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Murcia News - January 2010

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  • The rock orchard La Seda crown to his godmothers (31/01/2010)
    Victoria Carrillo Riquelme Ortiz Micol and Marina are the new representatives of the rock of La Alberca
  • Cabezo Carnival Torres already has muse (31/01/2010)
    Desiré Martinez, Llano de Brujas, was chosen yesterday from 7 candidates
  • The UCAM Murcia, takes the path of victory (31/01/2010)
    UCAM Murcia 3-0 Tenerife Sur
  • The new pavilion will seat Cagigal thousand viewers (31/01/2010)
    The installation will host sporting federation multidisciplinary and municipal schools sports
  • The City Council will transfer land to the Ministry for the construction of a school child Stables (31/01/2010)
    The plot will have an area of 1,500 square meters
  • An inexhaustible source (30/01/2010)
    Rain I first put on the Child and Cadet Reg Ranking
  • 5 golds and 2 silvers in the Junior Regional (30/01/2010)
    The Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia dominates the Junior Regional Championship medals
  • César Nombela: Human life than the purely biological " (30/01/2010)
    Professor César Nombela pronounced the closing conference of the Second Conference on Bioethics UCAM
  • Pedro Lopez started the round of visits by the social grouping of Murcia (30/01/2010)
    The new secretary general of the PSOE in Murcia Sangonera the Green insists that "it is time to put the citizens rather than politicians"
  • Bicycles safer (30/01/2010)
    Murcia City Council participates in a conference to protect the bicycles against theft and ensure users
  • Renew the computers to save energy and ease of installation of e-administration (30/01/2010)
    are replaced old computers and printers, who have frequent breakdowns
  • The training plan for 2010 includes 52 stocks and about 1,500 hours (30/01/2010)
    The proposed aid application has been approved by the Board of Governors this morning
  • Culture Murcia City Council requests the application of a herbicide at the site of St. Stephen (29/01/2010)

  • IU + LV presented an action plan that provides for the partial construction of 1,300 homes in La Fuensanta (29/01/2010)

  • El Palacio Almudí shows the present generation of painters limit Murcia (29/01/2010)
    Take the name "Encounters" and will be on display until April 7
  • Anabel Diaz: "The urban project developed under the Fuensanta Sanctuary is a serious assault on the Environment" (29/01/2010)
    This Thursday, January 28, Murcia City Council approved a development project which will build 1,300 homes at the foot of the shrine Fuensanta, of which 130 will VPO.
  • Santa Eulalia festivities in honor of the Virgen de La Candelaria and San Blas (29/01/2010)
    The proclamation of the parties in the neighborhood, Councilman will Remigio López
  • Rocafort: "Palliative care rescue life at the end of life" (29/01/2010)
    The UCAM has welcomed today the second session of the Conference on Bioethics on the theme "Key issues in contemporary bioethics'
  • Edu Torres: "Now we must try to go to death outside" (29/01/2010)
    CB Murcia coach acknowledges that "we feel we can compete, but we must win, because that just does not live"
  • The Government delegate visits the site of the new library and the garden of almond trees in La Alberca (29/01/2010)

  • PSOE: "Another Chamber contempt" (29/01/2010)

  • The Civil Guard accused the owner of several horses for his abandonment (29/01/2010)
    In the place was found the corpse of a late foal and two mares in a state of extreme thinness, one of them dying
  • The PSOE proposes solutions to improve public transportation in Murcia and districts (29/01/2010)
    The Socialists are calling for the tram to extend to the Nora and Javalí Viejo, bus tickets are not more expensive in parishes, or consideration of a metro- train in areas where possible tram
  • The Torreagüera cycling team presented its 2010 season (29/01/2010)
    Municipal Board continues its commitment to the sport of the hamlet
  • Negredo, new player Sangonera (29/01/2010)

  • Cabezo morning Torres chooses his Muse Carnival (29/01/2010)
    The Councilors Megía Pilar, Maria Isabel Valcarcel, Fulgencio Gomez Rafael Cervantes and attend the gala to be held from 21 hours in the restaurant Ranga II
  • PSOE: "Another city garden left to die by the City" (29/01/2010)

  • Sucina pilot project to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and promote renewable energy (29/01/2010)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality, with the advice of ALEM, designed an energy plan for the hamlet, within the project PEPESEC EU
  • The UCAM Murcia wants to break their losing streak at home (29/01/2010)

  • Xavi Sanchez: "With everyone contributing and adding, you can get out of this situation" (28/01/2010)
    CB Murcia The escort says that to win in Manresa on Sunday (12:30 h; 7RM), "we must be to same level as them and at the same level "
  • The Socialist Group has presented today to the plenary the following motions, questions and requests (28/01/2010)

  • The Socialist Party fully supports the city the Tajo-Segura (28/01/2010)
    Y lie about the lies expressed by the PP through the institutional web "
  • The House approved Proposition Madrid carry law in defense of the Tajo-Segura and the development of a National Hydrological Plan (PHN) (28/01/2010)
    The motion was voted on point to point with the intention to achieve the maximum consensus, although the PSOE has refused to urge the Central Government to promote a new PHN
  • The medieval sculpture is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Murcia with 42 pieces in the collection The Conventet (28/01/2010)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz highlights the quality of the sample and the fact that it is the first time that images from Catalonia for exhibition
  • The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Antonio del Moral Conscience is above the law " (28/01/2010)
    The UCAM houses from 28 to 30 January the Second Conference on Bioethics, 'Key Issues in Bioethics Contemporary' Murcia, 1.28 / 2010 "Conscience is above the law.
  • The City Council requested a detailed report of the Wheel of Ñora for protection as a Cultural (28/01/2010)
    The Municipal People's shows once again its commitment to the artistic heritage of the municipality of Murcia
  • The City Council supports any provision of experts to help enrich the enhancement of the site of St. Stephen (28/01/2010)
    The Minister of Culture noted that the remains musealization will stimulate the center of Murcia
  • "The colorao Mouse" and "Teatro de Carmen" initiate reprogramming of Storytime at the Library Municipal Network (28/01/2010)
    will be tomorrow, in the libraries of Guadalupe and Fame, after 18 hours
  • Camera: employment generation requires active policies, no tables and commissions " (28/01/2010)
    PSOE and IU have two initiatives to create study groups in the City
  • Adopted in Algezares urbanization that will obtain land for Fuensanta Park and the construction of 130 VPO (28/01/2010)
    The House has given final approval to this project which provides for the conservation of farm Torre Cierva
  • PSOE: "tile up to the Sanctuary of the Fuensanta" (28/01/2010)

  • Assistant Conservera new Gold Partner Business Club of CB Murcia (28/01/2010)
    José Miguel Garrido: "We are particularly pleased that a company Murcia support regional sport"
  • Approve the final location in Murcia one of the greatest centers of Catholic education and missionary in the world (27/01/2010)
    The building occupies 10% of land, according to the General Urban Plan, is likely to hold equipment
  • The University of Murcia inaugurates two new room in the Main Library (27/01/2010)
    The Library of the University of Murcia, Campus Espinardo, has launched today a language lab and a multipurpose room, designed both to the self-training of teachers and students.
  • The construction of the third lane of the A-7 is within the deadlines agreed by the Government and the Autonomous Community (27/01/2010)
    The incidence of local traffic on the highway has been increased by the construction authorized by the City with the same
  • The University of Murcia held tomorrow the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas (27/01/2010)

  • Murcia hosts the official launch of "The Red" (27/01/2010)
    The new dress of the Spanish National Team will debut this weekend on the occasion of World Cyclocross Championship
  • The City Council will give value to properties and The Los Santiagos Ginovinos (27/01/2010)
    The recovery of both natural areas have a total cost of 114,840 euros
  • The PP will ask tomorrow in the House the immediate start of work on the stretch of the highway Santomera-Zeneta (27/01/2010)
    The Municipal People's criticized the negligence and breach of the commitments of the PSOE to Murcia
  • The City of Murcia requires the Ministry to build the third lane of the A-7 to address current traffic problems (27/01/2010)
    The Popular Party presented tomorrow to the House a motion urging the extension of Building from Crevillente road to Alhama de Murcia
  • Alarcón deplores the passivity and indifference of municipal PP Murcia's candidacy as European Capital of Culture (27/01/2010)

  • Bikes and new pavement for the Sports Center Fleet (27/01/2010)
    The installation introduces improvements to offer more quality for users
  • La Nave held Aquinas (27/01/2010)
    The IES Aljada Bacons Bridge has organized a concert tomorrow
  • Nearly 600,000 euros for the Festival Murcia Tres Culturas (27/01/2010)
    The Governing Board approved the hiring of music and dance for the next two editions
  • ... (27/01/2010)

  • Josh Asselin: "Sure Ponsarnau warned his players that Murcia is fighting to save" (27/01/2010)
    The pivot of Edu Torres Spaniard coach thinks his team will keep you relax by the classification of its rival
  • The town of La Alberca heavy traffic will be released by opening the first section of the South Coast (27/01/2010)
    the new road with three lanes in each direction and bike path, runs from the auditorium of the parish and the Road Santa Catalina and has had a budget of 3.8 million
  • The University of Murcia offered a tribute to the late Professor Joseph Perona with a room that bears his name (27/01/2010)

  • Unemployment soars in the municipality with 43,000 unemployed (27/01/2010)

  • Pedro Alberto Cruz opens the Seventh Conference on the History of Science with an analysis of regional painting of the twentieth century (26/01/2010)
    The Conference will be held at the IES Mr. Francisco Cascales until 16 February
  • Marmosets - Spring Summer 2010 (26/01/2010)

  • PSOE: "The disorganization and lack of collaboration between the CARM and the city districts remain cut off from the Campo de Murcia" (26/01/2010)

  • Lectures, theater, games and film language learning forum (26/01/2010)
    The Youth Council Launches Language Club for young people to practice a foreign language while having fun
  • The City Council is committed to introduce electric vehicles in the municipality and install recharging points (26/01/2010)
    Councilwoman Adela Martinez-Cacho filed a motion in Parliament to become an active part Murcia MOVELE project, along with Madrid, Seville and Barcelona, which promotes National Government
  • Growth brings an action against the installation of a landfill near Zeneta (26/01/2010)
    The Municipal People's Party introduced a motion in Parliament as the Zonal Plan Consortium Alicante Waste has rejected all allegations made by the Consistory Murcia
  • The Government establishes the official status of 10 master's degrees from the University of Murcia (26/01/2010)

  • House ensures that the investment of the Regional Government confirms its commitment to the advancement of Murcia (26/01/2010)
    The Mayor attended the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of the highway connecting the Airport
  • The agreement between the City and the info will develop 26 million m2 of land for the establishment of businesses (26/01/2010)
    Mayor, Miguel Ángel Cámara, and the Minister for Universities and Research Company, Salvador Marín, this morning signed the agreement between government
  • Tickets for the CB Murcia-Real Madrid will go on sale this Wednesday (26/01/2010)
    Localities cost between 30 and 60 €, depending on location
  • The Socialist Group in plenary session prompted a reduction in the number of temporary and precarious in the City (26/01/2010)

  • Students of the School of Tourism participated in activities FITUR (26/01/2010)

  • A step to the integration of immigrant women from the hand of Radio ECCA Foundation (26/01/2010)
    Today, Tuesday 26 January the Director General of Immigration, Leopoldo Navarro, has chaired a meeting in the CEIP intercultural "Our Lady of Tears" head Torres
  • The University of Murcia and the Institute of Mexico will present a book on Professor Rafael Altamira (26/01/2010)

  • IU + LV de Murcia proposes the creation of a monitoring committee of unemployment (26/01/2010)

  • 12 lecturers and professors took up their seats (26/01/2010)

  • Chris Moss, "We have the ability to play much better" (26/01/2010)
    CB Murcia The American expects to continue with the intensity of last Sunday, a day in which "everybody joined in the track"
  • The Community and the city of Murcia sign agreement to boost up to 26 million square meters of industrial land (26/01/2010)
    The actions focus on CAEDI West, the strategic reserve in the vicinity of the new airport in the industrial area of Cañada Beautiful and revive industrial use sectors districts
  • The Mayor delivered the title of Adoptive Daughter of Murcia Pilar de la Cierva, Maid of the Virgin of Fuensanta (26/01/2010)
    Miguel Angel House recognizes the outstanding work of guardianship and care of the patron that the waitress has developed since 1963
  • Late Schanelec Angela film closes the contemporary German film series at the doors of Castile (26/01/2010)

  • Agriculture invites you to participate in the activities of the World Day of Environmental Education (25/01/2010)
    Tomorrow will be a Memorial Day in the workshop of Nature 'The Valley'
  • The City Council website recorded nearly two million visits from 2008 (25/01/2010)
    The most visited sections are the Agenda, Press and Administration Walas
  • PSOE: South Coast: from nowhere to nowhere " (25/01/2010)

  • Urban industrial land bet (25/01/2010)
    has finally approved two partial plans Sangonera San Ginés and the Seca
  • PSOE: "There is no scheduled date for the resumption of the excavation or for the protection of the site of St. Stephen" " (25/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia signature to SMS the agreement that regulates the practices of students in hospitals (25/01/2010)

  • Live music in the gardens is the star of the new edition of 'DiVerde' (25/01/2010)
    is done in collaboration with the Conservatory of Music and will begin on January 31
  • Polls solidarity (25/01/2010)
    Santo Domingo has today with a stand to raise money for victims of Haiti
  • The Socialist Group calls on municipal PP to stop cheating and build medical office Javalí Viejo (25/01/2010)
    PSOE Councillor Sebastian Peñaranda recalled that the government in La Glorieta purchased this commitment in its last election manifesto and, besides not having fulfilled its promise, has lost 100,000 euros turned to run CARM
  • Ophthalmological Society dedicated its second congress Murcia to the study of glaucoma (25/01/2010)

  • Contemporary German cinema in the doors of Castile (25/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia published a book on the contribution of women to the Teaching of Science (25/01/2010)

  • Immigrant women are integrated into our society from the hand of Radio ECCA Foundation .... (25/01/2010)
    Tomorrow Tuesday January 26 (10 hours) the Director General of Immigration, Leopoldo Navarro, chair a cross-cultural encounter in the CEIP "Our Lady of Tears "head of Torres
  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships for research on Mediterranean aquaculture and sewage symbiotic (25/01/2010)

  • Show "LIVE IS LIFE" (24/01/2010)
    3 to Feb. 19 at the Forum Art of Murcia
  • The City Council renews its support to the FSG and Jesus Forsaken (24/01/2010)
    training support, support to relocated and room service are the actions to be carried out with municipal contributions
  • Municipal-stop shops have managed more than 31,400 documents in 2009 (24/01/2010)
    This service is provided 67 points in the city
  • The Mayor comes to members of the Rock The Zaragüel at the opening of its headquarters on a plot donated by the City Council (23/01/2010)
    Before Mass attended the orchard sung by the choir and rondalla of the rock in the Church of Vistalegre
  • The City Council has collected 1,600 kilos of lights for recycling (23/01/2010)
    In the city of Murcia deposit containers are 8 fluorescent tubes and energy saving lamps
  • The Information Office of the City Council about the audit note Aenor (23/01/2010)
    This recognition supports the quality of service and gives more confidence to citizens
  • The PSOE requires the mobilization of citizens to appear in the BIC file open for the site of St. Stephen (23/01/2010)
    Francisco Oñate claimed that the Official Gazette of the region justify the declaration of BIC on request of the Commission of Experts, and not by mobilization of civil society and political opposition
  • CB Murcia, in solidarity with Haiti (22/01/2010)
    La Cadena Ser de Murcia and UNICEF organized a festival this afternoon in solidarity with Haiti's Multi-Service Building MOPU
  • Josh Asselin and Amara Sy debut this Sunday with the CB Murcia (22/01/2010)
    The casualties for this day will be Roger Powell and Vitor Faverani
  • House gives its support to the festival "Solidarity with Haiti, organized by UNICEF (22/01/2010)
    The Mayor has chosen a text by Ramón Gaya which shows the solidarity of Murcia
  • Rubio Pacheco remembers his youth work Chys (22/01/2010)

  • The Civic Platform requires the Autonomous take urgent measures to end the dig, and make the consolidation and protection of "Andalusian palace complex and neighborhood of San Esteban" (22/01/2010)
    Civic Platform claims that the "palace complex and the Andalusian quarter San Esteban "is left to fend for 45 days
  • Edu Torres: "The game against Fuenlabrada is absolutely crucial and we all have to understand well" (22/01/2010)
    CB Murcia coach calls on the fans that this Sunday (12:30 h) to support their team, because "we need to win"
  • "Long holiday" and "Little Red Riding Hood," this weekend at the Teatro Bernal (22/01/2010)
    Performances will be Saturday at 21 am, and Sunday at 12
  • The resolution published today BORM to initiate the declaration file of Cultural Property of the site of St. Stephen (22/01/2010)

  • Amara Sy: "I think with the reinforcements, the CB Murcia improve" (22/01/2010)
    the new player Edu Torres has been presented this morning at the Palacio de Deportes
  • Students of the School of Tourism FITUR participate in activities (22/01/2010)

  • More than 700 schools in 17 centers in the municipality will participate this year in the "Europe 2.0" (22/01/2010)
    The goal is to provide students a comprehensive understanding of the European Union
  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved the timetable for the election of president (22/01/2010)

  • The municipal PP announces a public competition to create the logo "Murcia Equality" without being adopted Plan (22/01/2010)
    The socialist mayor María Dolores Abellon denounces the lack of democratic respect for the responsibility in the Consistory of Social Welfare Policy Equality, Maruja Pelegrín
  • The Mayor has signed agreements with 26 colleges for its 23,000 students to do extracurricular activities (22/01/2010)
    The funds will go to workshops to encourage reading, school violence prevention and violence, environmental education, social skills, theater, astronomy and Choir, among others
  • The Socialist Party calls for the restoration of the wheel of La Ñora neighborhood in response to requests and complaints about its deterioration (22/01/2010)

  • A representative of the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Argentina) met with the rector Cobacho (22/01/2010)

  • The City Museum hosts the exhibition "Life and Creation" on the figure of Ramon Gaya (22/01/2010)
    Murcia The exhibition will be on until March, when he will travel to Madrid and Rome
  • The directors Manuela Stack, Bettina Braun, Angela Schanelec, stars of the German film series at Gates of Castile (22/01/2010)
    With the support of Goethe Institut
  • The City Council held a clean-shock in 56 streets of Murcia and districts (22/01/2010)
    The Department of street cleaning and waste collection will act in the Santa Maria de Gracia, Llano de Brujas and Santa Cruz
  • A book that demystifies the planning (21/01/2010)
    "This book demystifies the planning, but crumbles explains complex issues understandable to the people"
  • Camera opens a new municipal center in Santo Angel (21/01/2010)
    The former Civil Guard headquarters in Santo Angel is transformed into a civic center for all the neighbors
  • Jaime Requeijo: "The crisis born of greed and unethical behavior of banks and financial institutions" (21/01/2010)
    Jaime Requeijo is Professor of Applied Economics, UNED
  • PSOE: "More than 30 senior centers have not claimed the grant of 2009 or know when they receive it" (21/01/2010)

  • The number of students at the University of Murcia interested in participating in the Erasmus program up to 20% (21/01/2010)

  • Immigrant women are integrated into our society from the hand of Radio ECCA Foundation (21/01/2010)
    On Tuesday, January 26 (10 hours) the Director General of Immigration, Leopoldo Navarro, chair a cross-cultural encounter in the CEIP "Our Lady of Tears "head of Torres
  • Moya-Angeler ensures that all social institutions are in the process of collecting subsidies (21/01/2010)
    The City Council, as required by law, has already proven to have been justified subsidies
  • Murcia will have 545 km of track cycling trails (21/01/2010)

  • An investigation of the University of Murcia identify genetic changes that increase the risk of thrombosis in diabetics (21/01/2010)

  • The City Council announces a contest to create the image that identifies the slogan "equality Murcia" (21/01/2010)
    The goal is to give identity to the Municipal Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men
  • Terra Natura Murcia strengthens the white oryx births with the arrival of a third kid (21/01/2010)

  • The new Media Center City Council published a collection of monographs on the city (21/01/2010)
    Under the title "Metropolitan Murcia ', the first issue offers a catalog of new sculptures that beautify the city
  • The PSOE de Murcia proposes to build five kindergarten centers, ten day centers and two libraries with the new Plan E (21/01/2010)
    Pedro Lopez wants the State Fund projects committed to the creation of jobs in education, social policy, environment and new technologies
  • The Basketball Club Murcia presents Josh Asselin (21/01/2010)
    "This was my chance to return to the ACB and I intend to help the team as possible"
  • Murcia promoted its offer weekend with free tours at Fitur (21/01/2010)
    Successful public in the municipality's stand
  • Grand Archives The band present in the cycle Other music from your hard Murcia Auditorium Keep in mind Frankenstein (21/01/2010)
    The concert of the group led by Mat Brooke act tomorrow
  • The City installs 150 polls to raise funds to be allocated to Haiti (21/01/2010)
    From the Consistory has opened an account for which funds are transferred to Caritas
  • Raphael celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in music in the auditorium (21/01/2010)
    The artist will tour all major issues on 13 May
  • The ARS group gets a prize in a national competition of larger theater (21/01/2010)

  • The Alumni Association of the University of Murcia set to lead the main priorities for this year (21/01/2010)

  • PSOE: "House does not react to regional government disregard the Bando de la Huerta" (20/01/2010)
    Socialist spokeswoman, Maria José Alarcón, regrets that the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) is not represented, for the second consecutive year, a of the more traditional centenary celebrations of the municipality of Murcia
  • Zonal Plan Consortium Waste City Council rejects the allegations against the installation of a landfill near Zeneta (20/01/2010)
    The Consistory initiate legal action necessary to defend the interests of the residents
  • Bascuñana participates in the celebration of the XXV anniversary of the Residencia El Amparo, de Murcia (20/01/2010)
    The Ministry of Social Policy, Women and Migration in the center maintains a cooperation agreement for the show in 31 places of care for elderly
  • The City Council has a protocol for protecting plants during construction (20/01/2010)
    The Consistory will impose a penalty on the Trolley concessionaire of deforestation in Espinardo
  • The City plans to expand the municipal internet access to 32 more districts (20/01/2010)
    Total Access points would be 549, compared to the 293 current
  • The UCAM celebrated a Mass for Christian Unity (20/01/2010)
    Catholic joins The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity that develops worldwide
  • The most creative of French artists Dominique A presented in the Auditorium of Murcia her new work La musique (20/01/2010)
    tickets for the concert of the Gaul, early Thursday January 21, costs 18 €
  • The CHS authorizing construction of a cycleway from Murcia to Stables (20/01/2010)
    The project must be reconciled with the works of recirculation flow of the river Segura, who is running in the same area CHS
  • Sports installs a service of notices by text messaging (20/01/2010)
    inform users of suspension of activities and facilities closures
  • PSOE: "They cut 30 trees in Espinardo by the tram works" (20/01/2010)

  • The power of Information and Communication undertake a project to change the stereotype of the computer (20/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia organizing an exhibition on research in Antarctica (20/01/2010)

  • Renew five tracks covered sports halls districts (20/01/2010)
    locker room will be built in the municipal sports center of Llano de Brujas
  • ... (20/01/2010)

  • Amara Sy already a player of Basketball Club Murcia (20/01/2010)
    The eaves, born in Mali, but with a French passport, has committed until end of season
  • A specialist in Huntington speaks tomorrow at the University of Murcia (20/01/2010)

  • More than 2.3 million euros for social work in schools districts (20/01/2010)
    In rehabilitation projects, adapting and creating new work 115 people
  • More than a million euros for the adaptation and improvement of eight schools in the municipality (20/01/2010)
    Work will be performed by a total of 102 unemployed
  • Murcia Fitur shown in its range of eco (20/01/2010)
    María Isabel Valcárcel and technicians have traveled to Madrid hold meetings with key tourism industry to inform them about the charms of the city
  • The University of Murcia offers a tribute to former University Ombudsperson Augustine Miñana (20/01/2010)

  • "Three years with the Romea closed and not a single explanation" (20/01/2010)
    for Unión Progreso y Democracia, "Silence of the City of Murcia on the works of Romea is a shame"
  • The UCAM hosts a conference on criminal investigation (19/01/2010)

  • CB Murcia Josh Asselin tab end of the season (19/01/2010)
    The pivot comes from Club BC Donetsk in Ukraine, but started this season with Cajasol
  • House announced that Murcia will be designed in summer a new transport model "effective, efficient and effective" (19/01/2010)
    Mayor presided this morning the formation of the technical commission, along with the committee of citizen participation, should map out the future Communications
  • PSOE: "A new House contempt the government of Spain" (19/01/2010)

  • Real Murcia Foundation collaborates with the Red Cross in humanitarian aid to the people of Haiti (19/01/2010)

  • International Scientific debate at the University of Murcia on the causes of myopia (19/01/2010)

  • Moya-Angeles: "The revenue forecast for traffic violations is similar to 2005" (19/01/2010)
    The head of the Treasury requests the PSOE to stop using municipal accounts at will to manipulate Murcia
  • "We are united as ever and we can save the situation" (19/01/2010)
    The Montenegrin forward said the game against Fuenlabrada "is like a final"
  • The Mayor opened a new center for seniors Ermita del Rosario (19/01/2010)
    The Mayor encourages the elderly to make maximum use of facilities, where in addition to several lectures, a workshop will be held gerontogimnasia
  • Network offers over 450 activities for weekends in January, February and March (19/01/2010)
    Among the new features are rap workshops, study skills, inline skating, robotics and first aid
  • PSOE: "The collection embodies PP municipal traffic offense as an easy source of income, essential and consolidated" (19/01/2010)

  • New proposals to attract congresses (19/01/2010)
    María Isabel Valcárcel meets with the leaders of industry events and meetings to discuss strategies to promote the city
  • The Convention Bureau promotes Murcia Fitur to host events and meetings (19/01/2010)
    The body of the Tourism Department has met with companies from countries like Germany, Portugal, Britain, Denmark, Norway, China and Japan
  • The new programming Castilla doors will be wide, varied and focused on younger audiences (19/01/2010)
    will be over 37 workshops in which interested parties may register from January 21 next
  • The Delegation of Students of Arts raises more than a thousand euros for the disaster in Haiti (19/01/2010)

  • The Vjing, stereoscopic images, the mapped architecture, video art, dance, film, circus and 37 workshops to open the new season Castilla Door (19/01/2010)
    Registration will be from Thursday 21 January at 20 hours
  • The University of Murcia is launching an electronic journal of research on flamenco (18/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia paid tribute to María Victoria Gómez for his retirement (18/01/2010)

  • The UCAM takes a minute of silence for the earthquake victims in Haiti (18/01/2010)

  • The Governing Board on Wednesday awarded the drafting of the project to protect the site of St. Stephen (18/01/2010)
    The measures temporary, must conform to the opinions of the Committee of Experts meeting on June 11
  • The City Council has enabled a number to help Haiti (18/01/2010)
    polls will also be placed in the care and information offices of Murcia and districts
  • The joke of Beniaján 'The Greek yoghurt' for the second time in the competition for groups of Carnaval de Cádiz (18/01/2010)
    The group's director, Javier Sanchez, he met with Councilman Rafael Gomez
  • The University of Murcia Jesus donates $ 3,000 of savings Abandoned Christmas cards (18/01/2010)

  • The Socialist Party House requires the cancellation of the specifications proposed by the impending burial site of St. Stephen (18/01/2010)

  • A fly together to The leadings, Anni B Sweet and Jonston in the sixth edition of the River Sounds (18/01/2010)
    begin on Thursday 21 January and will be held at Mills Area río_Caballerizas
  • Carlos Alberto Gonzalez, the Veterinary Faculty, Rector Soler wins the academic performance (18/01/2010)

  • More than 4,000 schoolchildren in the town knows the campaign Gotagotham (18/01/2010)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education visit the CEIP Virgen del Rosario de Monteagudo to see the development of business
  • The City Council install safety glass in the niche of the Virgin of Hazards (18/01/2010)
    Replaces which was destroyed by unknown assailants on Sunday
  • Air, possibly the best group of French history, in the Auditorium of Murcia to present his latest discoLove 2 (18/01/2010)
    Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel act tomorrow, Tuesday 19 January
  • The festival of San Antón offer tours to major museums (18/01/2010)
    There will also be activities for children and talks about the neighborhood
  • Once Fesormu out in Mexico and their experiences to tailor information to young people with disabilities (18/01/2010)
    Participants in the seminar information and Active Citizenship: Working Together, financed by the EU
  • UPyD: "Delays in the renovation of La Paz leave children three years in prefabricated classrooms indefinitely" (17/01/2010)
    UPyD, denounced the situation of child care, inadequate facilities moved to a prefabricated, in which children and teachers have to endure daily hardships
  • Torreagüera, a regional benchmark (17/01/2010)
    The hamlet of Murcia today held its traditional meeting of gangs
  • The Convention Bureau held meetings with international companies to 'sell' Murcia City Meetings (17/01/2010)

  • They claim that "trash piles beside the museum of Santa Eulalia's Wall to the total indifference of the PP in La Glorieta" (17/01/2010)
    PSOE spokeswoman, Maria Jose Alarcon, has been reporting for more than a year of abandonment and degradation that are having this neighborhood located in the heart of the city
  • Support of projects for social and professional integration of immigrant women (16/01/2010)
    The City collaborates with the Association and the Foundation Columbares Manuel María Vicuña
  • The OMIC received 6,610 inquiries and complaints than last year (16/01/2010)
    where most complaints have been registered in the area of mobile telephony
  • San Anton elected women and most of 2009 (15/01/2010)
    The winners were Maria Dolores Jimenez and Angel Castillo Asunción Navarro
  • Doors Murcia Castilla brings the streets of Monterrey views from the goal of Oscar Fernando (15/01/2010)
    The exhibition, which opened this morning, will be on display until February 27
  • San Anton celebrates traditional blessing of animals (15/01/2010)
    Mayor attend the ceremony on Sunday at noon at the chapel of the neighborhood
  • The Casino de La Alberca celebrates its 120 anniversary (15/01/2010)
    New Agricultural Policy Circle starts this new journey with the intent to engage all groups in the parish
  • Edu Torres: "Competition can give face to anyone" (15/01/2010)
    CB Murcia coach says that "we are going to Vitoria with all the enthusiasm in the world"
  • The City will provide rental bikes with an affordable, accessible, open and environmental (15/01/2010)

  • Discovered materials that resemble the behavior of Neanderthals the first humans (15/01/2010)

  • Vistalegre Valladolises, La Murta and Lobosillo be the goal of cleaning municipal clash this Sunday (15/01/2010)
    The Department of street cleaning and waste collection will operate in a total of 30 streets
  • Tai Chi for free weekend in the Plaza de Santo Domingo (15/01/2010)
    It is open Saturdays from 11 am to 12.30 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 11.30 am
  • The historical receives UCAM Murcia Palma Volley (15/01/2010)

  • PSOE: "The incompetence of the PP is detrimental to the Murcia cuisine" (15/01/2010)
    Socialist spokeswoman, Maria José Alarcón, laments that "the penny-pinching attitude of the PP prevents the promotion of excellent professionals Murcia Murcia food culture in the Shanghai World Expo "
  • Lola Sánchez in Mexico shows the measurements carried out in Youth to bring information to people with sensory disabilities (15/01/2010)
    The City Council has opened the seminar information and Active Citizenship: Working Together
  • The poet García Montero debate about his novel tribute to Ángel González (15/01/2010)

  • Torreagüera celebrates its traditional Sunday meeting of gangs (15/01/2010)
    The events begin at 10 am, with teams receiving from the Campo de Cartagena
  • The Socialist Group calls on House humanitarian aid for Haiti (15/01/2010)

  • The Faculty of Computer Science working on a system to improve patient safety and health personnel (15/01/2010)

  • Three tickets for the National Absolute (15/01/2010)
    The Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia classifies three of its athletes to the Final Round of the Championships.
  • "This is not a crisis of the capitalist system, but the public interventionism" (14/01/2010)
    economist, an expert on the Spanish financial system, and director of Liberty Digital, Alberto Recarte
  • The trainer of El Pozo Murcia Turística, Eduardo Sao Thiago "Doubt" values and analyzes the quarter-final opponent of the XXI Cup in Spain (14/01/2010)

  • Juan Hernandez Pedroza "I missed the Super Cup but my heart was with them in Vigo" (14/01/2010)

  • AJVA and HUERMUR Saturday commemorating the second anniversary of the attempted downing of Oliver Mill in Aljucer (14/01/2010)

  • Students of CES "Las Claras del Mar Menor", visit the UCAM (14/01/2010)

  • House is "very successful" the initiative "Milestones 20-20" to allow Murcia overcome the crisis "with advantages" (14/01/2010)
    Mayor attended the presentation of the plan by the President of the Regional Government
  • The Delegation of Students of Arts organized a solidarity for UNICEF (14/01/2010)

  • Murcia firefighters offered to come to the call for help in Haiti (14/01/2010)
    The City Council will set up a humanitarian game for those affected by the disaster
  • Chris Moss: We have to be smarter in tough times " (14/01/2010)
    The American power forward said that the CB Murcia should go to Vitoria" to win, not just to compete "
  • A website allows real-time information about the development of tram works (14/01/2010)
    The Official Site of the tram Murcia also offers recommendations for travel and a user service
  • Open the deadline to register for the workshops of La Nave (14/01/2010)
    offers activities for theater, dance, yoga, percussion, electric guitar Santi Campillo, cajón and art therapy, among other things
  • The association of lace of Murcia is ready for his big national meeting (14/01/2010)
    Pelegrín receiving members of the board to set the date and activities
  • Street cleaning collect 460,000 kilos of paper and board during the Christmas holidays (14/01/2010)
    It has removed a 7.6% increase over last year
  • Quevedo, Molière, For, Ibsen and Lorca García Bernal come to the theater in its first centennial (14/01/2010)
    Carlos Piñana debut album "My guitar"
  • The University of Murcia organizes a program of events in honor of Miguel Hernandez for the centenary of his birth (14/01/2010)

  • The Socialists House require a drop in the price of bus tickets (14/01/2010)
    And the urgent implementation of bus lanes to avoid traffic jams
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the centenary of the poet Miguel Hernández (14/01/2010)

  • El Pozo Murcia Turística d'Ivoire will face Santa Coloma in the quarter-finals of the Cup XXI Spain (13/01/2010)

  • Pedro Robles: "I think we're on the road" (13/01/2010)
    CB Murcia captain hopes that victory will come soon and is not isolated, but get several "
  • Improvements in twelve schools in the municipality of Murcia (13/01/2010)
    The planned investment is 1,268,000 euros and work in the works 154 people
  • Students of the General Air Academy visit the patron saint of the city (13/01/2010)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education and Staff receives the new knights and ladies of the AGA in the Sanctuary
  • The City Council will improve the facilities of the Children's Traffic Park (13/01/2010)
    Fourteen people get jobs through this project
  • They repair the arena, playground and bowling in Los Rosales, El Palmar (13/01/2010)
    be expanded playground and installed new fencing
  • The University of Murcia dissects a dead elephant for the practices of the students (13/01/2010)

  • The Nursing School pays tribute to the founder of the Teaching Nursing Association (13/01/2010)

  • More than three months without fixing a recess on Avenida San Fernando de San José de la Vega (13/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia will work with the Federation of Organizations for the Disabled (13/01/2010)

  • Inaugurated the first exhibition Ramón Gaya to mark the centenary of his birth (13/01/2010)
    In the sample seen photographs of the painter by his wife Isabel Verdejo
  • Professor Javier Ballesta published the book "Educating in the time" (13/01/2010)

  • La Nave photo exhibition presented tomorrow 'Ramblas alive' (13/01/2010)
    Friday opens the play 'Alope and brightness' of the company Kindred
  • ANSE "Otters are already at the gates of the city of Murcia" (13/01/2010)

  • Open the file for the declaration of deposit BIC San Esteban (12/01/2010)

  • The Civic Platform announced that protests will not cease in its autonomous region while not respond to their legitimate claims (12/01/2010)

  • Students of Peñafiel Cierva back to your school (12/01/2010)

  • The Stables River Mills area hosts the exhibition 'Domestic Landscapes' by Fotoencuentros (12/01/2010)
    be able to visit until 27 February
  • The Sports Science students may do internships in the Football Club Cartagena (12/01/2010)

  • Herguedas denounced the existence of an illegal dump in La Alberca (12/01/2010)

  • The City Council urges comprehensive reform of public transport in the municipality of Murcia (12/01/2010)
    The Mayor created a committee comprised of user participation, workers and consumers
  • Barnuevo: "The City continues the urgent procedure to protect the site of St. Stephen (12/01/2010)
    this week Technical Committee meets to award both the draft
  • Palazón Espinosa took over as University Ombudsperson (12/01/2010)

  • Students of the CEIP Cierva Peñafiel starts the year with a renewed center (12/01/2010)
    The total amount of works, funded by the Regional Government and the City, over 500,000 euros
  • Tourism offers this weekend to see the route Murcia Alfonso X (12/01/2010)
    Participants will visit the exhibition dedicated to the wise king and famous landmarks such as the Cathedral
  • Side effects in the trees of Murcia for the implementation of the tram (12/01/2010)

  • The PSOE says "House does not count" (12/01/2010)
    The PSOE spokesman expressed his joy at the announcement of the imminent declaration Valcárcel on the site of St. Stephen as BIC and the immediate continuation of the excavation
  • Two arrested for robbery in commercial areas of Murcia (12/01/2010)

  • Paulão Prestes: "We are in the right direction, but we need to know to win games" (12/01/2010)
    pivot CB Murcia Granada regrets that he lost in a crash, "we had in our hands"
  • The Civic Platform Valcárcel personally to the President and the Director General Ujaldón concern that the site be declared BIC (11/01/2010)
    "with maximum urgency"
  • The Community BIC declare the site of San Esteban and create the Foundation Murcia Medieval (11/01/2010)
    Experts underpin the work done so far on the site as the work of the regional administration
  • San Anton prepares its traditional rolls as the main act of the parties (11/01/2010)
    There will be an exhibition about the neighborhood and domino tournaments and Parcheesi
  • Palazón Espinosa Professor takes office as University Ombudsperson (11/01/2010)

  • The Basketball Club Murcia offer payment lap '2 ' (11/01/2010)
    Adults may acquire from 60 €, while the child costs only 20 €
  • The University of Murcia € 170,000 allocated to the expansion work of the School of Chemistry (11/01/2010)

  • PSOE: "The PP municipal districts kept isolated at the Campo de Murcia" (11/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia hosted a conference on language R (11/01/2010)

  • The works in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit will start in April (11/01/2010)
    Early URBAN project interventions will build a sports hall and restructure the public library
  • Great victory of UCAM Murcia, against the league champions (09/01/2010)

  • Cruz celebrates the festival of San Anton and defined as "the most popular and more stale flavor" (08/01/2010)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism highlights in his proclamation that "without abandoning its secular nature, its citizens have been able to incorporate all sorts update and revitalize activities "
  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships to assist in research on the breed of pig (08/01/2010)

  • More than 20 streets and districts Murcia on Sunday cleaning will shock (08/01/2010)
    The Department of street cleaning and waste collection makes this work week
  • Edu Torres: "I see complications and difficulty, but not dramatic" (08/01/2010)
    CB Murcia coach added that "not a cliché, there is a lot of competition"
  • UPyD Valcárcel and House warns that the failure of will and foresight will cause irreparable damage to the remains of St. Stephen (08/01/2010)
    Consider who have not taken the necessary emergency measures to ensure the protection of the site
  • Environment successfully completed the rehabilitation and creation of 47 gardens in 2009 (08/01/2010)
    Heading intended to carry out this work amounts to 4,150,000 euros
  • The Socialist Group calls for a special commission on the site of St. Stephen "before the imminence of the burial of the remains" (08/01/2010)

  • Alquerías traders morning delivered the check of 1,500 euros to the winner of the Christmas shopping (08/01/2010)
    A resident of the locality will have four hours to spend money in shops Stables, buying a maximum of 100 euros for trade
  • The UCAM Murcia receives CMA Soria after the Christmas break (08/01/2010)

  • Terra Natura active heating systems to protect giraffes time before the arrival of cold (08/01/2010)

  • Information available for young deaf and blind (08/01/2010)
    The municipalities of Murcia and Mexico are implementing a European project to involve deaf and blind youth services
  • CCOO report deficiencies in infrastructure and spaces Rector Francisco Sabater García IES Cabezo de Torres (08/01/2010)

  • Tai Chi for free during the weekend in the Plaza de Santo Domingo (08/01/2010)
    It is open Saturdays from 11 am to 12.30 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 11.30 am
  • San Anton delivery Pelegrín its highest honor (08/01/2010)
    The event will take place tomorrow, Saturday, January 9, in the church of San Francisco Javier del barrio
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in San Ginés, Monteagudo and Barriomar (08/01/2010)
    Throughout the year there are campaigns to control insects and rodents
  • Tomas Delininkaitis: "We remain a pineapple in the locker room" (07/01/2010)
    The Lithuanian international believes that this Sunday (12:30 h; 7RM) in Granada "if we defend well, we can come up with options at the end of the match and win"
  • The City Council urges the urgent passage of the project to protect the site of St. Stephen (07/01/2010)
    The specification meets the requirements listed in this resolution submitted by the Directorate General of Fine Arts on 16 December and the committee met on day 18
  • The neighborhood of San Anton started his traditional festivities (07/01/2010)
    The celebration of the days of Triduum begins this afternoon in the chapel of San Anton
  • Herguedas (IU + LV) accused the council of being a "participant" in the current economic situation (07/01/2010)

  • Patiño held on Sunday XXII Meeting of crews and stock deal with balls (07/01/2010)
    The events begin at 9 am
  • PSOE: "In good times green sleeves" (07/01/2010)
    Alarcón: "It is striking that House tendered a few days ago, by way of urgency, the protection of the site of St. Stephen"
  • Abenarabí premiere Avenue street lighting in the coming months (07/01/2010)
    The lights will feature new LED system and will involve a total cost of 445,000 euros
  • The novel reaches Professor Maria Duenas eleven editions and 100,000 copies sold (07/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia extends the intelligent fire alarm centers (07/01/2010)

  • The template ElPozo full trains and prepares the semi-final against FC Barcelona (06/01/2010)

  • "Envy" of Murcia distributed more than 1.5 million lottery prize of the Child (06/01/2010)

  • Los Reyes Magos gifts distributed at school for orphans of Santa Teresa Street, the Prison and Arrixaca (05/01/2010)
    Their Majesties were accompanied by their pages, the Star and Councilman Rafael Gomez
  • The Board of UPyD decides to dissolve the local election committee of Murcia (05/01/2010)
    Y yield management to the party's Territorial Coordinator for the Region of Murcia
  • El Pozo Murcia Turística try to take his third title of Super (05/01/2010)
    The League champions will take part for the seventh time in the Supercopa of Spain
  • CB Murcia concludes The cast of 'score at the Toy' with Caritas (05/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia and Cajamurcia Foundation signed an agreement to strengthen research teams (05/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia allocated 730,000 euros to the extension work of a road and a roundabout Campus Espinardo (05/01/2010)

  • The largest of the Ramos will this year with a larger center and refurbished (05/01/2010)
    Partners will have a new hall to expand its program of activities
  • House calls on the Three Kings bring to Murcia everything they have asked for have been very good (05/01/2010)
    The Mayor of Murcia has received this morning to Their Majesties of the East in the City
  • Los Reyes Magos morning distributed 7,000 toys Espinardo (05/01/2010)
    The procession will start at 12 noon from the Avenida Antonio Rocamora of the parish
  • Incunabula and a book of exercises to strengthen muscle tank top digital downloads of the University of Murcia (05/01/2010)

  • Rafael Gómez received the insignia of the Association "5 a day" (05/01/2010)
    is the result of City Council's commitment to promoting fruit consumption among Murcia
  • Times of Spain Supercup 2010 (04/01/2010)
    Umpires and Official Ball Release
  • Wilde: "We arrived at the Super Cup with great gusto and with the best chance of winning" (04/01/2010)

  • The residents of La Alberca Magi ask a senior center and improvements to the emergency department, among other issues (04/01/2010)
    Young Socialists helped the citizens of the hamlet Murcia symbolic writing their letters to Santa Claus in the market weekly, to give the mayor House
  • EDITUM published a study on the cathedral sacristy in the Modern Age (04/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia and Autonomous collaborate on the development of ICT (04/01/2010)

  • Their Majesties the Kings on camels arrive to La Glorieta (04/01/2010)
    More than 500 people take part in the parade of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar
  • The Socialist Group is confident that 2010 will be a year that will create jobs and wealth (04/01/2010)
    The spokesperson for the PSOE, José María Alarcón, PP requests the City that addresses the new year with more enthusiasm, ideas and proposals to the municipality an early economic recovery and more opportunities to grow
  • The City of Murcia available to the public seven point interactive information (04/01/2010)
    Accessibility guaranteed to all users, is free and unlimited
  • The grand parade of Kings of San José de la Vega will distribute 9,000 gifts (04/01/2010)
    were held tomorrow, starting at 18 hours through the streets of the village
  • Request the University of Murcia scientists purification projects and computer simulations (04/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia approved the creation of a herbarium for teaching and research purposes (04/01/2010)

  • The University of Murcia and the Club Taurino drive the creation of a Hall of Bullfighting (04/01/2010)

  • Tourism offers this weekend knowing a route to the Santa Eulalia (04/01/2010)
    Participants will visit the church of Santa Eulalia, Ermita de San José, the wall, Plaza de Toros de La Condomina Stadium and the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Neighbors of La Alberca ask the Magi improvements in their hamlet (03/01/2010)
    In a campaign organized by the socialist municipality
  • A new sports center in San José de la Vega permitrá expand the practice of outdoor sports (03/01/2010)
    will be located next to the school
  • The Center for Reconciliation of family life and works of El Palmar is already in its final (03/01/2010)
    The Governing Board approved the construction project of completion of building the center
  • I am ending cycle 'Music File' with works by composers Murcia (03/01/2010)
    The concert will take place at 20:30 hours in the Archivo General de la Region de Murcia and will be played by the Camerata Soloists Murcia
  • CB Murcia IV supports the collection of nonperishable food (02/01/2010)
    the penalty area with pepper notes that "this Sunday will continue with this initiative"
  • CB Murcia The quarry is participating in two national tournaments Christmas (02/01/2010)

  • The river Segura multiply your flow as it passes through Murcia with an investment of 9.4 million euros (01/01/2010)
    Work begins recirculation of existing water resources and environmental recovery of leg reducing their degradation

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