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Murcia News - January 2020

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  • This weekend is the first Mixtura of 2020 framed in the Murcia Spanish Capital project (31/01/2020)
    The famous international street market returns this year with an edition dedicated to the carnivals of the world offering crafts, gastronomy, art and children's activities
  • Jiménez announces the start-up of the Murcia del Carmen Station after completing ADIF remodeling works (31/01/2020)
    The historic building of the Plaza de la Industria is rehabilitated and operational for public use
  • Six streets of the city will be paved next week with synthetic resin flooring (31/01/2020)

  • The City Council approves the creation of a waiting list of auxiliary technician of Employment and Local Development and another one of Computer Engineer (31/01/2020)
    The Governing Board today approved two calls for opposition for the selection of personnel of said specialties
  • The Local Police detain three people for robberies committed in Los Garres and Paseo Florencia (31/01/2020)
    In addition, agents reported yesterday to 15 illegal valets
  • Tomorrow begins the Cabezo de Torres Carnival with the choice of the Muse and the Muse (31/01/2020)
    The artists Petrus Borgia and Sofía Tornero have created the poster for the festivities of this edition
  • Disused vehicles of the Municipal Mobile Park will be reused and recycled as scrap metal (31/01/2020)
    In this way a product is given a new life and reduces emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • The Social Council will address the project of Ciudad Murcia 2030 on Tuesday (31/01/2020)
    This body, under the Department of Urban Agenda and Open Government, will take stock of the strategic projects of the session in the last decade.
  • The "Maestro Ibarra" offers the South neighborhoods a new green area for outdoor sports of more than 5,300 m2 (31/01/2020)

  • Socialist Youth of the Municipality of Murcia re-elects J. Javier Espinosa as Secretary General (31/01/2020)

  • Offering UCAM sport to Fuensanta (30/01/2020)

  • The PSOE manages to carry out a motion in defense of public education in the face of the attack suffered by the imposition of the 'parental pin' (30/01/2020)
    The spokesman, José Antonio Serrano, criticizes that the word is not fulfilled to the parents of students of the school children of Algezares and bet on a provisional solution
  • ... (30/01/2020)

  • The University of Murcia awards prizes for the ODS photo contest on renewable energy (30/01/2020)

  • The TCM hosts this Friday 'Next', a love story in the distance written and directed by Claudio Tolcachir (30/01/2020)
    The Argentine company Timbre 4 returns to the Teatro Circo Murcia with this show starring Lautaro Perotti and Santi Marín that is part of the Pass General
  • The districts are dressed in Carnival (30/01/2020)
    Beniaján, Puente Tocinos, Llano de Brujas and Cabezo de Torres organize a complete program to celebrate these festivities during the next weeks
  • Murcia continues to grow and reaches 453,524 inhabitants (30/01/2020)

  • The University of Murcia organizes its second cultural week (30/01/2020)
    From February 10 to 14, the UMU will host exhibitions, guided tours, musical performances, film screenings, as well as poetry, theater and dance activities
  • UMU professor emeritus Angel-Luis Pujante explains in a book the rugged arrival in Spain of Shakespeare's work (30/01/2020)

  • The construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cañadas de San Pedro goes one step further (30/01/2020)
    The Municipal Plenary also approves a Special Urban Planning Plan in Santo Ángel that will allow the construction of 48 protected homes
  • Torreagüera expands its public spaces with the remodeling of its plazas and parks and a new children's leisure area (30/01/2020)

  • The artistic intervention on the facade of Romea ends achieving the intended objectives (29/01/2020)

  • The Polinicia training program for the promotion and connection of business initiatives in Murcia starts (29/01/2020)
    This is an initiative of the Department of Employment, Economic Promotion and Tourism whose objective is to make visible and facilitate the economic activity of entrepreneurial projects that are develop in the municipality of Murcia
  • HUERMUR celebrates the withdrawal of the distorting installation of the BIC facade of the Romea Theater (29/01/2020)

  • The Plenary Hall welcomes the appointment of Bernardo Kliksberg, 'father of the RSC', as dean of his namesake school (29/01/2020)

  • More than 3,000 athletes will tour the city next Sunday at the VII Marathon in Murcia (29/01/2020)

  • Almost a hundred students complete the training courses of the Virtual Training Center (29/01/2020)
    During the fourth program six courses have been carried out and a total of 400 hours of training have been given in the professional areas of restoration, training of trainers, health emergencies and reverse logistics
  • The City Council celebrates on Monday the second sectorial table of the diagnosis for the Circular Economy strategy (29/01/2020)
    This process will be used to identify actions by concessionaires, companies and other associations in order to look for opportunities and detect barriers in this area.
  • CEIP Barriomar welcomes the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the MUSE Program that seeks inclusion through the arts (29/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Social and Family Rights, Pilar Torres has accompanied the members of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation Spain in this act
  • The City Council undertakes the works of the Camino del Reguerón in Alquerías (29/01/2020)

  • The Department of the Elderly is studying expanding the number of reading clubs to other social centers of the municipality (29/01/2020)
    Currently there are 16 reading clubs where some 200 people participate, plus volunteers who coordinate and energize this activity
  • The Bernal Theater in El Palmar kicks off a new stage and programs around thirty shows until June (29/01/2020)

  • Murcia, the first city to implement the ´Oasis´ project, which improves air quality in urban environments (29/01/2020)

  • More than 800 high school students enjoy the concert for Peace and Gender Equality at the Romea Theater (29/01/2020)
    This is one of the activities of the # MurciaMiCiudadEnseña educational program to work on values ​​such as living together or tolerance, as well as giving visibility to the woman
  • Esther Nevado: “The regional government assumes, together, that some vulnerable are worth more than others and the municipal officials do not question it” (29/01/2020)

  • The PSOE urges the government team to remove from the limbo the hundred homes that still belong to the Francisco Franco Board of Trustees (28/01/2020)

  • The Department of Elders addresses the need to implement new housing models to combat loneliness (28/01/2020)
    The mayor Paqui Pérez meets with the Murcia Cohousing Association to exchange ideas on new life alternatives for the elderly in the municipality of Murcia
  • The Municipal Tax Agency of Murcia further improves the payment facilities of taxes (28/01/2020)
    Murcia can now request by voice or telephone or internet recording the installments and personalized payment plans
  • The UMU publishes a study on a 17th-century book that summarized the mathematical knowledge of its time (28/01/2020)

  • The Civil Guard dismantles a criminal group in Murcia dedicated to the theft of vehicles (28/01/2020)
    A man has been arrested and three minors investigated as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of vehicle theft and damage
  • We can-EQUO brings to the full the extension of the tram network (28/01/2020)
    "We need a clean and efficient public transport"
  • Ruiz Re collaborates with Authentic Happiness, the First Meeting of Parents with Children with Disabilities (28/01/2020)

  • "We must never forget the urgency with which citizens expect answers from their university" (27/01/2020)
    Rector José Luján in the act of Santo Tomás
  • Murcia overcomes the barrier of 450,000 inhabitants for the first time (27/01/2020)

  • Coello: "The objective of the Women's Race is to reflect the rise of women in sport and to demand equal rights and opportunities" (27/01/2020)

  • More than a hundred children from La Arboleja, La Albatalía and Espinardo participate in the contest ´Dibuja tu Belén´ (27/01/2020)

  • The measures implemented by the City Council and the collaboration of Murcia reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 3 tons this weekend (27/01/2020)

  • UCAM will investigate doctor honoris causa to Bernardo Kliksberg considered "the father of the RSC" (27/01/2020)

  • Mario Gómez requests a meeting to the Minister of Development to discuss the execution of the works on the Soldiers' Way announced in 2019 (27/01/2020)
    It is a busy road and one of the main connection routes to access the West Industrial Estate that affects both the municipality of Murcia and Alcantarilla
  • The landscapes of Egypt, Russia, Portugal and England will arrive in Murcia by international experts in April (27/01/2020)

  • The PSOE requires the PP not to fold over and move the Women's Race during the day because the 8M is to "make the feminist struggle visible" (27/01/2020)

  • Navy Blue Travel new sponsor of the City of Murcia CN (27/01/2020)

  • Murcia Gastronomic Capital starts with a very sweet winter (26/01/2020)

  • The Asomada Observatory joins the implementation of the Murcia 2030 Urban Agenda (26/01/2020)
    Councilwoman Mercedes Bernabé has held a meeting with the members of the entity to schedule various actions within the framework of the City Council strategy
  • The Ivy Plan arrives in Nonduermas (26/01/2020)

  • The Contracting Board continues to detect indications of collusive behavior and proposes the expulsion of two new companies (26/01/2020)
    These are isolated cases that must be eliminated to ensure that all tenders and contracting procedures of the City of Murcia are carried out in a manner clean and transparent
  • The awareness of 3,000 drivers allows to stop emitting between 2.7 and 3.2 tons less CO2 into the atmosphere during the day yesterday (25/01/2020)
    The Circular, Martínez Tornel and González Conde seats were, in that order, the points in those that decreased traffic intensity the most
  • Urban public transport yesterday registered about 29,000 more passengers compared to last Friday (25/01/2020)
    The Tram Service accounts for 27.5% more users compared to the same day of the previous week, while urban bus lines grew 23.61%
  • The use of deterrent car parks doubled during yesterday (25/01/2020)
    The ORA recorded 33% less total occupancy compared to the same day last week
  • Murcia Spanish Capital of Gastronomy brings tomorrow a gala full of surprises and cute chocolate in Romea (25/01/2020)

  • Education yields the use of public schools in the municipality for activities during non-school hours (25/01/2020)
    During the first quarter of this 2019-2020 academic year, 153 requests were authorized for the use of these facilities in extracurricular hours
  • The new Tranvibús lines will stop emitting more than 10,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere (24/01/2020)

  • The City Council prunes more than 10,000 rose bushes to encourage its flowering in the face of spring (24/01/2020)

  • Assido will build a care center and a residence on the Avenida Principe de Asturias thanks to an assignment from the City Council (24/01/2020)
    The Government Board has initially approved the Special Plan project thanks to which it will be assigned to a plot of more than 3,100 square meters
  • The new Tranvibús lines will stop emitting more than 10,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere (24/01/2020)

  • The PSOE warns that the unavoidable time has come to extend the tram to the Arrixaca and the West Polygon (24/01/2020)
    Councilman Juan Vicente Larrosa, who has presented a motion in this regard, points out that a day like today with transport Free public shows that the population is waiting for efficient, affordable buses and tram
  • We can-Equo claims to the City Council "agility and efficiency in the fight against air pollution, immediately, and substantial changes in the municipality model, in the medium and long term" (24/01/2020)

  • The University of Murcia teaches a business equality agent course in CSR (24/01/2020)
    The event will take place this Tuesday, January 28, in the classroom of the Faculty of Economics and Business.
  • The Parrandboleros deliver more than 10,000 euros in solidarity to Astrapace and the Food Bank (24/01/2020)

  • José Ballesta discovers this afternoon the commemorative plaque of the first permanent headquarters of the UMU in El Carmen (24/01/2020)
    In addition, room 8 of the LAC will take the name of the Murcian Piedad de la Cierva, a scientist who began his studies at this headquarters of the University of Murcia.
  • Tourism of Murcia is presented as an event destination in Fitur (24/01/2020)
    The city also collected the witness as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020
  • The Legal Clinic of the University of Murcia participates in the review that the UN does to Spain on human rights (24/01/2020)
    Representatives of the Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law met the High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet
  • Torreagüera will host next February 2 a representation of the entrance of Jaime I to the city of Murcia (24/01/2020)
    Organized by the association Bicihuerta, the delegation will travel the streets of the old town of the district
  • Murcia Spanish Capital of Gastronomy begins its programming with Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, Maldita Nerea and Viva Sweden (24/01/2020)

  • Circular market for Santo Tomás de Aquino in the IES Juan Carlos I of Murcia (24/01/2020)

  • Serrano: "We applaud that the PP is responsible and assumes as its own the proposal to put free buses as a measure against pollution" (23/01/2020)

  • Public transport and deterrent parking will be free tomorrow Friday due to pollution levels (23/01/2020)
    This has been decided by the Air Pollution Event Operational Committee meeting as a matter of urgency
  • The City Council serves more than 80,000 people through the Telephone and Telematic Service during the past year (23/01/2020)
    The number 010 is the most used channel with a total of 60,510 applications, among which are requests of municipal interest, as they can be the registry, changes of address, tax payments or registration procedures.
  • The first working meeting for the creation of the first Strategic Grant Plan of the City of Murcia starts (23/01/2020)

  • The first paratrooper jump in Spain took place in Murcia, more than seven decades ago (23/01/2020)

  • Santo Ángel will have 48 new protected homes (23/01/2020)
    The Plenary Commission for Urban Planning, Sustainable Development and Huerta has also approved a new step that will allow the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cañadas de San Pedro
  • The University of Murcia organizes a round table on Islam (23/01/2020)

  • The University of Murcia signs an agreement with the Association of Bilingual Education (23/01/2020)

  • A plaque will remember that the Artistic Laboratory of Carmen was the first headquarters of the University of Murcia (23/01/2020)
    In addition, room 8 will take the name of the Murcian scientist Piedad de la Cierva, the first woman in studies at the University of Murcia.
  • Murcia will have ten new free charging points for electric cars, which visitors and residents can use (23/01/2020)

  • The City Council convenes the operational committee of the air pollution episode due to the intrusion of African mineral dust (23/01/2020)
    The meeting, which will be chaired by Councilman Antonio Navarro, will take place at 13.30 in the meeting room on the sixth floor of the building city ​​of Abenarabi
  • "In Murcia City Council we moved on the parental pin and all parties voted against" (23/01/2020)
    José Ángel Antelo in 'El Gato al Agua'
  • Murcia will bring to Genoa the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020 (22/01/2020)

  • Underground monitoring meeting (22/01/2020)
    The presidents of the Municipal Boards of Barrio del Progreso, Infante, Barriomar and El Carmen criticize that the Government Delegate will not invite them to the underground monitoring meeting
  • The participatory process of the municipality's first mobility ordinance begins (22/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Sustainable Mobility and Youth, Rebeca Pérez has met with representatives of the various political groups
  • The TCM hosts on Saturday the premiere of ´Locos de amor´, a drama by Sam Shepard with live music that will be staged by Trama Teatro (22/01/2020)
    The premiere of the Murcia company joins that of 'Vigor Mortis', the show of contemporary dance that OtraDanza will present this Thursday
  • The City Council improves the median of Pintor Almela Costa Street with more visibility for road traffic and new vegetation (22/01/2020)

  • Murcia receives the witness of Almeria as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020 (22/01/2020)

  • The City Council strengthens relations between the universities of Murcia and Genoa in the framework of twinning between the two cities (22/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, meets with the Vice-Rector for International Relations of the Italian institution, Andrea Trucco , to support future alliances and learn about Erasmus studies
  • The University of Murcia reports the news of the EBAU to secondary schools (22/01/2020)
    The dates change due to the advancement of the September test and, in addition, the adaptations to students with special needs and the measures to prevent fraud are modified
  • The PSOE regrets that the PP does not take seriously the lack of Local Police and consider its urgent extension to droppers (22/01/2020)
    Teresa Franco recalls that today begins a new opposition process, although the 46 agents of the previous call, initiated in 2017, they have not been able to incorporate because they have not yet passed the medical examination or the academic period
  • Promotion organizes a technical conference on "New criteria for study and adaptation to floods" (22/01/2020)
    The conference-colloquium, which will take place tomorrow Thursday, at 5.30 pm, in the Assembly Hall of the building annexed to the City of Murcia, will feature with the presence of various experts in the field
  • La Huerta, culture, historical heritage and gastronomy, protagonists of ´Murcia, a city, a thousand lives´ (22/01/2020)

  • 773 applicants to get one of the 64 positions of Local Police officer begin the test this afternoon (22/01/2020)
    The test exercise will be held from 17 hours, in the Aulario Norte of the Espinardo Campus
  • The Santa Eulalia neighborhood celebrates the festivities in honor of San Blas and La Candelaria with more than twenty activities (22/01/2020)
    The program of events will be held from January 26 to February 3
  • The City Council celebrates its first working meeting within the twinning between Murcia and Genoa (21/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, meets the vice mayor and two councilors of the Italian city to mark the different lines of future actions.
  • El Palmar will recover La Paz Park by the end of March with new green spaces and a modern playground for children (21/01/2020)

  • Huermur denounces again the foams appeared today in the Segura River as it passes through Murcia (21/01/2020)

  • Pérez: "This Government Team will transform the municipality of Murcia with a backbone, innovative and efficient transport (21/01/2020)
    " With integral solutions and with a global vision "
  • Ballesta claims to the Ministry a final decision on the North Collector to avoid systematic flooding in Murcia (21/01/2020)

  • Murcia closes the year 2019 with a record of visitors and overnight stays (21/01/2020)
    The Department of Tourism will present these tourist results tomorrow in Fitur, as well as a new promotional video under the name "Murcia: a city, a thousand lives"
  • The UMU Social Council awards the Rector Lostau ex aequo Award to Salvador Zamora and Gregorio Sánchez (21/01/2020)

  • The PSOE asks Ballesta to leave the "trams" and "roll up to solve the very serious transport problems" (21/01/2020)
    Councilor Larrosa warns that "we are getting worse", and echoes the Sangonera users' issue Green, who complain about overcrowding, and the cutting of lines by rains in several sections of the municipality
  • Murcia records up to 60 liters per square meter of rain in the last 24 hours (21/01/2020)
    The special device launched by the City Council works efficiently and in a coordinated manner to minimize the incidents caused by the storm Gloria
  • The program 'The neighborhood moves' takes the sport to the squares of the Eastern Central District (21/01/2020)
    The initiative will offer healthy activities and physical exercise the first four Saturdays of February in public spaces such as Santo Domingo, Europe, Santa Eulalia, San Juan and Christ of the Rescue.
  • Communiqué of Somos Sindicalistas on the statements of the local police chief of Murcia (21/01/2020)
    "Overflowing self-complacency and does not reflect the serious situation of the workforce or citizen security"
  • Cabezo de Torres will be dyed in a thousand colors with the arrival of Holi Life before Carnival (21/01/2020)
    The new edition will be based on a neon party that will have its prominence when darkness arrives, with lights, dust and neon paint
  • The ´Christmas Salons´ initiative of the Artillery Barracks already has winners (21/01/2020)
    The jury has chosen as the best proposal the team 'This Christmas, your grain of sand counts' while the public has awarded its prize to the team' Inside of the Tree '
  • The City Council begins the expansion of the Senior Center of Cabezo de Torres, which will benefit 770 seniors (21/01/2020)

  • Meeting with representatives of neighborhood groups affected by the underground (20/01/2020)
    The delegate of the Government and the Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda in Murcia, hold a meeting with representatives of neighborhood groups affected by the underground
  • The City Council denies that tomorrow the classes in the municipality will be canceled due to rain and snow (20/01/2020)

  • Singer Paco Damas performs at the Romeo Theater in Murcia (20/01/2020)

  • Navarro: "We will continue making arrangements with the operator of the telephony antenna of El Progreso so that it does not broadcast in that location" (20/01/2020)

  • The University of Murcia coordinates an Erasmus + project to recover the traditional carpentry of ships (20/01/2020)
    ISEN, a UMU affiliated center in Cartagena, has welcomed the launch of the initiative
  • MercaMurcia opens two recharging places for electric vehicles (20/01/2020)
    Councilman Juan Fernando Hernández has visited the facilities of the Food Logistics Distribution Center this morning
  • Cs will promote the creation of the first Strategic Grant Plan of the City of Murcia (20/01/2020)

  • Neighbors, fathers and mothers and environmentalists are opposed to continuing to install an antenna in the Barrio del Progreso (20/01/2020)

  • The PSOE proposes to establish the telematic vote in the Plenary Session of the City Council for councilors in exceptional situations of leave or family care (20/01/2020)
    The Socialist Councilor Teresa Franco will defend a motion in this regard "to meet two major objectives, that of real equality of men and women and the right to reconcile work and personal life "
  • The City Council continues its work with the Social Council of the University of Murcia (20/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, takes possession as a member of this body that guarantees the participation of Murcia society in the academic institution.
  • Mercedes Bernabé and Santiago Navarro take possession as members of the Social Council of the University of Murcia (20/01/2020)

  • The UMU exposes the installation 'La puta ama' by Alissia, a reflection on a contemporary Circe (20/01/2020)

  • The City Council grants a grant of 10,000 euros to the Telephone of Hope for the realization of projects, courses and activities (20/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Social and Family Rights, Pilar Torres, attended this morning the presentation of the new application of the association 'Connect.social'
  • Abandoned Jesus mobilizes Murcia society with the Magic Line solidarity walk on April 26 (20/01/2020)

  • New hiking and cultural routes, a yincana of King Paparajote or Scape Room sessions, among the novelties of the program 'Networks for Leisure Time' (20/01/2020)
    Until next March, young people can enjoy 50 activities every weekend
  • The main Murcia chefs debate in the I Forum of Ideas of ´Murcia, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy´ (20/01/2020)

  • The pollution warning is deactivated after recovering the adequate levels of air quality. (20/01/2020)
    Murcia is one of the 8 Spanish cities and the only one in the Region of Murcia that has a protocol of measures to be taken during air pollution episodes
  • Mario Gómez meets with the Citmusa Conservation Urban Entity to seek consensual solutions (19/01/2020)
    The first phase of urbanization of the Integrated Transport Center of Murcia covers an area of ​​450,000 meters and brings together important companies in the transport and logistics sector
  • The City Council will continue in February with the participatory process that will identify the Circular Economy initiatives of the municipality (19/01/2020)
    This process is framed in the diagnosis for the development of this strategy, promoted by the Department of Urban Agenda and Open Government, which directs Mercedes Barnabas
  • Algezares will have a new multisport area for next summer (19/01/2020)
    The neighbors will have a new space to practice physical exercise, which will house a skate area
  • The City Council continues with the second phase of the remodeling of the median of Avenida Primero de Mayo (18/01/2020)

  • The meeting of Flamenco Schools of Andalusia Mediterranean Arc modifies its program tomorrow in the rain forecast (18/01/2020)
    The performance of the schools in squares of Murcia is canceled and the rest of the activities are transferred to the Carmen Romero Academy facilities .
  • Activated the air pollution warning protocol, at level 2 (18/01/2020)

  • Huerta Viva warns of possible damage to the wheel of La Ñora (18/01/2020)

  • La Esperanza lights up the poster of the Murcian Holy Week 2020, through José Hurtado's brush (18/01/2020)

  • The City Council carries out more than 17,000 actions in fountains and lakes of the municipality during 2019 (18/01/2020)

  • Zeneta will have a study room 24 hours next spring (18/01/2020)
    The new facilities, located in the Municipal Center of the district, will offer 30 positions
  • Green Schools Network: Thriller and suspense in the educational program "Murcia, ecology of a city" (17/01/2020)
    The municipality of Murcia suspends mid-year ECOeducational activities for schoolchildren
  • With you denounces the lack of police presence in Murcia (17/01/2020)

  • The PSOE will create a working group with its representatives in districts to make proposals and promote the Regulation of Municipal Boards (17/01/2020)

  • The Royal Academy of Medicine rewards the student with the best record of the UCAM (17/01/2020)

  • About 9,000 people aspire to occupy a place in the 2016 Public Employment Offer (17/01/2020)
    The applicants choose the face-to-face modality in the Citizen Attention offices to carry out their instance for the job call
  • The development of the Partial Plan ZM-Br1 will allow the creation of a green space of almost 85,000 square meters belonging to the future Western Metropolitan Park (17/01/2020)
    The Partial Plan of this area, which is part of the strategic project South Connection, is subject to public information
  • APRAMP receives a municipal aid for the fight against sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings (17/01/2020)
    The Government Board grants a subsidy of 15,000 euros that will allow to maintain the activity of the Association's Reception Center
  • The shoes of Usain Bolt, an F-1 of Alonso and the equipment of Mireia Belmonte, objects of 'Legends' that arrive in Murcia (17/01/2020)

  • José Manuel López Nicolás and María Senena Corbalán take possession of their new vice-rectors at the UMU (17/01/2020)

  • Activated the warning protocol for air pollution at its mildest level (01/17/2020) (17/01/2020)

  • The CHS joins the Chair of Water and Sustainability University of Murcia - Emuasa (16/01/2020)

  • The Royal Academy of Medicine of Murcia rewards the student with the best record of the UCAM (16/01/2020)
    The graduate of the Catholic University, Paula Molina Garrigós, who has an average grade in the Degree in Medicine of 9,255 and 50 honors, will receive this recognition
  • The presidents of the Municipal and District Boards will receive information on the new public procurement procedures (16/01/2020)
    During the meeting convened by the mayor of Development, Mario Gómez, those responsible for the Boards will transfer a list of investments to be made in neighborhoods and districts to establish an order of priorities for the 2020 budgets
  • Serrano: "The reopening of La Paz is good news for parents and neighbors whose nursery was taken away by speculative fervor" (16/01/2020)

  • The 2030 Forest Plan reaches the neighborhoods of San Pedro, San Antolín and San Nicolás with the first lemon plantations (16/01/2020)

  • Inauguration of the La Paz Infant School (16/01/2020)
    The coordinator of the United Left-Greens of the municipality of Murcia, Alicia Martínez, today expressed her "bittersweet feeling" on the occasion of the inauguration of the new headquarters of the La Paz Municipal Infant School
  • "No one today should be proud to inaugurate these facilities" (16/01/2020)

  • La Paz children's school opens as the best-performing public center in Murcia (16/01/2020)

  • The University of Murcia and Hidrogea join forces to create the Chair of Water Eco-efficiency (16/01/2020)
    Research and innovation for the best use of resources will be the main objective of this chair
  • The underground containers of Lepanto Street come into operation (16/01/2020)
    The Department of Sustainable Mobility and Youth has installed four organic waste points and a selective collection point
  • The Teatro Circo Murcia will host the premiere of 'Vigor Mortis', a disturbing story of nightmares and dreams created by the company OtraDanza (16/01/2020)
    The show, with the stage direction of Asun Noales and Rulo Pardo and performed by Noales and Carlos Fernández, will be represented next Thursday, January 23
  • López: "In the last year we have created dozens of new places in nursery schools" (15/01/2020)

  • The children's school of Paz, the largest and most efficient in Murcia, is now ready to serve Murcian families (15/01/2020)

  • Navarro: "Level 2 the protocol of measures to be taken during pollution episodes was deactivated last Saturday" (15/01/2020)

  • The UMU welcomes this Thursday the start of the conference ´A Education for the 21st Century´ with a talk by Joaquín Araujo (15/01/2020)
    The conference will be at 20.45 in the Auditorium of the Merced Campus
  • The UMU collaborates in the largest worldwide study to detect the genetic causes of Parkinson's (15/01/2020)

  • UCAM graduates 400 gastronomy professionals in Havana (15/01/2020)
    This initiative is being carried out within the framework of the project 'The Cuban Currency: Training Program for Young People', there are already 1600 students enrolled for the next course
  • IU-Greens denounces that the municipality of Murcia does not comply with its own anti-pollution protocol (15/01/2020)

  • Free PDO Jumilla wine tastings every week at the headquarters of ´Murcia, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020´ (15/01/2020)

  • The PSOE criticizes the "chaotic" management of the children's schools of the PP that leads him to celebrate the reopening of La Paz as a success (15/01/2020)

  • HUERMUR denounces before Culture the strident and distorting installation placed on the facade of the Romea Theater in Murcia, BIC monument (15/01/2020)

  • 100% accessible citizen service in Murcia and districts (15/01/2020)

  • About 300 flamenco artists will fill the city of Murcia with art on January 18 and 19 (15/01/2020)
    Belluga Square, Alfonso X, the Apostles' Square and Julián Romea Square will host live performances
  • The City Council improves the facilities of the sports center of Santa Cruz (15/01/2020)
    The actions consist of paving the indoor soccer field and repairing tennis and basketball
  • UCAM and Santander expand their alliance, which includes scholarships for new students with few resources (14/01/2020)

  • The City Council joins the UMU for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (14/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, has signed this morning the constitution protocol of the Forum ODSessions of the University of Murcia
  • The San Andres supply plaza will offer a Library service in its facilities (14/01/2020)
    It is a joint initiative of the Department of Commerce and Markets and the Urban Agenda and Open Government that will allow users to consult titles on gastronomy, food , nutrition and health
  • The PSOE claims that the City Council lead the expansion of the West Industrial Estate and improve transport, parking and sidewalks (14/01/2020)
    Carmen Fructuoso points out that the improvements and investments made in this business park will benefit the entire municipality, "but for that it must continue being an economic pole with greater accessibility, more services and more offer &qu
  • The UCAM and the Nursing College of the Region reinforce their commitment in the international year of this profession (14/01/2020)
    The World Health Organization, the UN and the International Nursing Council have chosen 2020 to commemorate this discipline
  • The Murcian flat and the truffle of the Corvera desert triumph in Madrid Fusión (14/01/2020)

  • Promotion urges Urbamusa to deliver more than a dozen projects to municipal technicians for bidding and adjudication (14/01/2020)
    The mayor Mario Gómez considers it a priority to exit these projects under the supervision of the Technical Office
  • A book published by the UMU shows how the Isis and Serapis Sanctuary in Carthago Nova was (14/01/2020)
    The publication exposes the historical importance and the conservation work undertaken in what constitutes one of the most important archaeological discoveries of Cartagena of the last decades
  • The City Council installs more than 300 meters of barriers on mountain roads to improve the safety of drivers (14/01/2020)
    The Road Safety Improvement Plan includes the placement of Motorcyclist Protection Systems in curved areas for greater protection of drivers .
  • The Artillery Barracks launches the call to become a nursery of talent and creativity thanks to the artistic residency program (14/01/2020)

  • The VI Network Tournament for Social Inclusion begins next Friday (14/01/2020)
    A total of 200 people participate, distributed in 10 teams, participate in this edition to be held from January 17 to February 28
  • Alba Reche, "chimera", in the REM (13/01/2020)

  • Pacheco: "We work on an operational and strategic plan for museums in the short, medium and long term" (13/01/2020)

  • The RMBM has three associated libraries for the organization of documentary and information resources (13/01/2020)
    The Municipal Network of Libraries of Murcia has the specialized funds of the Hydraulic Museum Los Molinos del Río Segura, the Environmental Education Resource Center (CREA) and the Almudí Art Center to improve its accessibility to the citizen.
  • The PSOE denounces the abandonment to which the PP submits to museums, without uniformity in schedules, contents or personnel (13/01/2020)
    Councilor Enrique Lorca will request the inclusion of these centers in the Regional Museum System so that they can benefit from aid, publications or restorations of pieces and "cease to be only guardians of funds without further travel"
  • Chef Pablo González-Conejero puts the finishing touch to the gastronomic workshops of the Verónica market (13/01/2020)
    The workshop attendees, free of charge and open to the public until full capacity, have been able to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience by the chef Murcia awarded two Michelin stars
  • The UMU Language Service renews the accreditation of the Cervantes Institute for teaching Spanish (13/01/2020)

  • The Local Police sanctions the perpetrators of 12 pruning burns and denounces 16 valets during the past weekend (13/01/2020)
    The agents have also recovered three motorcycles that were listed as stolen
  • Deactivation of the warning for pollution in Murcia after recovering the appropriate levels of air quality (13/01/2020)
    Murcia is one of the 8 Spanish cities and the only one in the Region of Murcia that has a protocol of measures to be taken during episodes of air pollution
  • Patiño hosts a massive Gang Meeting and shows the roots of Murcia as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy (12/01/2020)

  • The Casino de Garres will become a great cultural center after the remodeling of the old building (12/01/2020)
    The works, whose investment amounts to a total of 182,618 euros, are expected to end in summer
  • Santa María de Gracia will recover the source of the Bohemian Garden within the ´Objective Alberca´ plan (12/01/2020)

  • The vice president of the regional government participates in the elaboration of the traditional "Patiño balls" (11/01/2020)

  • Response of We are Syndicalists to the Councilor of Personnel on Expiry EPOs 2015 and 2016 Ayto Murcia (11/01/2020)

  • Patiño tomorrow celebrates the XXXII Gang Meeting with music, dances and 100,000 balls (11/01/2020)
    The meeting, which will bring together more than 10,000 people, is held in memory of Manuel Cárceles, 'El Patiñero'
  • 1,000 schoolchildren participate in the Christmas Schools in 22 public centers of the municipality (11/01/2020)
    The City Council, through the Department of Education, transfers the spaces for carrying out activities during the holiday period
  • Level 2 of the protocol of measures to be taken during episodes of air pollution in the municipality (11/01/2020)

  • The SEMAS attended 6 people last night at the 'Cold Operation' (10/01/2020)

  • Fernández: "The expiration of the Public Employment Offers 2015 and 2016 of the City of Murcia has not occurred" (10/01/2020)

  • Eleven social and economic institutions will promote the ODSessions project of the UMU (10/01/2020)
    On January 14 the 'ODSessions Forum' will be set up to promote this initiative among public administrations, employers, unions and NGOs
  • The UMU and the Red Chamber sign a collaboration agreement to promote and teach the art of photography (10/01/2020)

  • The 45 municipalities of the Region will have their own space in "Murcia Spanish Capital of Gastronomy" (10/01/2020)

  • Communiqué of We are Syndicalists on the expiration of SPO 2015 and 2016 City Council of Murcia (10/01/2020)

  • Cs takes a motion to the plenary of the City of Murcia to disapprove the words of EH Bildu and curb the concessions to the independentistas (10/01/2020)
    The Orange formation considers it absolutely necessary that the Murcian council show its support for the Spanish legal system and all constitutional bodies
  • IU-Greens of the municipality of Murcia takes stock of 2019 and claims its political project for the future (10/01/2020)

  • The PSOE again denounces deficiencies in buses: overcrowding on the Sangonera la Verde line and students who do not get to exams (10/01/2020)
    Councilman Juan Vicente Larrosa declares that "as long as Murcia does not have a decent public transport it will not be a modern municipality, will not reduce its pollution levels, will not have a balanced and connected territory or equal citize
  • Activated the warning protocol for air pollution at level 2 (10/01/2020)

  • Murcia collects a historical number of visitors this Christmas (10/01/2020)
    The Three Kings' Cavalcade repeats as the most massive event of the program, registering this year the 85,000 visitors
  • The City Council allocates more than 700,000 euros to activities of awareness, awareness and environmental information (10/01/2020)
    The contracting of this program of the Department of Sustainable Development and Huerta will be carried out through two lots of actions for a period of three years
  • The City Council joins the SDG Forum on Sustainable Development of the University of Murcia (10/01/2020)
    In this way an alliance between the two institutions is established to sensitize citizens about each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda
  • The University of Murcia creates two new vice-rectors (10/01/2020)
    Professor José Manuel López Nicolás will be the new vice-rector for Transfer and Scientific Dissemination
  • Murcia, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy bets on the recovery of gastronomic heritage (09/01/2020)

  • Zarandona celebrates its III Popular Race on Sunday (09/01/2020)
    The test will be carried out through the town center with different distances to run or walk.
  • The Food Bank appoints Hero ´Matrona de Murcia´ 2019 (09/01/2020)
    José Ballesta and Bonifacio Fernández give the award to the company "for their generous collaboration, especially through children's food"
  • The special cleaning device collects more than 105,000 kilos of cardboard and paper after Kings Day 2020 (09/01/2020)

  • The information phase of the 'Sum 1' campaign begins to make the new brown container known to La Flota neighbors (09/01/2020)
    A team of informants will explain to the neighbors what the new container will consist of, how to use it correctly and the reasons and advantages of your collaboration
  • The PSOE criticizes that the PP blames the collective of the municipality for not having received its subsidies today (09/01/2020)
    The spokesman, José Antonio Serrano, declares that "if the delay is serious, we are also concerned about where it is going to take out the government team the money for subsidies not paid for its inefficiency "
  • Navarro: "If the districts of the North zone are flooded again, it will be the responsibility of the Ministry" (09/01/2020)

  • The Patiño Municipal Center publishes the winning work of the Manuel Cárceles Caballero Research Aid in its first edition (09/01/2020)
    The presentation of 'The construction of the traditional musical identity in the Franco regime' will be held this afternoon within the program of the Meeting in around the Patiño Balls
  • A survey analyzes the level of municipal transparency of Murcia in housing matters (09/01/2020)
    LACOOOP analyzes through a survey the level of municipal transparency of Murcia in housing matters
  • More than 600 retail positions pass the inspection test during Christmas (09/01/2020)
    160 belong to the eight municipal supply places and 450 to the 53 weekly markets
  • The City Council transfers to CHS the need to expand the water treatment plant of La Contraparada (09/01/2020)

  • Emergency services serve a woman who has been hit by a vehicle that has missed a traffic light (08/01/2020)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "The Municipal Socialist Group avoids claiming before the Government of the nation the necessary new model of local financing" (08/01/2020)

  • The PSOE claims one more year the 40 million that the City Council pays for assuming competencies of the Community (08/01/2020)
    Councilwoman Carmen Fructuoso asks Ballesta that, now that regional budgets are being designed, take advantage to claim the money that "we are paying as if we had money left over "
  • The new collectors in the underground environment will avoid floods in episodes of heavy rains in the southern part of the municipality (08/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Sustainable Development and Huerta, Antonio Navarro, has visited this morning the start of the works of the AVE SUR Collector, 1,175 meters long, and the AVE CONFLUENCIA Collector, 975 meters long
  • The CEI school will celebrate on February 9 its V solidarity race ´Save The Children´ (08/01/2020)
    The test will take place in the Paseo del Malecón, gardens and the new area of ​​Murcia Río, in the modalities of 10 km and 5 km.
  • The City Council begins 2020 with new tree plantations to reach 200,000 in this decade (08/01/2020)

  • Open the registration period for courses of the UMU Language Service until January 10 (08/01/2020)

  • The City Council works with three associations to deal with drug addiction (07/01/2020)
    The Department of Sports and Health has awarded a global grant of 36,000 euros to Alfamur, Solidarity and Reintegration Foundation (Proyecto Hombre) and Fundación Diagrama.
  • More than 400,000 people have passed this year through the Christmas Tree of the Circular Square (07/01/2020)

  • The neighborhoods and districts face the sales with many doubts and low expectations (07/01/2020)

  • The Tourist Police of Murcia puts an end to the illegal guides (07/01/2020)
    The agents have contacted 75 tourist guides since they were put into service, of which five did not have the legal authorization to practice the profession
  • The PSOE demands a public apology to the VOX councilor who insulted the Socialists in the retransmission of the Three Kings Parade (06/01/2020)

  • Housing invests almost half a million euros in the maintenance of the rent for families with limited resources (06/01/2020)
    These grants are aimed at financing part of the rent, provided that the requirements established in the Municipal Ordinance on Housing Economic Benefits are met
  • An agreement between the City Council, the University of Murcia and Emuasa will allow a scientific study to predict pollution episodes (06/01/2020)
    Thanks to this initiative, which is framed within the 'Clean Air' strategy, they can be implemented preventively measures to reduce these episodes
  • Assistance with nearly 140,000 euros to four entities that serve vulnerable groups (05/01/2020)
    The grants have been awarded to the Fundación CEPAIM Integral Action with Migrants, the Educational Association, the Oblate Community of the Most Holy Redeemer and the International Association of Hope Telephone
  • Two injured cyclists in the area of ​​the Strait in Baños and Mendigo (05/01/2020)
    Emergency services attend and transfer to the hospital center two injured cyclists in the area of ​​the Strait in Baños and Mendigo
  • A 31-year-old motorcyclist is injured on the Monteagudo Old Road in Murcia (05/01/2020)

  • The cemetery of Our Father Jesus will have 352 new high niches and 80 columbariums (04/01/2020)
    This is an initiative promoted by the Department of Sports and Health and will have a total tender budget of 202,495 euros.
  • Tomorrow chairs will go on sale in different streets on the streets of the Three Kings' Cavalry (04/01/2020)
    Concessionaire company staff and skaters will help attendees locate their locations before the parade
  • The little ones can write their letter to the Magi from the Christmas Tree (04/01/2020)
    They can also participate in a workshop of recycled toys in the space of the Circular Square
  • Los Ramos residents will enjoy a new garden next February (03/01/2020)
    The new green space of the Vereda del Chocolate, over 1,100 square meters, is inspired by the Murcian orchard and Andalusian gardens.
  • Ecologists in Action claims to boost public transport in the face of pollution episodes in Murcia (03/01/2020)
    They also demand greater control of industrial estates and agricultural burns in the municipality
  • Murcia girls and boys donate more than 4,000 toys in the great Christmas Tree (03/01/2020)

  • Murcia beats a new record on New Year's Eve reaching a hotel occupancy of over 87% and an average price of € 65 (03/01/2020)
    During the month of December the number of users of tourist offices has increased by more than 29%, being especially Significant foreign tourists, who have experienced a 32% rise compared to 2018
  • The Magi from the East will parade through Murcia this Sunday in a Cavalcade that will have the cinema as a thread (03/01/2020)

  • The boys and girls will prepare their royal crown tomorrow from the Christmas Tree (03/01/2020)
    The little ones will be able to participate in a workshop of recycled toys in the space of the Circular Square and enjoy a New Year's Opera concert.
  • A replica of the second-class basin of the Titanic will stay in Murcia (02/01/2020)
    The public raffle among all visitors to the exhibition, at the Thader Shopping Center, will be held on February 24
  • IU Verdes regrets that Ballesta insists on considering the Segura River as an amusement park (02/01/2020)

  • Navarro: "Murcia is one of the few Spanish cities that has a protocol of measures to be taken for episodes of air pollution" (02/01/2020)

  • An architect by the UPCT designs the urban integration of Murcia after the underground burial (02/01/2020)
    David Cano proposes in his final career project a large park in the old gas tanks, a direct link of the station with the highway and spaces public to watch the railway show
  • The PSOE will propose anti-pollution measures "in the face of the inoperance of the Crossbow team" (02/01/2020)

  • An agreement with Cepaim will improve the coexistence of families residing in municipally owned housing (02/01/2020)
    The agreement will have a duration of one year and an economic amount of 20,000 euros
  • The new rainwater network that will prevent flooding in the Mirador de Agridulce will come into operation next spring (02/01/2020)
    The driving will be 725 meters long and will cover María Goyri, Miguel de Unamuno, Pío Baroja avenue and Ramón y Cajal street
  • The Magi symbolize three characteristic elements of Murcia's identity (02/01/2020)
    "Holy Week, gastronomy and talent"
  • The School of Hospitality teaches children to prepare Roscón de Reyes from the Christmas Tree (02/01/2020)
    Children can play the piano from the center of the Circular Square, from 11.30 am to 2 pm, and in the afternoon, from 5 pm at 7.30 pm
  • Results San Silvestre Murcia 2019 (01/01/2020)
    Sergio Fernández and Paloma Sánchez Sala, kings of the capital at the end of the year
  • Murcia welcomes the New Year this afternoon with the great show '2020: A year to eat it 'on the River Walk (01/01/2020)

  • The little ones will prepare their royal crown tomorrow from the Christmas Tree (01/01/2020)
    Children will be able to make crafts in the morning, from 11.30 to 14.00, and in the afternoon, from 17.00 to 19.30.

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