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Murcia News - September 2014

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  • The new cycle approaches the International TCM murciano public the best theater (30/09/2014)
    The Teatro Circo Murcia includes for the first time in its program the TCM INTERNATIONAL cycle, with the aim of bringing the public Murcia, best of the world stage
  • The FEMP promoting a reform of the Land Registry Act to amend the valuation of developable land undeveloped (30/09/2014)
    will mean that undeveloped buildable land will have a much less than the current assessed valuation that impact the IBI
  • A Mexican marriage donates two calendars and a watercolor of his Museum Ramon Gaya (30/09/2014)
    The Mexico Room show part original watercolor calendar entitled Mazapanes Toledo Toledo Meridian World
  • The Foundation intended Robles Chillida 29,000 euros in aid for research at the University of Murcia (30/09/2014)

  • Franklin: "In Tudela have to get the three points as" (30/09/2014)

  • The PP Chamber continues to give back to the thousands of residents affected by the social injustice of IBI de la Huerta (30/09/2014)

  • "We sell smiles" (30/09/2014)
    José Ángel Antelo has said are "physically well"
  • Electra project partners together in Barcelona give (30/09/2014)
    The second meeting of the eleven members from eight European countries, takes place today and tomorrow
  • ... (30/09/2014)

  • Mutrans The mobile application allows you to create routes through the town by tram, bus, cycling and walking and get real-time traffic (30/09/2014)
    The Department of Traffic and Transportation has also created a profile on Twitter and Facebook where, in addition to providing information on transport, bonds will be raffled
  • The National Police dismantled an organized group dedicated to theft of vehicles for scrapping (30/09/2014)
    are five detainees and a record made in the establishment of self-dismantling of Puebla de Soto.
  • Mediterranean cuisine for your heart (30/09/2014)
    Suquet fish, chicken and dry fruits have been skimmed curd recipes developed by chef Hector Lorente
  • "If the council does not rectified, we will exhaust all avenues" (30/09/2014)
    Platform affected by opposition from Murcia
  • Mercamurcia receives the visit of a delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand (30/09/2014)
    The objective is to establish commercial relations between the two countries
  • The Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia shows a sample made of pasta peach leaf (30/09/2014)

  • The National Police neutralized and deactivated an artillery shell found in a house in El Palmar (30/09/2014)

  • IU-Greens oppose the arrival of the AVE if there is a project funded for burial (29/09/2014)

  • ADIF comprehensive project confirms that the AVE is 100% compatible with the burial (29/09/2014)
    The City has requested that advance studies Nonduermas-Barriomar section, which brings greater population density, because "the first thing is to solve the problem of people "
  • House regrets the death of Diego Lopez, who "gave his life to his people" (29/09/2014)
    The Mayor recalled that "worked with absolute dedication to solve the everyday problems that were raised in El Palmar"
  • Murcia to the streets by heart disease (29/09/2014)
    This initiative, part of the World Heart Day (today, 29 September), held concurrently, besides in Murcia, in Álava, Alcalá de Henares, Gijón, León , Madrid, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Valencia
  • The Classroom Debate at the University of Murcia opens the course (29/09/2014)
    A debate on the direct election of mayors chosen theme
  • Green Greenweekend projects cited in the CIM-M are given (29/09/2014)
    Easy Garden, a kit for growing in your own home, that won the first match of green entrepreneurs The Department of Environment has agreed to cede bike ideas Green finalists to move through the city
  • Murcia City Council is launching a charity project repair, recovery and donation of bicycles (29/09/2014)
    The Recicleta initiatives already has about 21 bikes for people who request to NGOs Township
  • Fourteen athletes add to the sporty and training project UCAM and COE (29/09/2014)
    Associations athletes in football, basketball, futsal, handball and cycling are also incorporated to provide training to members
  • Birth of a new baby shark at the Aquarium of the University of Murcia (29/09/2014)
    A baby white tip shark species Triaenodon obesus born in late August at the Aquarium of the University of Murcia
  • Murcia Celebrates Heart Week II in order to promote the acquisition of healthy habits among citizens (29/09/2014)

  • A book on convalescence, home of the Rector is presented for a quarter of a century (29/09/2014)

  • Join the Culture (29/09/2014)
    The Department offers 500 workshops and nearly 10,000 seats in the widest range that offers Murcia
  • The City Council gave a plot to Afamur for the development of their program activities (28/09/2014)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB on the 20th anniversary of COC (27/09/2014)
    About 300 guests gathered to commemorate the second decade of the eye clinic, directed by Ramón Megías
  • The weekend green entrepreneurs working today on the six finalists Ideas (27/09/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia AVE rejects arrival "without commitment or budget for the burial" (27/09/2014)

  • The Department of Traffic extends the deadline for Teach microvídeos the competition (27/09/2014)
    Secondary students may submit their work until October 30
  • Several young you are at the Technological Institute of Murcia to start business projects (27/09/2014)
    This is the second edition of this course organized with the ITM School of Industrial Organization
  • Green entrepreneurs receive support and advice in the first GreenWeekend of Murcia (26/09/2014)
    The conference, which will run until next Sunday, have been inaugurated this afternoon by the Councillor for the Environment
  • Students choose UCAM Turkey to train (26/09/2014)
    The Campus Los Jerónimos held this morning the welcome of foreign students has increased 15% this new course
  • House warns of the need to ensure the safety of cyclists to encourage the use of bicycles in cities (26/09/2014)
    Speaking this morning at the meeting cities for road safety and sustainable mobility
  • The bullfighter "El Juli", winner of the Fair September Murcia (26/09/2014)
    The Minister Pedro Antonio Sánchez chairs the Taurinos Awards jury, formed by authorities, professionals and the media recognized bullfighting fans
  • Puertas de Castilla bet this season audiovisual creation (26/09/2014)
    Downtown debut two new exhibition spaces, will launch a Laboratory of Sound, will schedule a series of Asian films and organize the commemoration of the 850th anniversary of the birth of Ibn Arabi
  • Grows hotel occupancy in the town during the summer months (26/09/2014)
    an increase of 16.8% was recorded over the same period of 2013 Tourism publishes a guide to six routes for cyclists roam the park El Valle-Carrascoy
  • UPyD Murcia requires "more control" to pursue the sale of stolen goods at the weekly markets of the town (26/09/2014)

  • The cabochon is present in the Segura River (26/09/2014)
    The finding is the result of environmental recovery project being carried out by the Southeastern Association of Naturalists, in collaboration with the Department of Environment
  • Speaking prize: Debate Club of the University of Murcia semifinalist "World Debating Championship" (26/09/2014)
    Any student can join this club, which opens for business on Monday, September 29
  • The German film "Sliding Doors" is projected on Monday in the cycle VOS (26/09/2014)

  • Head of Torres welcomes tomorrow the Middle Year Carnavalero (26/09/2014)
    The main streets of the hamlet will stage a parade in which more than 30 troupes
  • Promoting new business projects (26/09/2014)
    The CIM-M already has over a hundred members not staying in the center
  • The Socialist Party calls for an urgent meeting of the General Affairs Committee to clarify what happens to the works of northern (26/09/2014)
    Pedro Lopez asserts that this is an issue that requires priority not to regret most serious situations, for the rains continue as planned and systematic repetition water overflows
  • The folk group De Xido With Cambados (Galicia) visit Murcia Huertana invited by Peña El Corrental (26/09/2014)

  • Pelegrin, Godmother of Over Coral Churra (26/09/2014)
    Women's Civic Centre concert offered great neighbors because of the creation of the musical group
  • The University of Murcia promotes healthy lifestyles among its staff (26/09/2014)

  • Two people attended last night by smoke inhalation in a fire at a supermarket in La Alberca (26/09/2014)

  • The UCAM Murcia falls in a thrilling final against Tenerife Iberoestar 75-77 (25/09/2014)
    Canaries Solidarity Getafe carried Tournament
  • The director of the Affiliate Members of UNWTO, Yolanda Perdomo, gives a lecture on the occasion of World Tourism Day (25/09/2014)
    "Tourism is continuously growing despite the economic crisis"
  • Chamber participates in a meeting of cities for road safety and sustainable mobility (25/09/2014)
    The Alcalde intervention, which will take place tomorrow, will focus on the protection of pedestrians and bicycle users
  • The Department of Safety will set up a email account for citizens to propose solutions to address the problem of parking in the town (25/09/2014)

  • The municipality ONG'Ds disclose their work in Fair Cooperating VI (25/09/2014)
    You can visit in Santo Domingo to Saturday, from 12.00 to 14.00 and from 18.00 to 21.00
  • Students know the potential of Taiwan as a country of opportunity (25/09/2014)
    Taiwan's ambassador in Spain has highlighted the important work done by the UCAM in the formation of young people
  • Murcia adheres to European Adapt Mayors initiative, which aims to adapt cities to the inevitable effects of Climate Change (25/09/2014)
    As with the Covenant of Mayors, the city is one of the first cities to join this European project
  • El Pozo Murcia FS Futsal vs Santiago (25/09/2014)
    Friday 26 September-21 hours
  • The loan modification approved by the full City Council will allow save 7.5 million (25/09/2014)
    Murcia continues to reduce its debt, which is already below 60%
  • The House of the Corporation unanimously approved the accession of the City Network Business Centres (25/09/2014)
    The creation of this initiative has been promoted by the CIM-M and its main objective is to support local entrepreneurs
  • Open the deadline to enroll in courses Classroom Bike (25/09/2014)
    The training will take place from 21 to 30 November at the Municipal Office of the Bicycle
  • Students Higher Institute of San Antonio FP classes begin (24/09/2014)
    Continued open enrollment period for some of the titles that still have places
  • Students can access these scholarships for postgraduate studies (24/09/2014)
    The UCAM impart a high-level master to train experts in the digital transformation of enterprises
  • The City and CHS together to expedite the implementation of stormwater interceptor in the north (24/09/2014)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB seeks fourth win (24/09/2014)
    He will face in the final of the Tournament Solidario Iberostar Getafe to Tenerife
  • The UCAM and the City of Archena sign an agreement to improve the economic and social development of the municipality (24/09/2014)
    The agreement includes collaboration on training matters, employment and social integration or the development and implementation of the Project Smart Archena
  • Fabio to Santiago: "We must win and win playing well above" (24/09/2014)

  • 16% of school is averse to trying new foods as a thesis at the University of Murcia (24/09/2014)

  • A student Teleco UCAM develops a telemetry system (24/09/2014)
    which allows to know the car performance data in real time on mobile phone
  • Artificial turf for soccer field Corvera (24/09/2014)
    Work will commence shortly and has a lead time of one and a half
  • Schoolchildren learn to grow in safety (24/09/2014)
    The Alcalde awards prizes to 15 winners
  • IU-Greens brings to the House redistricting water service (24/09/2014)

  • The City Council allocated four million euros each year in social bonds to retirees and many families across the town of Murcia (24/09/2014)
    20,300 people benefit from discounts on your bus and tram ticket
  • More than 220 members of Security Forces participate in the First Concentration motorcycle cops Murcia City (24/09/2014)
    The meeting next weekend will be held in Murcia
  • El Carmen celebrates its First Friday Fashion Show Carmelitano (24/09/2014)
    The activities, which will take place at the iron bridge from 20.30 aim boost trade in the neighborhood
  • The rainy season has not affected any of the animals in the park Terra Natura Murcia (24/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary claim the creation of a local agency for social rent empty properties (24/09/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia municipal libraries required to keep "open and operating" (24/09/2014)

  • The tour "with Right to ..." Rozalén visit of the city of Murcia (24/09/2014)
    be next thursday October 10 at 21.00 in the Romea Theatre
  • "The elemental democratic prudence not perform" electoral reforms proposed by the PP, as UPyD (24/09/2014)

  • A retired officer of the University of Murcia gets José Loustau University Spirit Award (24/09/2014)

  • Selected XIV in Photography Award from the University of Murcia works are exhibited at the Mall Shot (24/09/2014)

  • The weekend comes to green entrepreneurs Murcia on Friday (24/09/2014)
    So far have registered a total of 50 participants, who will quote from 26 to 28 September at the headquarters of GER
  • The UCAM Murcia is superior to Tuenti Mobile Students 78-68 (23/09/2014)
    Diego Ocampo team goes to the final of the Solidarity Tournament Getafe
  • Camera defends the role of the bicycle in the design of the cities of the XXI Century (23/09/2014)
    spoke at the opening of the conference "Sustainable Urban Mobility bike event in the city of Murcia."
  • The Faculty of Sport of the UCAM, national leader in teaching and research (23/09/2014)
    David Cal, most Spanish Olympic medalist sports participated in the course start sharing your sports experience with students and teachers
  • The City Council supports the first association of disabled women in the region, Mas Woman (23/09/2014)

  • The tour bus circulates and Murcia (23/09/2014)
    It is expected to reach 20,000 passengers in the first year of service
  • Karit Solidarity for Peace presents his work to students of the Centre for Studies CIS (23/09/2014)
    This activity is part of the programming Cooperating Week
  • The University of Murcia brings science to all ages with more than fifty activities Artillery Barracks (23/09/2014)

  • Bacons Bridge Socialists denounce the two great branches falling on a playground (23/09/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia proposes the creation of a dog park in the garden of El Malecon (23/09/2014)

  • IU-Greens denounced "the dictatorship that professes PP" in the hamlet of Bacons Bridge (23/09/2014)

  • The Artillery Barracks extends its offer with literary, cinematic and artistic programming every day of the week (23/09/2014)
    The Pavilion 1 open Monday through Sunday to offer children's activities and family
  • The Socialist Group returns to claim the PP to launch work on the north side to prevent flooding (23/09/2014)

  • The Mayor will move in an electric vehicle in its urban routes (23/09/2014)
    Renault Herrero and Lopez has given a car the Fluence ZE range and recharging post, taking a new step to promote sustainable mobility
  • The Classroom Bike starts (23/09/2014)
    The courses will be taught in November, that will be both theoretical and practical, are aimed at all interested in using the bicycle as a regular means of transport
  • Donan one hundred reprints written with literary philologist Angel Valbuena Briones (23/09/2014)
    Educated at the University of Murcia, served much of his life in the United States centers
  • UPyD Murcia calls the "urgent" setting up a table to try to solve the problem of the 'gorillas' (23/09/2014)

  • The National Police arrested two thieves in the act of jewelers in the center of Murcia (23/09/2014)
    While you tried to mislead the employees of the jewelry, the other had a gold ring valued at € 2,900.
  • Researchers at the University of Murcia designing molecules with potential applications in medicine (23/09/2014)

  • The UCAM celebrates its first graduation ceremony on the campus of Cartagena (22/09/2014)
    The faculty of the School of Sport was chaired by José Luis Mendoza, accompanied by David Cal
  • Iniesta: "The Socialist Municipal Group and IU already show such a lack of imagination motions copied to the Municipal People" (22/09/2014)

  • Photo exhibition on Peru and Africa to celebrate the Week of Cooperating (22/09/2014)
    The NGO Solidarity for Peace Karit shows life in these countries and the work of the organization
  • The Local Police will offer lectures in 163 schools for elementary students learn how to act in public and how to browse the internet (22/09/2014)
    The campaign will start in October
  • Estrella Levante gets on the bike (22/09/2014)
    The Sustainable Mobility Plan expands the company promoting the use of bicycles and providing training for workers
  • PSOE and IU-Greens demand in plenary bonuses buses districts for school students and low-income users (22/09/2014)
    Pedro Lopez and Esther Herguedas also asked the local government to extend the hours of late night Lightning 12 serves neighbors Ermita del Rosario
  • The City of Murcia Swimming Club season begins (22/09/2014)

  • Citizens "take" El Carmen in Murcia Ciclovida II (21/09/2014)
    The Floridablanca and Alameda streets of Columbus have met thousands of people, 10 to 15 hours in a day in which activities were held for the whole family
  • IU-Greens has been considered shameful ninguneado the council with the burial and questions the role of the mayor (21/09/2014)

  • The Campus UCAM began teaching next week with more students than last year and the new campus of Cartagena (21/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Party claimed public transport and sustainable mobility during the "Car Free Day" (21/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group criticizes the 'tasazo' of 15 euros for new users of the sports facilities are maintained (20/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries claims the mayor of Sports, Miguel Cascales, to eliminate unfair tax in economic crisis
  • The First Half Marathon Huerta de Murcia will take place on October 11 (20/09/2014)
    run through the districts Garres-The-Beniaján Dolores and San José de La Vega
  • Works of paving and sidewalks renewal in Santiago Mayor (20/09/2014)
    put up roundabout is expected to be located on the street Morera
  • Presentation of prizes to the best students of Medicine UCAM (19/09/2014)
    The recognition is carried out during the welcome ceremony for freshmen
  • The new President of the Board is committed to working for a better University (19/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary requested a report on the implementation of obligations under the agreement New Condomina (19/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Juan Patricio Castro, said that today's reality is that "Real Murcia in Segunda División B is that of stipulated in the agreement between Samper and Chamber there is not half of what was promised "
  • The Socialist group supported the protests of the parents of the school's students John XXIII against overcrowded center (19/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor Susana Hernández highlights being the worst start of the school year in years due to cuts PP public Education
  • The UCAM strengthens its presence in Asia (19/09/2014)
    The Catholic University has opened offices in Beijing and Manila, and has started the academic year at the headquarters in Jakarta and Dubai
  • Jaén Paraíso Interior vs El Pozo Murcia FS (19/09/2014)
  • Martinez-Cache encourages all citizens to participate in Sunday's El Carmen Ciclovida II (19/09/2014)
    Make your life roll!
  • The Mayor enjoys the festivities of Neighborhood Progress with older (19/09/2014)
    House yesterday attended the massive dinner organized at the municipal center
  • Alba María Flores and María Serrano are made with Creajoven of Art and Comic (19/09/2014)
    David Brando José Andrés Pérez Sáez, María De Valcárcel Lima, Veronica House Beviá Bódalo Valcárcel and Leonardo have received the second prize
  • The Alameda Floridablanca and Columbus Avenue will be closed to traffic on Sunday (19/09/2014)
    On the occasion of the celebration of Ciclovida of 9-15 hours approximately
  • IU-Green files a motion against the suppression of activity licenses Hospitality (19/09/2014)

  • We advance the use of electric motorcycles (19/09/2014)
    The Electra Project disclosed in the European Mobility Week 2014 in Murcia
  • The City donates fire truck to Fire in Action for delivery to Chile (19/09/2014)
    This vehicle, which is no longer used for its antiquity, will serve in the province of Iquique
  • Over 130 people attend the Seminar Participation'Capacitando for transformation initiatives ciudadanas' (19/09/2014)

  • Environment reopens this weekend the Information Point and Visitor Center Majal Blanco (19/09/2014)

  • The Romanian film "Ida", conquering London and Warsaw, opens in movie programming Centrofama Original Version (19/09/2014)
    The coming months films from China, Germany, Palestine, France and the United States will be on display
  • President of the Community and the Bishop inaugurate the exhibition "intimate prayer" (18/09/2014)

  • Begins Master in Physical Training and Sports Rehabilitation in Football Management Institute'Sports LFP-UCAM' (18/09/2014)

  • New agreement to the experiments by students of Education (18/09/2014)
    This will be possible thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between UCAM and the Independent Education Union of Alicante
  • Inauguration of the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Antonio Campillo (18/09/2014)

  • The Municipal Observatory Bike starts walking with the aim of covering all those involved in the field of the bike in Murcia (18/09/2014)
    The bylaws will be at the House of the Corporation in October
  • The effectiveness of applying Christian values ​​to the business (18/09/2014)
    The UCAM Business and Social Action (ASE) presented the paper 'The Vocation of Business Leader', the first papal document specifically aimed at employers
  • Film Series and creating bike routes, activities for today's European Mobility Week in Murcia (18/09/2014)
    The information booth of Santo Domingo continues its workshops
  • IU-Greens accused Iniesta focus on ensuring private businesses (18/09/2014)

  • "I think point guard is very well covered" (18/09/2014)
    Carlos Cabezas, world champion, believes Raulzinho, Alberto and he will be blended seamlessly
  • Street Theatre this afternoon in Santo Domingo (18/09/2014)
    "Industrial Teatrera" represents this evening at 20 pm the work "in passing" in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, one street show programmed by Teatro Circo Murcia
  • Reading Master's thesis work at the School of Law (18/09/2014)

  • Already in Murcia is the new tourist bus (18/09/2014)
    The new panoramic bus tour has begun testing their routes by GeoLocator, prior to its entry into service in coming days today
  • Honored at the University of Murcia for their ICT projects (18/09/2014)

  • The City receives the "Region of Murcia 2014: Information Society" award from the magazine Socinfo (18/09/2014)
    The new Portal Municipal Tax Agency took the honors
  • The Socialist Group in plenary ask solutions for college students Virgen de Guadalupe (18/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Susana Hernandez, supports parents in their protests and demands immediate solutions in the school to ensure the normal development of classes in the beginning of course
  • UPyD Murcia is concerned about the safety of street lighting in the municipality (18/09/2014)

  • Miguelín: "This season I have the strongest mind" (18/09/2014)

  • Students of the University of Murcia in the program shared housing Fundown (18/09/2014)

  • Pelegrin opens this evening in Murcia meeting of the European Network Against Poverty (18/09/2014)

  • "Ebola is a challenge for science" (17/09/2014)
    President of the Department of Science Communication at the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, has presented this morning at the UCAM on infectious diseases
  • "I hope you enjoy my basketball" (17/09/2014)
    Raulzinho Neto has been presented as new player of UCAM Murcia CB
  • Presentation of UCAM Murcia CB 2014/2015 (17/09/2014)
    The President has conveyed his enthusiasm to the team of Diego Ocampo
  • Cleaning Services collected 22 tons of trash after a Pilgrimage (17/09/2014)
    The Department of Urban Cleaning and Waste Management, through Cespa Urban Services of Murcia, has collected 22,080 kg of rubbish by the special service launched on the occasion of Pilgrimage of Fuensanta.
  • "A Fair Round" (17/09/2014)
    On Friday last concert which ends September Feasts celebrated.
  • IU-Greens considered "humiliating" installing "barracks" as in school classrooms Virgin of Guadalupe (17/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group considered insufficient cleanliness in the surroundings of the Garden Pier during the September Fair (17/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor Rosa Mar provides that the special arrangements put in place during the Fair has not served to prevent deplorable images early in the morning in an environment declared of Cultural Interest
  • The Murcia Students will demonstrate the ability to build a robot (17/09/2014)
    October 4 International Robotics Competition World Robot Olympiad held
  • A card will allow 4,000 parking spaces in 12 underground parking ticket without removing (17/09/2014)
    Users purchasing multiparking the new card, which will be launched on October 1, will benefit from a 25% discount on current rates
  • The University of Murcia announces 54 seats and two teachers job boards (17/09/2014)

  • Eka: "We have to get the game from the first minute" (17/09/2014)

  • Education will invest almost two million in the redevelopment of the CEIP Virgen de Guadalupe de Murcia (17/09/2014)
    The project will be put out to tender in October, with an implementation period of nine months, and has benefited from the contributions of all the educational community center
  • The CIM-M launches tomorrow the second edition of The Packed Trade (17/09/2014)
    The online sale will workshop with the training sessions to be held until November opening
  • The Mobility Week held this afternoon workshop on Self-managed Bicycle Repair and Recicleta initiative (17/09/2014)
    The Artillery Barracks presents citizens a quality seal Bike-Friendly Cities and presentation of alternative bicycle parking and design
  • A computer at the University of Murcia Wins International Award Foundation Apereo (17/09/2014)

  • Exhibition of selected works that choose to Creajoven Comic and Art (17/09/2014)
    The exhibition opens tomorrow at 21 am in the Youth Art Lab
  • Murcia begins the European Mobility Week with the initiative "Monte Clean Day" (16/09/2014)
    Environment encourages Murcia to enjoy the Pilgrimage of Fuensanta respecting and protecting the environment
  • The Socialist Group again require cleaning and proper maintenance for the Rambla del Garruchal (16/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries calls back to City Hall to urge the Segura basin to be cleaned in the shock before it escalates heat and possible fire hazards
  • Set of the first team and filial Training (16/09/2014)
  • Experts Terra Natura Murcia raising two hyenas bottle to survive (16/09/2014)
    This is the first time the park welcomes the birth of this species at its facilities
  • More than a hundred buses will users on the occasion of the festival of the Virgin of Fuensanta (15/09/2014)
    About thirty bus lines ahead of schedule, and the outputs are multiplied from Murcia and travel back from Algezares
  • The City Council has given a plot to expand the school Virgen de Guadalupe (15/09/2014)

  • The board of spokesmen expressed their unanimous rejection of the proposed access to Murcia high speed (15/09/2014)
    Reiterates that the Corporation was unable to act on that because you do not know
  • IU-Greens blamed school overcrowding of Guadalupe to the "no planning" Hall (15/09/2014)
    Councilman José Ignacio Tornel criticizes the government team that has ignored the obvious lack of espacioen central and population growth in the hamlet
  • CCOO supports the educational community mobilizations CEIP "Virgen de Guadalupe" Murcia take place on Wednesday 17 September (15/09/2014)
    Teaching CCOO be with families and teachers from CEIP "Virgen de Guadalupe" in their struggle for a decent center
  • Twenty ONG'Ds show their work Cooperating Week (15/09/2014)
    Santo Domingo will host a fair with organizations from 25 to 27 September
  • The bicycle in urban areas, the focus of activities of the European Mobility Week 2014 in Murcia (15/09/2014)

  • "Mary is the source that leads us to Christ," Msgr. Lorca on the Feast of the Virgin of Fuensanta (15/09/2014)

  • 1st day-League National Youth (15/09/2014)
    The Youth team debuts with victory Aljucer El Pozo
  • UPyD Murcia warns of the presence of phone masts in the gardens of Malecón "almost at ground level" (15/09/2014)

  • Two professors from the University of Murcia chair the Association of Hispanic literary studies (15/09/2014)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB stays on the shore (76-86) (14/09/2014)
    The number of fouls against blasts overshadow a good start of game against CAI Zaragoza
  • The Minister of Tourism participates in the Grand Parade of Moors and Christians Murcia (14/09/2014)

  • Schools basketball Alcarrás visit a training UCAM Murcia CB (14/09/2014)
    The boys could play and be photographed with college players
  • The Socialist Group notes that problems in schools with high temperatures are due to cuts PP (14/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Susana Hernandez, criticizes the City Council has not been able to adapt schools to the start of the course and moves its supporting educational centers where communities are registering protests
  • Urban Cleaning holders distribute 3,000 bags and 30,000 pilgrims (14/09/2014)
    In the special cleaning device 113 people work
  • The tram will run for early Tuesday on the occasion of the concert Murcia 40 Pop (14/09/2014)
    The Department of Transport and Murcia tram have set a special rate of two euros if the return ticket is purchased
  • 208 police officers, 52 firefighters and 75 Civil Defence volunteers work the day of the Pilgrimage (14/09/2014)

  • The first quarter hampers the UCAM Murcia CB (73-64) (13/09/2014)
    The Labour Kutxa with a great first quarter, the game at Alcarrás (Lleida) took
  • Masters in Music Industry Management (13/09/2014)
    The UCAM takes the stage to the classroom
  • The SmartSpaces, reference project for the United Nations (13/09/2014)
    The city of Murcia is participating with six municipal buildings emblematic smart energy saving
  • House rejects draft ADIF for access to Murcia AVE (13/09/2014)
    Municipal Mayor reiterates commitment to urban underground railroad
  • The Socialist Party believes a "historic abuse" Development project for the AVE because it condemns Murcia to follow by the rails (13/09/2014)
    The Socialist Party spokesman, Pedro López, calls on House to fulfill its commitment to the city and requires the Mayor to head the protests against this project that forgets the undergrounding of the railway
  • Over twenty artists will parade across the stage of Murcia 40 Pop (12/09/2014)
    The Department of Transport and Murcia tram have set a special service during the morning and a special rate of two euros if the return ticket is purchased
  • The Mayor highlights the work in defense of equality and progress in Bolivia performed by Archbishop Jesús Juárez Murcia (12/09/2014)
    The natural Stables priest receives the title of Son of the City of Murcia.
  • The application deadline for Fellowships ending September 15 (12/09/2014)

  • On Monday it opens the deadline to participate in the Junior Language Club (12/09/2014)

  • UPyD celebrates the launch of the scales for awarding municipal football (12/09/2014)

  • TCM opens season with The Artist, Asier Etxeandía (12/09/2014)
    A real show that keeps viewers convention, on 26 and 27 September
  • The Trade Packed return next Sept. 18 (12/09/2014)
    The online sale will workshop with the training sessions to be held until November opening
  • The UCAM Murcia takes back the 'lollipops' (11/09/2014)
    Varsity creates a group in their schools for children of 3-6 years
  • "We're a good group with good players" (11/09/2014)
    José Ángel Antelo, CB Murcia UCAM captain, believes that this year "the best teams have signed"
  • El Pozo Murcia FS Previous Uruguay vs Tenerife (11/09/2014)

  • The School of Tourism, University of Murcia reports on its educational offerings in the grounds of The Gardens (11/09/2014)

  • Students and teachers of Fuente Alamo and schools in Poland, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lithuania and the UK know the City (11/09/2014)

  • The Christian kitchen today protagonist Classroom Gastronomic Culture Raimundo González (11/09/2014)
    The gastronomic days again begin next October
  • Mayor House presents a novel system that allows payment and extend the time of the ORA through mobile (11/09/2014)
    The service, led by the Department of Traffic and Transportation, provides consulting fees, canceling complaints and a special fertilizer merchant.
  • Welcome to the First International Conference on Translation and Interpretation (11/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group regrets the bad image that provides the deterrent parking Malecon during the September Fair (11/09/2014)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa calls back to the municipal government of the PP immediate cleaning of a public space where many people park their vehicles every day and regrets that many visitors Murcia are in this state
  • The Electra Project, discussed the upcoming September 19 (11/09/2014)
    The event will provide an opportunity to broker involved to share experiences, provide ideas and contrast solutions in the field of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, etc.
  • Sympathy for the University of Murcia for the death of Emilio Botín (10/09/2014)

  • "We have forgotten the importance of vocabulary when learning a language" (10/09/2014)
    Professor James Milton of Swansea University (Wales) has lectured on teaching vocabulary
  • The Mall Thad distributed $ 10,000 in grants to students Erasmus University of Murcia (10/09/2014)

  • "The new template is a good mix of youth and experience" (10/09/2014)
    Thomas Kelati, who has signed for two years, has praised the commitment "that the University does in basketball"
  • Bebe: "Now we can think of the regular season" (10/09/2014)

  • Repaint road signs from most schools in the municipality to increase security (10/09/2014)
    Traffic act in a total of 153 schools
  • The City adds one year to the contest "Throw yourself Murcia for entrepreneurs (10/09/2014)
    The winner will have the opportunity to participate in a program of tutotización in Municipal Initiatives Center
  • "When the geometry becomes art" in the Hydraulic Mills River Museum (10/09/2014)
    On Thursday, at 19 am, the last book-objects-game books published by the authors puntodepapel Teresa Navarro and María Teresa Navarro is .
  • The Fashion Talent Watchtowers winning its first steps in the fashion world (09/09/2014)

  • The prestigious Beijing Sport University stands as a reference to the UCAM European sports (09/09/2014)
    A delegation from the Chinese University visited the university campus and the facilities in which the elite teams competing at the Catholic University
  • Specialists in modern languages ​​discussed in the UCAM model language learning (09/09/2014)
    will take place on Wednesday and Thursday UCAM
  • The Socialist Party calls for the City PCPI continuity of programs to help unemployed young people (09/09/2014)
    Councilman Juan Patricio Castro requires the municipal government of the PP that meets the two agreements plenary, approved unanimously, and to keep these programs employment during the two years that allows the new rules
  • More than 2,200 unemployed young people benefit from municipal professional qualification programs (09/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Party demands solutions to avoid overcrowding of the school's students Virgen de Guadalupe (09/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Susana Hernandez claims that the problems in the electrical system of the heart are preventing normal classes for years and regrets the poor planning of the PP in public education in Murcia
  • The Gang La-la Arboleja Albatalía presents its first CD "From the Huerta de Murcia" (09/09/2014)
    This evening, at 20 pm in the courtyard of the Museum of the City
  • The football field with artificial turf will Corvera (09/09/2014)

  • President of the Community welcomes Super Cup champions Spain and thanks to "wander and make great the name of the region" (09/09/2014)

  • 6,600 children have participated in 95 summer schools held in 66 public schools (09/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group congratulates the staff of El Pozo Murcia for his victory in the Super Cup (09/09/2014)
    The councilors Andrea Rosa Mar Garries and this morning attended the reception hosted by the City of Murcia football team
  • El Pozo Murcia FS carries a wreath to (09/09/2014)
    Virgin Fuensanta offers Supercopa trophy
  • "The UCAM Murcia was always my first choice" (09/09/2014)
    Nemanja Radovic, which has renewed the UCAM Murcia CB, he showed his great form in the first preseason
  • The Mayor of Murcia staff receives El Pozo Murcia and highlights their effort and sacrifice (09/09/2014)

  • They claim that the low diffusion Tourist Fair September 14 negatively affects the development of the city (09/09/2014)

  • The Mayor welcomes template Pozo Murcia champion Supercup Spain futsal (09/09/2014)
    The Alcalde, Miguel Angel House, accompanied by the Councillor for Sports, Miguel Cascales, has received the players and the other members of this sports training
  • The University of Murcia opens tomorrow the International Conference on Translation (09/09/2014)

  • José Luis Mendoza distinguished acts of homage to the patron saint of Tortosa (Tarragona) (09/09/2014)
    The counselor Vatican Secretariat of State for Relations with States, Monsignor Paolo Gualtieri, appointed president in charge of UCAM honor of "borlista" of this solemnity
  • Five players from El Pozo Murcia, Spain called up (08/09/2014)
    Rafa, Jose Ruiz, Adri, and Raul Campos Miguelín
  • Representatives of Beijing Sport University visit the UCAM (08/09/2014)
    The route includes the Campus Los Jerónimos and sports facilities in playing the elite teams like The Palace or Condomina Murcia Sports
  • Education offers 78 activities for schools within the city also'La program enseña' (08/09/2014)
    Allows students of Nursery, Primary, Secondary and aware of their surroundings and the cultural, artistic, historical, natural and traditional heritage
  • The Socialist Group insists on the creation of bicycle lanes in Murcia in parallel to the implementation of bicycle rental system (08/09/2014)
    Councilwoman Susana Hernandez reiterated that for this initiative to succeed, you must first ensure the safety of cyclists in their move around the city so requests the PP the same effort to complete a network of bike lanes
  • The artist Bethlehem Orta opens an exhibition at the University of Murcia (08/09/2014)
    The sculpture exhibition "Rock Paper ..." will remain open until September 26
  • Average 225 people work every day to keep the city clean during the September Fair (08/09/2014)
    Murcianos and visitors can photograph their involvement with recycling on the Malecon and Fica
  • Professor at the University of Murcia Arturo Diaz, appointed president of an international congress on education and management (08/09/2014)

  • Raulzinho Neto leads Brazil to the quarterfinals of Mundobasket (08/09/2014)
    The CB Murcia UCAM player scored 21 points and Argentina overcame the worst of the canarinha
  • The city of Murcia is hosting from 26 to 28 September, the GreenWeekend to offer new opportunities for green entrepreneurs (08/09/2014)
    The meeting will take place at the Local Agency for Energy and Climate Change and to offer educational workshops, networking, project presentations, etc. .
  • UPyD Murcia encouraged to adopt animals from municipal facilities since "deserves a second chance" (07/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the complete abandonment of roads head of Torres (07/09/2014)
    Socialist spokesman in the Municipal Board, Pablo Belmonte, warns of the risk they pose to road safety large bumps and holes in the asphalt on busy roads as the Rambla del Carmen
  • Medieval Dinner Moors and Christians 2014 (06/09/2014)

  • The IMAS subsidizes almost 400,000 euros sleeps 23 in the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer Murcia (06/09/2014)
    The Elder CEO of IMAS, Enrique Pérez explains that "cognitive stimulation is a key tool to alleviate the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases "
  • The September 17 is the deadline for companies to choose the public bicycle service MUyBICI (06/09/2014)
    The Statement provides, among other innovations, the advertising exploitation of the contractor through various media
  • Emotional encounter between generations of students of the Sacred Heart of Cartagena (05/09/2014)
    The center celebrated its 80th anniversary with several activities among which is an exhibition of images of students in the teaching center
  • Culture collaborates with the centenary of the Running Press (05/09/2014)

  • Mayor House delivers Honors and Awards Murcia City during the 2014 Proclamation of the Fair (05/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group regrets that Iniesta continue Camera and erratic public transport policy (05/09/2014)

  • Students can now purchase their specific bus pass with unlimited rides for 20.40 euros per month (05/09/2014)
    In the first eight months of the year have jumped on the bus 21% more passengers than in the same period of 2013
  • Publican work professor at the University of Murcia research award winner Miguel de Cervantes (05/09/2014)

  • Duda: "We have to read the game better to monetize our virtues" (05/09/2014)

  • The UCAM, a member of the European Federation of Science and Technology of Food (05/09/2014)
    This membership is a step in the firm commitment of the Catholic University of Murcia for their internationalization
  • CONSUMUR asks consumers to report any irregularities detected during the Feria de Murcia 2014 (05/09/2014)
    The organization advises consumers and / or users Murcia extreme caution with the hygienic conditions of food, alcoholic beverages and attractions for smaller
  • About to start the second meeting of Haute Cuisine by Cantes Levante (04/09/2014)
    The event will take place on 11 and 12 September
  • The new issue of Education at the University of Murcia addresses the importance of affect in learning (04/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group regrets that the library closed Beniaján take two years (04/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Andrea Garries considers inadmissible the Popular Party's inability to address this problem that proves once again that the marginalization Chamber Government discriminates against districts of Murcia
  • The Veronicas Cultural Hall opens its program with a tribute to Moors and Christians (04/09/2014)
    On Thursday the session will be devoted to Christian cuisine
  • Teachers Gregorio Martínez and Fernando Soler, appointed professors at the University of Murcia (04/09/2014)

  • The troubadour Pedro López,'El Cardoso' presents a disk-memoir to help sick children (03/09/2014)
    The authors are researchers Tomás García and María Luján, who offer a complete work history including trovo, its main protagonists and a tour of Murcia traditions.
  • About 200 German professionals are trained annually in the UCAM (03/09/2014)
    This week, a group of them, the International MBA students FOM have completed a course on Campus
  • The pictorial art of Sebastian Palomo Linares arrives in Murcia (03/09/2014)
    The exhibition 'Colour as a pretext' will be open until September 16 at the Restaurant of Real Casino de Murcia
  • The Socialist Group urges House to stop selling smoke and require a serious project for the excavation of the routes (03/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, José Zapata, criticized the city government announced a hype and PP plantillo approaching arrival of the AVE Murcia when the project for entry to Murcia has complete opposition from neighbors
  • Gabriel Lima: "It was very special to make the goal" (03/09/2014)
    About Return: "The match is very even until the end"
  • The Socialist Party believes that "political change in the town of Murcia is unstoppable" (03/09/2014)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López says that change is unstoppable despite the tricks being prepared by the PP to change the electoral law alone
  • More Another step for the arrival of the AVE in Murcia (03/09/2014)
    The Governing Board OKs 2.1 million loan
  • The online course Marketing and Sport Communication and over a thousand registered (03/09/2014)
    Starts September 12th
  • New sidewalks for Sucina Constitution Avenue (03/09/2014)
    The works consist homogenize the cobblestone pavement, creating accessible pedestrian Fords and widen sidewalks
  • Murcia receives morning after his patron (03/09/2014)
    Arrival at the Iglesia del Carmen is scheduled for 19 hours
  • Two University professors participating in a study of rock art in Neanderthals (03/09/2014)

  • The Virgin of Fuensanta returns Thursday at Murcia (03/09/2014)

  • Can Murcia requires the mall Watchtowers to restore the working conditions of janitors (02/09/2014)

  • The world as seen by the women (02/09/2014)
    Exposure. "They Creators of the XX and XXI centuries" shown in Almudí Palace until November 2
  • Starts tomorrow the International Congress of Young Linguists (02/09/2014)

  • The university pool opens its doors tomorrow (02/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Group claims that the school year starts again with no new positions in municipal kindergartens Murcia (02/09/2014)

  • A research group UCAM analyzes the correlation between consumption of cured ham and decreased blood pressure (02/09/2014)
    Silvia Montoro has been awarded the prestigious European research program 'Marie Curie' for the development of this line of research
  • The CC Thad organizes its fourth edition of the children's talents "Thad Generation" (02/09/2014)
    Phase receiving video for preselection contest participants ends on Wednesday, September 10
  • Murcia Aires in David Bisbal concert in Murcia (02/09/2014)

  • UCAM Murcia partners will have a season ticket for the matches of the Spanish Women's Selection (02/09/2014)
    can now collect subscriptions in the offices of the Palace to see the combination of Lucas Mondelo against Serbia, Japan and Angola
  • CONSUMUR launches information campaign for consumers and users of villages of Murcia head of Torres and Bacons Bridge (02/09/2014)
    The organization provides information and advice on the rights of consumers and users through the offices of information maintained opened in these districts
  • El Pozo Murcia FS vs Inter Movistar (01/09/2014)
    "The classic Itself"
  • Kike Boned, and acts as an ambassador for the National Football League (01/09/2014)

  • Start the commission of inquiry into objections to library assistant (01/09/2014)
    The political groups agreed to hold the next session as soon as possible and that the development of this committee are not made public until no definitive conclusions
  • IU-v supports workers cleaning mall Watchtowers (01/09/2014)

  • José Ruiz ".'m Looking forward to tomorrow we have to go all" (01/09/2014)

  • The leisure and sports conditioning is already fully Abenarabi (01/09/2014)
    has a lane to run, push-ups and stretching area, playground, basketball courts, multipurpose courts and minibasket
  • The Socialist Group finds that the abandonment of rehabilitation of La Paz proves you can not trust the government of Mayor Camera (01/09/2014)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa criticizes the big lie that has become a huge project as the neighborhood every day is degraded and defends the urgent need to rehabilitate the area from the public initiative
  • Summon a concentration in front of the Centro Commercial Watchtowers in support of the struggle of cleaners (01/09/2014)


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