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Murcia News - October 2013

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  • "The mayor's announcement resubmitted House is good news for the opposition but bad for the city" (31/10/2013)
    Serna warns that as a matter of "democratic hygiene" for the city and the neighbors "is very negative for a mayor accused gives his intention to stand for re-election while still under the shadow of suspicion "
  • The full City Council unanimously approved Youth develop a plan for the municipality (31/10/2013)

  • HUERMUR is planted in the full council with a citizens' (31/10/2013)
    "In accept municipal negative arguments and proposals arising from Participating"
  • The full City Council rejects motion socialist municipal group on Teleport for not having any legal cover (31/10/2013)

  • "House must resign" (31/10/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro Lopez, insists that regardless of criminal responsibility, the mayor of Murcia, accused in the operation Umbra, remains by action or omission enabling the main actor in this plot
  • "The PP continues to give back to the residents of villages with public transport" (31/10/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro Lopez, has demanded more forcefully to the local government in defense of the 60% of citizens who live in the districts
  • San Juan de Dios exposes a Neapolitan style Bethlehem Antonio Labaña (31/10/2013)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, presents this sample of parts described as "elegant and delicate"
  • The Alumni Association of the University of Murcia held its executive meeting (31/10/2013)

  • Duda: "The attitude of the team is perfect" (31/10/2013)

  • The City seeks restitution Autonomous bus line 61 and continue working for the Transportation Bond (31/10/2013)

  • They begin to install the cover of Chinese garden pergola (31/10/2013)
    The council is also putting rubber flooring in the playground
  • 371 agents serve in the cemeteries to mark the feast of All Saints (31/10/2013)
    There will be a police presence in the cemeteries of districts, flower stalls and special bus stop in La Glorieta
  • The House approved the beginning of the procedure for granting the titles of Son and Foster for various personalities Murcia (31/10/2013)
    The City of Murcia honor and personal and professional paths of Jesus Juarez, Jose Tornel, Ginés Torrano Manuel Prisons 'The Patiñero' and José Travel 'The Repuntín' and Pascual Parrilla.
  • A documentary about a case that shocked the United States in Cinema Paradise (31/10/2013)
    The British film "The impostor" addresses the strange case of the kidnapping of an American boy who reappeared three years later in Spain
  • The Cemetery is about to celebrate the Day of All Saints (31/10/2013)
    The Bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena a Mass on Friday, November 1, at 12 am
  • The University of Murcia participates in a tribute to Professor Guzman Ortuño (31/10/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia considered "essential" commissioning of the ticket only (30/10/2013)

  • "Running is not cowardly thing" (30/10/2013)
    Hospital sponsors the I La Vega Murcia Marathon where runners will gather 2,000 professionals and amateurs
  • The budgets of the City will not solve the serious problems of public transport in the city (30/10/2013)
    Public employees are paying for the crisis and did not cover the low local police and firefighters, while for Culture and Celebration, the PP is still no money to add value to the site of St. Stephen
  • The development and promotion of cultural activity, commitment Murcia artists and consolidation of e-Government will be the keys to 2014 (30/10/2013)

  • Presentation of tribute match with the Spanish to Kike Boned (30/10/2013)

  • IU-Green recalls that transport budget twice and has worst service (30/10/2013)
    IU-Greens claim that culture has become mere ornament to the city of Murcia
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia relates the crisis of journalism as a business management (30/10/2013)

  • The opposition calls for the declaration of Cultural Interest (BIC) for the Floridablanca Garden (30/10/2013)

  • Three groups compete in the final of Creajoven Music Other Trends (30/10/2013)
    be held tomorrow at 22 am in the Garage Beat Club
  • A book published by the University of Murcia rescues technological processes of wine and oil in the Roman Hispania (30/10/2013)
    will be presented Thursday in the Faculty of Arts
  • Murcia have in 2014 a service of 'Police à la carte' (30/10/2013)
    The Service Firefighting and Rescue bet on the modernization and training of the Fire Department
  • A plan to improve the roundabouts provide safer roads to the main streets (30/10/2013)
    The Department of Traffic and Transportation will also launch next year the Surface Parking Plan.
  • The Socialist Group and IU-Greens Seek en banc a bonus only public transport for the whole municipality (30/10/2013)
    Pedro Lopez and Esther Herguedas recovery will also require bus service in the village of Aljucer
  • 362,000 euros for 50 places in day centers in the municipality of Murcia (30/10/2013)

  • Enhancements school Santa Maria de Gracia (30/10/2013)
    repairs will be made on location
  • Increase of actions to combat gender violence (30/10/2013)
    The Department directed by Alicia Barquero commitment to training for women
  • The City Council joins the celebration of the UN Day (30/10/2013)

  • Latbus launches a special service on October 31 and November 1 on the occasion of the feast of All Saints (30/10/2013)
    Almost two thousand Murcia line used in 2012 serving 44c between the roll and the Cemetery on 31 and day 1 between Glorieta and Cemetery
  • Kike Boned, received the Gold Medal of Sporting Merit (29/10/2013)
    The captain of El Pozo Murcia FS, Enrique Boned Guillot, received the Gold Medal of Sporting Merit awarded by the Sports Council
  • IU-Greens considered "theft" that the City intended to 47,000 euros Cespa (29/10/2013)
    Tornel remember that the concessionaire of street cleaning takes a year 50 million euros
  • "Keep the waste destined for Terra Natura and the company responsible for cleaning" (29/10/2013)
    Add in more than 200,000 euros the money allocated to animal park and remains untouchable millionaire Cespa contract, while the city is increasingly dirty and abandoned
  • "The private sports facilities remain the main beneficiaries of the budget" (29/10/2013)
    Andrea Garries The mayor claims that while Youth and Tourism receives no attention, the PP maintains the 4.6 million euros to private sports facilities and continues to apply the repayment in municipal facilities
  • UPyD: "We spend more on a zoo that promote tourism in the town" (29/10/2013)

  • The exhibition "When the earth shakes" approaches the Holy Spirit (29/10/2013)

  • Professional and cultural workers will gather in Gaya Breakfast to discuss current issues (29/10/2013)
    Museum The new initiative aims to enrich, share and generate new approach and present proposals Cultural November 3rd starts the second " The Gaya fucks "
  • IU-Greens claim that service concessions Sports still affect the municipal budget (29/10/2013)
    IU-Green: The City does not get minimum cleaning conditions despite spending more than 50 million euros
  • Murcia sells internationally Eternal Spring (29/10/2013)
    All sports will have access and will be held two days of Fitness Day to take the sport to the street
  • The Doors of Castile hosting an exhibition with the work of 72 illustrators (29/10/2013)
    The group illustrates a large mural will feature more than 120 square meters which will jointly performing continuous work until mid-December
  • Street cleaning services has expanded its budget (29/10/2013)
    The Department allocates 51 million to urban sanitation and waste management.
  • The Office of the Bicycle open every day in 2014, which will launch the new bike rental system (29/10/2013)
    The Department of Environment will create four new leisure gardens, parkland different reformed and install five zones dog in town gardens
  • Franklin: "I will give joy to the fans" (29/10/2013)

  • The University of Murcia forums started innovation for entrepreneurs (29/10/2013)

  • The Mayor claimed gastronomy as "one of our props and major attractions" (29/10/2013)
    Chamber was honored last night with the Gold granted within the National Awards of Gastronomy
  • La Alberca collected more than 2,000 kilos of food for Caritas (29/10/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia claims the launch of Youth Plan "ambitious" for the period 2014-2020 (29/10/2013)

  • Chamber argues that public services should give them better pay who, regardless of who has the competence (28/10/2013)
    The Mayor explained in the XI Forum Suma municipalities vision regarding the impact of local reform tax management
  • Murcia continues its expansion capacity abroad (28/10/2013)
    Institutional Relations The Department continues to work to promote trade relations with other countries
  • UPyD: "With 2014 Budget in hand, and there's no underground AVE" (28/10/2013)

  • Area 71 Commercial establishments engaged in Murcia Center showcases contest Mobility Week (28/10/2013)

  • Cascales offers a reception Delivering Tourism Radio National Gastronomy Awards (28/10/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia insists on "the implementation of a truly integrated single ticket to the districts" (28/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens consider that the absence of municipal investment in urban planning is the result of the orgy of brick (28/10/2013)
    Press release on the budgets of the departments of Planning and Housing and Urban Quality and Infrastructure
  • The fall of investment in Urban and Public Way will cause more unemployment in a city hit by unemployment (28/10/2013)
    The deputies Juan Patricio Castro and Jose Zapata regret that the allocations to the burial, the Special Plan of El Carmen and stop AVE The pains are a mockery to be these purely testimonial
  • The rehabilitation of homes and the high speed train are the main stakes of the Department of Planning and Housing 2014 (28/10/2013)
    aids continue renting to people with fewer resources
  • Decorative lighting projects of buildings, energy conservation and enhancement of neighborhoods, Urban Quality priorities for 2014 (28/10/2013)
    To the next intervention in the Plaza Belluga, will add lighting projects Romea Theatre, Veronicas market and the churches of San Juan and Santa Eulalia
  • The Blessed Pedro Sanchez Barba returned to the parish of San Bartolome de Murcia (28/10/2013)

  • Kike, gold medal of Merit Sports (28/10/2013)

  • The director explains ANECA Murcia University assessment program titles (28/10/2013)

  • Margott Vaum wins Creajoven of Singer Songwriters (28/10/2013)
    Carlos Zambrana, won second prize and third Antonio Irigoyen
  • IU-Greens denounced the concealment of information by the Councillor for Sports, Miguel Cascales (28/10/2013)

  • Camera explains the impact of local reform in tax administration (27/10/2013)
    The Mayor offers insight into the XI municipalities Suma Forum to be held tomorrow in Alicante
  • The Socialist Group in Parliament that require rehabilitation is hired former Senior social center Torreagüera for creating a library (27/10/2013)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea recalls that for over a year about 55,000 residents of the South Coast lack This service
  • The Days 'Flavors of the Region' show kitchen Huerta de Murcia (27/10/2013)
    The meeting, under the theme 'Tradition, flavor, evolution', next Monday will run from 17:30 pm
  • Conditioned vacant lots in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit so that residents organize cultural activities (27/10/2013)
    The work, which will run on more than 2,200 square meters of municipal land, will serve to launch the program "Ephemeral art '
  • Meeting of President Francisco UCAM with Pope in the Vatican (26/10/2013)
    On the occasion of the plenary of the Pontifical Council for the Family, which are members Jose Luis Mendoza, and his wife, Maria Dolores Garcia
  • Residents of San Ginés and was High are concerned about the danger of overflow from a ditch after the work undertaken by the Board of Landowners (26/10/2013)
    Councilman Jose Zapata PP asked in plenary to urge the Board of Landowners to undo that work returning the canal to its previous state
  • UPyD Murcia regrets the announcement of a new mega in Terra Natura (26/10/2013)

  • The Contraparada Center opens with a seminar to learn about the flora and fauna of the area (26/10/2013)
    Martinez-Cache has opened this morning at the meeting that has covered its capacity with the assistance of 30 persons
  • Tribute to poet Vicente Medina on the International Day of Libraries (25/10/2013)

  • The Mayor will propose to the Plenary Chamber of Son titles for multiple personalities and Foster Murcia (25/10/2013)
    Chamber propose these distinctions maximum Murcia City to honor their personal and professional paths
  • More than 300 women participating in a course on the property of the municipality (25/10/2013)
    Alicia Barquero activity presented in the Municipal Center García Alix
  • IU-Green: "The popular PP maintains its refusal to create public school places in Early Childhood Education" (25/10/2013)

  • Sources regrets that IU want to "get with propaganda campaigns you do not get in the polls" (25/10/2013)
    Remember, again, that in the city of Murcia "is always brought from the law and in the public interest"
  • The Mayor congratulated the "grandfathers of the Year" senior centers (25/10/2013)
    Chamber attends the tribute in which they have been elected María Jesús Leal of Vistalegre, and John Caravaca, San Antolin
  • UPyD: "The Social Welfare Budgets translate the plight of families Murcia" (25/10/2013)

  • The UCAM dedicates a paper to the double Nobel laureate Marie Curie (25/10/2013)
    The conference marks the finishing touch to the Curie exhibition held in the Cloister of the Monastery
  • The Supreme Court determines the legality of teleportation (25/10/2013)

  • About 6,000 schools in the municipality will participate this year in the School Theatre Campaign to be held in Circus (25/10/2013)
    is the fourth edition and is aimed at students in primary, secondary and high schools of the municipality
  • The City Council launches guided tours and dramatized to show citizens the sixteenth century Murcia (25/10/2013)
    The work of Don Juan Tenorio is the thread to visit the most emblematic of the city
  • Social Services will increase by over 100% emergency aid destined for needy families in the county (25/10/2013)

  • The university has dedicated an exhibition to the double Nobel Prize in Chemistry (25/10/2013)
    The UCAM closing the exhibition dedicated to Marie Curie
  • IU-Greens has a campaign to demand the resignation of the mayor Camera (25/10/2013)

  • The Catholic Celebrates the First Day of Design and Communication UCAM-COCO DAY (25/10/2013)
    have involved various experts in communication and national design
  • Quality education without reducing performance (25/10/2013)
    are increased efforts to prevent and control truancy
  • ... (25/10/2013)

  • Chemi, Fernando and Saura, with the U-18 (25/10/2013)

  • PSOE: "The 2014 municipal budgets give back to the welfare state" (25/10/2013)

  • The Education awards Professor Maria Villaplana for his work in the prevention of occupational hazards (25/10/2013)

  • The French film "House of Tolerance", set in the late nineteenth-century Paris, is planned Monday at Paradise Cinema (25/10/2013)

  • The University of Murcia launches a program of healthy lifestyle (25/10/2013)

  • The City distinguishes Bar Association with the Gold Medal of the City (24/10/2013)
    This was announced by the Mayor at the opening of the congress commemorating the 175th anniversary of the College
  • UPyD Murcia regrets that the Department of Employment, Trade and Business "not a priority" for the government team (24/10/2013)

  • "Whoever distributes part and gets the best part" (24/10/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Juan Patricio Castro criticizes the council of finance is raised its budget over five million while cutting on items that can generate employment and economic activity
  • The classic Tenorio Cecilio Pineda company returns to the Teatro Romea next October 31 (24/10/2013)
    There will be four performances and a big one of the social centers of the municipality of Murcia
  • "The PP is spent on Terra Natura monkeys that citizens of the 54 districts" (24/10/2013)
    The deputies Jose Zapata and Andrea Garries claim that the budgets for the Department of Maple and Herrero again corroborate the contempt of this government for the nearly 250,000 Murcia living in villages
  • The total budget for the Department of Tortosa is less than 11 M € it costs us the tram in a year (24/10/2013)
    The mayor Juan Patricio Castro described as illogical that in a municipality where there are 46,000 unemployed is reduced by almost half a million euros investments for employment, trade and companies
  • IU-Green sees alarming fall in the budget for Community Services districts (24/10/2013)

  • Employment generation with the execution of works in villages and unlocking the Coastal objectives 2014 (24/10/2013)
    The Department budget will be EUR 5,043,974
  • The development of works in neighborhoods and districts for employment generation will be one of the objectives of next year (24/10/2013)
    The Budget Consumption, Markets and Decentralization will of 12,223,079 euros
  • Employment increases its budget by 10% to enhance the target boost to the local economy (24/10/2013)
    Destina their efforts to entrepreneurs, promotion of training and entrepreneurship
  • National Police intercepted a vehicle with 1 kilogram of marijuana buds and arrested its three occupants (24/10/2013)
    As a result of the control devices and drug prevention
  • High monitoring the strike on the campuses of the University of Murcia (24/10/2013)

  • ... (24/10/2013)

  • Duda: "It is time to take the situation" (24/10/2013)

  • Beniaján host the football championship Ecuadorians living in Spain (24/10/2013)
    The country's sports minister, Jose Francisco Cevallos, visit the district on Sunday
  • Eight young Murcia Creajoven winners participating in the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (24/10/2013)
    Salamanca is celebrated on 25 and 26 October
  • Jesus Forsaken users will use the free bus service linking the town with the host (24/10/2013)
    The City gives the foundation a direct subsidy of 40,000 euros
  • Bolivia technicians know the waste management and recycling in Murcia (24/10/2013)
    participate in a project of UN-Habitat
  • "The Right to Strike is violated at the Colegio San Vicente de Paul" (24/10/2013)
    The Teaching CCOO Federation denounced the threats, pressures and falsehoods owners of El Palmar Catholic College
  • Castro: We require a decline of 3% in all taxes and copayments withdrawal of social assistance (23/10/2013)
    The adoption of these measures for Murcia would recover 7.75 million euros
  • The UCAM presents her Masters of Public Advocacy (23/10/2013)
    postgraduate studies UCAM
  • The City does not upload or update taxes, fees and charges to Murcia (23/10/2013)

  • Children of Guadalupe will have renovated playground in two gardens in the hamlet (23/10/2013)
    The work consists of the placement of rubber, fencing and renovation and installation of new equipment
  • Ten Companies of Holland, Brazil, Argentina and Spain will meet in the Region in the International Puppet Festival XII (23/10/2013)
    The new edition, whose motto is "The best audience in the world" will be held from 2 to November 10 in 16 different scenarios of Murcia, Aguilas and Jumilla
  • The Mayor House welcomes athletes prepare Murcia team participation in the 2014 New York Marathon (23/10/2013)
    Anyone interested can join this initiative offered minimize the costs of the expedition.
  • Arabic House project joins the Campus Mare Nostrum (23/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the resignation of the headman of Valladolises by autocontratarse (23/10/2013)
    Andrea Garries The mayor explained that the Municipal Board President used his company to hire supplies during 2012, reprehensible behavior that is contrary to the Public Procurement Act
  • More than 3,200 children attending the concert five years Metal and its colors (23/10/2013)
    Organized by La Caixa, Teatro Circo Murcia, with the collaboration of the Department of Education and Culture
  • Green light for street paving in various districts (23/10/2013)
    Lead time is two months about
  • Bebe: "The league is very long, but victory would be an important step" (23/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens paralyzes an irregular movement of land in the Partial Plan Fuensanta (23/10/2013)

  • The pool users Mar Menor may renew his place from tomorrow (23/10/2013)
    The pool will open on January 7
  • CIM-M hosts the conference which will tour Spain Enterprising Minds to promote innovative projects (23/10/2013)
    It is organized by AJE and ONO with the collaboration of the Department of Employment
  • The University of Murcia reuse organic waste as fertilizer eaters (23/10/2013)

  • José María Moraleda is elected president of the Spanish Society of Hematology and hemotherapy (23/10/2013)

  • End of Singer Songwriters of Creajoven (23/10/2013)
    Carlos Zambrana, Vaum Margott Antonio Irigoyen and tomorrow will be played first in the Teatro Circo Murcia, starting at 20 hours.
  • Cachá Martinez meets with the Deputy Director General of Environmental Quality and neighbors Sangonera la Seca and New Javalí to treat odor problems in both districts (22/10/2013)
    Martinez-Cache undertook to organize this meeting in the last full council
  • UPyD: "With the 2014 municipal budgets increases the tax burden on families Murcia" (22/10/2013)

  • The Avengers are back with a new album, "along short" (22/10/2013)
    Friday, 25 October.
  • Murcia enters the popular racing elite with the celebration of the first marathon in history (22/10/2013)

  • Raul Campos: "The team is in full and you can see the best version" (22/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Group, IU-Greens and UPyD Mayor criticized the rush to approve budgets House 2014 (22/10/2013)
    The three political parties have registered a letter to the mayor requesting a postponement of the debate to rise to a rigorous study by opposition, are subject to public debate and be open to public participation
  • The Socialist Group in plenary propose the appointment of Joseph Tornel as Favorite Son of Murcia (22/10/2013)
    The mayor José Zapata hoped that this initiative will be adopted unanimously and be granted this award for his career alongside the weak and disadvantaged
  • IU-Greens believe that the placement of train tracks in a roundabout James the Greater is "a mockery of the neighborhood struggle" (22/10/2013)

  • The University of Murcia boost to women's football federation between the university (22/10/2013)

  • Young researchers from Mediterranean countries meet in Congress Campus Mare Nostrum (22/10/2013)

  • Meeting of Food For Life-Spain in the UCAM (21/10/2013)
    Experts in horticulture are committed to innovation and research
  • IU-Greens do not understand the rush to pass budgets without debate or participation (21/10/2013)

  • II Fun Run Hands for India in Murcia (21/10/2013)

  • ... (21/10/2013)

  • 20 years of "Hell Fiance 'of Chumilla-Carbajosa (21/10/2013)
    The premiere of the final version will be on December 16, 2013 at the headquarters of the Regional Film" Francisco Rabal "The City Council joins the tribute with a discussion of how made the movie
  • IU-Greens seeks clarification of the Colegio San Antonio de Padua (21/10/2013)

  • Iniesta knows the benefits of Rapid Charge Accumulator Zaragoza tram (21/10/2013)
    This system is ideal for deployment in the layout on the Gran Via, involves the removal of the catenary.
  • The Pavilion 2 Artillery Barracks will become this weekend in a space for reflection, dialogue and interaction about the picture (21/10/2013)
    The Second Exhibition of Illustrators held on 26 and 27 October and will host activities and workshops for small and large
  • The 2014 municipal budget will not help create jobs and boost economic activity (21/10/2013)
    The mayor Juan Patricio Castro regrets that the PP still not address the need to reform the municipal management through a review of the major mortgage that allows us to free resources and save
  • The draft budget for 2014 provides the basis for economic growth and employment (21/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Group proposes a 3% rebate on all taxes and demanding the withdrawal of co-payments and social assistance repayments in 2014 (21/10/2013)

  • An American comedy and over Argentina on display this week at Cinema Paradise (21/10/2013)
    "Spring Breakers" in Centrofama the film today, while tomorrow Tuesday shows "The Last Elvis", which won the Critics Award at the Festival de Toulouse
  • The University of Murcia launches a plan to prevent legionellosis on their campuses (21/10/2013)

  • Conclusion of Fair Housing in the Region of Murcia "Reside 2013" (20/10/2013)

  • Sports examines water facilities to prevent legionellosis (20/10/2013)
    The City Council allocated over 230,000 euros for citizens to participate in sports with confidence
  • Manos Unidas charity race held tomorrow to build agricultural training center in India (20/10/2013)
    The route is through the main streets of Murcia
  • The Fair Housing sold 3 houses (19/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens denounced the installation of a sign forbidding the presence of dogs in a garden of St. Pius (19/10/2013)
    The Voice of training notes that the Board has not discussed this prohibition, and accuses the president of the PP, to create a problem "where none exists"
  • The Socialist Party demands the immediate cleaning a plot full of dirt, debris and rodents (19/10/2013)
    Councilman Jose Zapata has received through the web murciadenuncia.com numerous complaints from residents of the street environment Alberto Sevilla, in the neighborhood Infante Don Juan Manuel
  • Images of the ancient and modern Murcia add to the beautification program promoted by the City city (18/10/2013)
    On this occasion, through a journey through "Murcia in time" by the San Esteban environment
  • Zarandona opens its doors in a new facility for reconciling work and family life (18/10/2013)
    with capacity to serve 247 children under 12 years old
  • The Socialist Party believes the new marketing and advertising campaign of the local police in the Field of Murcia (18/10/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Jose Zapata requires an increase of troops patrolling the estates and farms in the districts of Campo de Murcia
  • The UCAM celebrates the feast of the patterns of Medicine and Criminology (18/10/2013)

  • Sources: "The municipal groups have been adequately informed about the reorganization of the municipal" (18/10/2013)
    After completing the relocation of various municipal services check the availability of offices and relocate to political groups
  • The municipal group of IU-Greens calls for a "decent minimum space" to work (18/10/2013)

  • The Platform Citizens for Public Transport supports mobilization Aljucer neighbors (18/10/2013)
    to retrieve the line 61 and claim a quality public transportation for districts
  • Tourism install a web cam to see in real time Belluga Square (18/10/2013)
    It is a promotional activity that will observe from around the world this central square with the image of the Cathedral and the climate that makes Murcia
  • Mar Saez wins Creajoven Francisco Visual Arts and Photography Bécares the (18/10/2013)
    Sergio Lopez Legaz, Elena López Martín, Antonio Garcia Pedroza, Carmen María García Sánchez and Hand Collective Stolen get the consolation prize
  • Cascales awarded to a diving company managing the tourist information offices (18/10/2013)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa is very concerned the criteria shuffles the PP when awarding public municipal services
  • The University of Murcia celebrates a cyclist hangout by the Energy Saving Day (18/10/2013)

  • The musical comedy "Almost, almost" marks the beginning of the programming of the last quarter of municipal auditoriums (18/10/2013)
    A total of 18,565 spectators participated in 203 activities during the past season, from January to June
  • Murcia hosts the XIX Congress of the Professional Association of sub-inspectors of Taxes (18/10/2013)

  • Eustory rewards the sixth edition of its Youth Contest History (18/10/2013)

  • The University of Murcia approving the regulations of the Ethics Committee for Animal Experimentation (18/10/2013)

  • Against racism, sexism and CDM homofobia.CAP PASSION (18/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Group also expects to see House in Congress on important votes to Murcia (17/10/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, criticizes the mayor go to Congress to support the reform of municipalities solo driven by the PP and has with the rejection of other political forces
  • The parish of Our Lady of the Rosary of Bacons Bridge comes these days to the streets to proclaim Jesus Christ (17/10/2013)

  • This Saturday begins the School of Altar in the Seminary of San Fulgencio (17/10/2013)

  • Chamber recalls that citizens continue to receive the same social benefits to the local reform (17/10/2013)

  • "You have to work out at all stages of life" (17/10/2013)
    Seminar of the Faculty of Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports
  • On Saturday October 19 will take place March Healthy heart IV General Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia of Murcia (17/10/2013)

  • The University of Murcia offers a reception for the students of the General Air Academy (17/10/2013)

  • Continued improvement of sidewalks in the neighborhoods of the city (17/10/2013)
    The Council works in rehabilitating sidewalks of Avenida Miguel de Cervantes and New Gate
  • UPyD: "Place vinyls in San Esteban is an attempt to get under the carpet all the shame without giving a solution" (17/10/2013)

  • The Fair Housing Murcia will take place in a context of stabilized prices (17/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens welcomes the admissibility of the dispute presented by Huermur (17/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Group complaint Fame associations serving the residents on the street (17/10/2013)
    The mayor asks Rosa Mar a list of local heritage city in the district for one assignment to neighborhood groups
  • The children conciencian the importance of washing hands (17/10/2013)
    The Department of Development Cooperation and UNICEF Celebrate World Handwashing with school activities
  • The University of Murcia addresses at a time the role of women in the Arab Spring (17/10/2013)

  • Conference on Computer Design (17/10/2013)

  • The Sounds of Fall River presents The Lawyers, The Good, the Bad and the Mena, and Julio de la Rosa (17/10/2013)
    All concerts will take place in Space Río_Caballerizas Mills, at 20:30 pm
  • TCM all set to start the second edition of theater workshops for children and young (17/10/2013)
    Pre-registration will be from 22 to 24 October and the workshops will start on November 9
  • UPyD Murcia asks eradicate pockets of 'tiger mosquito' and Phlebotomus sp in the districts of La Alberca and Holy Angel (16/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Party demands House to rehabilitate La Paz from public initiative and will do in the neighborhood of Los Rosales (16/10/2013)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa believes it can be a discrimination between different residents of the municipality to rehabilitate some neighborhoods from the public initiative and let others in the hands of a private developer
  • Positive results of monitoring forest farms during the Plan Infomur (16/10/2013)
    Local Police has controlled 43 forest parks and municipal properties to prevent fires and avoid waste
  • Opens Creajoven exposure of Visual Arts and Photography (16/10/2013)
    Tomorrow, at 21 am in the Youth Art Laboratory
  • Grants for NGOs working in development cooperation (16/10/2013)
    Priority is given to projects working in health, education, human rights, social services, infrastructure and environment
  • Juan Francisco Fuentes: "El Pozo Murcia is and will be my home" (16/10/2013)

  • The portal of the cultural centers and auditoriums gives Murcia hundred invitations for the concert Soul Tellers (16/10/2013)
    Complimentary passes may get involved through social networks
  • The Socialist Party calls for the immediate withdrawal of the tons of earth dumped near the Rambla de la Ventosa by the works of the UCAM (16/10/2013)
    Pedro Lopez claims that governments have been too lenient with the educational institution and that too many privileges granted
  • Zeneta neighbors primary care clinic debut in late 2014 (16/10/2013)
    The Governing Board approved the project and specifications
  • IU-Greens denounced a "new act of propaganda" the mayor at the expense of Los Rosales (16/10/2013)

  • The monumental complex of San Juan de Dios hosts the Virgin of Arrixaca (16/10/2013)
    The temple house the image from Thursday to Sunday next
  • The UCAM already offers courses in Miriada MOOC X (16/10/2013)
    Through this platform, the University aims to increase its offer open studios, massive and free online registration
  • Murcia University prepares students from IES Alfonso X Olympiad participants Space (16/10/2013)

  • The University of Murcia offset 783 tons of CO2 environmental actions (16/10/2013)

  • The Mayor House's new book presents Clemente Garcia 'Mayors of Murcia 1939/2011' (15/10/2013)

  • Vodafone delivers tailored computers for students with disabilities at the University of Murcia (15/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the proliferation of billboards about sexual services in Murcia (15/10/2013)
    The mayor Mar Rosa municipal PP requires the modification of the Outdoor Advertising Ordinance to regulate and control these ads sexist
  • Education invests € 250,000 in repairs to schools in the municipality (15/10/2013)
    was carried out electrical work, painting and sanitation
  • Murcia Local police crosses borders (15/10/2013)
    The Mayor presents a new service Neighborhood Security Plan to improve care for the foreign population settled in the districts of Campo de Murcia
  • Six medals for swimming at the UCAM Mireia Belmonte and Melanie Costa, in Russia (15/10/2013)
    World Cup short course
  • ... (15/10/2013)

  • The philosopher Francis Jarauta Wednesday morning lectures on Kafka and literature (15/10/2013)
    The conference belongs to the cycle of living far Returns
  • Duda: "Tiredness does not have to be an excuse" (15/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens calls for the resignation of the president of the municipal board of St. Pius X (15/10/2013)

  • UCAM students will have educational content on iTunes U (15/10/2013)
    This is a platform where diverse multimedia material will be published and to be accessed from a computer or a smartphone
  • José María Álvarez, a poet exiled in art (15/10/2013)
    On Wednesday presented in the Faculty of Arts a book on the writer Cartagena
  • The baker Murcia Joaquin Roses, Lluís Trophy runner Santapau IX (15/10/2013)
    The Best Master Craftsman championship Chocolatier was held on 6 and 7 October in Barcelona
  • The Santa María de Gracia celebrates the festival in honor of his patron (15/10/2013)
    Medieval market, Fernández Caballero Choir performance and sports day are some of the activities
  • The National Police arrested six youths who stole bicycles in Murcia (15/10/2013)
    The subtracted in garages, storage rooms and on the streets of the city
  • The University of Murcia calls elections to elect two representatives to the Governing Council (15/10/2013)

  • The lack of physical contact creates distrust in Internet shopping, according to a doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia (15/10/2013)

  • The UCAM involved in the project '@ genda + @ ctive' Vitakid Foundation (14/10/2013)
    In Castilla - La Mancha
  • Beniaján neighbors will have a library and a cultural space before the end of the year (14/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens denounced the occupation of the children's area of ​​the Malecon by the Baobar (14/10/2013)

  • The Mayor announced the imminent start of the rehabilitation plan of Los Rosales (14/10/2013)
    enable improved sanitation and covered in two blocks, with a budget of EUR 381,000, and will be hired by the end of the year.
  • The British Editors in concert poster-Star Welcome Levante University (14/10/2013)

  • "Research is essential to advance the field of rare diseases" (14/10/2013)
    Murcia City hosts the First Iberoamerican Meeting to be held in the City Hall Annex building
  • More than 1,700 residents of Beniaján claim space to further develop socio-cultural activities (14/10/2013)

  • The garden remodel Yesera St. Pius X (14/10/2013)
    Pavement relocation new playground are some of the works
  • The UCAM Murcia is imposed in the premiere league Baloncesto Fuenlabrada (93-73) (14/10/2013)

  • The City Council renewed its commitment to disabled entities Township (13/10/2013)
    The amount of aid amounts to 52,000 euros and will go to support a total of eight entities disabled
  • More than 2,000 cyclists will point to the March Movistar Murcia (12/10/2013)
    The crowded sporting event has had the participation of cyclists Alejandro Valverde Murcia, José Joaquín Rojas and Eloy Teruel addition Perico Delgado
  • Chamber supports its presence solidarity gala to benefit Project Man (12/10/2013)
    was held last night at the Teatro Romea, starring the Choir Murciano Fernández Caballero
  • The Socialist Party calls for greater lighting Torreagüera areas that seem "the lion's den" (12/10/2013)
    Andrea Garries The Socialist councilor urges the City Council to review the lighting in several pathways of this hamlet and force the owners of Solar Road San Javier to clean because the brush invades the service road
  • A source in allegory to the neighborhood of the Frogs (12/10/2013)
    The sculpture is already in the garden in the hamlet of Neighborhood Progress
  • Tribute to former presidents and Pedro Luis Plaza Orenes (11/10/2013)

  • The Inter-University Council gives the degree in Pharmacy if the UCAM (11/10/2013)

  • UCAM President Juan Rosell accompanies the New Murcia Forum (11/10/2013)
    The president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE) has participated in the Forum New Murcia
  • The Platform Citizens for Public Transportation considers inadmissible the exclusion of the districts in the new ticket only released by the Municipal House (11/10/2013)

  • The teacher Marta Murcia University Garaulet Doctor Marañón Prize awarded to the best scientist in the field of food (11/10/2013)

  • Santa Maria de Gracia held tomorrow its National Painting Competition (11/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens question about the building works of the Square (11/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Group CHS requests information about disciplinary proceedings for the redevelopment of the UCAM (11/10/2013)
    The spokesman, Pedro Lopez, describes these events as very serious, full-blown nonsense, and to warn of the risks that could cold cause a drop in the districts of La Nora and Javalí Viejo
  • The University of Murcia announces contracts for research personnel training (11/10/2013)

  • Murcia University signed an agreement to strengthen collaboration with the Franciscan Order (11/10/2013)

  • Sergio Román wins Creajoven of shorts and documentaries (11/10/2013)
    Ricardo Ibanez and Miguel Angel Ayala get the consolation prize
  • "Seller", a film that portrays the economic crisis in Canada is projected Cinema Monday in Paradise (11/10/2013)
    has been awarded in Mumbai, San Francisco and Valencia
  • IU-Greens believe that the debate on the tram is a smokescreen to cover up the disastrous transport policy Murcia (10/10/2013)

  • Marcel Duchamp stars in 'A game of chess with Man Ray and Dali' in the Archaeological Museum of Murcia (10/10/2013)
    The exhibition, which will remain open until January 12, deepens through unpublished documents on the relationship of the three avant-garde artists Cadaqués
  • FS MURCIA ELPOZO - AZKAR LUGO (10/10/2013)
    5th day national football league 2013/2014
  • UPyD: "The new noise ordinance must have affected neighbors and have the broadest possible consensus" (10/10/2013)

  • Maria Dolores Sanchez welcomes teachers participating in a Comenius project on the road to Santiago (10/10/2013)

  • The Socialist Group spokesperson calls for meeting to include the burial in the state budget (10/10/2013)
    Pedro Lopez understands that it is the moment to develop a joint defense strategy in Madrid because this is when accounts are being processed state
  • More than 1,300 children will benefit from this course of the 34 PAI taking place in neighborhoods and districts of Murcia (10/10/2013)
    The program will begin on October 14 and continued until May, 2014
  • Cycle bands concert in the Auditorium Victor Villegas 2013-2014 (09/10/2013)

  • "We must preserve the welfare state paradigm: health" (09/10/2013)
    Health Management Day
  • A company Murcia wins national award 'Entrepreneur XXI' (09/10/2013)
    'Symborg' gets the highest award of Spain in terms of entrepreneurs, in the category 'Industrial allowance / Sustainability'
  • IU-Greens requires that the City does not have any regard to the promoter Tomás Olivo (09/10/2013)

  • The Convention Bureau of Murcia certifies its services with the 'Q' Quality (09/10/2013)
    has renewed this distinction applies ensuring quality standards and procedures in terms of infrastructure, equipment and information
  • An agent of the Meritorious present this afternoon the book "Beneath the Cross of Lorraine" (09/10/2013)
    At the ceremony speeches by author, Antonio Marchal-Sabater, journalist and writer Manuel Herrero Jerome Tristante
  • An injection of more than 600,000 euros for the improvement of roads in a total of 12 districts of the municipality (09/10/2013)
    The works will have an implementation period of between one and three months
  • A new road linking steps Acisclus Santiago Diaz (09/10/2013)
    The street will improve the circulation in the area and allow the construction of larger sidewalks
  • UPyD: "The arrival of the tram to the neighborhood of El Carmen generates more doubts and questions than answers" (09/10/2013)

  • José Ruiz: "We need to keep working, you can give respite to other rivals" (09/10/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia claims the planned new road "includes the conservation and protection of the Royal Factory of saltpeter and the Chapel of The Holy Steps" (09/10/2013)

  • PSOE Legal services are considering an appeal against the award of the conciliation center Juan Carlos I (09/10/2013)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez insists that the specification required a three-year proven experience, a requirement not met Ibiquilla cooperative society to which the City granted the concession
  • Seven shorts and documentaries competing in the final of the Creajoven (09/10/2013)
    The works on display tomorrow at 20.30 pm in the Regional Film
  • El Pozo Pozo Murcia City beats and qualifies for the President Cup semifinals (0-7) (08/10/2013)

  • Outstanding participation Malena Juan Carlos Cuenca and Sanchez at the National Jumping Competition in Seville (08/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens is necessary to open disciplinary proceedings against UCAM to demolish a property listed (08/10/2013)

  • The Provincial Traffic warns of possible deductions in the A-7 to mark the festival in Valencia (08/10/2013)
    Tomorrow Wednesday, October 9
  • Chamber celebrates 50 years of the housewives' associations in Murcia (08/10/2013)
    has given a reception at the Plenary Hall, during which he has delivered about diplomas in recognition of their work
  • The Mayor reiterated the "support and encouragement" of the City to the family business (08/10/2013)
    Chamber has met this morning with the new president of the association, accompanied by other members of the board
  • The Museum of the City begins its season last year with the addition of Project Café Con-Text (08/10/2013)
    The new programming hosts lectures, guided tours and workshops at Christmas for children
  • The Socialist Party calls the PP to convene groups of bike users to agree ways to increase security in the parking lots (08/10/2013)

  • Rafa: "Against the subsidiary will be a nice game" (08/10/2013)

  • ... (08/10/2013)

  • More than 400 students are studying at the University of Murcia in the first quarter (08/10/2013)

  • The UCAM begins to give in Gastronomy college next November 4 (08/10/2013)
    Joan Roca, considered one of the best chef in the world, will be responsible for delivering the opening address
  • "The work of the Civil Guard is a guarantee for the Spanish" (07/10/2013)
    "For me it is an honor to receive the Silver Cross of Merit. UCAM works with this body in training agents," says José Luis Mendoza , chairman of the University
  • Several teachers honored at the XVII UCAM Architecture Awards Region (07/10/2013)
    XVII Architecture Awards 2013 Region of Murcia
  • Perico Delgado and Alejandro Valverde up point to the Movistar rider from Murcia (07/10/2013)
    The event will take place on Saturday October 12 and have two tours of the city center, a short 6 kilometers and another over 12
  • IU-Green: The Business of bike theft "busting" the expectations of any municipal plan promotion (07/10/2013)

  • The City and OMEP organized a course for women will be encouraged to undertake (07/10/2013)
    The days 'I want to be successful entrepreneur', starting today, held in the CIM-M
  • The UCAM Murcia wins in their final warm-up 80-85 (06/10/2013)
    It beat La Bruja de OR a tight end
  • The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary gathers Auroros Santa Cruz (06/10/2013)
    The parish church has also welcomed the presentation of the record-book Chronicles of traditional music
  • The Socialist Group requires the PP to clarify the roles of the director of the theater when no programming Bernal (06/10/2013)
    Andrea Garries The mayor asked the local government explanations on the work carried out by the director of this theater, which takes one of the higher salaries in the City, during the five months that there is theater
  • First visit subject to the Church of the Augustinian Monastery of Murcia (05/10/2013)

  • 'Water for All' what economic benefit report to the Board of Landowners (05/10/2013)

  • Latbus recorded in September increased 12% in the number of users who choose to move for the company Murcia (05/10/2013)
    The 39 is the most demanding of all the lines with respect to 2012
  • Urban Quality unifies Pina Street sidewalks in Santa Maria de Gracia (05/10/2013)

  • The UCAM, won the award for Environmental Education (04/10/2013)
    VI Awards Sustainable Development of the Region of Murcia
  • The Platform Pro-Referendum to shield the Pensions collected 1,000 signatures yesterday afternoon (04/10/2013)
    On the table is installed in the garden of Santa Isabel de Murcia
  • The Regional Library is organizing a 'origami' by the Japanese community of Murcia (04/10/2013)

  • The University Hospital Virgen de La Arrixaca celebrated World Heart Day (04/10/2013)

  • The Watchtowers Mall organizes a competition for entrepreneurs (04/10/2013)
    Set out, with the support of the Department of Enterprise, rewards innovative business ideas
  • Finalize the works of the pool Mar Menor (04/10/2013)
    The facility will open to the public on January 7, 2014, coinciding with the second quarter
  • The City of Murcia continues to reward the opening of new businesses and job creation with reductions in the IAE (04/10/2013)
    Monday will open the period for voluntary payment of tribute, and the special-use public roads
  • The Regional Auditorium hosts the new series of 'Family Concert' with Fernando Argenta, Luis Piedrahita and Ara Malikian (04/10/2013)

  • "Feelgood", today at the Teatro Circo Murcia (04/10/2013)
    Second City to receive this comedy which is on tour in Spain
  • Bernal Theatre closes its tenth year anniversary with quality programming, varied and for all ages (04/10/2013)
    The company Zarzuela lyric will be responsible for opening the season next Saturday, October 12, with the the bunch of roses
  • The University of Murcia increased to 108,000 euros aid for needy students (04/10/2013)

  • At last Old Jail House (04/10/2013)
    The mayor Mar Rosa regrets the lack of institutional respect municipal PP to arrange a visit to the building and not invite political groups, even though the Socialist Group requested the visit on Tuesday
  • Castro: The Department of Finance will increase by 10% the assessed value on all homes in the municipality (04/10/2013)
    The socialist mayor shows a resounding rejection of any update of cadastral values ​​because it involves more taxes and more tax burden on citizens
  • The University of Murcia organizes an exhibition and a lecture about student resistance against Hitler (04/10/2013)

  • Exhibition of workshops at the Center for Women in Corvera (04/10/2013)

  • "The Green Bicycle," a film from Saudi Arabia that affirms the rights of women in Cinema Paradise (04/10/2013)
    On Tuesday projected "With broken leg," a film that shows how it has changed the image of women in the Spanish cinema in the last 80 years
  • The coordinator of the Forum IV Decyde, Fernando Zaplana, has lectured on new paths in culture and sport (03/10/2013)
    Zaplana: "The ideas, imagination and talent can be used to get ahead undertaking"
  • The UCAM and Cartagena Bar Association will offer a Master of access to advocacy (03/10/2013)
    The University and the college corporation signed an agreement today which expands and strengthens the collaboration between the two institutions
  • Culture coordinate four services to carry out the cleaning and removal of debris from the Old Jail and ensure their preservation (03/10/2013)
    Municipal technicians assessed the current state of the building, make a diagnosis and propose overall maintenance tasks deemed appropriate
  • Duda: "We have to go game by game" (03/10/2013)

  • The Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia is hosting the exhibition 'Glamourama' (03/10/2013)
    The Carmen Pérez Casanova shows will run until November 24 and presents the vision of the artist on the feminine color and applied to the world of art, pop iconography and fashion
  • The average price of used vehicles accumulated six months of consecutive increases (03/10/2013)
    In Murcia, the increase is 1.6% MoM and the average price reached € 10,098.
  • The Socialist Party calls for Camera, Arce and the headman of Beniaján submit the draft work of the High Street to the neighbors before running (03/10/2013)

  • The City Council launched four free route for tourists who stay in hotels in the county (03/10/2013)
    Shoping Murcia, Monumental, Gourmet and Bike show the main attractions of the city
  • The PCRM celebrates its annual festival on Saturday in the Park Murcia (03/10/2013)

  • The Minister of Education noted that the School of Dramatic Art in Murcia is located between the top three in Spain (03/10/2013)
    complete their studies this year the first class with his teaching adapted to the European Higher Education
  • The UCAM and Fotogenio launch the Professional Masters in Photography (03/10/2013)
    These studies will be attended by prestigious professionals
  • The vengeful Hecuba opens the new season of the Teatro Romea de Murcia (03/10/2013)
    will be seen on Saturday at 21 am
  • Teatro Circo Murcia Fran Perea receives morning and Manuela Velasco for staging Feelgood (03/10/2013)
    The work, which focuses on the power and how to get to achieve, can be seen tomorrow Friday, October 4
  • Mireia Belmonte: "I have clear who should have an academic background" (02/10/2013)
    The double Olympic medalist discussed with Jorge Garbajosa, Berni Rodriguez and Sergio López-Andújar, on the future of athletes beyond their career
  • The president visited the village of Murcia Region Puebla de Soto (02/10/2013)
    Les announced the construction of a new facility for the public school
  • IV Forum DECYDE (02/10/2013)
    Culture and sport meet in the UCAM
  • The sculpture huertanos Tribute to look again at its best at the end of the Malecon (02/10/2013)
    The piece, which was opened in 1990, had suffered various damage by vandals.
  • IU-Greens Sports City Councilman demands clear rules on the use of sports halls in schools (02/10/2013)

  • "Being" is the title of the new work presented at the Diego Martin Romea Theatre on October 10 (02/10/2013)
    The concert will take place at 21 am and the ticket price is 10, 14 or 18 euros
  • The City invests 5 million euros in the maintenance of their facilities (02/10/2013)

  • Manos Charity Run to build agricultural training center in India (02/10/2013)
    It is celebrated on October 20 and the route is through the main streets of Murcia
  • UPyD Murcia requires the Consistory scripture claiming the grounds of 'Fuensanta Plan' to find out who the current owners (02/10/2013)

  • The bullfighting organization for business professionals (02/10/2013)

  • Murcia, more autonomous than in August and the same month of 2012 (02/10/2013)
    133 grows in the number of self in the region (0.15%)
  • The Socialist Group claims that the PP is riding 'round business "to his buddies (02/10/2013)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez refers to the granting of management reconciliation center Juan Carlos I to the cooperative Ibiquilla
  • Adri: "We know the way to go to win titles" (02/10/2013)

  • The City Council extends the cemetery with 270 graves new (02/10/2013)
    The Governing Board authorizes the project for the construction of the zone 22 of Our Father Jesus of Espinardo
  • Begins courtship season deer nature park Terra Natura Murcia (02/10/2013)

  • The Laboratory of Optics of the University of Murcia develop glasses to cure cataracts without surgery (02/10/2013)

  • The Millennium Platform Private International Law I celebrated Scientific Meeting (02/10/2013)

  • IU-Greens claim that the neighborhood of Los Rosales takes over a month and a half without street lighting (01/10/2013)

  • USE bonuses applauds the city of Murcia in water rates and litter for pensioners (01/10/2013)
    But its extent required to pay the IBI and the unemployed.
  • The Museum of the Cathedral of Murcia offer themed tours to discover the heritage of the Diocese (01/10/2013)

  • The Town Planning explained political groups all the paperwork on urbanization La Fuensanta (01/10/2013)
    It is shown that there has been no concealment of information
  • Pelegrin meets members of FAMDIF (01/10/2013)
    The meeting took place today at the office of Councillor for Social Welfare
  • The UCAM awards prizes for the VI Olympiad Telecommunications (01/10/2013)
    The event, organized by the Engineering degree in Telecommunications Systems, UCAM has been funded by the Seneca Foundation of the Region of Murcia
  • The Museum Ramon Gaya added to its annual programming cycle Dialogues and Reading Club (01/10/2013)
    October 10 marks the anniversary of the Museum with the placement of a plaque at the birthplace of the painter and writer Murcia, and a Flamenco concert
  • New free activities for young people from 12-30 years in the program Networking (01/10/2013)
    With workshops-sleeve, natural cosmetics, Christmas sweets, and training courses, sports and solidarity, are some of the proposals
  • The Socialist Party proposes that a school workshop handle the basic conditioning Old Jail (01/10/2013)
    The socialist mayor Mar Rosa ensures that this proposal, in addition to creating jobs, would slow the deterioration of this infrastructure
  • The play "The caciques", is represented at the University of Murcia (01/10/2013)

  • Hall and Emuasa "cross" your data for easy access to tax credits Murcia (01/10/2013)

  • Miguelín: "I will work very soon to be one hundred percent" (01/10/2013)

  • Murcia exposes his virtues as a congress city in a promotional video (01/10/2013)
    Prepared by the Office of Conferences in Spanish and English will be used to present the municipality with companies, organizers and industry players
  • IU-Greens enable a zone calls for animals in the square Camilo José Cela Vistalegre (01/10/2013)

  • The University of Murcia begins in October a Masters in Regional and Local Finance (01/10/2013)

  • Promoters Association celebrates free day "Convert contacts into sales opportunities" (01/10/2013)
    Apirm commitment to differentiation from bank supply and increased value to the customer to adapt to the new reality of the sector

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