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Murcia News - September 2010

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  • Barnuevo: "We will promote initiatives bid for European Capital of Culture 2016" The City Council of Culture says the intense work will serve to further promote and strengthen the existing projects. (30/09/2010)

  • Professor Thomas Wilson supports the free flow of information in her official capacity as doctor honoris causa (30/09/2010)

  • The Socialist Group has presented today to the plenary the following motions, questions and requests. (30/09/2010)

  • Adopted by a joint motion to consider the provision of bicycle parking in new buildings The House urges the Government of Zapatero to rectify their employment and encourage job creation (30/09/2010)

  • The House will urge the Central Government to repeal the increase in electricity tariff by 4.8% The motion, submitted by the Municipal People, was approved with the votes for PP, abstaining from Municipal Socialist Group vote against IU-LV (30/09/2010)

  • Jaison: "It will be a special game because at the track got a lot of goals" (30/09/2010)
    "but this Sunday will arrive with the same enthusiasm and try to score for ElPozo"
  • Replace a palm affected by the red palm weevil in the Plaza Beato Andrés Hibernón The new specimen measured seven meters (30/09/2010)

  • Footprints of Barraca de César Oliva Dionysus get UNESCO Award (30/09/2010)

  • Tourism shows the customs and curiosities of San Antolin The 'Be Guide' continues with his visits to neighborhoods of Murcia The route will be held on Saturday, after 10 hours (30/09/2010)

  • 5% of Council staff seconded the strike The day goes smoothly and is guaranteed a minimum service (29/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia held a conference on the information in the presence of new doctor honoris causa (29/09/2010)

  • Francisco de la Torre: "We have to humanize the relationship between doctor and patient" (29/09/2010)

  • The PSOE asked not to apply the discount of 5% to hours of free availability of firefighters and local police (29/09/2010)
    The socialist mayor Mariola Martinez Guillen made it clear that this time off be a special day and therefore, no they can still play this reduction
  • Reading Club organized a gathering on the work of José Saramago (29/09/2010)

  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism renews its sponsorship with Real Murcia (29/09/2010)

  • The new chairman of the Board of Alta was presented to elders and women of the parish (29/09/2010)

  • Thomas Wilson will be sworn in tomorrow doctor honoris causa by the University of Murcia (29/09/2010)

  • María Dolores Sánchez highlight the integrative activities of 'Network' at the opening of the seminar 'inclusive leisure programs' (29/09/2010)

  • The School of Nursing at the University of Murcia, a pioneer in becoming School (29/09/2010)

  • Great reception in Madrid's bid for peace, sustainability and the light to turn Murcia European Capital of Culture 2016 Miguel Angel House has explained this morning at the Museo Reina Sofía sixteen reasons for choosing Murcia project details: 36 (28/09/2010)

  • The Ayunyamiento takes the work of the NGOs to a dozen schools and colleges Beatriz Hontoria part in the first lecture is offered to students of IES to make them aware of the need to help poorer countries (28/09/2010)

  • Martínez-Cache plant a tree to mark the International Day of the Deaf The activity, which was held this weekend has been organized by Aspanpal (28/09/2010)

  • The Civil Guard detained a person for cultivation and trafficking of "marihuana" (28/09/2010)
    one person has been arrested on suspicion of a CRIME AGAINST PUBLIC HEALTH
  • PSOE: "Since the barrier can not tackle the problem of unemployment in the municipality of Murcia" (28/09/2010)

  • Necul student in the BA in Tourism from the UCAM, shows the close relationship between Tourism and Sport (27/09/2010)
    to celebrate World Tourism Day
  • Mayor House expressed confidence in the proposal of Murcia to be European Capital of Culture in 2016 (27/09/2010)
    Tomorrow will lead the delegation to defend tomorrow's candidacy Murcia
  • A commitment to clean energy (27/09/2010)
    The Catholic University of Murcia participate in the Solar Race Murcia 2010 with his model 'San Antonio'
  • Entertainment for all young people Youth organized a seminar on inclusive entertainment to be held from September 29 to October 1 (27/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia I offer the Masters in Osteopathy (27/09/2010)

  • Photo exhibition to publicize the work of NGOs in the municipality Beatriz Hontoria inaugurated the exhibition at the City of El Carmen (27/09/2010)

  • The City Council and unions agree on the establishment of minimum services for the strike 29S outsourced services will also be guaranteed (27/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia open admission within over sixty master (27/09/2010)

  • The UCAM created the School of Nursing (27/09/2010)
    The new school stands out as one of the first of its kind in Spain
  • The Socialist Party supported the candidacy tomorrow in Madrid Murcia as European Capital of Culture (27/09/2010)
    The PSOE councilors Alfonso Navarro and Jose Manuel Abellán attend the project presentation to be held in the Reina Sofia Museum
  • Assembly Beniaján with neighbors to inform the construction of an alternative route to improve access to the Rincon de Villanueva was held this afternoon at 19.30 pm in the Mayor's Beniaján (27/09/2010)

  • The City celebrates the World Tourism Day with a visit to Caravaca One hundred people participated in this initiative by the Department of Tourism (27/09/2010)

  • The Socialist Party demands that the works are executed in the old F19 (27/09/2010)
    To prevent and Truyol Gea neighbors remain cut off every time it rains
  • Youth presents its range of programs and activities to the heads of secondary schools in the municipality The Language Club, Europe Day, contest 'Entreculturas' contest to choose the mascot of the tram are some of the proposals of the Departm (26/09/2010)

  • Urban remodeling the old road to La Ñora to facilitate access to Lane's neighbors Lorca, at the Albatalía (26/09/2010)

  • CB Murcia present at the awards ceremony of 3x3 ASTRAPACE (25/09/2010)

  • Maria del Carmen Pelegrin supports the work of Astrapace (25/09/2010)

  • Pedro Lopez is officially proclaimed the PSOE candidate for Mayor of Murcia (25/09/2010)
    The candidate considered urgent and necessary to the return of the PSOE to La Glorieta to give the boost it needs Murcia
  • The bus solidarity work until the end of the month The Murcia will deliver books, clothing, toys and food in different municipalities to donate to the Asylum Store (25/09/2010)

  • Christopher Gabarrón support in the Museo Reina Sofía de Murcia's candidacy as European Capital of Culture 2016 Miguel Ángel Cámara Madrid explained in sixteen reasons for choosing Murcia and the details of the project: 365 cultural events in 16 (25/09/2010)

  • The City Council and formally requested Hostemur be part of the club 'Taste Spain', headed by chef Peter Subijana The project is to promote the cuisine of Murcia incorporating it into a national network of food destinations (25/09/2010)

  • The UCAM host defense first PhD in Bioethics (24/09/2010)
    The Professor and Academic Rafael Navarro Valls has presided over the Court of the thesis
  • Agreement with the UMU to teach a Master's Degree in Performing Arts (24/09/2010)

  • Failed contest prizes Creajoven of Visual Arts and Photography Olivia Sanchez Arnau and Vicente Navarro José López-proclaimed winners (24/09/2010)

  • Urbanism proposes an alternate road to improve access to the Rincon de Villanueva (24/09/2010)

  • IU + LV proposes the creation of advanced areas for bikes and motorcycles at traffic lights (24/09/2010)
    would avoid accidents arising from the accumulation of cars on the streets
  • The University of Murcia awards prizes for short story Thader with a prize of 18,000 euros (24/09/2010)

  • Chamber supports the initiative to pay tribute to organ donation Murcia Mayor met this morning with representatives from the Cystic Fibrosis Murcia (24/09/2010)

  • The Mayor of the City Council confirms support to the families of patients with Alzheimer's (24/09/2010)

  • The writer Maria Duenas visit on Monday the River Segura Library will participate in a literary about his book 'The time between seams' (24/09/2010)

  • Local Police, National Police and Civil Guard established a cooperation protocol with the theft of bicycles The City will create a directory with stolen bikes that exist in the impoundment so that their owners can retrieve them (24/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia will compete in the Solar Race on a vehicle built entirely by it (24/09/2010)

  • The City Council is legally obliged to present a business plan financial rebalancing (24/09/2010)
    by a deficiency of more than 53 million accumulated in 2009
  • The City Council extends the Muslim cemetery It will double the number of graves that are currently (24/09/2010)

  • The Mayor Chamber stresses experienced development was high on the inauguration of the new headman Miguel Angel House commends the former President of the Board for its successes in the management of health, culture and education. (24/09/2010)

  • The Mayor stressed that the new headquarters of the AECC in Murcia will continue the "extraordinary work of the association" Miguel Ángel Cámara attends the opening of the facility, built on a plot donated by the City Council (23/09/2010)

  • Cesar Jimenez and Murcia Rafaelillo monopolize top prizes at the Feria de Murcia 2010 (23/09/2010)
    The ceheginero Antonio Puerta was given the award for Best Novillero and Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza as Best Rejoneador
  • The UCAM signed a collaboration agreement with the Bar Association of Cartagena (23/09/2010)

  • The old post office open to the public with 'Manifesta8' after 30 years closed (23/09/2010)
    Less than a month after the inauguration of the biennial, the fitting end of the building temporarily ceded
  • The construction of the Visitors Center of San Cayetano in Monteagudo entering its final Mayor House, accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, and the Councillor for Tourism, Maria Isabel Valcarcel, visit the modern facilities. (23/09/2010)

  • Mathematicians Manuel López and José Ramón Caruso is honored for his retirement (23/09/2010)

  • Murcia is home to the first National Indoor Football League Interempresas to participate, all companies that wish to register a maximum of 12 players the first edition of this competition is also headquarters Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia (23/09/2010)

  • + LV IU blames Education tension between parents and school management del Carmen (23/09/2010)

  • The police arrested two people and seized one kilogram of cocaine in Murcia (23/09/2010)
    The detainees transported the drug in a vehicle specially prepared for this type of activity
  • The Center for Women's Santiago el Mayor prepares the new academic year 2010-2011 (23/09/2010)
    present their proposals and initiatives responsible for Social Welfare Policy and Equality
  • The Socialist Group in the middle asked that new residential buildings have parking for bikes (23/09/2010)
    PSOE Councillor Ros Marcos filed a motion to amend the town planning rules and ordinances for the new buildings constructed for compulsory provision of bicycle parking spaces
  • Second and Santi Campillo play music at a benefit concert to bring a motor carrier operating room to Africa (23/09/2010)
    The event organized by the City and Blue in Action takes place on Saturday in Murcia Park and will also Noisebox, The Magnetics, The Bad and Make My Story
  • The Farm Veterinary Medicine, University of Murcia acquires a copy of a donkey Zamora Leon (23/09/2010)

  • Today Creajoven fail Awards Visual Arts and Photography (23/09/2010)
    The exhibition of selected works opens at 21 am in the LAB
  • The University of Murcia morning about science to the public in The Night of the Researchers (23/09/2010)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara attends the opening of the XIII National Congress of Employers of Transport (22/09/2010)

  • Miguel Angel Chamber participates in the presentation of the campaign deserves respect Education (22/09/2010)

  • Start the Masters in education and teaching museum with virtual (22/09/2010)

  • Doubt: "If we keep a good line and we're lucky, we get our reward" (22/09/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced "the pantomime starring bicycle House" (22/09/2010)

  • Operated eight marijuana plants in a garden of Murcia (22/09/2010)

  • 35 people can cultivate their gardens and leisure (22/09/2010)

  • Anthony Dobbins test (22/09/2010)
    The American with Italian passport escort arrives at CB Murcia for a month with possibility of staying until end of season
  • The University of Murcia design the governance of information technology for Spanish universities (22/09/2010)

  • The game took on Saturday The Youth Space Ship (22/09/2010)

  • The Children's Traffic Park hits the streets to mark the Week of Mobility (22/09/2010)
    Children can participate in this activity this afternoon at the Plaza of the Apostles
  • In a program to promote access to employment and personal autonomy (22/09/2010)

  • The summer courses at the University of Murcia close their season best assistance (22/09/2010)
    Nearly 2500 students and 700 teachers have participated in the 2010 edition of the Universidad del Mar
  • UPyD Murcia considered absurd initiative bike rental if it is not accompanied by infrastructure (21/09/2010)

  • The UCAM presents its eco-car (21/09/2010)
    The University will participate in the Solar Race Murcia 2010 with its prototype 'San Antonio'
  • González Tovar, "public safety sources used in an irresponsible and partisan" (21/09/2010)
    The station built by the Ministry of Interior in the neighborhood of El Carmen will become operational in the coming weeks
  • The City Council has Urbanism citizens (21/09/2010)

  • IU + LV accuses the city of Murcia to waive the public bicycle (21/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia on Friday Night of the Researchers (21/09/2010)

  • The legs of amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects and mammals filled the Museum of Science (21/09/2010)

  • Juan José Ballester received the Photography Award from the University of Murcia (21/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia is launching a program to encourage the abandonment of a sedentary lifestyle (21/09/2010)

  • Police in the future, discussed in a course at the University of the Sea (21/09/2010)

  • Sources demands to the Government to establish a definitive date for the opening of the Carmen Police Station (21/09/2010)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary asked by grants from senior centers in the municipality (21/09/2010)
    The PSOE mayor Lola Abellon suspected to be left to the headman money management for the elderly, they are acting, in many cases so authoritative cacique and depending on your interest
  • President of the Supreme Court explained in the University of Murcia the challenges of the XXI century jurist (20/09/2010)

  • The UCAM signed an agreement of collaboration with two technology centers in the Region (20/09/2010)
    The Technology Center for Energy and Environmental Technology Center and assist the UCAM Metal
  • The bishop consecrates the new church of Santa Rosa de Lima in El Palmar (20/09/2010)

  • The "10 km Murcia City" began the popular racing league (20/09/2010)
    Will the next September 26 for the urban area of the city
  • The Roots Music Festival is presented this year with new proposals Murcia (20/09/2010)

  • The City Council launches a new bike rental system at affordable prices (20/09/2010)
    The Mayor has launched the first bike of this system
  • We are looking for actors of the advertising campaign of the Office of the Bicycle (20/09/2010)

  • A program of the Center for Sports Medicine seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle among academics (20/09/2010)

  • Beatriz Hontoria participates in joint dinner hosted by Blue in Action (20/09/2010)

  • Start the deadline for designing the mascot of the tram (20/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia allocated 224,000 euros to a campus parking Espinardo (20/09/2010)

  • González Tovar gives the output to the popular race Nonduermas (19/09/2010)
    Athletic Club de Burgos Ermita celebrating the eighteenth edition of this popular race
  • ... (18/09/2010)

  • Mobility Week encourages Murcia to burn calories and relax the mind (18/09/2010)
    La Plaza del Romea has hosted two sessions of gymnastics outdoors
  • "We are specialists in drafting of Urbanism" (17/09/2010)
    The director of the Master in Urban Planning UCAM, Cesario Gil de Pareja
  • ... (17/09/2010)

  • Moya-Angeles: "The PSOE does not stop giving out blindly and does not provide solutions to the crisis" (17/09/2010)

  • The City Council encourages the little ones that are committed to sustainable mobility (17/09/2010)

  • Open the door of City Hall in 2009 cost 836,000 euros per day (17/09/2010)
    Councilman Alfonso Navarro claims that the municipal government current expenditure has cast 79% of the total budget, a total of 305 million euros, making only 1 9 euros each was assigned to real investments
  • + LV IU is interested in what caused the drain garden pond Fofó (16/09/2010)
    As a result several ducks died from dehydration
  • The Inhuman presented live in Cabezo de Torres, 18 September, his latest work "The men who loved women" (16/09/2010)
    Valencia group was the first national artist to release a record-book-DVD 3D
  • Ecologists in Action shows his rejection of bullfighting (16/09/2010)
    Coinciding with the celebration of the Bullfighting Festival in the city of Murcia, the environmental organization expresses its rejection of a show he describes as "cruel anachronism"
  • Camera: "Our great challenge facing the crisis is a Murcia with more quality of life, create jobs and opportunities" (16/09/2010)

  • The Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Fuensanta has the highest participation in recent years (16/09/2010)
    The big concerts, the Orchards, the Wine and Food Fair and Camp de Moros y Cristianos, remain the major attractions of the Feria de Murcia
  • 1 ª Jornada Liga-El Pozo Murcia-Xacobeo Lobelle of Santiago (16/09/2010)

  • The Ministry of Public Works completes the Gros Island Glorieta improve Liaison A-7 and N-301A with the University of Murcia (16/09/2010)
    Spain's government has invested 1.35 million euros in the works remodeling of the link from A-7 and N-301A with the University of Murcia
  • The University of Murcia and Cartagena Polytechnic joint event celebrating the opening of the course (16/09/2010)

  • The Department of street cleaning takes about 49 tons of trash after the Pilgrimage (16/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia invites tenders for the provision of 29 beds of teachers hired (16/09/2010)

  • The PSOE criticizes lack of foresight in the beginning of the course in the college of the Martinez del Puerto (16/09/2010)

  • Three young men from El Palmar win the World Cup runner-table Under-19 teams, held in Germany (16/09/2010)
    The Department of Social Services funds community interest activities, that include projects aimed at children and young people
  • The University of Murcia promote trade relations with China (15/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia honors students for academic excellence (15/09/2010)

  • Less redundant activities and investment real (15/09/2010)

  • Institutional Support to Caritas (15/09/2010)

  • Approved the specifications for the facility services of the Cagigal and El Palmar (15/09/2010)

  • Congress of Physical Education will be dedicated to the labor market and associated skills (15/09/2010)

  • Only three of every 100 children obtain a place in public kindergartens (15/09/2010)

  • Visit the site of St. Stephen, "Is 8" Art District, new program Be guided fall (15/09/2010)

  • Murcia celebrates the Mobility Week with a score of activities (15/09/2010)

  • Deadline to submit business plans (15/09/2010)

  • The staff of El Pozo Murcia will be on the sports ground of the English Court on Thursday (15/09/2010)
    19 to 20 hours
  • The Faculty of Computer Science organizes a conference on information technology and communication (15/09/2010)

  • A course at the University of the Sea explores the social risk in child development (15/09/2010)

  • Agriculture organizes a device of 60 people to preserve the natural environment during the Pilgrimage of the Fuensanta (13/09/2010)
    The director general of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity appeals to civic responsibility to prevent possible fires
  • Sources Murcia encourages you to enjoy the tranquility and caring Pilgrimage to Mount (13/09/2010)

  • Ten arrested for property crimes committed in Murcia during the weekend (13/09/2010)
    All arrests have been practiced by members of the Provincial Public Security Brigade, deployed in prevention and response functions
  • Professor Augustine Miñana obtains the Spirit Award University Rector Loustau (13/09/2010)

  • More than 1,900 students begin the day 15 the entrance exams to college (13/09/2010)

  • All set to celebrate the pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Fuensanta (12/09/2010)
    street cleaning delivered 20,000 bags for the pilgrims depositing their waste
  • Schools ready for more than 70,000 students begin their classes in the municipality as of tomorrow (12/09/2010)
    The City Council has managed more than 21 works in educational institutions in the city
  • ... (11/09/2010)

  • Students of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the UCAM receive their diplomas (10/09/2010)
    The director of the Municipal Museum of Elda, Antonio Manuel Poveda, has acted as sponsor of new graduates
  • Begin voting for the best Fireworks Castle Fair (10/09/2010)

  • García-Tin took over as dean of the Faculty of Medicine (10/09/2010)

  • Two arrested for stealing a major center of Murcia (10/09/2010)
    The perpetrators are two young men of 19 and 25 years with numerous police record for crimes against property
  • More than 250 people attend the three sessions of cycle midnight lamp (10/09/2010)

  • Head of Torres is preparing to hold its Midyear carnival (10/09/2010)

  • PSOE: "The accounts of the Municipal Boards of neighborhoods and districts require greater clarity and transparency" (10/09/2010)
    Socialist Councilman Jose Zapata, has sent a communiqué to the City Council for Decentralization of PP, demanding details of the accounts for 2009
  • Failed Creajoven prizes Visual Arts, Comics and Product Design (10/09/2010)

  • More than 70,100 students will benefit from new educational offerings of the City Council for the 2010/2011 academic year (10/09/2010)

  • IU + LV denounces the inaccessibility of a bus stop at Primo de Rivera (09/09/2010)

  • The School of Tourism at the University of Murcia I offer the Masters in Hotel Management (09/09/2010)

  • Adif awarded the cleaning service station Carmen de Murcia (09/09/2010)
    The contract includes the application of criteria for recycling and collection of municipal waste and proper environmental management
  • Doubt: "The team has worked hard, and we are excited to provide safe war" (09/09/2010)

  • It closed down the days of cooperation of the Hispanic Association Argentina de Medicina (09/09/2010)

  • Camera: "The confusion of the socialist government in funding causes unemployment and insecurity for small businesses and the self" (09/09/2010)

  • Statement by Pedro Lopez in the press conference today that it has offered to present his candidacy for mayor of Murcia for the PSOE (09/09/2010)

  • Tintin returns to space Molinos del Rio Stables (09/09/2010)
    On Saturday 11, 18 and 25 be screened for free three films of the intrepid reporter
  • Four pairs of Madrid and Toledo know the festival of Moors and Christians and the Fair after winning a contest in Fitur (09/09/2010)

  • The rector Cobacho participates in the meeting of the CRUE new model that analyzes the university (09/09/2010)

  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality uses a new technique to stop a plague that affects the eucalyptus (09/09/2010)

  • Registration opens for beginners courses and training to higher education (09/09/2010)

  • Feature parallel activities Supercopa of Spain (09/09/2010)
    Supercopa of Spain: An event 'hyper'
  • The Executive proposes Municipal PSOE Pedro López as a candidate for mayor of Murcia (09/09/2010)
    The designation as a candidate for secretary general of the Socialists in Murcia has been unanimously agreed
  • Students of the College of Our Lady of Tears begin the course perfectly normal as the other students in the municipality (08/09/2010)

  • The Ministry of Culture awarded works and maintenance in the State Public Library in Murcia (08/09/2010)

  • Herguedas complaint that the council failed in its commitment to settle the parking lot of El Malecon (08/09/2010)

  • The Mayor welcomes participants XLIII Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean (08/09/2010)

  • Approved the specifications for the submission of feasibility projects (08/09/2010)
    for demolition, construction and management of sports facilities at La Condomina
  • A step in the work of the Youth Access Centre Juan de Borbón (08/09/2010)

  • Social Services funds a project of the Association Columbares to integrate immigrant women at risk of social exclusion (08/09/2010)
    The contribution is earmarked by the City of 27,500 euros
  • More than 1,500 over the municipality will benefit from the activities organized by 72 social centers (08/09/2010)

  • Renewal of the agreement with Red Cross efforts to develop prevention and care (08/09/2010)

  • The pavement maintenance service in parishes is renewed for two years (08/09/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the construction of two new high-voltage towers Rectors (08/09/2010)
    José Antonio García Baños request explanations on the full September on the development of these towers and the proposed underground
  • The Veronicas market will feature new hits (08/09/2010)

  • Eight galleries of the town gather in the Almudí to showcase their collections (08/09/2010)

  • Abellon PP accused of lying about the work of schools (08/09/2010)

  • Exhibition of the work of Creajoven Visual Arts, Comics and Product Design (08/09/2010)

  • The Universidad Internacional del Mar discuss educational challenges in Spain (07/09/2010)

  • Raising awareness in schools and colleges to celebrate the Day of Cooperating (07/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia built a front envelope at the Faculty of Economics and Business (07/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia held a meeting of the European Association for Forensic Entomology (07/09/2010)

  • European experts discussed in Murcia on new indicators to support the universities (07/09/2010)

  • The Government delegate visits the expansion of the western ring at the level of The Pier (07/09/2010)
    In August last year, the Ministry of Development launched an extension to a third lane expansion with an investment of 3,535,885 euros
  • A new palm turns to chair the Plaza de las Flores (07/09/2010)

  • The Lemon Pop festival celebrates its 15th anniversary by bringing together more than 15,000 viewers (06/09/2010)

  • Begin the XVII Conference on Cooperation of the Association Hispano-Argentina de Medicina (06/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia coordinates a European meeting on new funding models for universities (06/09/2010)

  • Eleven painters paint their vision of the sea on the Plaza Belluga (06/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia has organized an exhibition about Alzheimer's (06/09/2010)

  • El Pozo Murcia on Wednesday made the pilgrimage to the Vera Cruz de Caravaca (06/09/2010)

  • The Murcia can choose the best band in the 43 ° International Folk Festival (06/09/2010)
    Starting next Wednesday
  • The Faculty of Fine Arts is looking for models to pose in class (06/09/2010)

  • The University of Murcia Pre-registration opens in second cycle degrees with limited places (06/09/2010)

  • Renewal of inquiry, citizen services and translation of the census (06/09/2010)

  • Alfonso X hosts the big day of the Feria de Ganado (05/09/2010)

  • UPyD Mayor denounced the silence of the House to the marginalization suffered by the party in the events of the Session (04/09/2010)

  • Murcia UPyD expresses its respect for María José Alarcón decision not to proceed (04/09/2010)
    Y, does not weigh personal decisions
  • Public Works projects to improve the road connecting El Palmar with Beniaján (04/09/2010)
    The Ministry has sent out to tender the works to improve the RM-302, one of the busiest roads in the Region
  • The Mayor Chamber Cattle Fair opens 2010 (03/09/2010)

  • President of the Community is in the Palacio de San Esteban World Cup Football (03/09/2010)

  • Alex Cooper presented the book "Club 45: 90 Pop Songs of the Era for mods and Jetsetters' (03/09/2010)

  • The camera delivers Mayor Honors and Awards of the City of Murcia during the Proclamation of the Fair 2010 (03/09/2010)

  • Proclamation of Juan Ignacio de Ibarra Feria de Murcia 2010 (03/09/2010)

  • The University of the Sea offers 24 courses in September (03/09/2010)

  • Barroso will join training on Monday (03/09/2010)

  • The Mayor and the President of the Royal Cycling Federation announced the shortlist for the World (03/09/2010)

  • A course at the University of the Sea will present a guide made by disabled people demanding the rights of this group (03/09/2010)
    People with disabilities will be known what rights have been violated
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia highlights the "curative powers" of honey (03/09/2010)

  • Begin next week courses Scientific Diving and Navigation of the Universidad del Mar, the oldest of the Universidad del Mar (03/09/2010)
    dive students will dive to 30 meters
  • The University of Murcia announces a contest to award places teachers hired (03/09/2010)

  • A football game to honor Remigio Lopez (02/09/2010)

  • ElPozo-Inter, second semifinal of the Super 'Guadalajara 2010' (02/09/2010)

  • Dozens of people participate in the first day of canoeing for all by the River Segura (02/09/2010)

  • Television in the Spanish audiovisual (02/09/2010)
    A course at the University of the Sea explores the role of the media
  • Drug use, for examination in a course organized by the Universidad del Mar (02/09/2010)
    will address the effects caused in the brain as cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines or snuff
  • The University of Mar will offer initiatives for the prevention of drug addiction (02/09/2010)

  • The publisher of the University of Murcia reaches 1,000 subscribers in Facebook (02/09/2010)

  • Tomorrow begins the Championship of Spain Beach Volleyball at the Joseph Barnes (02/09/2010)

  • Open the deadline to reserve space in communal sports facilities (01/09/2010)
    To register you must call 902444905, or on the web www.murciadeportes.com
  • The guitarist Paco de Lucia will inaugurate the cycle Other Regional Music Víctor Villegas Auditorium (01/09/2010)
    tickets for the show, October 6, are already on sale
  • IU + LV de Murcia criticizes the "little interest" of the data that provide information panels (01/09/2010)

  • The PSOE requires activation of the 23 Area Health Boards in the municipality of Murcia (01/09/2010)
    Socialists initiatives to raise the participation decree handled by the Ministry of Health building on the summer respects the autonomy of these consultative bodies linked to a health center
  • The University of Mar raise awareness of the importance of drug prevention (01/09/2010)

  • About 65,000 people visited the exhibition organized to mark the centenary of the birth of Gaya in the first half (01/09/2010)

  • Mauritius praised his new partner Dani Salgado "We will help a lot, has lots of quality" (01/09/2010)

  • Urban trenching prohibited during the Fair (01/09/2010)
    work shall not be allowed until 20 September
  • Murcia unveils its first fruit orchard into a garden between Avenida Juan de Borbon and Churra Road (01/09/2010)


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