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Murcia News - June 2014

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  • Died in car accident at the height of the output Patiño, A30 towards Murcia (30/06/2014)

  • The City sets record for energy savings figures (30/06/2014)
    Urban Quality culminates replacing lights in the vicinity of the New Gate Plaza and slashing led nearly 1,000 units in the neighborhoods of the city
  • IU-Greens Murcia PP accuses of wanting to promote "the Spain of the 50's" (30/06/2014)

  • 6,000 children participate in 95 summer schools that are taking place in public schools (30/06/2014)
    Maria Dolores Sánchez check the activities held in the CEIP Santa María de Gracia
  • A Supreme Court ruling would support the thesis defended by the Socialist Group in the IBI Huerta (30/06/2014)

  • Welcome to students from Instituto Hispanico de Murcia (30/06/2014)
    Councillor for Culture, Rafael Gomez, received this morning the students of Instituto Hispanico de Murcia
  • Murcia, "entrepreneur Municipality" (30/06/2014)
    green light to the agreement between the City and INFO to stimulate business development and job creation
  • Jesus, on loan this season Ribera Navarra (30/06/2014)

  • USE before the deadline for payment of IBI (29/06/2014)
    anomala criticizes the lack of support by the municipality to citizens sectors hardest hit by the crisis
  • The Socialist Group seeks clarification of the disciplinary proceedings against the UCAM by the demolition of Corralazo (29/06/2014)

  • Steven Fleck: "The success of this congress opens the door to future collaborations with UCAM" (28/06/2014)

  • More than 10,000 people viewed the Symphony Orchestra in his first season UCAM (28/06/2014)
    The group has offered since last year, more than 30 concerts, among them the benefit of solidarity Caritas in Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca
  • The Office of the bicycle forks replaced and improved in several parts of town (28/06/2014)

  • The historian Rosalie Oliva unveils the "architectural richness of Havana" at a conference in the UCAM (27/06/2014)
    During the talk, the speaker has made a journey through the history of Cuba from the earliest settlements to the present day
  • Robert Newton: "Cancer patients should exercise" (27/06/2014)
    researcher Edith Cowan University of Australia ensures that physical exercise helps to improve the quality of life for patients
  • Camera Man Project thanked his twenty years of working with the most vulnerable people in Murcia (27/06/2014)
    Last year rose 10.5% users treated in different programs.
  • The eighth edition of the Festival de Flamenco de Sucina gathers the best young artists of the genre (27/06/2014)
    "From Flamenco will" be held from 15 to 20 July, with the most renowned singers of the national scene
  • The Murcia may concern the setting of the Chapel of the Cross in the streets of Santiago Steps (27/06/2014)
    Urban Quality created a new square and remodel the surrounding grounds
  • Santa Isabel looks new image (27/06/2014)
    Environment has planted 50,000 this week flowering plants of several species of green spaces in the municipality of Murcia
  • Workers, parents and students of the Initial Vocational Training Program collected signatures calling not disappear (27/06/2014)

  • The PSOE hangs in one of the windows of City Hall rainbow flag in support of the celebration of LGBT Pride Day (27/06/2014)
    In this way, the Socialists express once again its commitment to continue working towards achieving equality all people regardless of their sexual orientation
  • World music fill the streets of the city (27/06/2014)
    47 Festival of Folklore in the Mediterranean held from 14 to 18 July
  • Turinde housed in CIM-M company, involved in the V European Congress of Industrial Tourism (27/06/2014)

  • Bill Foran: "LeBron James surprises you every day" (26/06/2014)
    Fitness coach of the Miami Heat conducted a workshop on 'New trends in high-performance sports' in the UCAM Sports Center
  • XXIV March Diocesan Sacred Heart of Jesus Monteagudo (26/06/2014)
    Tomorrow will be the Diocesan XXIV March to the Heart of Jesus Monteagudo, a march that takes 24 years to coincide with the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • Monteagudo presents the book "The incredible journey to the planet Ajedro" (26/06/2014)
    Tomorrow Friday, at 19:30, at the Visitor Center (Next to the Ermita de San Cayetano).
  • The House approved the proposal unanimously UPyD to identify and protect unique places in the Huerta (26/06/2014)

  • The Regional Government FMRM and ensure continuity of public services in all municipalities (26/06/2014)
    At a meeting this morning and José Miguel Ángel Cámara Gabriel Ruiz
  • Lyrics Deans are calling on behalf of the Humanities (26/06/2014)

  • The City continues to work on maintaining schools (26/06/2014)

  • The UCAM, world capital of fitness (26/06/2014)
    Bill Foran, trainer of the Miami Heat, and Jens Bangsbo, advisor to the Juventus team and the Danish researcher and first world fitness in football, among the speakers at the conference
  • The National Police arrested a woman for fraudulently offer herself occupied housing (26/06/2014)
    On four occasions fraudulently charged rental fees and guarantees when trying to rent the apartment in which she was a tenant along with two other flatmates
  • 2,992 admitted objections to library assistant and 3,509 to ordinance (26/06/2014)
    The examinations are held in July predictably
  • The summer pools open from June 28th (26/06/2014)

  • José Tornel, 'The Repuntín' and 'The Patiñero' favorite sons are now in the City of Murcia (26/06/2014)
    The House unanimously adopted this recognition
  • The House urges the Central Government to resolve the equalization of pre-Bologna degrees (26/06/2014)

  • The House agreed to create the Urban Observatory of the Bicycle (26/06/2014)
    Municipal groups unanimously agreed to have a consultative body which will promote the use of bicycles as transportation
  • Duda and Franklin closed down schools futsal Aljucer (26/06/2014)

  • The Social Senior Center celebrates St. Pius XIX Cultural Week (26/06/2014)
    The Coronation of the new Queen and delivering plates grandparents center will take place Saturday
  • Five groups offer the best of Hard Rock Festival in Guadalupe Rock II (26/06/2014)
    be held tomorrow and admission is free.
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the centenary of "Platero y yo" with a poetic-musical recital (26/06/2014)

  • Antonio Lisón Wins Prize for Painting at the University of Murcia (26/06/2014)

  • The program gives students Capacitas example of life and overcoming (25/06/2014)
    Campus Los Jerónimos hosted this evening at the Second Conference on 'Business and disability' testimony Capacitas students about their work experience program
  • The UCAM greets members of the NSCA (25/06/2014)
    From tomorrow until Saturday meet in Murcia the world's leading experts in strength and conditioning
  • Welcome to the participants of the IV International Conference on NSCA organized fitness UCAM (25/06/2014)

  • Urbamusa appoints its new directors (25/06/2014)
    Welcomes the General Shareholders Meeting and the Board of Directors
  • Terra Natura Murcia separates its lemurs to prevent its coat from deteriorating (25/06/2014)
    Caregivers problems detected in the fur of these animals caused by assault or self harm
  • The Mayor presented with a portrait painted by a young artist from La Paz (25/06/2014)
    Joaquín Fernández Utrera this morning visited City Hall to hand over the box
  • Free concerts and film entertainment filled summer Murcia (25/06/2014)
    Seven different activities - bands, concert, theater, folk-guitar and enliven the nights of July and August in the city
  • The City Council awards prizes to the winners of "The European Union Creating opportunities for all." (25/06/2014)
    Five winners receive HD tablet and an intensive English course ten hours
  • Eight associations over 300,000 euros to help spread the disabled and immigrants (25/06/2014)
    Social Welfare provides grants to ASPAPROS, Aspaym, Fesormu, Astrapace, Columbares Association, Caritas, Manuel María Vicuña Foundation and Platform for Volunteering
  • The University of Murcia calls Loustau Joseph College Spirit Award (25/06/2014)

  • Street San Ignacio de Loyola improves lighting (25/06/2014)
    Urban Quality thirty lamps replaced puffer with more efficient
  • IU-Greens criticizes the "cynicism" of the PP in the implementation of local reform (25/06/2014)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary defend the launch of a summer plan to revive tourism in Murcia (25/06/2014)

  • Environment available to citizens all the information generated in the first days "Smart Cities" of Murcia (25/06/2014)
    Interested parties may access the presentations of the 18 participants in the meetings, which took place on 4 and 5 June
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia in time should limit alimony (25/06/2014)

  • Team Alevín Aljucer FS El Pozo, Champion of Spain for the third time (25/06/2014)

  • Espinardo is already in holiday (25/06/2014)
    The program of activities will run until next Sunday, June 29, with concerts, games for children, lectures, a craft market, a hiking trail ...
  • Andrés Ayala, "The burial of tracks by Murcia AVE is a reality" (24/06/2014)

  • The parking Condomina will open soon (24/06/2014)
    works will be undertaken to modernize and has more capacity
  • Second Conference on Good Teaching Practices (24/06/2014)
    The UCAM a conference devoted to the analysis of university evaluation systems
  • IU-Greens claim damage to small businesses by the end of the parking Condomina (24/06/2014)

  • Eka continue wearing the shirt of El Pozo Murcia FS (24/06/2014)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary ask the PP to implement a card to facilitate citizen access to all municipal services (24/06/2014)
    The mayor Andrea Garries commitment to this type of initiatives that are already underway in Spanish cities such as Zaragoza, Gijon, San Sebastián with very good results
  • Young researchers from the University of Murcia science closer to the public with talks in bars (24/06/2014)

  • Starts this afternoon the International Guitar Festival (24/06/2014)
    In the Hall of Mirrors at the Romea 20.30 / Free Entry with invitation
  • UPyD Murcia calls Sigifredo replacing Hernandez as headman of Santa Cruz (24/06/2014)

  • XXIV March Diocesan to the Heart of Jesus Monteagudo (24/06/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia demands access to municipal information "to exercise its supervisory work" (24/06/2014)

  • Students in writing workshops at the University of Murcia closed down the course reading his own texts (24/06/2014)

  • New Chair of Family and Community Medicine (24/06/2014)
    Its creation stems from the agreement between the UCAM and the Foundation of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians
  • A man of 25 years, treated and taken to hospital with burns after a fire in Alquerías (24/06/2014)

  • The UCAM launches Degree in Electrical Engineering Industrial (23/06/2014)
    The title, which is already approved by the ANECA, begin teaching in October, after receiving proper authorization from the CARM
  • El Tango de Carles Pons morning in the Hall of Mirrors at the Romea (23/06/2014)
    The Argentina opens music concerts summer Romea Theatre with a performance by Carles Pons guitar and bandoneon Orlando di Belo
  • A device 63 firefighters work for the Night of San Juan elapses normally (23/06/2014)
    In total there are eight planned fires
  • The PSOE requires a minimum safety rail to prevent falls The Escudera to channel vehicular and pedestrian (23/06/2014)

  • ... (23/06/2014)

  • 'Love America', the book by journalist Manuel Madrid, in the Municipal Library Network (23/06/2014)

  • Steven Fleck: "The UCAM has a great reputation in the world of sports teaching" (23/06/2014)
    The president of the NSCA and Bill Foran, trainer of the Miami Heat, among the speakers at the International Congress of Preparation and Fitness
  • The University of Murcia signs agreement with Mexican University to advance cotutelas PhD (23/06/2014)

  • Urban Quality continues to focus on energy saving (23/06/2014)
    The Department has acquired property 200 digital meters that have been installed in 96 municipal buildings
  • IU-Greens presents a motion calling for the Corporation to support the call for a referendum between monarchy and republic (23/06/2014)

  • Transport buses will run according Murcia DST starting tomorrow (23/06/2014)
    All lines except the C5 and R20
  • UPyD Murcia defends protection of the singular points of the system of canals and ditches Huerta (23/06/2014)

  • PBSR wins Creajoven Pop Rock (23/06/2014)
    Q maneuver won second prize and Funk-a-boom the third
  • The street is extended with 66 new routes (23/06/2014)

  • Recognize the work of popular science of physics professor at the University of Murcia Rafael Garcia Molina (23/06/2014)

  • Over 6,000 people participate in the "Murcia, a city ecology" program (22/06/2014)
    For the first time this year, we have worked with the Center for Disability IMAS El Palmar
  • The PSOE will ask shaded patios are packed in school Juan XXIII of the Rane (22/06/2014)

  • Franklin, guest of honor at the finals Soccer League Board (21/06/2014)

  • The UCAM signed an agreement with the Association of Scale Civil Guard NCO (21/06/2014)
    With this agreement, the Catholic University of Murcia facilitates the Civil Guard NCOs access to higher education
  • The City Council and Red Cross renewed its collaboration agreement for the development of prevention and care work (21/06/2014)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary claim sidewalks to the street Vicente Baeza Bacons Bridge (21/06/2014)
    Socialist councilor José Zapata insists that it is unfortunate that in the XXI century has towns that are still without sidewalks
  • The Doctor Pedro Guillen, Honorary Academician of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Murcia (20/06/2014)

  • Juan Carlos Ruiz will be the harbinger of the Moors and Christians Murcia (20/06/2014)

  • The Institute of Tourism promotes four cultural tourism routes in the city of Murcia (20/06/2014)
    director, Mariola Martinez attended the launch of 'Open Murcia Museum, an initiative of the local council
  • Ute Lemper and Nacho Vegas this fall in TCM, which offers 57 shows for the season (20/06/2014)
    The functions start out with "The Interpreter", the show that triumphs in Spain, Asier hand Etxeandía
  • The City of Murcia will save nearly 2.3 million in credits ICO Plan Provider Payment (20/06/2014)
    The Local Administration welcomes Flexibility Plan of the Ministry of Finance and State adheres to electronic billing platforms and 'Embark 3'
  • Workers and parents affected by the abolition of the Initial Vocational Training Program are concentrated in the Ministry of Education (20/06/2014)
    to protest his disappearance
  • Environment takes pruning and trimming trees in El Palmar, Sangonera la Seca, Algezares, Monteagudo, Javalí Viejo, Lobosillo and Llano de Brujas (20/06/2014)
    Operators of the Department have also planted about 2,500 white geraniums in beds of neighborhoods and districts
  • Capacitas program students have their work experiences in the Second Round of business and disability: "Inclusion and illusion" (20/06/2014)
    It is an initiative of the German Montoro Chair in Social and Labor Inclusion for youth with other capabilities created by the Catholic University Murcia (UCAM) and Gmp Foundation
  • Rectors of universities in the Colombian Caribbean visit the University of Murcia to promote internationalization (20/06/2014)

  • Begin the festivities of La Arboleja (20/06/2014)
    founders Birds Ateneo Huertano spoken upon the celebrations will continue until the 28th
  • Ana María Almagro paints the Moors and Christians (20/06/2014)
    The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, read the proclamation on September 8
  • The juvenile male CB UCAM Murcia, this Tournament minibasket 'Villa La Roda' (20/06/2014)
    will face, starting Saturday, 12 other teams in town in La Mancha
  • "Murcia Open Museum" about the sculptural heritage of the streets and squares of the city of Murcia and visitors (20/06/2014)
    Four routes will tour different works installed in public to make them known and provide a new tourist attraction
  • IU-Greens demands the opening of the health center of St. James (20/06/2014)

  • Over 500 participants from 38 countries at the World Congress on Preparation and Fitness (20/06/2014)
    From 26 to 28 June in ucam
  • The PSOE in plenary ask the PP to ensure the safety of students CEIP González Moreno Aljucer Dagger (20/06/2014)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez echoed the claims of the educational community of this school who, for years, been warning is local and regional PP deficiencies suffered by the college
  • Re-established the library service with your regular schedule (19/06/2014)

  • The University of Murcia published a book in honor of the former president Juan Monreal (19/06/2014)

  • The CIM-M closes the first round "of trade lunches" (19/06/2014)
    More than a hundred people have participated in four training courses for retail entrepreneurs Township
  • Marcelo Nicola will not continue in the UCAM Murcia (19/06/2014)

  • PCPI workers mobilize to demand that does not disappear, as would render training to young people at risk of social exclusion (19/06/2014)

  • ... (19/06/2014)

  • Gabriel Lima, new player of El Pozo Murcia FS (19/06/2014)

  • Municipal museums open their doors to summer (19/06/2014)
    More than 300 kids will participate in the workshops of cultural dissemination "A Summer Museum"
  • Kike Bolarín Boned and delivery of college sports medals Marist Fuensanta (19/06/2014)

  • Continued deadline to apply for open vacant spaces supplies (19/06/2014)
    Until June 30 instances may be submitted to qualify for the 51 vacancies
  • The oil slows silkworm skin cancer, according to a doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia (19/06/2014)

  • IU-Greens denounced the "treatment" of PP Churra with a company to advertise on the streets without having plenary (19/06/2014)

  • Traders Bacons Bridge celebrating III Fair Spring-Summer on the occasion of the feast of San Juan (19/06/2014)
    Twenty shops in the hamlet will exhibit and sell their products at the exhibition center of the hamlet, where there will be activities for adults and boys and a raffle with over 60 gifts
  • Students of Communication Studies UCAM produce concerts Varry Brava and Diego Martin in the Noise Off Festival (18/06/2014)
    This is a mega 26 hours which brings together 54 artists on the occasion of the 3rd Day Online Music
  • Inauguration of Miguel García Salom as dean of the Faculty of Medicine (18/06/2014)

  • Chamber reaffirms the commitment of the government to "ensure quality of life for the elderly" (18/06/2014)
    At the opening of the First International Congress of Gerontology "Aging in the Twenty-first Century", organized by Messengers of Peace
  • Murcia will have a voice in the VII International Congress of Business and Foreign Trade Jerez (18/06/2014)
    Moya-Angeler be present in a panel discussion on Friday about "The international marketing of cities"
  • Meet Salzillo (18/06/2014)
    Mayor awards prizes to the winners of the Baroque Murcia gymkhana organized by the Rotary Club Murcia North
  • The Socialist Party demands that the school plays New Schools of El Palmar resume (18/06/2014)
    Congresswoman Maria Carmen Moreno reported the injury to the educational community center for the constant delays wins this work, motivated by lack of agreement between Community and City Council
  • Maeso: "We can not support a motion to resume works that are already started" (18/06/2014)
    The Regional Assembly rejects, with the votes of the Popular Party, the Socialist motion
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal group dedicated to the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana in Murcia (18/06/2014)
    It has dismantled a clandestine marijuana growing greenhouse with a thousand plants in the Age High-Murcia
  • The Socialist Group require the PP to remove the contentious because it only benefits the company that runs the city bus (18/06/2014)

  • A new project will digitize 18 periodicals and 76 written works of the Municipal Archives (18/06/2014)
    The Ministry of Culture has awarded a grant to carry out these works of 24,500 euros
  • Civil Protection Volunteers show a school how to act in a motorcycle accident (18/06/2014)
    The drill was held at the Santa María del Carmen neighborhood school Infante
  • Mark World Environment Day to Combat Desertification enlargement Disfrimur agreement with the "Murcia CO2labora" project (18/06/2014)
    After the summer 2000 new copies of Aleppo pine will be planted in New Javalí
  • Music and buy the first electronic festival in the neighborhood of El Carmen "Animal Sound" (18/06/2014)
    It is an initiative of the Merchants Association to promote Carmelite activity in the area.
  • Meeting between Murcia and UPyD consul Ecuador (18/06/2014)

  • The University of Murcia Registration period opens Friday in limited places with titles (18/06/2014)

  • Pelegrin and Sanchez honoring the 125 volunteers tutoring (18/06/2014)
    More than 160 children have received attention of 125 volunteers in the tutoring project organized the City and the University of Murcia
  • A short made by students of the School of Communication opens Friday at the Museum of the University of Murcia (18/06/2014)
    "November, December" is directed by Rachel Abellan and tells the story of a disenchanted writer
  • Four groups vie Friday's final Creajoven Pop Rock (18/06/2014)
    From 19.30 Fofó Park Auditorium, with performances by guest artist Howitzer
  • Flomesta Lieutenant Alexander Avenue and canopies Séiquer premiere (17/06/2014)
    In both designs is given prominence to glass and user comfort
  • On Friday is the deadline to request payment receipt of IBI 2014 in two installments (17/06/2014)
    Citizens themselves can still apply for membership to the Custom Payment Plan "12 months no interest" for 2015 taxes
  • Pelegrin and Sanchez paid tribute this afternoon to the 125 volunteers who provide tutoring (17/06/2014)
    At 18 hours, in a ceremony to be held in the Auditorium Building Annex
  • The Socialist Group calls on House to leave this year but also drawn to malnourished school (17/06/2014)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez carried a motion in Parliament this month claiming the attention of the PP government to a dramatic problem that continues to affect thousands of children from poor families in our town
  • The UCAM Pope presents a training plan for charity workers in Latin America (17/06/2014)
    The Vice Chancellor of University Extension of Murcia institution has an encounter with the Holy Father on the occasion of the meeting with the bishops of the Populorum Progressio Foundation
  • On Friday ends the period specified to request payment of the 2014 property tax bill in two installments (17/06/2014)
    Citizens themselves can still apply for membership to the Custom Payment Plan "12 months no interest" for 2015 taxes
  • The City Council awards the school they want to be responsible drivers and pedestrians (17/06/2014)

  • IU-Greens requires tipuanas be fumigated to prevent the fall of resin in the gardens (17/06/2014)

  • Environment today on pruning and trimming trees in Lobosillo, El Palmar, Monteagudo and Javalí Old (17/06/2014)
    The Avenue of the Pines looks today more than 400 white geraniums
  • Environment, Sport and wellness activities focused summer schools of Social Welfare for Children 1900 (17/06/2014)
    college volunteers collaborate for the second year in support of the monitors.
  • Conference on the scientific contribution of the Spanish Army in Antarctica (17/06/2014)

  • Winners Regional Olympiad Latin and Greek (17/06/2014)

  • Cross-border legal situations in a Congress of Private International Law at the University of Murcia (17/06/2014)

  • The UCAM launches a new course for developers Google Glass (17/06/2014)
    The classes will be held from June 30 to July 3 at the Campus Los Jerónimos
  • Benjamin Alevín teams and Cadet FS Aljucer El Pozo, in the final stages of the Championship of Spain (17/06/2014)

  • In total 51 positions offered in the other places, except for the head of Torres and San Andrés, where they grant 5 shops (17/06/2014)
    [green to the basis for the grant of vacant squares supplies of Murcia and districts Light]
  • Conference VIII Charity Week (16/06/2014)
    José Luis Mendoza exposes sociocaritativa UCAM action develops around the world
  • Lobosillo celebrates its fiesta in honor of San Antonio (16/06/2014)

  • The new dean team of the Faculty of Arts speaks with the rector of the objectives Orihuela center (16/06/2014)

  • The "eternal captain 'Kike Boned farewell with a message: (16/06/2014)
    " Keep believing "
  • Over 7,000 people choose to get a parking ordinance or library assistant (16/06/2014)
    With all oppositions filed a waiting list to be used according to the needs of different services will be developed
  • The Mayor welcomes French students Murcia language exchange with Capuchins (16/06/2014)
    Both schools expect to reach a twinning agreement
  • José Luis Mendoza will deliver the inaugural lecture VIII Charity Week (16/06/2014)

  • On Thursday ends the first training cycle for small traders (16/06/2014)
    "Decoration and marketing, an indispensable alliance" will be the title of the last meeting, which takes place in the CIM-M
  • The project of access to water to the inhabitants of the village of Las Casitas El Salvador, Aguas de Murcia Partnership Award (16/06/2014)
    Alliance for Solidarity NGO is the winner of this new edition of the competition and get 10,000 euros for their activities
  • The Socialist Group launches campaign to criticize # alcaldecogelaescoba that Murcia is dirty (16/06/2014)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa encourages residents of Murcia to upload photos on Facebook and Twitter for the PP of La Glorieta citizens clamor to hear a municipality increasingly dirty, despite spending 56 million euros a year
  • Baby Jesus, Fede and Armando, with Spain squad for the World University (16/06/2014)

  • The Socialist Party claims the sorry state of neglect of solar Espinardo (15/06/2014)

  • "Aluminum 0" (15/06/2014)
    With the "Green Schools" program, Environment launches a campaign for the use of reusable packaging for snacks
  • Mobisec moves (15/06/2014)
    The Iniesta councilor participates in cycling gear and awards to participants in this European project to improve road safety
  • The City of Murcia continues to collaborate with New Futuro, where coexistence and integration project (14/06/2014)
    program leisure time is developed inside and outside sheltered housing by the association
  • Four cultural centers unite to show their work at the Casino de Murcia (14/06/2014)
    The self-portrait exhibition opens to the public on Tuesday, 17
  • Fire Murcia intervene to quell the fire declared in a ship located in PIOeste (13/06/2014)

  • Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, patron of the UCAM (13/06/2014)
    Generate bodies, one of the promises of regenerative medicine
  • Camera exposes the axes of the "smart mobility" to promote the use of bicycles (13/06/2014)

  • Camera exposes the axes of the "smart mobility" bike (13/06/2014)

  • Duda: "We are convinced that we can win Saturday and Sunday" (13/06/2014)

  • The rock garden of L'Artesa Aljucer celebrates its 36th anniversary (13/06/2014)
    The Gold Award this year will be to Antonio Martínez Codina
  • A wide range opens the new season at the Teatro Romea (13/06/2014)
    A total of 28 shows up the program from October to January
  • IU-Greens criticized the City Council makes use of "garbage contracts" to solve his "mismanagement" of libraries (13/06/2014)

  • Previous finale LNFS 3rd 2014 (13/06/2014)
    Start the comeback!
  • The University of Murcia with Google offers a free course on digital marketing (13/06/2014)
    The University of Murcia has organized for next week's third edition of Google-free course Spain IAB Digital Marketing
  • Several streets will be closed to traffic tomorrow afternoon to celebrate Pride Day (13/06/2014)
    From 17.30 to 19.30 about
  • The Local Police design a specific security plan for the summer months (13/06/2014)
    be developed both in the town and villages
  • The Socialist Group requires House to immediately stop the headman of Santa Cruz condemned by the demolition of the mill Oliver (13/06/2014)
    It's not the first time that the PSOE mayor of Murcia calls cease immediately protect Sigifredo Hernandez as Chairman of the Board of Landowners, all kinds of outrages against the Huerta de Murcia
  • The Virgin of Arrixaca visit Nonduermas (13/06/2014)

  • The Cathedral Museum intensely celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi (13/06/2014)

  • The City Council announces the third edition of the Enterprise Equality award in Murcia (13/06/2014)
    Interested parties may submit their application from 16 June to 15 September This year several companies will be rewarded
  • Chamber inaugurates monument that pays tribute to Murcia farmer (12/06/2014)
    The Mayor of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Cámara, along with representatives of six agricultural organizations, inaugurated this afternoon a new sculpture honoring the effort and dedication of farmers in the Murcia area
  • Barnabas informs hoteliers and traders on the simplification of procedures to start business (12/06/2014)
    The objective is to revive the economy by facilitating licensing and generate employment
  • Professors of the University of Murcia produced a book on irrigation in the Southeast (12/06/2014)

  • The Abenarabi Avenue already has a canine recreation area (12/06/2014)
    The town already has twelve spaces dedicated to the exclusive use of dogs
  • IU-Greens requires the mayor of Murcia cease "immediately" to Sigifredo Hernandez as president of the Board of Landowners (12/06/2014)

  • The City is working to 21 Saharawi children spend their holidays with families in the municipality (12/06/2014)
    La Paz Tourism Association works so that these children can spend the summer away from the refugee camps of Tindouf
  • A new space Repeating Artillery Barracks as the Carmen district of Culture (12/06/2014)
    More than 7,000 people annually pass through this exhibition space, about 400 meters
  • Support for entrepreneurs from the University (12/06/2014)
    The UCAM has this morning signed a collaboration agreement with INCYDE Foundation (Chamber of Commerce Institute for Creation and Enterprise Development) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Murcia
  • The University of Murcia is home to the national meeting of university accounting professors (12/06/2014)

  • Session dj "very quiet" this afternoon in Santo Domingo (12/06/2014)
    Environment continues to provide activities within the campaign "The volume does matter", which runs until June 25
  • About 600 students learn to work with mutual support Social Welfare (12/06/2014)
    Pelegrin awards prizes of the "I can also be supportive"
  • Terra Natura Murcia welcomed the first birth of chickens cinnamon jar (12/06/2014)
    Mother adopted six pups Mallard and caring all together
  • Cited in Murcia University professors are given to discuss accounting (12/06/2014)
    The XVI Meeting takes place in the city on 12 and 13 June
  • St. Pius X is launching a new initiative for neighbors to go to the beach on Monday August for free (12/06/2014)
    The Councillor for Social Welfare and the Chairman of the Municipal Board met yesterday with dozens of neighbors to inform them News activity
  • After the registration period for the IV Congress of Baile Flamenco University (11/06/2014)

  • House defends the role of municipalities in improving the quality of life of citizens (11/06/2014)

  • Ros recalls that the treatment plant Cañada Hermosa is the largest in Europe (11/06/2014)
    IU criticizes engaged to criticize when if you even went to visit the opening day
  • IU-Greens Ros requires that "once for all" provide information on the new plant Cañada Hermosa local groups (11/06/2014)

  • Eka: "El Pozo has to suffer, play and win both games at home" (11/06/2014)

  • Tram Murcia celebrates its third anniversary with a new website (11/06/2014)
    The search engine allows the user to simulate trips between stops and get instant information on the estimated path, price and time of arrival of the next tram duration
  • The Socialist Group meets with representatives of the tourism sector to boost tourism in Murcia and diversify the local economy (11/06/2014)

  • GUIDES for the Department of Environment in Santa Eulalia distributed informative material on the new noise ordinance (11/06/2014)
    The information campaign "The volume does matter" runs until June 25
  • The women's association called New Seville Illusions Centers Women Murcia (11/06/2014)

  • Investingreen Murcia presents the project, for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the green economy (11/06/2014)

  • Murcia City Council grants the municipal Cadastre orthophotography 2012 (11/06/2014)
    With this selection of aerial images the Administration manages to obtain a better adaptation to the current field and current legislation
  • How to manage the family finances first day of "Finance for mortals" (10/06/2014)
    The Hall Annex Building at City Hall this afternoon hosted dozens of citizens interested in learning about some of the economic and financial terms used in their day more a day
  • Victor Arteaga wonder Adidas Eurocamp in Treviso (10/06/2014)
    The pivot of UCAM Murcia has been one of the best participants of the prestigious campus
  • The work 'forms' of Pedro Pardo look again in all its splendor in the garden of the Malecón (10/06/2014)

  • IU-Green says the Social Housing Fund has had "no impact" in Murcia (10/06/2014)

  • The gardens of the town, more and better lit (10/06/2014)
    City Council replaced 31 lights in the garden soon Fuensanta Infant and garden lighting will improve in Santa María de Gracia
  • Environment citizens about the problems of urban noise and the new ordinance (10/06/2014)

  • Professors of the University of Murcia help with a mobile phone application to the detection of the tiger mosquito (10/06/2014)

  • Juan Vicente Gil portrays the essence of the Festival of Folklore in a very colorful picture (10/06/2014)
    The poster for the 47th edition of the International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean has been made based on a photographic image of the festival itself authored by John Gil Vicente
  • The Socialist Party calls an extraordinary call for grants for cultural activities and leisure districts and neighborhoods during the summer (10/06/2014)

  • Course on College Unimar XXI century (10/06/2014)
    A University course examines the challenges of Ocean University of XXI Century
  • A course at the University of the Sea examines the challenges of the XXI Century University (10/06/2014)

  • The UCAM Murcia launches 'Operation height' (10/06/2014)
    on Saturday June 21 will be held in the main room of the Palace of Sports
  • Old Parties Javalí 2014 (10/06/2014)

  • Start the comeback! (09/06/2014)
    Saturday June 14 at 13 hours Pozo Murcia FS start the comeback of the eliminator LNFS Final 2014
  • The Socialist Group requires solutions to a traffic black spot head of Torres (09/06/2014)
    Socialist spokesman in the Municipal Board, Pablo Belmonte, denounces the danger of a junction with poor signage from three streets of the hamlet in which there have been several traffic accidents
  • Jobs maintains subsidies Famdif, Aspaym and AJE (09/06/2014)
    In order to improve training and promote the employability of its partners
  • Approval of works in fifteen schools during the summer (09/06/2014)
    The planned investment exceeds 313,000 euros
  • "Don Mendo's Revenge", a hilarious medieval comedy, the Romea Theatre (08/06/2014)
    Tejuba The theater group staged Don Mendo's Revenge last June 4
  • "The City Cespa sanctions for dumping industrial waste water into sewer" (08/06/2014)

  • The first students of the Higher Institute of San Antonio FP receive their diplomas (07/06/2014)
    The General Director of the CARM Training Joaquin Buendia, acted as godfather
  • The UCAM commemorates the feast of its patron with the appointment of two new Honorary Doctors (07/06/2014)
    Before the graduation ceremony will be the celebration of the Eucharist that Cardinal Antonio Cañizares chair
  • IU-Greens calls to increase the number of places for bikes in central Murcia (07/06/2014)

  • Rafaelillo arrives at Las Ventas in excellent form (07/06/2014)
    The Murcia dexterous, he appears Sunday morning in Madrid, has passed this week by the Center for Research in High Performance Sports UCAM and test results have been excellent
  • Environment has nearly 90 environmental volunteers (07/06/2014)

  • The Key is in San Antolin (07/06/2014)
    The Mayor presides over the inauguration of the exhibition of drawings and caricatures of Alfonso Ortuño
  • The mayor María del Carmen delivery Pelegrín Gold Badge of the Association of Residents of Los Rosales (07/06/2014)
    Luis Marín-Abad Segura was named Neighbor of the Year
  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of Grade III Promotion of Nursing (Groups B, G, I and J) (06/06/2014)
    Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Nursing
  • Inter Movistar facing its 12th Final and 13th El Pozo Murcia, as the seasons and the eternal captain Kike dorsal Boned (06/06/2014)
    'The ultimate classic'
  • The COE and I urge the Cabinet UCAM Athlete Support (06/06/2014)
    Presented at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee
  • Center enlargement Cañada Hermosa 15 different treatments will apply to waste generated in Murcia (06/06/2014)

  • More than 1,200 children will participate in 24 summer schools the Department of Culture (06/06/2014)
    The general theme chosen for this year is film
  • IU-Greens denounced a new episode of Information Hiding government team (06/06/2014)

  • The UCAM Murcia and English Reading Rockets signed a collaboration agreement (06/06/2014)
    The British team has visited the club and college
  • The University of Murcia organizes the Master in Regional and Local Finance (06/06/2014)

  • Several streets will be closed to traffic on Sunday celebrating the championship of Spain route Highway (06/06/2014)
    From 10 until 13 hours about
  • The Socialist Group requires the publication of the minutes of meetings of the company Murcia High Speed (06/06/2014)

  • Green light for the call for grants to associations and groups that promote social and cultural activities (06/06/2014)
    have priority actions that encourage the participation of residents of neighborhoods and districts
  • UPyD Murcia criticized the "unnecessary" spending in the duplication of street signs (06/06/2014)

  • The school participates in the Narciso Yepes Danone Sports School project (05/06/2014)
    The former Real Madrid player Rafael Gordillo visited this afternoon for children
  • The university community UCAM comprehensive commitment to volunteerism (05/06/2014)
    The Catholic University of Murcia signed a collaboration agreement with seven associations Region
  • The University of Murcia celebrates with reforestation World Environment Day (05/06/2014)

  • The Mayor exposes the environmental achievements of the city in the first conference Smart Cities (05/06/2014)

  • Evidence for future players of El Pozo Aljucer Bases FS (05/06/2014)
    The next week, 10 to June 13, will be held the evidence base for teams Aljucer FS El Pozo in Hall of Aljucer
  • Mayor House welcomes the participants in the General Assembly of the European Spice Association (05/06/2014)
    The event brings together these days in Murcia over 300 entrepreneurs from Europe, India, Singapore and United States
  • Seed to commemorate World Environment Day (05/06/2014)

  • PSOE, IU-Greens and UPyD require the convening of an extraordinary plenary (05/06/2014)
    To stop the plans of the Ministry and the Ministry with the arrival of the AVE in Murcia surface
  • Users Occupational Center El Palmar celebrate the week 'Theatre Special' (05/06/2014)
    The CEO of Persons with Disabilities of Murcia Institute of Social Action, John Brown appreciates this activity, "which helps develop skills and abilities"
  • A smart city project of the University of Murcia is a finalist in the Startup4Cities (05/06/2014)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB, protagonist in the Sports Gala Gala XVI UCAM (05/06/2014)
    The University gave a mention to the team for their season
  • The Convention Bureau of Murcia is present at the Meeting and Annual Meeting of the Spain Convention Bureau (05/06/2014)
    n the meeting involved 56 Spanish destinations
  • The City Council awards the school committed to the environment (05/06/2014)
    Councilwoman Environment has delivered this morning the awards to the 12 students and four winning schools
  • Over 300 members of the Choir Murciano Fernández Caballero closed the program of activities of the 80th anniversary (04/06/2014)

  • IU-Greens mayor rejects a request to remove a flag of the Second Republic of the balcony of the municipal group (04/06/2014)

  • The Mayor points to the "shopping days" in Tatters and Silver (04/06/2014)
    From today until Friday, shops extend their hours and offer special discounts and freebies to customers
  • Chamber supports another year campaign to promote organ donation (04/06/2014)
    Murcia Association against Cystic Fibrosis has organized a "solidarity puzzle" on Belluga Square to mark the National Day of Organ and Tissue Donor
  • This afternoon in Los Molinos del Río, intergenerational Mediation (04/06/2014)
    March 2016 to be held in the auditorium of The Mills River once a month on Wednesdays mediation for professionals in this area
  • Murcia, host of smart cities (04/06/2014)
    The Alcalde, Miguel Angel House, opened the conference "Smart Cities: Opportunities for Environmental Innovation", which brings together more than 200 people involved in the task of "making life easier" citizens through new techno
  • Clean the site of New Hall School while the works are resumed (04/06/2014)

  • More than 700 students enrolled at the International University of the Sea (04/06/2014)
    When were held only two of the 50 courses planned for 2014 edition
  • Seniors celebrate the final year of book clubs with an emotional ceremony in the Regional Archive (04/06/2014)

  • The Socialist Group and IU-Greens demand an investigation into the covert privatization Emuasa (04/06/2014)
    Councillors Pedro Lopez and Nacho Tornel claim that water management is one hundred percent and municipal rates are approved in plenary, as the company budgets
  • About 300 people today and tomorrow participate in the first conference of Smart Cities Murcia (04/06/2014)
    The need for general rules for the implementation of actions to advance the concept of smart cities has been one of the topics to be discussed
  • A nursery of Murcia is twinned with another Dublin to share traditions and culture (04/06/2014)
    The Murcia school is bilingual and this initiative wants to know the language naturally
  • The ecopatrulla returns to the streets of Murcia to remember the importance of protecting the environment (04/06/2014)
    The Urban Cleaning Department has organized various activities to mark World Environment Day
  • The City Council renewed its commitment to the homeless. (04/06/2014)
    The service focuses on providing temporary accommodation and social dining
  • Juampi: "We have to give my best in the final" (04/06/2014)

  • Borja Quintas and Angel Luis Carrillo target Symphony Orchestra and Choir UCAM Discantus in Cármina Burana (04/06/2014)
    Friday 6, at 21 am
  • The sculpture in honor of journalist and writer José Selgas again look at the garden Floridablana (04/06/2014)
    The piece, authored the famous José Planes, is a work in bronze dated 1922 and had numerous flaws result of the passage of time.
  • The City launches competition to graffiti decorate the eight new bicycle parking closed (04/06/2014)
    Those who design the best bicycle-related jobs in the urban environment will receive 600 euros
  • 'Don Mendo's Revenge', a hilarious medieval comedy, this afternoon at the Romea Theatre (04/06/2014)
    The theater group has today Tejuba scene Don Mendo's Revenge
  • Benjamin Alevín teams Aljucer El Pozo and Cadet FS (04/06/2014)
    a Championship in Spain
  • The City Council and the General Air Academy commemorate the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Air (04/06/2014)
    Tomorrow, at 20 pm in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, a concert held by Unity Music Academy General of the Air
  • A thesis calls for more effective measures to combat fraud in the artwork (04/06/2014)

  • The University of Murcia opens the deadline for candidates claustrales Governing Council (04/06/2014)

  • The House, on a proposal from the SIME, UGT and CCOO, approved a motion to not disappear Initial Vocational Training Program (04/06/2014)
    without training would leave young people at risk of social exclusion
  • Twelve groups face in the semifinals of Creajoven Pop Rock (04/06/2014)
    The performances will take place tomorrow, Friday and Saturday from 22 am in the Garage Beat Club
  • The Civic Center presents The video Albatalía Life Stories: Joy interviews Juan Pina (03/06/2014)
    A complete symposium the act, in which the prominent figure of the neighbor is remembered and a review is made by the history of the parish.
  • Students Higher Institute of San Antonio FP Erasmus realize two practices (03/06/2014)
    Marketing and Advertising, Travel Agency and Event Management, Administration and Finance (the three bilingual) and 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments are the four new titles that requested the Centre for this course
  • IU-Green says the "pressures" of the Ministry of Education conceal the "negligence" of administrations (03/06/2014)

  • Camera joins the commemoration of the anniversary of the Civil Guard (03/06/2014)
    Assists the act of imposing Awards
  • The series "Finance for mortals" about the world of economics citizens (03/06/2014)
    The City of Murcia, the Foundation of the University of Cantabria and Santander Bank team up to offer four days on financial issues the neighbors concerned
  • The Conference "Smart Cities" in Murcia analyze the present and the future of the local environment (03/06/2014)

  • "It is intolerable that the school AMPA enclosed New Schools take five days and still not solve PP" (03/06/2014)

  • La III Sports Gala recognizes professionals and organizations working for the sport (03/06/2014)
    Held on Thursday, from 20.30, in the Romea Theatre
  • Thematic visits the Cathedral Museum in June to lead the church of San Juan Bautista de Murcia (03/06/2014)

  • Contest Begins theater I Amparo Rivelles Centers Bernal Women in Theatre (03/06/2014)
    Participating Centers of the Barrio del Carmen, and Algezares Espinardo
  • About 40 students of the employment and training program participating in the workshop "Motivation towards self-employment" (03/06/2014)
    Murcia Red Cross will be responsible for providing ongoing Wednesday morning in the town center of El Palmar
  • CEIPS New Schools: CCOO criticizes "irresponsible and despotic attitude" of the Ministry of Education (02/06/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia AMPA expressed support for the New School (02/06/2014)
    and calls to end the "uncertainty" of the new center
  • Miguel Garcia Salom, elected new dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia (02/06/2014)

  • Environment test new aggregates Fame (02/06/2014)

  • The Mayor said that the reign of Juan Carlos I has been a "great luck and a luxury" for all Spanish (02/06/2014)
    expresses "appreciation and gratitude" to the monarch, while showing her "full confidence" in the paper will play in the future the Prince of Asturias
  • The Center will present tomorrow, Tuesday at 10:30 am in Real Casino de Murcia's new for this course (02/06/2014)
    The Higher Institute San Antonio presents the international projection for VET students
  • After the fourth Tourist Information point of the city, located in the district of Carmen (02/06/2014)
    It is located in the garden of Floridablanca and adds to the Central Bureau of Belluga the point of Romea and Juan Carlos I has been issued two booklets with the history of the neighborhood and the business area
  • San Basilio is already in holiday (02/06/2014)
    The neighborhood these days I held Futsal Championship Civic Party
  • The Red Tide Semifinal our "eternal captain" (02/06/2014)

  • López: "The PP becomes 'commercial agent' of coloraos and leaves the residents of districts" (02/06/2014)
    Socialist spokesman claims that the litigation filed by the City would not meet the general interests but to monetize the concessionaire city buses
  • Merchants Silverware and Tatters organize a program of activities for guests to enjoy while making your purchase (02/06/2014)
    The "Shopping Days" action will take place on 4, 5 and 6 June The stores offer discounts and gifts
  • Nearly 200 Seniors celebrate the end of term of 12 book clubs (02/06/2014)
    The event will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, at 19 am in the auditorium of the Regional Archive
  • Continued Cycle Racks Between Free theater in the auditorium of Guadeloupe (02/06/2014)
    Until June 15 meeting of the Cultural Centres Theatre celebrated
  • The Socialist Group requires the PP to ensure continuity of the Summer Cinema in July and August (01/06/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Andrea Garries, demand an explanation from the head of Culture declared void the initiative to organize this competition this summer
  • More than 3,300 people participate in the Environmental Awareness Program Information Hall (01/06/2014)
    The launch of the new Centre The Contraparada has been the big news this season

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