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  • The course registration deadline ends today on intellectual disability (31/08/2009)

  • Tomas Delininkaitis signed for Murcia CB (31/08/2009)
    Paco Guillem: "It will be one of the team's offensive references"
  • More than 18,000 people have enjoyed the movies and musical performances of "Summer Murcia" (31/08/2009)
    Nine films and five free concerts are lively summer nights.
  • The websites of the political parties take precedence figure of candidates on the programs, according to the magazine digital Ringtones " (31/08/2009)
    According to the magazine" Digital Tones ", Faculty of Arts at the University of Murcia
  • Is looking for the best comic Murcia (31/08/2009)
    The winner will become part of the national staff of The Comedy Club "
  • A critical dissertation learning of scientific procedures in Secondary Education (31/08/2009)

  • The City Council presents the logo of Murcia as a candidate city for European Capital of Culture 2016 (31/08/2009)
    represents the coexistence of three cultures
  • Xavi Sánchez train with the first team CB Murcia (31/08/2009)
    The escort Balaguer signed for a month
  • Pau Gasol is payable to CB Murcia (30/08/2009)
    The Lakers star Murcia encouraged to support your team
  • Complete work on the third lane of Ronda Sur (30/08/2009)
    Avenue increased by 30% capacity
  • Alejandro Valverde, satisfied with the time made in the prologue of the Tour of Spain (29/08/2009)

  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality graces the town for the September Fair (29/08/2009)

  • The Socialist Group in the City of Murcia reporting false information expressed by the housing council, Antonio Castillo (29/08/2009)
    About the rehabilitation of homes in the patronage Francisco Franco
  • The City Council incorporates electric and hybrid vehicles to its fleet in its climate change strategy (29/08/2009)
    The first step was the mayor, who since October 2007, employs a hybrid car for their urban travel
  • Begins to form youth exchange ecolíderes (28/08/2009)
    is being developed in the CEMACAM
  • Murcia Spain on Sunday welcomed Iran-hoop in the 'Tour Eñemanía 2009' (28/08/2009)
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism contributes to a total of 30,000 euros for this event
  • The Basketball Club Murcia offices will open this Sunday afternoon (28/08/2009)
    Supporters who wish, may renew your subscription or unsubscribe from 17:30 pm until the end of the clash between Spain and Israel
  • Alejandro Valverde: "I'm in the Tour to win" (28/08/2009)
    "Around 2009 will be tough. The mountain stages are many and difficult"
  • Berberena indicates that it has scrupulously followed the rules in the works of Ponce Mansion (28/08/2009)
    It ensures the faithful reproduction of the facade
  • The PSOE and Navarro lie again, according to the Municipal People's Party (28/08/2009)
    "The credibility of the Socialists of the Murcia is the same height of your information"
  • The Asian sculpture of a head, the gift to be delivered to the program of the Fair (28/08/2009)
    The piece was conducted by María Dolores Fernández Arcas
  • 349 make up the educational activities of the City Council for next year (28/08/2009)
    About 70,000 students will participate in the program
  • The Socialist spokesman in the City of Murcia, Maria Jose Alarcon, requests reports to the Department of Culture and Urban Development to demolish the Mansion on Ponce (28/08/2009)
    Alarcón, following the line held in the last year on the demand for rehabilitation and recovery Ponce mansion, has issued two requests for information to the City of Murcia
  • The works of García Alix come to an end (28/08/2009)
    paving has been replaced by a stronger striatum
  • Manu Sanchez: "It was a very good experience" (27/08/2009)
    CB Murcia pivot proclaimed BAM Tournament Champion with the Spanish team in Slovenia
  • Vlado Scepanovic, another world champion for the CB Murcia (27/08/2009)
    Moncho Fernandez: "We all wish to have a player with that curriculum"
  • IU + Murcia Greens denounce the deterioration of the garden of Artillery (27/08/2009)

  • The League returns to the Palace on Friday 11 and live on Teledeporte (27/08/2009)

  • 35 young Europeans struggle in Murcia from tomorrow against climate change and global warming (27/08/2009)
    Participants become 'Ecolíderes' to raise awareness and implement local solutions
  • Skateboard enthusiasts track debut next month of October (27/08/2009)
    is situated in the garden Piñuela Professor Fernando, near the Avenida Juan Carlos I
  • CB Murcia closes its inside game with Vitor Faverani (27/08/2009)
    comes from the Corner Clinics Axarquía the LEB Oro
  • They claim that "the city of Murcia in 2008 spent more than thirteen thousand Euros a day in the protocol, conference and meeting expenses, advertising and propaganda, and other miscellaneous" (27/08/2009)
    Alfonso Navarro said that the PP has proved itself in 2008 maximum effectiveness in the implementation of such lavish spending, useless and expendable, cheerfully squandering resources from taxes paid by citizens
  • Rincon de Seca celebrates its thirtieth morning Malagueñas Festival (27/08/2009)
    groups will have Patiño, Murcia and Alicante Bacons Bridge
  • Paulo Prestes, on loan from Unicaja, playing in the Basketball Club Murcia (26/08/2009)
    The Brazilian, with a Spanish passport, LEB Gold dominated the Axarquía Corner Clinics, an affiliate of the club Malaga
  • La Fica, The Malecón Azacaya and ready for the holidays (26/08/2009)
    The City Council has carried out thorough cleaning and repairs
  • Toy library service for people who come to get professional counseling for those in the Labour Solidarity Project (26/08/2009)
    The time is morning and runs throughout the year
  • CB Murcia players bet by two young Murcia (26/08/2009)
    Marcos Molina and Juan Sánchez Manzano train with the ACB and linked together two clubs from the region
  • The Community will build a new development of housing for young people in Espinardo (26/08/2009)
    The houses, which will be built on Main Street will have an area of 90 square meters and include a garage, storage room and private terrace
  • Jose Miguel Garrido, a new Commercial and Marketing Director of CB Murcia (25/08/2009)

  • Councilman Murcia City Housing confuses people and gives information that does not conform to the truth about the housing rehabilitation of the Board Francisco Franco (25/08/2009)
    is pending settlement of the Board Francisco Franco to perform any action on housing
  • Moya-Angeles: "The negligence of the PSOE has led to falling tax revenues on building" (25/08/2009)

  • IU criticizes government at the state of the houses in Orchard Street Gambín (25/08/2009)

  • The City of Murcia revenues plummet in 2008 while still hiring more debt. (25/08/2009)
    Socialist Alderman of the City of Murcia, Alfonso Navarro, claims that in 2008 the income of the Municipality of Murcia plummet and engaged twice debt in 2007
  • The City Council significantly increased aid for rental housing (25/08/2009)
    In the first seven months of the year has increased grant applications by 76.41% over the same period last year
  • The Delegation of the Government prevented the rehabilitation of 80 houses of Francisco Franco patronage of San Andres and Espinardo (25/08/2009)
    The City and the Autonomous Community are planning to finance 75% of the projects while the state administration, which inherited the blocks, gives no answer
  • Paco Guillem closes the first team coaching staff (24/08/2009)
    The latest addition has been the assistant Gonzalo Rodriguez, former coach of Archena Spa LEB Bronze
  • A doctoral thesis demands more compassionate care for the sick (24/08/2009)

  • A doctoral thesis offers suggestions to improve the teaching of Spanish in China (24/08/2009)

  • The University of Murcia awarded 337,000 euros in construction of classrooms in the School of Economics (24/08/2009)

  • Milos Vujanic: "I will strive to enjoy the hobby Murcia our game" (24/08/2009)
    Serbian point guard says he opted for the supply of CB Murcia, because "this was my second chance to prove my quality in the ACB League"
  • Clarification of the government team on Ponce Mansion on the Malecon (24/08/2009)

  • The Library extends its funds Segura River with nine precious art books and 173 screen prints created by artists or writers Murcia (24/08/2009)
    are edited by the publisher of bibliophile Now
  • Mauritius novelty in the Brazilian national team against Iran (24/08/2009)

  • Cobacho, named president of the Sector General Secretaries of the CRUE (24/08/2009)

  • María José Alarcón, Speaker of the Municipal Group Socialist shows regret at the demolition of the Mansion of Ponce (24/08/2009)
    Last Saturday was demolished in just a few hours all Ponce Mansion, a landmark building in the municipality of Murcia, without taking into account any recommendations made by the Municipal Group Socialist comprehensive recovery
  • 12,000 new trees "clean" the air of the town thanks to the second edition of "Plant for Murcia. Plant for the Planet" (24/08/2009)
    Although the Department of Environment and Urban Quality pledged to plant 12,000 trees in 2008, the figure reached the 18,000
  • The native fish species in the region are threatened, according to a doctoral thesis (24/08/2009)

  • A doctoral thesis should encourage creativity in teaching methods (24/08/2009)

  • Milos Vujanic already in Murcia (23/08/2009)
    The presentation of the Serbian base will be held tomorrow at 12:30 am at the Palacio de Deportes
  • Revenge accomplished (22/08/2009)
    El Pozo Murcia 6 to 4 Viz Sinnar
  • The Community improves communications between the districts of the municipality of Murcia (22/08/2009)
    Appropriate entries connections between Monteagudo, Casillas and Llano de Brujas, and will involve the construction of sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and fords to facilitate pedestrian accessibility
  • Finish the renovation of Santa Teresa Street (22/08/2009)
    On Monday work will be completed on the sidewalk with a deep cleansing
  • El Pozo Murcia City placed between the strings Champion Russian (21/08/2009)

  • El Barrio del Carmen premieres tonight 80 new streetlights (21/08/2009)
    The City Council has installed new lighting from the old bridge to the Plaza de la Cierva Engineer
  • The box includes 112 police attention demands and suggestions neighborhood in just two months (21/08/2009)
    botelleo highlight complaints for acts of vandalism and parking tickets
  • Thirteen free concerts encourage fair nights Murcia (21/08/2009)
    Citizens can enjoy performances by Los Secretos, Vargas Blues Band, Iguana Tango, The Delinquents, Coti and Santi Campillo
  • Milos Vujanic will be the basis of Basketball Club Murcia (21/08/2009)
    Paco Guillem: "He has an enviable resume.
  • Nuria Fuentes da morning to kick off the festivities of Rincón de Seca (21/08/2009)
    The Councillor for Traffic Safety and will read the proclamation, at 22.30 pm in the campus party
  • Pedro Robles will play his fifth season in the Basketball Club Murcia (20/08/2009)
    The escort Gijón Madrid coincided with new coach Moncho Fernandez
  • The prisoner escaped from jail Castellón again, this time to Sangonera (20/08/2009)

  • El Pozo Murcia - Viz Sinnar (20/08/2009)
    Palacio de los Deportes de Torrevieja SAR Infanta Cristina, at 20:30 pm
  • The Mayor presents 33 new miles of roads made in only 2 years (20/08/2009)
    Its construction Murcia prepares for the future, represents an unprecedented effort to date in the history of Murcia and helps to address the economic crisis
  • The recycling tram works sidewalks to "save" the natural environment of arid 3,000 cubic meters (20/08/2009)
    The construction of Line 1, which advances the pace of implementation planned to be developed on three fronts: Round Square Lift up Buckets, University and Guadalupe
  • A doctoral thesis recommends a brain training for people with Parkinson (20/08/2009)

  • Manuel Vacas signing the poster for the September Fair of Murcia (20/08/2009)
    It is an acrylic on canvas displayed at some kids going to town to enjoy the holidays
  • Prune palm trees of La Glorieta (20/08/2009)
    The Parks and Gardens service is also planting tagetes in the Plaza Circular and the Malecon Garden
  • Albert Moncasi signed for Murcia CB (20/08/2009)
    The power forward at Premia de Mar signing for one season
  • The Spanish team will have representation from child CB Murcia (19/08/2009)
    The pivot santomerano Manuel Sánchez participate in the tournament and international BAM
  • Moncho Fernandez: "The objective is not only what happens on the field, but people go to flag" (19/08/2009)
    CB Murcia president this morning at a press conference at the first signing of his era
  • Configured the Board of Directors of CB Murcia (19/08/2009)

  • The Director General of CB Murcia introduced the new logo for the entity (19/08/2009)
    Alejandro Gomez explained the reasons for the change and said that the current "retains the essence of the above, but is in keeping with the times in which we find ourselves"
  • PSOE: "The Zapatero government manages traffic problems created by the north of Murcia PP" (19/08/2009)
    Cecilio Hernandez said that besides having modified the route of the North Alternative is being built with money from the state a new access bridge to the area of New Condomina
  • Ponce Abellán gardens and the Constitution and are sustainable (19/08/2009)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality in both areas has installed a photovoltaic solar panels green
  • Health carried out extensive analysis to ensure the quality of drinking water (19/08/2009)
    In 2008, conducted over a thousand tests in consumer taps, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, springs and wells
  • A police presence will make the weekly markets safer for merchants and customers (19/08/2009)
    monitor agents that no illegal outposts, which are not selling counterfeit goods, which are respected and that exits are not committed theft
  • Dancing with Tuala (18/08/2009)
    Tuala is the name of the new tenant of Terra Natura Murcia
  • Health Murcia asked to be responsible and not abandon their pets (18/08/2009)
    Municipal Zoonosis Center last year received 4,129 dogs and 880 cats
  • "007 Quantum of Solace, free morning in the summer movie Red Cross Square (18/08/2009)
    The pass starts at 22 am
  • The Cattle Fair has this year with exotic animals (18/08/2009)
    will be held from 3 to 6 September in the grounds of The Azacaya
  • The University of Murcia and the Ministry of Health approve an agreement for the maintenance of Midwives Unit (18/08/2009)

  • The University of Murcia publishes the library catalog Roman Cardinal Belluga (18/08/2009)

  • The Community improvement of communications in the environment and shopping Murcia (18/08/2009)
    Public Works build a third lane on the bridge of the Rambla de Churra to facilitate access to Murcia and shopping centers
  • The Board of the University of Murcia approved an investment of 11 million euros for construction on the campus of Health Sciences (18/08/2009)

  • Faculty of the University of Murcia published a book on physical activity and healthy lifestyles (18/08/2009)

  • The University of Murcia announces a contest to award the service of waste collection (18/08/2009)

  • The mode of transmission of AIDS among immigrants is through heterosexual contact, according to a doctoral thesis (17/08/2009)

  • The success of European forces expand 2.0 to 158 colleges (17/08/2009)
    With this initiative, more than 8,700 students learn the concept and main features of the European Union
  • Trade 59 products recalled hazardous facilities in the municipality (17/08/2009)
    Toys, electrical equipment, clothing and footwear were among the items assets
  • Doctoral thesis calling Two preventive measures against flooding in the Region of Murcia (17/08/2009)

  • E-mail services at the University of Murcia achieve the ultimate qualification in the RACE Project (17/08/2009)

  • Response to the issue of Round City South (14/08/2009)

  • The Gran Via street lights come on tonight (14/08/2009)
    Yesterday were tested to check operation
  • Tourism and Hostemur continue working to promote the cuisine of Murcia (14/08/2009)
    Councillor met with officials from Hostemur to boost the hotel business in the city
  • Cleaning and Casillas Zarandona shock (14/08/2009)
    will be held on Sunday
  • 45 companies in Murcia you try their products at the Seventh Exhibition of Wine and Food (14/08/2009)
    In this issue, with the coupon, the third consecutive year that keeps the price, it may take a vermouth
  • Esquerdinha: Back to El Pozo to assist in the achievement of qualifications " (14/08/2009)
    Interview with Leandro Rodríguez 'Esquerdinha' player of El Pozo Murcia Turística FS.
  • The Bishop José Manuel Lorca Planes will be the Town Crier Fair 2009 (14/08/2009)
    The bishop accepted the invitation in late June, when he was Bishop of Teruel, the event will take place on the 4th, at 20.30 pm in the Plenary Hall
  • The Socialist Party calls for Planning to extend south to Round Barriomar (14/08/2009)
    Marcos Ros The socialist mayor, believes that there are now over 8 years who have been waiting for this extension, essential to improve communications in the southern part of city
  • More than 1,400 unemployed have received guidance to find a job from the Local Development Agency (14/08/2009)
    OPEA favor stocks inclusion in the labor market
  • A trial excited (14/08/2009)
    Real Murcia and Real Betis tied to zero in a friendly in La Manga Club
  • Moncho Fernandez lead the first team Murcia CB (14/08/2009)
    coach Compostela is committed for one season to another option
  • Álvaro, recovering from his injury, with very good feelings (13/08/2009)
    The wing-closing El Pozo Murcia Turística FS was operated in June of the injury he suffered during the final meeting of the 'play off' against Inter Movistar
  • A t "Eñemanía" for subscribers of CB Murcia (13/08/2009)
    to buy a ticket to see the Spanish on August 30
  • Ten Murcia develop cooperation projects this summer in poor countries (13/08/2009)
    spend three months helping NGOs working in underdeveloped areas
  • The Socialist Party denounced the progressive abandonment of the west of the city (13/08/2009)
    The Socialists of the Association of Murcia City West District, meeting in executive denounce the market transfers of San Esteban and the youth center Yesqueros
  • The City Archives offers users more than one and a half million scanned pages (13/08/2009)
    In two years we have scanned about 300,000 pages
  • 200 children enjoying the Summer School Juan Carlos I (13/08/2009)
    Councillor this morning visited the facilities that facilitate the reconciliation of work and personal life
  • The Department of Infrastructure will begin next Monday to repair the premises festive (12/08/2009)

  • CB Murcia The seats reserved for members until September 4 (12/08/2009)
    From this date, the entity of the locations have not been renewed
  • The Municipal Housing Plan of the City of Murcia has enabled thousands of Murcia can enjoy decent housing (12/08/2009)

  • Local Police started up in six gardens in the municipality with the collaboration of neighbors (12/08/2009)
    agents have over a thousand leaflets distributed by the major urban green areas and districts for Murcia to express their suggestions and complaints
  • 154 young people learn a trade and which incorporated the job market thanks to the professional qualification (12/08/2009)
    More than 100 companies working together for students to complete their training
  • The Socialist Party calls a Municipal Housing Plan ambitious (12/08/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Marcos Ros asked the municipal government in the Glorieta to design an ambitious housing plan, transparent and efficient, ensuring the best possible access to them in times of trouble Economic
  • Manolo Hussein will not be the first team of CB Murcia (11/08/2009)

  • Alejandro Gomez is installed on the CB Murcia (11/08/2009)
    The General Director of Basketball Club Murcia is already in your new workplace
  • Begins move to new premises of the Hospital Materno-Infantil de la Arrixaca (11/08/2009)

  • The work of the municipal building of the Plaza de Toledo, Murcia, have also been made under the Local Investment Fund (11/08/2009)

  • The prices of the attractions of the September Fair will be the same as last year (11/08/2009)
    What's new in this edition are the child Cloud, The mountain of terror and the Baden
  • The Folklore Festival has established itself as the oldest of Spain (11/08/2009)
    Celebrating its 42 edition with the participation of eleven groups
  • Murcia and 150 families are saving about 6% of electricity and 10% water in their 'green homes' (11/08/2009)
    The initiative, which will be extended to another 200 families has been very successful participation
  • "Big Stan" morning in the summer movie Red Cross Square (11/08/2009)
    The screening is free and begins at 22 am
  • El Pozo Murcia Turística begins to roll with the squad in full (10/08/2009)
    The team coached by Eduardo Sao Thiago "Doubt" premiered new equipment training
  • The installation of speed bumps in neighborhoods of Murcia pay in full the Local Investment Fund (10/08/2009)

  • Throughout the month will end the installation of one hundred speeders in 22 districts and districts of the municipality (10/08/2009)
    The ridges are much like rubber agglomerate
  • Youth debut new youth center next month in October (10/08/2009)
    Yesqueros Downtown Plaza moves to Toledo
  • Alejandro Valverde note the 31 th edition of the Vuelta a Burgos (09/08/2009)
    The rider from Murcia will now try to score a large
  • Alejandro Valverde is third in the Vuelta a Burgos (08/08/2009)
    "Tomorrow will be more suitable field for my features"
  • The Socialist Group "Northeast District" is starting off with an inclusive and renewed spirit (08/08/2009)

  • Murcia Archaeological Museum traces the history of the Roman Theatre of Cartagena (08/08/2009)
    The exhibition will run until 20 September
  • Alejandro Valverde: "The most important thing is to win on Sunday" (07/08/2009)

  • The new president of CB Murcia visit the offices of the entity (07/08/2009)
    Luis Carabante was going at the Palace of Sports, to talk individually with employees and convey their trust
  • The council began a line of collaboration with the Intercontinental hotel complex to promote tourism in Murcia (07/08/2009)
    will work on a joint project on Fashion and foster tourist visits to the city residents in the resort
  • Adif awarded the works of the mounting base Monforte del Cid for more than 13.7 million euros (07/08/2009)

  • Environment and Sports make old sneakers into sports courts (07/08/2009)
    are being built in gardens Beniaján, Canadas de San Pedro, was high and Pool
  • A specialist police team will ensure the removal of graffiti in Murcia (07/08/2009)
    The New York Police Department advises the City Council of Murcia in this area to develop a preventive plan
  • Los Lobos Competition hosted a successful troubadour (07/08/2009)
    The festival paid an emotional tribute to the troubadour Murcia 'The Patiñero', recently disappeared
  • PSOE: "With security not play" (06/08/2009)
    Socialist Councilman José Manuel Abellán denounces "the disregard of safety PP in key municipal services such as sports facilities and transport night weekends
  • The City exceeds expectations and runs 95 measures of the Local Strategy to Combat Climate Change in just two years (06/08/2009)
    You are leaving to deliver 86,000 tons of CO2 which will be added soon are absorbed by trees planted and that save solar farms
  • Alejandro Valverde: "Today the whole team won" (06/08/2009)
    He was third in the second stage of the Tour of Burgos
  • Martínez-cache: "I think Mrs. Abellon has been trapped in time" (06/08/2009)

  • The garden continues to accumulate Torreagüera Montegrande of flaws: broken emitters, hedges and dry dirt on the banks (06/08/2009)
    The PSOE mayor María Dolores Abellon remember that this green space continues to have few trees, barriers to access to playground, non-banks , swings, among other deficiencies
  • The El Pozo Murcia Turística players choose dorsal (06/08/2009)

  • Solidarity work for ninety Murcia (06/08/2009)
    Adaptability and Employment Program 2007-2013 of the European Social Fund can provide jobs and training for unemployed
  • The potential of El Pozo Murcia Turística quarry in the top flight of football (05/08/2009)

  • Alejandro Valverde: "A hot stage" (05/08/2009)
    Statements at the end of the first stage of the Tour of Burgos
  • A woman stabbed her daughter and swallowed a corrosive product below (05/08/2009)

  • CEIP Cierva covers Peñafiel be completed in December 2009 (05/08/2009)
    The value of the works amounts to 200,000 euros
  • La Raya celebrates its patron saint (05/08/2009)
    up to August 16 there will be activities for all ages
  • Dips between books (05/08/2009)
    The bibliopiscinas return to municipal facilities with over 300 titles
  • The University of Murcia convenes an electronic auction for the purchase of furniture for 800,000 euros (05/08/2009)

  • The University of Murcia will collaborate with the Center for Biomedical Research on Rare Diseases (05/08/2009)

  • Submit new Murcia UME serve over 200,000 people (05/08/2009)
    in the Avenida Miguel Indurain of Murcia and incorporates the latest advances in emergency health care, including assistance to infants
  • The Socialist Group PP proposes to issue a guide on the flu preventive (05/08/2009)

  • The competition troubadours of Los Lobos will honor Manuel Prisons "The Patiñero" (04/08/2009)
    In this issue intervene troubadours and internationally renowned repentistas
  • The film 'Bolt' will be seen tomorrow free and outdoors in the plaza of the Red Cross (04/08/2009)

  • The league champions begin pre-season (04/08/2009)
    Current Champions League football 2008-2009, El Pozo Murcia FS, will open the preseason on Monday August 10 at the premises of the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia
  • CHS The draft environmental recovery of the river Segura Murcia passing through (04/08/2009)
    The base budget bidding this project amounts to 5 million euros
  • Maple: "The Bacons Bridge socialist nor learn anything and live far from reality" (04/08/2009)

  • The PSOE PP again require the installation of sidewalks on Bridge Avenue Tower Villescas Tocinos (04/08/2009)

  • A new impetus for youth initiatives (04/08/2009)
    Youth supports aid agreements for the operation of 10 centers and facilities that benefit 15,000 young people
  • Professor Javier Ballesta coordinates a book about education in a multicultural society (04/08/2009)

  • The University of Murcia announces two grants to assist in an investigation of soil pollution (04/08/2009)

  • Offer ten tips to use air conditioning in a sustainable manner (04/08/2009)
    Available at the website of the Local Agency for Energy and Climate Change (www.energiamurcia.eu)
  • "The headman of El Raal bid to have access to the highway, contrary to the opinion of the PSOE" (03/08/2009)
    Mariano Gonzalez has never proposed that the road toll is San Javier
  • The Socialists Denounce The headman Raal PP "for proposing that San Javier motorway is toll-Zeneta Santomera slice" (03/08/2009)
    Members of the PSOE in the Municipality of El Raal not share the mayor's proposal by headman considered "a nonsense and a lack of sensitivity to the residents of this hamlet"
  • The University of Murcia earmarked 11 million euros on the campus of Health Sciences (03/08/2009)

  • Prepare new conferences to further enhance a destination for meetings Murcia (03/08/2009)
    Councillor held a meeting with the leaders of the Association of Professional Conference Organisers
  • The police involving more than 20,000 pieces of counterfeit jewelry (01/08/2009)
    The two men stored the jewels in a house in the hamlet of Los Dolores

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