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Murcia News - May 2008

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  • Programming File Coffee concludes with poetry and music (31/05/2008)

  • The Arrixaca held from Monday's Green Week focused on health and the environment (31/05/2008)

  • More than 400 major meet to celebrate the election of Grandparent of the Year (30/05/2008)
    The honorees are Joseph Sanchez, Llano de Brujas, and José María Garay, San Miguel
  • Valcárcel notes that the Veterinary Faculty of Murcia has managed to be a major Spanish reference in teaching and research (30/05/2008)
    The president of the Community has indicated it is equipped with modern facilities for teaching and practice, with a Hospital Veterinarian and a model farm in the area
  • Former black marble wall Rowing Club beautify the garden of the Museum of the City (30/05/2008)
    This piece, which has been restored, was removed from the building when he fell down in 1997
  • The City Council is working with the FSG to promote integration and the formation of this group (30/05/2008)
    The Councillor for Education met this morning with representatives of the group
  • Children participating in activities of Social Services held a party tomorrow (30/05/2008)
    pergola takes place in the San Basilio 10 to 13.30 hours
  • Aqua Natura opens its doors tomorrow (30/05/2008)
    Over the weekend visitors will have a special rate
  • Middle hundred professionals participated in a simulated forest fire in the Valley (30/05/2008)
    This project completes the course on "Techniques and Operations Management Extinction Extinction Wildfire 'and serves as an exercise for the beginning, this Sunday, the high-risk time
  • Declared the emergency occupation of land affected by the Rambla de Corvera International Airport works (30/05/2008)

  • College students receive a discount of 3.60 euros daily on the route between campus and UPCT UMU (30/05/2008)

  • El inicio de las obras del Campus de la Salud contará con una inversión de 3 millones (30/05/2008)

  • 'The path of tapas' reward the best spike Murcia (30/05/2008)
    By municipal initiative, which involves eleven establishments, Murcia can decide what our best cover
  • Monteagudo cultural week ends tomorrow with a lunch huertano (30/05/2008)
    The members of the Center for Women cook fried rabbit with tomato, garlic potatoes, and rice pudding zarangollo
  • Tomorrow begins the Festival Theatre Lobosillo (30/05/2008)
    There will be performances until June 22
  • Wolves in sheep's clothing, Humor and Subversion (30/05/2008)
    chat conversation, within the Festival program Punto Aparte "subversive"
  • The Minister of Environment issued a Murcia a Green Flag for their success in environmental management (30/05/2008)
    Mayor collect the award which acknowledges the cleanup, environmental commitment and effective water management. The distinctive delivery will be next Monday in Madrid, at the hands of the Minister of Environment.
  • The plenary adopted the Declaration apply Regional Tourist Interest Besapié of Nuestro Padre Jesús del Rescate (29/05/2008)
    has also been given approval to seek the award of the Gold Medal of the city to the Confraternity of the Holy Sepulchre
  • The City Council signed an agreement with the Land Registry to expedite arrangements for citizens (29/05/2008)
    the past year in the City were managed more than 15,000 actions on taxes and rustic urban IBI
  • The plenary agreed to christen the Plaza Castilla and the name of the newspaper La Opinión (29/05/2008)
    The Corporation has also given the green light to the addition of 88 new routes to the street in the city
  • Merchant announced a collaboration agreement with the owners of forests in the region to promote conservation (29/05/2008)
    The Minister of Sustainable Development and Land underscores the firm commitment of the regional government to preserve and enhance the forest of the Community of Murcia
  • Health received 283 drugs suspected to cause adverse reactions in 2007 (29/05/2008)
    The Minister of Health opened the VIII Conference on Pharmacovigilance taking place today and tomorrow in Murcia 250 health professionals, pharmacists, businessmen, doctors and nurses have enrolled in the conference
  • Tourism organizes activities with the sister city of Lodz (29/05/2008)
    María Isabel Valcárcel meets with the Consul of Poland
  • The home meals service continues to improve its care to 228 beneficiaries (28/05/2008)
    This aid was introduced in 2006
  • The Convention Bureau is meeting with executives of the Hospital Morales Meseguer (28/05/2008)
    Murcia aims to promote city to organize medical events
  • Sports repaired thirty municipal soccer fields of land (28/05/2008)
    The work will take place during July and August to be ready for the season beginning in September
  • Support Plan Drogodepenencias City (28/05/2008)
    The City Council and the Ministry signed an agreement to finance the activities
  • Paving roads in the Prop (28/05/2008)
    also proceed with the installation of gutters
  • The chronically mentally ill have a teacher thanks to City Council (28/05/2008)
    The goal is to foster the integration of these patients into society
  • Health promotes better nutrition and an end to snuff (28/05/2008)
    The Department installed three tents information in the Plaza de Santo Domingo on the occasion of the celebration of National Nutrition and World No Snuff
  • Murcia supporting the establishment of sports facilities in schools that lack them Cuba (27/05/2008)
    Chamber is in Havana to participate in the First Ibero-American Summit of Physical Education and School Sport
  • The Auditorium Dance Cycle closes on Thursday with 'Beethoven', the Ballet de Victor Ullate (27/05/2008)

  • The Regional Film projects from today's gay-themed films in the LGBT Film Festival (27/05/2008)
    The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Pedro Alberto Cruz, inaugurated this afternoon the cycle which will run until Sunday June 1
  • The city council acts directly with the poorest countries (27/05/2008)
    This morning he held the meeting of the Council for Cooperation and Solidarity
  • Invitations to the Second concert can be removed from Thursday (27/05/2008)
    The performance will be Thursday June 5 at the Mills River Area
  • Tourism offers a route to know the origin of the Kingdom of Murcia (27/05/2008)
    Participants will visit the Archaeological Museum, the Santa Clara Museum and Visitor Center Wall of Santa Eulalia
  • More than 400 major part tomorrow in a day of healthy sport (27/05/2008)
    The largest aerobics, dance and stretching in the pavilion Prince of Asturias
  • Relieving the pain of others (26/05/2008)
    "Dependent Patients" is the name of the course is taught in the Stables Resource Center to help disabled people
  • Valcárcel praises Murcia great devotion to the Virgin del Carmen in the proclamation of his coronation (26/05/2008)
    The president made a tour of its religious experiences through their childhood memories and vivid moments, "In my visits to this temple in which learned to be a Carmelite and colorao "
  • Megía announces a major improvement work at the CEIP Algezares Saavedra Fajardo (26/05/2008)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education has inaugurated this morning the ninth week Cultural Centre
  • Culture digitized historical archive of the Brotherhood Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno (26/05/2008)
    document is the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, found in the Constitutions and the Founding Act of 1600, including archives
  • Tourism prepared a brochure to publicize the baroque churches of Murcia (26/05/2008)
    The text is by Christopher Belda and photographs are of Joaquin Zamora
  • Enter operating photovoltaic solar installations ten schools of Murcia (26/05/2008)
    Benito Mercader notes that these solar pergolas avoid emissions of 120 tons of carbon dioxide within a decade and raise awareness of energy use 'green' to 4,000 students per year
  • The Mayor attends the Mass for the feast of St. Rita (23/05/2008)
    The Mayor of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Cámara, this morning attended the celebration of the Eucharist on the occasion of the feast of Santa Rita.
  • THE TIME TO PARTICIPATE IN THE "HALL OF NATURE" is open until Friday 27 May (23/05/2008)

  • The Department of street cleaning three new items installed underground (23/05/2008)
    are located in Merced Street, New Gate and Enrique Villar
  • The Mayor and President of the CHS agree to promote the great collector of the north, the bicycle lane and the recovery of Segura (23/05/2008)

  • Adesga receive $ 22,000 for the conservation of the SPA Monte del Valle (23/05/2008)

  • Five Young Professional Program Initiation begins tomorrow in Plymouth exchange (23/05/2008)
    live together for a week with other young people from France, Italy, England and Hungary
  • Two new developments in Santo Angelo and Bath & Pauper will have bike lanes and large green areas (23/05/2008)
    The Plan Partial Bath & Beggar foresees the construction of 1,100 VPO
  • Health derat against cockroaches and insects in New Javalí, Monteagudo and Patiño (23/05/2008)
    Technicians continue the treatment in several streets in the city
  • Mayor honors the retired officials of the Municipality of Murcia (23/05/2008)


  • On Monday begins the Cultural Week Patiño X (23/05/2008)
    Theatre, exhibitions and aquatic until Friday 30 May
  • About 75,000 people have participated in the campaign "Heroes" Local Police (23/05/2008)
    and exhibitions were held during the last weekend
  • Maria del Carmen Pelegrin morning proclaims parties Llano de Brujas (23/05/2008)
    The festivities in honor of San Pedro, will continue until 29 June
  • On Monday begins the period to renew a place in the municipal sports facilities (23/05/2008)
    Those who do not have space and want to point to an activity for next year will have to register from June 25
  • La Sardina del Río Segura and shines at night murciana (22/05/2008)
    The City Council has installed ten projectors (on both sides of the river) to illuminate the sculpture
  • Murcia will have a bike rental system early next year (22/05/2008)
    Working groups for the implementation of the bicycle in the town have come together to meet the specifications of alquilabicis, friendly road-Murcia and Sewer cyclable routes that will link the town to the campus.
  • The Feast of the Three Cultures Murcia flood of music and dance for 24 hours (22/05/2008)
    involving 19 artists and musical groups in 27 performances.
  • On Saturday we celebrate the sixth edition of the "Di Verde" (22/05/2008)
    There will be storytelling, children's animation workshop, painting, creating t-shirts, balloon twisting, gerontogimnasia and sports activities.
  • Opera Baroque auditorium Cabezo de Torres, zarzuela, classical Beniaján in La Alberca (22/05/2008)
    On Saturday, with free admission for all audiences.
  • Tourism invites you to learn more about folklore and craft traditions of Murcia (22/05/2008)
    am Participants will visit a workshop and a Nativity scenes wrought.
  • Tourism is preparing a new promotional video of Murcia (22/05/2008)
    The Department aims to show the heritage of the municipality and the new city.
  • Pelegrín prepared with Senior center activities for next year (22/05/2008)
    Choice of Grandpa and Grandma 2008 will be held on Friday 30
  • Together we can live better (22/05/2008)
    Eight major and eight universities have participated in this year's program Coexistence Between Generations closing today
  • Presentation IV edition of the race, "All on Drugs" (21/05/2008)

  • Youth offers 23 more seats to participate in youth exchanges in Finland, Austria and Belgium (21/05/2008)
    Young people who are on the waiting list may apply for a place from 22 to 31 May
  • The Register and the Statistical Service will close on Friday at 13 pm (21/05/2008)
    On the occasion of the feast of Santa Rita
  • The City maintains its collaboration with Famdif to insert the disabled in the workplace (21/05/2008)
    Thanks to this agreement, the federation will receive 7,000 euros.
  • Municipal Library Network will have new collections of documents to improve customer service (21/05/2008)
    The Department of Culture invests more than 86,000 euros to enhance existing collections.
  • The Consistory allocated 145,000 euros for school integration of children from disadvantaged (21/05/2008)
    grants aid to the Spanish Association Against Cancer and Emmaus Ragpickers
  • More than a hundred schools received prizes for participating in the "Sports School Age" (21/05/2008)
    City Council € 60,000 split between city schools and 70,000 school IES benefit from this activity
  • Sports offers around 3,000 places for Murcia get in shape in the summer (21/05/2008)
    You can go swimming, fitness and kids can participate in recreational and sports campus.
  • Training, effort and desire to excel, key to professional success (21/05/2008)
    The Department of Youth and AJE are launching a new action for youth aware of the need to have a formal education. The dissemination activities will be carried out Throughout this year in the municipality IES
  • The City Council is available to the Department a plot to build a school in El Palmar (21/05/2008)
    The center is aimed at students from kindergarten and primary
  • Sangonera the Green will feature new parish halls through the sale of municipal land (21/05/2008)
    The Board of Directors has given approval to delivery to the Bishopric of a plot of over 3,000 meters in the village
  • About 300 children have improved in their studies through the work of volunteer university (21/05/2008)
    88 young people have participated in this project provide tutoring and social skills and social integration of pupils of compulsory school
  • Youth offers one hundred places for young people to study in the British Isles (20/05/2008)
    may participate adolescents born between 1983 and 1992
  • A tourist brochure promoted the Burial of the Sardine (20/05/2008)
    The Department of Tourism and the Association will show the party Sardinera FITUR
  • The Mayor attends the opening of the new headquarters of Consumers Union of Murcia (20/05/2008)
    The Regional Office has been renovated to provide better service and quality to consumers and USER
  • A step towards building the center in El Alzheimur Esparragal (20/05/2008)
    The Deputy Mayor of the Presidency has signed this morning with the Minister of Health, municipal transfer of land
  • The Mayor explained in Cuba's campaign school sport that takes place in Murcia (20/05/2008)
    In the First Ibero-American Summit of Physical Education and School Sport to be held next week
  • 88 new channels are added to the street of the town (20/05/2008)
    Statistics Service Council has numbered in the last five years a total of 20,000 homes and 4,000 plates placed in Murcia and districts
  • The Artillery Barracks hosts this weekend's big old car fair (20/05/2008)

  • The Murcia can enjoy the best short films made in Spain during the last year (20/05/2008)
    The exhibition 'The short summer' will be held from tomorrow until Thursday at the hall of the annex building
  • The paint shop Alfatego shows his work (20/05/2008)
    The exhibition can be seen until May 23 in exhibition hall of the cultural and social center of Espinardo
  • The Department of Health and the Federation of Neighborhood Associations and encourage neighbors to join groups to go (20/05/2008)
    The goal is to improve the health of people walking 4 times a week 40 minutes a day The first activity was held yesterday by the Malecón
  • The Visitor Center displays the history of San Cayetano de la Vega and the Huerta de Murcia (19/05/2008)
    The building was built next to the Plaza de la Ermita, where archaeological remains have been found on the Roman road that linked Cartagena Fortuna
  • Education is launching a brigade in schools to eliminate graffiti from the walls (19/05/2008)
    already been painted over 4,500 square feet of walls, fences, railings and other metal elements, and have spent more than 1,700 gallons of paint The Department will invest 36,000 euros this year in 28 public school performances of
  • The winner of the National Competition II Lemon Pop Clips receive 3,000 euros (19/05/2008)
    The deadline for submission of papers is 21 June
  • Our young art shows in Europe (19/05/2008)
    Eleven Murcia represent the municipality at the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean to be held in Italy
  • San Cayetano boosts recovery of Murcia palaces and walled (19/05/2008)
    The Mayor presides over the laying of the foundation stone of the new Visitor Center, where he will present the archaeological remains recovered from the building offers a spectacular panoramic view over Monteagudo Castle and Vega
  • The newspaper 'The Independent' from United Kingdom recommends visiting Murcia (19/05/2008)
    Publish an article with everything that can be seen in the city and recommended places to eat
  • Vistabella morning held a meeting of tuning and the parade of floats (16/05/2008)
    The Chess II Memorial Luis del Pozo Alarcon is scheduled for Sunday
  • Health derat against cockroaches and insects in La Alberca, and Torreagüera Beniscornia Corner (16/05/2008)
    Technicians continue the treatment in several streets in the city
  • 10 years by a conference city (16/05/2008)
    Companies and institutions celebrated the tenth anniversary of the creation of Murcia Convention Bureau Chamber Mayor thanked the award from the Association of Partners and Members stressed the importance of business tourism e
  • The Mayor opened the celebrations of World Internet Day (16/05/2008)
    The Department of Administration Modernization held until Sunday the event
  • A new shopping center will rise in the vicinity of El Palmar (16/05/2008)
    will be in an area where 250,000 people live and will create over 20,000 construction jobs
  • Murcia pours International Museum Day (16/05/2008)
    There will be concerts, recitals, exhibitions and guided tours
  • Local police takes his campaign "Heroes" to the mall Thader (15/05/2008)
    tries to present the work of this security exhibitions and displays during the weekend
  • A holiday tradition consolidated (15/05/2008)
    The Mayor visited the neighborhood yesterday Vistabella, as it has done since 1996, coinciding with celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Fatima
  • El Museo Ramón Gaya held this weekend 'The Night of Museums' (15/05/2008)
    tours will be conducted in six to eight paintings by the artist explained Murcia
  • The Spaces Mills River offers guided tours in English (15/05/2008)
    Monday to Friday, at 10, 11, 12 and 13 hours
  • Culture and Environment to mark the 25 anniversary of the school Federico de Arce (15/05/2008)
    Elementary students planted red petunias 260 this morning in the courtyard of the center
  • The students learn the poetry of Garcia Lorca through dramatic play (15/05/2008)
    participate more than 2,200 schoolchildren from 47 primary schools in the municipality
  • Megía: "We have an obligation to ensure compliance with the Constitution" (15/05/2008)
    El Palmar has six public schools
  • Murcia Chamber encourages you to "live and feel first-hand how people with disabilities overcome the everyday barriers" (14/05/2008)
    ONCE and its Foundation have created the interactive circuit "We Performing" which shows how the day Day of Persons with Disabilities The exhibition will remain until Saturday in the Garden of El Malecon E
  • Murcia has a noise map adapted to European standards (14/05/2008)
    The noise level in the municipality is comparable to other European cities of the same features
  • Nearly three million euros to finance current expenditure (14/05/2008)
    The City Council will sign an agreement with the Community to cover the services provided to citizens
  • In progress of repairs at the school Juan de la Cierva Casillas (14/05/2008)
    The proceedings will focus on the replacement of the sewerage system and the partial replacement of the fence
  • Spaces safer supplies (14/05/2008)
    Go-ahead for contract specifications for the surveillance in the eight centers in the city
  • Culture continues to expand the documentary of the Municipal Network Library (14/05/2008)
    The 17 centers of Murcia last year made 2007 more than 150,000 home loans
  • Education offer 300 places for participating in summer camps (14/05/2008)
    The students will engage in sailing, canoeing and adventure in the Mar Menor and Nerpio
  • Adesga will release the natural values of the mountains of Altaona and Escalona and El Valle (14/05/2008)
    The City will subsidize the various awareness activities with 12,000 euros
  • Seven municipal sports centers will have solar panels to save energy (14/05/2008)
    is placed in the pool Mar Menor, Infante, El Palmar, Bacons Bridge and Inacua, Sports Center Fleet and the Palacio de los Deportes and reduce emissions CO2 and save 630,000 kWh per year
  • Improving the sewage and rainwater in the dry and Citmusa Sangonera (14/05/2008)
    The City will build a new infrastructure of more than 1,200 meters at a cost of about 4 million euros
  • The City Council moves a step closer to providing Torreagüera of a new barracks of the Guardia Civil (14/05/2008)
    The Board of Governors has given its approval to the transfer of a parcel of 3,000 meters in the Dry
  • Murcia, one click of the world, World Internet Day (14/05/2008)
    The Department of Administration Modernization held over three days the event
  • The Festival Murcia Tres Culturas becomes part of the agenda of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (14/05/2008)

  • The Colombian city of Cali is interested in the Youth City programs (14/05/2008)
    Two officers have met this morning with the Councillor for Youth, Dolores Sanchez, initiatives to address similar to Murcia
  • The building of Ronda Sur relocation will only expropriated and not social housing (14/05/2008)
    The City Council reassures residents of the area
  • Miguel Angel House on the Murcia City Council through the new website www.alcaldemurcia.es (14/05/2008)
    The portal is positioned as a reference and a vital means of communication between the Mayor and citizens may be sent to The Chamber Murcia its concerns and proposals, request a meeting or invite them to act
  • Camera: "ETA only understands and believes in violence and death" (14/05/2008)
    After the silent demonstration in protest of the bombing, the Mayor has sought to convey "our love, affection and solidarity with the family of murdered policeman and their wounded comrades "Mayor announces
  • About 200 courses to improve training and health of women in the municipality (13/05/2008)
    The Council offers free activities aimed at more than 24,000 women in the 72 Centers for Women and 15 municipal associations
  • Tourism intends to know more about the work of González Moreno and a photography workshop in the Valley (13/05/2008)
    Activities will be held on Saturday and Sunday
  • Understand, uphold and defend the tradition of folk verse (13/05/2008)
    Bachelor IES Francisco Cascales today held various activities around popular improvised poetry
  • The life of Saavedra Fajardo paper (13/05/2008)
    An exhibition at the Almudí contains bibliographic archive important documents on diplomatic Municipal Murcia
  • Alquerías account from yesterday with 23 new trees (13/05/2008)
    The Department of Urban Quality has already planted 115 trees from late April
  • "The Sultans of the Dance" opens tomorrow IX Festival Murcia Tres Culturas (13/05/2008)
    The Mayor will attend the inaugural show, accompanied by the Ambassador of Turkey
  • New food Murcia (13/05/2008)
    Creajoven The final event takes place tomorrow at 17.30 in the qualification Tourist Center
  • "Claims it can" (12/05/2008)
    La Plaza del Cardenal Belluga welcomes the commemoration of World Day for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
  • A commitment (12/05/2008)
    award the prizes in drawing, photography, comics and professional poster contest XIII edition of the World Environment Day
  • You can access the new website of the Festival Murcia Tres Culturas (12/05/2008)
    At the opening session to be held on Wednesday, attended by the ambassador and first secretary of the Embassy of Turkey
  • Selected winners in the XIX Local Road Safety Education and Accident Prevention (12/05/2008)
    The six group winners are in schools in Murcia, La Ñora, Espinardo and El Palmar
  • Vistabella celebrates his big day tomorrow with the procession of Our Lady of Fatima (12/05/2008)
    The event will begin at 19.30 with a mass
  • Today fails the painting competition "Flowers and Books' of the Centers for Women (12/05/2008)
    The event was held this afternoon at 19 pm in the Women's Center of San Antolin
  • The Mayor will receive the Bicentennial Medal for the work of Murcia soldiers in the War of Independence (09/05/2008)
    The City of Murcia Zaragoza gives this high distinction and historical displays his gratitude for their participation in the war
  • Murcia host first National Congress of Ultrasound (09/05/2008)
    will be held in October and will bring together over 800 specialists
  • Cascales Martínez-Cache and will meet with the 'skaters' to design a new skating area (09/05/2008)
    In addition there will be renewed at the sports center will be built Barnes Joseph in the Plano area of San Francisco
  • Dozens of Murcia visit the two houses of Europe Day (09/05/2008)
    In what is installed in the Plaza of the Apostles has been able to taste traditional Polish food
  • "With the PP, El Palmar has prospered and gained in quality of life despite the obstacles of the PSOE" (09/05/2008)
    Remigio Lopez recalls that only the PP has increased the resources of El Palmar to improve the parish
  • The Council offers training for caregivers of dependent elderly (08/05/2008)
    Edit a guide with tips and conducts courses in Murcia and districts
  • Fire grateful (08/05/2008)
    metopa Remigio Lopez delivers a citizen for his dedication and love to Main
  • Murcia celebrates Europe Day (08/05/2008)
    This year the City Council is dedicated to Poland for the tenth anniversary since the establishment of the Consulate in Murcia
  • The City Council specifications including criteria for eco-efficiency (08/05/2008)
    The five eco-efficient products where it was first implemented these criteria are street lighting, municipal air conditioning, computer equipment, energy products in public buildings and vehicles City
  • Bacons Bridge supports the family of Mariluz (07/05/2008)
    signature collection will be made during the month of May at the Cultural Center of the parish
  • The City Council is working with the AVT to support victims of terrorism (07/05/2008)
    Both companies will sign an agreement to regulate the municipal support
  • The Pier will be extended 300 meters due to the expansion work to start (07/05/2008)
    The project will provide the area of new trees, lighting and benches
  • Neighbors of Vistabella honors its patron saint (07/05/2008)
    Tomorrow will take place on the great holiday lighting in the neighborhood
  • Closure of the XI edition of Between Strings and Metals (07/05/2008)
    The awards to the winners of regional competition of young performers of classical music will be held on May 9 in the auditorium of the University
  • The serene performed an average of 186 daily performances in their first year of operation (07/05/2008)
    Mayor House noted that the implementation of this service has brought more "calm and security" to the neighbors for their continued presence and relief work
  • Serene Murcia performed a feasibility study to deploy the service in Sucina (07/05/2008)
    The Barrio del Carmen, Los Garres, El Palmar Murcia and downtown already have serene
  • Preventive training program for young professional initiation (07/05/2008)
    The goal is to change beliefs and attitudes towards drug use, counting with the active participation of parents
  • Increase by 200 the number of places for sport in municipal (07/05/2008)
    Sports incorporates pilates and tennis with family and extended by four weeks course duration Sports
  • Extracurricular activities, summer schools and women's health courses in Murcia City Center (07/05/2008)
    The Consistory will allocate 37,000 euros
  • Improved sanitation facilities for residents of Gea and Truyols (07/05/2008)
    The City will construct a storm tank and a pump station for collecting rainwater
  • Start the XXVIII International Festival of Jazz (07/05/2008)
    up to May 10, eight sets of music filled the city
  • The students pay tribute to the sculptor González Moreno (06/05/2008)
    Aljucer The CP, which bears his name, today opened its cultural week I devoted entirely to the artist
  • First working meeting of the Economic and Administrative Court of Murcia (06/05/2008)
    This week has brought together all members of the committee to solve the first steps with the local government is one way the body with which most citizens have to ensure their rights
  • For more effective equality (06/05/2008)
    Today has released the draft Municipal Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men
  • 400 young people applying to participate in International Exchange Hall (06/05/2008)
    The Department of Youth and Employment offers 168 seats for 22 projects under development in European cities in summer
  • An exhibition at the Museum of Science resolve all doubts about climate change (06/05/2008)
    This show invites viewers to collaborate in the fight against this phenomenon
  • A new guide on municipal resources on new technologies to Murcia (06/05/2008)
    The Department of Rafael Gomez has released more than 3,000 copies to raise awareness about all services available to residents of the municipality
  • Tourism shows this weekend, the origins of Murcia (06/05/2008)
    Visitors Center of Light has organized an activity introduction to climbing for children
  • Tourism hired two technicians to work on a quality project (05/05/2008)
    systems be implemented best practices in shops, hotels, taxis and restaurants
  • "All about the lives of reptiles" (05/05/2008)
    The seminar will be held this weekend in El Majal Blanco
  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality launches website (05/05/2008)
    Contains information about the Local Energy Agency, the Local Agenda 21, Parks and Gardens and environment
  • Hundreds of students visit the farm "The Porches" global space with higher density of Eagle Owl (05/05/2008)
    The students also learn about the fauna and flora of one of the most important natural areas in the Region of Murcia is situated in the hamlet of Glen San Pedro, the farm is within the Area of Special Protection of Birds
  • The City offers tours for over 60 years practicing sport (05/05/2008)
    The Department aims to promote social relationships among users who share swimming lessons, water aerobics and fitness training
  • More than 20 streets and Santa Eulalia Vistabella be more accessible (03/05/2008)
    The Department of Infrastructure and Community Services will remove the passages of these pathways
  • Javalí New participate as a guest on the Garden Week in Los Alcazares (02/05/2008)
    The hamlet promote its traditions, products and companies
  • Tourism offers a path of initiation to Nordic Walking in the Valley this weekend (02/05/2008)
    There are still places available to participate in this activity
  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality plant in only ten days more than 70 trees (02/05/2008)

  • The Senior Community Center celebrates its cultural week Algezares (02/05/2008)
    There have been games and activities

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