2886 activities of the educational provision for the new course (03/09/2008)
    The new features this year include the extension of hours, which is extended to the afternoons, and the increase in the number of Activities
  • The historic bell Dangers tomorrow will announce the arrival of the Lady (03/09/2008)
    The City Council and will retrieve an ancient tradition that was interrupted a few years ago during the rehabilitation of the niche
  • "Ask to give away a bike" (03/09/2008)
    what is proposed from Murcia Bike Association to counter the promotion of the car as transportation
  • Sold out, begins the resale (02/09/2008)
    The work of José Tomás up passion among enthusiasts and resales
  • Preparations for ensuring security in the September Fair 2008 (02/09/2008)
    All the templates Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection up a special security device that the City has organized for this year
  • The Student Council of the University of Murcia is concerned about the possible transit strike (02/09/2008)
    The strike is planned for the eleventh day of this month
  • Ronda Sur will have a third lane in each direction before next summer (02/09/2008)
    The road capacity will expand by 30%, allowing the hosting about 40,000 vehicles a day
  • The Cendeac analyzes the relationship between art and politics in its programming from September to December (01/09/2008)
    The Cendeac bring together some of the most outstanding activist artists and influential thinkers around the figure of the philosopher and Marxist philosopher Toni Negri
  • IU + Murcia Greens criticized the rise of more than 17 percent in the price of urban bus ticket (01/09/2008)

  • The University of Murcia contest calls for improving the campus of Espinardo (01/09/2008)

  • Camera: "Rodríguez Zapatero claims that the municipalities pay for the incompetence of government to the crisis" (01/09/2008)
    House said that "despite this cut PSOE" will set the municipal budget that does not affect social spending and safety
  • Two projects drive the renewal of Sorrows (01/09/2008)
    Under Investing in Garden Street and Constitution adds 228,000 euros
  • The University of Murcia allocated 220,400 euros to buy water saving devices (01/09/2008)

  • A taxpayer service with quality certification (01/09/2008)
    Tribugest account since 2006 with ISO 9001:2000 certification

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 - ER-0131/2006 Región de Murcia
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