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Murcia News - November 2011

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  • Soviet and Israeli Film at the Cinema Hall of the University of Murcia (30/11/2011)

  • The PSOE will request a meeting of the Procurement Commission to treat as the subject of monographic Romea (30/11/2011)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, appreciates the opportunity to implement an arbitration between City Hall, the site management and the temporary work to give a definitive solution to the conflict
  • Stop a domestic worker who stole jewelry valued at more than 6,000 euros from several addresses (30/11/2011)
    For several months he was taking over the jewelry and money which went to clean houses
  • El Pozo Murcia sponsoring Futsal hippo breeding Terra Natura Murcia (30/11/2011)
    Athletes have known about this issue that has recently been named Popi
  • Pupaclown presents a new edition of Performing Arts Festival for Children (30/11/2011)

  • An agreement of the University of Murcia with the Association for Music will broadcast classical music among college (30/11/2011)
    The "Ars Musicae" allow students to major reductions in the association fees
  • Environment invites you to discover the Murcia Majal Blanco in autumn (30/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia organizes the first international symposium on the sociology of the words (30/11/2011)

  • Chamber notes that the creation of the cluster environment in Murcia will be an opportunity for the use and sustainability (30/11/2011)

  • One step closer to the start of construction of the second phase of the Coastal North and South (30/11/2011)
    are high capacity roads with landscaped median and bicycle
  • The City Council gives a local mountaineer Club Murcia (30/11/2011)

  • 23 volunteers from the Civil Protection Unit Health Lorca out in the ambulance and hospital (30/11/2011)

  • Users of the Garden Condes de Barcelona also enjoy a kiosk bar (30/11/2011)

  • Uce RM little security flap with children attractions installed in El Palmar. (30/11/2011)

  • Carmen Paris and Melissa Aldana close Cycle Circus Theatre Jazz Variations of Murcia (30/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia install an automated lending system bikes (30/11/2011)

  • The Art History students celebrate the feast of the silversmiths (30/11/2011)

  • The Mayor detailed in Brussels Murcia driven measures to improve energy efficiency (29/11/2011)

  • Chamber participates in the World Congress of smart cities (29/11/2011)

  • The Pontifical, Royal Hospital and Primitive Association of the Holy Christ of Health organized a concert of Advent (29/11/2011)
    will be held on Friday 2nd December at the Church of St. John of God
  • Students of the Master in Hotel Management know the functioning of the sector (29/11/2011)

  • The source of the Garden is now fully renovated Salitre (29/11/2011)

  • Workers at the University of Murcia will detract from the payroll to work with Jesus Forsaken (29/11/2011)

  • A teacher's job at the University of Murcia Francisco Esquembre is awarded by the journal Science (29/11/2011)

  • Manuel Durán part in a dinner to raise funds for the conservation of the church of San Antonio de Padua Lobosillo (29/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a tribute to Borges in the 25th anniversary of his death (29/11/2011)

  • Camera shows the cluster environment of Murcia at the World Congress of intelligent cities (28/11/2011)

  • The Mayor said in Brussels the "road map" to get "smart cities" (28/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia organizes an international meeting on the situation of women in prison (28/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia delivers diplomas to 162 students with scholarships to rural practice (28/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Group calls for a single ticket for bus and streetcar service and the extension to The Old Javalí Nora (28/11/2011)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, speaks of the importance of return on investment of this service which costs about 10 million per year the City Council, € 831,582 a month
  • IU-Green asked whether the works undertaken in the UCAM is legal (28/11/2011)

  • ANSE launches the "Farmers and biodiversity, natural allies" co-financed by the ESF (28/11/2011)
    through the program of the Biodiversity Foundation Empleaverde
  • MercaMurcia celebrates the day of Christmas flowers and plants in its 25 th anniversary (28/11/2011)

  • ASISA health reference (28/11/2011)
    El Pozo Murcia FS
  • New forms of political participation in a roundtable at the University of Murcia (28/11/2011)

  • Paco Lopez Mengual presents 'Lisbon Memories' in the library of El Carmen (28/11/2011)

  • The city of Murcia, exhibiting at Europe's most important meeting dedicated to tourism (28/11/2011)

  • An honors recital Becquer at 175 anniversary of his birth (28/11/2011)
    will be offered by the students of Creative Writing Workshop at the University of Murcia
  • Quality Urban conditioned medium and the islets of Avenue Beniaján (28/11/2011)

  • The musical group The Muses celebrate their patron (27/11/2011)
    The new Guadalupe Auditorium hosts concerts of the band head and the School
  • The coastal, more accessible (27/11/2011)
    Commission Urbamusa Accessibility and start working so that no architectural barriers in the urban stretches of these roads
  • Teatro Circo Murcia extended to two sessions Muchachada Monologues Nui (27/11/2011)
    will be on Saturday December 17 at 19 and 21:30 pm
  • IU-Murcia Green asked for further information booths for associations (26/11/2011)

  • Pelegrin supports Volunteer VI Conference Murcia (26/11/2011)

  • Murcia protection the accession of the first African city to the Covenant of Mayors (26/11/2011)

  • Miguel Cascales VII participates in the Gala of the Mountaineering Federation of the Region of Murcia (26/11/2011)

  • Manuel Duran participates in the celebration of 25 anniversary of Enrique Tierno Galván CEIP Lobosillo (26/11/2011)

  • Begin eight new courses Occupational Training Program (26/11/2011)
    A total of 758 men and women have applied to participate in workshops
  • A tribute to all women (25/11/2011)

  • Tribute to Perry, CD player Murcia FS (25/11/2011)

  • Reading the manifesto and citizen concentration closing acts of the International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women (25/11/2011)
    The Councillors Maria del Carmen Alicia Barquero Pelegrin and participated in activities organized
  • Absolute Championship Begins in 2011 in Murcia equestrian discipline Jumping (25/11/2011)

  • Dozens of people are interested in the Natural Gas Vehicle (25/11/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia proposes that the Old Jail becomes a cultural Abastos Square (25/11/2011)
    combine the function of the market, visited the monument, and would have preferred installation merchants of the area
  • The Mayor delivered to Radio Ecca Canary Foundation Award "Equality Murcia" (25/11/2011)

  • The House of the Municipality of Murcia passes a motion of support for the Saharawi people to UPyD proposal (25/11/2011)
    The motion was approved unanimously by the four groups represented in the municipal corporation
  • Environmental Volunteers will begin tomorrow 'bioconstruir' an old furnace cast (25/11/2011)

  • A March for Life will pay tribute to victims of trafficking (25/11/2011)
    The City Council and the association Asprovict call attention to the need to prevent car accidents-The First Moto lunch in the NGO Action Fire joins the initiative
  • "Express your rejection of violence against women" (25/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia began the feast of St. Eloy, the patron of goldsmiths (25/11/2011)

  • The life of the crocodile-Guyi Guyi tomorrow at Teatro Circo Murcia (25/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Party calls on the City Council to meet its commitments and remedy the shortcomings in the center of El Palmar New Schools (25/11/2011)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez recalls that, after two months of the start of the course and transfer to the center of reconciling work and family life , there are still problems that impede the normal operation of teaching
  • Workshops and educational sessions in 30 schools in the municipality for students to learn more about the European Union (25/11/2011)
    The 'Europe in the Schools.
  • The University of Murcia, EUR 164,000 allocated to works to improve the facilities of the Animal Facilities (25/11/2011)

  • II Days Market, Economics and Innovation in Food 2011 (24/11/2011)
    Yuri Caldera: "Spanish consumers enjoy a high protection"
  • IU-Green calls CEIP address gaps Virgin of Guadalupe (24/11/2011)

  • Dani Martin Murcia again, this time Victor Villegas Auditorium (24/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Group voted against a partial plan for the construction of 10,000 new homes in Esparragal (24/11/2011)

  • The Plenary approved to continue working with the Autonomous Region for more quality schools in the municipality (24/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a conference on domestic violence (24/11/2011)

  • The House approved a joint motion to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (24/11/2011)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS-Autos Lobelle of Santiago (24/11/2011)
    Friday November 25, 21 hours, Palais des Sports de Murcia
  • The 'Aula DiVerde urban ecology' organization for a drawing workshop Saturday and one on environmental protection at home (24/11/2011)

  • The third route cyclable track inspection tour the Algezares-linking with South Coast (24/11/2011)

  • Pelegrin accompanies over La Paz in the Healthy Eating Workshop (24/11/2011)

  • The House goes one step further grounds for the second phase of coastal North and South (24/11/2011)

  • The Association of Former Students of Economics at the University of Murcia celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Faculty (24/11/2011)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara, general secretary of PP: "Murcia is the Spanish capital with greater support for the PP" (23/11/2011)
    appreciates the work undertaken by auditors, attorneys and officials of the PP, "for his work and effort on election day"
  • The emergency device is held rain until Saturday (23/11/2011)
    About 100 police officers have participated in the work done today, and 35 firefighters remain on duty
  • Continues to be active the special plan of street cleaning in the rain (23/11/2011)

  • The Socialists call for an improvement in the signal following a traffic court suffered by landslides in the basement of the road was Nonduermas-High (23/11/2011)

  • Murcia has its decalogue to facilitate the purchase of electric vehicles (23/11/2011)

  • The Local Development Agency on Friday will host a conference on Natural Gas Vehicle (23/11/2011)

  • To be presented tomorrow at the University of Murcia International Cooperation book before the crisis (23/11/2011)

  • Culture restores the image of the Sacred Heart Church of the Carmen de Murcia (23/11/2011)
    Intervention in the work of Juan González Moreno had a deadline of seven months and an investment of 12,000 euros
  • Brodas Bros Circus Theatre Murcia brings the best in hip-hop and dance (23/11/2011)

  • Environment invites Murcia known gardens in autumn (23/11/2011)

  • In March the Office of Works and Municipal Projects (23/11/2011)

  • SAUL: "Being captain of ElPozo to Triman Navarra was proud" (23/11/2011)

  • A kiosk will revitalize the Malecon Garden (23/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary asked that the City officially pays the interest on their debts with suppliers (23/11/2011)
    Councilman Juan Patricio Castro reported that the Consistory Murcia has only paid 40% of the 99 million it owes to suppliers September 30
  • The school's students Cipriano Gale Ñora Library pedaling to know the Segura River (23/11/2011)

  • The new Plan will MurciaEscultura restore and shield the historic value of the old convent of San Antonio (23/11/2011)

  • IU-Green offers a free water minimum fee for unemployed families (23/11/2011)

  • African Dance Intensive at The Nave (23/11/2011)

  • When Superman is Murcia (23/11/2011)
    superhero cartoonists Acuna and Fernando Dagnino Dani, Comics in the Classroom University of Murcia
  • The Faculty of Education celebrates the feast of their patron (22/11/2011)

  • IU-Green believes that the floods are the result of speculative development (22/11/2011)

  • The PSOE will be asked to develop a regulation to determine the conditions to be met by an unoccupied dwelling (22/11/2011)

  • Camera attends the opening of new wing of the school of Professor Enrique Tierno Lobosillo (22/11/2011)

  • ... (22/11/2011)

  • UPyD a motion in the city of Murcia in support of the Saharawi people (22/11/2011)
    The motion condemns the violation of human rights, civil and political suffering Sahara
  • The University of Murcia receives the award from the Foundation of Victimology (22/11/2011)

  • Tour operators offer a 40% discount to visitors of the Museum Salzillo (22/11/2011)
    Hostemur and Salzillo Museum Trust have signed a collaboration agreement that will extend until 2014
  • The Department of Parks and Gardens eliminates more than 500 stumps from trees on sidewalks and gardens (22/11/2011)
    is already replacing the trees
  • The University of Murcia publishes a book on water management in semiarid (22/11/2011)

  • Fire in Action is organizing a bike-lunch to raise funds for its projects in poor countries (22/11/2011)

  • Charles Bradley presents his new work No Time For Dreaming in Circus Theatre Murcia (22/11/2011)

  • IU-Green committed the municipalization of public transport. (21/11/2011)

  • IU-Green asks CHS council and determine the source of foam on the river Segura (21/11/2011)

  • Murcia is promoted as culinary destination in the fair Expotapa Madrid (21/11/2011)
    Tomorrow presents the municipality within the project 'Savour Spain'
  • The University of Murcia hosts a European meeting on the acquisition of vegetable products of high added value (21/11/2011)

  • Pelegrin and Barquero presiding Municipal Monitoring Commission on Gender Violence (21/11/2011)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS states the day before Lobelle 'Women's Day' (21/11/2011)

  • The council organizes a journey that will provide all necessary information to purchase and install an electric vehicle charger (21/11/2011)

  • The work of Local Fire and Police to minimize the problems caused by the storm (21/11/2011)

  • The poet José María Álvarez two books presented today at the University of Murcia (21/11/2011)

  • Computer Olympiad kicks off with the poster contest (21/11/2011)

  • The Murcia will know next Wednesday what help there to buy an electric vehicle and what to do to install a charger (19/11/2011)

  • Increase visits to the wall of Santa Eulalia (19/11/2011)
    Around 11,500 people have visited this area municipal, 35% more than last year
  • The tram commission holds its first meeting to discuss the connection to the station Carmen (18/11/2011)

  • Santo Domingo and La Seda, scenarios weekend Rights of the Child (18/11/2011)

  • The Mayor opened the XL Congress Lourdes Hospitality (18/11/2011)

  • 183 elementary school occupy municipal plenary to discuss their rights (18/11/2011)

  • Morning traffic opens the second section of new road at Avenida Almirante Loaysa (18/11/2011)

  • Firefighters give away a trip to the park to give children toys for the poor (18/11/2011)

  • Terra Natura Murcia started planting over 300 trees to expand green areas (18/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the health center in San Juan remains closed despite being completed earlier this year (18/11/2011)
    The mayor Susana Hernández PP requires the immediate opening of the health infrastructure that replaces the old office of Simon Garcia, high demand by the residents of the area
  • Planning approves the project of expropriation to obtain land for the second phase of coastal North and South (18/11/2011)

  • The Federation of Teaching CCOO denounces the suppression of translators and cultural mediators in schools in the municipality of Murcia (18/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia put into service an adaptation technique that improves contact lens myopia (18/11/2011)

  • Pedro Cano Pedro Cano seen (18/11/2011)
    The artist offers a guided tour of the exhibition "Three spaces, an artist," at the University of Murcia
  • The 'Aula DiVerde urban ecology' organized for Saturday children's workshop on urban nature and environmental storyteller (18/11/2011)

  • The Department of the Environment proposes to cross the Barranco Blanco (18/11/2011)

  • The clarinetist Yehuda Gilad offers a seminar at the University of Murcia (18/11/2011)
    Lead in California to study world's most sought clarinet
  • The University of Murcia awarded the enlargement of the auto loan servicing bikes (18/11/2011)

  • The Department of Political Science at the University of Murcia valuation schedule an election day (18/11/2011)

  • Equo RM by Murcia no bad fumes (18/11/2011)

  • "The safety of bank accounts can be improved" (17/11/2011)
    Professor of the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Antonio Acin, UCAM has lectured on the latest developments in quantum information theory
  • Chamber welcomes attendees Murcia II International Congress of Autism (17/11/2011)

  • The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine hosts an act of celebration of the veterinary profession (17/11/2011)

  • Opens the time to study at universities in North America and Australia (17/11/2011)

  • House flag European movement to promote "smart cities" (17/11/2011)

  • The psychological portraits of Paco Bernal are shown in Almudí Palace until January 2012 (17/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in the PP requires more control over companies that provide public services concessionaires (17/11/2011)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, cites as examples of chaos in the management and lack of monitoring by the City to Latbus (transport concession public) and Serena de Murcia
  • Previous Triman El Pozo Murcia FS Navarra (17/11/2011)
    Friday November 18 at 20:30
  • Several works in Murcia E Plan have not been in operation, despite being completed (17/11/2011)
    According to neighborhood representatives reported to the delegate of Government
  • Alicia Barquero began a round of visits by the Centers for Women (17/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia organizes the days of the inspection service of the Spanish universities (17/11/2011)

  • The 'cyclable roads inspectors' visit on Saturday the lane that connects the Plaza Circular in the Northern Zone (17/11/2011)
    Cyclists wishing to join this tour to discuss the status of this pathway can sign up for free
  • The Murcia can be discovered this weekend organic farming (17/11/2011)

  • Start of works to facilitate students' access to CEIP Kingdom of Murcia (17/11/2011)

  • The Nave hosts the Saturday break dance championship 'Battle Añejo' (17/11/2011)

  • The head of the Liver Transplant Unit of the Hospital La Fe, winner in the "Heart Solidarity" (17/11/2011)

  • "We have locked in the University" (16/11/2011)
    Closure of university in the UMU
  • Sports promotes athletics (16/11/2011)

  • 165 young people start their training in Initial Vocational Training Program of the City (16/11/2011)

  • Local Police detected a monthly average of 81 abandoned vehicles (16/11/2011)

  • On-Off Association of Parkinson has a seat uneven due to a transfer of a store in the neighborhood of Progress (16/11/2011)

  • Lopez: "The pantomime Romea undermines the credibility of the City" (16/11/2011)

  • Sources: "I am very happy with my players. We were able to put through the ropes to a top team like Real" (16/11/2011)

  • A university professor of Jewish history in Jerusalem speaking tomorrow on the University of Murcia (16/11/2011)
    The conference, the series "The heritage of the Mediterranean" will be broadcast live
  • The City Council allocates more than 200,000 euros to the schooling of children of the municipality (16/11/2011)

  • Contest to publicize the International University of the Sea (16/11/2011)
    The award is for members of the Universities of Murcia and Cartagena Polytechnic
  • Pelegrin makes contact with the new leadership of the Elders of Infante to schedule new activities (16/11/2011)

  • Request a Social Center self-management in Murcia (15/11/2011)

  • The Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia among the pioneers in working in the cloud Google (15/11/2011)
    The Catholic University of Murcia from 13 schools now migrating to the cloud of Google
  • The City Council takes first step to extend the tram to the station Carmen (15/11/2011)

  • Urbamusa approved the second phase of the Coastal North and South (15/11/2011)

  • Torre Pacheco and Pozo Strait are made with the first awards of the XXI National Competition of Bands "Ciudad de Murcia" (15/11/2011)

  • The Circo Teatro Murcia presents its first project co-produced by the Region (15/11/2011)

  • About 350 older ones learn to eat healthily (15/11/2011)

  • European Wonders Theatre Festival at the University of Murcia (15/11/2011)
    It is also a work on the role of women today
  • The Socialist Party accused the PP of committing a grave irresponsibility to raise a child in school through the channel of the Rambla de Espinardo (15/11/2011)

  • LNFS launches its first digital sticker collection (15/11/2011)
    The LNFS is the first Club Association to launch a digital sticker collection
  • Enrique: "I hope luck is on our side and we can move to the final against El Pozo Murcia" (15/11/2011)
    FFRM President Cup Semifinal II
  • The University of Murcia is ranked 11 in ranking of patents and 15 scientific production (15/11/2011)

  • The Mayor celebrates the Day Listen Phone volunteers of Hope (15/11/2011)

  • The UCAM is twinned with Youngdong University (South Korea) and the World Federation Yongmoodo (14/11/2011)
    The agreement will be mutually beneficial and help to strengthen, encourage and promote friendship and peace among different cultures
  • The Centro Cultural El Carmen hosts an exhibition on the work of Vicente Ferrer Foundation in India (14/11/2011)

  • PSOE: 'House can no longer idly by public transport strike " (14/11/2011)

  • The Cultural Center is organizing the El Carmen Story III Literary Award "went on Christmas" (14/11/2011)

  • The stand of the Office of the Bicycle visit this week Espinardo Campus (14/11/2011)

  • The new road will connect with Miguel Indurain Loaysa Admiral will be able to accommodate 45,000 vehicles per day (14/11/2011)

  • Meeting to prepare the House Children's Week Child Rights and Child (14/11/2011)

  • Previous President's Cup semifinal II FFRM (14/11/2011)
    ElPozo Reale Ciudad de Murcia-Cartagena
  • Geological Society of Spain's political parties claim the protection of natural heritage (14/11/2011)

  • The Spanish adolescents consume more alcohol than the Mexicans, as a thesis at the University of Murcia (14/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Group PP requires the solution to ensure a clean, light and heating in the new school building Stables (14/11/2011)
    Susana Hernández Councilwoman denounces the lack of interest of the Popular Party in the City Council and the Ministry of Education when seeking solutions to a problem that they created themselves
  • IU-Green demands the opening of the social center of Rincon de Seca (13/11/2011)

  • Tram Line 1 will run at full morning after the catenary damage caused by a truck (13/11/2011)
    Murcia tram ticket to return to buy it on Saturday beginning at 13 hours and another by reclaiming nuisance
  • Tortosa and Martinez Vidal shared with neighbors Fleet to neighborhood parties (13/11/2011)

  • ... (13/11/2011)

  • A truck breaks down overhead tram gauge to overcome to bring the pen lifted (12/11/2011)
    All service has been discontinued except the stretch between the Plaza Circular and Universities
  • Two projects supported by the Local Agency for Energy Murcia are rewarded for EnerAgen (12/11/2011)

  • IU-Green proposes to adapt the old jail as a cultural center (11/11/2011)

  • The president of the UCAM International Prize "Giuseppe Sciacca ' (11/11/2011)
    This award recognizes the work of the President of UCAM in promoting culture and education of young people
  • Debate Club of the University of Murcia addresses the importance of oratory in politics (11/11/2011)

  • Murcia Circus Theater presents "The Bear was not" of the International Puppet Festival (11/11/2011)

  • Pelegrin opens the day of 'physical activity, education and health' (11/11/2011)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS-Inter Movistar (11/11/2011)
    The classic of the Palacio de los Deportes!
  • The Circus Theatre will stage the musical Murcia Pinocchio's Christmas program CajaMurcia (11/11/2011)

  • "House must take the lead in negotiations to end the strike by public transport" (11/11/2011)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, the mayor of Murcia asked to lead this process and first-person take responsibility for finding a final solution to a conflict that is being extended in time
  • The Fleet Weekend celebrates its festivals (11/11/2011)

  • The 64 promotion of the Faculty of Law at the University of Murcia celebrates its silver anniversary (11/11/2011)

  • The new environmental volunteers will discover tomorrow where will develop its activity (11/11/2011)

  • Five squares and gardens are home to boost trade activities in the center (11/11/2011)

  • Debate at the University of Murcia: Once everything is on the Web, what we will want libraries? (11/11/2011)

  • Javalí New celebrated on the Sunday Bike Day (11/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia awarded monitors and services its sports referees (11/11/2011)

  • XII edition of Ship Wave Rock (11/11/2011)

  • Afghanistan despite the Taliban (11/11/2011)
    The University of Murcia hosts an exhibition and a documentary showing the complicated situation in the country
  • The University Museum organized an exhibition on Afghanistan (11/11/2011)

  • All ready for the First International Exhibition Hapkido Championship Trophy and I UCAM I International Open Yongmoodo (10/11/2011)

  • Murcia is promoted as culinary destination (10/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Party denounced that "the City again to turn away hundreds of residents affected by the real estate speculation" (10/11/2011)
    Socialist spokesman, Peter Lopez, said that the PP must ensure that the municipal zoning plan Zarandona 3 go ahead and leave no many families abandoned and helpless as if the problem was not with them
  • The next Sunday is celebrated on environmental itinerary Cuevas del Vulture (10/11/2011)

  • Dozens of Murcia 'taste' the food market Veronicas (10/11/2011)

  • A Dominican minister says his country will experience the University-Enterprise (10/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia in an agreement consolidates collaboration with FNAC (10/11/2011)

  • Murcia Circus Theatre brings the day to day leave older Bodies Bodies (10/11/2011)

  • Alicante, Valencia and Murcia in the city come together to celebrate the XXI National Band Competition Music (10/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Group claims that the doctor of the Albatalía takes more than ten months and bolted closed (10/11/2011)
    The PSOE mayor Jose Zapata asks the City Council to urge the Ministry of Health to operate and staffing of this infrastructure health center built with funds from Plan E to the value of 400,000 euros
  • The UCAM will work at the International Congress on the Internet I think that will be presented in the report "Use and abuse by youth YouTube ' (10/11/2011)
    Report settings in Internet
  • The 'Aula DiVerde urban ecology' organized for Saturday, a workshop for children on household materials and toys with care for the environment (10/11/2011)

  • The mountaineer Lucia Lopez joins tour itinerary Cuevas del Vulture environmental (10/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia improve its connection to the national network of R & D + i (10/11/2011)

  • The director of the Senior Community Center of La Purisima-Barriomar forward facing the new challenge (10/11/2011)

  • The Brand Innovation Manager Heineken Spain, Alvaro Garcia de Quevedo (09/11/2011)
    "Behind a beer accumulated centuries of innovation"
  • The Youth Center is open El Palmar next month (09/11/2011)

  • Exhibition of martial arts in the UCAM (09/11/2011)

  • A doctoral thesis on the development of cheese to wine is the most consulted at the University of Murcia in red (09/11/2011)

  • About 50 people already have their card for free recharge their bikes and electric scooters (09/11/2011)

  • Díez de Revenga's family donates 10,000 books to the University of Murcia (09/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia with an exhibition commemorating the International Day of Children's Rights (09/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Group warns that many institutes of the municipality may not hire this year for heating cuts (09/11/2011)
    The PSOE mayor Susana Hernández reported that due to defaults on the Ministry of Education, many schools in Murcia can not cope for current expenses, including bill includes light
  • The Almudí houses the works of the XXI Area Painting Prize of Plastic Arts of the University of Murcia (09/11/2011)

  • The Pepper Pots Theatre bring to their fourth album Circus Train Murcia to your lover (09/11/2011)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB pioneer in Europe to develop an application for iPhone and iPad (08/11/2011)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS-Mellilla FS, third round of the Copa del Rey II Futsal (08/11/2011)
    The tie will be played on December 6 by a single match
  • Tortosa and Duran presented in Brussels on program development for the districts of Campo de Murcia (08/11/2011)

  • The UCAM signs an agreement with the National Research Activity (CNEAI) (08/11/2011)
    The Catholic University San Antonio voluntarily submit their research to the evaluation of the CNEAI
  • The Sleeping Beauty fairy tell their story at the Teatro Circo Murcia (08/11/2011)

  • "Caciques of PP in the districts" (08/11/2011)
    The PSOE Councillor Andrea Medina Garries denounces the bad practices of some village headman that undermine democracy
  • Commercial purees and landlords have the same nutritional profile, according to research from the University of Murcia (08/11/2011)

  • The University of Murcia will contribute to building schools in Haiti (08/11/2011)

  • More than a hundred municipal workers receive training on the prevention and domestic violence (08/11/2011)

  • The Fleet Road debuts Top (08/11/2011)

  • Seized 213 kilos of cocaine that were hidden among a shipment of artichokes (08/11/2011)

  • The Municipal Office of the Bicycle invites citizens to participate as inspectors cyclable tracks (08/11/2011)

  • The renowned psychiatrist has given the inaugural lecture of the 2011-2012 Course UCAM (07/11/2011)
    The Professor of Psychiatry Enrique Rojas Montes at the Catholic University San Antonio (UCAM): "A project of life consistent and realistic must have love, work , culture and friendship "
  • The City Council signed an agreement with the Construction Technology Center to promote research and innovation in local government (07/11/2011)
    Cooperation between the two institutions will result in Murcia and substantial citizens
  • The University Library received the bibliographic Maria Josefa Diez de Revenga (07/11/2011)

  • He opens tomorrow the exhibition of the winning works and selected in the XII Arts Painting Prize at the University of Murcia (07/11/2011)

  • More than 10,000 people have seen any of the shows at the Teatro Circo Murcia in its first month of activity (07/11/2011)

  • The Socialists claim that municipal taxes only go up, but the less is more pay (07/11/2011)
    PSOE Councillor of Juan Patricio Castro criticizes the lack of sensitivity of PP to pass a regressive tax increase that does not set tax cuts taking into account the social and economic characteristics of Murcia
  • The medieval history seminar addresses the relationship between James I and Murcia (07/11/2011)

  • Training on violence against women for public service staff of the City (07/11/2011)

  • Another is committed to promote Employment (06/11/2011)

  • The Socialists demanded immediate opening of the Guadalupe Cultural Center, completed and closed for ten months (06/11/2011)

  • A man of 35 years died at the fronton Espinardo University Campus after suffering a cardiac arrest (05/11/2011)

  • Isabel Martinez Conesa and Alicia Barquero participate in the awards of the Association Culture and Female (05/11/2011)

  • The Municipal Office of the Bicycle continues its campaign to promote cycling in the Campus of Mercy (05/11/2011)

  • The wall of Santa Eulalia offers free guided tours for schools (05/11/2011)
    Students know the medieval Murcia
  • The UCAM commitment to the martial arts world (04/11/2011)

  • The First Fair of Mexico in Murcia offers music and typical products until next Sunday (04/11/2011)

  • Solemn Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2011/2012 (04/11/2011)
    The renowned psychiatrist Enrique Rojas will give the inaugural lecture of the course
  • The strength of Queen returns to the Auditorio Victor Villegas Regional (04/11/2011)
    The show will combine the melodies of classical music band
  • Environment invites fungi known Murcia Region of Murcia (04/11/2011)

  • The 'Aula DiVerde urban ecology' organizing tomorrow a workshop for children on noise and solar mills (04/11/2011)

  • Venice by Francisco Jarauta (04/11/2011)
    The philosopher at the University of Murcia on Monday intervenes in the cycle "The Heritage of the Mediterranean '
  • Pocoyo entertains the little ones in the Plaza Mayor (04/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the abandonment of four social housing in Gea y Truyols (04/11/2011)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez asked the local government to perform a series of improvements in these houses, inhabited by four families, who do not have sewer and have lots of moisture due to the leaking water
  • The Teatro Circo hosts Murcia this weekend Interancional the beginning of the Festival of Puppet (04/11/2011)

  • The "Recycle City" will make Murcia an international benchmark in environment and renewable energies (03/11/2011)

  • 60% of cancer patients survive the disease thanks to advances in radiotherapy (03/11/2011)

  • 40 young unemployed to perform the complete works the new Center for Accessible (03/11/2011)

  • Call Me Mary about rock and roll from the 50 at the Teatro Circo Murcia (03/11/2011)

  • Mexico is close to Murcia (03/11/2011)

  • The Museum of Science and Water has a broad scientific dissemination program for academic year 2011-2012 (03/11/2011)

  • El Barrio del Carmen celebrates the First Edition of Top Road during the month of November (03/11/2011)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS-Fisiomedia Manacor (03/11/2011)
    Friday November 4, 21:00 pm-Palacio de los Deportes
  • The Socialist Group offers a great cultural center and fair trade in the Old Jail (03/11/2011)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, argues that, following the signing of the agreement between City Hall and Ministry of Finance to open a process of participation among neighbors and associations to agree on the best project
  • Top sports competition begins at the University of Murcia (03/11/2011)
    Rector Tournament includes a dozen sports
  • A book analyzes silk and Murcia Guilds in Modern Times (03/11/2011)
    In the presentation the first contract was signed print and electronic publishing at the University of Murcia
  • Republicans organized a talk on the development of the coup and civil war in Murcia (02/11/2011)
    Murcia historical researcher, Floren Dimas will present an entirely unprecedented in the charismatic characters that will be, faced by their loyalty to the Republic, or its accession to the partisan movement
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia Murcia literary studies the network through the poet Carlos Cano Núñez (02/11/2011)

  • Twelve students from the University of Murcia receive national awards academic performance (02/11/2011)

  • The cemeteries are cleaned shock after the celebration of All Saints' Day (02/11/2011)

  • The maintenance, repair and maintenance of the city of Murcia will have a web page (02/11/2011)

  • The City Council approved the exchange of Old Jail (02/11/2011)
    Murcia able to recover for another public space located in a strategic location in the city.
  • The University of Murcia creates the Research Institute of Optics and Nanophysics (02/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Group calls for the immediate opening of the new social center of Rincon de Seca (02/11/2011)
    The PSOE mayor Susana Hernandez claims that the building remains closed despite being finished and furnished nearly a year
  • The City Council is holding the prize "Fair Company" (01/11/2011)

  • Villar delivers the 'Golden Boot 2011' to Miguelín (01/11/2011)
    Prize awarded by the Football Federation of the Balearic Islands
  • Murcia headquarters will be in December European Fantastic Film Festival (01/11/2011)
    will take place on 27, 28 and December 29 at various points in the city
  • IU-Green denounces the backwardness of the regional aid for school supplies (01/11/2011)


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