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Murcia News - July 2018

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  • The University of Murcia develops a guide of its scientific-technological offer in the sector of Aquaculture (31/07/2018)
    The guide aims to be a compendium of the set of knowledge, technologies and services that UMU has in relation to this field
  • The staff of the Local Police is reinforced with four new agents (31/07/2018)
    The City of Murcia will convene this month of September more than fifty new positions of agent, which will mean an increase of 10% of the corps.
  • Five of the National End-of-Career Awards are for students of the University of Murcia (31/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia considers Coello's behavior to be unacceptable (31/07/2018)
    And requires Ballesta to stop him
  • International researchers led by the UCAM will seek new drugs against Alzheimer's, cancer or diabetes (31/07/2018)

  • ... (30/07/2018)

  • 32,000 Murcians benefit from the agreement between the City Council, Bankia and the Cajamurcia Foundation (30/07/2018)
    The funds will be used for improvement and conditioning work in the 76 Elderly Centers of the municipality, as well as the development of different cultural, recreational or welfare programs , which may be decided by the beneficiaries themselves
  • 40% of taxis will provide minimum services during the strike called at the national level (30/07/2018)
    This has been announced by the Councilor for Finance, Contracting and Urban Mobility, after the meeting held with the associations representing the sector
  • Nineteen people served by SEMAS in the last two weeks within the'Operation heat' (30/07/2018)

  • Huermur demands from the town hall forcefulness without further delay due to the bad state of the gunpowder factory (30/07/2018)

  • A student of the UCAM will be the ambassador of the COE in the Olympic Youth Games (30/07/2018)

  • The Summer School of Santiago and Zaraiche celebrates its 25th anniversary (30/07/2018)

  • Parking in the plazas regulated by the ORA will be free in August (30/07/2018)

  • 60 police officers monitor 172 educational centers to prevent vandalism during the summer (30/07/2018)
    Agents have carried out some 1,800 inspections to date and cover 24 hours a day, intensifying the surveillance during the night and on weekends
  • A cooperation project with the support of the City Council promotes the construction of a pediatric block in Mozambique (29/07/2018)
    Promoted by COVIDE-AMVE, aims to facilitate access to health services for the population of Matibane
  • 20 young Murcians learn to program Java thanks to an agreement of the City Council and Fundación Telefónica (28/07/2018)

  • A diploma for the National Police for teaching the students of the Scientific Campus how to solve a crime (27/07/2018)
    The rector of the University of Murcia gives recognition to the Chief of the National Police in Murcia
  • 152 home help workers will collect their payroll arrears with the payments retained by the City Council to the company (27/07/2018)
    The Governing Board authorizes the payment of wages amounting to 783,000 euros
  • The 51 projects of the Extraordinary Investment Plan in Pedanías will begin to be tendered in the last quarter of the year (27/07/2018)

  • Approved the contracting of the works of the new river promenade 'Murcia Río' (27/07/2018)

  • Sahrawi children visit the Murcia City Council (27/07/2018)
    The priority objective of this reception program is to reinforce the health status of these children who receive a very basic diet, so they may have nutritional deficits
  • A network of meters will allow to know at all times the noise of the streets of the city center (27/07/2018)

  • The Plenary approves greater protection for the Gunpowder Factory (26/07/2018)
    Green light for historical studies to determine the degree and scope of protection needed by the Gunpowder Factory expanding its current protection
  • The Plenary reproves the mayor for participating in an act of the PP on the arrival of the AVE on the surface (26/07/2018)
    Change Murcia tilda of "very serious" the vote of Ballesta against the burial and criticizes the politics of "muletilla" of Cs
  • The PSOE "takes the colors" to the PP with the AVE (26/07/2018)
    "It will improve the bus stops in districts and there are sidewalks between Algezares and Santo Ángel and in Alquerías"
  • Taking possession of new professors and professors of the University of Murcia. (26/07/2018)

  • The Plenary agrees to attend the Queen Letizia Awards recognizing the work to build accessible cities (26/07/2018)
    Recognizes the work on universal accessibility of people with disabilities to the physical environment, education, leisure, culture, sports, transport, tourism and new information and communication technologies
  • Martínez-Oliva: Before and now we ask for the elimination of the roads and the connection of Murcia with the high speed' (26/07/2018)

  • Urbanism obtains the land to open the access road to an expansion area of ​​El Palmar with about 300 homes (26/07/2018)
    It is a highly demanded action in the district, since it improves communications with a large urbanization in which they reside numerous families
  • The City Council undertakes the recovery and enhancement of the environment of the Wheel of the Ñora (26/07/2018)
    The Plenary has given the initial approval to obtain 911 square meters of surface contiguous to the aqueduct and free spaces located next to the access road to the Wheel
  • We can denounce the construction of walls next to the Islamic Tower of the Moor in Zarandona (26/07/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia organizes a visit to the Cresta del Gallo to observe the lunar eclipse (26/07/2018)

  • The physically challenged demand that rural tourism offer better adapted services (26/07/2018)

  • The summer nights in Murcia are enjoyed from the tower of the Cathedral (26/07/2018)
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays in the months of July, August and September, at 10:00 p.m., visits to this Murcia building take place
  • Four more places for elderly people in day centers in Murcia (25/07/2018)

  • Change Murcia asks the local government to prioritize the policies of equality in budgets (25/07/2018)
    In the last hours have been registered in the municipality at least five cases of sexist aggressions
  • The VI Edition of the Murcia Marathon opens its inscriptions on August 3 (25/07/2018)
    The event, which will be organized this year by the 'Murcia Challenge' club, is scheduled to be held on January 27 and will have three distances: 10, 21 and 42 kilometers
  • The University of Murcia expands the language offer with blended courses and new schedules (25/07/2018)
    The registration period in the 8 languages ​​will be open until September 11
  • Now Murcia demands that the town planning regulations of the municipality be adapted to preserve the cultural heritage (25/07/2018)

  • The first clandestine dinners in the Region arrive in Murcia thanks to Fash Food (25/07/2018)
    This gastronomic event aims to raise awareness among the region's chefs and that the diner enjoys a culinary experience in unique spaces such as parks or shops
  • The PSOE requires bus stops "in conditions" so that users feel comfortable and safe also in the districts (25/07/2018)

  • The dismantling of the footbridge on the old railroad in Beniaján gives way to the Greenway that will cover 40,000 m2 of Huerta (25/07/2018)
    The natural path, which can be covered this spring on foot and by bicycle, will allow you to enjoy unique panoramas: a side, all the Vega del Segura, and on the other, the mountains of Miravete and Altaona.
  • More than 400 young people from all over Spain will participate in the Urban Dance Murcia championship (25/07/2018)
    It will take place in Sangonera La Verde on Friday, at 9:00 p.m.
  • The University of Murcia will give content to the informative search engine on health and medicine informapacientes.es (24/07/2018)
    The UMU signs an agreement with the state and regional societies of Family and Community Medicine to fight against 'Doctor Google'
  • Murcia City Council will attend the Queen Letizia Awards recognizing the work to build accessible cities (24/07/2018)
    The agreement, which was approved by the Committee on Employment, Social Rights, Education and Culture, will be ratified by the Plenary next Thursday
  • The summer camps for children of the Auxilia Murcia association begin today in San Pedro del Pinatar (24/07/2018)

  • Proyecto Hombre serves more than 1,650 people in 2017 (24/07/2018)

  • The City of Murcia moves the Statistics Services to the municipal building of Puerta Nueva (24/07/2018)

  • Cs will request in the Plenary the adaptation and maintenance of the grounds of the Peñas Huertanas Federation (24/07/2018)

  • Cambiemos Murcia proposes a regulation to control the use of phytosanitary products next to channels, schools and health centers (24/07/2018)

  • The PSOE accuses Pacheco and the PP of "going against employment" while granting "top priority" to popular festivities (24/07/2018)

  • Murcia now proposes the creation of a municipal manual of good practices in gardening (24/07/2018)
    -The Manual should serve to facilitate and improve the performance of the City Council in the field of green areas and trees, and so that citizens have public access to criteria and measures followed by the Park and Garden Service
  • The University of Murcia presents the 'Apúntate a los Idiomas de Idiomas' campaign (24/07/2018)

  • Young people in the municipality seek more information on participation, society and health (23/07/2018)
    In the first semester of 2018, there has been an increase of 37.38% in Informajoven consultations, compared to the same period in 2017. In addition, the Telegram alert service has increased by 109%, with 220 subscribers
  • Green light to the ordinance that will regulate the new home care service (23/07/2018)

  • The employment service provides training to 600 people without work in the first half of the year (23/07/2018)
    The data presented at the meeting of the working group of the Pact for Employment indicate that 732 users received employment guidance or advice
  • Now Murcia demands to renew and increase the public park of municipal social housing (23/07/2018)

  • Martínez-Oliva warns that Conesa demanded in April to walk the catwalk of shame. (23/07/2018)

  • The campaign 'No Pollution By Plastics' manages to gather about 6000 bottles and 9000 disposable bags in the UMU (23/07/2018)
    More than 600 university students already drink in reusable bottles thanks to this campaign of environmental awareness
  • Femae gives three professors from the University of Murcia the prize 'Educating in participation' (23/07/2018)
    Verónica de Haro, Lourdes Martínez and Susana Torrado receive recognition for coordinating the practices of students in the simulation of emergencies
  • The PSOE demands "equality of services" in the Vereda de la Basca, which is the boundary between the municipalities of Murcia and Beniel (23/07/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia bet that the changes in the Ramón Gaya help to overcome the "precarious management" previous (23/07/2018)

  • Citizens request a plan of succession of companies and generational replacement of the autonomous worker (23/07/2018)

  • Murcia now asks the PP for its plan against churros and waffles in the city The municipal training points out that the ban "would eliminate their livelihood to the families that live on this, while eradicating a business of great tradition in th (22/07/2018)

  • PSOE, Now Murcia, Let's change Murcia and Trigueros propose to declare BIC the Real Fábrica de la Pólvora and its surroundings (22/07/2018)

  • A project of Cooperation and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation allows the replacement of 67 deteriorated huts in poor villages in India for sanitary housing (22/07/2018)

  • It is planned to mow and pay this summer the equivalent of 1,250 football fields (22/07/2018)
    The works will be carried out by more than a dozen teams.
  • Access to Enrique Villar Street will take place through Santo Cristo Street starting on Monday (21/07/2018)
    Access to this street, from Santo Domingo, will be cut until the end of August to continue the pedestrianization work.
  • The paving works begin next to the nursery school and the Rectors garden (21/07/2018)
    These works will provide greater safety to pedestrian traffic in the urbanization
  • Felipe Coello: "I am surprised by the ability of Citizens to attribute themselves to initiatives that have been carried out in a Commission" (20/07/2018)

  • Lola Sánchez recalls that we comply with the provisions of the Law of Occupational Risks (20/07/2018)
    The template will be increased in a few days by more than 15%
  • The cession of the Los Garres casino will allow the neighbors to have a computer and study room 24 hours (20/07/2018)
    The Government Board today approved the cession of this space, thus collecting a historic demand for the district
  • Cooperation promotes the realization of projects of education for development in the municipality (20/07/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved today the call for subsidies, whose deadline for NGOs to present their proposals will remain open until September 14
  • Pacheco: 'In the end it turns out we have a wall and we do not have AVE' (20/07/2018)
    The level crossing of Santiago El Mayor closes, the walkway continues, the projects of the station and Barriomar-Nonduermas are still pending and the AVE does not come, what 'neither Murcia nor the residents of the affected neighborhoods will get
  • The University of Murcia will launch the joint degree in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education (20/07/2018)
    In addition, 136 Educational Cooperation Agreements have been approved so that students of the UMU can do internships in companies
  • The attractions of the Fair will open to the public thirteen days from August 30 (20/07/2018)
    The Governing Board gives the green light to the extension of the agreement with the Business Association of Murcia Fairs for the transfer of the Fica, with a fee of 155.834 euros
  • Abraham City Council and Project Association collaborate with an employment plan for people in a situation of social exclusion (20/07/2018)
    The objective is to carry out different training actions for economic development and entrepreneurship
  • The PSOE denounces the exploitation treatment that the PP submits to the firemen, whom it asks to work during their vacations (20/07/2018)

  • Transgender, transgender and intersex persons may change their name in the UMU internal documents (20/07/2018)
    The Government Council gives its approval to the regulation that regulates the procedure
  • The cleaning services of the City of Murcia intensify their work in the coming days (20/07/2018)

  • The UMU participates in the development of a global system of seasonal fire risk prediction based on its relationship with climatic variables (20/07/2018)
    This research, recently published in Nature Communications, demonstrates the ability to predict fire risk months in advance
  • Rebeca Pérez: "Diego Conesa removes the lamb's skin and confirms that he maintains the wall and will cut the crossing at the level of Santiago el Mayor" (19/07/2018)
    'The burial works in Murcia are not advanced even a single day, despite the delay of more than two years in the arrival of the AVE '
  • The PSOE applauds the decision of the central government to keep the step at level of Santiago the Major except the months of works (19/07/2018)
    The spokesperson of the Municipal Socialist Group, Susana Hernandez, who has attended the meeting of Murcia High Speed, has affirmed that "it was seen today that there were technical solutions and that everything was a matter of political will&q
  • The'Mediador de Ocio' will solve the conflicts that arise from the noise of the terraces (19/07/2018)

  • The number of young people requesting the Academic-Labor Orientation Service has doubled (19/07/2018)
    In this first semester of 2018, there have been 171 sessions in which 124 young people have been attended.
  • More than 50 children participating in the Hemophilia Training Days visit the City of Murcia (19/07/2018)

  • Three players of the UCAM Murcia BSR summoned for the World Basketball Championship in Silla (19/07/2018)
    Sonia Ruiz and Beatriz Zudaire have already competed with the Spanish team previously, while Michell Alonso will be the first time to dispute an official championship with Spain
  • 100 large cacti will decorate the gardens of Murcia (19/07/2018)
    The last species of cactus that has been incorporated, of the more than 60 varieties that there are in Murcia, have been some cactus that can reach up to 1.5 meters high , coming from Mexico
  • The PSOE demands that the sidewalk between Algezares and Santo Ángel be built once and for all to avoid possible abuses and discomforts (19/07/2018)

  • Garbage collection workers are photographed before and after the night shift to make their work visible (19/07/2018)

  • The International University of the Sea delves into the lyrics of the mining cantes (19/07/2018)

  • Signed the agreement 'Mare Nostrum UMU-UPCT Family Business Chair with Bankia and Cajamurcia Foundation (19/07/2018)
    The agreement tries to contribute to the knowledge and professionalization of family businesses
  • The project 'Reset: Mar Menor' grants two scholarships to artists from England and Austria (19/07/2018)
    Fifty projects have opted for the first edition of a scholarship to promote artistic creation around the problem of the Mar Menor
  • Huerta Viva will ask for the extubation of the Aljufía canal next to the wheel of La Ñora (18/07/2018)

  • First meeting of all the directors of the schools of the Alma Mater Foundation (18/07/2018)
    The La Inmaculada (Yecla), St. Vincent de Paul (Cartagena), Sacred Heart (Los Dolores) and St. Vincent de Paul (The Palmar)
  • PSOE, Cs, Now Murcia and Cambiemos Murcia warn the mayor that at the High Speed ​​meeting he represents all the neighbors (18/07/2018)
    In addition, the opposition groups in the City Council remind Ballesta that any decision in the meeting tomorrow in Madrid must take into account the agreement of the previous Plenary, although the PP will not vote in favor
  • Two neighborhoods of Bacchus Bridge benefit from ADN Connects with intensive improvements of gardens (18/07/2018)
    Arrangement of green areas and gardens, repair of urban furniture, reform of children's games and many more performances in the neighborhood of Los Remedios and Los Arocas de la pedanía
  • World champion Javier Fernández will revolutionize Christmas Murcia with his show on ice (18/07/2018)

  • The parks of Murcia will have pictograms adapted for children with ASD thanks to the Cátedra de Autismo Obra Social La Caixa (18/07/2018)
    The University of Murcia and the Obra Social La Caixa sign the agreement that will finance this and other projects aimed at inclusion social and research
  • Alquerías opens a garden of 4000 square meters, playgrounds and green paths in the center of the hamlet (18/07/2018)

  • The Governing Board adopts the first measure to contain the effects of the cadastral review on the receipts of the IBI (18/07/2018)
    The new report, made by the Ministry of Finance, approximates the values ​​of the real estate to 50% of the market price.
  • 2,630 minors in social exclusion participate in summer schools promoted by the Department of Social Rights (18/07/2018)
    The City Council offers a line of economic aid for food during the months of July and August that benefit 2,827 children
  • Cabezo de Torres and Sangonera la Verde will have better lighting in its streets and gardens (18/07/2018)
    This week is improving the lighting of the main street of Cabezo de Torres, lighting in various gardens of Sangonera la Verde and in the Palacio Almudí de Murcia
  • Pérez: "In Murcia now they think they are the owners of the rainbow" (17/07/2018)

  • Three teams of archaeologists supervise the remodeling works of Alfonso X (17/07/2018)
    The Councilor for Infrastructure, Public Works and Services believes that 'if Huermur has any other member, apart from its president, and, in that case, has a partner archaeologist, will know that we act with rigor and responsibility '
  • The PSOE states that PP and C's "have not sweated to reach the budget agreement because they are redundant and inconclusive" (17/07/2018)

  • Citizens reach an agreement that places the residents of Murcia at the center of municipal management (17/07/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia on the budgetary measures agreed by PP and Cs: "They are unreal and only serve to whitewash the management of Ballesta" (17/07/2018)

  • The Contracting Committee proposes the adjudication of the cleaning service in schools and maintenance of the municipal cemetery (17/07/2018)

  • José Ballesta: "The common good of all Murcia is above personalities and partisan interests" "We, both now and in the past, have been more in the effort of the agreement than in the comfort of disagreement", stressed the mayor aft (17/07/2018)

  • Murcia now denounces that the PP uses in the communication of the City Council a slogan of the Popular Party (17/07/2018)
    Alicia Morales regrets that the PP "has the habit of deliberately confusing the public and the private, crossing limits that attempt against ethics and that can mean bad praxis "
  • The UMU works to get wines with aging aroma using innovative oak bottles (17/07/2018)
    This research will allow us to know and optimize the extraction of aromas from the wood in a similar way as the wines in barrel
  • José Antonio Serrano will be the candidate of the PSOE for mayor of Murcia (17/07/2018)
    The candidate states that he wants to be the mayor of all Murcia and Murcia to end injustice, inequality and poverty in the municipality, and for citizenship who lives in the districts have the services that he pays and deserves
  • Open the call for exhibition projects of the University of Murcia for the year 2019 (17/07/2018)

  • Perez reminds the PSOE that 'when the mayor manifested himself governed Rajoy and the integral burial was not guaranteed, unlike what was achieved last year' (16/07/2018)

  • The City Council will allocate more than 480,000 euros to build the new Local Police Barracks in Espinardo (16/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia: "Ballesta exceeds each year its own limit of opacity, irresponsibility and fudge with budgets" The municipal training claims that the Ballesta PP "treats budgets as if they were another one of their farms, acting with their (16/07/2018)

  • Researchers of the UMU are awarded in a national congress of Economics and Business Management (16/07/2018)

  • Pérez: "I did not know that we needed Peñafiel's permission to go to the district parties" (16/07/2018)

  • Guillén corrects Now Murcia and clarifies that the Californian poppy is not listed as an invasive species in the Peninsula (16/07/2018)
    The Councilor for Modernization of Urban Administration and Development urges Murcia Now to be properly informed in the Spanish Catalog of Invasive Alien Species of the Ministry before planting unfounded alerts
  • The parking of Santa Isabel registers more than 20,600 monthly users since its reopening (16/07/2018)

  • Change Murcia warning of the underfunding of social services of the City (16/07/2018)

  • Change Murcia requires Ballesta not to participate in acts contrary to the burial (16/07/2018)
    The training reminds that the mayor has to comply with the Plenary agreements
  • Social Rights granted more than 4,200 grants last year amounting to 3.2 million euros for rental and food expenses for families (16/07/2018)

  • The National Academy of Art of China is interested in the program of public sculpture of Murcia (16/07/2018)
    Professors from Hangzhou, Beijing and Sichuan (Hong Kong) visit the city at the hand of the Cristóbal Gabarrón Foundation to learn about the works and sculptures at the foot of the street that turn the squares of Murcia into an open and open-air muse
  • Los Molinos del Río shows some thirty pinhole photographs by Damián Lajara (16/07/2018)
    The 'Stenos Opaios' exhibition opens this afternoon
  • Murcia now warns of the recklessness of the town hall and Councilman José Guillén for planting Californian poppies in Murcia (15/07/2018)

  • The municipal PSOE shells the numerous "lies" of the PP with the AVE and shows its confidence that now it already arrives underground (15/07/2018)

  • López Miras announces the festivities of Sangonera la Verde (15/07/2018)

  • Thousands of Californian poppies will grow for the first time in the gardens of Murcia (15/07/2018)

  • The SEMAS attends this week to 9 homeless people within the'Opera calor' The device set up by the Department of Social Rights and Development Cooperation seeks to alleviate the physical consequences of exposure to high temperatures, providing (15/07/2018)

  • Change Murcia denounces that the budgetary pact between the PP and C's has been made behind the back of the citizens (14/07/2018)

  • The Mayor manifests the 'hastío' of the Murcian society due to the delay in the infrastructure (14/07/2018)

  • The Mayor presents the 'comprehensive and ambitious' agreement with Citizens' beyond a simple numerical or budgetary pact' (14/07/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces the "lamentable" state of many lots in the municipality and insists on activating a crash plan to clean them (14/07/2018)
    Enrique Ayuso, together with the pedáneo mayor of San Ginés, has verified how the lot next to the school and the garden of the locality has become an illegal dump, which is a health risk
  • Murcia tram modifies its service starting on Monday by works on the tram platform (14/07/2018)
    Users will have to make an intermodal bus-tram transfer at the Los Rectores - Terra Natura stop in the Universities direction
  • The pruning of more than 15,000 palms of Murcia and districts begins (14/07/2018)

  • The UCAM evaluates a device to rescue children in traffic accidents (14/07/2018)

  • "I am happy and proud of my party to announce that the AVE will arrive underground" (13/07/2018)

  • The recovery of the Mar Menor is possible (13/07/2018)
    The international expert in hydrological modeling, Raghavan Srinivasan, explained this morning at the UCAM that there are cases in the world similar to those in the Campo de Cartagena that have been solved, for which he proposes the model SWAT
  • Let's change Murcia congratulates the neighbors before the big step that supposes that the Government Delegate announces that the AVE arrives buried (13/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia: "It's a neighborhood victory, after fighting for years to get the underground" (13/07/2018)
    The municipal training shows its satisfaction that "the neighborhood demand, common sense and the good of the municipality are imposed on the electoral interest of the PP
  • Nine companies are incorporated as hosted in the CIM-M (13/07/2018)
    The Center for Municipal Initiatives of Murcia has hosted this morning the day 'Murcia Starts: Business Factory'
  • UMU and UPCT will lower the price of their master's degrees by 11 percent starting next year (13/07/2018)
    The reduction reaches 15 percent in the scientific and technological master's degrees, as well as in those taught in foreign languages ​​and bilinguals
  • Three students of Youth Guarantee will work in the modernization of the Municipal Employment Service (13/07/2018)
    With this initiative, thanks to which a management technician and public administration will be hired, a technician in librarianship and documentation and an administrative, it is sought to reduce time of processing in the services provided to Murcia
  • Two mobile Civil Protection posts will monitor the forest areas to prevent fires (13/07/2018)
    In the Infomur Plan, whose agreement with the Autonomous Community has been approved today in the Governing Board, will also involve 9 agents of the Local Police Ecological Patrol and 4 firefighters
  • Murcia has 42 adapted taxi licenses, one of the largest fleets in Spain (13/07/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved the call for the promotion of autotaxi vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility, a program in which the City will invest 205,000 euros
  • The City Council will hire 11 unemployed young people for Parks and Gardens (13/07/2018)
    The Governing Board agrees to request a grant from the General Directorate of the Regional Employment and Training Service
  • Change Murcia requests the Rector of the University of Murcia to open an investigation regarding the operation and hiring of the Junior Companies (13/07/2018)

  • Citizens get some 25 Patiño families to have sewerage and potable water after more than thirty years of waiting (13/07/2018)

  • The first part of Avenida Alfonso X El Sabio with'ello murciano' is open to pedestrians (13/07/2018)

  • 3000 youngsters have enjoyed the most summery edition of #Murciasemueve (13/07/2018)
    The music of Varry Brava and Glas, and the designs of Etereal, Bonica in Love and A tu aire were the protagonists of this edition that took place in the Fofó Park
  • Coello: "Larrosa returns to demonstrate his absolute ignorance of the sport in the municipality" (12/07/2018)

  • Activated the protocol for air pollution in the city due to the intrusion of Saharan dust (12/07/2018)

  • José Ballesta: "We are moved by the healthy pride of being Murcians" (12/07/2018)
    The mayor offers a balance of his Government's management before the neighbors and representatives of the civil society, in the III Days of Neighborhood Participation.
  • The University of Murcia inaugurates the second edition of the doctoral program 'Education in Values' (12/07/2018)

  • Change Murcia: The Government Team uses the Social Council for its accountability (12/07/2018)

  • The UMU is ranked 101-125 in a ranking of excellence in teaching in Europe endorsed by Times Higher Education (12/07/2018)

  • Cs requires Ballesta to stop using the Social Council as a showcase and without giving rise to participation (12/07/2018)

  • Sánchez: "Creating social alarm like Mario Gómez does is of absolute political irresponsibility (12/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia: Today's Social Council shows that Ballesta's team is disconnected from the reality of the municipality and its civil society (12/07/2018)
    Ballesta uses the highest participation body as a mere adornment of its propaganda campaign and to sell its virtual projects, "a mere tired repetition without data, diagnosis, evaluation or self-criticism"
  • The PSOE insists on supporting the football clubs that work with the base while Deportes focuses on "bleeding" them economically (12/07/2018)

  • The precariousness of the teaching and research staff, to debate at the University of Murcia (12/07/2018)

  • The PP accuses the Socialists of deliberately delaying the burial and the arrival of the AVE in Murcia (12/07/2018)
    Víctor Martínez criticizes that Pedro Sánchez puts in a drawer the infrastructure projects of the Region while prioritizing those of Aragon, Andalusia and Valencia
  • A City Council open 24 hours, accessible and participatory for all Murcia (12/07/2018)

  • More than 260,000 people participated during the past year in activities of theaters, cultural centers and municipal auditoriums (12/07/2018)

  • Murcians pay 2018 less taxes than in 2013 and suppliers charge in 20 days (12/07/2018)
    Councilman Eduardo Martínez-Oliva has highlighted in the exhibition on the productive model of the City Strategy 'Murcia 2020' the actions for create employment, boost tourism and reduce City Council taxes
  • The Social Work Unit of the City last year attended more than 32,000 families (12/07/2018)
    The Councilor for Social Rights, Conchita Ruiz, this morning has exposed the analysis of social model of Murcia in the Social Council of the City
  • The International University of the Sea offers training in legal and forensic psychology (12/07/2018)

  • The recovery of spaces for citizens will lead to the urban transformation of Murcia The works of the Old Prison will begin before the end of the year, those of Phase 0 of the San Esteban site will begin next September and the first phase of the pedes (12/07/2018)

  • Cs asks for a review of the special security plan for the summer and a real increase in the number of local police (12/07/2018)

  • An injection of 4 million euros for the DNA of the neighborhoods of Carmen and La Paz (11/07/2018)

  • Murcia exports to the world its model of intelligent city and revitalization of neighborhoods and districts (11/07/2018)
    The municipality is, together with Milan, the only one in Europe that is present in all the networks of good practices that the general direction of politics has and urban of the European Union
  • Construction work begins on the network for gas supply in El Campillo (11/07/2018)

  • 300 municipal employees attend the training sessions on e-government (11/07/2018)

  • From the UCAM to Milan with a liter of gasoline (11/07/2018)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has achieved its best mark in energy efficiency in the Shell Eco-Marathon with its ecological car Sun Rider 2018 '
  • Change Murcia denounces that the reductions have also reached health care in the neighborhoods and districts (11/07/2018)

  • The PSOE attacks the PP for forgetting works in districts committed since 2015 (11/07/2018)
    The mayors of El Raal, La Raya and Guadalupe claim that they no longer know what explanation to give to their neighbors and warn that they are trying to execute basic and essential infrastructures
  • The streets and squares of Murcia are filled with color and dance with the International Festival of Folklore in the Mediterranean (11/07/2018)
    José Ballesta welcomes Murcia to the different participating groups, "representatives of the deepest culture and collective identity of your peoples ".
  • Cinema as a didactic resource will be the protagonist of a course at the International University of the Sea (11/07/2018)

  • The Sahrawi children welcomed by Murcia families come to have medical check-ups (11/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia asks the court to require culture reports issued on the impossibility of legalization of the UCAM (11/07/2018)
    And on works that violate the law of heritage
  • Self-management of stress, protagonist of a course at the Universidad Internacional del Mar (11/07/2018)

  • Carmen Robles takes office as dean of the Faculty of Medicine (11/07/2018)

  • Dozens of people gather in front of the General Directorate of Transport to demand the reinstatement of Line 61 (11/07/2018)
    The 'Neighborhood Platform for the recovery of line 61' calls for a meeting of three with the City Council and the Autonomous Community
  • 'Physics to jets' of the UMU passes to the final phase of the informative contest Science in Action (11/07/2018)

  • Huermur denounces the intention of the Junta de Hacendados to concrete the irrigation ditches of the orchard (11/07/2018)

  • The Almudí Palace welcomes the III Day of Neighborhood Participation from tomorrow (10/07/2018)

  • The UCAM and the COE propose to implant in Alcorcón 'The University of Sports' (10/07/2018)
    UCAM Madrid, specialized in sports, health and nutrition would be located in the Creation Center of the Arts (CREAA) of this municipality of Madrid
  • Urban planning ordered last week the cleaning of the Zarandona ditch in the El Carmen neighborhood (10/07/2018)
    After raising a part of the infraction by the inspection services
  • The International University of the Sea hosts the II International Conference 'Dance and the sea' (10/07/2018)

  • The UCAM signs a research agreement in environmental sciences with the Texas Agricultural & Mechanical University (10/07/2018)
    The North American institution is one of the best universities in the world in studies of Engineering and management of water resources
  • The degrees in Psychology and Nursing register the greatest increase in access requests with respect to the last course (10/07/2018)

  • The Palace of Santa Quiteria already has a new exhibition dedicated to summer (10/07/2018)
    The works of 14 artists will be shown in this open-air museum until next September
  • Change Murcia proposes to plant new specimens in the Palm Grove of Santiago and Zaraiche (10/07/2018)

  • 18 looks recreate the natural beauty of the Huerto López-Ferrer, the last Hispanic-Muslim garden of Murcia (10/07/2018)

  • They denounce that the invasive species 'rabbet of cat' is still present in public spaces of the municipality once the supposed plan for the eradication of the PP has been completed (10/07/2018)

  • The PSOE asks Ballesta if allowing an open ditch and surrounded by rubble is part of the DNA project of Barrio del Carmen (10/07/2018)
    Enrique Ayuso, who recalls that the section of the Zarandona ditch was uncovered a month and a half ago, warns that the City Council must act because its responsibility is to guarantee the welfare of the neighbors
  • ... (10/07/2018)

  • The City of Murcia Los Olivos Swimming Club is ranked 7th in the Reus 2018 Spanish Open Swimming Masters Championship (09/07/2018)
    This is the first time that our club, with only five years of life, has been ranked among the ten best clubs of master swimming in Spain
  • Let's change Murcia to Podemos, Izquierda Unida and Equo to work already to reach a unity agreement in Murcia (09/07/2018)

  • Ruiz: 'The PSOE is aware that the payment of the payroll of the previous home help company is our priority' The Councilor for Social Rights and Development Cooperation demands that 'stop manipulating with the workers' and has underlin (09/07/2018)

  • Lidó Rico, artist from Murcia, participates in the most important European neuroscience meeting (09/07/2018)

  • The first phase of the Local Seismic Risk Action Plan will be completed next January (09/07/2018)
    Murcia will host next spring a technical seminar on earthquakes
  • The UMU celebrates the XXV anniversary of the XIV Biology promotion (1988-1993) (09/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia denounces that Patiño's office will be without pediatrics for a month and a half this summer (09/07/2018)

  • The'Erasmus +, refugees, education and rights' project, coordinated by the UMU, addresses the asylum system in Sweden (09/07/2018)

  • The new home care service of the City Council will also be provided to terminally ill patients and multiple births (09/07/2018)

  • The City Council launches 18 videos to discover Murcia from another perspective (09/07/2018)
    This initiative, made using the latest recording techniques, shows details and unknown sights of the Cathedral, the Casino, the Contraparada, the urban monasteries or the nocturnal Murcia, among others
  • The facade of the Moneo building will be illuminated this week on the occasion of the International Folklore Festival (09/07/2018)
    The colors represent the flags of the Philippines, Hungary, Russia, Albania, Mexico and Spain, participating in this 51st edition of the International Folklore Festival in Mediterranean
  • The PSOE denounces "the ineptitude of the PP, unable to resolve the debt of 8 payroll to home help workers" The spokesperson, Susana Hernandez, warns that the "calvary" of these employees exploded in 2014, when they begin to mobil (09/07/2018)

  • The City Council puts a solution to the floods in the Rambla de Avileses (09/07/2018)

  • Murcia exports its model of good practices in water management to Mexico (09/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia will be presented to the municipal elections of 2019 (09/07/2018)
    Now Murcia unanimously approved in its Citizens Assembly to attend the municipal elections of 2019
  • The best bands of the country will meet at the XXVIII Ciudad de Murcia Contest (08/07/2018)
    The contest will be held on November 10 and 11 at the Romea Theater
  • One of the 15 largest branches in Spain is being inspected by professionals (08/07/2018)

  • Gómez: "Fortunately, the technicians of the General Directorate of Heritage are the ones who decide what to do or what to do and not Huermur" (07/07/2018)

  • Spain, to the final of the European children's tennis that is being played at the Murcia Tennis Club 1919 (07/07/2018)
    The national team has eliminated Croatia and will fight for the title on Sunday
  • The supervision of the trees of the Floridablanca Garden allows detecting a branch with risk of falling (07/07/2018)

  • ADN Conecta de Los Garres collects more than 700 suggestions from neighbors and associations (07/07/2018)
    The project in the district ends today with a day of coexistence.
  • The districts of El Puntal, Corvera, Lobosillo and Los Garres improve their lighting and reduce energy consumption (07/07/2018)
    This week in El Puntal, 66 new luminaires will be installed, generating a saving of 61%.
  • 135 young people participate in the Professional Qualification Program for young people (07/07/2018)
    This week the diplomas have been given to the 11 participants in course of data recorder and document processing, of which two have already received job offers
  • Cs accuses Ballesta and his team of lack of seriousness and rigor at the time of summoning the offer of public employment (06/07/2018)

  • The cleaning services of the City of Murcia reinforce their work during this weekend (06/07/2018)

  • The court supports the oppositions to fireman (06/07/2018)

  • Approved requirements, agendas and entrance exams for more than 500 places of public employment offer (06/07/2018)
    70% of places have been approved, so it has carried out the largest public employment offer in history of Murcia City Council
  • "The chancla is fine for the pool but not for regular use" (06/07/2018)
    Joaquín Óscar Izquierdo, president of the Spanish Podiatric Surgery Association and professor of the Degree in Podiatry at the UCAM, warns of the risks to the foot and the ankle for wearing inadequate footwear on a day-to-day basis
  • Martínez-Oliva: "The benefits of budgets must be for all residents of the municipality" (06/07/2018)

  • The Malecón Protection Plan enhances its visual, pedestrian and cyclable communication with the river and lays the foundations for its conservation (06/07/2018)

  • The Contraparada will premiere Interpretation Center next spring (06/07/2018)
    The new space will feature audiovisual room, multipurpose room and four thematic areas with the latest technologies to raise awareness of the environment and the Murcian garden
  • The procedures for the rehabilitation of the environment of the Noria and the Aqueduct of La Ñora begin (06/07/2018)
    The objective of the project is to give uniformity and eliminate distorting elements of this symbol of the Murcian Huerta
  • Change Murcia challenges the PP to bring to the Plenary the labor improvements of public employees (06/07/2018)

  • Cs requests the call of the Local Trade Council to know the situation of the project for the commercial activation of the neighborhoods affected by the burial (06/07/2018)

  • The PSOE proposes that the houses of youth be recovered to offer training programs in values ​​and leisure Espinosa affirms that the three youth centers of the municipality "are not enough because they do not provide coverage to young people (06/07/2018)

  • A score of activities make up the 51st edition of the International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean (06/07/2018)
    In addition to ethnography seminars, poetry reading and live painting, the 10 participating groups will perform different performances in the streets and squares of Murcia
  • Lola Montero, graduated from Teleco at the UCAM, II National Telephone Talentum Award (06/07/2018)
    This award allows her to continue with her training in Silicon Valley and then continue working on her projects
  • The Puertas de Castilla offers live broadcast tomorrow from the Teatro Real of the opera 'Lucia di Lammermoor' (06/07/2018)
    Murcia joins the national initiative thanks to which you can see the recital on screens installed in squares, parks, museums, theaters, cultural centers, auditoriums and town halls throughout Spain
  • Miguel Ángel Maestre Yago wins the UMU painting prize with a work in which he pays homage to his father (06/07/2018)

  • During the first quarter of 2018, more than 1,000 notices were collected through the citizen attention service (05/07/2018)

  • The biggest European festival of the 90s, Love the 90's arrives in Murcia this weekend (05/07/2018)

  • 'The City Council is oblivious to the disagreements between two companies and some former employee' The Councilor for Finance and Recruitment recalls that at the moment a disciplinary proceeding is being brought against Tribugest for incurrin (05/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia: "The warning from the EU is the last episode of the huge bungle of the AVE to Murcia, which has disastrous consequences for the municipality" (05/07/2018)
    - "To the cluster of nonsense that we have been contemplating with the AVE to Murcia, there are to add a very important issue, which are not measuring the cumulative effects that the AVE on the surface will entail for the municipality "
  • The City of Murcia celebrates its III Conference of Neighborhood Participation at the Palacio Almudí on July 11 and 12 (05/07/2018)

  • Cs requires Ballesta and his mayor Guillén to take seriously the complaints, claims and suggestions of the residents of Murcia (05/07/2018)

  • ... (05/07/2018)

  • People sanctioned for administrative offenses may pay off their debt with jobs for the benefit of the community (05/07/2018)
    The economic amount must be equal to or greater than 50 euros and not exceed 1,500 euros and tax, urban and traffic sanctions, imposed on legal persons and reoffenders
  • The University of Murcia presents LOLA, an artificial intelligence assistant to help new students (05/07/2018)

  • The PSOE criticizes that the PP still does not improve the 10 bus lines that had to change half a year after its approval (05/07/2018)

  • Jorge Pérez, graduate of the UCAM, ficha for Exeter, British university leader in Civil Engineering (05/07/2018)

  • We can demand that Conesa "do not make excuses" and remove the "illegal" catenary (04/07/2018)

  • The Day Hospital of the Arrixaca hosts the campaign 'If you squeeze vences' (04/07/2018)
    Councilwoman Rebeca Pérez visits the day hospital and delivers some anti-stress balls to oncology patients with Rotarac Murcia.
  • Treasury will propose to contain the tax rate of the IBI so that it does not pass on to the taxpayers the cadastral values ​​revision carried out by the Ministry (04/07/2018)

  • The UCAM Racing Team is already in London to participate in the Shell Eco-Marathon (04/07/2018)
    The team made up of students and professors of different degrees from the Catholic University of Murcia competes with its ecological car in the most important test in the world in this field
  • The University of Murcia presents Lola, the chatbot that will help students with registration and enrollment (04/07/2018)
    This innovative artificial intelligence tool will be presented this Thursday, July 5, at 9:45 in the Rectors Gallery of the building of the Convalescence
  • A motion of Cambiemos Murcia allows lowering the IBI in most neighborhoods and districts (04/07/2018)
    The training calls for the total collection to be maintained in order to maintain budgetary capacity and not cut back services
  • The IX edition of the contest 'Aguas de Murcia solidaria' will allow the construction of a school with water collection system in western Uganda (04/07/2018)
    The NGO Rafiki Africa will receive 12,000 euros to develop this initiative
  • The PSOE will ensure that the cadastral review, which has been claiming since 2012, correct imbalances between areas with different value (04/07/2018)
    Councilman Sebastián Peñaranda warns that "we will continue to demand the PP to provide aid to the most disadvantaged families so they can cope to the IBI "
  • The best paparajote of the Region will be awarded with 500 euros and a gold paparajote at the Murcia Fair (04/07/2018)
    Those interested in participating in the contest can already register on the web www.concursopaparajote.com or on the phone 622 772 342
  • The City Council is launching a new project to promote electric mobility: the app'E-fast park Murcia' (04/07/2018)

  • The European Commission chooses Murcia as European representative in Asia to export its City Model to India (04/07/2018)

  • The Youth Orchestra of the City of Murcia OMFC will offer a free concert on Sunday at the La Alberca Auditorium (04/07/2018)

  • The neighbors of Beniaján inaugurate this afternoon the 10,000 m2 of the new Garden of Monteazahar (04/07/2018)

  • The activities of 'Murcia in summer' begin (04/07/2018)
    The program offers for this week a concert, a painting, cinema and opera workshop
  • Sánchez: "The integration of Firefighters on the 112 platform has never negatively affected the management of the service" (03/07/2018)

  • United We can ask in Congress for the fines to the neighbors and neighbors of the Burial (03/07/2018)

  • Now Murcia denounces the state of neglect of the Carrascoy Regional Park (03/07/2018)
    And demands that the CARM take the necessary measures to prevent fires and pests
  • Now Murcia delivers a proposal for a "clearer and simpler" protocol for those affected by iDental with the intention of being used by Murcia's OMIC (03/07/2018)
    The protocol sent by Ahora Murcia to councilor Maruja Pelegrín establishes that the Office itself can collect and send the complaints of those affected, and omit the recommendation to use burofax, which is unnecessary
  • The bike lanes in the center of the city will be under construction in July and August (03/07/2018)

  • The SEMAS intensifies the attention at noon and in the afternoon to the homeless people facing the heat alert (03/07/2018)
    The objective is to alleviate the physical consequences of exposure to high temperatures, providing water, food, clothing, transport, emergency shelter and transfer or accompaniment
  • Inauguration of new professors and professors of the University of Murcia (03/07/2018)

  • The International University of the Sea delves into the minds of serial killers (03/07/2018)

  • The unemployment fell last month in Murcia by 2.60% compared to June 2017 (03/07/2018)
    According to the data recorded, in the municipality there are 30,616 unemployed
  • Pacheco: "It must be exhausting to make a towing policy like Citizens'" (03/07/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia denounces that the City Council spent 180,000 euros on a computer system for the SEIS that was never installed (03/07/2018)

  • Researchers at the University of Murcia will bring to light the history of the San Esteban site (03/07/2018)
    Phase 0 of the archaeological research project will begin in the fall Murcia will be able to see how the works are carried out in the same site
  • The International University of the Sea organizes a course on early attention in the Lorca campus (03/07/2018)

  • Green light at the entrance of visitors and archaeologists to the deposit of San Esteban to initiate the field works (03/07/2018)

  • Auditor Captain Juan Carlos de la Cerra, Director of the Master in Military Law of the UCAM, Serge Lazareff of NATO (03/07/2018)

  • The UCAM athletes achieve 31 medals in the Mediterranean Games (02/07/2018)

  • The UCAM Spanish Institute Dubai, new accredited center of the Cervantes Institute (02/07/2018)

  • Students of the University of Murcia will give music recitals in the oncology waiting room of La Arrixaca (02/07/2018)
    The volunteer project signed with SMS seeks to improve the well-being of patients waiting to receive chemotherapy
  • Now Murcia: "The municipality has not transmitted to the Casino the agreement of the plenary session so that it fulfills its obligation to open for free 4 days a month, according to the president of the entity" (02/07/2018)
    "The president of the Casino has ensured in a social network that has no knowledge of the Murcia Now motion passed unanimously in May 2017 "
  • The UMU closes the first edition of the Explorer 2018 program 'Young people with ideas' (02/07/2018)

  • Guillén: "I hope that one day Citizens will contribute some idea to improve the quality of life of Murcians" (02/07/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces that the PP "exploits the Murcian firefighters' workforce" Spokeswoman Susana Hernández and councilor Juan Vicente Larrosa consider it "inhumane that the government team forces these troops to work overtime" (02/07/2018)

  • Change Murcia proposes the direct election of the members of the municipal boards (02/07/2018)
    The training presents amendments to improve the Regulation of Citizen Participation of the City of Murcia
  • Cs demands more vigilance and protection measures on the Palm Grove of Zaraíche after the appearance of two copies in bad condition (02/07/2018)

  • The Murcian Association of Childhood Dysphagia and Gastric Button receives 2,000 euros from the Congress Beyond (02/07/2018)
    The 5th edition of this non-profit event was held last May at the Teatro Circo
  • Designers and music groups from Murcia will be the stars of #Murciasemueve (02/07/2018)
    The summer edition of #Murciasemueve will take place on July 12th from 7:30 p.m. in the Parque Fofó auditorium and will feature the Varry Brava, Glas, groups and the designs of Etereal, Bonica in Love and Atuaire
  • The City Council grants 21,000 euros to NGOs to help mitigate the effects of the eruption of the volcano in Guatemala (01/07/2018)
    The delivery of humanitarian aid will be made through Unicef, Red Cross and Vincentian Cooperation for Development

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