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Murcia News - June 2018

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  • The PSOE denounces to the Seprona the illegal dump discovered in the Rambla El Valle, in La Alberca (30/06/2018)
    Councilman Enrique Ayuso considers "shameful that we have a garbage center in a protected area due to its high environmental and landscape value"
  • Change Murcia denounces the suspension of the visits of the OMIC to the districts (30/06/2018)
    Insufficient staff prevents the service can be provided throughout the municipality
  • The UCAM graduates a hundred gastronomy professionals in Cuba (30/06/2018)

  • Citizens can decide with their vote where they want to move the wheel of the Circular Plaza (30/06/2018)

  • The Murcian Society of Anthropology will continue developing actions that make known the Cemetery Our Father Jesus (30/06/2018)
    Thanks to the agreement between the City Council and the entity, two new guides will be published, a national congress will be organized, a web page will be developed and the guided tours
  • A digital platform that connects designers with artisans wins the second prize of the best presentation video of the XXVI Business Projects Competition (30/06/2018)
    The Faberin project has been awarded with 1,500 euros
  • Almost 150 people attend the 'Blockchain seminar in the public sector' (29/06/2018)

  • The general negotiation table unanimously approves the bases of the public employment offer (29/06/2018)
    All the unions have unanimously approved 70% of the places of the public employment offer 2015
  • Martínez-Oliva urges Cs to support budgets in order to incorporate improvements to public transport (29/06/2018)
    He will convene a meeting next week with the concessionaire company to clarify the doubts that Gómez insinuates
  • The University of Murcia will launch a new electronic registration system (29/06/2018)
    As of the middle of this month of July, UMU records will be able to present documents addressed to public agencies throughout the country
  • ... (29/06/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia requests the ex officio review of all fines and legal proceedings for the demonstrations on the roads (29/06/2018)

  • Open the registration period for the course 'Crimes against road safety' of the Universidad Internacional del Mar (29/06/2018)

  • The elders will learn to use correctly the apparatus of gerontogimnasia (29/06/2018)
    The Governing Board approves the Service of realization of the program for the promotion of the physical activity, groups 4-40 and dinamización of the biosaludables parks of Murcia
  • Sports will invest more than 1.7 million euros in providing artificial turf and changing rooms five football fields (29/06/2018)

  • The Government Board authorizes the operation to finance with European funds the execution of the tourist itinerary of the Wall of Murcia (29/06/2018)

  • The PSOE of Murcia reiterates its commitment to the arrival of the underground AVE (29/06/2018)
    Susana Hernandez recalls that yesterday the Socialists of the municipality of Murcia said loud and clear "AVE yes, but buried", and remember that, if today is not a reality, is due to the vagaries of the PP and its continuous delays
  • Murcia will live a summer full of activities (29/06/2018)
    The City Council will offer an extensive program that will take place practically every afternoon in July and August
  • Cs requires the PP to render accounts on the claims and complaints of the users of the 'coloraos' in the precariousness of the service (29/06/2018)
    Mario Gómez: "It is necessary to verify the degree of satisfaction of the users who are those who use urban transport to newspaper "
  • More than 30 artists will participate tomorrow in 'La mudanza' (29/06/2018)
    From 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the streets of the Santa Eulalia neighborhood
  • Ruth Lorenzo and tunas from 6 countries, protagonists of the Tunas Barrio del Carmen 2018 Contest (29/06/2018)
    The contest will take place on July 5, 6 and 7 at the Artillery Barracks
  • Torreagüera celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Antonete Gálvez with various activities (29/06/2018)

  • Municipal Commission on the area of ​​expansion of the UCAM (28/06/2018)

  • Now Murcia: "The request to legalize the illegal works of the UCAM would be rejected by administrative silence" (28/06/2018)

  • The PSOE allows progress to be made against child poverty, equality of sex, environment and logistics with the creation of a purchasing center (28/06/2018)

  • Pavilion 2 shows the work done in the Integrated Sculpture Workshop for people at risk of exclusion (28/06/2018)
    The participants, coming from countries like Afghanistan, Cameroon, Venezuela and Senegal, have made a collective work about the home
  • Carrillo: "The closure of the Bacons Bridge Health Center in the afternoon hours leaves more than 3,200 people without service all summer" (28/06/2018)
    The mayor of Puente Tocinos considers intolerable that the elderly, workers and families with fewer resources, that they can not pay vacations, they have to suffer the sanitary cuts of the PP
  • The UCAM graduates 40 students in their Master's in CSR and Labor Relations (28/06/2018)
    In just two promotions the Catholic University of Murcia leads the number of graduates in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Spanish southeast with a total of 140 students
  • Socialist president mayors request a meeting on the burial works "now that there is a new delegate of the Government" (28/06/2018)

  • The 'Water Value', now in bottle (28/06/2018)
    Emuasa distributes glass bottles among the municipal offices and its staff to raise awareness about the care of this resource
  • The UCAM will be this summer to students from Latin America in political communication and biotechnology (28/06/2018)

  • The works of Alfonso X continue under the supervision of archaeologists (28/06/2018)

  • The City Council initiates the procedures to acquire the Castillejo, the only construction of the privately owned Monteagudo complex (28/06/2018)
    As a preliminary step to enhance the value of the complex due to its archaeological, cultural, patrimonial and tourist relevance
  • ElPozo FS Infantil will fight for the title of Champion of Spain in Almería (28/06/2018)

  • The City of Murcia adheres to the Institutional Declaration on the occasion of the International LGBTI Pride Day (28/06/2018)
    The municipal Plenary Assembly unanimously approved this initiative
  • Jesús'Falco' Pérez, first member of MAD Lions EC who joins the project of the UCAM (28/06/2018)
    Jesús 'Falco' Pérez, player of 'League of Legends' of MAD Lions EC, will combine his professional career in eSports with his studies in Business Administration and Management
  • Murcia will demand Coslada to keep the street with the name of Juan de la Cierva (28/06/2018)
    The municipal Plenary has approved the motion presented by the Municipal People's Group for the Government Board to urge the city of Madrid to rectify the agreement that affects this Murcian universal
  • The ninth edition of the Summer Science Campus starts (28/06/2018)

  • Change Murcia asks to increase the frequency of trams this Sunday for the oppositions of the SMS in the campus of Espinardo (28/06/2018)

  • The UMU Master's Degree in Finance is recognized by the National Securities Market Commission (28/06/2018)

  • Inmaculada Arce and Álvaro Pujante, winners of the II Contest for Best Regional Costume of Huertana and Huerta from Bando de la Huerta 2018 (27/06/2018)
    José Ballesta congratulated the winners "for proudly representing the essence and identity of our land"
  • The UCAM creates a garden with ecological criteria on its campus in Los Jerónimos (27/06/2018)

  • The facade of the building next to the City Hall will be lit tomorrow with colors on the occasion of the International LGBTI Pride Day (27/06/2018)

  • The UCAM leads a project of 13 European countries to develop the circular economy in the rural world (27/06/2018)
    The research project, H2020, is the most important one achieved so far by the Catholic University, endowed with 4.1 million euros
  • Now Murcia asks that the city council publish on its website the information related to the various plenary committees (27/06/2018)

  • The OMIC has attended a hundred consultations and processed 43 complaints related to iDental (27/06/2018)
    Following the protocol established by the Autonomous Community, in coordination with the City of Murcia
  • The IT faculty rewards Nuria Oliver on the 25th anniversary of her first engineering class (27/06/2018)

  • The researcher Lluís Montoliu explains in the UMU the ethical aspects that must be taken into account in European projects (27/06/2018)
    "There is a tendency to think that there are only conflicts when there are animals or people involved, but there are also implications in other areas," he says.
  • Change Murcia requests that the DNA Project is not an excuse to breach the Regulation of Citizen Participation (27/06/2018)
    The formation proposes in a motion that the Government Team move to the District Municipal Boards any proposal of investment project
  • More than 150 performances make up the next season of the Romea and Circus theaters, with a daily cultural offer (27/06/2018)

  • Cultural democratization, object of a seminar at the University of Murcia (27/06/2018)

  • Elders in Espinardo will have their own Social Center in Calle Mayor (27/06/2018)

  • The PSOE leads the fight against plastic in the municipality of Murcia and takes a motion to the Plenary to reduce its use from now (27/06/2018)

  • The PSOE expresses its satisfaction at the fact that Espinardo's new senior center is becoming a reality. The spokesperson, Susana Hernández, recalls that "the work of the Municipal Group is allowing the fulfillment of very old claims in all (27/06/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia demands the Ballesta team an institutional impulse to the activities of the LGTBIQ Pride (27/06/2018)

  • 130 dancers from 6 to 60 years old will take the stage next week at the Dance Show for Diversity (27/06/2018)
    Promoted by the Association for People with Down Syndrome (ASSIDO), their collection will be used to maintain the workshops of the collective
  • Murcia is among the first Spanish cities that has a Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (27/06/2018)

  • Huerta Viva denounces the felling of trees and earthworks in the surroundings of the Jerónimos (27/06/2018)

  • The final of 'Other trends' of CreaMurcia arrives on Friday at the REM Room (27/06/2018)
    The four finalist groups, Komorebi, Quía, Alberto García and Hike are looking for a place in the final in which El Langui will also participate as a guest artist
  • The municipal PSOE of Murcia initiates the process of primary for election to run for mayor (26/06/2018)

  • MIT joins José Antonio Ruipérez, a graduate of Teleco from the UCAM, to investigate artificial intelligence (26/06/2018)

  • Murcia now demands that the city council prepare the municipal consumer information office to offer serious guidance and help to those affected by iDental (26/06/2018)

  • Tram of Murcia establishes a special service for the concert of Operación Triunfo (26/06/2018)
    In the afternoon the frequencies will be improved and after the concert the vehicles will be increased
  • Social Rights doubles the budget to guarantee the dining room for 2,800 minors this summer (26/06/2018)

  • Cs will propose in the Plenary the contracting of electricity in the wholesale market to obtain the best prices and save costs (26/06/2018)

  • Unimar organizes a course on early care practices in the family environment (26/06/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia bet to municipalize the service of rent of bicis (26/06/2018)

  • Murcia now considers it urgent to improve the cleanliness of the market on Thursdays and the affected neighborhoods (26/06/2018)
    - "Many of these plastics and paper move to streets and adjoining neighborhoods to which workers do not arrive" and, what is more serious , they end up in the river on many occasions "
  • The PSOE demands the City Council to open the facilities for sports until the end of June and the opening in September (26/06/2018)

  • The Official Master of the UCAM in Military Law, unique in Spain, graduates to its second class (26/06/2018)

  • 'Murcia Río' opens its first river park and opens a green connection between the Malecón and the Mota del Segura (26/06/2018)

  • The University of Murcia analyzes the causes of machismo and patriarchy in a course directed by Gloria Alarcón (26/06/2018)

  • The International University of the Sea organizes the ninth edition of the course 'Psychiatry in Everyday Life' (25/06/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia proposes to create the Municipal Ordinance of Volunteering (25/06/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia requires CARM to assume its maintenance obligations for public housing La Paz (25/06/2018)

  • The Plenary will approve the new denomination of 83 urban roads (25/06/2018)
    The Plenary Commission of Infrastructures, Finance and General Affairs has also approved the calendar of local holidays
  • Cs will ask in the Plenary the creation of a Sectoral Tourism Council (25/06/2018)

  • The PSOE proposes the drafting of the Plan of Territorial Action of the Huerta to recover its cultural, landscape and agrarian heritage (25/06/2018)

  • Eva Mauricio illustrates the LI edition of the International Folklore Festival (25/06/2018)
    Different groups from Murcia, Cantabria, Cáceres, Hungary, Albania, the Philippines, Russia and Mexico will perform in the streets of the city from July 9 to 13
  • Change Murcia calls for the elimination of exotic and invasive species from the urban stretch of the Segura river (24/06/2018)
    The training proposes the planting of native riparian species
  • More than 300 geraniums will decorate the green areas and flowerpots of Lobosillo (24/06/2018)
    With this new plantation you want to improve the image of the hamlet of Murcia in view of your next patron saint festivities
  • Development Cooperation helps 100 children from Bolivia to get out of poverty (24/06/2018)
    The Association Helps Children of Bolivia carries out a project, in which more than 300 people are participating, host for children of Santa Cruz de Sierra who are in a situation of poverty and social exclusion
  • The works of conservation in the Torre Falcón House are concluded and the technical rehabilitation project is underway (23/06/2018)

  • 500 volunteers collect more than 1,600 kilos of waste thanks to the Río Limpio Challenge (23/06/2018)

  • Huermur denounces the vandalism in the historic Torre Falcón house in Espinardo (23/06/2018)

  • Cambiemos Murcia will propose in the Plenary to celebrate a day of open doors for dogs in the municipal swimming pools (23/06/2018)
    In addition, the training will present a motion to promote the implementation of the "Exemplary Canine Citizen" program
  • The UNICEF tournament returns to the Murcia Tennis Club (23/06/2018)
    The competition starts with the collaboration of the NGO and 140 players participate
  • A modern irrigation surveillance system controls more than 300 hectares of green areas in the municipality (23/06/2018)
    The mechanism controls water and humidity with state-of-the-art systems such as Wi-Fi and GPRS, allowing the detection of any leakage or breakdown and paralysis of the irrigation system if it rains
  • Ruiz asks the Secretary of the Murcian Socialists "not to underestimate the joint work of the municipality and the NGOs in development cooperation" (22/06/2018)
    "The City Council of the Region that allocates more funds for this purpose is that of Murcia"
  • A UNIMAR course addresses the mistreatment of people with disabilities (22/06/2018)

  • Fernández: "What bothers Now Murcia is that we make continuous improvements in our neighborhoods and districts" (22/06/2018)

  • José Ballesta gives the Auroros of Rincón de Seca the keys to two rehearsal rooms in the new Activity Center (22/06/2018)

  • Cs will ask in the Plenary a diagnosis of the situation of the parks and gardens of the municipality to give them a facelift (22/06/2018)
    The lack of maintenance, shadowing and adapted children's games are some of the most frequent complaints
  • The UMU professor Concepción Sánchez Pedreño receives the Lyceum prize for the scientific woman of Murcia (22/06/2018)
    The Association of Women Scientists gives its annual awards next Monday
  • Social Rights designs a plan to improve the lives of minors, families and ethnic minorities in the Los Rosales neighborhood Among the measures that will be implemented include those aimed at supporting the educational process and the reduction of abs (22/06/2018)

  • Change Murcia calls for urgent measures to protect the house of Antonete Gálvez (22/06/2018)
    The municipal training will present a motion to the next House to rebuild the house, in a state of ruin
  • The International University of the Sea presents its summer school dedicated to Biology (22/06/2018)

  • The PSOE proposes a map of healthy roads by paths of orchard, lanes and trails throughout the municipality for the practice of sports (22/06/2018)
    Councilman Larrosa regrets that the routes of districts publicized on the website of the Department of Sports and Health , reason why it demands "a good campaign of conditioning and knowledge of these vials"
  • The Murcians will "step on" the urban network of the La Arrixaca suburb through a pedestrian route that will reveal the historical value (22/06/2018)

  • Murcia Firefighters establishes a special plan for the San Juan bonfires (22/06/2018)
    In addition to the ordinary service, tomorrow 30 firefighters will serve in an extraordinary way
  • Now Murcia denounces that Ballesta uses "ADN" to usurp the powers of the municipal councils (22/06/2018)
    Alicia Morales affirms that the PP has invented this project with two sole purposes: as a mechanism to control some neighborhoods and districts in whose meetings it no longer has absolute majority, and as an advertising campaign for the 2019 election
  • San Ginés, Santiago el Mayor and the facade of the Almudí will incorporate LED technology that will improve lighting and reduce consumption (22/06/2018)

  • The City of Murcia reinforces the cleaning services in neighborhoods and districts that celebrate their holidays these days (22/06/2018)

  • Navarro: 'The Malecón is a cultural asset of all Murcia and our commitment is to protect and conserve it' The Councilor for Urbanism, Environment, Water and Garden insists that "the plan wants to extol this monument so characteristic and (21/06/2018)

  • José Ballesta opens this afternoon the garden Maestro Sebastián Reverte de Cabezo de Torres (21/06/2018)

  • 'University and business leadership' UCAM (21/06/2018)
    "Everything is reusable, the Circular Economy is solidarity and responsibility"
  • Murcia now demands the elaboration of a municipal plan to fight against child poverty (21/06/2018)
    In which all the social agents involved participate
  • The PSOE requires the City Council to have "social consensus" to develop the Special Plan for the Protection of the Malecon (21/06/2018)

  • 48% of young people in Murcia admitted having felt fear at some point in their relationship (21/06/2018)
    They are the data extracted from the European project 'Vida Youth' managed by the UCAM and in which Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Republic participate Czech and Greece
  • More than 130 people show their solidarity by donating blood on the morning of the Marathon of Murcia (21/06/2018)
    This afternoon the extraction continues from 4.30 to 9.30 pm
  • The PSOE warns that the Guadeloupe bridge has been underpinned for months and there are no signs of a solution since there is no project Peñaranda considers the delay in restoring this infrastructure where vehicles circulate "alarming" and (21/06/2018)

  • Approved the new interuniversity master's degree in occupational risk prevention of the UMU (21/06/2018)

  • The lost testament of Ramón J. Sénder (21/06/2018)
    José Belmonte, researcher of the UMU, publishes in Hispania a study on unpublished letters of Ramón J. Sender
  • Registration for the High Performance in Basketball course of the Universidad Internacional del Mar is open (21/06/2018)
    Coach Ibon Navarro will be one of the invited speakers
  • Maruja Pelegrín shows the regret of the Corporation for the death of Francisco Griéguez (21/06/2018)
    Next Monday was planned to inaugurate a monolith in homage to the Murcians deported in the extermination camps between 1940 and 1945
  • A new magazine will offer detailed cultural information of the municipality (21/06/2018)

  • The Student Council of the UMU analyzes in a report the prices of the master's degrees to ask that they be equal to the degrees (20/06/2018)
    The CEUM has compared the prices of the postgraduate studies by Autonomous Communities and those of the University of Murcia
  • The professors of the University of Murcia can record their classes for students to use as video jacks (20/06/2018)
    This course the project has already been started by ten teachers There are already teams installed in 40 classrooms and the idea of ​​the UMU is to continue increasing
  • The residents of Lobosillo will have access to the broadest and safest district (20/06/2018)
    The road project of the RM-E14 highway is being auctioned today for a value of more than 76,000 euros.
  • Unimar analyzes how parents' education marks school performance and future behavioral problems (20/06/2018)

  • The PSOE demands more scholarships and public squares of early childhood education for boys and girls at risk of social exclusion in Murcia (20/06/2018)

  • The exhibition 'I am a refuge' of the Cepaim Foundation opens its doors today (20/06/2018)
    Pavilion 2 of the Artillery Barracks welcomed this morning the exhibition, which comes from the Reflected Project on the occasion of World Refugee Day
  • Now Murcia: "The PP of Ballesta suspends in mobility policies and public transport, punishing all Murcians" (20/06/2018)
    Alicia Morales has participated in an act on public transport and urban and interurban mobility with officials of Podemos, noting that "chaos and lack of coordination among administrations remain"
  • The neighbors of the Infante premiere four new gardens to enjoy a leisure in quality family (20/06/2018)

  • Big Data International Campus and the UCAM launch the first Master in Sports Big Data in Spain (20/06/2018)

  • The Local Police establishes a special security plan for the summer (20/06/2018)
    In the urban area the device will be made up of 20 agents and in districts for 14 uniformed and 2 paisano patrols
  • The Platform for the Recovery of line 61 denounces the refusal of the Regional Government to restore the service (20/06/2018)
    The neighbors reproach the lack of sensitivity of the General Director of Transport
  • Football and science by José Manuel López Nicolás in the conference series 'La UMU and the scientific culture' (20/06/2018)

  • 500 volunteers will participate in the Río Limpio Challenge this Saturday (20/06/2018)

  • The young spaces celebrate their end of year after carrying out 700 activities that have passed more than 100,000 attendees (20/06/2018)

  • The Segura River will be dyed red tomorrow night in anticipation of the 3rd Blood Donation Marathon that takes place on Thursday (19/06/2018)
    With the motto 'Give yourself to others.
  • The exhibition 'I am a refuge' opens the activities of World Refugee Day (19/06/2018)

  • We are all Campus, a UMU course for employment and university inclusion of young people with intellectual disabilities (19/06/2018)
    On Wednesday, June 20, the closing ceremony will be held
  • Marco Antonio Fernández: "We work with facts, not words, that's why DNA projects are there in El Carmen and in La Paz and, now, in districts" (19/06/2018)
    "We think about the welfare of the neighbors and we do want to improve their quality of life, that is why projects like DNA arise, to revitalize neighborhoods and districts "
  • The Palmar becomes the first hamlet of Murcia to install violet points (19/06/2018)

  • Cs requests that the expansion of places in the school Our Lady of Bethlehem be made in optimal conditions (19/06/2018)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates the closing ceremony of the inclusive course 'We are all Campus' (19/06/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia defines ADN-Conecta as a new Ballesta advertising campaign launched without the Boards (19/06/2018)

  • The UMU participates in a scientific dissemination program that begins tomorrow on TVE (19/06/2018)
    CRUE Universities in Spain produces the transmedia magazine "Sustainable universe"
  • The works to endow the façade of the ornamental lighting Almudí (19/06/2018)
    Councilwoman Rebeca Pérez visited the building this morning, where work is being carried out to install a lighting similar to the one existing in the Annex Building to the Town Hall
  • A UMU project gives visibility to the research work of the Faculty of Communication and Documentation (19/06/2018)

  • Environmental sustainability and family conciliation become axes of the cleaning of municipal buildings (19/06/2018)

  • The municipal buildings will have defibrillators (19/06/2018)
    They will be installed in the buildings of La Glorieta, Plaza de Europa and Abenarabi
  • Change Murcia demands the necessary resources to implement the violet points in the whole municipality (19/06/2018)
    The municipal training wants that the campaign "For a free parties of sexist violence", of the City council, surpasses the urban helmet
  • The Agitation phase of ADN-Conecta arrives in the neighborhood of Los Rosales de El Palmar (19/06/2018)
    Throughout the week there will be actions to improve street cleaning, parks and gardens and lighting, among others
  • The UMU exhibits a sample of the awarded and selected works of the XVII Photography Prize (19/06/2018)

  • Social Rights presents the campaign 'Free parties of sexist violence' (19/06/2018)

  • The First Cronoescalada Regional Championship will be held in Torreagüera this Sunday (19/06/2018)
    In this 4-kilometer race, athletes who have reached the age of 16 can register and participate
  • 'La Mudanza' returns on June 30 to Santa Eulalia (19/06/2018)
    Artists of painting, sculpture and illustrators will show their works on the streets of the neighborhood from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm.
  • Mireia Belmonte, flag of Spain in the Mediterranean Games, which will have 36 athletes UCAM (19/06/2018)
    The Catholic of Murcia is the university that brings more athletes to Spain and competition, which involved 26 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia
  • The Pope encourages José Luis Mendoza to "continue with the projects and support the Church" (19/06/2018)
    The president of the UCAM participated in a private mass with Pope Francis and informed His Holiness about the latest details of the international project for the dissemination of the sciences of marriage and the family through online titles
  • The UMU celebrates the first congress on the use of big data for the energy efficiency of buildings (19/06/2018)

  • MasterChem, the new project of the UMU to promote scientific vocations among young people (19/06/2018)

  • 92.2% of the students of the Region exceed the EBAU, the entrance exam to the university (18/06/2018)

  • Murcia now requests the opening of the Garres path while the burial works are not executed (18/06/2018)
    Isabel Fuentes, member of the municipal council of Los Garres, has made this proposal during the presentation of the ADN project in this district
  • 200 elderly people participate in the act end of course of reading clubs in the Regional Archive (18/06/2018)
    The event, organized by the City of Murcia and the Regional Library, took place this afternoon in the auditorium of the Regional Archive of Murcia who has attended, among others, the journalist and writer Carlos del Amor
  • The façade of the Moneo Building will light blue tomorrow for World Refugee Day (18/06/2018)
    The City Council responds to a request sent by UNHCR, symbolizing 'the sky that unites all nations'
  • Rebeca Pérez: "The works of Alfonso X are supervised by qualified archaeologists, of the technicians of Huermur who sow doubts we do not know anything" The spokeswoman of the PP affirms that the works are carried out according to indication (18/06/2018)

  • Ruiz: "La Paz is a priority neighborhood in our City Strategy" (18/06/2018)

  • Carmen Robles will be the dean of Medicine at the UMU, the first woman to lead the faculty in 50 years (18/06/2018)

  • Ten entrepreneurs will participate in the accelerator of business projects Crea Web-Crea Empresa (18/06/2018)
    They will receive help from the City Council to start up their business with training talks, mentoring, legal, tax and labor advice, and access to financing, among other advantages
  • A Murcia project will transform organic waste into insect meal (18/06/2018)

  • The City Council takes the DNA-Connects to the districts to revitalize them and move forward in the co-government with the neighbors (18/06/2018)

  • Huermur requests protection for the finds found next to the location of the old Alcazar of the 13th century in Murcia (18/06/2018)

  • Cs asks Ballesta to intervene before the Development for the cleaning and adaptation of one of the access roundabouts to El Palmar (18/06/2018)

  • A course at the Universidad Internacional del Mar provides tools to educate schoolchildren through sports (18/06/2018)

  • The UMU organizes a conference on Refugees to commemorate its World Day (18/06/2018)

  • Now Murcia will ask the plenary to draw up an ordinance on water rates with the participation of professional and citizen organizations (17/06/2018)

  • The water replenishes the acequias of the palm groves of Santiago and Zaraiche. (17/06/2018)
    The 600 palm trees in the area will have a new irrigation system following the most traditional methods based on the opening and closing of ironclads
  • The City of Murcia opens the deadline for submission of applications for the award of vacant posts in the municipal supply plazas (17/06/2018)
    Those interested will have a period of 10 days from the publication of the abstract of the call in the BORM for the presentation of instances requesting to participate in the process of selection of holders of license of occupation of positions
  • The journalist and writer Carlos del Amor will close the reading clubs of the social centers for the elderly (17/06/2018)
    The event will take place tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in the assembly hall of the Regional Archive of Murcia.
  • UCAM graduates its first doctors (16/06/2018)
    Juan Carlos Izpisua, Professor of Developmental Biology and one of the most important researchers in the world, was the sponsor of the first class of the Degree in Medicine at the Catholic University of Murcia
  • The Meatpies is proclaimed winner of the CreaMurcia Contest in its PopRock category (16/06/2018)
    More than 2,000 people gathered last night at the Parque de Fofó Auditorium to enjoy the show.
  • 16 entrepreneurs will have a workspace in the CIM-M and in the Alquerías Resource Center (16/06/2018)
    In addition they will be able to carry out workshops and have storage space
  • Two Murcia City Council campaigns won at the Publifestival International Competition (16/06/2018)
    Murcia City Council has been awarded for the originality, effectiveness and creativity in the social event of the campaigns 'Do not be Marrano' and 'Concurso cocina y recicla'.
  • The City Council reforms more than a score of 'rings' placed under the casuarinas of the Plaza del Romea (16/06/2018)
    This action, which allows greater protection of the specimens and a beautification of the place, includes the planting of new specimens of the known plant as 'honey flower'
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the administrative obstacles to the Pride parade (15/06/2018)

  • Guillén: "All the municipal centers of districts will have Wi-Fi network next week" (15/06/2018)
    The work in districts will conclude before the end of the deadline established at the end of June
  • 300 young people participate in the First National Meeting of Youth Correspondents of the Region of Murcia (15/06/2018)
    This event begins this afternoon at 6:00 p.m. and lasts until Sunday.
  • 'Instagram file' travels to the Cloister of the Merced campus of the UMU (15/06/2018)

  • The bicycle goes into the heart of the historic center of the city (15/06/2018)

  • The International University of the Sea dedicates a course to learning difficulties and behavior disorders (15/06/2018)

  • The Office of Congresses of Murcia celebrates its XX Anniversary (15/06/2018)
    Business tourism reaches the best attendance data
  • The UCAM gets a European project to promote the transfer of knowledge in health, sports and food in Spain (15/06/2018)
    The Catholic University has won the call with 1,400,000 euros to create a high-tech incubator in these areas, unique in the Region of Murcia, through the agreement with the Incyde Foundation
  • The City of Murcia creates a Green Schools Network in the municipality to contribute to environmental awareness in schools (15/06/2018)

  • Change Murcia denounces that the PP is creating "a parallel City Hall" on the margin of the municipal workers (15/06/2018)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a Chemistry congress focused on the food and beverages sector (15/06/2018)

  • Cs accuses the mayor Guillén of missing his word and condemn the districts to isolation as the promised Wi-Fi network is not operational (15/06/2018)

  • The Network program offers eight free activities for young people this weekend Among them stand out workshops of recipes with fruit, of magic, of personal defense and of skating and the concert 'Young people in networks' (15/06/2018)

  • 600 Murcians will have access to a new project aimed at improving the employability of unemployed people (15/06/2018)
    The program 'We use: Itineraries for the improvement of employability' will allow the realization of training activities to improve their training and their personal skills and professionals
  • Murcia will recover pavilions 1 and 2 of the Artillery Barracks as cultural spaces next summer (15/06/2018)
    The Governing Board has awarded the rehabilitation works of both buildings that will be dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of cultural events
  • Exhibition with the eyes of a woman in the Rector's Office of the University of Murcia (15/06/2018)
    "Yes women can" exhibits Calendar 2018, with all the months of the year in feminine
  • 700 athletes will participate in the U20 Spanish Championship to be held in Murcia (15/06/2018)
    It will take place on 23 and 24 June at the Monte Romero Stadium.
  • The ANECA certifies the quality of the management in the Faculties of Biology and Veterinary of the University of Murcia (15/06/2018)
    This certificate simplifies and expedites the accreditation of their titles from now
  • Japanese technology for the transformation'mart 'of Murcia in the first Innovation Center of the city (15/06/2018)

  • Activa We can: "We are not represented by a City Council that manifests itself together with those who are against sexual diversity" (15/06/2018)

  • The first edition of 'Artillería letrada' will offer an improvised reading of poetic micro stories (15/06/2018)
    More than fifteen writers will participate tomorrow in this event to be held in Pavilion 2 of the Artillery Barracks from 11.30 to 13.30
  • Rebeca Pérez picks up the Escoba de Platino award for the creation of the Municipal Graffiti Office (14/06/2018)
    This prize has been awarded by Ategrus at the International Fair of Urbanism and the Environment, TECMA 2018, which takes place every two years
  • Murcia City Council rewards the best drawings of the contest 'I paint my health' (14/06/2018)
    The three educational centers awarded were the CPIE Arteaga de Sucina, the CEIP Narciso Yepes of Murcia and CEIP La Cruz de El Esparragal
  • The City of Murcia informs about the steps to be taken by those affected by the closure of the iDental clinic (14/06/2018)
    Interested persons can call 968357190 or write to inspeccionconsumo@carm.es
  • Activa We can ask for courage to the PSOE and to commit to burying the roads as it passes through Murcia (14/06/2018)

  • The University of Murcia rewards the winners of the Classical Languages ​​Olympics (14/06/2018)

  • Unimar teaches teachers how to use theater and dramatization for their students' learning (14/06/2018)

  • Social Rights advises women of the municipality in the development of a business idea (14/06/2018)
    The 'Women's Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives Promotion Day' is the first time it has been held in the municipality and has taken place in the agency's lounge. Local Development
  • Protection of the road that connects the districts of Balsicas with Avileses (14/06/2018)

  • Aljucer ElPozo FS acts as host in the preliminary phase of the Spanish Children's Championship (14/06/2018)
    Previous Phase Cto España Infantil INDISTRIAL DIASA
  • The PSOE requires the PP to modify the requirements for access to book grants so that no child begins the course with the backpack empty (14/06/2018)

  • Murcia will celebrate the LGTBI Pride week under the motto 'Murcia means this way' (14/06/2018)
    The traditional 'LGBTI Pride of Murcia 2018' parade will be next Saturday, at 6:30 p.m.
  • Music, popular paella and children's games to celebrate the Polígono de la Paz festivities (14/06/2018)
    They begin next Saturday and activities have been organized throughout the week
  • Citizens request the replacement of several containers in the Plaza de Alquerías while the festivities last (14/06/2018)

  • A ten-hour marathon to donate blood, give to others and save lives (14/06/2018)

  • Murcia celebrates next week the European Day of Music with 6 free performances (14/06/2018)

  • "Dying with dignity does not mean anticipating death" (13/06/2018)
    Festivity of San Antonio de Padua, patron of the UCAM
  • The PP considers a 'frivolity' that Citizens criticize that legal solutions are applied so as not to suspend meals at home to thousands of dependent users (13/06/2018)
    The Councilor for Finance, Contracting and Urban Mobility believes that 'users are lucky that management municipal is not in the hands of Citizens because, in that case, they would have been without this service '
  • The University of Murcia closes the Master's Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility (13/06/2018)

  • The UMU hosts the awards ceremony of the XI Informatics Olympiad in the Region (13/06/2018)

  • The façade of the building next to the Town Hall will light up turquoise blue tomorrow, on the occasion of the National Day of Sign Languages (13/06/2018)

  • The Municipal Graffiti Office receives the Escoba de Platino award in Madrid (13/06/2018)
    This prize has been awarded by Ategrus at the International Fair of Urbanism and the Environment TECMA 2018, which takes place every two years
  • The Ciudad de Murcia Swimming Trophy will gather 400 swimmers from 23 clubs (13/06/2018)

  • The new batch of Murcian pop-rock will measure their talent this Friday at the end of CreaMurcia (13/06/2018)

  • Cs once again requires the PP to forecast, control and supervise spending and a reduction of minor contracts (13/06/2018)
    The orange training again affects the lack of foresight and rigor of the Government of José Ballesta and previous teams after reading the audit report of the Court of Accounts
  • Change Murcia denounces the mismanagement of the stock market of cultural centers, museums and youth programs (13/06/2018)

  • The International University of the Sea teaches how to adapt leisure to people with intellectual disabilities (13/06/2018)

  • David Lorenzo Morillas is re-elected dean of the Faculty of Law (13/06/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces that women continue to be treated as "a sexual object" in billboards and posters that proliferate in the city (13/06/2018)

  • 18 Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection officers will monitor the 43 forest parks and municipal estates daily to avoid fires (13/06/2018)
    The Department of Traffic and Public Safety program a special Infomur Plan device that will be active until September 30
  • More than 2,500 children of the municipality will participate in summer schools and social rights camps (13/06/2018)

  • The City of Murcia Los Olivos Swimming Club will go to the 2018 Salvage and Lifeguard World Championships with two of its Spanish Champions in that modality (12/06/2018)

  • Murcia now requires the PP to clarify at once who and under what working conditions the Bernal theater (12/06/2018)

  • Murcia City Council places at the disposal of the FEMP the Municipal Refugee Assistance Office to attend the humanitarian drama of the ship Aquarius (12/06/2018)
    Murcia, which is part of the network of refugee hosting cities of the FEMP, currently hosts to more than 500 people seeking asylum
  • The University of Murcia organizes workshops to generate new business ideas, start them up and communicate them (12/06/2018)

  • Change Murcia celebrates tomorrow an open meeting in the Old Mill of the Powder (12/06/2018)

  • The rehabilitation of the pavilions of the Artillery Barracks will cost 3 million euros (12/06/2018)
    The Contracting Committee has proposed the awarding of the project, which will be co-financed by European funds within the DUSI Strategy
  • Change Murcia urges Ballesta to offer Murcia as host municipality of refugees (12/06/2018)
    The training recalls that the Local Refugee Support Table has not been launched, one of the resolutions of the motion of PP, PSOE and Citizens approved in 2015
  • The PSOE demands a complete and varied program of activities that offers a real alternative to young people from 13 to 17 years old (12/06/2018)

  • Murcia now asks Ballesta that Murcia join the municipalities that will host refugees from Aquarius (12/06/2018)
    Alicia Morales affirms that "as one of the largest municipalities in Spain that we are, we have the duty to collaborate in a humanitarian emergency situation in the that other local entities will participate "
  • More than 700 schoolchildren know the values ​​of solidarity and volunteering (12/06/2018)

  • 2017 was the second best year of the Office of Congresses since its creation 20 years ago (12/06/2018)

  • 1,140 children and adolescents can participate in 22 summer schools for free (12/06/2018)
    The Department of Economic Promotion, Culture and European Programs has developed an extensive program of cultural activities that in this edition will focus on 'The musical'
  • Unimar organizes five summer schools for secondary and high school students (12/06/2018)
    Those who register can learn to read and interpret maps, experiment, develop their creativity or navigate the Mar Menor
  • Murcia City Council reduces its CO2 emissions by almost 2 tons during the first quarter of 2018 thanks to the'Mi Cole Saves with Energy' project (12/06/2018)

  • Cuidando Podemos and Activa We can discuss their proposals for a municipality for the social majority (11/06/2018)

  • Great success of the UCAM canoeists with the Spanish team in the European Championship (11/06/2018)
    Five of the medals of the Spanish delegation were stamped by the Catholic University of Murcia
  • Now Murcia: "The municipality recognizes deficiencies in the works of the urban stretch of La Mota" (11/06/2018)
    The municipal training denounced 3 months ago that the executed project was not at all like the one presented by the mayor Ballesta to the media. year before, something that the PP flatly denied
  • Change Murcia requests the inclusion of the SDGs in the Municipal Plan of Universal Accessibility (11/06/2018)
    The training presents allegations to the draft of the project to incorporate a calendar of actions and budget for its execution
  • Latest places to register for the skydiving course at the Universidad Internacional del Mar (11/06/2018)
    The training will begin on June 18 at the Sewer Air Base
  • The PSOE manages that the swimming pools of districts open before and that the children of unemployed persons older than 14 years have access for free without going with their parents (11/06/2018)
    The public facilities of summer that there are in 11 districts of the municipality will serve from Saturday, two weeks before until now, and until the month of September and add to the offer that is anticipated in Murcia Park
  • Cs urges the PP to initiate the works so that people with reduced mobility can access the health center of San Juan (11/06/2018)
    This is a motion approved unanimously in the Plenary Session of the Central-Eastern District Board of the month of March of last year
  • Local police and volunteers of Civil Protection of the municipality will learn how to act in cases of sexual aggression (11/06/2018)
    The courses, which will be developed thanks to the collaboration between the councils of Social Rights and Public Safety and the General Directorate of Women, will begin next Saturday
  • UMU and IMIB start a crowdfunding campaign to identify new molecular targets in digestive tumors and develop new drugs (11/06/2018)

  • 6 young Murcians represent Murcia in a European project in Germany (11/06/2018)

  • The University of Murcia closes the cinefórum cycle 'La ciencia en la gran pantalla' with 'Solaris' (11/06/2018)

  • The UCAM participates in NAFSA, the annual meeting of the most important universities in the world (10/06/2018)

  • The municipal swimming pools will open with their green areas and trees in perfect state of review (10/06/2018)
    Several teams, with a total of six people, work with a crane truck as well as specialized machinery so that the Murcians have green areas equipped and accessible
  • Murcia joins the world's largest event of innovative ideas against climate change (10/06/2018)
    For the third consecutive year, the City Council joins this international marathon of ideas that aims to respond to the challenge of building a carbon-free economy
  • Communication, sports, health sciences and languages, protagonists of the UCAM summer campuses (09/06/2018)
    The Catholic University of Murcia makes it possible for students to continue their training during the summer months
  • Development Cooperation calls an extraordinary council to send humanitarian aid to Guatemala after the explosion of the volcano (09/06/2018)
    The Department of Social Rights and Development Cooperation has convened the Cooperation Council, in an extraordinary session, on June 13, to assess the needs and agree the economic aid that will be destined to this catastrophe
  • The City Council improves the green areas of the Artillery Barracks (09/06/2018)
    The works have consisted in the rehabilitation of different parterres, the placement of new species, a security fence around the three specimens of ficus and an improvement of the irrigation systems.
  • 1000 young people enjoy the sixth edition of #Murciasemueve in an afternoon full of gastronomy (08/06/2018)

  • Joven Futura opposes the cutting of the motorcycle rental system (08/06/2018)

  • The Governing Council of the UMU chooses its work commissions and presents the internship agreements for students (08/06/2018)

  • The archaeological remains of the Molino de la Pólvora are covered in a preventive way to avoid damage and to ensure the safety of the neighbors (08/06/2018)
    This 18th-century site will be discovered again when the works are finished so that the neighbors can enjoy it. performance is within the expected
  • Change Murcia claims the City Council greater involvement in the new project for the Ramón Gaya Foundation (08/06/2018)

  • The Governing Board approves four operations necessary to receive the European funds that finance the city strategy (08/06/2018)

  • The construction of the green path between Los Ramos and Los Dolores will begin this summer and will transform an abandoned railway line into a green lung (08/06/2018)

  • Green light to the call for subsidies to boost citizen participation (08/06/2018)
    The funds allocated this year to this goal amount to 352,000 euros, since the 83,000 euros approved today add another 270,000 euros processed in February
  • Cs requests the adaptation of the Las Vegas lane to speed up traffic in the Senda de los Garres area after the closure of the level crossing (08/06/2018)

  • Libraries'non-stop' to prepare the exams (08/06/2018)
    Students will have more than 850 reading and study positions open on weekends, also enjoying a free Wi-Fi service, both in the city and in districts.
  • Fabio extends his contract with ElPozo Murcia FS until June 2020 (08/06/2018)
    The goalkeeper will face his seventh season at Club Murcia
  • The City Council will invest more than 233,000 euros in various improvements of districts (08/06/2018)
    These works will be developed on sidewalks, roadways, children's areas and schools of Guadalupe, Aljucer, Espinardo, La Alberca, Los Garres Santiago and Zaraiche and Nonduermas
  • 200 young people will participate in the summer activities of the young spaces (08/06/2018)
    El Palmar and 585 m2 open in July with yoga, zumba, photography, board games and karate workshops.
  • Terra Natura offers an innovative program of activities for this summer (08/06/2018)
    In addition to 'The Night of the Sails' and the nocturnal safari, the little ones will be able to swim like a mermaid, sleep in the park surrounded by animals and entertain themselves in the school of summer
  • The Networks Program returns this weekend with more than 10 activities for young people (08/06/2018)
    The workshops are aimed at young people between 12 and 30 years old and registration can be done at www.redesmurcia.es
  • Ginés Ruiz Maciá presents himself as secretary general in the municipality of Murcia with the team of Cuidando Podemos (08/06/2018)

  • Now Murcia urges Navarro Corchón to suspend the activities of the UCAM without a license (08/06/2018)
    And urgently seal the lecture halls and buildings
  • Let's change Murcia joins the Marches for Dignity to support the "fight for all" (08/06/2018)

  • Common Project, candidacy for the primary of IU Murcia to seek the municipal unity of the forces of change (08/06/2018)
    The independent and defender of the Huerta José Antonio Moreno, number 3 of the list headed by Sergio Ramos and Margarita Guerrero councilors of Cambiemos Murcia
  • The PSOE criticizes the PP for allowing electric motorcycles to disappear from San Andrés, the northern zone, Joven Futura, Los Dolores and Puente Bacons (08/06/2018)

  • Marco Antonio Fernández: "Mario Gómez does not believe in decentralization and has blocked the districts governed by Ciudadanos" (08/06/2018)
    The councilor for Pedanías, Participación y Descentralización, Marco Antonio Fernández: "No village of the municipality has its accounts blocked, they can have your money when they see fit "
  • Huermur denounces that the town hall has buried the archaeological remains for which he requested protection in the Molvo de la Pólvora (08/06/2018)

  • The students of the UCAM will practice in the Terra Natura animal park (08/06/2018)
    Students will collaborate in the areas of conservation and health, and in research projects
  • 12 million euros of investment and more than 1,300 jobs, axes of the plan of works of Aguas de Murcia (07/06/2018)
    The councilors Navarro and Fernandez, together with the manager of the company, have met this afternoon with the representatives of the municipal boards for address the execution of projects, of which more than 80% correspond to districts
  • Gómez: "Señor Peñaranda, you do not know the lesson" (07/06/2018)

  • More than 300 consumers and housewives are involved in the improvement of Murcia, through the new participation channels (07/06/2018)

  • The University of Murcia collaborates with the sports activities of the'VI Paraíso Extreme 2018' (07/06/2018)

  • Miguel Ángel del Amor announces the next tender for the preliminary draft of the rainwater collector East of Murcia (07/06/2018)

  • The entrance exams to the University begin this Friday for 6,686 students of the Region of Murcia (07/06/2018)

  • The Civil Guard retrieves a pectoral with diamonds from the Virgen de la Fuensanta (07/06/2018)

  • The collector of the North of Murcia, priority issue of the bilateral meeting between Ballesta and Del Amor (07/06/2018)

  • The UMU celebrates the closing and delivery of prizes of the I Constitutional Olympiad (07/06/2018)

  • Change Murcia proposes that the ADN Urbano project be extended to the Santa Rita blocks in La Fama (07/06/2018)

  • The Seven Crowns Choir and Dance Group celebrates its 50th anniversary (07/06/2018)

  • They remove the giant advertising monopost from the old carriages of San Pío after the complaint of Ahora Murcia (07/06/2018)
    The site is still pending the closure of the accesses to the site, since they are completely open to public roads and the land is "full of hazardous elements, garbage of all kinds and is used as a dumping ground "
  • The lighting improvement works in the Polígono Industrial Oeste are starting, reducing pollution and spending (07/06/2018)
    This improvement in the installation will reduce the annual expenditure on electricity by 63% and the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere by 141 tons
  • Citizen services and information services change hours until after summer (07/06/2018)
    The modification affects the general registration of Plaza de Europa;
  • The Abandoned Jesus Foundation offers a volunteer with'aador solidario' this summer (07/06/2018)

  • Ferrovial cleaners at the IMAS initiate an indefinite strike to claim the 16.5% cut by the CARM (07/06/2018)

  • 'And archeology arrived in the classroom', the book that invites us to play history in class (07/06/2018)

  • Coral Discantus brings to Murcia the youngest musical, "Thriller", with more than 200 children (07/06/2018)

  • The course of the records (06/06/2018)
    The UCAM celebrates its twentieth Sports Gala with more than 500 athletes in the Monastery of Los Jerónimos
  • Murcia now asks in writing to the new Minister of Development that the AVE only arrive in Murcia underground (06/06/2018)

  • Sánchez: "Nothing the PSOE says is true" (06/06/2018)

  • The City Council, through the Municipal Board of Algezares, modernizes the citizen's office of the parish (06/06/2018)
    The works have consisted in adapting a room located next to said office thus enabling a new waiting room
  • The Murcia project of adaptation to climate change LIFE AMDRYC4 receives the first visit of its European supervisor (06/06/2018)

  • The semifinals of the CreaMurcia Contest in its 'Other Trends' category arrive tomorrow at the REM Room (06/06/2018)
    The twelve selected groups will perform for 30 minutes on the nights of June 7, 8 and 9 before hundreds of people to try to achieve a gap in the final of day 29, in which El Langui will also participate
  • The tram opens an innovative system that guides blind people and allows them to move with complete freedom (06/06/2018)

  • The financing of the health system, to debate in a day of the University of Murcia (06/06/2018)

  • 640,000 euros to improve the bus service between Murcia city and its districts (06/06/2018)

  • The Murcia Firefighters are trained in water rescue (06/06/2018)
    The practices of the Rescue Course in Rivers, Floods and Floods have been carried out in the Segura River
  • The residents of Monteagudo inaugurate a new green area in the center of the hamlet (06/06/2018)
    José Ballesta inaugurates this afternoon the Garden of the Constitution Avenue, a diaphanous space for the celebration of neighborhood events with areas of stay, plantations, a source for drinking and low consumption lighting
  • Let's change Murcia denounces that the municipal auditoriums will be more than a month without activity due to lack of technical assistance contract (06/06/2018)

  • The PSOE warns of the poverty of the local police that does not have even for the batteries of the breathalyzers (06/06/2018)
    Larrosa demands to the PP a greater forecast and management of the resources because "it is not justifiable that a template, that works in something as essential as security, do not have all the necessary and accessible means available "
  • Cordovan wing Andresito extends his contract until 2021 (06/06/2018)
    The player has been the second top scorer of ElPozo Murcia FS with 23 goals
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show arrives at Puertas de Castilla (06/06/2018)
    The center celebrates the arrival of summer with the projection of this cult movie with cast to the assistants of a bag with'atrezzo' and instructions
  • Jorge Serna, of the Popular Group, becomes the new pedáneo mayor of Los Garres (06/06/2018)
    The until now vice-president of the Municipal Board happens to occupy the presidency thanks to the relief of Antonio Ramírez, of Citizens
  • #Murciasemueve arrives on Thursday with a gastronomic edition in which four cooks of CreaMurcia will participate (05/06/2018)
    In this event, which will take place in Los Molinos del Río at 7:30 p.m., will be Lorena Pellicer, Asunción Castaño, María Crespo and Cundi Sánchez, who will make different tapas for all attendees
  • Rafael García Molina, new academic numerary of the Academy of Sciences of the Region of Murcia (05/06/2018)

  • The UCAM, the best university in Spain and second in Europe to study Dentistry (05/06/2018)

  • Now Murcia denounces that the PP is behind the campaign of harassment on Micol Angels (05/06/2018)
    The municipal formation will take a motion to the Plenary demanding the resignation of Navarro Corchón "for allowing for years the illegality on the campus of the UCAM"
  • The day 'You are Murcia, participates' will announce the technological applications launched by the City Council to associates of ThaderConsumo (05/06/2018)
    The event will be held next Thursday, from 10.30 am to 2 pm, at the Romea Theater
  • The PP will present a motion to the Plenary to demand the resignation of Moreno Micol for its urban irregularities (05/06/2018)
    According to the information released, hid his cottage to the Cadastre, stopped paying the IBI to the City Council, hid his pool, hired the water for a room of tools and lack of habitability certificate
  • Arrested for a continuous crime of sexual abuse to the daughter of his partner (05/06/2018)
    In the hamlet of El Raal
  • Professor Rafael García Molina takes office as full professor (05/06/2018)

  • More than 1,300 Crossfit professionals will participate in the international competition of Gods Throwdown (05/06/2018)
    This competition will take place on June 8, 9 and 10 at the Palace of Sports of Murcia
  • The Sustainable Development Foundation organizes a day of Open Doors on June 17 (05/06/2018)
    Navarro Corchón: "The objective is to promote and make known to the workers of the City of Murcia the natural values ​​and possibilities of healthy leisure in the surroundings of Fuente Columbares"
  • Let's change Murcia requires Cs de Los Garres to decide whether to support the PP or bet on democratic regeneration (05/06/2018)

  • Towards a pollution-free city (05/06/2018)
    Awarding of the World Environment Day prizes to schoolchildren participating in the Green Schools educational programs, School Gardens and the writing and drawing contest.
  • The Murcia Club Tennis welcomes this weekend the first round of a new edition of the Madrid Open sub16 circuit (05/06/2018)
    32 tennis players from all over the country will compete from Friday to Sunday in both the men's and women's categories for one of the most prestigious quarry titles of the national calendar
  • The merchants will have a 'panic button' to give discreet and quick notice to the Local Police (05/06/2018)
    The new 'Safe Commerce' application will be available on iPhone and Android mobile phones
  • Hostemur presents nearly 8,000 signatures against "El Persianazo" (05/06/2018)
    They reflect the support of citizens to request the cancellation of special acoustic protection zones (ZPAE) and seek a joint solution to the problem of noise
  • The Aquarium of the University of Murcia advances in the project of reproduction in captivity of species of the Mar Menor (05/06/2018)
    The Community and the University of Murcia are in talks to create a Species Bank of the salt lake
  • Santa Clara Street will be closed to traffic for a month from tomorrow (05/06/2018)
    The Department of Infrastructure, Public Works and Services has made an alternative route for users in the area with access from Gran Vía
  • Social Rights will train 60 women of the municipality in cooperativism and entrepreneurship (05/06/2018)
    This day, which is the first time it takes place in the municipality, will take place on June 14 in the hall of the Local Development Agency
  • The PSOE denounces the "passivity" of the PP before the episodes of pollution of the air and the river, despite all the proposals presented (05/06/2018)
    Ayuso states that "the celebration of the World Environment Day does not consist in going well in a photo in front of a beautiful poster, but to explain the initiatives to improve the state of the river water and the air we breathe "
  • Let's change Murcia denounces that the land on which the buildings of the UCAM are built belongs to a company and not to its Foundation (05/06/2018)

  • A painting by Luis Garay stars in a book edited by the University of Murcia (05/06/2018)

  • The theater, music and cinema, axes of the Cultural Week of Change Bacons Bridge (05/06/2018)

  • The philosopher Marina Garcés closes a cycle of contemporary thinkers at the UMU (05/06/2018)

  • The UCAM celebrates another record-packed sporting course (04/06/2018)
    Mireia Belmonte, Lydia Valentín, Eva Calvo, Gisela Pulido and Ruth Beitia are some of the athletes who meet on Wednesday (5:00 p.m.) at the Sports Gala of the Catholic University of Murcia
  • Murcia now denounces the "total and inadmissible inaccessibility" of the Health Center of Los Garres (04/06/2018)
    The main entrance consists of two steep stairs and does not have the necessary structures to facilitate access for people with limited mobility, wheelchairs or baby carts
  • Murcia registers the month of May with lower unemployment since 2010 (04/06/2018)
    There are currently 30,872 people without work, almost 5,000 less than those who lacked employment in May 2010 and 31.83% compared to May 2013
  • Change Murcia criticizes the elimination of the special service of bus line 39 (04/06/2018)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "Although it is not our competence, we are involved in the solution of the conflict of Line 61" (04/06/2018)

  • Now murcia: "the courts do not find an architect willing to make the expert report of the buildings without the license of the ucam" (04/06/2018)
    According to the information available to Murcia Now to be represented in the case, 5 architects have rejected the commission to make an expert report
  • The University of Murcia changes plastic bottles for aluminum packaging to celebrate Environment Day (04/06/2018)
    Sustainable Campus will also exchange tomorrow single-use bags for other reusable in two caravans at the campuses of Espinardo and La Merced
  • The PSOE censures the "waste" of money from the PP for default interest and for defects in the bases of hiring (04/06/2018)
    Councilman Sebastián Peñaranda criticizes that in the last account "we have observed a waste of 140,000 euros, which demonstrates that bad management is taking place on the part of the City Council "
  • The rector of the UMU and the Minister of Universities visit the aquarium of the university on World Environment Day (04/06/2018)

  • This week the paving works for a section of Alfonso X Avenue end (04/06/2018)

  • The ISEN hosts the First University Forum on Health and Environment, which will focus on contaminated soils (04/06/2018)

  • Platform for the Recovery of Bus Line 61 calls for a demonstration for this Friday (04/06/2018)

  • Presentation of the book 'Tetraclinis articulata: biogeography, ecology, threats and conservation' (04/06/2018)

  • The Master in Spanish Military Law of the UCAM is internationalized (04/06/2018)
    The Master in Spanish Military Law is the only postgraduate degree in Spain that offers the possibility of knowing the facilities of the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Forces in Europe, based in Belgium
  • Murcia vibrates in his appointment with the circuit "Ponle Freno" (03/06/2018)
    José Antonio Alcaraz took the men's triumph in the 10km.
  • The care of the municipal gardens improves with the controlled release of insects as an effective method of fight against pests (03/06/2018)

  • More than 500 students participated in workshops on development cooperation (03/06/2018)
    The students, from 1st to 4th of ESO, of the IES Juan Carlos I held interactive workshops to learn about the work of the FADE Foundation for 6 months
  • The works that will prevent floods on the road from Avileses to Sucina will begin this month (03/06/2018)
    The works, which will last six months, consist of the creation of an overpass for the ravine to circulate under the road
  • Cs requires the urgent and unavoidable convocation of the transport table after the deletion of line 39 (02/06/2018)

  • The president of the Community accompanies the elders of the Social Center of the Arboleja in the food of his cultural week (02/06/2018)

  • Rubén Garre asks that the fines be withdrawn from the neighbors of the roads in the presentation of Activa Podemos Murcia (02/06/2018)

  • The PSOE of the city of Murcia chooses its Executive with José Antonio Serrano as leader (02/06/2018)

  • The UCAM dominates the Interuniversity Regatta for the third consecutive year (02/06/2018)

  • The PSOE recalls that in July 2017 it already demanded the obligation for the UCAM to have its buildings with an activity license (02/06/2018)

  • Murcia now asks the City Council for the immediate cessation of the activity of the UCAM "since eight buildings have no activity license" (02/06/2018)

  • Santa Clara Street will be closed to traffic for a month from next Wednesday (02/06/2018)
    The Department of Infrastructure, Public Works and Services has made an alternative route for users in the area with access from the Gran Vía, and will place posters in fords and portals to inform neighbors
  • The City Council replaces more than 1,500 specimens of shrubs in the green areas of Murcia (02/06/2018)
    'Cintas', 'lavandas', 'mirtos' and 'lantanas' are being placed in different gardens of the municipality such as Santa Isabel, La Seda or Chinese Garden, among others
  • Tickets for the 'Teatro en feria' cycle will be on sale and it will offer six comedies next September (02/06/2018)

  • Law students of the UCAM will be able to do internships in the prestigious international firm of Javier Cremades (01/06/2018)
    Cremades has been the sponsor of the seventh class of the Degree in Law and of the V edition of the Master's Degree in Access to Law, whose act of Graduation has taken place this afternoon at the Campus of Los Jerónimos
  • 120 students will participate in the Cultural Yincana de Murcia on the Baroque (01/06/2018)

  • The deadline to register for the new summer camp, 'English and adventure at El Cenajo', opens today (01/06/2018)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "The ignorance of Mr. Ramos de Cambiemos Murcia of what is municipal accounting is supine" (01/06/2018)

  • The Clean River Challenge is postponed to June 23 against the forecast of rain for tomorrow (01/06/2018)
    The hundreds of registered volunteers have been notified and the event, celebrated on the occasion of World Environment Day, is postponed three weeks following the same program
  • Change Murcia proposes to allocate the remainder of budgets to improvements in municipal schools (01/06/2018)

  • The Redes Program opens June with nautical multi-adventure activities (01/06/2018)
    This afternoon a 'semifred recipes' workshop will be held at Espacio Joven 585 at 7:30 p.m. and tomorrow the windsurfing, sailing and canoeing activities will take place in La Manga
  • Cs succeeds after years of claims the arrangement of the parking of the old mini zoo (01/06/2018)

  • The canoeing team of the UMU participates in the Inter-University Nautical Championship (01/06/2018)

  • The City Council calls a line of grants for self-employed workers (01/06/2018)
    There may be 40 beneficiaries, since the program has a fund of 112,000 euros and an amount of each grant of 2,800 euros
  • Murcia last year made 1.9 million free trips or reduced prices on public transport (01/06/2018)
    The City invested more than 16 million euros in 2017 to subsidize bus and tram tickets for certain groups
  • Three subsidies will allow to enhance the cultural activities and festivities of the municipality (01/06/2018)
    The Governing Board approves the granting of aid to the Association of International Contest of Tunas 'Barrio del Carmen', the Fontes Cultural Association and the Carnaval Association 'Supercomisión' of Cabezo of Torres
  • The Local Police will continue using a system of transmissions that allows an agile and fast action (01/06/2018)
    The City Council invests more than 200,000 euros to maintain the telecommunications service of the agents
  • The maintenance of the bike lanes has been awarded to keep them in perfect condition (01/06/2018)
    With an annual cost of almost 96,000 euros, includes the placement or repair of fences, poles, pivots, forks, soundtracks or any defense element to prevent the invasion of vehicles
  • Anticapitalist Murcia Press: With the change of Government, solutions for the southern neighborhoods of Murcia (01/06/2018)

  • Now Murcia: "We hope that Bernabé's relief will take place as soon as possible" (01/06/2018)

  • Los Rosales students participate in the inauguration of the conference for teachers of preferential educational action centers (01/06/2018)
    The students, who are part of the community intervention program developed by the Columbares Association in the neighborhood of El Palmar, staged a performance of percussion
  • A sketch with all the paint of José Orihuela (01/06/2018)
    María Garres, student of Fine Arts, stands with the prize to portray the ex-director of the UMU

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