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Murcia News - September 2019

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  • Primafrio joins UCAM to fund Juan Carlos Izpisua's research (30/09/2019)

  • The XV Rugby Murcia welcomes the Rugby Club Sant Cugat in Monte Romero (30/09/2019)

  • The city of Murcia receives a total of 74,120 tourists during July and August (30/09/2019)
    In the same period 123,241 overnight stays were computed with a growth of 4.56 percent
  • La Cresta del Gallo, true to his appointment with October 12, 2019 (30/09/2019)

  • The rector of the University of Murcia and the Minister of Education meet to discuss ways of collaboration (30/09/2019)

  • Two professors from the University of Murcia awarded by the American Physical Society (30/09/2019)

  • The Almudí Palace hosts tomorrow Tuesday the technical day on ´Brand Murcia´ (30/09/2019)
    200 people can deepen the creation of the city brand and the qualities that define the identity of the municipality
  • Employment launches a free Excellence Program that helps the unemployed to find work in 60 days (30/09/2019)
    It will take place from October 23 to 25 at the local Development Agency under the leadership of the strategic and operational marketing specialist, Isra García .
  • The English Court Myrtea celebrates the baby fair with discounts and free talks for parents (30/09/2019)

  • The San Antolín neighborhood will remodel Plaza del Pilar and improve its spaces with new trees (30/09/2019)

  • Last days to participate in the poetry contest to commemorate World Seniors Day (30/09/2019)

  • The PSOE requires Mario Gómez, of Citizens, to control the minor contracts of his companions of the Government Board (30/09/2019)
    In the last plenary session, the Cs spokesman accused the pediatric mayors of "awarding finger and uncontrolled works in the districts ", when the councilors do it without control because they do not need the approval of the Governing Board
  • More than 200 images will offer 'A look at the Mar Menor at the Science Museum (30/09/2019)
    The exhibition, which can be visited from tomorrow Tuesday and until October 27 shows the work of photographer Javier Murcia
  • Judo: Ainhoa ​​Nicolas Bronze in the Spanish Super Cup June (30/09/2019)

  • Photo exhibition of the centenary of the Murcia Tennis Club (30/09/2019)

  • ... (30/09/2019)

  • Aguas de Murcia pays posthumous tribute to José Albaladejo (30/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the third international congress of History and Videogames (30/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia will take the Plaza de la Merced to make a human bond for equality (30/09/2019)
    The event 'EnlazadODS' will bring together musicians Victoria Cava, Don Flúor, KUVE and Yana Zafiro on October 2 from 7:00 p.m.
  • Murcia, a pioneer city in the field of Circular Economy (30/09/2019)
    The City Council begins the development of the diagnosis of the Local Strategy of circular economy of the municipality
  • Defeat with the head high of the XV Rugby Murcia in Valencia against the leaders Les Abelles Rugby Club 78-5 (29/09/2019)

  • The public exhibition of the electoral roll will be from tomorrow, September 30, to October 7 (29/09/2019)

  • A conference discussed in Murcia the importance of strategic planning at the local level (29/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, opens next Thursday the Local Economies Days of the Region, which will be held in the Moneo building
  • City Council workers are 'motivated' in energy efficiency (29/09/2019)
    This training is part of the European project COMPETE4SECAP, under the Department of Urban Agenda and Open Government
  • Health workers attend and transfer a serious injury to a worker in a parking lot in Murcia (28/09/2019)

  • Pérez: "What is disappointing is that Spain has to go to elections for the ego of the leader of the PSOE" (28/09/2019)

  • ... (28/09/2019)

  • 165 young people will be able to obtain the Certificate of Professionalism in 11 training activities (28/09/2019)
    These programs are aimed at unemployed young people aged 16 to 29 who have abandoned their studies without having obtained any certification
  • A new system allows controlling the irrigation of the entire Greenway via Wifi (28/09/2019)

  • The Citizen Attention offices attend 1,094 affected by the DANA (28/09/2019)
    As of Monday, the information related to the raindrops will be centralized in the Citizen Attention Service in each of its offices in the different districts and districts , as well as in the municipal portal
  • Marilyn Monroe ´Ella´ inspired work wins the CreaMurcia of Performing Arts (28/09/2019)

  • Open the deadline to participate in Climathon 2019, the biggest climate change event in the world (28/09/2019)
    The challenge proposed by the Department of Sustainable Development and Huerta for this edition is 'How to improve waste management in the Huerta de Murcia'
  • The priest Julián García López dies (27/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia will publish on Monday the call for own scholarships (27/09/2019)
    The rector, José Luján, said on the Governing Council "feel proud" of the students who have participated as volunteers to help those affected by the DANA
  • The Museum of the University of Murcia hosts an exhibition on gender equality and inequality in the Ancient World (27/09/2019)

  • The "Parks, Music and Action" program returns in October to the gardens of Murcia with more than 350 free workshops (27/09/2019)

  • A 400-liter helicopter ends with mosquito bulbs in hard-to-reach areas (27/09/2019)

  • Seniors can enjoy Terra Natura this weekend for free (27/09/2019)

  • The orchestra of the University of Murcia offers an opening concert of the course with the violinist Pablo Albarracín (27/09/2019)

  • Murcia celebrates the First Week of the Major with different cultural and leisure activities and several intergenerational meetings (27/09/2019)

  • Civil Protection Volunteers may access defibrillator courses and health emergencies at the Claudio Galeno Institute (27/09/2019)
    The Government Board approves the agreement between the two entities
  • The City Council allocates more than 240,000 for the promotion of taxis adapted to people with reduced mobility (27/09/2019)
    The Government Board also approves the call for tests to obtain municipal taxi driver
  • An agreement with the CajaMurcia Foundation will improve the facilities of the centers for the elderly in the municipality (27/09/2019)
    This collaboration represents a contribution by the entity of 20,000 euros for this year
  • The new La Paz Infant School will be operational in the last quarter of this year (27/09/2019)
    The Government Board approves the specifications for the supply of furniture and equipment for the new educational facility
  • The Government Board approves the loan of 5.6 million euros to guarantee the integration of the railroad in the city of Murcia (27/09/2019)
    In this way the commitment established in the addendum to the agreement signed in 2006 is fulfilled
  • The Fofó Park Auditorium hosts tomorrow the #BeActive Night with zumba, yoga, body combat and dances for all ages (27/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, presents this initiative, framed in the European Sports Week, and will be held from 18.30 to 00.30 hours
  • Last Thursday, September 26, 2019, the Murcian musical group Jubón y Trova carried out a performance at the Peña Huertana el Mortero facilities located in Los Dolores (Murcia) (27/09/2019)

  • UCAM participates in the most important university fair in Europe (27/09/2019)

  • More than a hundred athletes participate in the Move for Organ Donation race on the left side of the river (26/09/2019)
    The 5-kilometer competition is one of the activities framed within the XXXIV National Transplant Congress.
  • Francisco Lucas: "While the residents of Murcia cleaned mud, the mayor was dedicated to inaugurate gardens in China" (26/09/2019)
    The spokesman of the PSRM-PSOE and parliamentary vice-spokesman considers "of absolute shame" that the municipal government of the PP and Citizens refuse to reduce taxes for those affected by DANA and oppose providing aid
  • Terra Natura Murcia workers conduct a fire drill to act efficiently in case of emergency (26/09/2019)

  • We can-Equo votes no to the budgets of 2019 (26/09/2019)
    The two councilors of the municipal group Podemos-Equo have rejected the accounts presented by the government team for 2019
  • Murcia and Genoa, cities united by a common history and twinned by a future project (26/09/2019)
    The Plenary unanimously approves the twinning between both cities, thus strengthening the historical ties of more than nine centuries
  • The PSOE called "shameful" that PP and Cs refuse to reduce taxes and stop the Contingency Fund for those affected by the DANA (26/09/2019)
    The Socialist spokesman has warned that the 1.9 million euros that is recorded in the budgets for emergencies "They are for that, and not to pay overtime as has been done in other exercises"
  • The PSOE gives a resounding no to the 2019 Budgets because "they do not eliminate inequalities between territories and citizens" (26/09/2019)
    In plenary, the Socialist Group achieves the commitment of the Corporation to have an operational and visible Emergency Plan, so that constitute the municipal boards before October 31 and to honor the writer Castillo-Puche
  • The Plenary approves the draft budgets for 2019 (26/09/2019)
    Councilman Eduardo Martínez-Oliva has claimed in his speech a new financing of Local Corporations since "the local tax system proposed by the Law of Local Haciendas has become obsolete and outdated "
  • Tourism and gastronomy, a key binomial for the development of the Region of Murcia (26/09/2019)

  • Murcia Illustrated opens the new season of Murcia Inspira with a unique and personal vision of the city (26/09/2019)
    The pictorial initiative opened the new season of Murcia Inspira after the summer break
  • The clothes collected thanks to the #YoNoDesperdicio campaign will go to those affected by DANA (26/09/2019)
    Murcia will be able to deliver clothes that they no longer use at points installed in Cancha stores in the Region
  • Guided visits to the San Esteban site resume next Monday (26/09/2019)

  • The Plenary urges ADIF to immediately inform the residents of the Vereda de Tabala about the works of the AVE that are developed in the area (26/09/2019)
    This infrastructure was a barrier to the natural eviction of water during the DANA, aggravating the flooding in Alquerías
  • The Municipal Corporation requires that Murcia be declared a catastrophic zone after the passage of the Dana (26/09/2019)
    The institutional declaration approved by the Plenary also includes the claim of any aid and investment required for the repair and prevention works that must be committed urgently
  • Retirees and pensioners can now request the renewal of the 100 Bonus (26/09/2019)
    The municipal plenary session unanimously approves the agreement to maintain these grants following the increase in pensions
  • Harvard University appoints a professor in Business History to a professor at the University of Murcia (26/09/2019)

  • Beniaján prepares for his big youth party (26/09/2019)

  • Crossbow claims that water and water infrastructure planning have "national rank" (26/09/2019)

  • The most important Latin rock band in Venezuela will visit Murcia (25/09/2019)
    Public Disorder.
  • The City Council will pay the displacement for the dining room of the 40 students of the CEIP Rafael Nicolás Raya of Sangonera la Verde (25/09/2019)

  • Lydia Valentín, runner-up in the world of weightlifting (25/09/2019)
    The UCAM sportswoman was fifth in snatch and third in two times achieving second place in the Olympic total with 246 kgs
  • Luis Albert Segura starts his tour ´Tormenta Tour´ // December 14 - Murcia (25/09/2019)
    The Mallorcan singer will present his first solo album this autumn, "Threat Threat"
  • Act of recognition of the UMU women's futsal team for their triumph in the European University Championship (25/09/2019)
    The rector congratulated the players on behalf of the entire university community
  • Representatives of six NGOs will be elected this afternoon to join the Council for Cooperation and Solidarity (25/09/2019)
    The appointment of new members will be made by lottery in the Assembly Hall of the Moneo building at 6:00 pm
  • National experts will participate in the technical conference on the 'Murcia Brand' (25/09/2019)
    The Almudí Palace will host this event next Tuesday from 5 pm, with free admission until full capacity is reached
  • 'Murcia Mi Ciudad Enseña' offers a hundred educational activities to the 75,000 schoolchildren in the municipality (25/09/2019)

  • Murcia will be the national capital of letters in October with the Book Fair (25/09/2019)

  • UCAM FP students start classes (25/09/2019)

  • The City Council will award the Gold Medal of Murcia to the people, institutions and companies that were dumped during the DANA (25/09/2019)

  • Izpisua develops an advanced gene editing tool to cure rare diseases (25/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia presents its ODSessions project in New York (25/09/2019)
    The Vice Chancellor Longinos Marín participates in the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development with world leaders such as the American economist Jeffrey Sachs
  • The SIME submits more than 600 claims of fixation for interim and labor personnel in the region (25/09/2019)

  • An agreement between the la Caixa Foundation and different entities will allow the development of social intervention projects in the municipality (25/09/2019)

  • Pupaclown will offer about 70 activities until next December (25/09/2019)
    The Scenic Center of the Pupaclown Foundation will host circus, clown, theater, puppet, music and workshops shows
  • Serrano: "Community and City Council can not give up functions, they have to get involved in helping the victims of the cold drop" (25/09/2019)
    The socialist spokesman, José Antonio Serrano, declares that everything cannot fall on the central government, both administrations must assume their responsibility, as has been done in Andalusia and Valencia
  • The PSOE criticizes the PP to leave 40 students from CEIP Rafael Nicolás Raya, from Sangonera la Verde, without transportation to the dining room (25/09/2019)

  • Six UCAM athletes participate in the World Athletics Championship (25/09/2019)
    The competition is held from September 27 to October 6 in Doha (Qatar) and in it, in addition to the medals, the first Olympic places for Tokyo 2020 will be at stake
  • The third edition of the Beauty Murcia Event's will take place on Saturday, September 28 (24/09/2019)

  • Presented the 90K Camino de la Cruz 2019 (24/09/2019)

  • Murcia and Caravaca join on October 5 at the 90K Camino de la Cruz (24/09/2019)

  • Possible therapeutic target to create future treatments against the most frequent brain tumor (24/09/2019)

  • 147 offers opt for the award of the contract for the remodeling of children's areas in various districts of Murcia (24/09/2019)
    The batch publishing process established by the Contracting Service guarantees transparency and competitive concurrence, preventing it from being awarded to the same company more of a contract
  • The University of Murcia teaches its services for students (24/09/2019)

  • Barriomar will have a new landscaped area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters (24/09/2019)
    The urbanization works also include the construction of new roads and 40 public parking spaces on the surface
  • The City Council develops a Plan of extraordinary actions of water cleaning after the DANA (24/09/2019)

  • The rector of the University of Murcia holds an institutional meeting with the president of the Autonomous Community (24/09/2019)
    Luján has proposed to López Miras as challenges of the UMU the improvement of training and continue with the commitment to research and knowledge transfer
  • A children's workshop and several free guided tours will present Murcia's heritage and history (24/09/2019)

  • They begin to crush the pruning remains of the huertanos to reduce agricultural burns within the Clean Air strategy (24/09/2019)

  • 'There is a tiger behind you' appoints honorary members of five illustrious Murcia (24/09/2019)
    Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Manuel Clavel Rojo, Carlos del Amor, Pepa Astillero and Virginia Martínez will be recognized for their work in the field of culture at the gala will be held on October 2 at the Romea Theater
  • The PSOE lacks an operational Municipal Emergency Plan that minimizes risks among the population (24/09/2019)

  • 440 young people can learn English, French and German thanks to the Language Clubs (24/09/2019)
    Next Thursday, September 26, the deadline for registration to the program organized by the Department of Sustainable Mobility and Youth begins.
  • Pensioners and retirees will continue to enjoy the 100 Transport Bonus, after the increase in pensions (24/09/2019)
    The municipal groups have unanimously approved an agreement temporarily until the new system of prices and bonuses is regulated
  • 75.8% of the students presented approves the EBAU in the September call (24/09/2019)

  • Around 400 people participated in the bicifestation organized by Murcia in Bici during its XIII week of the bike (24/09/2019)

  • UCAM appeal on judicial resolution (23/09/2019)

  • The new tour of El Kanka arrives in Murcia this weekend (23/09/2019)
    This Friday the artist from Malaga will perform at Parque Fofó de Murcia with his new show framed within the tour Where there are two fit three that will stop at the venues of greater capacity of sixteen Spanish capitals
  • The UMU promotes volunteering with the NO TE PRIVES collective and the Association of Homoparental Families of the Region (23/09/2019)

  • The City Council receives the international students of the Hispanic Institute in its Plenary Hall (23/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, has taken advantage of the presence of students to explain the importance of the stay
  • The City Council maintains the 100 transport voucher for pensioner and retired groups (23/09/2019)

  • The Virgin of Mercy goes out in procession at the Sangonera La Verde prison (23/09/2019)

  • Employment closely links with UCOMUR to promote entrepreneurship, quality work and professional training (23/09/2019)

  • Almost twenty activities make up the Environmental Education Programming for the last quarter of the year (23/09/2019)
    The Department of Sustainable Development and Huerta offers 8 guided environmental itineraries and routes, 2 Family Seminars and Workshops and 6 activities of the environmental volunteer program
  • The municipal budget for the year 2019 is ruled favorably by the pre-plenary information commission (23/09/2019)
    Among the files processed, the measures to be adopted on the impact of the increase in pensions and their impact on the Bonus 100
  • Rincon de Seca will premiere a new children's play area in the Plaza of the Municipal Social Center (23/09/2019)

  • The PSOE will vote against the 2019 budgets because they are late and bad (23/09/2019)
    Socialist spokesman José Antonio Serrano believes that "these budgets are late and bad, we have not been counted on for their preparation, and they are not the budgets that we would elaborate "
  • "Yo, Don Juan Manuel" by Paco López Mengual (23/09/2019)
    Next Saturday, September 28, the book Yo, Don Juan Manuel, the work of the farmer and novelist Paco López Mengual will be presented
  • The exhibition of models built with the largest LEGO pieces in Europe will remain in Murcia until October 26 (23/09/2019)
    12 thematic areas that occupy more than 1500 m2
  • We can-Equo ask for a City Council free of plastics in the ordinary plenary of September (23/09/2019)

  • The new network program for leisure time offers until December 40 free activities (23/09/2019)
    As a novelty three guided routes have been organized, a trivial championship and a workshop to learn how to properly handle Youtube
  • Emergency services confirm the death of a young man, allegedly precipitated from a height, in Murcia (23/09/2019)

  • Debut of the XV Rugby Murcia at home with defeat against Tatami Rugby Club 20-52, with good feelings. (23/09/2019)

  • The Supreme Court confirms the validity of the fire department oppositions (22/09/2019)
    The High Court of Justice dismisses the claim of several candidates for the tests for access to 30 seats
  • More than eight hundred people enjoy the fifth edition of 'The Night of Candles' (22/09/2019)
    Murcians say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn at Terra Natura with live music, children's activities and gastronomic tastings.
  • More than 1,300 people volunteer to help Murcia families affected by the rains (22/09/2019)

  • The City Council begins its transition to the Circular Economy through the European CityLoops project (22/09/2019)
    The Department of Urban Development and Open Government participates in this initiative, along with seven other countries, in which it is expected to reduce the consumption of material and natural resources in urban spaces
  • Nine proposals will compete next week for the CreaMurcia of Performing Arts (22/09/2019)
    The performances will take place from Monday to Friday at 9 pm at the Teatro Circo
  • The Hemicycle of the Faculty of Letters hosts the 1st Congress of Moors and Christians Cabos (21/09/2019)
    The first deputy mayor, Mario Gómez, has presided and closed today the opening ceremony of this event that is held during the weekend in Murcia, which was also attended by Jesús Pacheco and José Guillén.
  • Murcia boosts its commercial and tourist relations with southern China by signing the Nanning agreement (21/09/2019)

  • Emergency services attend and transfer to the hospital an injured cyclist after suffering a fall on a forest track in Murcia (21/09/2019)

  • The Socialist Group proposes a tribute to the writer Castillo-Puche, Adoptive Son of Murcia, whose centenary is celebrated this year (21/09/2019)
    Councilor Enrique Lorca believes that a figure of the importance of the Yeclano writer, also Gold Medal of the Region and faithful exponent of Murcia and its garden, should receive recognition from the City Council
  • The events of the Murcia Fair end today by candlelight in Terra Natura (21/09/2019)
    More than 5,000 candles, torches and lanterns, live music, entertainment activities and the best cuisine make up this unique event
  • Liberty Avenue hosts tomorrow a workshop to learn how to repair the bicycle (21/09/2019)

  • The Department of Sports and Health launches an Emergency Plan against mosquitoes after the rains (21/09/2019)
    In addition to terrestrial means a drone and a helicopter will be used for those areas of difficult access
  • Participants in the activities of youth centers value facilities and programming with an outstanding During the past year, more than 35,000 young people visited La Nave, 585m2 and El Palmar (21/09/2019)

  • The Muher take 3,000 m2 of Huertana essence to the heart of China (21/09/2019)

  • UMU student Borja Moreno Martínez has been admitted to the prestigious Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators. (20/09/2019)

  • 150 UCAM volunteers will help tomorrow in areas of the Mar Menor most affected by the floods (20/09/2019)

  • Six new agents join the body of the Local Police of Murcia through the mobility system (20/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Pedanías y Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, and the Councilor for Citizen Security and Economic Management, Eduardo Martínez-Oliva, preside over the event of appointment of new officers
  • Murcia welcomes its nearly 700 international students (20/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, attended this morning the event held at the Romea Theater
  • Incorporated the Municipal Boards of Baños and Mendigo and Valladolises (20/09/2019)
    The City Council continues with the process of forming the government teams of districts and districts
  • The University of Murcia welcomes more than 800 international students (20/09/2019)

  • The Paseo del Malecón will host the Aspanpal solidarity race on September 29 (20/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, has presented this sporting event, whose benefits will be to help Sergio Romero, who needs an adult stand-up
  • The SIME appreciates the work of the municipal employees during the DANA and shows its solidarity with the victims and victims (20/09/2019)

  • Work begins on the Investment Plan in Los Ramos, Zeneta, San José de la Vega, Corvera and Santa Cruz (20/09/2019)
    Projects for the adaptation of a room as a 24-hour study room, improvements in several soccer fields and a garden , as well as the construction of a fairground and repair of a sports center will be completed within a maximum period of six months
  • The urbanization works of the El Mayayo industrial estate will allow the implementation of new companies (20/09/2019)
    The works consist of the creation of infrastructures such as paving, sanitation, electricity and other services
  • Murcia becomes the national culture capital next week (20/09/2019)

  • The City Council creates a waiting list for gardening pawn in the Mayayo Municipal Nursery for people with disabilities (20/09/2019)
    It is proposed to make a call for merits for the performance of these tasks
  • The City Council approves the call for an opposition contest for a waiting list for the Medium Technician of Empelo Programs (20/09/2019)
    Experience in similar positions, as well as performance in the Public Administration, training courses and training in the field will be valued
  • The City Council and the SEF invest more than € 955,000 in opening new job opportunities for 40 unemployed people under 25 years old (20/09/2019)
    This program provides training and professional internships in public utility services for 12 months
  • The Vice President of the Community visits the UMU Rectorate to find out about the work of the Prosper Land Chair of Gender and Labor (20/09/2019)

  • Murcia takes the essence of its gardens to China and inaugurates the first Mediterranean park in Nanning (20/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia publishes the reference manuals for nine subjects (20/09/2019)

  • ... (20/09/2019)

  • Urban Development exposes the neighborhood's actions for the coming months to the residents of San Antón (19/09/2019)

  • Electric motorcycles, a bet for a clean and intelligent city (19/09/2019)

  • Murcia and Genoa, closer through their Erasmus students (19/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, receives Genoese students who study at the University of Murcia within the European program, within the framework of the twinning between both cities
  • The world leader in coworking arrives in Murcia (19/09/2019)
    The new center has more than 1,360 m2 and offers more than 150 workspaces, 43 offices and two conference rooms
  • The more than one thousand cubic meters of reeds extracted from the river to prevent the flooding of the city will serve as organic compost for the gardens (19/09/2019)
    In addition to assuming numerous environmental advantages, this action entails an economic saving of 140,000 euros
  • Established the Municipal Boards of Central West and Sangonera La Seca (19/09/2019)
    The City Council continues with the process of forming the government teams of districts and districts
  • The Moon bike Route will travel next Saturday through different districts of the Garden (19/09/2019)
    Participants will visit La Arboleja, La Albatalía, Guadalupe, La Ñora, Espinardo and El Puntal
  • JJSS Murcia ends its traditional campaign "To school with what I need" (19/09/2019)
    Returning to demand school aid to the City of Murcia
  • ´La Noche de las Velas´ closes on Saturday the program of events of the Murcia Fair (19/09/2019)

  • The cabaret returns to the Teatro Circo with 'O´clock' (19/09/2019)
    Somnis Teatre will offer its music, dance, circus and acrobatics show on September 28
  • The Monteagudo Castle restoration project will be ready next November (19/09/2019)
    Councilors Antonio Navarro and Marco Antonio Fernández have held a meeting with the deputy director general of the Institute of Cultural Heritage in which the restoration of Christ has also been addressed of Monteagudo
  • The world's largest group of coworking spaces lands in Murcia (19/09/2019)

  • The student of the University of Murcia Borja Moreno, awarded by the Antonio Gala Foundation to write the script for a television series (19/09/2019)

  • The XV Rugby Murcia plays on the Espinardo campus before his fans in front of the Tatami Rugby Club of Valencia (19/09/2019)

  • The Matahombres Assault circuit is celebrated on September 22 with two mountain races, one by bike and another on foot (18/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, presents the next edition of this sporting event, organized by the Mountaineering Club Runnerbike
  • The offices of Citizen Services of Alquerías and El Raal extend their schedule for those affected by the floods (18/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, has visited both districts this morning to learn how this service works is offering to neighbors
  • Takeover of teachers of the University of Murcia (18/09/2019)

  • Activated the warning protocol for air pollution, at its mildest level, for intrusion of Saharan dust (18/09/2019)
    Of the three possible phases of intervention it is the slightest
  • The PSOE recognizes the work of the mayors and former pediatric mayors for their "enormous effort and willingness" during the DANA (18/09/2019)

  • Huermur warns of the collapse of an important section of the Barrera main ditch (18/09/2019)

  • Alquerías requires ADIF a solution for the roads of the Tabala Trail (18/09/2019)
    During the DANA, the railway infrastructure became a dam that could have caused serious damage.
  • Teatro Silfo tells the story of Anne Frank in ´La casa dehind´ (18/09/2019)
    The Romea Theater will host the premiere of the new show of the Murcia company on September 26 and 27
  • Peña La Crilla opens this afternoon the exhibition ´Pinceladas de Murcia´ (18/09/2019)

  • The diversion of the collectors affected by the underground is accelerated taking advantage of the cut of the railway services (18/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the presentation of an official protocol and institutional relations book (18/09/2019)

  • UMU Professor Pablo Artal receives the prestigious Edgar D. Tillyer Award (18/09/2019)
    The ceremony for the highest recognition of the Optics Society took place in Washington DC
  • The San José de Calasanz de Alquerías school takes up classes after the floods (18/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Education and Infantile Schools, Belén López, the one for Sustainable Mobility and Youth, Rebeca Pérez, and the Councilor for Pedanías y Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, visit the center to check that it returns to normal activity
  • The first copy shop attended and managed by people with disabilities opens in Murcia (17/09/2019)
    CopiViva employs two workers and two workers with disabilities and special labor insertion needs
  • "Tears of Blood" return to Murcia (17/09/2019)
    Tears of Blood return to Murcia on October 19
  • Marín Guevara shows his polyhedral face (17/09/2019)
    The multidisciplinary artist presents his latest project, Irreverentes polyhedral portraits, next Thursday, September 19, in the Barrio Arquitectura room, at number six of Julián Calvo street, in Murcia, a eight o'clock in the afternoon
  • All schools in the municipality will recover the activity next Wednesday (17/09/2019)

  • Archaeologists confirm that the San Esteban field is in good condition after the rains (17/09/2019)
    The installation of additional bilge pumps to the existing ones will allow the site to recover its usual state in the next few days
  • López Miras says goodbye to the Virgin of Fuensanta, who returns to his sanctuary after the September fair (17/09/2019)

  • Marco Antonio Fernández: "If it were for Francisco Lucas, El Raal would be a swamp" (16/09/2019)

  • The Social Services have served 360 people in the reception and relocation device during the rainy season (16/09/2019)
    Currently 19 people continue to be relocated to the Hotel Legazpi
  • Created the most complete catalog of floods in the Mediterranean peninsular slope over a thousand years, in a project in which the University of Murcia participates (16/09/2019)

  • Efrén López and Trío Sombras complete the third edition of the White Majal Sounds (16/09/2019)
    The cycle will be held on September 27 and October 11.
  • The PSOE raises bonuses in the IBI and the Vehicle Tax for the victims of the DANA (16/09/2019)
    Councilors Carmen Fructuoso and Juan Vicente Larrosa, who have experienced first-hand the damage caused in El Raal and Alquerías, announce the support of Municipal Group to release the Contingency Fund, even to increase it
  • The Civil Guard establishes a security device in the pilgrimage of the Virgin to the Sanctuary of Fuensanta (16/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia exhibits a photographic collection of the Lusuriér family (16/09/2019)

  • Murcia says goodbye to its Patron tomorrow (16/09/2019)
    The City Council guarantees safety and transportation for people who will accompany the Virgin of Fuensanta on her return to the sanctuary, in addition to the immediate cleaning of the environment
  • Murcia will host the II National Forum of Seniors "Breaking Myths" (16/09/2019)

  • The Symphony Orchestra of the Region tomorrow offers a solidarity concert to celebrate the centenary of the Murcia Tennis Club (16/09/2019)
    The proceeds obtained in this performance, which will take place at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium, will go to the NGO 'Solidarity surgery', dedicated to health development cooperation
  • The City Council starts an operation to assist, inform and advise those affected by DANA (16/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia extends the enrollment period in degrees and master until September 19 (16/09/2019)
    Calls for admitted to third list that had to be suspended are resumed today, Monday September 16
  • The association Murcia en Bici celebrates its "XIII bike week" from September 14 to 22 (16/09/2019)
    Under the motto "For health and safety, walk and pedal" proposes different activities to promote sustainable displacements
  • Leandro Asensio and Alicia Antón, the best in Nonduermas (15/09/2019)
    The Alcaraz Group athlete takes the XXVII Popular Race of Murcia with a time of 36:06, by 43:42 for the Bathco Running Team runner, in the 23rd test of the Running Challenge 2018/19
  • Moors and Christians tomorrow stage the triumphal entry of Infante Alfonso X and the Embassy of the delivery of keys to the City (15/09/2019)
    The parking lot of the Nueva Condomina shopping center will host, from 10 pm, the concert 'Murcia End of Fair'
  • The XV Rugby Murcia participates for the first time in the national league and falls in Mallorca against the Babarians XV Calviá. (15/09/2019)

  • The City Council launches a device for volunteers who want to help the neighbors of the districts most affected by the rains (15/09/2019)

  • Murcia regains almost 100% normality thanks to the work of municipal services (15/09/2019)
    Most efforts continue to focus on El Raal where there are still 40 isolated families
  • The tram expands its service for those attending the concert on the eve of the Pilgrimage and the farewell Mass of the Fuensanta (15/09/2019)

  • Replenishment of the speck of the river in the Raal (14/09/2019)

  • Municipal services focus on the most affected districts returning to normal as soon as possible (14/09/2019)

  • The City Council guarantees the supply of food to the residents of El Raal with a centralized point (14/09/2019)
    The EMU will be in charge of distributing it to the neighbors who are incommunicado.
  • Suspended Murcia Day in the Huertos del Malecón (14/09/2019)
    The Federation of Moors and Christians also decides to cancel its grand entrance parade to the city planned for tonight
  • The City Council deploys two emergency command posts and humanitarian aid in El Raal (14/09/2019)
    José Ballesta visits the village to coordinate the works in which regional Government and Government Delegation also actively participate
  • The PSOE proposes the Government team to release and the Contingency Fund to help those affected by the cold drop (14/09/2019)
    The Municipal Group considers that, after checking on site the "daunting situation" that the storm has left, "we must take urgent measures to resolve the most pressing cases and for this the City Council has almost 3 million euros
  • The City Council maintains the evacuation device in Alquerías and El Raal, to which the Marine Corps is added (13/09/2019)

  • Suspended different activities of the Murcia Fair due to the rains (13/09/2019)
    The Federation of Moors and Christians has suspended all its events scheduled for tonight and tomorrow morning.
  • Aguas de Murcia requests not to drink water from the network in the district of Lobosillo (13/09/2019)
    Drinking water in Murcia and other districts is guaranteed
  • The City Council recommends not approaching the areas surrounding the river (13/09/2019)

  • Penguins joins the UCAM Esports project (13/09/2019)
    The electronic sports club will be renamed UCAM Penguins and will be the most visible face of a job that includes competition, teaching and research
  • Local Police keep 83 streets of the municipality closed (13/09/2019)
    During this night, Social Services has relocated 45 people and Firefighters work to put down a fire at the Cañada Hermosa treatment plant
  • The City Council works on the evacuation of residents from the risk areas of Alquerías, El Raal, Santa Cruz and Zeneta (12/09/2019)

  • Suspended the Lemon Pop Festival, the Young Orchards and the Juan Magán concert scheduled for tomorrow (12/09/2019)
    The performance of the Jamaica Orchestra in 'Las verbenas de la Feria' of the Red Cross square is postponed to Sunday.
  • The University of Murcia suspends all its activity tomorrow due to the alert due to heavy rains (12/09/2019)

  • Closed the accesses of the urban section of the river (12/09/2019)

  • The activity in all schools continues tomorrow suspended (12/09/2019)
    The City Council, through the Department of Education and Infant Schools, announces that all schools, secondary schools and nursery schools will remain closed
  • Murcia and the Chinese city of Weifang strengthen ties to strengthen commercial and agricultural cooperation (12/09/2019)

  • The EBAU tests move to Wednesday, September 18 and Thursday, September 19 due to heavy rains (12/09/2019)
    The decision postpones the publication of the ratings
  • Update of roads cut to traffic (12/09/2019)

  • The municipal services work throughout the night to effectively solve the incidents caused by the rains (12/09/2019)

  • The City Council deploys all municipal forces and services to an unprecedented red alert (11/09/2019)

  • The Community opens new avenues of dialogue with the neighbors to guarantee the deadlines for the underground works of the train in Murcia (11/09/2019)
    The Minister of Development "reaches out to the neighbors so that the underground is executed successfully"
  • Miss Caffeína and Alfred García, in LOS40 Murcia Pop, on the eve of the Pilgrimage (11/09/2019)
    The Ayoho and Austin Slack sign are completed on Monday September 16 at the esplanade of the Nueva Condomina shopping center, with free admission
  • The City Council embellishes more than 300 tree species with artistic forms (11/09/2019)

  • Parks and Gardens finalizes the cleaning of scuppers before the forecast of heavy rains (11/09/2019)

  • The EBAU exams on Thursday are postponed to Monday due to the rain forecast (11/09/2019)
    The University of Murcia also suspends classes and calls planned for tomorrow
  • Classes suspended in all educational centers of the municipality of Murcia (11/09/2019)
    The City Council, through the Department of Education and Infant Schools, has decided to suspend the activity in all schools, secondary education institutes and nursery schools
  • Weather forecasts force to modify the program of the Murcia Fair (11/09/2019)

  • Serrano: "We receive, finally, the Budgets and disappoint us for unbelievable and because they can not be fulfilled, they are a paripé" (11/09/2019)

  • The municipality is prepared with more than 1,000 troops before the red warning for rains (11/09/2019)
    Local Police, Firefighters, Civil Protection, lighting, parks and gardens, urban planning, the SEMAS and street cleaning are coordinated before the alerts, yellow for today and red for tomorrow, which establishes the AEMET
  • The works of the provisional deviations of the collectors affected by the underground will begin next week (11/09/2019)
    The Work Execution Plan has been designed in different meetings by Emuasa and Adif technicians
  • A UMU researcher receives the award for the best article published in the Digital Policy Regulation and Governance magazine (11/09/2019)

  • The XV Rugby Murcia starts next Saturday the league in division of honor B in Mallorca (10/09/2019)

  • ´A Rio de Cine´ brings tonight to ´Willow´ (10/09/2019)
    More than 200 people to the first session of this cycle, framed in the acts of the Murcia Fair
  • Palaces, orchards and medieval gardens around the Castillejo de Monteagudo (10/09/2019)

  • The City Council arranges all entry entrances to Murcia from the A30 and Ronda Oeste (10/09/2019)

  • Activated the special heavy rain device for this Wednesday and Thursday (10/09/2019)

  • Entrepreneurs can request workspaces from CIM-M and the Alquerías Resource Center from Tuesday (10/09/2019)
    The deadline to participate in the call ends on September 27
  • The Contracting Board proposes the awarding of five major works in districts (10/09/2019)
    The files correspond to the execution of works in the center of major of Cabezo de Torres, sports courts and skate area of ​​Algezares, pavement of sidewalks and roads in Sangonera La Verde y Monteagudo and Javalí local office New
  • We can-Equo: "We should be debating the 2020 budgets and today we don't know if the 2019 ones are written" (10/09/2019)

  • The PSOE criticizes the government team that "one more year sustainable mobility is not part of the Fair" (10/09/2019)
    Councilor Larrosa warns that neither bus lines nor frequencies have been increased and that the bus owl provides the same service in these dates that during the rest of the year
  • About a thousand students from the Region are examined in the September call of the EBAU (10/09/2019)
    The test, organized by the University of Murcia, will take place Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • The Alfonso X el Sabio promenade becomes an exceptional fashion runway on Thursday ´Made in Murcia´ (10/09/2019)

  • Moors and Christians donates to the City Museum the poster of their first parties celebrated in 1983 (10/09/2019)
    The work, by José Pascual y Valls entitled 'Delivery of Murcia to Infante Don Alfonso by King Ibn Hudiel', will be permanently exhibited in the museum
  • 300 dancers will participate in the IV Nonduermas Choreographic Contest (10/09/2019)
    The event will take place on September 16
  • Salva Ortega offers a free concert tomorrow at the Plaza de Los Apóstoles (10/09/2019)
    Theater, cinema, children's activities and music will follow throughout the afternoon
  • Martínez-Oliva: "Security is a matter of all Security Forces and Corps and I invite the PSOE to contribute to the central administration collaborating on it" (09/09/2019)

  • Infant and Primary students begin the school year (09/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Education and Infantile Schools, Belén López, attends the opening of the 2019/2020 course at Narciso Yepes school in Murcia.
  • Open to the traffic of residents the section of Levante of Phase II of the Alfonso X el Sabio Avenue (09/09/2019)
    Currently working on the placement of the pavement of the section between the Government Delegation and public parking
  • The University of Murcia and the Morsli Abdellah University Center of Tipaza strengthen collaboration ties (09/09/2019)

  • Tourism strengthens ties with CROEM to boost entrepreneurship and the creation of quality employment in the municipality (09/09/2019)
    The councilor responsible for the area, Pedro García Rex, has held a meeting today with the president of the Murcia employer, José María Albarracín, to address the signing of a collaboration agreement that extends over the next few years
  • The restoration works of the monument to the Count of Floridablanca begin (09/09/2019)
    The first Deputy Mayor, Mario Gómez, has signed today the contract that will allow the restoration of the monument, whose execution period is three months.
  • The PSOE criticizes the City Council boasting of a surplus while the municipality police do not have cars to patrol (09/09/2019)
    Socialist councilor Teresa Franco denounces that the government team makes excuses that are an insult to intelligence and asks: what do you have What will happen to the City Council address the problems of the Local Police?
  • The #YoNoDesperdicio campaign encourages Murcia to donate clothes that they no longer use for the most disadvantaged (09/09/2019)
    This initiative will be carried out during the month of September thanks to the collaboration between the City of Murcia, Rotaract Club Murcia, Cancha and the Cepaim Foundation
  • The University of Murcia exhibits a sample of photographers Pascual and Vincent (09/09/2019)

  • Murcia will be the international capital of Parks and Gardens in April 2020 (09/09/2019)

  • A Murcian mulberry tree, planted by the UMU Professor Consuelo Álvarez, recalls emigration in the Asturian town of Langreo (09/09/2019)

  • Children's Day arrives tomorrow is celebrated in La Fica with all the attractions at half price (09/09/2019)
    The Moors and Christians present their flags in the Plaza de los Apóstoles and Avenida de la Libertad hosts the Street Theater festival
  • Neocine Centrofama, in collaboration with the UMU, shows a documentary about Harvey Weinstein on Monday (09/09/2019)

  • Riding through the surroundings of the Garden of Floridablanca (08/09/2019)

  • Recruitment asks municipal services to publish a list of minor contracts (08/09/2019)
    An instruction guide will help councilors and those responsible for services to register minor contracts on the Public Sector Contracting Platform
  • The municipality stops emitting 87 tons of CO2 with the installation of more than 300 LED technology luminaires (08/09/2019)

  • Murcia will hold its first Inclusive Fair tomorrow (08/09/2019)

  • More than 8,000 people use the municipal study rooms (08/09/2019)
    This network will be extended to Zeneta, Aljucer, El Raal, Garres and Lages, Llano de Brujas, Espinardo, San José de la Vega and Casillas
  • Dance, fencing and balancing at the inauguration of the 'Murcia Río' river walk this afternoon (07/09/2019)

  • The Murcia Emploa Hospitality School of the City Council will be present at the Malecon during the September fair (07/09/2019)
    The school is subsidized by the Regional Employment and Training Service, and aims to facilitate the employment of unemployed people.
  • The Garden of Floridablanca tomorrow hosts a parade of carriages for Horse Day (07/09/2019)
    The Murcia Fair continues with a sample of naval modeling and radio control, the exhibition of various crafts, children's workshops in the Circular Square, theater and music
  • The Atalayas and Ronda Norte tunnels improve their traffic signs with water-cleaning work (07/09/2019)
    The Department of Sustainable Mobility and Youth carries out these tasks on different roads in the city and districts of Murcia
  • The Malecon garden will have, for the first time, a space for art and culture during the Murcia Fair (07/09/2019)
    The Carmen Artistic Laboratory will offer during these days an exhibitor with different activities from 19 to 22 hours
  • Guillén: "Seasonal pots and flowers are always placed on the same dates, for more than 30 years" (06/09/2019)

  • The ´Murcia Río´ River Walk tomorrow opens with a great dance show and circus attractions (06/09/2019)
    Theater, concerts and Mass in honor of Fuensanta are other events that will be held tomorrow
  • The reading of the proclamation of the Murcia Fair for the first time will also be in sign language (06/09/2019)
    The City Council of Murcia and the FESORMU have made accessible the reading of the proclamation of the Murcia Fair for deaf people in Murcia.
  • The University of Murcia and the Morsli Abdellah University Center of Tipaza establish collaboration ties (06/09/2019)
    The signing of the general protocol of action will take place on Monday, September 9 in the rector's office (1st floor, Convalescence building), at 13 hours
  • Children will be able to grow their own garden and design an explorer's vest in the Circular Square (06/09/2019)

  • The International University of the Sea offers eight training courses on various topics this week (06/09/2019)
    The activities include some new ones along with others of great tradition such as those developed at the Diving Center of the Navy of Cartagena
  • The works of the provisional deviations of the collectors affected by the underground works will begin immediately (06/09/2019)
    The authorization of expenditure of these works was signed yesterday
  • Free river tours to the Murcia Fair begin this afternoon (06/09/2019)
    The tourist boat connects the attractions of La Fica and the Huertos del Malecón, with free routes from 19.30 to midnight, until September 16
  • Three districts will have better sports facilities next spring (06/09/2019)
    The Governing Board has awarded the construction works for locker rooms, lawn and enclosure in the soccer fields of Los Ramos and San José de la Vega, and repair of facilities of the Santa Cruz Sports Center
  • All about the cultivation of silkworms and craft workshops in the Native Animal Show of Lieutenant Flomesta (06/09/2019)

  • The PSOE criticizes that "in Murcia we plant pots every three months while the centenary trees die" (06/09/2019)
    Councilman Antonio Benito denounces "this policy of use and disposal" and points out that "to say that the fault is the heat or the rain shortage sounds like a simple excuse, because everything responds to a problem with the city conce
  • The neighbors of Los Ramos will have a new garden integrated in the Vía Verde (06/09/2019)
    The Vereda del Chocolate garden will feature a modern children's space, residential areas and trees
  • The network of study rooms grows 24 hours with the adaptation of a room in Zeneta (06/09/2019)
    This new space will offer 30 positions with internet connection via Wi-Fi and surveillance system
  • The construction of the Corvera Fairgrounds will begin next October (06/09/2019)
    The Government Board awards the works that will allow the Campo de Murcia to have this new infrastructure of 5,700 square meters
  • Murcia students will learn how music is created through new technologies (06/09/2019)
    Students of 6th grade and 1st and 2nd of ESO will be able to attend the show 'Bitácora, a musical notebook' thanks to an agreement with Fundación La Caixa
  • The installation of six Violeta Points at the Murcia Fair will prevent sexist violence (06/09/2019)

  • Presented the XXVII Popular Race of Nonduermas (06/09/2019)
    The Nonduermas Municipal Center hosted this Wednesday the start of the 23rd round of the popular race circuit Murcia Region Running Challenge 2018/19, to be held on Sunday September 15
  • Smile Program, the initiative of the University of Murcia to promote mental well-being in adolescents (06/09/2019)

  • López Miras accompanies the Virgin of Fuensanta upon arrival in Murcia (05/09/2019)

  • The municipal boards will continue to be established next week (05/09/2019)

  • Lobosillo will have a new pedestrian zone compatible with road traffic (05/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Pedanías y Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, visits the works that will be carried out in the Murcian district
  • The City Council opens its doors to international students (05/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, meets with the Vice Chancellor for Internationalization of the University of Murcia, María Senena Corbalán, in order to enhance collaborations between the two institutions
  • The owl service will facilitate the mobility of Murcia during the days of the Fair (05/09/2019)
    There will be three round-trip expeditions in each of the six lines on Fridays, Saturdays and holiday eve
  • The public decides tomorrow who is the murderer of 'Por los Pelos' (05/09/2019)
    The Romea Theater opens its program with the cycle 'Theater in Fair', which will start tomorrow at the hands of L'Om Imprebís and Olimpia Metropolitana
  • The PSOE denounces "the limbo" in which thousands of neighbors are due to the "inability" of the Government to establish municipal boards (05/09/2019)

  • The City Council allocates more than 600,000 euros to the renovation of 23 schools in the municipality (05/09/2019)

  • The 400 voices of the Coral Discantus and the international Ruth Lorenzo offer tomorrow the proclamation of the Murcia Fair (05/09/2019)
    The second day begins with an exhibition of native animals and craft workshops in the Jardines del Malecón
  • More than 220 people will work daily so that Murcia is in perfect condition during the Fair (05/09/2019)
    This year a special cleaning device has been programmed on the Murcia River River Walk
  • ´Come to the Fair by the river´ (05/09/2019)

  • CONSUMUR asks consumers to report any irregularities they detect during the Murcia Fair 2019 (05/09/2019)
    The organization advises Murcia consumers and users to exercise caution with the hygienic conditions of food, the consumption of alcoholic beverages and attractions for smaller
  • The September Fair of Murcia is lived in La7 (04/09/2019)
    The regional television offers four special broadcasts and a wide information coverage of all events
  • PP: "The children's schools of Beniaján and Algezares will begin the course on September 9" (04/09/2019)

  • La Morenica marks tomorrow the start of the Murcia Fair with its arrival in the city (04/09/2019)

  • Libraries open to people with disabilities through Easy Reading Clubs (04/09/2019)

  • The PSOE proposes an audit on the state of public kindergartens before the new transfer of students from Beniaján (04/09/2019)
    Councilman Antonio Benito warns that there are already two centers whose students have to be transferred "and this happens because the PP policy in these 24 years has been to abandon or demolish schools "
  • ´Live, feel, enjoy and run´ in the XXVII Popular Race of Nonduermas (04/09/2019)

  • The municipality prepares for the start of the course with the improvement of the signage of its streets (04/09/2019)

  • Cabezo de Torres will improve its cleaning service and signaling its streets (04/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Sustainable Mobility and Youth, Rebeca Pérez, meets with the representative of the Popular Party in the village, Pilar Vivancos, to discuss maintenance issues in the locality
  • The floral portico of Los Peligros will receive the Virgin of Fuensanta tomorrow on her Camino del Carmen to the Cathedral (04/09/2019)

  • 50 Local Police agents will serve during the descent of the Virgin of Fuensanta (04/09/2019)
    Tomorrow Thursday will be prohibited the circulation of vehicles of more than 3,500 kilos in different streets
  • Learn to talk to the media in the health field with a UNIMAR course (04/09/2019)

  • The Cuadrea de Torreagüera shows its traditional instruments in the Molinos del Río Space (04/09/2019)
    The exhibition, which will be inaugurated this afternoon by the councilman Jesús Pacheco, collects up to 30 instruments between bandurrias, tambourines, cymbals, fakes, guitars, lute and violins
  • The fair of attractions will offer two tickets at the price of one tomorrow (04/09/2019)
    Councilman Jesús Pacheco has visited this morning the FICA site where preparations for tomorrow's inauguration are finalized
  • Demonstrations to be held by the Regional Guild of Various Crafts in the Huertos del Malecón (04/09/2019)

  • Employment launches training programs to improve professional qualification and quality of employment (04/09/2019)
    The programs will be aimed at unemployed people between 16 and 65 years of age, in order to provide them with training with a certificate of professionalism.
  • PSOE: "We do not understand the turns that the government team is giving to the 2019 Budget and then invest less than the pedáneos" (03/09/2019)

  • A new Green Infrastructure Plan will connect the landscape of the Huerta and the mountain, with the river as the backbone (03/09/2019)

  • The new leisure garden of El Palmar will offer 14 Murcia plots to grow their own vegetables in the coming weeks (03/09/2019)
    At present the municipality of Murcia has 182 plots for Leisure Gardens, with a total area of ​​17,800 m2
  • Troveros from Colombia and Cuba will perform at the 1st International Festival 'Trovando por Murcia' (03/09/2019)
    The Plaza de los Apóstoles will host this new initiative of the Murcia Fair next September 12
  • Modigliani and the years of Parisian artistic boiling travel to Almudí (03/09/2019)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the XX Congress of Histology and Tissue Engineering (03/09/2019)
    The conference will take place from September 4 to 6 at the Merced Campus
  • UMU Professor Rosa Hervás joins the steering committee of the International Council of Museums (03/09/2019)

  • Barnabas: "I hope that the councilors of the PSOE show the same interest in contributing ideas in the working groups of Marca Murcia than in criticizing this project" (02/09/2019)

  • We can - Equo insists on the need for an adequate fairground in Murcia (02/09/2019)

  • More than 28,000 people have enjoyed the cultural activities of 'Murcia in summer' (02/09/2019)
    Murcia has lived one of its most intense summers with more than a hundred proposals
  • The Civil Guard detains the alleged robber of a trade in Murcia (02/09/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces that the City Council is not being transparent (02/09/2019)
    And suspects that the "Brand Murcia is invented" survey
  • The City Council sets up traffic light installations to guarantee its reliability and prevent its deterioration (02/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Sustainable Mobility and Youth, Rebeca Pérez, oversees the cleaning and repainting work that is being undertaken at the points between Calle Almela Costa, the Media-Markt roundabout and Los Dolores Avenue.
  • The Sports Palace renews its facade for the beginning of the season (02/09/2019)
    The Councilor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, visits the renovation works that have been undertaken in the facilities
  • Paqui Pérez, Councilor for Seniors, Disability and Development Cooperation attends the meeting "The fight against unwanted loneliness of the elderly in Spain" (02/09/2019)
    The conference is organized by the IMSERSO and the Menéndez and Pelayo University of Santander on days September 2, 3 and 4 at the facilities of the Palacio de la Magdalena.
  • The Murcia Fair arrives with more than 300 events and free river cruises that will connect the Huertos with La Fica (02/09/2019)

  • Association of Neighbors of Puente Tocinos: "The Murcia Fair returns, Murcia returns without its districts" (02/09/2019)

  • Pedro Martínez Charcas de Barqueros school will open a new shadow area next year (01/09/2019)
    Councilwoman Belén López has visited this center of Murcia in the district of Murcia to supervise the work being carried out
  • The placement of acoustic screens in El Ranero and Los Rectores will reduce the noise level by 7 decibels (01/09/2019)
    The Department of Sustainable Development and Huerta finalizes the installation of 550 meters of acoustic screens in several sectors of the A-30

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