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Murcia News - April 2016

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  • Hundreds of people enjoy classical music in the streets of Murcia thanks to'Pianos in calle' (30/04/2016)

  • The UCAM graduation celebrates his V Teleco promoting students and Informatics (30/04/2016)
    Celestino Avilés Pérez, dean of the Professional Association of Technical Engineers of the Region, has acted as a sponsor of both promotions
  • The PSOE recalled that the draft recirculation flow of the river Segura was conducted and funded by the Socialist government (30/04/2016)
    The Socialist Group in the city of Murcia hopes that this action on the river is in draft and go beyond launch a work paralyzed for years
  • The CECE distinguishes the San Vicente de Paul School (El Palmar) for its 80th anniversary (30/04/2016)
    The award was received by José Luis Mendoza and the director of this school, Antonio Guillen, at the gala held last night
  • Murcia becomes part of the Platform for Public Sector Procurement (30/04/2016)
    This is the main point of access to information on contractual public sector activity and provide information on calls for tenders City Council
  • Psychologists and occupational therapists have graduated UCAM this afternoon (29/04/2016)
    María José Catalán Frías, dean of the College of Psychologists of the Region of Murcia, was the godmother of both promotions
  • Pedro Guillen says that the use of stem cells in muscle injury "is useless" (29/04/2016)
    The director of the CEMTRO Clinic and Honorary Dean of the Degree in Medicine UCAM says that "doctors are indebted to athletes because they we are able to shorten the healing muscle "
  • Fabio and visit the school Juampi school San José de Murcia (29/04/2016)

  • Now Murcia criticizes the lack of commitment of PP and C's with local retail trade (29/04/2016)
    The municipal formation regrets that both parties were allied in Parliament yesterday to knock down the motion to support the traditional trade, and continue betting on the speculative economy that favors large investors
  • Students earn college UMU national tennis championship in pairs (29/04/2016)

  • Professor Joaquín Prats, new doctor honoris causa of the University of Murcia (29/04/2016)

  • Estrella Morente thrill Murcia with 'El Amor Brujo' next May 9 (29/04/2016)
    The singer from Granada this morning at the Royal Casino de Murcia tour 'El Amor Brujo' who plays with the Symphony Orchestra of the UCAM
  • Let's change this Saturday bike up the heritage forgotten the garden of Murcia (29/04/2016)

  • The PSOE will ensure compliance of the motion for balanced and democratic distribution of the budgets of neighborhoods and districts (29/04/2016)
    The Socialist Group reminds the Government of the PP that "the new political time implies that budgets neighborhoods and districts should be transparent and participatory "
  • Historic agreement to materialize the Murcia River project and create a green and family entertainment avenue on the banks of Segura (29/04/2016)

  • The pianos take tomorrow Murcia squares with outdoor concerts by international virtuosos and music lovers (29/04/2016)

  • Health increased resources to fight the tiger mosquito (29/04/2016)
    In order to avoid the discomfort caused by insect
  • Murcia City Council favors the integration of immigrant women at risk of social exclusion through Columbares (29/04/2016)
    The Department of Social Rights provides assistance to 27,500 euros to fund this program, which aims to contribute to the social integration of the beneficiaries
  • The City of Murcia promotes youth participation with a call for grants of 60,000 euros (29/04/2016)
    The beneficiaries of these are entities Youth Associations and non-profit
  • A new edition of Business Project Competition will reward the most innovative business ideas (29/04/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture will distribute 60,000 euros among the best business plans
  • El Teatro Circo Murcia joins the Dance Circuit Scene 2016 (29/04/2016)
    Thanks to an agreement with the Spanish Network of Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals of Public Ownership, Murcia will enjoy three performances of dance later this year
  • Selective tests opposition fire begin in November (29/04/2016)
    The City offers 30 seats Service Fire Fighting and Rescue and the deadline for submissions shall be twenty calendar days from the day following the publication of the notice in the Official Gazette
  • La Huerta and inside the Casino and look in the historic heart (29/04/2016)
    Mayor José Ballesta has visited this morning the installed vinyl Street Radio Murcia and architect Pedro Cerda
  • "Lights of Paris", a French comedy about rural life on Monday VO (29/04/2016)

  • 9 Murcia businesses participate in the third edition of the Fair'Pop Up' Sunday (29/04/2016)
    The event will take place from 11:00 to 15:30 hours in the Real Casino de Murcia
  • City of Murcia and CHS will collaborate to complete the integration of the Segura river in the city (29/04/2016)
    green spaces, restoration of native species and value of Contraparada and copses are some of the actions envisaged
  • The University of Murcia organizes a conference to exchange experiences and methodologies of the History of Art (29/04/2016)

  • The leisure park Life' `The Tree of Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital for children with cancer will be built thanks to the campaign # PorUnNiñoTuSonRisa (29/04/2016)
    The purpose of the campaign will be selling a donation that will go from one euro ahead of clown noses all the money raised being destined entirely to AFADECA
  • The City Council will audit the accounts of the Board of Beniaján to check whether there fractionation bills (28/04/2016)

  • The House approved the initiative of the PSOE, which in September held the first debate on the State of the Municipality of Murcia (28/04/2016)
    The Socialist Group sees approved five of the six own motions and seven of the eight joint, including that establish the criteria for allocating investment plans in neighborhoods and districts
  • Pedro Guillen morning teaches a masterclass in the UCAM (28/04/2016)
    The Honorary Dean of Medicine Degree UCAM participates in the 'Course of Surgical Techniques: Achilles and Triceps Sural'
  • The first debate on the State of the Municipality will be held next September (28/04/2016)
    By unanimous agreement of the plenary of the Corporation
  • The House approved unanimously a motion by the Municipal People that improves the quality of life of celiac (28/04/2016)
    It is proposed to declare by the City of Murcia solidarity and full support of all political groups of this corporation to celiac patients
  • The UCAM Murcia CB will give away two tickets to all the fans who deposit'Vidriosueño three bottles in the container, Struggling for Sueño' (28/04/2016)
    The Department of Public Works and Ecovidrio have installed a glass igloo with the image of the campaign entrance to the Palace of Sports
  • "Spain has evolved greatly in the world 'gamer' in recent years" (28/04/2016)
    The digital entertainment has been the main theme of the day, the hand of the 'eSports' and the presence of' gamer 'Antonio Rivas' Flipin '
  • Garcia Vicente exposes his'Levedad Ecosystem Resiliente' in Space Molinos del Rio (28/04/2016)
    The opening of the exhibition this afternoon will be held at 20 am
  • The 91.86% of motions tabled in Parliament since July are fulfilled or running (28/04/2016)
    The various political groups have registered in eight months a total of 172 motions
  • Murcia Tram reaches 20 million passengers before their fifth anniversary (28/04/2016)
    To celebrate, Murcia tram will draw an annual bonus for each category among all who have used Line 1 during the week of April 25 to May 1
  • The UCAM discussed in a symposium autonomy status (28/04/2016)
    The event, organized by the Degree in Law, Catholic, will take place tomorrow at the Royal Casino de Murcia
  • The University of Murcia named Doctor Honoris Causa Professor of Modern History Joaquín Prats (28/04/2016)

  • The Municipal Corporation defends early attention as a "universal and free public service," (28/04/2016)
    Urges the Autonomous Community to continue the decree ensuring access to this care as a social right
  • PREVIEW LNFS 30th Day - DLink Zaragoza vs El Pozo Murcia FS (28/04/2016)
    A close victory for the League and focus on the Copa del Rey
  • The municipal nursery schools will remain open throughout the month of July to parents who request (28/04/2016)
    Rafael Gómez proposes the creation of a working group, which will be part parents of students, to reconcile the school calendar with work
  • Professor Francisco Michavila Seminars defends the Rector of the UMU building a European university (28/04/2016)

  • Murcia allocate resources your emergency fund to help victims of the earthquake in Ecuador (28/04/2016)
    The Plenum of the Corporation has approved an institutional statement to express solidarity and affection for the thousands affected
  • New library in the public school Jose Martinez Tornel Patino (28/04/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia: "It Review by mobile through 'TuMurcia' is not real participation" (27/04/2016)
    For training, democratization will or not will be expressed in the new development Regulation of Citizen Participation
  • Medicine UCAM and the Hospital de Molina, 'Health 2000' award for its training activity (27/04/2016)
    The Associate Dean of Degree from the Catholic University, Jerome Lajara, received this distinction in the II Awards for Health of the Region of Murcia
  • More than 300 people attend the Congress of Physiotherapy UCAM (27/04/2016)
    The event focused on cardiorespiratory area, was inaugurated this afternoon and continue throughout the day tomorrow
  • The UCAM Murcia joins the campaign "Vidriosueño, Fighting for a dream" (27/04/2016)
    The club will give away two tickets to fans who deposited a bag of glass in the Igloo Sports Palace
  • The Catholic is a pioneer in Spain in establishing a collaboration agreement with EBSCO (27/04/2016)
    The UCAM Partners with EBSCO, the largest content aggregator after Google Scholar
  • Murcia City Council present in the Employment Forum ENAE (27/04/2016)

  • The Civil Guard dismantled a youth gang engaged in burglary of Huerta de Murcia (27/04/2016)
    far have been clarified a dozen robberies
  • The Murcia evaluate the first year Ballesta management and council in a public agora (27/04/2016)

  • The 439,889 Murcia can to review the status of their neighborhoods and districts with'TuMurcia' (27/04/2016)

  • Now Murcia calls for more trees and shaded areas in the courtyards of public schools (27/04/2016)
    The municipal formation indicates that more than half of the centers of the municipality require more sheltered areas of the sun, so will present a motion in Parliament
  • 'Mascletá' Against cystic fibrosis Belluga (27/04/2016)
    Ballesta. "The region has recorded 141 people with the disease, of which a total of 85 residing in Murcia Therefore, the City Council have a commitment to the Association and its 425 partners "
  • Let's change proposes a mechanism to avoid splitting expenses municipal boards (27/04/2016)
    The purpose of the motion is to avoid cases like the alleged irregularities in Beniaján
  • Music Two children / as deaf will enliven the VIII solidarity ASPANPAL Gala at the Teatro Circo (27/04/2016)
    be held at the Circus Theatre on May 24 at 19:00
  • The Garden of the Garden of Leisure Lake in Infante Juan Manuel covers an area of ​​2562 m2 (27/04/2016)

  • The Fashion Fair III Beniaján celebrates its parade on Friday with the participation of 15 businesses (27/04/2016)
    It will take place at 21:00 hours in the garden of the hamlet Monteazahar
  • Family environment conditions the reaction of abused women, according to a doctoral thesis UMU (27/04/2016)

  • The Municipal People's Party presented a motion to improve the quality of life of celiac (27/04/2016)
    A Decalogue of measures contribute to this objective
  • The University of Murcia makes the certification exam TOEIC English language (27/04/2016)

  • The University of Murcia announces a contest to install a truck restaurant on the campus of Health Sciences (27/04/2016)

  • Drones reduce costs and increase accuracy in the topography of the reservoirs (26/04/2016)
    The first day of 'Smart Campus 2016 UCAM' reviews the legislation, the latest developments and some of the applications of drones in the region of Murcia
  • Ballesta eliminates the motion now Murcia on management Emuasa (26/04/2016)
    The municipal formation complaint that the mayor "under cover rectifiable defects in shape, avoid a public debate on a topic of great interest to the public"
  • The Student Council of the UMU and UPCT drive a pact by the Public University (26/04/2016)

  • Let's change calls for real action to end attacks by the Board of Landowners in the garden of Murcia (26/04/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia regrets that the nursery school of La Paz is moved out of the neighborhood (26/04/2016)

  • The PSOE Espinardo refutes Now Murcia and asks you to respect the resolutions adopted at the plenary session (26/04/2016)
    Socialists remember that this motion and was presented at the last plenary and left on the table unanimously to gather more information, and ensure that "that remains the problem, as the voice of Murcia now has not brought anything new"
  • Baby: "We must be united, we have the most beautiful ahead" (26/04/2016)
    Next May 7, El Pozo Murcia will play the final of the Copa del Rey
  • The Romea Theatre and the Circus Theatre will host the cycle dedicated to Cervantes Year (26/04/2016)
    Organized by the Cajamurcia Foundation and the City, will offer three performances related to the Spanish writer
  • Surprised about to commit crimes against property in a mall (26/04/2016)
    In the city of Murcia
  • Photos of historical and ethnographic heritage from tomorrow beautify Street Radio Murcia and architect Peter Cerdá (26/04/2016)
    Thus begins the installation plan vinyl seeking adorn the historic town
  • Murcia, Spanish finalist in the international competition of'Desafío Ciudades' (26/04/2016)
    This award recognizes WWF actions more sustainable development of the planet
  • "The fans never failed us, and it will not do now" (26/04/2016)
    Jose Angel Antelo calls for public support to defeat Valencia Basket
  • The UCAM focuses its congress in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy field (26/04/2016)
    In the event, which opens tomorrow, Wednesday, include specialists from some of the hospitals in the Region
  • A doctoral thesis UMU provides information to companies advertising on social trends and consumer (26/04/2016)

  • The second phase of intensive cleaning in neighborhoods and districts occupy more than a hundred days of work (26/04/2016)
    This special device will be held in 20 districts and 54 villages until the middle of next June
  • The PSOE requires Guillen to explain the change of times some offices to the citizen and the closure of others in districts (26/04/2016)
    Socialists also request the convening of a negotiating table next week to address the Special Availability and Special Dedication of officials
  • Villar presented in Seville the final of the Cup SM King Futsal (26/04/2016)

  • The College of Physicians of Murcia UMU awards for their support to Medicine (26/04/2016)

  • Murcia vibrated again with his departure (25/04/2016)
    El Paseo Alfonso X witnessed Sunday's Grand Prix International Marching "Ciudad de Murcia" with absolute victories for Alberto Amezcua and Maria Perez, as well as a new regional record youngest female to Rocío Moreno
  • The mayor Ballesta convene the Local Employment Pact and the Forum to assess the festivities of Murcia proposed by the PSOE (25/04/2016)
    The Socialist Party spokesman Jose Ignacio Gras said after the Board of Spokesmen that the government starts to meet some of plenary agreements, "but lack move from good intentions to deeds"
  • Drones and digital entertainment in the 'UCAM Smart Campus 2016' (25/04/2016)
    Tomorrow, the application of drones in science and technology will be the focus and Thursday will be the turn of digital entertainment, with e-Sports and the presence of the 'gamer' professional Antonio Rivas 'Flipin'
  • Now Murcia states that the council bet on ethical banking and abandon traditional banking (25/04/2016)

  • Now challenges the call Murcia full of espinardo next Wednesday (25/04/2016)
    The member of the municipal formation complaint that has been left off the agenda's motion to declare BIC Now Murcia Palace of the Marquises of Espinardo
  • Let's change intends to apply income criteria to public prices for juvenile stays abroad (25/04/2016)

  • The City Council is moving in the constitution of the Working Group of the Employment Pact (25/04/2016)

  • The opposition decries the "electoral use" of institutional networks of the City of Murcia (25/04/2016)
    PSOE, Citizen, Now Let's change Murcia Murcia and ask the management and administration of the profiles of the most knowledgeable officials return services
  • The CS and CROEM join forces to promote employability of the students of the UMU (25/04/2016)
    Promote the increased supply of curricular practices to the students of the UMU is one of the actions included in the Action Plan of Social Council
  • On May 5 ends the period of voluntary payment of tax Motor Vehicle (25/04/2016)
    The census of 2016 the City of Murcia low for the first time in nearly 300,000 euros by increased tax benefits
  • Professor Francisco Michavila talks in seminaries Rector of the UMU on the internationalization of Spanish universities (25/04/2016)

  • The UCAM manages five medals in the Championship of Spain University tennis (25/04/2016)
    Maria Martinez (women's singles) and Marta Hernandez - Lucia Paz (women's doubles) achieved gold in Madrid
  • The Science Galla wears black poetry to Murcia (25/04/2016)
    The poetry magazine arrives next Wednesday at Murcia capital to present 'Black Album', its number five, dedicated to the 'black poetry'
  • Now Murcia calls for an indefinite moratorium on the installation of new superstores in the town (24/04/2016)
    The municipal formation also ask the City Council to urge the Regional Government to amend the recent Decree-Law No 2/2016 of 20 April. on freedom of schedules for businesses
  • The PSOE will propose to Parliament that the transfer of municipal housing as floor ward for women victims of domestic violence (24/04/2016)
    The Socialist Group recalled that the Municipal Assistance Team Violence against Women (EMAVI) attended in 2015 about 300 cases gender violence, so we must guarantee assistance to women suffering abuse
  • Let's change aims to inform the public about the pollution levels (24/04/2016)

  • 44 families enjoy the Garden Leisure Aljucer (24/04/2016)
    Currently there occupied an area of ​​4,150 m2 with 44 plots distributed to 19 retirees;
  • The City Council reform social centers Javalí Nuevo, San Jose de la Vega, Santa Cruz, Infante Juan Manuel, Sangonera La Seca, La Arboleja and El Palmar (24/04/2016)
    The renovation of all centers with a total amount of 225,214 euros
  • "We are not surgical doctors, but we must prevent from blindness to our patients" (23/04/2016)
    The I National Conference of Ophthalmology SEMERGEN held in the UCAM, where Francisco Alcazar, coordinator of Ophthalmology SEMERGEN, reflected on knowledge of primary care physicians in this area
  • The PSOE proposes a Plan for Tourism and Cultural signage for the municipality of Murcia (23/04/2016)
    The Socialist Group will lead the plenary on Thursday a motion also seeks the protection and dissemination of historical and artistic heritage
  • The Museum Ramon Gaya saw the Plaza de Santa Catalina with Quijote' `He covers and portraits of Cervantes to celebrate World Book Day (23/04/2016)

  • Dozens of children transform the garden of Fame with his creativity (23/04/2016)
    Councilman Jose Guillen has participated this morning in the 'day of play and creativity for families'
  • Rebeca Perez says that thousands of young people demonstrated yesterday #Murciasemueve q (23/04/2016)
    Councilwoman appreciates the cooperation of all and emphasizes that broad participation in the event made it clear that "young people are interested in exploring other alternatives for leisure and culture and can have to do with the City "
  • On Monday opens the deadline to apply for a place in municipal preschools (23/04/2016)
    Until May 13 they may submit applications to fill 300 vacancies for next year
  • Sport makes Murcia boiling in a city this weekend (23/04/2016)

  • The PSOE demands explanations on the Planning Commission why it has not started the revision of land-use planning (22/04/2016)
    spokesman Jose Ignacio Gras has also demanded information on the judgment of Joven Futura and expects a report by the legal services
  • The University of Murcia approved the offer of places for next year and the call for 43 assistantships (22/04/2016)

  • Now Murcia, "Navarro Corchón continues pulling the drawer urban plans ten years ago seeking approval" (22/04/2016)

  • The Civil Guard detained a person for firing up fourteen times at the home of her neighbor (22/04/2016)
    In Los Ramos Murcia
  • Il Concerto Accademico and the Chamber Choir of the UMU star in the audience a concert with music by Vivaldi (22/04/2016)

  • "In breast cancer there has been a shift to younger ages" (22/04/2016)
    Carlos Vazquez, president of the Spanish Society of Senology and Mammary Pathology has participated this morning at the First National Day Update in Breast Cancer organized by the UCAM
  • "Our little sister", a Japanese family drama, on Monday VO (22/04/2016)
    was proclaimed winner of the Audience Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2015
  • Murcia City Council approved 215,000 euros for the call for funding for various programs of Social Rights (22/04/2016)
    The sectors of the target population are families, elderly, disabled, adolescents, immigrants, Roma community, volunteers and groups at risk social exclusion
  • The underground containers of the Romea Theatre environment come into operation next June (22/04/2016)
    Murcia already has more than 500 underground points that improve the image of public roads and reduce hassles with more comfortable containers to use and less noisy in download
  • Welcomes Murcia receives 100,000 euros to develop its project care and support to 30 convalescent immigrants (22/04/2016)
    accommodation and meals will be provided to immigrants received, training and learning workshops will be held and medical care will be sought and / or psychological
  • People with disabilities continue to work in the City thanks to an agreement with Astrapace (22/04/2016)
    The Department of Administration Modernization, Urban Quality and Participation and seeks to promote social and professional integration of people with physical or mental disabilities, promoting their work capacity
  • The Traffic Service invests over 280,000 euros in the execution of work to ensure road safety (22/04/2016)
    The new contract will centralize the work on improving road safety in the town and villages thus allowing a quick and effective response to any need which may arise
  • Murcia is elected General Secretary of the Association of Spanish Agencies Energy Management (22/04/2016)
    The Local Energy Agency participated in the meeting of agencies and public bodies in the field of energy held in Barcelona
  • The City closed 2015 with savings of 13.8 million (22/04/2016)

  • The neighborhood hosts the Holy Spirit this afternoon'the awards Óscars' of virtual reality (22/04/2016)

  • Thirty huertanas rocks sing to the Virgin on the Feast of the Mayos (22/04/2016)
    As a novelty and to give more visibility to this festival, on Saturday 20 April, dances and songs in different places of the town will happen from 12 hours
  • The Socialist Party calls for the remodeling of the food market and shopping galleries San Andrés (22/04/2016)
    Socialists presented a motion to seek legal solutions to the stoppage of the reform of the property, whose award came in 2013 without having taken a step to carry it out
  • 90 students enjoy the activities of the Library José Saramago scheduled to mark World Book Day (22/04/2016)
    The World Book and Copyright is celebrated around the world in order to promote reading, publishing and intellectual property protection through copyright
  • Continued at the University of Murcia "cultural Logografías" within the DELETREARTES cycle (22/04/2016)
    the exhibition ". La Mancha of Don Quixote IV building workshop integrated with people with Down syndrome" opens today
  • The LAT Buhobús morning will be free for those attending the #MurciaSeMueve (21/04/2016)
    All intercity lines allow access to the event that will take place tomorrow at the Artillery Barracks
  • "Knowing that we will be supported by the COE and the UCAM is very important to us" (21/04/2016)
    Javier Fernandez, double world champion figure skating, thanked on behalf of the 19 athletes presented, the support provided by these institutions
  • Statements by the Director General and Sports, Fran Serrejón (21/04/2016)

  • The Civil Guard locates and stops a driver who fled after running over a cyclist in Murcia (21/04/2016)
    A few hours after the road accident
  • The recreation of the largest geode Europe and the TVE series `The Ministry of time' awarded at the Festival Transmedia (21/04/2016)
    The jury Millán Berzosa, Manuel Gonzalez, Oscar Hormigos, Inmaculada and Enrique Parejo Guiu Miñano will tomorrow presented the awards at a ceremony presided by mayor José Ballesta
  • Now Ballesta Murcia recalls that urban mobility "is not a matter of just a week" (21/04/2016)

  • The University of Murcia held tomorrow the tenth edition of the Fun Run (21/04/2016)

  • PREVIEW LNFS 29th Day - El Pozo Murcia FS vs Elche CF V. Alberola (21/04/2016)
    Objective: The third place under lock
  • The Municipal Council for Cooperation and Solidarity meets to assist Ecuador (21/04/2016)
    Murcia City Council will allocate 20,000 euros to mitigate damage in the area affected by the earthquake
  • The tourism sector in Murcia grow by about 10% thanks to the arrival of the High Speed (21/04/2016)
    According to the technical director of the network of cities AVE, Iñaki Gaztelumendi, "the benefits of the arrival of the AVE to Murcia are exceptional"
  • "We must show character if we want to win Rio Natura Monbus Obradoiro" (21/04/2016)
    Fotis Katsikaris expects the UCAM Murcia CB driven out from the first minute
  • Younger guests will enjoy Saturday a day of orientation in nature (21/04/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture has also organized a workshop introduction to climbing for Sunday
  • The garden of Fame will become Saturday in a space dedicated to creativity (21/04/2016)
    The 'Day game and creating family', which may participate for free, seeks to transform the park with productions each participant make
  • The Department of Social Rights will implement new resources as an alternative to the homeless (21/04/2016)
    Murcia City Council allocates nearly eight million euros to the fight against poverty and social exclusion in the municipality
  • The PSOE requires an Urban Mobility Plan that allows a better coexistence between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles (21/04/2016)

  • "A responsible agricultural investment is vital to ensure food for the entire population" (21/04/2016)
    The UCAM has held some days of reflection and debate on responsible investment in agriculture, which has participated Rodrigo Castaneda, head of the unit of alliances FAO
  • Let's change aims to create a protocol to implement the Historical Memory Act to street (21/04/2016)

  • #Murciasemueve Meet tomorrow to 7,000 young people in the Artillery Barracks (21/04/2016)
    The aim is to present all the activities offered for free by the Youth Council participatory, dynamic and entertaining
  • The UCAM hold a national conference on breast cancer update and work (21/04/2016)
    In the event intervene Carlos Vázquez Albaladejo, president of the Spanish Society of Senology and Breast Pathology
  • Murcia wins the first prize of the European Mobility Week (20/04/2016)

  • The University of Murcia commitment to cooperation (20/04/2016)
    2,200 UMU students spend 50,000 hours a year to charitable and volunteer work
  • Municipal Initiatives Center hosts the'Comunico cycle, then existo' (20/04/2016)
    Councilman Jesus Pacheco attended the first seminar on public speaking
  • 230 minors participating in leisure activities and leisure that the city of Murcia organized to mark the day of the book (20/04/2016)
    Events take place on 20, 22 and April 28, at 16:30 pm in the Ground Floor Mall shot
  • Professor Gloria Alarcón gives a lecture on "Women and Taxation" (20/04/2016)

  • Have awarded the president of the UCAM for innovation in university education and sport (20/04/2016)
    The Professional Association of Collegiate Investment Advisors, Finance and Judicial Experts (IDA) yesterday made awards in Madrid
  • The Cultural Center celebrates'One Espinardo night cuento' occasion of World Book Day (20/04/2016)
    Over 75 people read 34 stories or fragments of books in this free activity
  • Let's change calls for school canteens open during the summer (20/04/2016)

  • More than 200 people attend the conference on energy efficiency (20/04/2016)

  • The Office of the Bicycle invites murcianos to walk under the full moon Friendly Way between El Palmar Murcia (20/04/2016)
    On Saturday, departing from Glorieta de Spain at 20:30
  • Rafael Gomez attends the tenth anniversary of the launch of the project'Educando Justicia' the Capuchin College (20/04/2016)

  • Roundtable on flamenco in film at the University of Murcia (20/04/2016)

  • 2000 people will participate in the second edition of Charity Race Day'Run 2016' (20/04/2016)
    The test will take place on April 24 from 9:30 am starting and finishing in Ronda de Garay
  • Adopted reversal of a plot in the village of Murcia Aljucer (20/04/2016)

  • Murcia moved to Eurocities your Network project Carriles Bike Segregated (20/04/2016)
    José Ballesta presents this participatory and open to social contributions to the Secretary General of Eurocities proposal, the network of European cities that brings together more than 170 cities in 35 countries
  • Professor Pablo Artal UMU donates 20,000 euros for scholarships to outstanding high school students (20/04/2016)

  • "The game last year we go with extra motivation" (20/04/2016)
    Sadiel Rojas has warned against the environment you live the UCAM Murcia CB in the Fontes do Sar
  • Murcia is one of 12 Spanish cities chosen to host the Business Meeting Promoting SMEs (20/04/2016)
    Over 250 people attend the conferences have been held today at the Regional Archives
  • Open nominations for student representatives in the Senate (20/04/2016)

  • Murcia City Council recognizes the Ecuadorian immigrant woman first having held a consular office in Murcia (19/04/2016)
    During the ceremony, all attendees have held a minute of silence for the victims of the earthquake happened in Ecuador
  • Now Murcia denounces alleged illegal construction of industrial buildings in the garden (19/04/2016)
    Effective local police and an inspector of Urbanism have come today to a plot of Santa Cruz, on which now reports requested Murcia end of 2015
  • Let's change advocates a true interconnection of cycling (19/04/2016)

  • The UMU organizes conference to promote scientific vocations students Secondary (19/04/2016)

  • Dozens of people are interested in the implementation plan cycleway Murcia (19/04/2016)
    An information booth on the Plaza Santo Domingo celebrated the World Bicycle Day
  • A caravan Driver Education teaches more than 1,000 schoolchildren preventing accidents (19/04/2016)
    The free activity is aimed at children between 8 and 12
  • The City Council spends 98,000 euros to cover losses of the company that organizes the Festival SOS 4.8 (19/04/2016)

  • The Murcian sculptor Lidó Rico has in the Rector of the University of Murcia the exhibition "The Wedding" (19/04/2016)
    Lidó Rico reflects on the importance of good experiences in the fight against Alzheimer's
  • Virtual reality starting tomorrow landed in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit (19/04/2016)
    The VR Prize winner Murcia, which will receive 5,000 euros, has been the company Studio-Future with your video Discover the Geode Giant
  • The Municipal Archive grows with over 32,000 new pages press and 286 digitized books (19/04/2016)
    Through the web and are available www.archivodemurcia.es 15 years of the Official Gazette of the Province, the Confederation of Trade Unions daily or Murcia
  • The University of Murcia studying intellectual property rights and new technologies (19/04/2016)

  • Antelo gets 100 (19/04/2016)
    The university captain reaches the hundred parties and 1,000 points with UCAM Murcia CB
  • Rebeca Perez chairs the Local Security Board #Murciasemueve (19/04/2016)

  • Rey Jaime I Prize for Environment speaks at the UMU biodiversity (19/04/2016)

  • El Teatro Romea welcomes the work of twelve "companies" of the Social Centres for the Elderly (19/04/2016)
    700 Social Centres for the Elderly attend the 19, 20, 26 and 27 April at the Theatre Festival XII
  • Murcia, between European capitals finalists for the awards Mobility Week that fail tomorrow in Brussels (19/04/2016)

  • Detainee two specialists in robberies by the modus of "loving embrace" (19/04/2016)
    In the center of Murcia city
  • The Socialist Party calls for better maintenance of the bicycles (19/04/2016)
    And requires the City to bet on a real network of bike lanes
  • On Friday is the deadline for Short Story Contest Thader CC-University of Murcia, with 10,000 euros in prize (19/04/2016)

  • The founder of the game Angry Birds visit the school Monteagudo-Nelva (19/04/2016)
    During his stay in school visited the Children's and became interested in the educational project based on play
  • The Municipal Observatory of the Bicycle works on improving implementation study of bicycle lanes in Murcia (18/04/2016)

  • The City Council approved the draft regulation naming of roads and public spaces and municipal buildings (18/04/2016)

  • Now Murcia denounces the neglect and planning delays in the execution of a decree by debris (18/04/2016)
    Alicia Morales explains that the part of infringement raised by Navarro Corchón responds to internal communication from Murcia Now the Department of Planning
  • Monte Romero returns to reference (18/04/2016)
    The athletics track stadium located on the campus of Espinardo this Saturday will host the III and II Semifinal Infantil Cadete, as well as a number of competitions at national level in the coming weeks
  • Murcia held tomorrow the World Day of the Bicycle (18/04/2016)
    The Murcia can see first hand the new network of cycle paths.
  • Presented at the rectory of the UMU an exhibition of "neuroesculturas" (18/04/2016)

  • The City Council is preparing a special device on the occasion of the celebration of SOS 4.8 Festival (18/04/2016)
    The aim is to ensure the safety and health resources preventive whose coverage will extend to both the grounds of La Fica and to the vicinity thereof
  • Let's change requests to allocate part of the municipal Emergency Fund to the catastrophe of Ecuador (18/04/2016)

  • Art therapy improves the health of the mentally disabled, according to a doctoral thesis UMU (18/04/2016)

  • Pedro Antonio Sanchez confirms the commitment of the regional government for the AVE arrives buried in the city of Murcia (18/04/2016)
    The president of the Community meets at the Palacio de San Esteban with the members of the Pro-Soterramiento Platform of routes
  • The City Council allocated emergency funds to assist earthquake victims in Ecuador (18/04/2016)
    The Cooperation Council will meet this week to determine collaboration
  • The UCAM graduation celebrates its fifth class of graduates from Austria (18/04/2016)
    are already about 200 students from emca-campus Leobersdorf (Austria) who have completed the three titles of Magister in Coaching, Businnes Administration and Mediation and Conflict Management the Catholic University of Murcia
  • 1,000 children from all over Spain will focus on Murcia to dispute Karate Championship in Spain this weekend (18/04/2016)

  • VIII Cultural Week Begins Institute José Plans Murcia (18/04/2016)
    Until April 22 activities that revolve around the International Year of pulses developed
  • The Department of Modernization will facilitate municipal boards retransmit plenary sessions via Internet (18/04/2016)
    The City Council will provide an online space for broadcast and advertising Murcia.es and enhance its dissemination through social networks
  • The University of Murcia develops a program to prevent bullying (18/04/2016)

  • The Parks and Gardens stands up to the procesionaria (17/04/2016)
    The City performs work of prevention and elimination of the pest in 2,600 pine trees located in public spaces
  • Jose Ignacio Gras: "In the silence of Development, the city of Murcia should appeal" (17/04/2016)
    Socialist spokesman requires agreements plenary met in this regard and claims ADIF to clarify once and what their plans
  • More than 1,400 people'Run For Parkinson' in Murcia (17/04/2016)
    "Runners, walkers, skaters and children, people of all ages, has turned to support research and improve the quality of life of people affected by Parkinson" said Jose Ballesta
  • The PSOE requires Ballesta to clarify the doubts generated by the management of the village headman of the PP in Beniaján (16/04/2016)
    The Socialists try to reach an agreement with Citizens, Now Murcia and change to present a motion of censure and open a new time transparent management in the hamlet
  • The PSOE Sangonera la Verde claims the PP to the presidency of the Board working to solve the serious shortcomings experienced by schools in the district (16/04/2016)
    They have taken on several occasions to the plenary of the Municipal Board the issue of gaps in educational material
  • Fun and generosity go hand in hand in the II Solidarity Fair dedicated to Caritas Children (16/04/2016)

  • The Minister of Culture attends the annual dinner nazarena Superior Council of Guilds of Murcia (16/04/2016)

  • "In the selection we adapt to nutritional experiences of each player" (16/04/2016)
    Oscar Celada, doctor of the Spanish national football team, teaches at the Master of Nutrition in Physical Activity and Sport 'Laliga-UCAM University'
  • Jose Ignacio Gras starts in La Raya their campaign to hear neighbors in the Municipal Councils (15/04/2016)
    Socialist spokesman last mayor José Hernández "Pereticas" and stresses that wants to take the Glorieta municipal policy of closeness holding voice in the districts and neighborhoods
  • "Proper nutrition is as important as a good workout" (15/04/2016)
    Dr. Antonio Escribano, director of the Unit of Nutrition, Metabolism and Composition of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, is a professor of the Master of Nutrition in Physical Activity and sport 'Laliga-UCAM University'
  • The UMU organizes information day by the World Intellectual Property Day (15/04/2016)

  • Development notes that the purchase and sale of homes increased 13 percent in the first two months of the year (15/04/2016)
    The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure and President of Apirm present the first edition of the 'Reside Special Spring' Giving 750 new construction homes and second hand
  • Rafael Gomez receives 23 English students in the city of Murcia (15/04/2016)

  • El Paseo Alfonso X El Sabio will become an international march circuit with Miguel Angel Lopez at the head (15/04/2016)

  • Let's change calls the opposition to oust the PP Board Beniaján (15/04/2016)
    The training emphasizes the need to be processed as normal motions of censure on the boards
  • First Day of Radiology 'The architecture applied to hospital construction' (15/04/2016)
    radiology services Murcia hospitals, the best designed of Spain
  • Let's change adds to the concentration antitaurina Sunday (15/04/2016)

  • Baby and Miguelín give a talk to the school of Santa Maria School of Peace-Jesutinas (15/04/2016)

  • More than 47,000 people visited the Visitors Center of Light last year (15/04/2016)
    The Governing Board approved the contract specifications for the surveillance of this tourist facility
  • "The dressmaker", set in Australia in the 50s, on Monday VO (15/04/2016)

  • An agreement with the Association of Young Entrepreneurs will develop projects that promote employment in the municipality (15/04/2016)
    The agreement will provide technical advice the implementation of business initiatives
  • Murcia next week becomes the international capital of virtual reality and digital creation (15/04/2016)

  • Patients with the E-health and soil pollution, study objects Biolaw Congress UMU (15/04/2016)

  • The City of Murcia organizes the IV 4/40 Groups'Caminando by Salud' that runs along the route of the Castles of Monteagudo (15/04/2016)

  • The City Council renews its collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer and Educa Association (15/04/2016)
    Destina for it a grant of 75,000 euros
  • Youth promoted in the districts European voluntary service (15/04/2016)
    Since last year has been achieved Community funding for 105 young people will enjoy these projects in different European countries
  • The City Council allocated 800,000 euros for the construction of a football field 8 artificial turf and locker rooms in Cobatillas (15/04/2016)

  • The Socialist Party denounced again Terra Natura waste poses to the coffers of the City of Murcia (15/04/2016)

  • The UMU collaborate with the Association of Computer Engineers in the continuing education of professionals (15/04/2016)

  • The University of Murcia published a monograph on the digitization of curriculum content (15/04/2016)

  • Facundo Campazzo and Jose Angel Antelo, candidates #MVPLigaEndesa (14/04/2016)
    College players are part of the social vote by the award
  • Vialta, a year with basketball and football teams UCAM (14/04/2016)

  • The Office of Graffiti innovates with a traveling mural on women (14/04/2016)
    The Service, under the Department of Public Works, has served in a single month a hundred requests for Whatsapp
  • Let's change denounces the neglect of local government in maintaining the school "Rafael Nicolas Raya" (14/04/2016)
    Sangonera la Verde
  • A conference at the University of Murcia studying how they affect health contaminated soils (14/04/2016)

  • Returning Jose Ruiz and JE and enter Josema, and Elias El Pozo Fernando City (14/04/2016)
    Matteus and Miguelín, nominated for awards FutsalPlanet
  • Now Murcia denounces trafficking of large tonnage and debris in a lane orchard El Palmar (14/04/2016)
    Alicia Morales said that "we must not allow the rails orchard become industrial estates, and even less, if possible, in landfills "
  • Spain knows the "Roadmaps for Energy" project of the City of Murcia (14/04/2016)

  • I Obstetric Day for residents of Obstetrics and Gynecology (R1 and R2) (14/04/2016)
    gynecology residents are formed with UCAM simulators to face risk situations
  • Murcia pay homage to Cervantes in the fourth centenary of his death with activities for all ages (14/04/2016)

  • The City of Murcia participates in the Forward project CEPAIM for the social integration of disadvantaged women (14/04/2016)
    This project, funded by the European Social Fund, is integrated as an essential support for the referral of women victims of gender violence and women socially excluded served by the municipal social services
  • 91 establishments and services already have their Tourist Quality Commitment (14/04/2016)
    Murcia occupies the 8th place nationwide with more activities that meet the Plan Quality Tourism Mayor, José Ballesta, has attended the laying of the plate which distinguishes the Cathedral Museum
  • The Festival To Be or Not Be raise funds to help rare disease patients and their families (14/04/2016)

  • II edition of the Fair's Lemon Merchants Association Vistalegre (14/04/2016)
    It will take place from 22 to 30 April with an extensive program of activities that promote commercial activity in the neighborhood of Vistalegre
  • Program "Networks" 2016 (14/04/2016)
    urban art workshop, Funky, Kpop and guided by the municipality routes are some of the free activities'Redes' program of the City of Murcia
  • The First Congress of Radiology "Architecture applied to the Hospital Construction" will be open tomorrow (14/04/2016)
    The UCAM studies the importance of correct architectural design of radiology services
  • High school students from the region participate in the Olympiad morning Economics at the University of Murcia (14/04/2016)

  • Jose Ignacio Gras mayor goes along with representatives of the PSOE in the municipal boards (14/04/2016)
    Socialist spokesman began a campaign of direct listening to citizens accompanying the village headman and spokesmen for the PSOE in neighborhoods and districts
  • The UMU welcomes tomorrow Google a worldwide event to promote the presence of women in the technology world (14/04/2016)

  • The Socialist Party calls the City Council to add to require Fomento dates and financing of the works of excavation and the AVE (14/04/2016)
    The Socialist Group believes that Murcia High Speed ​​and the Monitoring Committee should meet urgently following the agreement signed yesterday in the Congress of Deputies to meet the protocol 2006
  • Drama students performed at the University of Murcia a dramatized reading on the current refugee crisis (14/04/2016)
    This activity is part of the campaign Staying alive Doctors Without Borders
  • Children are again protagonists of trade in Murcia Center at Children's Fair II Solidarity (14/04/2016)
    activities and shows enliven the morning of Saturday 16 in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga
  • "I want to give my best and work every day" (13/04/2016)
    Yanick Moreira has been officially presented as player UCAM Murcia CB
  • Conference at the UMU about the virus mutation (13/04/2016)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a conference to discuss the various aspects of criminology (13/04/2016)

  • The Town Planning, Environment and Huerta, Antonio Navarro visit the farm'Los Ginovinos' (13/04/2016)

  • "Difficulties information and new technologies" at the Faculty of Communication and Documentation UMU (13/04/2016)
    Part of the campaign Staying alive Doctors Without Borders
  • The ancient city of Kashgar in the Mills River area (13/04/2016)
    Tomorrow sample Photographer Luis Sáez murciano opens
  • Now Murcia sues Emuasa the appointment of the manager (13/04/2016)
    The municipal formation indicates that Jose Ramon Diez de Revenga, "must be set aside immediately from the company" and warns that "hold it in place can make the declaration of invalidity of all actions carried out "
  • The UCAM presents awards of Scientific Olympics (13/04/2016)
    The institution finances 100% of tuition for the first year to the top finishers in each category
  • El Pozo Murcia City: Young, ready and ... First Division (13/04/2016)
    The coach and the three captains highlight the courage and breed equipment
  • The Chinese delegation Vineyard visit the City and covers the main tourist attractions of Murcia (13/04/2016)
    Promoting wines and Murcia products and establish new business links with China and the promotion of tourism in Murcia were some of the goals
  • More than 200 swimmers with disabilities participate in the Second National Open Swimming Adapted from Murcia (13/04/2016)

  • Huerta Live denounces the works of the highway Reguerón for not complying with the environmental impact statement (13/04/2016)

  • The City invests about one million euros to strengthen the mobile equipment and technical means Fire and Local Police (13/04/2016)
    Ballesta: "Our commitment is to support these two essential public services with more means, as investment in safety and prevention saving lives and get where they need Murcia "
  • The PSOE requires the service of podiatry in senior centers is restored (13/04/2016)
    Socialists remind Crossbow municipal January plenary approved, on the initiative of the Socialist Group, the continuity of this service, but until now has been solved
  • Promoting bicycle use: repression is the solution? (13/04/2016)

  • April 19, World Day Bike (13/04/2016)
    BMn organizes a series of activities around April 19.
  • Murcia, present at the Second Congress of Smart Cities (13/04/2016)
    Guillen: "We want the new technologies are to serve the public giving better service, improving the quality of life of Murcia, facilitating their relationship with management and may make arrangements conveniently from home "
  • The National Police arrested the caretaker of old men draw from their accounts after more than one hundred thousand euros (13/04/2016)
    The "caretaker" refused to leave the family home after the death of the two old people who attended;
  • Let's change "the judgment on the Infrastructure Plan leaves the Consistory a mortgage of 80 million" (12/04/2016)

  • IU-Green believes the Supreme Court ruling on Infrastructure Plan the north as another disaster of the House was (12/04/2016)

  • More than a thousand children from Bacons Bridge visit the exposure of lead figurines (12/04/2016)
    The exhibition recreates the ancient cultures and great wars of history
  • The Supreme Court will clarify who bears the costs of infrastructure in the northern municipality (12/04/2016)
    The City appeals the Supreme Court ruling nullifying the special plan, which stated that the promoters had to deal with investment in sanitation networks, supply, telecommunications, etc.
  • The techniques and latest developments in criminology, at the international conference which opens tomorrow at the UMU (12/04/2016)
    The University of Murcia (UMU) held from 13 to 15 April, a congress which will be announced those techniques, instruments and means used at national and international level in the field of criminology
  • The application deadline ILA scholarship for mobility opens with Latin American universities (12/04/2016)

  • The information package opens UMU teachers reported (12/04/2016)

  • Now Murcia denounces the ninguneo consistory observatory bicycle (12/04/2016)
    The municipal formation indicates that this advisory body have not been issues like campaign fines to cyclists traveling on the sidewalk or the courses that will be taught and monitors users
  • The race in support of Real Murcia expected to draw a crowd of runners around the Nueva Condomina (12/04/2016)

  • 200 years of the history of Murcia a click (12/04/2016)

  • "I want all my minutes on the field are quality" (12/04/2016)
    Victor Arteaga, who played an important role against Andorra MoraBanc has warned of the danger of ICL Manresa
  • The Music Library of Castilla Gates hosts a concert of the legendary group Geometric Splendor (12/04/2016)
    Next Saturday, at 21 pm, with free entrance until full capacity
  • The Socialist Party denounced the irresponsibility of Ballesta announcing ridiculous reductions in the price of water (12/04/2016)
    Councilman Enrique Ayuso calls for further reduction based on better management of Emuasa, which should be investigated contracts and incompatibilities of senior officials
  • El Pozo Murcia FS works and donates blood in the season finale UMU Social Centre (12/04/2016)

  • Vacations Firefighters will be set according to current shifts (12/04/2016)
    Councilwoman Lola Sanchez holds another meeting with union representatives Service Firefighting and Rescue
  • Rafael Gomez visits the Garden of CEIP Infanta Cristina School by the Minister of Education and Universities (12/04/2016)

  • The forest farms municipal may be preserved thanks to an agreement signed between the city of Murcia and ACUDE Association (12/04/2016)
    Allows land stewardship as a tool for conservation of cultural, natural and landscape values ​​and promotion of traditional uses of the environment compatible with conservation
  • The University of Murcia announces contest for the maintenance of the Veterinary Teaching Farm (12/04/2016)

  • "More and more civilian victims of war" (Mila Font, MSF Delegate for Murcia) (12/04/2016)
    yesterday participated in seminaries of the Rector of the University of Murcia
  • Convened research contracts from the Department of Environment of the Port Authority of Cartagena-Campus Mare Nostrum (CMN) (12/04/2016)

  • The IES Floridablanca Murcia pays homage to Cervantes in its sixth week of Letters and Social Sciences (12/04/2016)
    Programming includes workshops, lectures, meetings with researchers and poetry and is recognized William Shakespeare
  • Constituted the Government Strategy Committee of Information Technology (11/04/2016)
    This initiative is key to the process of modernization of the City Council, implementation of new technologies at the service of Murcia and in the township smartcitys
  • The Michelin star Fernando Canales surprises with its 'masterclass' on verdel students Gastronomy (11/04/2016)
    The chef, restaurant owner Etxanobe, gave the last workshop of the season 'Entre Chefs' cycle that has cooked three reinterpretations of traditional dishes of Basque cuisine
  • The opposition demands payment to workers Help Address (11/04/2016)
    And blames the mayor of the continuing delays
  • Let's change course values ​​the bike but criticizes that are not accompanied by comprehensive plans (11/04/2016)

  • The Universidad del Mar hosts a seminar on the influence of the Emperor Hadrian in the peninsula (11/04/2016)
    The registration period closes on April 14
  • The PSOE requires Urbanism begin the revision of land-use planning of Murcia (11/04/2016)
    Councilman Enrique Ayuso claims that the agreements of the Plenary are met and propose at the next Planning Commission to commission urgently diagnostic study of the current Plan General
  • The University of Murcia collaborate in the campaign "Staying Alive" Doctors Without Borders (11/04/2016)

  • Rafael Gomez meets with Feremur to balance the opening period of libraries during the month of February (11/04/2016)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a cycle of horror in film, literature and television (11/04/2016)

  • El Pozo Murcia City Cartagena FS vs R. Plastics, Sunday April 17 in Hall Cagigal (11/04/2016)

  • More than 800 people participate in the Second Edition of the March Cicloturista Family Solidarity (11/04/2016)
    The funds raised will be given to Red Cross Foundation Vicente Ferrer, Queen Ainara Soldiers Association, Association All Heart of Murcia
  • The Murcia can learn to ride a bike safely and responsibly thanks to a free course (11/04/2016)
    The Hall of bike will also offer courses for monitors
  • The UMU held tomorrow a workshop bee visits to the combs Espinardo campus (11/04/2016)
    The University of Murcia (UMU) has organized for tomorrow, Tuesday, a workshop of bees in the combs Espinardo campus will visit
  • Late Saturday and modernization in Monte Romero (10/04/2016)

  • Las Salinas de Sangonera la Seca are now a protected natural area (10/04/2016)

  • Murcia presents its Municipal Energy map in Congress Intelligent Energy (10/04/2016)
    The Local Agency for Energy and Climate Change Murcia roadmaps for Energy presents its program next week in Madrid
  • The Socialist Party calls for an urgent meeting of Murcia High Speed ​​society to know the schedule of works (10/04/2016)
    The Municipal Socialist Group has also requested a new meeting of the Monitoring Committee
  • The City Council extends and improves children's play area Garden José Antonio Camacho South Ronda (10/04/2016)
    Children under 12 can enjoy almost a dozen new games perfectly adapted in a space of 360 square meters
  • Tomorrow marks the bike path I Aljucer, with 230 registered (09/04/2016)

  • The Socialist Party demands again restore the Line 27 bus that links the villages of the South Coast with the Arrixaca and West Polygon (09/04/2016)
    Councilman Juan Vicente Larrosa claims information to the Department of Public Works and states that "promises are to meet them "
  • Virtual reality, digital animation and other creative trends in innovative festival open to Murcia (09/04/2016)
    The Holy Spirit Transmedia Festival will be held at the Multipurpose Hall of the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit Espinardo during the days 20, 21 and 22 April.
  • Student Strike April 13 Murcia (09/04/2016)

  • Now Murcia opposes the exclusive assignment of La Condomina to UCAM (08/04/2016)
    The municipal formation today urged the Department of Sports and Health various reports and documentation related to using the UCAM has been making the stadium and the new agreement
  • "We have to make a very complete game to win" (08/04/2016)
    Fotis Katsikaris demands sacrifice in defense to stop the inside game of MoraBanc Andorra
  • Let's change argues that citation Mendoza casts further doubt on the performance of the City (08/04/2016)

  • The discovery of a bust of Loustau awards and put an end to acts of the Week of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Murcia (08/04/2016)

  • Let's change regrets that the City focus its efforts to hunt cyclist rather than promote sustainable mobility (08/04/2016)

  • The UMU receives the full inclusion Laurel Award Murcia federation (08/04/2016)

  • Student entrepreneurs start in the UCAM their technology projects with Telefonica Talentum Startups program (08/04/2016)
    Scholarship students have the space, the mentor and the necessary material for the execution of his ideas
  • Now Murcia, "Mendoza has a lot of explaining to do in court" (08/04/2016)

  • Let's change says that the closure of preschools in July demonstrates the inability of the municipal government (08/04/2016)

  • The PSOE requires the City Council to find an alternative to the closure of preschools solution in July (08/04/2016)
    Socialists collect the claim of parents who report that in the course halfway and without them, have been informed the closure of these schools ten days earlier than expected
  • The City Council will enable an "official seal point" for pilgrims on the Way of the Cross (08/04/2016)

  • The new drivers will have to pass a test of basic knowledge (08/04/2016)
    The City seeks to guarantee the quality of service provided in the taxi sector
  • People with intellectual disabilities will practice at City Hall to facilitate their entry into employment (08/04/2016)
    Two students will work in the Information Service and Citizen Service and Social Services for six months
  • Two pumpers modernize the vehicle fleet Service Fire Fighting (08/04/2016)
    The operational envelope of Fire consists of 37 vehicles Murcia
  • Angel Haro Painting Day and Night of Museums (08/04/2016)
    city of Murcia and Autonomous Community work in organizing various activities to be held from 17 to 21 May in Murcia art centers
  • Homage of the Roma community in Murcia 500,000 Roma victims of the Holocaust (08/04/2016)

  • The PSOE criticizes Ballesta wants to punish cyclists to occupy the sidewalks when there is a network of bike lanes in the city (08/04/2016)
    The Socialists claim that an ordinance regulating its use is developed and that coexistence between cyclists to encourage, pedestrians and vehicles
  • Dismantled association of friends of cannabis creators of a ticket for the transfer of narcotic substance (08/04/2016)
    In the center of Murcia city
  • 410 poor families under 85 schools in the municipality will benefit from aid to support schooling (08/04/2016)
    This contribution is for the second and third quarter of the school year 2015-2016
  • The City of Murcia program more than 100 free activities in the 16 libraries that are part of the Municipal Network (08/04/2016)

  • 18 murcianos shops offer great promotions in the seventh edition of Market Flea on Liberty Avenue (08/04/2016)
    It will take place on Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00 hours
  • PREVIEW LNFS 27th Day - El Pozo Murcia FS vs Palma Futsal (08/04/2016)
    duel for third place
  • The delegate Levante Medecins Sans Frontieres participates in seminaries Monday Rector of the University of Murcia (08/04/2016)

  • The UMU perform optical revisions players Basketball Federation Region (08/04/2016)

  • Adirmu new venue at the Palacio de los Deportes, which offers free consultations to people with diabetes (08/04/2016)
    Ballesta: "More than 100,000 murcianos diabetes and the City Council want to support the transfer of this local specialized work Adirmu that has more than 30 years working for the health of Murcia. "
  • Adirmu inaugurates headquarters that the City has granted in the Palacio de los Deportes (07/04/2016)

  • The "Packed trade" City Council give the keys to provide better customer service (07/04/2016)
    The workshop, which was attended by 25 entrepreneurs seven associations, was held today at the Center for Municipal Initiatives
  • The PSOE requires the participation of society Murcia facilitate the drafting of Municipal Regulations Transparency (07/04/2016)
    The Socialist Group wants to put up a computer application for anyone to make contributions and count the opinion of the Parish, the current draft of the City of Murcia
  • HUERMUR is person on record to declare BIC the Royal Salinas de Sangonera (07/04/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia asked the City Council environmental and cultural supervision in the peel of the flumes (07/04/2016)
    And claims the assessment of damage caused by the felling of elms in the ditch Alquibla
  • The renowned artist Mustapha Ben Lahmar watercolor teaches a course next weekend at the Museum of the City (07/04/2016)

  • World Health Day (07/04/2016)
    Miguelín joins the #PormiSalud campaign that promotes the Ministry of Health of the Region
  • The Traffic Department will launch a campaign for cyclists transiting sidewalks and respect traffic rules (07/04/2016)

  • Launched two scholarships for professional initiation in environmental activities (07/04/2016)

  • Gabriel Lima to Palma: "We have to be 100% mentally and physically" (07/04/2016)

  • "We can not think of anything other than win MoraBanc Andorra" (07/04/2016)
    Vitor Benite believes his game losing streak is over
  • El Pintor Pedro Flores College visit to UCAM Murcia CB (07/04/2016)

  • 600 participants will visit Cabezo de Torres in the second edition of the Race 10K benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (07/04/2016)
    The test will take place on April 10 at 10:00
  • The Socialist Party denounced the cuts in the Day Care Centers significantly reduces sociosaniataria attention hurting users (07/04/2016)
    The Socialists say that in the case of nursing service, cuts in hours are up to 75%
  • University Orientation Days on the campus of Lorca (07/04/2016)

  • The company recognizes IBM Professor of UMU Antonio Skarmeta (07/04/2016)
    The computer company IBM has awarded a grant to Professor of Telematic Engineering at the University of Murcia (UMU) Antonio Skarmeta
  • 400 students and over 40 teachers from San Felix School commemorated Sports Day with the I Carrera Solidarity (07/04/2016)
    The seminar, organized for the benefit of Afacmur, has been developed by the school grounds and surrounding streets with different stages, groups and tours adapted to the different ages
  • 70 universities from 10 countries at the Fourth International Congress TUI (07/04/2016)
    Organized by the International Observatory of Banco Santander University Smart Card
  • One hundred families benefit from workshops Early Stimulation of the City of Murcia (07/04/2016)

  • The UCAM drives the implementation of 'smart cities' (07/04/2016)
    The Catholic Institution has joined the cluster CitizeM, unaagrupación of companies, institutions, research centers and universities cooperating for the common good
  • The UCAM hosts the first exhibition of doctoral thesis in Dentistry (07/04/2016)
    The new doctors by UCAM, Jorge Eduardo Delgado and Javier Marenque, has obtained the cum laude in their respective investigations
  • The rector of the University of Murcia, at the International Congress of University Smart Card (07/04/2016)

  • The Civil Guard requested the protection of the Royal Salinas de Sangonera la Seca Murcia (06/04/2016)
    has been requested declaration of cultural interest to all the salt, which includes a manor house with chapel, the tower of a windmill and several rafts
  • Let's change the local government recalls that laws are to meet them, referring to the Historical Memory (06/04/2016)

  • A day resolve any questions on energy efficiency to companies and organizations murcianos (06/04/2016)
    Attendance at this meeting, to be held on April 20 in the annex to City Hall building, is free
  • A dozen activities will celebrate World Dance Day (06/04/2016)
    In addition six galas that take place in different venues, the Plaza Belluga host a show with free access in which Murcia will enjoy a great show of contemporary dance, classical and Flamenco
  • Let's change Murcia claimed the creation of the municipal plan for Equality 2017-2019 (06/04/2016)

  • "If we play like in the fourth quarter against Real Madrid can beat anyone" (06/04/2016)
    Scott Wood has noted the improvement in the defensive team
  • Adri to Palma: "We played more than three points" (06/04/2016)

  • A course at the University of Mar analyze the proposals of political parties in the field of labor law (06/04/2016)

  • Women take the witness of the popular races with own test in which 5,000 participants will gather on Sunday (06/04/2016)

  • A course at the Universidad Internacional del Mar give visibility to people with disabilities (06/04/2016)

  • UMU students vote where to invest 40,000 euros budgeted for projects (06/04/2016)

  • The City Council encourages Murcia to exercising 30 minutes a day to prevent disease (06/04/2016)
    The Councillor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, this morning attended the activities organized to mark the World Day of Physical Activity
  • Ballesta: "We protest and participatory districts, with more power management and direct service of his people" (05/04/2016)

  • Presented in Murcia Aros Health assisted therapy horses (05/04/2016)
    Regional Minister Volante Thomas attends the presentation of Aros Health
  • Now Murcia complaint with the Civil Guard logging elms protected in the ditch more alquibla (05/04/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia complaint "alleged irregularities" in the procurement of Emuasa companies Agbar Group (05/04/2016)
    The municipalist training is drafting a report that lead to the prosecution and analyzing other possible legal avenues to clarify what happened
  • The University of Murcia held a workshop on the draft veterinary cooperation in Lebanon (05/04/2016)

  • Students, parents and teachers of San Felix School Sports Day commemorated with the I Carrera Solidarity (05/04/2016)
    The seminar, organized for the benefit of Afacmur, held on Thursday from 10 am
  • More than 60 businessmen known in the UCAM new managerial skills to manage projects (05/04/2016)
    Agile methodologies, tools and risk analysis are some of the aspects to be addressed in this training cycle of four weeks
  • The XXIII edition of the Flamenco Summit of Murcia blends tradition and freshness in the Romea and Circus theaters (05/04/2016)

  • Famdif opens the doors of its new Center for Youth Day with 25 seats and personalized services (05/04/2016)

  • The PSOE proposes the creation of a public forum and participation to evaluate the Festival of Murcia (05/04/2016)
    José Ignacio Gras think essential a call to all festeras entities, entrepreneurs catering and political groups in the City Council to analyze, correct and improve activities festive
  • The PSOE requires Emuasa to clarify the situation of workers keepers scuppers (05/04/2016)
    The Socialists ask the company to solve the mess of contracts and subcontracts which has led to the dismissal more than twenty workers and is harming the service
  • Saxophonist Kenny Garret closed Thursday Jazz & Black cycle in Murcia Circus Theatre (05/04/2016)
    In this edition have gone through the cycle musicians as Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro, Betty Lavette and Vargas Blues Band
  • The City Council invites you to take a guided by the watchmaker Sunday route for free (05/04/2016)
    From the top you can enjoy stunning views of the moonscape, the Puerto de la Cadena, the Campo de Cartagena and the Huerta de Murcia
  • IV bilingual campus futsal Miguelín (05/04/2016)

  • "The match against Andorra MoraBanc be a final" (05/04/2016)
    Carlos Cabezas said that it had left a bittersweet taste after the defeat against Real Madrid
  • The Faculty of Arts III joins the International Day morning Ladino (05/04/2016)

  • The University of Murcia calls elections for student representatives in the Senate (05/04/2016)

  • Social Rights propose to the full City Council a street remember the International Roma Day (05/04/2016)

  • Murcia part in a conference to improve air quality in cities (05/04/2016)
    The Local Agency for Energy and Climate Change working on organizing a national meeting on sustainability and the environment
  • Murcia Cobras wins convincingly against Granada (04/04/2016)
    Murcia Cobras won the crucial match that took place last Saturday against Granada Lions
  • Now Murcia: "Neighbors affected bought their entry into the dugout Plaza Camachos, not a fiend" (04/04/2016)
    The municipal formation has requested information on the management of the chairs in areas without concessions and booth sales of tickets
  • Let's change the problem seen in chairs a "lack of transparency" of the accounts of the Burial of the Sardine (04/04/2016)

  • The University of Murcia allocated 200,000 euros for aid to teaching innovation groups (04/04/2016)

  • Murcia joins the Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardens (04/04/2016)
    The Department of Modernization boost its presence in the vivirlosparques initiative that can already be seen in 360 ° the Garden of Floridablanca, highlighting its natural heritage
  • The City Council will award the murcianos participating in the initiative '30 days bici' (04/04/2016)
    The most creative video, best picture and best network monitoring MUyBICI receive bonuses and accessories for cycling
  • The Faculty of Biology of the University of Murcia celebrates its XXIX Week with various activities of scientific dissemination (04/04/2016)

  • Miguelín, Raul Campos, Bebe, and Álex Adri, invited to play the pass to the World Cup in Colombia in Melilla (04/04/2016)

  • Hotel occupancy in Murcia exceeds 95% during the holidays, 5 points above last year (04/04/2016)
    Ballesta: "They have broken records of occupation, with absolute full of Murcia, in the most important days throughout the period as a whole "
  • Murcia Three Cultures commemorate the 750th anniversary of the establishment of the Council of Murcia (04/04/2016)

  • The PSOE Sangonera la Verde condemns the state of neglect that presents the Senior Center of the hamlet (04/04/2016)
    Socialists lament the lack of maintenance of the center and lists some of the main problems, among which are malfunctioning air conditioning or stacking chairs and other utensils in corridors
  • The PSOE again rejected the closure of the nursery school of Gea and Truyols (04/04/2016)
    Councilwoman Susan Hernandez considers the decision of the Ministry of Education as a mortal blow to the village "as it will deter any family to settle here if you have to bring their children every day to Sucina "
  • The Murcian streets live the seventh edition of the race solidarity'Run For Parkinson's' (04/04/2016)
    will take place on April 17 at 10:00 am starting and finishing in the Plaza de la Fuensanta
  • They have already made history in the Club (04/04/2016)
    El Pozo Murcia City, a win Championship title II
  • José Gabriel Ballester and Cristina González put the triumphal touch to the Spring Festival (03/04/2016)
    Athlete of the CT Santomera wins the III Sardine Run with a time of 33:45, by 40:21 for Bikila athlete Murcia, test by winning 5K Francisco Nicolas and Almudena Garcia
  • The special cleaning device allows dawns Murcia ready to enjoy the city hours after the Burial of the Sardine (03/04/2016)
    La Plaza de Santo Domingo refocuses this morning many people to enjoy the Festival of Magic
  • The PSOE is pleased that, thanks to the exerted pressure, start light finally parks and gardens remained dark (03/04/2016)
    Socialists remember that there are still areas with bad or no lighting and urge the council Roque Ortiz to solve the problem in the rest of parks and gardens in the municipality
  • The Regional Blood Donation Center works in coordination with the city of Murcia to promote donation in the municipality (03/04/2016)
    This collaboration has provided the municipality with signage indicating how to reach the Regional Blood Donation Center
  • Thousands of people flock to the Plaza Circular to pick up the mantle of flowers installed during the holidays (02/04/2016)
    The Mayor, accompanied by Councilman Jose Guillen, has participated in the distribution
  • The Tuna Universitaria de Figuera da Foz wins the XXIX International Music Festival (02/04/2016)
    La Tuna Tuna Porto and Valladolid Law reaches 2nd and 3rd place
  • Let's change Councilman Sergio Ramos participates in the First Congress of Secular Europe (01/04/2016)

  • The presidents of municipal boards attend training days (01/04/2016)
    to provide a more agile, effective, efficient and transparent management to Murcia
  • An exhibition created at the Museum of Science and Water of Murcia will be shown at the Planetarium of Castellón for seven months (01/04/2016)
    Thanks to the agreement signed between the city of Murcia and the city of Castellón
  • The Murcia Moneo is dyed blue to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day (01/04/2016)
    The main objective is to "raise public awareness to understand, accept and include these children in social life, work and leisure," according indicates Ruiz Caballero
  • The National Police dismantled a selling point for small-scale narcotic substance (01/04/2016)
    In the neighborhood of El Carmen
  • The Governing Board awarded the new contract citizen service (01/04/2016)
    municipal information service extended care hours and languages ​​
  • The City Council and Community formalize their commitment to implement the recovery of San Esteban and its surroundings (01/04/2016)

  • Now Murcia asks for a ruling by the consistory for the opening of the regional library on weekends (01/04/2016)
    The municipal formation asks the mayor to urge the Ministry of Culture to maintain service on Saturdays and open on Sundays, as was before the cuts
  • Processions and parades tomorrow will sardinero atmosphere in the streets of the city before departure Burial (01/04/2016)
    Musical entertainment will liven up the wait at Plaza Martínez Tornel until it starts burning
  • The PSOE requires Guillen that the technical day for pedáneos are not an isolated event, but a system of continuous training (01/04/2016)
    Socialists defend the need to train the representatives of the Municipal Councils from transparency and participation for clean management and effective
  • A program promotes arts education in dance and theater for children and youth in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit (01/04/2016)

  • The City Council renews its strategy to drive to Murcia as a tourist destination (01/04/2016)

  • Pedro Antonio Sanchez stressed the support of the Community to the Burial of the Sardine, "a profitable holiday and job" (01/04/2016)
    The head of Murcia receives in the Palacio de San Esteban members of the Sardine Association on the occasion of the acts of the Burial of the Sardine, declared of International Tourist Interest
  • History twinning between knights of La Fuensanta and devotees of La Arrixaca (01/04/2016)
    The event coincides with the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the restoration of the cult of La Fuensanta in Murcia and the 380 anniversary of the constitution of the Brotherhood of La Arrixaca
  • Previous week 26 - Aspil Vidal Ribera Navarra vs El Pozo Murcia FS (01/04/2016)
    Fifth game of the season
  • The City Council distributed 12,000 flowers planted morning in the Plaza Circular during the holidays (01/04/2016)
    From 11 am

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