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Murcia News - May 2016

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  • New signage in the "Camino de Levante" passing through Murcia (31/05/2016)
    The stretch of road that runs through the township has a distance of 34 kilometers and includes informative posters with QR codes, beacons of continuity, posts with arrows and cairns stone
  • The "PatrimurSOS" initiative da Torre future Falcon (31/05/2016)

  • Let's change Urbamusa believes is not adequate to manage the housing stock (31/05/2016)

  • Maruja Pelegrin inaugurates the second edition of the Summer Fair MUAC (31/05/2016)
    From next Tuesday until Saturday open from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00
  • Ballesta confirms that Murcia will be within the Network of Municipalities Refugee Reception (31/05/2016)
    The FEMP approved the creation of this body to respond to a social outcry in defense of men, women and children asylum seekers fleeing war and terror
  • More than 200 people will participate in the ninth edition of the Bicihuerta carrea by Torreagüera (31/05/2016)
    The benefits will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.
  • More than 11,500 students have participated in this course'Murcia, city sostenible' educational program (31/05/2016)
    The councilman of Promotion, Roque Ortiz, this morning visited a classroom of the school Federico de Arce, where he has been able to attend one of these talks awareness
  • The City of Murcia joins the World No Snuff (31/05/2016)

  • Murcia City Council organizes a week of activities and information on the occasion of World Environment Day (31/05/2016)
    From today until next Sunday, has been installed in the Plaza Santo Domingo a municipal information point, which will be open to the public 10 : 00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:30
  • The third edition of the'Días Shopping' Fair brings together more than 60 murcianos trades (31/05/2016)

  • Enrique Ayuso: "The PSOE does not want to be an accomplice of urbanism la carte 'brand PP' with which has distinguished the city of Murcia" (31/05/2016)
    The Socialist Group continues to argue that the law is equal for all and that led to Parliament a motion to disallow the exceptional authorization of seven buildings illegally constructed by the UCAM
  • The Feast of the Heart of Jesus, the Christ of pilgrimage Murcia Monteagudo (31/05/2016)

  • The Sound of Puertas de Castilla offers three concert sound experimenters (31/05/2016)
    Tomorrow Wednesday, from 20.30, Ilios, Mise en Scene and Susana Lopez offer a concert with free admission until full capacity
  • Anastacia choose Murcia in his tour'The ultimate tour' (31/05/2016)
    The American artist will perform at the Artillery Barracks on July 1
  • The goalkeeper Fabio Dário Marinovic and wing extend their contracts with the club (31/05/2016)

  • Murcia is already the'Camino of Levante' (31/05/2016)
    has already begun installation of signage for road network will form the pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz
  • Adopted all motions to change Murcia leads the May plenary session (31/05/2016)

  • The plenary unanimously supports the proposal of the PSOE to recover Plan Pedanías in order to increase investment and correct inequalities (30/05/2016)
    The Socialist Group is pleased to see approved five of the six motions, including one to create a group working to coordinate and improve the cultural policy of the municipality
  • Adri not continue in El Pozo Murcia FS (30/05/2016)

  • Research financial aid (30/05/2016)

  • Antonio Navarro received the unanimous support of the plenary to make Murcia a city free of CO2 (30/05/2016)
    filed a battery of measures to be carried out, including consideration of climate change on urban planning in municipal ordinances and in the contract documents services
  • The magistrate Antonio Sempere TS offers the inaugural conference of the Doctoral Days UMU (30/05/2016)

  • More than 100 students and graduates of the UCAM are formed in employment (30/05/2016)
    In the hands of experts employability and entrepreneurship participants have worked on identifying susmetas and career goals, as well as process planning debúsqueda employment
  • Juampi not continue in El Pozo Murcia FS (30/05/2016)

  • Attach to the UMU more than 4 million for 37 research projects (30/05/2016)

  • The rector Jose Orihuela today participates in the meeting of rectors of Spanish and Moroccan universities (30/05/2016)

  • Reelected David Armero dean of the School of Nursing of the University of Murcia (30/05/2016)

  • Adopted the name of a garden of Murcia as "Lawyers Office" (30/05/2016)
    Agreed upon in plenary this morning, which has also decided that another green area bears the name of the businessman and former president of Real Murcia, José Pardo Cano
  • The University of Murcia organizes a course to promote health education in drug addictions (30/05/2016)
    It is part of the programming of the Universidad del Mar, and its registration period closes on June 7
  • The full City Council made the draw to designate the 4,572 presidents, members and alternates of the polling stations (30/05/2016)
    On election day may vote 368 people more than in the previous elections last year
  • The UCAM Murcia never gives (29/05/2016)
    The Murcia due 91-87 Real Madrid and equalize a series that will be decided in the third game
  • The PSOE proposes the creation of a working group to improve coordination and efficiency of cultural policy in the municipality of Murcia (29/05/2016)
    The Socialist Group considers it essential to improve the organization of activities and initiatives in culture and recalls that services cultural and social function have a large weight in the economy
  • The Corpus Christi blesses the streets of Murcia (29/05/2016)
    The Mayor has joined the most important celebration of the Catholic liturgy, which this year has eight altars on its way
  • The internalization of Geographic Information Service Emuasa would save 200,000 euros (29/05/2016)

  • The helicopter detected 80 foci of tiger mosquitoes in the village (29/05/2016)
    The Municipal Health Service will hold meetings with the presidents of municipal boards, school janitors and farm managers to request their cooperation in the campaign
  • Martina leaves the Hospital (28/05/2016)
    She has already won his party, now up to us
  • New graduating class in Criminology for UCAM (28/05/2016)
    Jesus Arribas, Colonel Chief of the 5th zone of the Civil Guard has been the godfather of new graduates
  • The IT UCAM reward for innovation in clinical simulation applied to medicine (28/05/2016)
    Colleges Computer Professionals yesterday celebrated the sixth edition of ICT Day, in which they gave their distinctions
  • The DiatTIC 2016 Awards honor the municipal Smart Murcia project in the category of best ICT project Local Entity (28/05/2016)

  • Let's change poses Murcia involve owners in the management of El Valle and Carrascoy (28/05/2016)

  • An agreement with the Association of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation of Murcia allow improvement in joint tourism promotion of the city (28/05/2016)
    In addition, various activities such as signage Hotels in Ashomur in the streets of the city and the implementation will be developed a statistical system and hotel occupancy rates Murcia
  • 368 new voters join the census since the last elections (28/05/2016)
    The Full Council to be held next Monday will conduct the drawing to designate 508 presidents and 1,016 regular members.
  • The Sports Palace is ready to match the tie (28/05/2016)
    The UCAM Murcia put on the ropes to Real Madrid who came to win by 14 points difference (107-103)
  • Resigns manager of the University of Murcia (27/05/2016)

  • Now Murcia: "It is shameful that Corchón refused to sign the decree of cessation of work of the pylons in Nonduermas" (27/05/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia calls for support in Parliament for the repeal of begged vote (27/05/2016)
    In the elections 20D only could vote more than 115,000 people out of a total of 1.8 million subscribers, representing six percent
  • The Office of graffiti dedicated to recycling its mural May (27/05/2016)
    Tomorrow four graffiti taggers begin to be performed on the side of the pool Infante
  • The call for grants to associations by municipal boards is ahead this year, three months (27/05/2016)
    The Department of Administration Modernization, Urban Quality and Participation allocate more than 190,000 euros in aid to non-profit neighborhoods and districts
  • "Trumbo. The Hollywood blacklist", a biography of Dalton Trumbo after being accused of Communist on Monday VO (27/05/2016)

  • Let's change calls for the declaration of BIC for argárico site of Puntarrón Chico (27/05/2016)

  • Murcia participates in the First Congress of Eco-Mobility Smart (27/05/2016)
    In the event has highlighted the good practices of cities like Murcia, Madrid, Burgos, Malaga and Barcelona
  • Fashion, design and textile hacking at the Puertas de Castilla Center (27/05/2016)
    On 30 and 31 May the Belgian artist Claire Williams will give this workshop in which participants will approach the concept of applied technologies fashion
  • The Governing Board launches tender for the master plan of all San Esteban and its surroundings (27/05/2016)

  • Murcia has over 42,000 square meters of new green areas (27/05/2016)
    The Governing Board today approved the conservation service and maintenance of these spaces
  • Education will increase the shaded area in public schools in the municipality (27/05/2016)
    In addition, actions on 6,000 units and 5,000 trees will be made linear meters of hedge
  • Murcia City Council allocated 115,000 euros for the care and accommodation of immigrants (27/05/2016)
    Through the Integral Action with Migrants CEPAIM Foundation and the Network of Social Support Federation Imnigrante
  • Fifty Murcia businesses go out in the second edition of the Summer Fair MUAC (27/05/2016)
    From next Tuesday until Saturday open from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00 hours
  • The UCAM and GPM approach the world of trading students and entrepreneurs in the region (27/05/2016)
    Technical analysis, contracts for differences and risk management, among others, focus the interest of the more than 50 participants in the program
  • The Garden Silk Murcia hosts the XII Street Festival organized by various ONG`sy the city of Murcia (27/05/2016)
    In the event, to be held on Saturday at 17:00, made homeless children's workshops , plays, biodanza shop and enjoy different concerts
  • 25 celiacs learn to cook foods suitable for your health thanks to Gastronomy Workshop of the City of Murcia (27/05/2016)
    It has been developed in the Gastronomical Hall of Veronicas Market Square to mark the National Day of celiac
  • The Council offers free morning and a guided route to the Arab castle of La Luz (27/05/2016)

  • The UCAM has presented his studies at the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Murcia (27/05/2016)

  • The UCAM will present his studies at the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Murcia (26/05/2016)

  • The PSOE warns that the liquidation of Budget 2015 reflects that there are more than 70 million euro to be injected into neighborhoods and districts (26/05/2016)
    José Ignacio Gras believes that "can not boast of good management when this actually hurts citizens and impoverishes the City long-term "
  • The III Promotion UCAMPACITAS graduates in the Jeronimos Monastery (26/05/2016)
    Different companies have welcomed the students of this program of socio-labor inclusion, 16 of them are working in the UCAM
  • Municipal formations of the region take their municipalities a motion against the TTIP (26/05/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia promotes a motion on behalf of Salzillo Museum (26/05/2016)

  • HUERMUR criticizes the mayor hinder the application to join the Social Council of the City of Murcia (26/05/2016)

  • The Municipal Board does not approve the monolith Espinardo recognition Garcia del Toro (26/05/2016)

  • The first Bibliomercado reaches Plaza Saavedra Fajardo themed books on food and nutrition (26/05/2016)

  • A garden Bacons Bridge will be named Jose Pardo Cano (26/05/2016)
    This was approved this morning the commission for Infrastructure, Finance and General Affairs, which has also agreed to the name of the Garden Attorneys Office
  • The new ordinance rate of the crane puts Murcia among the cities with the lowest rate reduced (26/05/2016)
    The Commission Infrastructure, Finance and General Affairs has analyzed the proposal, which must be approved by the plenary of the Corporation today next week
  • Development presented on 6 June a proposal for the pedestrianization of Alfonso X to residents and businesses of the environment (26/05/2016)
    In a public ceremony to be held in the hall of the Archaeological Museum, from 20 hours
  • The municipal debt decreased by more than 14.5 million euros in 2015 over the previous year (26/05/2016)
    The City ended last year with savings of 13.8 million euros
    This is the place of the Sagasta street where, according to tradition, there was a fonda in which stayed the writer, and Beautiful central square, which takes its name from a character in 'the gitanilla'
  • Farewell captain and goalkeeper El Pozo Murcia FS (26/05/2016)
    Rafa "El Pozo Murcia and will always be my home"
  • "The team is excited and psyched, and I love" (26/05/2016)
    Fotis Katsikaris has warned that should control the pace of the game to stand up to Real Madrid Basketball
  • The PSOE bid to regain the Plan Pedanías to increase investment and correct inequalities with the center (26/05/2016)
    José Ignacio Gras states that "a true model city requires a commitment of the entire municipality, not just sell image with the continuous announcement projects "
  • The UCAM presents at the Royal Academy of Medicine its advances in drug discovery through computer (26/05/2016)
    will participate this afternoon in the cycle `Young researchers Region Murcia', organized by the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery
  • The actress Gemma Cuervo will be honored at the XXVIII Spanish Film Week Mula (26/05/2016)
    This morning was presented at the rectory of the University of Murcia
  • Murcia City Council encourages youth participation with a new call for grants for activities (26/05/2016)
    The amount allocated for the implementation of activities is 60,000 euros.
  • The City Council signed an agreement with the Salzillo Museum to promote their heritage (26/05/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture will collaborate in building maintenance and running costs while establish an annual grant to help to optimize the management of museum
  • The Plenary Hall will host the First Blood Donation Marathon of Murcia, because'la solidarity runs through your venas' (26/05/2016)

  • MiMurcia enable every citizen to build a town hall measure (26/05/2016)

  • Local Police will distribute 20,000 leaflets to remind cyclists have to respect traffic rules (26/05/2016)
    The campaign, which begins today, looking for bicycle users know the rules they have to comply
  • Adopted curricula of the Masters in Labor Legal Advisory and Management and Human Resources Management (26/05/2016)

  • Professor Gaspar Ros, elected Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Murcia (26/05/2016)

  • Conchita Ruiz godmother students / ace UCAMPACITAS program (25/05/2016)
    The event took place at the Jeronimos Monastery
  • Now Murcia requires compliance with transparency in public procurement which includes the law (25/05/2016)
    The municipal formation take a motion to the next plenary urging the Local Government to conform to the regulations in this area, which particularly affect the City Council website
  • The Socialist Party denounced the sorry state of facilities CEIP Our Lady of the Incarnation in La Raya (25/05/2016)
    Socialist Parliamentary Group has tabled a motion in the Regional Assembly for the Ministry of Education suits center facilities and ensure safety of the educational community
  • The First Intercultural Festival of El Carmen takes its first steps (25/05/2016)

  • Let's change the government team recalls that 2020 is incomplete (25/05/2016)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB lives his second "Media Day" season (25/05/2016)
    Players have attended the media after getting into Playoff for the first time in its history in Playoff
  • The PSOE claims the list of companies that worked for Urbamusa at the stage of Roque Ortiz as manager (25/05/2016)
    José Ignacio Gras invites the current councilman of Promotion that along with the explanations present publicly bills trip to Istanbul "for reasons of ethics of a public servant "
  • The regional government approves the protocol to undertake the recovery site of San Esteban (25/05/2016)

  • Municipal Initiatives Center has 14 new entrepreneurs staying (25/05/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture offers a space where these entrepreneurs can develop their professional activity
  • Marriage and mercy, in the Days of Law and Theology (25/05/2016)
    Tomorrow, Thursday, May 26, from 10: 00h
  • Let's change requests that the lines are defined to design a model of mobility (25/05/2016)

  • The PSOE claims that the Social Council of Murcia is not used for a picture only and that public participation be extended (25/05/2016)
    José Ignacio Gras has demanded more transparency regarding the activity of this body and the Murcia 2020 project seek European funding rehabilitate the neighborhood of La Paz
  • Constituted the working group that will allow the creation of the Bureau of Transportation (25/05/2016)
    be the organ responsible for the study and review of all lines, integration in the Master Plan of the Regional Transportation, resource optimization, or tariffs and bonds
  • Ten projects engines backbone of the Strategy of the City until 2020 (25/05/2016)

  • Carlos Alberto Riquelme, a student of English Studies, wins the prize for short story about women UMU (25/05/2016)

  • More than a thousand women will enjoy painting competitions, cinema, theater and choral performances (25/05/2016)
    Social Rights organized a Sample of cultural and artistic activities of women's centers.
  • Students of Alfonso X Institute #Murciasemueve receive the prize of the City of Murcia (25/05/2016)

  • Murcia will host on September 4 Crazy Race, the crazier the world of running and race opens its registration period (25/05/2016)
    The race, which has the support of the City of Murcia, ahead of the May 25 opening of registration with the success in previous editions held in Valencia
  • Deadline to register for the conference risk prevention in laboratories (25/05/2016)

  • Selects the University of Murcia to present entrepreneurship program in the US (25/05/2016)

  • Violante Thomas visits the center of children in care of the Murcian hamlet of Santa Cruz (24/05/2016)

  • The #MurciaconSiria humanitarian aid campaign collected 26 tons of food for refugees (24/05/2016)
    Conchita Ruiz and Rebeca Perez visited the ship which brought together the two containers with 112 pallets donated by murcianos products
  • The City of Murcia strengthens the formation of 16 women entrepreneurs in small businesses in the municipality (24/05/2016)
    The Center for Municipal Initiatives Murcia hosts four training sessions on sales, neuromarketing, telemarketing and communication
  • Now Murcia Espinardo a motion to dedicate a plaque to archaeologist Garcia del Toro (24/05/2016)
    And to value the site of Senda de Granada
  • Now Murcia wonders if Roque Ortiz continues "as a councilman with its network of Dangerous Liaisons" (24/05/2016)

  • Let's change urges Ortiz to resign if unable to justify clearly on his trip jet to Istanbul (24/05/2016)

  • Gras: "Roque Ortiz has to give clear and urgent to appear linked to rotten urbanism of the City of Murcia explanations" (24/05/2016)
    The Socialist Party demands that the mayor Ballesta must intervene because "corrupt practices cause the loss of confidence to citizens "
  • Administrative Law Professor Luciano Vandelli speaks at the UMU bureaucracy and literature (24/05/2016)

  • Murcia participates in working groups Autoconsumo Energy, Electric Vehicle and Energy Poverty EnerAgen (24/05/2016)

  • Employees Mercamurcia will have bicycles donated by the City Council to move through the facility (24/05/2016)
    The Councillor for Traffic and Public Safety, Lola Sanchez, and Institutional Relations and Trade, Maruja Pelegrin, this morning visited the logistics distribution center where they have installed plus five aparcabicis
  • The PSOE requires the PP governments to solve electrical problems in schools in the municipality (24/05/2016)
    Socialists take a motion to the full council to request that obsolete electrical systems are replaced by new facilities and power suits to use air conditioners
  • Misticíssimus and andalucismo, two shows for tolerance in the Faculty of Law, U (24/05/2016)
    They are part of Murcia Three Cultures Festival, and starring Burruezo & Bohemia Camerata and Samira Kadiri
  • Conference at the University of Murcia on digital heritage (24/05/2016)

  • Murcia City Council joins the celebration of World Day of Africa (24/05/2016)

  • A startup of Yuzz Center of the University of Murcia, second runner in national meeting of entrepreneurs (24/05/2016)

  • 's Conference on Persian culture and art are closed down in the University of Murcia (24/05/2016)
    For two weeks, art and Persian culture have been involved in meetings, debates and exhibitions at the University of Murcia
  • Fotis Katsikaris voted Best Coach May by the AEEB (24/05/2016)
    coach UCAM Murcia CB has achieved a balance of five wins and no losses in this period
  • The UMU university awareness on sustainable mobility on campuses (24/05/2016)

  • The new parking environment La Arrixaca opens with 346 spaces for public use and video surveillance (23/05/2016)

  • Gymnasts Club Gymnos'85 of Murcia carry their triumph to City Hall (23/05/2016)
    Reception at the Plenary Hall of the champions rhythmic gymnastics aesthetics
  • Now Murcia presents a proposal for semipeatonalización of Alfonso X the Wise "viable, inexpensive and almost immediate implementation" (23/05/2016)
    The municipal formation has presented a project by the architect and urban planner Felipe Iracheta, consisting of a central shot way of sense only with a bike lane on each side and the pedestrianization of the sides of the avenue
  • Representatives of thirty European universities visit the UCAM (23/05/2016)
    are partners of the Catholic University of Murcia and will know this week the facilities of the institution and Murcia
  • Arrested for stealing ten thousand euros from the safe of the company where he works (23/05/2016)
    The employee, now located in Orihuela, moved to one of the establishments of your company, situated in the city of Murcia, in order to steal the collection day
  • More than 100 adults enjoy the magic and fantasy of theater in Barriomar (23/05/2016)
    The theatrical performance took place at the Day Care Center of Barriomar and older have attended the same and Beniaján centers and Cabezo de Torres
  • Press Murcia's change before the elections 26J (23/05/2016)

  • The Murcia can already vote to win the campaign Murcia'We love Cities' organized by WWF (23/05/2016)
    Murcia is one of 46 cities around the world Challenge finalist Cities of Earth Hour
  • The Convention Bureau organized a convention on ophthalmology with more than a thousand attendees (23/05/2016)
    The Auditorium and Congress Centre hosted last weekend the Congress of the Spanish Society for Surgery Ocular Implant-Refractive record-breaking free communications, videos and posters presented
  • Two arrested for extorting a minor (23/05/2016)
    In El Palmar
  • Murcia, leader of the region as a tourist destination Quality (23/05/2016)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the inaction of the PP government and demands that put solution to the state of neglect of hundreds of plots in Murcia (23/05/2016)
    After the fire of a plot in Sunday night, the Socialists remember that both the neighbors and the PSOE have applied to the City Council on numerous occasions to put measures to avoid such situations
  • UMU professor Jose Maria Martinez Selva Publishes Book Disclosure enigmas of the brain and behavior (23/05/2016)

  • Integral Vision Clinic UMU introduces an innovative system in exploring children (23/05/2016)

  • #SomosDePlayoff (22/05/2016)
    The UCAM Murcia gets the best rating in its history by beating Montakit Fuenlabrada 61-73
  • Culture shows its support for the brotherhoods and their work throughout the year for heritage and culture (22/05/2016)
    Noelia Arroyo attends the canonical coronation of the Virgin of Solitude Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Forgiveness of Murcia
  • On June 1 the registration period opens in the XXVI National Music Band Contest City of Murcia (22/05/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture will award 8,400 euros to the best six groups
  • Let's change Murcia Assembly decides to give its support to United We Can (21/05/2016)

  • The PSOE requires Ballesta to end the provocations of the PP in Nonduermas (21/05/2016)
    And to allow the democratic system to work without coercion
  • ... (21/05/2016)

  • The V Promotion Law Degree, III Master of Access to Lawyers and II of the Master in Administrative Management UCAM graduate (21/05/2016)
    Angel Garcia, dean of the Bar Association of Lorca, has acted as godfather of all graduated promotions this morning
  • A disabled person perform training practices at City Hall (21/05/2016)
    The agreement between the Department of Modernization and Famdif-Cocemfe approved joins with CEOM and Astrapace
  • Students of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Building and Roads collect their diplomas (20/05/2016)
    Francisco Barnabas, exconsejero Development and Infrastructure of the CARM, has acted as a sponsor of the new graduates
  • The UCAM and Chiron Hospital working on a new personalized treatment for cancer (20/05/2016)
    Use the genetics of the patient and allows you to select the appropriate drugs to achieve 90% efficiency in the treatment of disease
  • Now Murcia presents application for review of trade expansion plan in the northern part of the UCAM (20/05/2016)
    The municipal formation also bring a motion to the next plenary session that the City submit a similar application or accedes to that now Murcia
  • Let's change Murcia shows its refusal to allow the UCAM is built in the north of the campus (20/05/2016)

  • Let's change defined as implement its policies in an open Assembly tomorrow in Floridablanca (20/05/2016)

  • Homage to the 39 municipal officials who retire during this 2016 (20/05/2016)
    Coinciding with the feast of Santa Rita, patroness of municipal employees, "today we recognize their efforts and dedication," said José Ballesta
  • Pedro Jimenez'Papeles of culture 'shows the impact of the Christian conquest in the urban landscape of Murcia (20/05/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, this morning attended the presentation of the publication
  • The mayor of Murcia will'Cicerone' morning at the Museum of the Coloraos (20/05/2016)

  • 500 Barrio Los Almendros enjoy toy library, summer school and other cultural activities (20/05/2016)

  • "As a group, we will only live thing in all our lives" (20/05/2016)
    Fotis Katsikaris has ensured that there is a positive anxiety to win and make history
  • Trade conducted conditioning common areas and positions disused Market Square Veronicas (20/05/2016)
    The amount of this trip is 24,922 euros
  • The City Council renewed the tourist information about El Carmen (20/05/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture invest in the Service Information Management and Promotion 25,000 per year
  • 100 largest of Day Care Centers enjoy cultural activities throughout the year (20/05/2016)
    The Governing Board has given the green light to the program of workshops to be held in the three centers, located in Barriomar, Beniaján and Cabezo de Torres
  • A new company will manage the service crane (20/05/2016)
    tank vehicles will need to have an area of ​​at least 2,000 square meters, the closest to the city center and with easy access by public transport
  • The UCAM, on the board of the Conference of Deans of Physical Activity and Sport (20/05/2016)
    Antonio Sánchez Pato, dean of the Faculty of Sport, a member of the team led by Jose Manuel Garcia (University of Castilla La Mancha), which was supports most of the deans of Spain
  • The UMU develop own studies with the College of Doctors and Graduates in Philosophy and Letters and Science (20/05/2016)

  • Old age and destitution in "The lady in the van" on Monday VO (20/05/2016)

  • Maria Crespo wins Montalt CreaMurcia Gastronomy (20/05/2016)
    Jose Angel Sanchez and Sanchez Facunda have received the two Accésit
  • The PSOE regrets that the Catholic University accumulate irregularities in urban affairs (20/05/2016)
    The Socialists insist that an academic institution should be exemplary in their actions and act, in any case, regardless of the law
  • The tour bus will be free tomorrow, during the Night of Museums (20/05/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture establishes a special time of 21.30 to 00.30
  • The Local Youth Council program travel to Madrid, Galicia and Barcelona and Bungee Jumping, Coasteering, Rafting and Barranco Aquatic Youth (20/05/2016)
    To participate you must have the card Murcia Total, and live, study or work in the Municipality of Murcia
  • Drones, 3D chocolate printers, video games and free Wi commemorate this weekend's Day Internet (20/05/2016)
    All activities, to be held in the Plaza Circular, will be free
  • The rector attends Orihuela field recording of the radio program "Kitaro: life is science" (20/05/2016)

  • The UCAM enhances the professional development of students and graduates through the Job Day (20/05/2016)
    Transversal skills, digitizing and international mobility, among others, key factors for improving the rate of youth employability
  • The rector of the UMU chair the commission students of the Rectors' Conference (20/05/2016)

  • 9 Swimmers Swimming Club Ciudad de Murcia in the European London (19/05/2016)

  • The UCAM will make educational and sports facilities in the northern area by removing Culture precautionary measures to build (19/05/2016)

  • The municipal Telecare service the City of Murcia shows its technological innovations in the Plaza de Santo Domingo (19/05/2016)

  • "I feel pretty tingling of the big end" (19/05/2016)
    Carlos Cabezas has warned that we must stay focused for 40 minutes to win Montakit Fuenlabrada
  • Let's change denounces the poor state of the market building Veronicas (19/05/2016)

  • The Doors Castile Center hosts the'Internet course, art and compromiso' in collaboration with the University of Murcia (19/05/2016)
    Roberta Bosco, José Ramón Alcalá Mellado, Andy Deck, Mary and Jesus Carrillo Ptqk address this weekend an overview of use of the Internet as a tool for creative work
  • Duda: "The tie is Friday and we must give everything" (19/05/2016)
    2nd Quarter Previous match play off
  • Murcia City Council collaborates with the Platform for Action and solidarity with Ecuador after the earthquake in the country (19/05/2016)
    Rebeca Perez says, "are not going to spare no effort or resources to help the reconstruction of Ecuador"
  • Detainee the two authors of a robbery with a knife in a commercial establishment (19/05/2016)
    In the city of Murcia
  • UMU researchers studied the effect of human activity on the banks with new ecological indicators (19/05/2016)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the lack of information on the control of City Hall to underground public car parks (19/05/2016)
    Councilman Juan Vicente Larrosa believes that "Murcia paid very high prices for parking in the center, while we do not know the results of inspections are made "
  • The City Council and OMEP launched a novel program consolidation companies (19/05/2016)
    About thirty people attended the first day that was inaugurated by Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco
  • Previous 2nd quarter play off match - "To match the tie" (19/05/2016)
    El Pozo Murcia FS vs Magna Gurpea
  • The Artillery Barracks will host next weekend the Fair XIV old cars Murcia (19/05/2016)
    Attendees will have free access and enjoy fifty exhibitors coming from different parts of Spain, France and Portugal
  • The University of Murcia approved the public offer of employment 2016, with 47 seats (19/05/2016)

  • The future of the Spanish Rugby plays in the Region of Murcia (19/05/2016)
    The Rugby Championship Spain in Murcia gathers 1,100 participants next weekend.
  • Sangonera la Seca will have a new canine recreation area and games adapted (19/05/2016)
    Councilman Administration Modernization, Urban Quality and Participation, Jose Guillen has visited the village to see first hand the needs of their neighbors
  • The Office of Graffiti participate in the party `The gum Gabriela' to benefit Astrapace (19/05/2016)
    This afternoon in the Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • Francisco Esparza, Spanish Paralympic team doctor (18/05/2016)

  • Ruiz Caballero highlights the importance of training people with disabilities for social and labor inclusion (18/05/2016)
    The trains students in academic, personal, social and professional skills program
  • Let's change Murcia calls on the Government Office more diligently to combat hate crimes (18/05/2016)

  • Now Murcia calls for the UMU involved in the design of "Murcia River Project" through an agreement (18/05/2016)

  • The City of Murcia projects the environmental recovery of the Place of the gates of the Azacaya (18/05/2016)
    The initiative is framed within the Recovery Plan Huerta de Murcia
  • Murcianos free and visitors can use the tourist bus to enjoy the Night of Museums (18/05/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture establishes a special time of 21.30 to 00.30 hours on Saturday 21 May
  • The City Council will equip the municipal boards of greater participation and transparency (18/05/2016)
    A pioneer in Spain application will serve to facilitate transparent management of public expenditure and ensure equal opportunities in districts
  • Murcia will have a Mesa Public Transport (18/05/2016)
    The aim is to agree and reach consensus on all actions that serve to improve urban transport in the municipality
  • "My way of playing has connected with fans Murcia" (18/05/2016)
    Yanick Moreira said they are only focused on winning a Montakit Fuenlabrada
  • The CEIP Santiago García Medel of the hamlet of Murcia Era Alta will present their entrepreneurial project in a national program of talent (18/05/2016)
    The center will present its experience in the III day 'Educating entrepreneurial talent from school', to be held on 2 July in Girona
  • Responsible for the animated series of the 70's "Don Quixote", they talk about their work at the University of Murcia (18/05/2016)

  • The Office of the Bicycle invites murcianos to walk under the full moon Friendly Way between Murcia with La Alberca (18/05/2016)
    On Saturday, departing from Glorieta de Spain at 20:30
  • Pupils from San Buenaventura and the IES Jiménez de la Espada and Floridablanca represent the Region in the Mathematical Olympiad (18/05/2016)
    The Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia (UMU) hosted the ceremony of awards of the regional phase the XXVII Olympiad Mathematics
  • The PSOE will propose a joint motion to enforce the law and not legalize "social interest" seven illegal buildings in the UCAM (18/05/2016)
    Councilman Enrique Ayuso believes that "compliance with the law is equal for all"
  • The Brotherhood of Forgiveness celebrated its 120th anniversary with the canonical coronation of the Virgin of Solitude (18/05/2016)

  • Murcia will have a parking exemplary motorhomes in Europe (18/05/2016)
    It will be located on a plot of over 5,600 square meters next to the Mall Thader and allow the stationing of more than 40 RV
  • The mural'La the years 20' Murcia, Ramón Gaya Museum anteroom (18/05/2016)

  • The last UCAM implementation of a Degree in Dance (18/05/2016)
    The Faculty of Sport started this project three years ago and works with ANECA to meet all requirements
  • Doctoral student of the UMU wins Emerging Leader Award political communication (18/05/2016)

  • Preliminaries 2nd Quarter Play Off Party (18/05/2016)
    Tribute to the Champions League ElPozo FS Youngsters, Kids and Cadet
  • The UMU signed an agreement for the promotion of the Alumni Association of the School of Legal Practice (18/05/2016)

  • 9 young chefs competing in the final of Gastronomy CreaMurcia (18/05/2016)
    The winner gets a prize of 1,000 euros and two second prizes of 350 euros will be awarded each
  • Hundreds of people visit the booth Santo Domingo to meet the safe use of the Internet (17/05/2016)
    The aldermen Jose Guillen and Conchita Ruiz attended the photographic casting which involved higher for the Campaign Digitization of the Third Age
  • Adela Maria Dolores Alarcon and Rueda, II Literary Contest winners Water Stories Smart (17/05/2016)
    Over 60 students of Bachelor, FP and Secondary have presented their work to this contest organized by Aguas de Murcia
  • The director of the Cervantes Institute in Paris speaks in Gaya on one-person museum (17/05/2016)
    The Day of Museology has been organized on the occasion of the Day and Night of Museums
  • Let's change the group wants the Pact for Employment based their work on real planning (17/05/2016)

  • Now Murcia demands the opening of health centers and medical clinics in summer (17/05/2016)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS'Vidriosueño joins the campaign, fighting for Sueño' (17/05/2016)
    The club will give away two tickets for the match against Magna Gurpea next Saturday all fans to deposit three bottles in the container located in the Palace Sports
  • Protected bridge eighteenth century following a complaint from Murcia's change (17/05/2016)

  • The History of Law I judge, with their avatars and vicissitudes, is exhibited in the Museum of the City (17/05/2016)

  • A Ramón Gaya 'very real' greets visitors to the Museum (17/05/2016)

  • By land, river and air against the tiger mosquito (17/05/2016)

  • "I am happy to help the team" (17/05/2016)
    Vitor Benite managed to turn the dial against Joventut FIATC with 5 consecutive points
  • The UMU implements an online printing system for students to save on photocopies (17/05/2016)

  • Lab aimed at students of Health Sciences (17/05/2016)

  • The Socialist Party opposes legalization "by the back door" the seven buildings unlicensed UCAM (17/05/2016)
    The Socialists are demanding that the city of Murcia to act accordingly to gravity means that the UCAM act outside the law
  • Judo: Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia National League champion (17/05/2016)

  • Lima: "We need more than ever to the fans" (17/05/2016)

  • The celebration of music, culture and art meet in Santo Domingo to new Murcia talents (17/05/2016)
    Councilman Jesus Pacheco highlights "the commitment to provide opportunities for young artists yet to be discovered", which has made a splash own festival, organized by the Cadena SER
  • The UMU and a prison of Murcia conducted a study to prevent recidivism in domestic violence (17/05/2016)

  • Tomorrow is the last day to apply for a place in summer camps for students from 3rd to 6th primary (16/05/2016)
    In the case of travel for children between 12 and 15 years and linguistic stays of Youth, it is possible file the petition until next Thursday
  • Now Murcia denounces a tip-off from urban to UCAM on a building inspection (16/05/2016)
    Alicia Morales explains that "this is a new episode which is again starring Camacho Porto and private university"
  • The city of Murcia and the Autonomous Community exchange advances for action on noise (16/05/2016)
    The Town Planning, Environment and Huerta, Antonio Navarro Corchón, holds a meeting with the CEO of Local Government, Diego Pardo
  • The University of Murcia promote bilingualism of non-university teachers (16/05/2016)

  • The University of Murcia make an online dictionary of new words Spanish (16/05/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia announces its next Assembly'Braveheart' style (16/05/2016)

  • Tomorrow the Working Group of the Covenant constitutes Employment (16/05/2016)
    According to Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, "work within the framework of employment policies at national and European level in the context of the Strategy city ​​"
  • The UCAM and COITIRM form industrial technical engineers in managerial communication skills (16/05/2016)
    The quality of speech and the importance of new technologies in the scene management, key points of the course deployed from the ITM
  • Art and live street to celebrate'La night and Day Museos' in Murcia (16/05/2016)

  • Three international chefs interpret the products of the Mediterranean to join the Christian, Jewish and Muslim culture (16/05/2016)

  • The PSOE requires Ballesta preventive measures to avoid mosquito infestations in the municipality (16/05/2016)
    The Socialists denounced the irresponsible attitude of the local government "by allowing residents of Murcia have to suffer the pecking first to then , to request that their neighborhoods and districts are fumigated "
  • Passes away Professor of the UMU and PP exmember Carmen Maria Cremades (16/05/2016)

  • The City will reduce the digital gap among older with visits to the districts to answer questions about the use of digital devices (16/05/2016)
    Adults can participate tomorrow afternoon at the information booth of Santo Domingo in a casting to be the image of the Campaign Digitization of the Third Age
  • The City Council encourages companies to bet on murcianas bicycle (16/05/2016)
    Councilwoman Lola Sanchez visited, worth a schoolgirl, company has launched a delivery service of bread home by bicycle
  • The City of Torre Pacheco wants to grant the title of adopted son Professor Michael Walker (16/05/2016)

  • Cabezas makes history for UCAM Murcia bordering the play-off (15/05/2016)
    The Murcia match their best record in the league Endesa wins (17) and fight in Fuenlabrada for finishing in the top 8
  • The Ilunion of Madrid champion basketball Final Four proclaimed in wheelchair (15/05/2016)
    held this weekend at the Prince of Asturias Pavilion
  • Fathers, mothers and children gathered at the Garden Silk are given to celebrate the feast of the family (15/05/2016)

  • The PSOE requires Ballesta to explain why it has allowed for eight years unlicensed activity in the garages of Latbus in El Palmar (15/05/2016)
    The Socialists accuse the PP of neglect by allowing unlicensed activity since 2008 and ask the local government take responsibility and solve the situation
  • "750 years watching us" (14/05/2016)
    Institutional Act of the 750th anniversary of the Council of Murcia brings together hundreds of people in the Plaza of the Apostles, where the Cantigas of Alfonso X were interpreted and proposed to declare May 14 as a day Murcia City
  • OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Collaboration with the CAR UCAM Los Narejos (14/05/2016)

  • Hundreds of people participate in activities organized by the City to celebrate World Recycling Day (14/05/2016)

  • The Palace Almudí shows the evolution of the city over 750 years through original documents from the Municipal Archives (14/05/2016)

  • A chess tournament recalls the importance of this game in the thirteenth century (14/05/2016)
    It is celebrated today in Los Molinos del Rio, within the program of activities of the 750th anniversary of the Council of Murcia
  • The UCAM graduation celebrates its VII Promotion of Masters in Teacher Training (14/05/2016)
    Victor Escavy Garcia, president of the National Catholic Confederation of Parents and Parents (CONCAPA) in the region of Murcia, has acted as godfather promotion
  • The Socialist Party denounced the obstacles and dirt on the sidewalks of access to the Reina Sofía Hospital (14/05/2016)
    Progressives are demanding greater control of motorcycles parked in front of the hospital and causing dirt and oil stains in transit zones patients
  • Ballesta summons Murcia to celebrate the Day of the City with the Bando the 750th anniversary (14/05/2016)
    The official ceremony tonight held at 21.00 pm in the Plaza of the Apostles, with a medieval spectacle of music and dance to which are invited all residents of the municipality
  • "The virtuous master Liza and Massotti are already a little more our" (13/05/2016)

  • "You are the generation of change" (13/05/2016)
    Journalist José María Carrasco Saez has served as godmother of the graduating class V in communication UCAM
  • Let's change Murcia: "Deputy Cascales should respond politically to the trial court ruling that irregular hire sports pitches during his tenure" (13/05/2016)

  • Now Murcia proposes that look rainbow flag on the balcony of City Hall on May 17 and June 28 (13/05/2016)

  • "It's the last home game and we must win it, no more" (13/05/2016)
    Fotis Katsikaris has asked the support of the fans to win Joventut FIATC
  • 76 alumni-Training Employment Palmar Gastro-Tourism II and rehabilitation Northeast Pavilion CFIE El Palmar Joint programs receive their training certificates (13/05/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, attended this morning to closure of these programs
  • The City Council allocated 27,500 euros for the needs of the immigrant population without resources through NERI Association (13/05/2016)
    Through the Social Center where annually serves more than 1,200 people and a floor host
  • Murcia is one of the first Spanish cities to purchase a machine decontamination kit Firefighters (13/05/2016)
    It aims to ensure the health and health of troops are involved in an event conditions
  • 375,000 euros will provide the city of Murcia for two collaboration agreements with CB Murcia and Pozo Murcia (13/05/2016)
    The agreements are aimed at promoting and encouraging physical activity and sport in the municipality of Murcia
  • The Governing Board approved the maintenance and repair of the city center 9 schools and districts (13/05/2016)
    The allocated amount is 455.00 euros for the repair of toilets, facades, exterior paints and other performances
  • The municipal libraries celebrate "Story Time" to bring reading to children (13/05/2016)
    guided tours for elementary students will also be organized visits
  • Councilman Felipe Coello has disrespected the Research Committee of Sports with his statements on Cascales (13/05/2016)
    The Socialist Group invites you to appear on its own initiative as a witness to give explanations on the holes of the previous stage of his mate Popular party
  • Murcia, elected as member of the Board of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (13/05/2016)
    Modernization Councilman Jose Guillen, attended the Annual Meeting held in Granda
  • A photograph of Alejandro Molina announces the Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Huerta Crowned (13/05/2016)
    The faithful accompany the Virgin from the chapel to the Church of St. Peter the Apostle on Sunday May 29, from 19.30
  • The Socialist Party denounced the lack of ethics of the PP government by failing for two years Plan Affordable Housing (13/05/2016)
    Socialists criticize "the big announcements and holders of the PP government, which are wasted" and you play with hopes of Murcia and Murcia making promises that are not intended to meet
  • Tom Jones in concert at the Plaza de Toros de Murcia // July 1, 2016 (13/05/2016)

  • Open enrollment period to participate in the International Green Film Festival 'The Firefly Fused' (13/05/2016)
    Until 29 May can present micro shorts, in different categories, through the official website of the festival
  • The degree in Medicine UCAM, the best valued of Spain (12/05/2016)
    The ranking by the CyD Foundation measures student satisfaction regarding their studies
  • Murcia City Council signed a collaboration agreement with the College of Podiatrists benefiting 35,000 elderly in the municipality (12/05/2016)
    Following the agreement signed today between the Councillor for Social Rights, Conchita Ruiz, and President of the College of Podiatrists, Javier Serrano
  • The marketing of fruit is increased about 5% Mercamurcia (12/05/2016)

  • Murcia honors its roots (12/05/2016)
    This weekend begins the activities to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the Council, with a program that over the coming months will offer music, exhibitions, gastronomy and competitions
  • Coello: "The political will of the City of Murcia is to increase sports facilities in our town" (12/05/2016)

  • Let's change requests Cultural Property reviewing works in Los Jeronimos to not have the necessary authorizations (12/05/2016)

  • The University of Murcia presented on Monday an online dictionary of neologisms (12/05/2016)
    The University of Murcia (UMU) celebrates Monday the presentation of an electronic dictionary of neologisms of the current Spanish
  • 345 students from 46 schools participating in the XXVII Competition Road Safety Education and Accident Prevention city of Murcia (12/05/2016)
    The competition is framed in the Road Education Program of the Department of Education and is aimed at students from 3rd of Education secondary (14 and 15) of the municipality of Murcia
  • The Visitors Center of Light offers for this weekend'Historia child activity encantada' (12/05/2016)
    and a conference on the scout movement in El Valle
  • Rafael Gomez receives 22 Finnish students in the city of Murcia (12/05/2016)

  • Dozens of activities for youth and families will happen next Saturday in University Square to celebrate the Day of Recycling (12/05/2016)
    10 to 22 hours there will be gastronetas, sustainable market, musical performances, demonstrations of dog training, recreational workshops and art urban
  • Hundreds of entrepreneurs visit FranquiShop to know the keys to open a franchise (12/05/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, this morning visited the fair which was held at the NH Amistad hotel
  • The Popular Party wonders whether the members of Citizens Nonduermas and pains will be expelled from his party if they do not support the voted list (12/05/2016)
    "From the Popular Party would seem outrageous, outrageous and shameful that the opposition parties to return to dramatize the pact called the deal "
  • "We just have to think about winning" (12/05/2016)
    Sadiel Rojas has warned that concentrates must leave Joventut to win FIATC
  • The Campus of Excellence Mare Nostrum UMU held information day on the Halal concept (12/05/2016)

  • The Prince of Asturias hosts the next weekend the II'Final Four' of wheelchair basketball (12/05/2016)
    will be held at the Prince of Asturias Pavilion on Saturday at 17:00 and 19:00 and on Sunday at 09:30 am
  • The Palace Almudí shows the Himalaya Collection Julian Castilla (12/05/2016)
    The exhibition will be open until July 31, includes more than 40 pieces of the best representatives of Spanish art of the twentieth century
  • Workshops, storytelling, live music and entertainment groups become the Garden Silk in the family party on Sunday (12/05/2016)
    The City, together with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and collaboration of associations and organizations social, they have organized a program of activities to commemorate the International Day of Families
  • The Socialist Party calls the PP to respect democracy and accept the time change and consensus prevailing in the Municipal Board (12/05/2016)
    Socialists remind the PP that governance arrangements are lawful and democratic, and asks him "and let the tantrum "
  • The UMU organizes workshops for students to learn to do the work to grade (12/05/2016)

  • Marijuana plantation was dismantled in a building located in El Palmar (12/05/2016)
    The National Police arrested the inhabitants of the ship for an alleged crime of drug trafficking
  • The University of Murcia circumvents 44 plots for organic farming (12/05/2016)

  • Social Rights supports the transformation of services for the quality of life of people with disabilities (12/05/2016)
    have taken place in the Hall of the City Hall Annex Building of Murcia
  • The UMU expands times study rooms for exams (12/05/2016)

  • Reactivate the sector and plan for the future, major challenges of the White Paper Construction (11/05/2016)
    The UCAM has participated in the development of an event promoted by the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure of the Autonomous Region of Murcia document
  • The president of the Municipal Board of Nonduermas requires the Socialist councilor Ayuso "more respect for the institutions and towards which we tear through the hamlets" (11/05/2016)
    Isidro Zapata stressed that "Mayor José Ballesta has been the one that has achieved clarify an unprecedented situation in the municipality "
  • EUR 2.2 million for the provision of bus service in Murcia and districts (11/05/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia wants the Youth Plan is useful and meets the real needs of youth in the municipality (11/05/2016)

  • Murcia has more than 670 unique and historic trees monitored and cared for by seven specialists (11/05/2016)
    The team, formed by a technician, an arborist with European degree, a pruner in specialized high, a specialized officer and three gardeners, try these trees great environmental value
  • Now Murcia denounces Rafael Gomez breach agreements plenary on housing (11/05/2016)
    The municipal formation indicates that the City Commission on Residential Exclusion has just held its founding meeting and that the working group to plan social rent should have created ago at least one month and a half
  • More than 75 people will participate in the Hall of Bike (11/05/2016)
    The Department of Traffic and Public Safety offers from this weekend for cycling courses in basic and advanced
  • The Socialist Party denounced Ballesta has blocked the Board Nonduermas wanting to maintain at all costs the headman of the PP (11/05/2016)
    The Legal Council makes it clear the mayor of Murcia to establish that an extraordinary plenary session of the Municipal Board is sufficient to cease and choose the village headman
  • Duda: "The team is aware of the difficulty of the tie and go for all" (11/05/2016)

  • Los Rosales 500 children involved in the Source of Cultures of Social Rights (11/05/2016)
    traditional games, performances of traditional dances will be performed, among other activities
  • Homage to the biggest Murcia Vistabella neighborhood (11/05/2016)

  • The gastronetas take the next few days the Bullring to offer the best cuisine (11/05/2016)
    From tomorrow, Thursday through Sunday, Murcia GastroTruck attendees can taste the best dishes twelve restaurants in vans classic music, concerts and playground
  • The PSOE requires the team Ballesta to solve the problem of access to sports center Aljucer (11/05/2016)
    Socialists denounce once again, the problems caused by the fact that access to the sports center is made through the courtyard of the CEIP Sculptor González Moreno
  • More than 200 participants gathered at the Astrapace Charity Regatta, hosted by the Yacht Club Mar Menor on 21 and 22 May will (11/05/2016)

  • A book and a bust Martinez Tornel will honor the centenary of his death (11/05/2016)
    Mayor Jose Ballesta today unveiled the sculpture created by Juan Jose Chiron and written by Pedro Soler publication.
  • The City Council created the Commission to draw up the Youth Plan of the municipality of Murcia (11/05/2016)
    This is the first meeting of the Committee of Youth Plan in which all political groups are represented
  • The academician of the RAE Ignacio Bosque offers tomorrow a lecture at the University of Murcia (11/05/2016)

  • The University of Murcia held sessions on career of titles (11/05/2016)

  • Chronicle Students - UCAM (67-82) (10/05/2016)
    College approach to history after beating Estudiantes (67-82) with a superb Campazzo
  • Coello Murcia welcomes participants in the 32 Days of Nursing in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology (10/05/2016)
    This afternoon has offered a reception at the Plenary Hall
  • The PP proposes to amend Regulation plenary for debates can be held in the districts (10/05/2016)
    By the middle of next June, political groups will have a draft of the new Regulation
  • The Socialist Party demands Ballesta team a copy of the file on the works of the UCAM (10/05/2016)
    Socialists in the city of Murcia require access request to legalize the UCAM seven buildings constructed without a license
  • Entrepreneurs of the region involved in the series 'University and business leadership' (10/05/2016)
    In the event, organized by the ITM Institute of Technology UCAM Murcia, spoke the director Juan Hernandez
  • El Pozo Murcia FS offers the Copa del Rey to the city of Murcia and patron saint, the Virgin of Fuensanta (10/05/2016)

  • The UMU in the region leads the ranking of universities in the Knowledge and Development Foundation (10/05/2016)

  • Congress of the UMU analyzes innovations in nursery and primary education (10/05/2016)

  • Ballesta players El Pozo: "You have taken the name of the city of Murcia to the top" (10/05/2016)
    Reception at City Hall the champions of the Spanish Cup Futsal, in a historic day for the city and for Murcia sport
  • Let's change proposes to modify the order of the debates of the plenary sessions to make them more democratic (10/05/2016)

  • The PSOE is committed to reforming the regulation of the plenary for its debates express the new political time, more plurality and agreements (10/05/2016)
    Socialists defend changes to the plenary sessions more agile, useful and responsive to the needs of the residents Murcia
  • The Department of Public Works initiated a plan replacement and installation of new bins in the historic center of Murcia (10/05/2016)

  • More than two decades'restaurando' job opportunities through an alternative network of mutual support (10/05/2016)

  • The SEMAS serves a total of 75 people in situations of social exclusion in the winter campaign (10/05/2016)
    28 Spanish nationals, 12 Bulgarian, 12 Moroccans, two Ukrainians, one Polish, 6 Romanians, 4 Lithuanians, 1 Steam 4 Algerians, 1 and 4 Argentine nationality unspecified
  • The campaign to donate used eyeglasses will improve the vision of people in Senegal, Morocco and Madagascar (10/05/2016)

  • More than 20 acrobats of the French company XY dance on Thursday Teatro Circo Murcia sky (10/05/2016)
    The circus 'Il n'est pas encore minuit' goes far beyond the "even harder"
  • 'El Amor Brujo' excites Murcia (10/05/2016)
    Estrella Morente with the Symphony Orchestra of the UCAM, and accompanied by her flamenco, performed yesterday the work of master Manuel de Falla
  • The City of Murcia provides 521 reading seats in municipal libraries during weekends (10/05/2016)
    May and June are the months that remain available five libraries
  • A researcher at the UMU discovered a method that serves both to enhance fertility and to avoid (10/05/2016)

  • The PSOE accused the team Ballesta allow the company home help keep laughing at the city of Murcia (10/05/2016)
    The Socialists insist on the need to include social clauses in contracting for, among other things, a job is secure quality and respect for the rights of workers
  • Six shows will murciano flavor to the XVII Festival Three Cultures (10/05/2016)
    local production performances of music, dance, literature and storytelling will happen in different parts of town from 14 to 21 May
  • The UMU offers tribute to the winners of the national awards students to career (10/05/2016)

  • A breakdown in Movistar leaves the residents of the hamlet of Raal Murcia without voice service and Internet (10/05/2016)
    Those affected can claim economic damage that this incident, which began last Saturday, is causing them
  • The Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia held tomorrow White Night Political Science (10/05/2016)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on the recovery of mining areas (10/05/2016)

  • The UCAM, one of the best universities in Spain in educational planning and management (09/05/2016)
    The data are part of the ranking published by the Knowledge and Development Foundation
  • Guillen: "It is surprising that the opposition has given the press conference when they who have paralyzed investments in districts" (09/05/2016)
    "We rule equally to all residents of the municipality, without looking at the political color"
  • The opposition denounces the blockade of the municipal boards by the PP (09/05/2016)

  • The Popular Party in Murcia wonders if citizens continue to apply double standards (09/05/2016)
    "and not admonish the members of Sorrows for not supporting the most voted"
  • The PSOE has agreements and conventions of the City of Murcia UCAM the Commission Monitoring Procurement (09/05/2016)
    Councilman Enrique Ayuso has also requested the relationship of municipal staff who combine their activity at the Catholic University and Records boss Town Planning related to it
  • Tomorrow is the deadline to participate in the sales process for direct management of various buildings and vehicles (09/05/2016)
    The Department of Finance is now selling these goods after not having been awarded at auction
  • The Infrastructure Committee of the Municipal Observatory of the Bicycle continues to work on the project to create 20 kilometers of bike lanes (09/05/2016)
    In the last match has given approval to most of the proposals submitted by the City
  • An agreement between the Ramón Gaya Museum and allow Iberdrola Foundation celebrate the Day and Night of the Museums (09/05/2016)
    On Saturday May 21 the exhibition can be seen 'Self-portrait' enlivened with various performances in the Plaza Santa Catalina
  • Europe approaches Murcia projects and social actions in neighborhoods and districts of the municipality (09/05/2016)

  • #MurciaconSiria Campaign begins humanitarian aid for refugees (09/05/2016)

  • HUERMUR complaint with the Ministry of Culture landslides in Torre Guil (09/05/2016)

  • Days of Persian art and culture at the University of Murcia (09/05/2016)

  • Magazine "Monteagudo" dedicated to the figure of Buero Vallejo is presented (09/05/2016)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS began its journey in the "Play Off" Friday against Magna Gurpea (09/05/2016)
    quarterfinal tie
  • The Socialist Party believes that the agreement of the council with the College of Podiatrists does not resolve the service being provided in senior centers (08/05/2016)
    Councillor Maite Espinosa claims that the discount is very small and that many older people have problems to move to a query because in many districts no podiatry clinics
  • Murcia dawns clean thanks to a special device City Council after the conclusion of SOS 4.8 (08/05/2016)
    Service street cleaning and waste collection, which has enjoyed 102 days of operators and 37 days of mechanical equipment, has collected a total of 17 tons several waste throughout the weekend
  • The City fight against legionella performing over 15,000 cleaning treatments and chlorinated sources (08/05/2016)
    The Department of Administration Modernization, Urban Quality and Participation has a lab technician who performs analytical weekly chlorine in more than 120 lakes , fountains and ponds township
  • 12,500 euros City Council intended to maintain attention to families with mentally ill and develop protection activities Health (08/05/2016)
    With the Association of Families and Persons with Mental Illness (AFES) and the collective 'Do not deprive yourself'
  • Triple medal for UCAM in the Championship of Spain University triathlon (07/05/2016)
    The Catholic University of Murcia organized the event in Los Alcázares
  • The UCAM Murcia dominates, suffering and defeat the Iberostar Tenerife (07/05/2016)
    After dominating up by 17 points to tie the tinerfeños arrived at the last minute but ended up giving by 88-83
  • Ballesta said that "the team spirit has enabled the Pozo Murcia remove the thorn and win the Cup Futsal" (07/05/2016)
    Mayor Jose Ballesta moved congratulations from Murcia to soccer players for the victory against the Palma Futsal
  • Antonio Navarro says that the PSOE 'confuses Murcia with noise problems in the municipality' (07/05/2016)
    The Town Planning, Environment and Huerta says that "the PSOE knows perfectly legal deadlines for the establishment of the Sector Council Noise and you know to respect "
  • IV promoting the primary educators graduated from the UCAM (07/05/2016)
    Sor Isabel Torres Fabero, Director of St. Vincent de Paul School of Cartagena Sacred Heart of Jesus, Daughters of Charity, was the godmother of the promotion
  • The City of Murcia participates in the program of health education in schools in the municipality (07/05/2016)
    This initiative has been implemented in schools La Cruz (El Campillo), Our Lady of the Angels (El Esparragal), Virgin la Vega (Cobatillas) and Virgen del Rosario (La Cueva) where 500 children participated
  • Antonio Diaz Bautista, recognized with the award'Murcianos left huella' (07/05/2016)
    Modernization Councilman Jose Guillen has attended activities organized by the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of the municipality of Murcia to mark the European Day Neighbor
  • The PSOE prompted the revision of the agreements with the UCAM and a report on municipal officials linked to the university (07/05/2016)
    Councilman Enrique Ayuso believes that the mayor Ballesta and Town Planning can not look away and we must ensure legality
  • The Socialist Party denounced the abandonment of government Ballesta to noise problems in the municipality (07/05/2016)
    Murcia City Council does not have a noise map or operate the Noise Sector Council to study solutions to this problem
  • 500 local school children and the Sports Association of Vistalegre premiering lawn in the football field after the summer Fleet (07/05/2016)
    The investment cost amounts to 118,000 euros
  • The opening speech of Gregorio González opens Monday Vistabella parties (07/05/2016)
    For two weeks the popular events, including cultural activities and predominantly aimed at children will be going
  • The City continues to take actions to promote employment in the municipality (07/05/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture signed collaboration agreements with Famdif, Aspaym and the Association of Radio and Television
  • Child Educators UCAM have graduated this afternoon (06/05/2016)
    Carmen Peralta Pastor, Director of Nuestra Señora del Carmen La Union College, was the godmother of the promotion
  • Weekend holiday in Fame (06/05/2016)
    Tomorrow there will be a recital of bolero and copla and Sunday neighbors attend a popular paella in the Plaza Santoña
  • 500 children participate in the program of health education in schools (06/05/2016)
    This education program conducted in schools La Cruz (El Campillo), Our Lady of the Angels (El Esparragal), Virgen de la Vega (Cobatillas ) and Virgen del Rosario (La Cueva)
  • Now Murcia complaint that the granting and monitoring of activity licenses chaos reigns (06/05/2016)
    The muncipal training notes that "these licenses are awarded without rigor, no one monitors that are appropriately followed and, when there is a complaint, look for other side "
  • The UCAM, head of renewal and quality accreditation of university degrees (06/05/2016)
    The ANECA recognizes the quality of the degrees of the UCAM and renew the accreditation of nine postgraduates who were involved in this process, corresponding to areas communication, health, education and business
  • Declarations by Eduardo Sao Thiago'Duda' (06/05/2016)

  • "Iberostar Tenerife can hurt you if you dawdle" (06/05/2016)
    Fotis Katsikaris has asked his people to give their best version canaries
  • Unemployed working on the renovation of the garden located between the Pintor Pedro Cano avenue and street Greco El Palmar (06/05/2016)
    Councilman Modernization, Jose Guillen, this morning visited the improvement works being developed through an agreement with the Service Employment and Training
  • The PSOE requires the PP to prioritize the needs of Murcia to hiring consultants (06/05/2016)
    The Socialists accuse the Regional Government, as the team Ballesta in the city of "scratch funds for what interests them" and require is "scratch also" to solve the problems in education, health and transport
  • The UMU hosts the Conference of Deans of Speech (06/05/2016)

  • 20,000 young people can benefit from over 50 free weekly program activities 'Networks' Town Hall (06/05/2016)
    It is intended to encourage the search for healthy alternatives in leisure time and motivate participants aged between 12 and 30 years
  • The good economic health allows the Council to obtain funding "in excellent condition" for the planned investments (06/05/2016)
    has received 10 bids from banks amounting to 157 million, exceeding 7 times the 28.5 million requested, which is the amount that will sign
  • 35,000 older podiatry service will have a 20 percent discount (06/05/2016)
    Thanks to the agreement between the city of Murcia and the College of Podiatrists of Murcia
  • The UMU receives representatives of universities from 17 countries in Week Training administration and services (06/05/2016)

  • An injection of culture and leisure for Senior Centers Network (06/05/2016)

  • Work begins to increase road safety for drivers and pedestrians Street Paul VI (06/05/2016)
    The project incorporates a new system that will enable the acoustic hoods of traffic lights with bluetooth mobile phone
  • The website of the magazine Notebooks of Tourism recorded 52,841 visits in 2015 (06/05/2016)

  • The University of Murcia announces 14 places of professors and associate professors (06/05/2016)

  • Vistabella becomes light district (05/05/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia staged in the Plaza de la Merced everyday refugee women (05/05/2016)

  • The UCAM presents the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility, directed by Victor Meseguer (05/05/2016)
    An initiative with the Catholic University will perform different actions as a socially responsible institution
  • Agents of the National Police advise 25 Institutes youth correspondents to prevent and avoid minor offenses (05/05/2016)

  • Estrella Morente thrill Monday to Murcia with 'El Amor Brujo' (05/05/2016)
    The singer from Granada began on April 30 in Alicante tour withthe work of Falla, with his flamenco and the Symphony Orchestra of the UCAM
  • "If Ballesta is surrounded by the same people who Chamber, you can end up like him" (05/05/2016)
    Now on charging Murcia Pelegrin
  • Murcia will join the Network of Cities and Friendly Communities with the Elderly (05/05/2016)

  • The SOS comes with full technical provisions in the hotels of the capital (05/05/2016)
    José Ballesta: "The city maintains for this weekend forecast full technical and walk the most central hotels and close to 95% occupancy"
  • The Cronos Club champions take their triumph to the Hall of City Hall (05/05/2016)
    Ballesta: "The triple triumph of these girls Bacons Bridge is a sample of what we are able to get on this earth"
  • Let's change: "Until one takes responsibility, the demolition will be subject Crossbow" (05/05/2016)

  • The City offers almost 800 seats camps, European exchanges and language stays this summer (05/05/2016)
    for young people between 8 and 25 years
  • The UCAM, backed by the Vatican, will host the International Congress of brotherhoods and the World University Games Catholic (05/05/2016)
    The Holy See, through the Pontifical Council for the Laity, has given its support and congratulated the UCAM for both initiatives
  • The Convention Bureau holds a panel of experts on organizing events (05/05/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, has participated in this cycle for students and Management Protocol
  • Jose Ignacio Gras: "The Popular Party has to settle a debt with the La Paz and Crossbow can not look away" (05/05/2016)
    Socialist spokesman believes that new allegations of PP councilors "show that the City Council will have to take responsibility, to explain and apologize for the disaster of urban development "
  • The University Square will host the R3 Market to celebrate World Recycling Day (05/05/2016)
    On Saturday May 14 Murcia will enjoy a sustainable market, workshops for children, adults and pets, games, live music, gastronetas and urban art
  • "Euthanasia is failed by definition regarding the end of life option" (05/05/2016)
    Vicente Bellver, a member of the Bioethics Committee of Spain gave the inaugural conference of the National Nursing Congress, in its sixth edition, it has focused on the Seniors
  • The UMU signed an agreement for practical training of students of Communication (05/05/2016)

  • More than 200 young people participate in the IV Copa Jóven Inter-Associations Futsal and fun day of games Local Youth Council (05/05/2016)
    Football Championship will be held on May 7 at 9 am in sports facilities La Vega
  • The Municipal Group PSOE Sunday organizes a hiking route for Change (05/05/2016)
    The tour will be in the Regional Park Valley-Carrascoy and have been invited the members of the Municipal Councils and District
  • 84 UMU students aspire to occupy 75 seats in the Senate (05/05/2016)

  • Solidarity Planting a hundred flowering shrubs in the nursing homes of the Little Sisters of the Poor (04/05/2016)

  • Now Murcia: "The Cascales exconcejal recognizes irregularities in its management of football fields pedanías" (04/05/2016)
    "The exedil Sports has confirmed that numerous boards gave the management and maintenance of these facilities to soccer clubs, an action for which are not authorized by law "
  • 12 routes to discover the nooks and paths of Huerta, on foot or bicycle (04/05/2016)

  • Let's change: The reality is that Orchard "is in ruins" (04/05/2016)
    The training responds to the initiative of the City Council on tourist routes through the orchard
  • The University of Murcia celebrates one hundred years of studies of Philosophy and Letters (04/05/2016)

  • The Department of Public Works begins to clean painted the facade of the School of Dramatic Art (04/05/2016)
    With the permission of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, the City Council and can act in buildings at BIC environments
  • The secretary general of the Union for the Mediterranean shows its support for the Campus Mare Nostrum (CMN) (04/05/2016)

  • "We have to fight every minute to win Iberostar Tenerife" (04/05/2016)
    Vitor Benite praised the team effort in the second half against Valencia Basket
  • Application deadline for grants for researchers Robles Chillida (04/05/2016)

  • The PSOE considers necessary to revise the Plan of Mobility and Transport Bureau convene (04/05/2016)
    The Socialist Group considers that the PP does not address the problems of public transport, traffic and parking in a comprehensive manner
  • The Community and the Caja Mediterráneo Foundation collaborate to promote environmental activities in the center of Torre Guil (04/05/2016)
    They will work in presenting environmental projects financed with funds from the European Union
  • Councilman Modernization encourages Murcia to make rational use of new technologies to prevent carbon footprint (04/05/2016)
    Dozens of representatives of municipalities and agencies in the region have attended the seminars on Digital Purchase Green and Energy Saving in information and communications technology
  • Municipal Center Castilla doors opened this afternoon'In deep bosque' (04/05/2016)
    Collective exhibition, curated by Marisol Salanova, will be open until May 27 at the Sala Nana
  • The City participates in the campaign #MurciaconSiria humanitarian aid for refugees (04/05/2016)

  • Now Murcia calls for transparency and efficiency parameters are set in expenses boards (03/05/2016)
    The municipal formation requests that the contracts are accompanied by an explanatory report and three budgets
  • The French artist Lucille Calmel the'Spinning' project curator at the Municipal Center Puertas de Castilla (03/05/2016)
    In this cycle of performances and installations, which opens tomorrow, will involve different international artists
  • The PSOE reminds Ballesta that the PP has no majority and demands that has the opposition before organizing acts of the Municipal Corporation (03/05/2016)
    The Socialist Party spokesman regretted that the government team has not allowed the participation of other groups in the organization of events for the 750th anniversary of the Council of Murcia
  • The Faculty of Arts pays tribute to artists from Murcia (03/05/2016)
    The exhibition "Artists Murcia in the Faculty of Arts" pays homage to the artists of the region since the early 50
  • The course teaches Pediatrics morning what to do about poisoning (03/05/2016)
    The conference, aimed at parents, is held in the City Hall Annex Building at 18 hours
  • Guillen: "From the Municipal People we are the first to want them works properly in the allocation of budgets for districts" (03/05/2016)

  • Rebeca Perez attends the 'A day with the Murcian painter Jose Maria Parraga' (03/05/2016)

  • Preparing Cup Final HM King (03/05/2016)
    Rafa: "I trust in this team will do the utmost to win the title."
  • "Long live Murcia" (03/05/2016)

  • Students of Arts UMU will raise awareness against abuse and neglect of dogs (03/05/2016)

  • Murcia City Council supports the digital green procurement between public administrations and agencies (03/05/2016)
    Tomorrow, at the headquarters of the Local Energy Agency, located in the Local Development Agency, with free registration
  • The UCAM focuses its National Congress of Nursing in the elderly (03/05/2016)
    In the event, which opens tomorrow, Wednesday, gerontology specialists participate nationally, and Thursday will take place the XV Conference of curricular orientation and employment
  • Athletes themselves can activate the new track lighting Garden Abenarabi (02/05/2016)

  • The UCAM and the Pontifical Lateran in Rome presented the journal Vergentis' on canon law (02/05/2016)
    The heads of both universities, José Luis Mendoza and Enrico Dal Covolo, presented this publication fruit of joint international Chair Innocent III
  • Now Murcia requires Coello explanations to the alleged deficiencies in facilities and security systems Stadium Nueva Condomina (02/05/2016)
    The municipal formation requires the City Council to urge the club to take the necessary measures, if necessary he should make subsidiarily
  • Traffic accidents, issue next "Wednesday mediation" in Mills River (02/05/2016)
    be held after tomorrow, from 19 hours, and access is free
  • The UMU develop actions with the European Business and Innovation Centre to foster entrepreneurship (02/05/2016)

  • The City Council will ensure that there are no delays in paying workers home help (02/05/2016)
    The Commission Surveillance Recruitment requires "immediately" a payment plan, while noting that the current service users it is suitable
  • Students decide that part of the budget of the UMU is intended for study grants and mobility (02/05/2016)

  • The Municipal Office of graffiti will be present at the Festival SOS 4.8 (02/05/2016)
    Five murcianos graffiti artists held an exhibition in a giant cube
  • Rafa participates in the fourteenth Meeting of the School Board of the Region of Murcia (02/05/2016)
    Learning values ​​through sport
  • MUyBICI in the coming weeks will incorporate 150 new bikes to replace broken by vandals (02/05/2016)
    From now on only be used with the card service or transportation Bono
  • A charity gala will honor the founders of the Murcia Association of Parents and Children with Spina Bifida (02/05/2016)
    To be held in the Romea Theatre on 25 to commemorate its 35th anniversary and publicly acknowledge the combined efforts of several generations of people who have contributed to improve the living conditions of the collective
  • 40 companies cited in the First Week of the Entrepreneur, which comes with motivational talks, group dynamics and lectures are given (02/05/2016)

  • Student representatives of Spanish universities join the Pact for the Public University of the Region (02/05/2016)

  • Student representatives of Spanish universities join the Pact for the Public University of the Region (02/05/2016)

  • The Mayor thanked the murcianos his involvement in the "Pianos in the street" initiative (01/05/2016)
    Ballesta has delivered this afternoon awards II Intenational Piano Competition
  • Marina Selvik and Vicente Prieto, winners of international piano contest held in Murcia (01/05/2016)

  • The UCAM Murcia wins and convinces (01/05/2016)
    After a partial of +27 in the second half Murcia Valencia Basket defeated by 80-62
  • The UCAM will launch a Master in Prevention of Doping (01/05/2016)
    Star Nuñez, Vice President for Research announced this graduate implantatación the opening of the Conference on 'Education for the Prevention of Doping'
  • 'El Amor Brujo' triumphed in Alicante (01/05/2016)
    Estrella Morente accompanied by her flamenco and with the Symphony Orchestra performed the play UCAM box master Manuel de Falla in the ADDA Auditorium
  • Sports earmarked 135,000 euros for the surveillance of swimming pools and sports facilities (01/05/2016)


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