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Murcia News - February 2010

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  • New UCAM Murcia victory at home (28/02/2010)

  • A new municipal center will support business initiatives (28/02/2010)
    The government team wants to support the creation of jobs and resources to Murcia
  • The Brotherhood of Charity Pentads closes today with the delivery of the new Stewards scapulars and Ladies alumbrantes (27/02/2010)
    The Guild brings together hundreds of brothers in their home, the parish of Santa Catalina
  • The project will remodel the auditorium URBAN outdoor neighborhood Espinardo Holy Spirit (27/02/2010)
    low is conditioned buildings to encourage civic participation among the residents of the area
  • Lobosillo will in the coming months with a primary care clinic (27/02/2010)
    will have a total area of 470 square meters
  • Vlado Scepanovic play this Sunday against Unicaja (26/02/2010)
    Vitor Faverani cause by injury
  • The rector of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos discussed the possible constitutional reforms (26/02/2010)

  • Edu Torres: "We finally have the team we wanted to have" (26/02/2010)
    CB Murcia coach says that this Sunday is "good sense"
  • Tom Strong ElPozo explained the success of the anniversary of a Department of the University of Murcia (26/02/2010)

  • The offshore wind facilities have a future, according to a study by the University of Murcia (26/02/2010)

  • Tamara Rojo, Agnes Latestu, the Murcia José Martínez and Juan Arqués, between the figures of the second gala in Dance Classics (26/02/2010)
    The show will be on Sunday February 28 at 19:30
  • "The E-Government offers technology, strategies and projects to serve the public" (26/02/2010)
    The General Director of Informatics and Communications of the CARM, Manuel Escudero, opens on the First Day UCAM eGovernment
  • Public Works better connected by road between the hamlets of Monteagudo in Murcia, Casillas and Llano de Brujas (26/02/2010)
    The Department completes its work on the RM-F8, known as the Cave Trail, along which more than 2.6 million vehicles per year
  • The triumph in the Championship UCAM Autonomous University (26/02/2010)

  • The Theatre Bernal of El Palmar host the world premiere of Carlos Piñana new album, 'My guitar' (26/02/2010)
    Tomorrow Saturday from 21 hours
  • Students of the University of Murcia may carry on the business practices ENAGÁS (26/02/2010)

  • Head of Torres fails his carnival prizes 2010 (26/02/2010)
    Eight groups were selected
  • The IES Marqués de los Vélez celebrates its 40 anniversary (26/02/2010)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education and Personal stresses that teaching requires a tremendous effort and a great vocation
  • The City Council is making visits to households in the municipality to provide the home help service (26/02/2010)
    Social Welfare has made transfer of the strength of the Police Force Local
  • Cervantes awards prizes to school awareness campaign organized by FAMDIF (26/02/2010)
    More than two hundred children from four schools participated in the ceremony held at the Auditorium of La Alberca
  • The UCAM Murcia looking to continue adding to the CV Cajasol Puerto Real (26/02/2010)
    Vibrant meeting which will live in Murcia (Hall Prince of Asturias), this Saturday February 27 at 20.00 h.
  • Alondra Bentley presents his acclaimed Ashfield Avenue with a string quartet from the Orchestra of Murcia in the Auditorium (26/02/2010)
    The concert will be tomorrow Saturday 27 February at 21:30 hours, tickets 12 €
  • The music will sound in the bar Day Bando de la Huerta from 10 to 22 hours (26/02/2010)
    The City Council extends the deadline for applications until March 8
  • Barnuevo Mursiya Mezze Prize is awarded to the restaurant Gourmet Club Collados of Bittersweet (26/02/2010)
    This evening, from 21.30, on the premises
  • The program arrives Sunday Di Verde Montegrande garden of Torreagüera (26/02/2010)
    Act in a group of saxophonists Conservatory of Music
  • "Murcia has consumers responsible, objective, critical and committed to society" (26/02/2010)
    The first conference was held in the Hall of Moneo throughout the day
  • The Serbian Milena Injac addressing this year's International Festival Orchestra Youth Orchestra (26/02/2010)
    International FIOJ Orchestra receives more applications this year than in any other edition
  • The University of Murcia administrative honored the Department of History of Art for their retirement (26/02/2010)

  • Double sessions of theater this weekend (26/02/2010)
    Claire French company on Saturday and Sunday will represent the dance and humor 'Sandbar'
  • The Murcia awarded the First Prize Ibn Arabi Iranian director Majid Majidi (26/02/2010)
    With the award recognizes his respect and tolerance for all cultures and beliefs
  • The Club Taurino de Murcia-Murcia reminds Algeciras matador Miguel Mateo Miguelín " (26/02/2010)
    Continues the Cycle" Toreros de Murcia "with the figure of Miguel Mateo Miguelín" which will be discussed next Tuesday March 2 by his son Matthew Curro and journalist Manolo Guillén
  • "Charity allows us to look to others as God sees it" (25/02/2010)
    Orthodox Archbishop, Metropolitan of Spain and Portugal, Bishop Polycarp Stavropoulos has lectured on church and social welfare
  • The Department of Infrastructure and Community Services will review the status of park and ride from Pier (25/02/2010)
    It has been approved unanimously by the Full Council
  • TRIPLEDOBLE submitted its draft to the Director General of CB Murcia (25/02/2010)
    Alejandro Gomez: "It is gratifying to see the support of loyal fans still in the boat now that things are bad given"
  • The House required the National Government to increase state funding for urban transport (25/02/2010)

  • The House urges the Government to increase funding in dependence (25/02/2010)
    financing requires 32%, as had been announced, not the 2% figure in the budget
  • The City Council will get more than 700,000 m2 of land for the future North Park with the approval of a partial plan Cabezo de Torres (25/02/2010)
    The House has given final approval to this project that commands the space around the hub of the hamlet with the A-7
  • The City Council extended the Interpretation Center of Santa Eulalia Wall (25/02/2010)
    The Special Plan has been approved in plenary by the Municipal People's Party, with votes against PSOE and IU
  • Murcia is offered as a venue to host meetings in the rotating presidency of the European Union (25/02/2010)
    The popular local group believes that it is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the rich culture and cuisine of the region as was done in 2002
  • The House launches Equality Plan of the municipality (25/02/2010)
    All political parties are committed to "work integrated into the Municipal Council of Equality"
  • Tomas Delininkaitis Basketball Club says goodbye Murcia (25/02/2010)

  • José Gabriel Ruiz PP: "While Europe tourist taxes low, Zapatero's up" (25/02/2010)
    The CP proposes a set of 20 proposals to revive tourism
  • IU + LV alleges that the Santa Eulalia PERI harm the environment and archaeological monuments of the church (25/02/2010)

  • Tourism offers a weekend to discover the legends of Murcia Archaeology of the Iberians to the Arabs and the Castillo del Puerto de la Cadena (25/02/2010)
    The activities are part of 'Get Guide' and Ecotourism Program Visitor Center La Luz
  • The Mayor proposes to "shield" the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the declaration of BIC (25/02/2010)
    The House today approved the Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the Festival of University Theater XIV (25/02/2010)
    involves eight theater groups from different universities
  • Daily life in the classroom of Chemistry (25/02/2010)

  • The power sector and healthy life, to debate tomorrow in the Moneo (25/02/2010)
    Murcia City Council organized a conference to discuss relevant issues of today
  • The University of Murcia took possession of their seats in a hundred officials (25/02/2010)

  • Presentation of the cycling team "Inverse Murcia" in Torreagüera (25/02/2010)
    Murcia group belongs to the elite category and sub-23
  • La Nave Gardens hosts the festival united Sahara (25/02/2010)
    lectures, exhibitions and concerts are some of the activities planned for Friday
  • The Socialist Group in plenary defend the permanence of Christ Monteagudo in his usual place (25/02/2010)

  • The UCAM inaugurates the International Volunteer (24/02/2010)
    IX Conference of Charity and Volunteering
  • Austria in Murcia is touted as the birthplace of the music world (24/02/2010)
    In the last years has increased the presence of Murcia groups in Austrian festivals
  • The Institute Infante Don Juan Manuel will have a sports hall next year (24/02/2010)
    The City Council gave a plot of 1,500 square meters to the Sports Council for construction
  • The residents of Barrio de Los Rosales de El Palmar may participate in a socio (24/02/2010)
    The City continues to work on the regeneration of the area
  • City Hall, residents and hotel work in order to get support commercial, residential and leisure (24/02/2010)
    municipal ordinance against the emission of noise and vibration was approved in 2000 and aims to combat noise pollution
  • Camera highlights the work "vital" done by volunteers to help tackle the crisis to those in need (24/02/2010)
    The Mayor attended the opening ceremony of International Volunteer Displays will remain in the Paseo Alfonso X until next Sunday
  • Five tracks covered sports halls renewing parishes to improve the sporting offer (24/02/2010)
    Work infrastructure will be in Sangonera la Verde, San José de la Vega, Santo Angelo, Beniaján and Bacons Bridge
  • The Consistory supports clubs and associations to promote sport (24/02/2010)
    Target 175,000 euros to the Tennis Federation, Bully'92 Sports Association, Sports Club Plus Ultra, Club Deportivo Alquerías Soccer and Volleyball Murcia
  • The City invests 1.2 million euros in the maintenance of facilities districts (24/02/2010)
    The Consistory provides quality services to citizens
  • IU + LV asks the House to be positioned against the pension reform (24/02/2010)

  • Environment organized a talk to encourage Vistabella neighbors to participate in the second edition of Green Homes (24/02/2010)

  • The City Council signed an agreement with the Chamber of Notaries of Murcia to streamline procedures relating to the IBI and the goodwill (24/02/2010)
    Murcia has spent several months working with Platform Computing's Chamber of Notaries of Spain for the launch of this new service
  • Residents of Los Martinez Valladolises Corvera and have not been fulfilled any promises about the benefits of the new airport, according to the PSOE (24/02/2010)
    Socialist Councilman Jose Zapata recalls that, so far, nothing is known of the 1,400 direct jobs
  • A lecturer at the University of Murcia disassemble the evidence against the man on the moon (24/02/2010)

  • Works by artists commemorate Orihuela Miguel Hernández (24/02/2010)

  • Students from 20 secondary schools participating in the Physics Olympiad (24/02/2010)

  • Panel discussion on the Internet and the dissemination of music (24/02/2010)

  • The Department of Marketing and Market Research celebrates its tenth anniversary (24/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia receives more than two hundred foreign students in the second quarter (24/02/2010)

  • Anabel Díaz: "Education for the PP is a business, not a right" (24/02/2010)
    "Chaos and misinformation increases uncertainty about the future of the college of San Antonio de Padua in the fleet. Meanwhile, students, parents and teachers wonder whether they will finish the academic year "
  • Ana Botella, "Our common values such as freedom and human dignity are the essence of the West" (23/02/2010)
    Tomorrow Wednesday 24 February, the UCAM inaugurates the International Charity and Volunteering in the Paseo de Alfonso X el Sabio
  • Professor Rodriguez opens today Adrados a course on love (23/02/2010)

  • The Socialists proposed "Free Thursdays" on all public transport in the municipality (23/02/2010)

  • IU + LV requests the settlement of damages to the car park of El Malecon (23/02/2010)

  • Murcia guide to the Moroccan city of Salé in energy efficiency (23/02/2010)
    municipal technicians Murcia visit this town to know how to perform energy planning in the City
  • Ten years of the department of Marketing and Market Research (23/02/2010)

  • The improvement in the LIBRARY will be a reality, according ALUM (23/02/2010)

  • CB Murcia returns to work after the break for the Copa del Rey (23/02/2010)
    Milos Vujanic reach the capital on Wednesday Segura
  • Juan Antonio Megías said at the University of Murcia tourism has been the "savior" of the Casino (23/02/2010)

  • The City Council signed an agreement with the European School of Management and Enterprise (23/02/2010)
    The goal is for students to develop working practices in local government services
  • The University of Murcia organizes courses for anxiety and increase academic performance (23/02/2010)

  • The Faculty of Law creates a pool of legal knowledge transfer (23/02/2010)

  • The olive, palm and cypress, players poster Murcia Three Cultures Festival, designed in its eleventh edition by Martinez Mengual (23/02/2010)
    Murcia painter chooses to recreate the vermillion "the source of life"
  • The X UCAM Day celebrates the Nursing Curriculum Guidance (22/02/2010)

  • Faustino Cava took over as dean of the Faculty of Law (22/02/2010)

  • The IES José Planes celebrates its 25 anniversary (22/02/2010)
    also pays tribute to the sculptor Murcia which names the center
  • The dead in road accidents on urban roads in Murcia are reduced by 75% in recent years (22/02/2010)
    Despite a 66% increase in car park, also was a decrease in the number of accidents and injuries
  • ALUM ask the University of Murcia to install a system of communication and transport between the libraries of both Campus (22/02/2010)

  • The PP PSOE ask the city to urge the CARM to manage effectively Law Unit and commitment (22/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia held a benefit concert for Haiti (22/02/2010)

  • New revalidation for veterans and veterans, mixed couples and sub 23 (22/02/2010)
    Circuit Elite 2010 calls this weekend with the best partners in the Region Paddle Club Dos Mares in La Manga
  • Conference at the University of Murcia on the new strategies of NATO (22/02/2010)

  • Urban renew their computers for faster service to citizens (22/02/2010)
    The City Council introduced technical improvements to facilitate the management of online documents, scanning the license file and improved communications
  • Radio Taxi gets the distinctive Murcia Tourist Quality Commitment (22/02/2010)

  • The Socialist Group calls in the middle of a plot against the night noises in San Pedro, Santa Catalina and San Nicolas (22/02/2010)
    PSOE Councillor Mark Ros defend a motion demanding that the municipal PP to initiate the procedures for declaring an area of special environmental protection in these neighborhoods, as in his day made with other areas of the city center
  • Martínez-Cache signaling opens the second track is kind of the municipality (21/02/2010)
    whole route with specific signals that are so unmistakable signal to other road
  • The City reserves 40 seats for special attention in the seven school children (21/02/2010)
    The collaboration with the Autonomous Community is taking place from the year 2002-2003
  • 130 people learn a trade while working in the Youth Access Centre and Local Police Headquarters in La Alberca (21/02/2010)
    Students, workers receive education and training
  • The PSOE requires House to correct the bungling in the manifold works Algezares (21/02/2010)
    And on the sidewalks between Santo Angel and La Alberca
  • Councilman Rafael Gomez received the Brotherhood of the Christ of Burgos and its president in France (20/02/2010)
    Françoise Cheminade has been recognized by the Brotherhood with the Staff of San Lesmes
  • The Municipal Socialist Group supports the "pan" this afternoon at St. Stephen (20/02/2010)
    Councillors will attend the concentration socialist protest the neglect by the administration of the site of San Esteban, called on Facebook
  • The power sector and healthy living focus of the Consumer's Day February 26 (20/02/2010)
    Thaderconsumo In collaboration with the Municipality of Murcia in the Moneo will cover the highlights of these important issues now
  • Two students compete waiter municipal course in Barista Competition Forum 2010 Region of Murcia (20/02/2010)
    The 15 students participating in this workshop in Cartagena Hotel School in a training day
  • The UCAM opened a campus in Singapore (19/02/2010)
    The initiative is a collaboration agreement signed between the Catholic University and the education of Malaysian multinational group, Super Educational Group
  • A weather station studying the weather conditions Majal Blanco (19/02/2010)
    The Councillor for Environment and Urban Quality attend his inauguration on Saturday
  • The Second Vice President of the Congress of Deputies, Ana Pastor "Health, Education, based Pension Unit and the Welfare State" (19/02/2010)

  • Camera interview with the new governing board of the College of Political Science and Sociology (19/02/2010)
    The Mayor and the Dean agree to boost cooperation channels between the institutions that represent
  • The University of Murcia will invest 5.8 million euros in the Multidisciplinary Research Center (19/02/2010)

  • The local Board Vistalegre-Fleet invites his neighbors to taste soup with balls (19/02/2010)
    On Sunday, after 13 hours at the headquarters of District Council
  • The University of Murcia published a book on the management of family businesses (19/02/2010)

  • Espinardo Carnival held on Sunday (19/02/2010)
    Ten troupes with 400 people filled the streets with color and music
  • The Socialist Party claims that the findings of San Esteban are bogged down (19/02/2010)
    The Socialist Party councilor Jose Manuel Abellán required by the full City next Thursday to PP, as a matter of urgency, to proceed to contract the project to preserve and protect the abandoned archaeological sites
  • A new partial plan Cabezo Torres will provide more green areas and VPO (19/02/2010)
    The Planning Advisory Board has finally approved this project, which commands the space around the hub of the hamlet with the A-7
  • Public Works completes its work on the bridge that leads to Murcia from the shaft east of town (19/02/2010)
    The performance increase road safety and improve the fluidity in the movement from the districts of this East
  • Chamber participates in a conference on road safety in the Congress of Deputies (19/02/2010)
    Expose actions to improve traffic safety in urban
  • More than 4,000 animals are slaughtered at the municipal kennel (19/02/2010)
    PSOE Councillor Sebastian Peñaranda complaint that the dogs are abandoned every day to their fate in the pound and most are killed within 70 hours
  • Agreement to provide the largest library collection of Murcia at home (19/02/2010)

  • The conclusion of the Real Almond Mercamurcia become a powerhouse in the sector nationally (19/02/2010)
    The Board of Directors approves the annual operating plan for 2010
  • The International Festival of Youth Orchestras program 24 concerts and recitals in the region for the 2010 edition (19/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia presented the magazine about art and identity politics (19/02/2010)

  • The UCAM signed a collaboration agreement with the Bar Association of Murcia (18/02/2010)

  • Isidro Cano: "The supercomputer should be available to the user" (18/02/2010)

  • The CRUE studies the Statute of Student and Student Disciplinary System (18/02/2010)

  • The Opera Season at the Auditorium of Murcia continues on Saturday with 'Don Pasquale' (18/02/2010)
    Gaetano Donizetti's opera will be performed from 20:00 pm
  • The exhibition of the history of water in the region comes to the University of Murcia (18/02/2010)
    The exhibition "Murcia and Water, History of a Passion," which takes us through the ways of using this element in the region along the centuries, can be visited in the cloister of the Faculty of Law until March 5.
  • The Basketball Club Murcia will return to work Monday morning (18/02/2010)

  • The Delegation of the Government responds to Don Pedro Chico (18/02/2010)

  • The City Council supports the work of the Voluntary Association Sports (18/02/2010)
    Kids help in organizing sports competitions and events
  • A workshop on biodiversity conservation of the new programming starts Majal Blanco (18/02/2010)
    The activities take place in the Hall of Nature of Majal Blanco on Saturday, from 10 to 17 hours and Sundays, from 10 to 14 hours
  • More than 60 shows, in the three municipal auditoriums (18/02/2010)
    This year join the professional circuit for the Performing Arts and Music of the Region
  • PP: "The Socialist Party voted against the rehabilitation of the historic Castle and Christ Monteagudo" (18/02/2010)
    M ª José Nicolás: "Once again, the socialists Murcia Murcia say one thing and do the opposite in Madrid
  • The PP calls to the Government to take note of the effectiveness of the City of Murcia (18/02/2010)
    Ensure that the Commissioner of the Barrio del Carmen de Murcia, under the Ministry of Interior, has six years of delay
  • Careers offers the possibility of finding employment for people with difficulties in finding work (18/02/2010)
    37 students receive their degrees after taking training
  • PSOE calls cover the cold sore on Avenida San Fernando de San José de la Vega for safety of pedestrians (18/02/2010)

  • UI and support students from one year UMU expelled for criticizing the Student Council (18/02/2010)

  • The singer David Moya presented in the Gates of Castilla their fourth album, "negative latent" (18/02/2010)
    will be at 21 am tomorrow Friday, February 19 in the auditorium of the center of Murcia, with free entrance until full capacity (192 locations)
  • The University of Murcia promote trade relations with Japanese universities (18/02/2010)

  • CROEM hosts this evening the presentation of the Institute of Development aid to small and medium enterprises in 2010 (18/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia announces a contest for the Biosciences Research Centre (18/02/2010)

  • The deputy director general for the Promotion of Cultural Industries closes the centenary of Miguel Hernández (18/02/2010)

  • The scientific expedition to Antarctica offer a conference in Moratalla (18/02/2010)

  • Anabel Diaz: "The excavation of San Esteban is fully unattended" (18/02/2010)
    While the City prepares its blueprint for building 'the museum complex, "the site is exposed to a serious deterioration without any protection.
  • Camera Murcia encourages all to participate and enjoy the Easter (17/02/2010)
    The Mayor of Murcia has the Official Town Crier 2010, poster and magazine Cabildo Guilds Senior
  • JS Murcia Thursday center conducts a workshop on sex education for young people in Castilla doors framed in the campaign "Join the Zero (17/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia announces a grant for research on marine reserves (17/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia opens five hiking trails on the campus of Espinardo (17/02/2010)

  • IU + LV de Murcia requests the council to hire custodians to allow opening of facilities at night (17/02/2010)

  • CB Murcia favorite assumes Regal Barcelona in the Copa del Rey (17/02/2010)
    Men think Edu Torres and Valencia Power Electronics Asefa Students may be the surprise team
  • The City of Murcia improving communications in the north to the transformation of a rundown farm road in a 4-lane highway (17/02/2010)
    The investment amounted to 425,000 euros
  • The scientist Joan Guinovart speech at the University of glycogen (17/02/2010)

  • Santiago Morning Auserón involved in workshops on poetry and song (17/02/2010)

  • Renew the sports courts of ten small colleges to play in quality facilities (17/02/2010)
    The works will take place during this year
  • The doors opened to María Ruido Castilla its eleventh session Looks to Video Art Cycle (17/02/2010)

  • Five vehicles donated by the City Council in Action Blue allow the transfer of patients in Togo (17/02/2010)
    The NGOs carried out various projects in the African country mainly for eye treatment
  • Diario de Carnaval 2010, Chirigota Beniaján (17/02/2010)

  • Support Guilds Higher council for the celebration of Holy Week (17/02/2010)
    The Board of Governors has approved a grant amounting to 115,000 euros
  • The City of Murcia is a person before the Supreme Court to uphold the Christ of Monteagudo (17/02/2010)
    The Board of Directors today gave its approval to the motion of the Mayor to pursue all necessary legal actions
  • The City maintains its defense Zeneta with the intention of the Provincial Council of Alicante to install a landfill near the hamlet (17/02/2010)
    January The plenary agreed to bring an action against the landfill facility
  • La Hermandad del Rocio de Murcia held a romantic dinner (17/02/2010)

  • La Semana Santa, a step (16/02/2010)
    events begin with the presentation of the Town Crier and Nazareno of the Year, and publication of the Journal of the Cabildo
  • More than 70 officers took up their seats (16/02/2010)

  • The UCAM presents Expert Guide (16/02/2010)

  • "I am a player who loves a challenge" (16/02/2010)
    Shammond Williams was presented this morning at the Palacio de Deportes
  • The University of Murcia organizes a roundtable on the centenary of Miguel Hernández (16/02/2010)

  • On Sunday signaling opens the second track is kind of the municipality (16/02/2010)
    has a length of nearly six miles and runs between Murcia and El Palmar
  • The City of Murcia and the Conservatory premiere set to music with ten performances in public spaces (16/02/2010)
    The collaboration between the Department of Culture and the Conservatory of Music will bring a varied selection of music for all audiences
  • The City Council strengthened police presence in the streets with the addition of 122 new officers to the staff (16/02/2010)
    has also been made available to the local police 10 vehicles, which cost 300,000 euros
  • The Socialist Party claims that a family with two children pay 108 euros to visit Terra Natura (16/02/2010)

  • A student of the Faculty of Biology wins award for promoting respect for the environment (16/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia improves Lecture de la Merced (16/02/2010)

  • ... (16/02/2010)

  • "Relativism is the suicide of our society" (16/02/2010)
    Jaime Mayor Oreja has lectured at the Catholic University on the current crisis of values
  • Shammond Williams is already in Murcia (16/02/2010)
    The player Shammond Williams has come early in the evening to the capital del Segura, where he dined with the Sports Director of Basketball Club Murcia, Paco Guillem.
  • Jorge Juan Eiroa Professor publishes book on the prehistory of the world (15/02/2010)

  • The Antarctica exhibition opens in Moratalla (15/02/2010)

  • Miguel Angel House has a new biography of the Mayor of Murcia, Francisco Martínez García (15/02/2010)
    The play, written by journalist Pedro Soler, tells the story of the former director of Truth, now in the process of canonization
  • The Liberty Avenue will become the most innovative pedestrian walkway across Murcia (15/02/2010)
    The project has dominated the use of locally manufactured materials and vegetation of Mediterranean
  • The University of Murcia classroom creates a prototype adapted to the requirements of the Bologna process (15/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia devotes an issue of the writer Juan Carlos Monteagudo Onetti (15/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships for a project to improve products for human consumption (15/02/2010)

  • 'Be Guide' proposed for the weekend craft route (15/02/2010)
    Participants will visit the workshop of Jose Reina and Ziggurat
  • Acts Women's Center San Antolin (15/02/2010)

  • Was suspended by rain Carnival parade Torres Cabezo this afternoon (15/02/2010)
    Carnival The Management Board has met with groups from the Carnival
  • On Wednesday, the traditional start of Lent Stations of the Cross (15/02/2010)
    In celebration involving all the Brotherhoods of Semana Santa
  • Ten arrested in January for the simulation of crime to the police (15/02/2010)
    The commission of this crime often aims to swindle insurance companies
  • González Tovar announced that the station of El Carmen will start in April (15/02/2010)
    The Government delegate invites neighbors to seek aid for rehabilitation of neighborhoods from the 2009-2012 Housing Plan
  • The PSOE requires House to abandon partisan tricks (15/02/2010)
    Y responsibly defend the permanence of Christ Monteagudo in his usual place
  • Environment discover the natural diversity of the Way of the Majal Blanco Arejos (14/02/2010)
    This is the first of the six routes and routes organized by the City in municipal spaces Adela Martinez-Cache has been involved in business
  • The Socialist Party denounced the negligence of the municipal PP Murcia's candidacy as European Capital of Culture (14/02/2010)

  • Work and well-deserved victory UCAM Murcia (13/02/2010)

  • Hundreds of Murcia are manifested in the Glorieta to express their rejection of the proposal to remove the Christ of Monteagudo and require conservation and protection (13/02/2010)
    The Mayor of Murcia has participated in the merger
  • Murcia 2016 launches its first collaboration with the Polish candidacy Gdansk (13/02/2010)
    Both cities are running for European Capital of Culture 2016
  • Martínez-Cache part in the political debate that opens the Environmental Forum of Eurocities (13/02/2010)
    The Murcia has been, along with Madrid, the only Spanish city chosen to be present at this event
  • González Tovar called the joint work of all government and society at Murcia to protect and rehabilitate the Monumental Complex of Monteagudo (13/02/2010)
    The government delegation is taking all necessary legal efforts to prevent removals
  • Ruiz leads the Assembly the controversy around the Cristo de Monteagudo (13/02/2010)
    President Valcárcel talk in Parliament of his defense of the statue Murcia this week has been questioned
  • The management of the City Council allows building in El Alto five schools for women and children (12/02/2010)
    The initiative, funded entirely by the Consistory, also help drive a school workshop and training center
  • The municipal boards to support their Full motions that protects the Christ of Monteagudo (12/02/2010)
    Montecasillas FC team jump to the pitch on Sunday with shirts in support of the historic sculpture
  • Camera: "I regret that to the Government bothered my request to protect the Christ" (12/02/2010)
    Mayor recalled that the National Government has accustomed us to invest little in Murcia and take away what we value
  • Denounce the transformation of forest land in urbanizing (12/02/2010)
    "The City of Murcia once again breach the laws that protect the environment in the city"
  • Swedish and Uruguayan musicians among participants in the Festival of Youth Orchestras in the 2010 edition (12/02/2010)
    gather new orchestra of young musicians during the week of 22 to 27 March
  • Sport for All (12/02/2010)
    The Mayor says that the mark "Murcia Sport" has been strengthened thanks to the investments and the basic impetus to sport
  • Prompted the creation of a public platform to ensure the protection of Christ Monteagudo (12/02/2010)
    is promoted by the Municipal Board of the hamlet and has the support of 400 organizations throughout the City
  • The second edition of Street Theatre brings to twelve shows from next week until May (12/02/2010)
    While this year serve companies in other countries, the Council has sought to support local businesses hiring the distribution and service
  • The I Olympiad was held in Geology of the Region of Murcia (12/02/2010)

  • Participants in the course of the Welfare of La Caixa on organic gardening visit this afternoon entertainment Ronda Sur (12/02/2010)
    All participants are over 55
  • IU + LV is concerned with the lack of sanitation, the sports network of IES La Alquibla (12/02/2010)

  • Alarcón requires information on payments for projects approved in the Teatro Romea (12/02/2010)

  • IURM said that the January CPI reflects a situation of "genuine deflation (12/02/2010)

  • Publication of the teacher evaluation process (12/02/2010)

  • The Community approves four new university degrees in the UMU and UCAM (12/02/2010)
    The University Center of Defense is ascribed to the UPCT and offer the Bachelor Degree in Industrial
  • CB Murcia tab to Shammond Williams until the end of the season (12/02/2010)
    The US-based Georgia-passport will arrive on Monday to the capital del Segura
  • The University of Murcia promotes the creation of a bird observatory and a terrarium (12/02/2010)

  • The UCAM Murcia looks for playoff to Tarragona SPSP (12/02/2010)

  • Tai Chi for free during the weekend in the Plaza de Santo Domingo de Murcia (12/02/2010)
    It is open Saturdays from 11 am to 12.30 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 11.30 am
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs and Zaraiche Santiago, Santa Cruz, Santo Angelo and Jerome and Avileses (12/02/2010)
    Throughout the year there are campaigns to control insects and rodents
  • Anabel Diaz: "The PP is building a base city ghettos" (12/02/2010)
    Murcia The neighborhood of St. Pius X suffers from being located "across the river ', for a city council that continues to ignore the needs of infrastructure and safety of neighbors south of the city.
  • Josh Asselin: "We need to play Sunday at 100% and with a lot of heart" (11/02/2010)
    CB Murcia pivot believes that "winning, we gain confidence and team chemistry"
  • The Cup competitions Coca Cola come to Murcia this weekend (11/02/2010)
    The matches take place on Saturday and Sunday at the soccer field of St. James and Joseph Barnes sports
  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships for studies on obesity prevention and combating invasive species (11/02/2010)

  • Support Monteagudo Christ (11/02/2010)
    Socialist spokeswoman, Maria José Alarcón, defend the permanence of Christ in its original location, and the declaration of the monument as a Cultural
  • Deadlines for elections for rector and faculty (11/02/2010)

  • "Parties Iguais" logo contest winner Equality Plan (11/02/2010)
    The jury unanimously chose this study of 82 delivered
  • Culture retrieves the shield of the mill in the hamlet of Murcia Aljucer (11/02/2010)
    The piece will be exhibited in the Archaeological Museum in Murcia before being transferred to their place of origin
  • Mayor candidate receives the Bearer of the Moors and Christians (11/02/2010)
    The young people have received as a gift a shield logo of the City
  • The maintenance of a school organic garden gives Bacons Bridge Infanta Cristina of her award as "Green School" (11/02/2010)
    Students and teachers are concerned to maintain and grow the products consumed in the dining room after
  • González Tovar considers nonsense you want to remove Christ Monteagudo (11/02/2010)
    The image is perfectly integrated into the landscape and tradition Murcia
  • Herguedas: "the city of Murcia has given € 2.5 m. to a company called Capital 2000" (11/02/2010)

  • Two arrested for theft and handling stolen moped (11/02/2010)
    Detainees dismounted mopeds to get them out of Spain in pieces and reassembled at the destination
  • The Government Team will present a motion to require to be carried out all possible actions to maintain the Cristo de Monteagudo (11/02/2010)
    This reinforces the decision by the Governing Board to request a declaration BIC
  • Edu Torres will meet this Sunday 400 games in the ACB League (11/02/2010)
    "I'd like to celebrate winning," said coach CB Murcia
  • Chirigota Beniaján The "Back to School" (11/02/2010)

  • PSOE: "The municipal PP initiates the reversal of land in San Esteban to CARM in the most absolute silence" (11/02/2010)

  • A new computer system will enable greater agility and efficiency in the service of removal of vehicles illegally parked (11/02/2010)
    With this new protocol the local police officer making the complaint will not have to wait for the crane so you can attend to other services
  • Nearly 200 students participate in the Olympics I Geology of the Region of Murcia (11/02/2010)

  • Moses Yagües honors masters of painting in Space Molinos del Rio Stables (11/02/2010)
    The exhibition 'Things in the head' will be open until April 11
  • Professor Faustino Cava elected Dean of the Faculty of Law (11/02/2010)
    Professor of Labour Law and Social Security Cavas Faustino Martinez has been elected Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Murcia.
  • El Palmar increases its sports to build a new football field with artificial grass and four paddle courts (10/02/2010)
    The installation will use renewable energy to save
  • Guadalupe, Rincón de Seca and the Barrio del Progreso have new community centers (10/02/2010)
    They will have day-care centers for seniors, new technology room and space for Women's Centres
  • "St. Pius X is a modern and constantly evolving" (10/02/2010)
    The president of the Municipal Board, Clemente Garcia, refuses to be an abandoned neighborhood
  • The school's sports hall of La Alberca Alquibla open its doors to all users next spring (10/02/2010)
    only needed to conduct the implementation of the connections and access
  • Project the green light to strengthen urban mobility in neighborhoods and districts (10/02/2010)
    The proceedings were conducted in eleven points of the municipality and will employ eight workers for a period of three months
  • Finishing touches for the library of St. James opens (10/02/2010)
    Today is provisionally awarded the procurement of furniture for the new units
  • More than 900 information panels to improve road safety and in Murcia (10/02/2010)
    The project will be undertaken next year, with a duration of three months and cost over 400,000 euros
  • The Bacons Bridge IES Aljada a sports will also meet the demand of the locals (10/02/2010)
    Awarded temporarily works
  • A student of the Faculty of Computer runs the Mozilla Bolivia (10/02/2010)

  • The Murcia can enjoy free evening performance of River Anni B Sweet Sounds (10/02/2010)
    From 20.30 in the auditorium of space Molinos del Rio Stables
  • Murcia again lends his support and assistance to the Saharawi people (10/02/2010)
    The actions are focused on obtaining water
  • Culture retrieves the Servite Chapel of the Brotherhood in the church of San Bartolomé de Murcia (10/02/2010)
    The restoration works have had a budget of 271,474 euros, 50 percent funded by Community and Diocese of Cartagena
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "waste of Terra Natura which ultimately cost the Murcia a total of 130 million euros" (10/02/2010)

  • Presented in Madrid electronic signature system for the Tajo-Segura (10/02/2010)

  • Milos Vujanic: "We have to play against Lagun Aro-GBC-like a final" (10/02/2010)
    The base of the CB Murcia considered must-have reference to the home game against Fuenlabrada "
  • The government team called the BIC statement to protect the Christ of Monteagudo (10/02/2010)
    The Board of Directors opposes the attempt to remove the monument
  • José Antonio Ruiz Vivo "El Cristo de Monteagudo must be respected to avoid entering a spiral of nonsense" (10/02/2010)
    popular spokesman says "it is a symbol of cultural and religious heritage of Murcia and as such must be respected
  • Pedro Robles: "We think we still have options" (09/02/2010)
    CB Murcia captain believes that on this Sunday (12:30 pm) in San Sebastian, is "a very important game"
  • The Socialists are demanding that the municipal PP developing a project to recover of the Wheel of The Ñora (09/02/2010)
    with 1% by building cultural
  • Five schools joined the elite of the "Green Schools" in Murcia (09/02/2010)
    The Mayor and the Councillor for Education plaques discovered in schools Our Lady of Belen and Santa Maria de Gracia
  • New activities for large and small enjoy the Valley (09/02/2010)
    Learn more emblematic summits of the park, started in climbing, Nordic walking, photography workshops and routes with history are some of the proposals
  • House reaffirmed its support and encouragement "of the City to young entrepreneurs (09/02/2010)
    The Mayor has met this morning with the new leadership of the association
  • The Mayor describes as "an outrage" the proposal to delete the Sacred Heart of Monteagudo (09/02/2010)
    Ensures that the hamlet can not conceive "without Christ"
  • The Murcia can make safe driving courses free bicycle (09/02/2010)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality publish information leaflets on cycle tracks and signaling pathways
  • The University of Murcia earmarked 270,000 euros for whiteboards and video projectors (09/02/2010)

  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality gives our biodiversity through environmental pathways and routes tours (08/02/2010)
    six routes are planned to further enhance the approach to our environmental heritage in the International Year declared by the UN Biodiversity
  • Ya know the finalists of the Collegiate Series of CB Murcia (08/02/2010)
    The title is played by the Marist College de la Merced and San Buenaventura 'Capuchins' in female and IES Infante Don Juan Manuel and Francisco Salzillo in male IES
  • PSOE: "Evening and evil" (08/02/2010)

  • González Tovar project will support the recovery of the Wheel of The Ñora from the 1% cultural (08/02/2010)
    The delegate believes that the best example of the wisdom of Murcia in the use irrigation and water management
  • The top 16 couples in the region fight this weekend to move up the ranking (08/02/2010)
    Franco Zamora and Jaime Saura will be the rival to beat in the San Javier Paddle Club, which hosts the second round of the Elite Tour 2010
  • Exhibition "Live is Life" in Murcia (08/02/2010)
    Last night we were able to attend the opening of the exhibition "Live is Life" photographers José Manuel Ureña (Mazarrón) and Cristina Rico (Murcia) in the Art Forum
  • ALUM complains about the measures taken in the new master teacher training (08/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia organizes activities to promote the mobility program SICUE (08/02/2010)

  • The cattle market held its annual meeting Mercamurcia (08/02/2010)
    Martín Peña noted that the livestock market in 2009 has improved compared to previous year
  • Planning and Telecommunications Association have signed an agreement to exercise greater control over phone masts (08/02/2010)
    The goal is to study the implementation plans of the carriers and offer more information to citizens
  • The University of Murcia awarded the placement and operation of solar photovoltaic (08/02/2010)

  • The Optics Laboratory organized the First Conference of Young Researchers (08/02/2010)

  • Camera: "Today we begin the road to the explosion of joy that will lead the Spring Festival" (07/02/2010)
    Mayor attends the traditional meal for the submission of candidates for Queen of the Garden, which this year features 60 aspirants
  • PSOE: "Nine months ended and students of La Alberca have not been able to use the sports hall of IES Alquibla" (07/02/2010)

  • A new wireless network will connect the City with gardens and plazas to encourage municipal information for Murcia (07/02/2010)
    All districts will have a free hotspot
  • Marcos Ros: "Berberena attempts to confuse and evade his responsibility as a Town Planning" (06/02/2010)
    Socialists ask the PP to stop deceiving the residents and clarify whether they will finally build the 2,100 houses in the surroundings of the Sanctuary
  • Visits to the Museum of the City increased by almost 60% in 2009 (06/02/2010)
    The number of visits to local museums increased by over 17% last year from 176,987 in 2008 to 207,452 in 2009
  • 518,000 euros will be invested in the renovation of 31 gardens (06/02/2010)
    The project will employ 19 people
  • Day of cohabitation of the Hermandad del Rocío occasion of Candlemas (05/02/2010)

  • Rafael Gómez introduces the candidates to champions at the conclusion of the Midyear festero (05/02/2010)
    The ceremony took place in the Plenary Hall of the City
  • The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine held a conference on educational innovation (05/02/2010)

  • The UCAM Murcia Fábregas Sport Multicaja visit to Zaragoza (05/02/2010)

  • A doctoral thesis proposes the use of safer materials in the artistic process (05/02/2010)

  • Adif improving safety at level crossing James the Great in Murcia (05/02/2010)
    is planned investment of more than 210,000 euros in setting up strong 'strail', new signage and obstacle detection equipment
  • CB Murcia coach admits that a win over the Ettore Messina, "give us a plus of trust" (05/02/2010)
    Edu Torres: "Why can not beat the Real Madrid?"
  • Berberena: "The City Council has not approved nor adopted ever built in the Fuensanta" (05/02/2010)
    The Town Planning recalls that the PSOE in 2004 approved a development much closer to the mountain that now criticize
  • Start the cycle of Young Soloists in the Auditorium of La Alberca (05/02/2010)
    Free admission
  • Submission of the Second Extraordinary Concert program (05/02/2010)

  • Marcos Ros: "Berberena like an ostrich hides and does not back down" (05/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia offers a reception for foreign students studying in this semester (05/02/2010)

  • Public Works improving the road linking the southern ring of Murcia to the South Coast and the hamlet of Santo Angel (05/02/2010)
    Director General of Highways considers that these works provide "a more comfortable and fluid movement, and a significant improvement in Road Safety
  • 33 troupes bring color and fun to Cabezo Carnaval de Torres (05/02/2010)
    The hamlet is prepared to live their holidays from 12 to 20 February
  • Bacons Bridge will become a district model in the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency (05/02/2010)
    The goal is that 20% of the energy consumed in the hamlet from renewable sources, improving energy efficiency by 20% and decrease by 20% CO2 emissions
  • The new Korean cinema comes to doors Castilla (05/02/2010)

  • PSOE: "Nearly 5,000 fifth-grade students will be without computers School 2.0 program in the municipality" (05/02/2010)

  • The City avoids major social centers suffer the analog switch on their television (05/02/2010)
    Mayor decoders deliver the 35 centers that have not had this type of digital receivers
  • The Mayor opened a sports center that puts the Seca Sangonera between districts with better public sports facilities (05/02/2010)
    It had a budget of 1.4 million euros, is equipped with two swimming pools, paddle and tennis and sports center
  • Second Murcia promote the music video "We shot 'to be filmed Sunday at the Gran Via with the assistance of 3,000 people (05/02/2010)
    The Council already has everything ready to ensure security, mobility and relaxation of Murcia
  • The level crossing at St. James the Great will be closed to traffic from Saturday until 26 March (05/02/2010)
    The works to be undertaken by ADIF obliged to suppress the passage of vehicles for 45 days
  • The painter Antonio Alarcón Miguel Hernández Happy honors at the Museum of the City (05/02/2010)
    The exhibition will be open until 7 March
  • CB Murcia captain said that "in the situation we are, we have to go to death" (04/02/2010)

  • The race for Chancellor opens tomorrow with the presentation of the census (04/02/2010)

  • Herguedas: the Church is the "prime mover" of the partial plan Fuensanta (04/02/2010)

  • Environment gala for the CB Murcia - Real Madrid (04/02/2010)

  • The Pro Platform Diversion expedite the collection of signatures to an electronic system of the University of Murcia (04/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia held a meeting on public policies to the economic crisis (04/02/2010)

  • The Mayor presents awards to the students who care about the "climate of the city" (04/02/2010)
    The 12 winners of the First children's drawing contest, set in the European Mobility Week, have received bicycles and lots of paint
  • The new programming Majal Blanco supports the International Year of Biodiversity of the UN with seminars, workshops and special routes (04/02/2010)
    The Department of Education continues its commitment to the provision of activities for families
  • The Mayor congratulated the players of El Pozo by winning the Supercopa of Spain (04/02/2010)
    It has also delivered a Juanjo, Alvaro Kike and commemorative plaques for their recent victory in the European
  • Moros y Cristianos gear up with the conclusion of the Midyear festero (04/02/2010)
    Start a month of events culminating with the choice of champions
  • The trade federations UGT and CCOO in the Region of Murcia will focus tomorrow against Carrefour watchmen (04/02/2010)
    To protest against the new agreement stores
  • PSOE: "Another logging pure and simple, this time in the middle of the Paseo del Malecon" (04/02/2010)

  • Martínez-cache: "We melaleuca bushes pruned for safety reasons" (04/02/2010)

  • The Ship Festival celebrates Latinos Unidos (04/02/2010)
    Savaz The artist presents his exhibition 'heads' in the Municipal Youth Space
  • The Socialist Party claims that the library Santiago El Mayor takes more than a year and a half closed despite being completed (04/02/2010)
    The locals have taken complaints to the Socialist Group and expressed their indignation at being deprived of a service promising the coming municipal PP since 2003
  • "The People's Party abandons public health to themselves," according Upyd (04/02/2010)
    The saturation, which particularly affects the hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca is causing the collapse in the operating room of the main centers of capital, the suspension operations and care in the corridors of the sick.
  • The University of Murcia heads a network for the study of family forms (03/02/2010)

  • The dialogue and participation have been the basis of projects submitted to the Local Investment Fund (03/02/2010)
    The total investment will be dedicated to social, cultural, sporting and environment of the municipality of Murcia
  • The Congress will have a discount card to buy in the shops of downtown (03/02/2010)
    The Convention Bureau signed an agreement with the Association Murcia Commercial Area to encourage sales center
  • Students of the School of Tourism will practice in the City (03/02/2010)
    Develop its work by the Municipal Tourist Information Points and Convention Bureau
  • Works to improve municipal nurseries and Mayayo Cabecico (03/02/2010)
    species are cultivated for planting public gardens
  • Update the database of trees in the village (03/02/2010)
    will develop a specific management plan for this species
  • The citizens of Havana enjoy in their gardens, parks Biosalud assigned by the city of Murcia (03/02/2010)
    Mayor, Miguel Ángel Cámara, held a meeting with Alberto Juantorena, Cuba's Deputy Minister of Sports
  • The City Council will adorn the streets of Murcia with a proposed replacement of trees (03/02/2010)
    new species is placed in streets, gardens and driveways and out of town
  • Makeover street to street furniture and gardens (03/02/2010)
    It will act both in the city and in the hamlets
  • Paulão Prestes: "We know it's possible to beat Real Madrid" (03/02/2010)
    CB Murcia pivot said that "now we are more united than ever"
  • The Museum of Science and Water will bring us closer to Antarctica through 'The Endurance' (03/02/2010)
    The exhibition organized by the Municipality of Murcia shows the expedition was Ernest Shackleton in 1914
  • The University of Murcia launches a review of research on art and identity politics (03/02/2010)

  • The School of Optics and the University of Murcia School performs visual checks (03/02/2010)
    School of Optics, who heads the teacher Paloma Sobrado, perform a visual review program for schoolchildren in collaboration with the College of Opticians.
  • The City will employ 57 unemployed who undertake the regeneration of the town parks (03/02/2010)
    Under an agreement with the Regional Employment Service and Training, there will be more than 50 performances in Murcia and districts
  • The Civil Guard detained a person for a robbery at a jewelry store in Murcia (03/02/2010)
    He used pepper spray that caused minor injuries to the person in charge of establishment
  • More than 46 million euros and 1,400 employees to improve quality of life and welfare in the municipality through the Local Investment Fund (03/02/2010)

  • Good news from the Gran Teatro Falla de Cádiz for the joke of Beniaján (03/02/2010)

  • One hundred experts are studying at the University of Murcia public policy before the crisis (03/02/2010)

  • Homenaje Flamenco a Miguel Hernandez University of Murcia (03/02/2010)

  • INKEYS live this weekend in Murcia (02/02/2010)
    framed in a concert at the third international exhibition of alternative music "microsounds" held in the hall of Murcia 12ymedio
  • Amara Sy: "Now do not care if Real Madrid is the Lakers have to win" (02/02/2010)
    CB Murcia The pinnacle of support that motivates the opponent this Sunday, as "one of the best teams are in the ACB League "
  • Vlado Scepanovic will be sidelined for around a month (02/02/2010)
    The Montenegrin forward will undergo surgery this afternoon by a fracture of the fifth finger of his right hand
  • Young Soloists show their talent in a cycle in the Auditorium of La Alberca (02/02/2010)
    will take place from February 6 to April 24
  • The IMAS, journalist Olimpia Navarro and the kind of 6 primary school of a college of Almansa, leading with the "Award Grandparents" (02/02/2010)
    The event, organized by the "Home of Bethany", recognizes those who stand for their work for the Elderly
  • PSOE: "Planning should stop the partial plan and protect the forest and the Sanctuary of Fuensanta" (02/02/2010)

  • Tourism discover the secrets of the district of Santa Eulalia (02/02/2010)
    The tour will be held Saturday
  • PSOE: "The Rescue Besapié of Christ is not typical" (02/02/2010)

  • The doctor honoris causa Alan Kay gave a talk on the computer revolution (02/02/2010)

  • The Mayor participates in the blessing of the candles with the residents of Santa Eulalia (02/02/2010)
    House has wanted to be present in the neighborhood these days celebrate their festivals in honor of La Candelaria and San Blas
  • The partial plan Algezares Sant'Angelo and seeks to protect the space around the Shrine of the Fuensanta (02/02/2010)
    is planned construction of a major metropolitan park, which will be twelve times the Floridablanca Garden
  • Three more workshops are added to the project of bicycle rental of City Hall (02/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia implements the online payments and deleted the windows (02/02/2010)

  • Municipal Technical and Fine Arts inspect the application of herbicides at the site of St. Stephen (02/02/2010)

  • Agriculture addresses the second R & D project on Cherry to improve the profitability of regional fruit (02/02/2010)

  • The present UCAM Mediterranean Food City (01/02/2010)
    The UCAM has this morning signed a collaboration agreement with the town of Totana, to carry out activities related to research and teaching in the food sector in the future CIAM
  • Professor Pedro Guerrero was elected a member of a review committee of the Spanish language (01/02/2010)

  • The School of Optics performs visual checks school (01/02/2010)

  • IU + LV Urban urged to seek the removal of abandoned machinery works without end (01/02/2010)

  • The University of Murcia produced a guide for students with special needs (01/02/2010)

  • The School of Tourism announces the IV photography competition for secondary school students (01/02/2010)

  • Environmentalists and neighbors denounce illegal two antennas at the pool (01/02/2010)
    Sued swift action and diligent Urban Discipline Services, to dismantle the antennas and return the earlier planning law.
  • The Socialist Party denounced the inaction of the regional government with the landfill Zeneta (01/02/2010)
    Jesus Lopez complaint has not fulfilled the mandate of the Assembly which approved the assistance to all records and has responded to opposition
  • Door opens season Castilla children's programming (01/02/2010)
    The center begins its programming aimed at children with 9 workshops for children aged 6 to 14 years
  • The University of Murcia allocated € 800,000 for furniture for schools (01/02/2010)

  • The FROM develops in canteens of schools in Murcia Campaign to promote fish consumption by children (01/02/2010)

  • Lola Sanchez meets with Young Entrepreneurs (01/02/2010)
    AJE has operations in collaboration with the Department of Youth and Employment
  • The old windows Rowing Club again look at the new library of James the Greater (01/02/2010)
    The project, which symbolizes the reeds of the river Segura, was withdrawn when the building was demolished to build the Gateway Manterola.
  • Alfonso Navarro complaint: "The municipal PP is unable to collect the debt accumulated in recent years" (01/02/2010)

  • Over 125,000 people visit the exhibition Alfonso X (01/02/2010)


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